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Engage in a solitary basketball simulation experience and transform your team into a dynasty!. Basketball GM Mod v1

Update: 06/12/2023
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Download Basketball GM Mod 1 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Have you ever found yourself critiquing the decisions made by an NBA team’s front office and believed you could make better choices? Well, your chance has arrived! Welcome to Basketball GM, where you step into the role of a basketball team’s general manager.

Guiding a basketball team demands making challenging calls:

  • Do you extend the contract of a seasoned player or retain cap space for a potential free agent signing?
  • Will you select a raw talent in the draft who could become a future star, or opt for an immediate contributor?
  • Should you trade next season’s draft pick for an immediate impact player and aim for victory, or accumulate assets for the team’s future?
  • Confronted with the choice of raising ticket prices and potentially upsetting fans, can you instead reduce parts of your budget?

Your decisions can pave the way for a dynasty or lead to your dismissal. Basketball GM is entirely free and limitless. There’s no virtual currency, no microtransactions, no pay-to-win scheme. You have the freedom to craft numerous leagues and play endless seasons without the need to create an account.

I understand your skepticism due to past experiences with so-called “free” games. I’m aware you might be wary of hidden agendas. However, we genuinely stand apart from the rest. This distinction has been true since our inception in 2008.

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Step into the Role of a General Manager with Basketball GM Mod

Unleash Your Inner GM

Ever found yourself analyzing the choices made by NBA teams’ front offices and believed you could outshine them? The opportunity you’ve been waiting for is here with Basketball GM Mod! This innovative game places you in the shoes of a basketball team’s general manager, where your decisions shape the team’s destiny.

The Complexity of Decision-Making

Being at the helm of a basketball team means confronting complex decisions that can influence its trajectory:

Contract Extensions or Free Agents?

The dilemma of whether to extend the contract of a seasoned player or keep cap space available for a potential free agent signing rests on your shoulders. Will you prioritize team loyalty or invest in fresh talent?

Drafting: Potential Stars vs. Immediate Contributors

In the draft, you face a crucial choice: do you select a raw, unpolished talent who might become a future superstar, or opt for a player who can contribute immediately to your team’s success?

Trading: Present Success or Future Assets?

The decision to trade next season’s draft pick is a pivotal one. Will you trade it for a player who can elevate your team’s performance now, or will you accumulate valuable assets for the team’s future growth?

Fan Relations and Budget Management

As the GM, you’re tasked with maintaining fan satisfaction while managing the team’s budget. Will you risk raising ticket prices, potentially alienating fans, or can you identify areas within the budget to trim without compromising quality?

The Path to Glory or Termination

Your choices hold the power to shape your team’s fate. Make shrewd decisions, and you could mold your team into a dynasty. However, a string of poor choices could lead to your dismissal as the team’s general manager.

The Unique Features of Basketball GM Mod

True Freedom, No Strings Attached

Basketball GM Mod delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. Embrace the freedom to create countless leagues and embark on endless seasons, all without the hassle of setting up an account. No virtual currency, no microtransactions, no pay-to-win gimmicks — just pure gaming enjoyment.

A Different Kind of Promise

We understand your apprehensions based on past disappointments with so-called “free” games. Rest assured, Basketball GM Mod stands out from the crowd. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve upheld our commitment to providing a genuinely exceptional gaming experience.

Embrace Basketball GM Mod and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of basketball team management. Your decisions hold the key to building a triumphant legacy or facing the consequences. Step up to the challenge today!

The Unique Features of Basketball GM Mod

True Freedom, No Strings Attached

Basketball GM Mod delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. Embrace the freedom to create countless leagues and embark on endless seasons, all without the hassle of setting up an account. No virtual currency, no microtransactions, no pay-to-win gimmicks — just pure gaming enjoyment.

A Different Kind of Promise

We understand your apprehensions based on past disappointments with so-called “free” games. Rest assured, Basketball GM Mod stands out from the crowd. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve upheld our commitment to providing a genuinely exceptional gaming experience.

