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The digital adaptation of the tabletop game offers an exhilarating experience suitable for corporate settings.. Мафия - настольная игра. Карты Mod v1.0

Update: 06/12/2023
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Game Objective: The objective of the game is for the mafia team to eliminate all civilian players, while the civilian team aims to identify and eliminate the entire mafia faction.

Players are divided into two teams: the mafia and the civilians. Each player is assigned a card that designates their role within the game.

Once roles are assigned, the game progresses through different phases. The daytime phase involves players discussing and analyzing the ongoing events to deduce potential mafia members. This leads to the nighttime phase, during which the mafia selects a victim, and special characters such as commissioners and doctors carry out their unique actions.

Following this, a new day dawns, and the civilian players engage in discussions to identify potential mafia members. A voting process takes place, and if a player garners a majority of votes, they are executed, and their role is revealed. The game continues until one of the teams achieves victory.

Game Flow:

  1. Players receive their role cards.
  2. Daytime phase where players communicate and discuss the game’s events.
  3. Nighttime falls, and mafia members and special characters perform their actions.
  4. A new day begins, marked by discussions and a vote to eliminate a suspected mafia member.
  5. If the mafia successfully eliminates all civilians, they win. If all mafia members are identified and removed, the civilians win.


  • Mafia Card: You are a member of the mafia, aiming to eliminate the civilian players and secure victory. Secretly choose a victim each night. Maintain a discreet facade during the daytime.

  • Commissioner Card: You are a commissioner, tasked with exposing the mafia and persuading other players of their presence. Every night, select a player to investigate their role. During the day, provide evidence and voice suspicions.

  • Doctor Card: Your role is the doctor. Protect the city by saving other players’ lives. Each night, choose a player to heal, with a restriction of not healing the same player for consecutive nights.

  • Civilian Card: You are a civilian, striving to survive and aid the city’s team in defeating the mafia. You possess no special abilities and remain inactive during the nighttime phase. During the day, avoid behaving suspiciously.

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Mafia – A Tabletop Game

Game Objective

The central objective of the game “Mafia” is to create an engaging battle between two teams: the mafia and the civilians. The mafia’s primary goal is to systematically eliminate all the civilian players, while the civilian team is tasked with identifying and eradicating the entire mafia faction.

Player Division and Role Cards

At the game’s commencement, the players are divided into two distinct groups: the formidable mafia and the ordinary civilians. To signify their roles within the game, each player receives a card that signifies their allegiance.

Game Phases

The game unfolds through several intriguing phases, each contributing to the suspense and strategic depth of “Mafia.”

Daytime Phase

During the daytime phase, players engage in lively discussions and meticulous analysis of the unfolding events. Collaboratively, they endeavor to discern potential mafia members by scrutinizing behaviors, interactions, and statements. This phase serves as the breeding ground for suspicion and deduction.

Nighttime Phase

As the night falls, the clandestine operations of the mafia and other distinctive characters come into play. The mafia, shrouded in secrecy, meticulously selects a victim to eliminate. Meanwhile, specialized characters such as commissioners and doctors execute their unique functions, further shaping the game’s narrative.

New Day Dawns

With the dawn of a new day, the game recommences with renewed vigor. Civilian players reassemble to discuss their findings from the previous day and the outcomes of the night actions. The dialogue revolves around identifying the potential mafia members based on evidence, intuition, and deduction.

Execution and Revelation

The culmination of each day’s discussions culminates in a pivotal vote. Players collectively choose a person they suspect of being a mafia member. If a player garners a majority of votes, they face execution, dramatically revealing their role card. This revelation contributes to the growing tapestry of alliances and suspicions.

Victory Conditions

The captivating struggle between the mafia and the civilians persists until one of the teams emerges triumphant.

Mafia Triumph

Should the mafia succeed in systematically eliminating all the civilian players, they achieve victory. Their covert maneuvers and strategic eliminations pave the way for their supremacy.

Civilians’ Victory

Conversely, the civilians secure victory by identifying and eliminating all mafia members from their ranks. This demanding task necessitates astute observation, calculated deductions, and effective collaboration among the civilians.

