ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod

ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read {MOD & HACK}

Discover the art of mastering and penning down the alphabet characters! Tailored for preschoolers and youngsters in the initial stages of their education.. ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod v04.01.007

Update: 06/12/2023
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Download ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod 04.01.007 for android apk & iphone ios 6.0

Learn the alphabet through interactive activities with ABC Dinos. Ideal for preschoolers and first graders, this app teaches vowels and consonants using Tracing and Phonics games. It’s tailored to each child’s age group, allowing them to select uppercase or lowercase letters for learning. Moreover, ABC Dinos features English voices, enabling even preschoolers to grasp word meanings through auditory learning.

📚 DESCRIPTION: ABC Dinos serves as an educational tool for preschool children, offering effective letter learning and reading/writing improvement regardless of individual learning levels. The user-friendly interface empowers children to play independently, eliminating the need for adult assistance. The learning experience is wrapped in an enchanting story featuring engaging characters like Finn’s family, the Dino, and the quirky ogres with their transformative ABC letters. Join Finn’s quest to release his family by collecting these magical letters, turning ogres into adorable animals.

🔊 ENGLISH VOICES: ABC Dinos includes English voiceovers to reinforce literacy activities. This not only accommodates various age groups but also introduces auditory recognition exercises, vital at the preschool and 1st-grade stages.


  • 📖 Develop reading skills
  • 🧠 Visual and auditory memory enhancement
  • 👂 Differentiation between vowels and consonants
  • 🔠 Identification of alphabet letters
  • 🤝 Improved comprehension
  • ✍ Practicing letter tracing (both vowels and consonants)
  • 📚 Vocabulary enrichment: animals, professions, objects, clothing, nature, and more.

1. WRITE THE LETTER: Children draw each letter’s shape, earning an image linked to that letter. They can choose between joined-up or print handwriting, tracing letters in both cases.

2. WORD FORM: Kids form words by dragging letters to their designated spots. To assist, letters are presented as puzzle pieces. This approach ensures progression and vocabulary expansion, ultimately promoting reading.

3. WHERE ARE THE LETTERS? A captivating game where players locate matching letter pairs as quickly as possible, enhancing visual recognition of vowels and consonants.

4. WHICH LETTER DOES IT BEGIN WITH? Children hear a word and see its image, then guess the starting letter. Auditory recognition and vocabulary growth are the primary aims.

👶 ADAPTIVE TO AGE: ABC Dinos adapts to your child’s age and learning level. Whether they’re just starting to read or write, the app tailors its content accordingly. Letter selection and revision are available throughout the journey.

📲 TRY IT OUT: Embark on the exciting journey with ABC Dinos now. The app offers in-app purchases to unlock the complete adventure, allowing access to any letter in the alphabet.

Company: Didactoons
Recommended Age: Designed for children aged 3 to 7 years old (preschool to 1st and 2nd grades of Primary school).

