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Antivine follows the journey of a young boy in search of the truth behind Treeman.. Antivine Mod v0.3.16

Update: 06/12/2023
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Can Plants Experience Sensation? A special young boy from the village and an amnesiac girl form an unlikely partnership as they embark on an adventure in the mesmerizing Chengying plain – a stunning yet overgrown location. Through alternating perspectives and innovative problem-solving, they navigate puzzles to uncover the origin of the enigmatic Treeman.

Unveiling the Mystery of the Treeman
Legend has it that embracing order triggers the emergence of branches from the body, transforming individuals into plants. Seek out the mountain God on the opposite side of the terrain to discover the remedy.

Shifting Perspectives
Alter scenes effortlessly with a simple click. The essence of Antivine lies in changing viewpoints to triumph over intricate puzzles.

A Journey of Self-Discovery
“Who am I?” “What sets me apart?”
In this game, immerse yourself in the soothing rhythm of puzzle-solving, joining forces with a young girl met along the journey. Immerse in a vibrant universe and seek life’s profound answers.

Critical Acclaim and Achievements
Antivine has garnered numerous accolades, including the Bahamut ACG Creation Contest Game Merit Award, Rayark Vision Get Wild Award Special Award, Youth Innovation Design Festival Tech and Game Design Gold Award, and K.T. Creativity Award Digital Game Gold Award.

What Awaits the Boy: Fate and Truth
Embark on an enchanting expedition that unfolds the destiny and truths that lie ahead for the young boy.

Embark on this captivating journey. An invitation to you.

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<h2>Embarking on the Antivine Mod Adventureh2> <h3>Unveiling the Sensation of Plantsh3> The enigmatic question of whether plants can truly feel has long intrigued scientists and nature enthusiasts alike. Within the immersive world of Antivine Mod, this curiosity takes a new turn. As players delve into the captivating storyline, they encounter a blend of wonder and contemplation surrounding the possibility of plants experiencing sensations. <h3>A Dynamic Partnership in the Chengying Plainh3> The heart of Antivine Mod lies in the dynamic partnership between an extraordinary young boy and a girl plagued by amnesia. Together, they set out on a thrilling adventure within the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Chengying plain. However, this breathtaking locale is not without its challenges – overgrown with tangled bushy vines that seem to guard its secrets. <h3>Viewpoints Transformed: Puzzle-Solving in Antivineh3> Antivine Mod introduces a unique gameplay element – the power to transform viewpoints. With a simple click, players can alter scenes and perspectives, a core mechanic that serves as the key to unraveling intricate puzzles. Through this innovative approach, players are challenged to think beyond conventional limits and devise creative solutions to advance. <h3>A Journey of Identity and Discoveryh3> "Who am I?" The question echoes not only in the minds of the characters but also in the hearts of players. Antivine Mod weaves a beautiful narrative that delves into themes of identity and self-discovery. Alongside the young girl met on this mesmerizing journey, players are invited to solve puzzles at their own pace, reflecting on the deeper meanings of their own existence. <h3>Acclaim and Achievementsh3> Antivine Mod has garnered widespread acclaim within the gaming community and beyond. Notable accolades include the prestigious Merit Award of the Bahamut ACG Creation Contest Game, the Special Award of the Rayark Vision Get Wild Award, as well as Gold Awards from the Youth Innovation Design Festival Tech and Game Design, and the K.T. Creativity Award Digital Game category. <h3>Embrace the Unknown: Awaits the Boy in Antivine Modh3> The fate of the young boy is a tantalizing enigma, waiting to be unraveled by players who dare to embrace the unknown. Antivine Mod extends an invitation – embark on this exquisite journey, where truth and destiny intertwine to weave a spellbinding narrative that awaits exploration.

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<h4>Unlocking the Truth: The Story of Treemanh4> Deep within the rich lore of Antivine Mod lies the intriguing story of Treeman. Whispers among the villagers speak of a transformation that occurs when order is achieved – when branches sprout from the body, morphing individuals into plant-like beings. To uncover the truth and unlock the cure, players are beckoned to traverse the terrain and locate the elusive mountain God, whose secrets may hold the key to this astonishing phenomenon. <h4>A Seamless Shift of Perspectivesh4> Diving further into the gameplay mechanics, Antivine Mod showcases its brilliance through a seamless shift of perspectives. The core concept of changing viewpoints proves to be pivotal in solving the array of puzzles strewn across the journey. With a simple click, scenes transform, opening new pathways and unveiling hidden clues. This mechanic not only challenges cognitive agility but also underscores the game's commitment to innovative problem-solving. <h4>Self-Reflection Amidst Lush Landscapesh4> As players navigate through the captivating landscapes, the themes of self-reflection and self-discovery come to the forefront. The profound question, "Why am I different?" echoes not just within the game's characters but resonates with players who seek a deeper connection to the narrative. This journey isn't just about solving puzzles; it's an introspective odyssey amidst lush visuals and compelling storytelling. <h5>Award-Winning Recognitionh5> Antivine Mod's excellence has not gone unnoticed. Its achievements are an embodiment of its dedication to quality. The game proudly boasts the Merit Award of the Bahamut ACG Creation Contest Game, the Special Award of the Rayark Vision Get Wild Award, along with the esteemed Gold Awards from the Youth Innovation Design Festival Tech and Game Design, and the K.T. Creativity Award Digital Game category. <h5>Antivine Mod for Android APK & iPhone iOSh5> The anticipation reaches its peak as players yearning for a transformative gaming experience can access Antivine Mod on both Android and iPhone platforms. The game's compatibility with Android APK and iPhone iOS ensures that players across diverse devices can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Antivine. <h5>Unveil Destiny, Embrace the Journeyh5> As the story unfolds and the mysteries gradually unravel, players are faced with a profound question: What destiny lies ahead for the young boy? The journey laid out before them is one of enchantment, exploration, and revelation. Antivine Mod extends an invitation, inviting players to embark on a voyage where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur, leading to an experience that's truly unforgettable.