Basketball GM Mod For Android APK & iPhone iOS

Gaming on the Go

Take the thrill of managing your basketball team wherever you go with Basketball GM Mod. Our game is available as an Android APK for Android users and as an iOS app for iPhone users. Immerse yourself in strategic decisions, player management, and team-building, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Optimized for Performance

Whether you’re using an Android device or an iPhone, Basketball GM Mod is optimized to deliver smooth and immersive gameplay. Experience seamless navigation through menus, swift player evaluations, and real-time simulations without any lag.

Intuitive Touch Controls

We’ve fine-tuned the touch controls to provide an intuitive and responsive experience. Manage your team with ease using touch gestures, and make critical decisions with a simple tap. The user-friendly interface ensures that you stay engaged in the game without any frustration.

Regular Updates and Mod Features

Our commitment to excellence extends to the updates and mod features of Basketball GM Mod. We continuously enhance the gaming experience based on user feedback, ensuring that you’re always engaged and excited. Explore mod features that add an extra layer of creativity and challenge to your gameplay.

Experience Basketball GM Mod like never before. Download now on Android APK and iPhone iOS to embark on your journey as a basketball team’s mastermind!


Step Up to the Challenge

Basketball GM Mod offers a unique and authentic experience of managing a basketball team. The decisions you make echo through the seasons, determining success or failure. It’s time to unleash your strategic prowess and lead your team to glory.

Download Now

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to download Basketball GM Mod for Android APK and iPhone iOS. Immerse yourself in the world of basketball management, and prove your skills as a savvy GM. The court awaits your command!

Free download Basketball GM {Hack & Mod} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Engage in a solitary basketball simulation experience and transform your team into a dynasty!. Developed by ZenGM. Operating system requirements 4.4. Teen.

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  • - No Ads
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The Android app’s debut release…