Mod Cards

Mafia Card

The “Mafia” card serves as a player’s gateway to the dark underworld. Holding this card signifies membership within the clandestine mafia. The card holder’s mission is unequivocal: systematically eliminate the civilian players and tip the balance of power in favor of the mafia. By surreptitiously selecting a victim each night, the mafia member weaves a web of intrigue and trepidation.

Commissioner Card

The “Commissioner” card endows its bearer with a critical role: identifying the elusive mafia members. Tasked with unveiling the hidden enemies, the commissioner strategically selects a player each night to investigate their role. Armed with this insight, the commissioner takes center stage during the daytime discussions, presenting evidence and fostering suspicions to unmask the mafia.

Doctor Card

The “Doctor” card assigns its holder the noble task of safeguarding the city and its denizens from the nefarious mafia. By choosing a player to heal each night, the doctor can thwart the mafia’s efforts to eliminate their targets. However, the doctor’s ability carries a limitation: they cannot heal the same player for two consecutive nights, adding an element of strategy to their decisions.

Civilian Card

The unassuming “Civilian” card designates its holder as an ordinary member of the city, driven by the desire to survive and protect their community. Lacking any special abilities, the civilian remains dormant during the night phase. However, during the daytime discussions, the civilian must navigate the treacherous waters of suspicion, aiming to blend in and contribute constructively to the quest for victory against the mafia threat.

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Mod Cards for Enhanced Gameplay

Customizing the Experience

For those seeking a twist on the traditional “Mafia” gameplay, the introduction of Mod Cards brings an exciting dimension. These cards inject fresh dynamics into the game, fostering deeper strategy and unpredictability.

Compatibility with Android APK & iPhone iOS

Furthermore, the appeal of “Mafia – настольная игра” extends beyond the physical realm. Enthusiasts can now enjoy the game on their digital devices, thanks to dedicated Android APK and iPhone iOS versions. This digital adaptation ensures that the captivating gameplay is readily accessible to players on the go.

Expanding the Arsenal: Mod Cards

The introduction of Mod Cards amplifies the intrigue within “Mafia.” These cards serve as catalysts for unexpected twists and cunning maneuvers, enriching the experience for both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Card Interplay

Mod Cards seamlessly intertwine with the core gameplay, creating fascinating interactions that elevate the stakes. From introducing new roles to altering the mechanics of the game, these cards inject a sense of novelty and suspense into each round.

Strategic Depth

With Mod Cards in play, the strategic depth of “Mafia” reaches new heights. Players must adapt to the unique dynamics brought forth by these cards, recalibrating their deduction skills and alliance strategies.

Noteworthy Mod Cards:

Double Agent Card

This intriguing card bestows a player with the identity of a double agent, straddling both the mafia and civilian factions. The double agent’s objective is to navigate the treacherous landscape, successfully concealing their true allegiance while working towards a cunning victory.

Revival Card

Introducing an element of revival, this card allows a previously eliminated player to reenter the game. The revival introduces a fascinating layer of uncertainty, as players must now grapple with the possibility of a resurrected ally or a reanimated threat.

Spy Card

The Spy Card ushers in a covert operative, capable of secretly observing the nighttime actions of other players. Armed with information that remains hidden from the general populace, the spy must strategically decide when and how to leverage their insights.

Experience the Evolution

The integration of Mod Cards and the availability of the game on Android APK and iPhone iOS platforms mark an evolution in the “Mafia” experience. These enhancements bring forth a symphony of strategy, suspense, and surprise, guaranteeing that every round of the game unfolds in a uniquely captivating manner. Whether in the physical realm or the digital domain, “Mafia – настольная игра” continues to captivate players with its intricate narratives and strategic challenges.

Free download Мафия – настольная игра. Карты HACK_MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.0. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. The digital adaptation of the tabletop game offers an exhilarating experience suitable for corporate settings.. Developed by Logunov Evgeni. Operating system requirements 5.1. Everyone.

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