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<h2>ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Modh2> <h3>Interactive Alphabet Learningh3> Embark on an exciting educational journey with ABC Dinos, where children dive into the world of letters and words. This innovative app is specifically designed to make learning the alphabet an engaging and interactive experience for kids. With a combination of fun games, captivating visuals, and auditory recognition, ABC Dinos revolutionizes the way preschoolers and first graders learn to read and write. <h3>Tracing and Phonics Gamesh3> ABC Dinos brings the alphabet to life through a series of Tracing and Phonics games. Preschool kids and first graders are introduced to vowels and consonants in an entertaining way. Through guided tracing exercises, young learners practice forming letters, improving their fine motor skills along the way. The Phonics games enhance auditory learning, allowing even non-readers to comprehend word meanings through English voices. <h3>Customized Learning Experienceh3> One of the standout features of ABC Dinos is its adaptability to each child's age group. Kids can choose between uppercase and lowercase letters, tailoring the learning experience to their needs. This customization ensures that the app meets kids at their current learning level, making it suitable for both beginners and those with more advanced skills. <h3>An Enchanting Learning Adventureh3> Immerse your child in an enchanting story within ABC Dinos. Join Finn's family, the endearing Dino, and the mischievous ogres on a magical adventure. The goal? Collect the magic ABC letters that transform ogres into delightful animals. This captivating narrative adds a layer of excitement to the learning process, keeping children engaged and motivated to progress through the app. <h3>Expanding Vocabulary and Skillsh3> Beyond letter recognition, ABC Dinos offers a holistic learning experience. The app aims to expand children's vocabulary by introducing them to a variety of words, including animals, professions, objects, clothing, and nature-related terms. Through diverse learning games, kids not only learn to read but also develop visual and auditory memory, discrimination skills, and comprehension abilities. <h3>Diverse Learning Gamesh3> The app's learning games are designed to cater to different aspects of language development: <h3>1. Write the Letterh3> In this engaging game, children are challenged to draw the shape of each letter. As a reward, they receive an image associated with that specific letter. Whether opting for joined-up or printed handwriting, kids can practice tracing uppercase and lowercase letters. <h3>2. Word Formh3> The Word Form activity encourages kids to form words by arranging letters in their designated spots. The interactive aspect comes into play as the letters are presented like puzzle pieces, aiding children of all ages in progressing through word formations. <h3>3. Where Are the Letters?h3> A highly enjoyable learning game, Where Are the Letters?, prompts children to swiftly find matching pairs of letters. This game sharpens visual recognition of both vowels and consonants in a playful and challenging manner. <h3>4. Which Letter Does It Begin With?h3> This activity combines auditory recognition and vocabulary expansion. Kids hear a word and view its corresponding image. Their task is to identify the letter that the word begins with, promoting letter-sound association and enriching their vocabulary. <h3>Age-Adaptive Learningh3> Worried about your child's reading and writing readiness? Fret not. ABC Dinos caters to children of all learning levels. Upon starting the game, the app determines the child's proficiency level, eliminating concerns about readiness. This adaptability empowers parents and educators to guide their children through an appropriate learning path. <h3>Get Started with ABC Dinosh3> Unlock the world of alphabet learning with ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod. The app provides an enriching and enjoyable experience for children aged 3 to 7, encompassing preschool and first and second grades of Primary school. Download the app now and watch your child embark on a journey of literacy, vocabulary, and skill-building. An in-app purchase grants access to the entire alphabet adventure, allowing your child to explore, learn, and grow with every letter. <h3>Company: Didactoonsh3>

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<h4>ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOSh4> <h5>Engaging Learning Beyond Screensh5> ABC Dinos transcends the digital realm by encouraging hands-on engagement. The app's interactive nature promotes fine motor skills through tracing activities and cognitive development through various games. This multisensory approach ensures that learning extends beyond screens, making it an ideal tool for parents, educators, and caregivers seeking well-rounded educational experiences. <h5>Parental Peace of Mindh5> As a parent or guardian, you'll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind ABC Dinos. With its age-adaptive learning and intuitive interface, you can rest assured that your child is engaged in a safe and enriching educational environment. The app's incorporation of English voices and clear instructions means that children can navigate the activities with minimal assistance, fostering independence. <h5>Elevating Early Literacyh5> ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod elevates early literacy by seamlessly combining technology with essential foundational skills. Whether your child is just starting to recognize letters or is advancing towards reading, the app provides a scaffolded learning experience. This gradual progression ensures that kids build confidence while expanding their language abilities. <h5>Unlocking the Full Alphabet Adventureh5> Ready to embark on the full ABC journey? The in-app purchase option allows you to unlock the entire alphabet adventure. This feature-rich upgrade grants access to every letter, ensuring that your child's learning journey remains fresh and engaging. Explore the expansive world of vocabulary, letter recognition, and word formation with ABC Dinos. <h5>The Benefits of Auditory Learningh5> With English voices guiding each activity, ABC Dinos harnesses the power of auditory learning. Research shows that combining visual and auditory stimuli enhances learning retention and comprehension. Through listening to instructions, words, and letters, children reinforce their understanding while strengthening their pronunciation skills—a valuable asset for language development. <h6>Inspiring Lifelong Learningh6> ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod extends its impact beyond early childhood. By fostering a love for learning, this app sets the stage for a lifelong journey of curiosity and exploration. The skills acquired—from letter recognition to vocabulary expansion—serve as building blocks for future academic success and personal growth. <strong>Download ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read Mod now and open the door to an interactive, captivating, and effective way of learning the alphabet.strong> <em>Company: Didactoonsem>

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Free download ABC Dinos: Kids Learn to Read {MOD & HACK} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 04.01.007. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Discover the art of mastering and penning down the alphabet characters! Tailored for preschoolers and youngsters in the initial stages of their education.. Developed by Didactoons. Operating system requirements 6.0. Everyone.

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This latest version introduces two additional ogres to interact with. The visual elements of the game have been enhanced for a better experience. Furthermore, selecting your preferred letter to play with is now even more convenient.

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