New comment

  1. Renz Rosillo: Very accurate.
  2. Eric Knight: Another proof that this game screw player, my team leading ratings by 10 points, but reload for 20 times still lost, if AI rating higher, need load 50 times for win, if I lead in rating still load 10 times for a win, AI hold all advantage, must either cheat or keep reload for win.AI always win first if player not cheat or keep reload. AI always win even if your team is better without cheating, all the time spent till playoff is waste of time, developer always gave excuse system is fair.
  3. Mic Ron: Can you explain how a 20/100 team have higher chances to win than a 51/100 team? I simulated it 3 times and the 51/100 team is always fighting for the playoff spot out of 7 teams with 30 and below rating??? Sure your reasons are that seasons have unexpected outcomes, then why would you guys even rate them??? Isn't ratings supposed to rate the team's overall??? And their expectancy to win a game against team lower than them??? Remove team ratings if they mean NOTHING..
  4. Axe: I really like this game tho, because I can play an offline mode while I'm not connected to the internet, and it is really addicting..
  6. Joseph Fritz: I honestly loved this game but after playing for just 2 days it ended up deleting my league so I tried it all over again 2 more time and it kept deleting. So then I made an account and it still did it again mind u I'm saving it each time. Not only that I kinda wish they show their face and there's an option for it but it doesn't work. I love this game alot bc of the trades and stats but i get tired of having to redo everything. I just finally finished one season after 12 different tries cmon..
  7. De'Lisa Betts: I just love this game it has realistic. Stats players and history only thing i would like is another gm about soccer because you have football and basketball but not soccer.
  8. Sobrevilla Aljon: Why are the leagues I made earlier disappear,How can I fix that?.
  9. Abivatra Assyura: What am i suppose to do!!!!!!!!!! I built the best defense, the best offence but still cant win because of stupid biased.
  10. Skyilind Price: Very Great Game. I looked forward to playing this game everyday. Day and Night it's definitely my goto for handheld video games. Keep up the Great Work and I Thank you so much and have a Great Day as well....
  11. SHANK 3: I like the game but it keeps on deleting my leagues even though i enabled persistent storage..
  12. Johncristian Lucas: I don't understand how the player development works but I know is suck there no way that you can't prevent your player to decreasing even you increase funds at couching still doesn't work probably add g league system that your player develop there or just add training system that cost management money to help us got fired and staff system that we can hire and fired coach,medic,scout just like bblm 23 does instead of just funds maybe im asking to much for free to play game.
  13. Mr A-Firm: It's actually an awesome app to use. But when I logged in today I found that my league disappeared. So I'm a bit ticked off by that..
  14. Russo Man: Incredible basketball management game, insanely customizable, addictive, and fun..
  15. Jeffry Lou Dalwatan: Ratings issue, I experience those smallest population team tend to lose to the greater populated team despite of their ratings. 51 OVR will just lose to 31 OVR for the reason that the team was very small in population.
  16. Blossom Ibanez: Love it.
  17. Joe Royle: I love this game but I have lost my saved league 2 times now. I know I didn't manually delete it so they have a problem they need to fix. Then I will give it 5 stars. Update: Due to the developers very quick response, I now understand the mistake I made when I cleared my browser history etc. I will change the rating to 5 star.
  18. Samantha Rasmussen: bad.
  19. Wan Ahmad Raqib: Great customization, one could spend hours or days simulating. A nice addition I would suggest is opening up more variety for the regular season & postseason format (adding swiss format as a regular season format) (adding double elimination format, ladder-based playoffs, plate-bowl-shield format similar to rugby competitions) as well as allowing the option to split the playoffs with multiple conferences (4 or 8 conferences would be a good start) like the NCAA..
  20. Hemn: This game is horrible t And trash.
  21. Tyvan: This SIM engine is legendary, this is way better then 2k in a Gm mode aspect..
  22. Jesslee Balute: Add more basketball logo.
  23. Jason Smith: I just spent hours trying to find trades for the "Los Angeles Earthquake team" and then all sudden my season is gone like it never existed.Im going to try again because I Love the Football version.Even tho that happened I still Absolutely Love the game and I've only played it for 3-4 hours.I Highly Recommend it.
  24. James Devera: Please add protected or unprotected the picks and add three team trade.
  25. Ray Chicote: The best sports simulation game on the market. I've been trying to find a game just like this for a long time..
  26. Ioreth: Good.
  27. Lazzz: Best basketball gm app on mobile. It's free and there are no microtransactions! Highly detailed and customizable. You can play it offline too which is really great. The only thing I don't like is the data is save on the browser instead of the app so if you delete your browsing history your files will be gone. But just don't delete your browser history I guess, overall 5/5 great sim 🏀🔥.
  28. JKL: Great game, though the match mechanics should be improved, like you can't pick strategies or call timeouts, give your players advice, change your teams play-style mid game etc. But other than that this game is well in depth, and is maybe the best basketball GM game on google playstore. Thanks!.