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Free download Antivine HACK,MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 0.3.16. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Antivine follows the journey of a young boy in search of the truth behind Treeman.. Developed by USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

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Is there a sensation in plants? An exceptional village boy and an amnesiac girl come together to embark on an adventure in the mesmerizing Chengying plain. This breathtaking location, although filled with lush vegetation and entangled vines, sets the stage for their journey. By altering perspectives and adopting innovative thinking, they unravel puzzles and progress toward the origin of the Treeman phenomenon.

New comment

  1. Entropydemic: I really like this relaxing trial game. You drag your finger to change directions which change the directions of the plants and allows you to cross over stones and paths to clear puzzles. Sometimes you carry what appears to be a little baby who serves as and extension of the puzzle element. The graphics in music are very good in the story is a little sad but also reflective of life and that gives this software a really nice charm..
  2. Zharif AR: Edit: I finished the game! Some of the puzzles were a bit of a challange. It was a heartfelt story. However, for the last cut scene, I'm not sure if it got stuck or what but after the conversation I can only hear some sound and voices but nothing moved. I had to skip that. Love the game! Thank you for making this and I hope the dev can add more chapters in the future! 💕.
  3. シ: The game has low FPS on low end devices, so it would be nicer to have a graphics quality selector in the settings so that the game can run smoothly, and the haptic/vibration is forced so there should be an option to disable the vibration..
  4. Nymphia Silvia: Hmm.. Trial stage. For new chapter begin have to top up first, then the new chapter will be open? Well... Overall the puzzle seems interesting, but the pay for the chapter?? I guess 4 star enough for this trial game..
  5. ヒサシほたる: Nothing happens after tapping the "Lets go" Button. (Connection is fine).
  6. u k hon?: Cool.
  7. Jared Reyes: Oops.. Laggy Game.
  8. Abhishek Ghosh: It is a good puzzle game and plays similar to games like monument valley. But the purchase link is not opening after completing the demo to buy the full version.
  9. Theo Tonkla: Good.. but 🥱🥱🥱.
  10. Blaine Reid: The game is very cute even if the story is sad at times. Art style is fantastic and music is very atmospheric. There are flaws in the translation but it's still understandable. The biggest issue is I'm not able to play the full game. It allows you to play a few levels for free and then the rest is locked. For me, there was no way to unlock additional content. If I click the button that says "let's go" under "continue the journey" nothing happens. But what I was able to play was very enjoyable..
  11. Maman: Please add an option to remove haptic..
  12. Dimas Shaputra: i'm on an early stage but i can't keep with the lagginess. seriously, i enjoyed the game so far, but it's far too laggy to the point it's very annoying.
  13. Anis Zougari: This game is very lag in my phone :'(.
  14. P J: Very good and unique mechanisms. English dialogue is off sometimes with grammatical error. No p2w so far I've played for 20mins. The story is cute and sad. Overall good game..
  15. Lesal Jay Sales: Good Story but sad, Friendly interface and bit logic yet doable, Maybe the ending gives us thought of a happy one..
  16. Tenang Hope: An incredible game. The translations are pretty bad but the story is captivating and the graphics easily immerse you in the world. The big problem is once you complete the first four or five levels it's kind of soft locks you. You get a padlock symbol saying "Let's go" but when you click it nothing happens. And there's no option to pay for the game. And if it is the case we have to pay for it I wish you was stated beforehand. Otherwise a great game and I can't wait to play more..
  17. Sub Prime: No option to turn off the vibration?.
  18. Mike x: What in the name of ***NOT*** GACHA IDLE ANIME AFK PAY2WIN AUTOBATTLER IS THIS?? ppl look at the developers 2 other games.. had high hopes for this but it's a boring puzzle :( I want my 20$/pop random chance anime girlies.
  19. Kanna: This game lags a lot. Couldn't play the game smoothly.Graphics is good but intha fix the lagging problem..
  20. Halwest Fazil: Nice ❤.

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Operating system: 5.0.
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