  29. Sacha Miller: This game is really fun and addicting, i love it so much because it has good graphic, well improved state and nice game for bought adults and kids.
  30. Domingo Lara: Great game it would be nice it stop deleting my basketball history ..
  31. Ey-Rone Dichos: I love playing this game but sometimes it got frustrating because of some lags after some season,and also how the stats matter about the situation,pls fix the statline it can change the game tho..
  32. Baber Khan: Best basketball gm ever made.
  33. Nicolas Gonzalez: Perfect time killer sandbox.
  34. Eli G.: Best basketball simulator game out right now But a suggestion to improve it is to maybe adding badges or traits.
  35. Matthew: Good time killer however after a few seasons the game is rigged to make you have the worst record possible. Literally went 0-82 with Hakeem and Grant Hill on my team many seasons in a row. Also there's a trade block glitch that checks every box even after it's unchecked. It's extremely annoying..
  36. Stay Safe: Man I'm addicted to this game but somehow after 2nd last update my team save cant get any revenue. I dont know how to fix this bug..
  37. Oly I: Best game ever.
  38. Jean Ross: Add some nickname to the players like The King.
  39. Rodney McCoy: This is a very addictive and well made game but I wouldn't recommend playing on mobile.
  40. Jeric De Guzman: Please create ESports GM🙏.
  41. Maxx Solares: This game is dope as hell. Play on the computer and now here.
  42. Joshua Maldonado: Absolutely love the game it's amazing and addicting. So many different things you can do and so many challenges. It's extremely customizable and just doesn't get boring for me. All I could ask for is a soccer version lol but seriously please..
  43. Olajumoke Omoyele: Pls we need a soccer game too.
  44. Aji Prakoso: Addict.
  45. Nikolay Fedyaev: Have been playing this game for many years, never gets old - is just the perfect game, period..
  46. ML: It's interesting game but player development part is broken. Players lose their stats and rating without much explanation, thus your young prospects becoming useless. You can tell they never played actual sports since they believe that you don't become better by playing more minutes... Clueless.
  47. Just Edgy: Hi,there's a issue where I can't seen to get any of the 4 apps working. It says that the checking browser, loading UI and backend are all done but it won't take me to the main page. Can you please fix this!? Edit: The desktop version is working fine on mobile. It's something to do with the mobile version..
  48. AGASTE OFICIAL: Por favor traduzam.
  49. Kevin Bertalotto: Super fun, greatest app ever.
  50. Mukaneza Béatha: Wow.
  51. Panther Gawwwddd: This game is really fun and addicting with a level of detail that is amazing from player stats to a trade system that I think is phenomenal. However some aspects seem a bit random in terms of how players perform. I had a team of prime AI, Vince Carter, and Ben Wallace surrounded by high 50 to mid 60 overall players...and they were 4-30 by the All Star Break. Maybe Im missing something in terms of the strategy, but this is just one example of broken immersion for me..
  52. Miami Heat Source: I love it 🏀💯.
  53. mike Trinidad: The best free basketball game in the whole universe ( but please you can add substitution so we can decide who players we want to be played please 🥺🥺🥺🥺). Thank you so much.. And I hope you can make an college mode......
  54. Akaza: Very good app. Pls do soccer gm.
  55. Jarpi Aslani: It's nice I enjoyed most I'm hoping that there will be an option to be choose for the coach so that we can experience how the team to be guided and lastly there will be an option for the first 5 and if their is a player injured we can change the player to whom can be replaced to the first five lineup.
  56. глесси: the best gm ever.
  57. Sports Archive: My favorite Basketball General Manager Simulator.
  58. Cholo Saez: Its good but igive it 4 stars because can you fix the logo of the teams cause the name of golden state is golden state unicorn why not the true name of the logo?.
  59. Donavan 2: Best basketball management game!.
  60. Nathan Shapobersky: Very fun game. My one criticism is that when asking for what would make a trade work, the game suggests these massive trade packages. These can be completely unreasonable at times, but these can also break the game, like when I got Yao Ming, Tracy Mcgrady, and Rafer Alston for Shawn Marion and scraps. More realistic trade requests would definitely make this game better.
  61. Hunter King: This is the most flawless GM game in the universe. 2K doesn't hold a candle to Basketball GM. It holds every detail imaginable and takes managing and rebuilding a team to a whole different level. This game is so addicting that I've lost entire weekends to it. The developer has given basketball fanatics their dream game..
  62. KrillinWinnin: I play it on PC I love I but can.u add mycarrer where we make characters and upgrade our stats and we randomly get traded or something and make decisions like shoot three Drive crossover and passing and stal and block and alleyoop.
  63. Account.85: Trash trading system: AI always wants to win, wants picks and 2 79 for an 81 ovr, ???? And i cannot and never get above 59 wins with a 70 ovr team going against a bunch of scrubs while a 50 ovr team went 62-20..
  64. Lebron James: The is the best. This game is so fun.
  65. J A C O B: I already have a solution about losing my league. Now my league is developing and I enjoy it. I have a suggestion in the game I suggest add some coaching staff or even just a coach with Off IQ and Def IQ to help the team to win. I hope this will happen in the future updates. Keep it up!..
  66. Sheila Marie Estrellanes: Easy to play. One of the best basketball gm app. Results are unpredictable & challenging. I usually start my league on MJ rookie season until the next 50+ seasons & the experience always different everytime i restart a league..
  67. Manobal: Edited my positive feeddback to say i wish someday you would create a boxing or mma manager type game like this thats all bye.
  68. Arturo Emmanuel Fojas: why did I suddenly lose the files I saved in the game can you fix this pls.
  69. Alfaturohman Habsy: Overall it was a good game but the trade sistem is a bit weird, like you can't even move move up in the draft without trading away your best. And I tried overing the bot a couple of future first round but always get rejected. That's the only problem I had.
  70. Jay doy: Pretty adictive game for basketball nerds out there. Hopes there is also a college stats or overseas stats for the draft that would be good but overall its pretty good game..
  71. Edelin Guerero: Good.
  72. Jupee S: In general, fun game, but if you play fantasy draft mode, all future draftees comes in as free agents. So if you start at 2005, you can sign 12 years old Bradley Beal to play for you :D.
  73. Wil Hoff: Understood, I revised my rating..
  74. ivan.mp4: Ratings make no sense.. Stars are a 80 at the highest?.
  75. Charles Solania: Hi to the developer of this game and it's really nice when I play this game but please make development on drafts, costumize leagues and system of the game because sometimes I play this game its logging sometimes and I hope you will read this comment for more improvement..
  76. Camaro Gaming: Great game, but it doesn't load on the app it just has the basketball logo and doesn't go any further.
  77. Thunder Stuck: One of the best man brilliant I think if you can add a player career mode where you can request trades and use points to upgrade your player.
  79. Collin Davis: You cannot find a better basketball gm sim game. It is so deep and your choices all bear our. Also the developer is super involved in his own community and there are tons of multi-player Discord leagues that are a unique and enjoyable social experience..
  80. Clark Ken Moron: Just wow. A detailed game that you can manage all.
  81. Agnes Thompson: Best basketball simulator out there 0 lies.
  82. tri dra: Great game incredible simulator not really a fan of the management part but the simulations are really entertaining and the freedom to customize your game and Sims is unmatched..
  83. MAKATA GAMING: Hi Developer This Game Is The Best Basketball Manager &Simulator Game I've Played In Android , It's Very Simple Game And Lot Of Customization. I Would Like To Suggest Something About Customizing League Conference, Division, And Teams, To Please Allowed Automatically Saved Because My Custom Team Was Erased When I Scrolled Up And Then The Screen Was Reloaded. During Customization. I Also Recommend To Put Nationality Tools Of Each Teams/Players While In League Customization..
  84. Yoboy BraBro: Awesome except for the fact that every few days my leagues got mysterly deleted.
  85. kableNyaku (KableNyaku): Was fun, till more and more of it was placed behind a pay wall.
  86. OMEGA GAMES: Goated played this in school.
  87. Hercules Love: My favorite Gm Game only needs a Few Small Features but literally the best on a phone.
  88. CT2Bandit: Great game but for some reason it won't let me draft anymore. I've had it for a few months and I can't pick my own players it only let's me Sim. Help if you can but amazing game!.
  89. Clinton Omondi Okumu: It'll be nice to have player options , restricted and unrestricted free agencies making negotiations more realistic and also player decline very fast. i really love your game.
  90. Pluvio: Please consider a soccer version. That would go viral..
  91. Yuri Gonzales: Live forever, or get fired! Mine the draft and have success...
  92. Axel B Seijuro-: Idol. . One of the best nba sim i ever play!.
  93. Bella Hampton: Bruh I hope your getting a bag cause you're underrated.
  94. meow!: really you need a wifi for this trash ? it could have been nice id we can play it offline.
  95. SniperGaming HD1: Best Basketball Sim of all Time.
  96. Virgil Flint IV: Love the game, but, and I'm willing to accept that I'm just bad at video games, I can't seem to accomplish anything without use of God Mode. No cheats = players ratings constantly plummeting and almost no way y to know if your star will stay your star or if by age 32 (most players peak irl) they are gonna drop down to an above average starter. Pretty frustrating..
  97. René Möckel: Dude...I love BBGM...but it don't opens on my new Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro...that's SO sad..
  98. Bailey Guthrie: Only problem is that when I try to do a custom league it will not work it finalizes for like 2-3 hours but will never work.
  99. Gesge Shutaro: Only problem I have in the game is my leagues suddenly gets yeeted out of existence, I didn't even do anything with my browser but the leagues in my app was just gone, I had a league file for that league but that was like literally like 10 seasons ago, I didn't get to export the league file because my phone died, so now I have to do everything again, it's a bit frustrating ngl because I've been playing that league for so long with no problems at all but still interstellar game nonetheless.
  100. Marv Pushkin: app can better m8. i hope you ll get an investment & then it can be like football manager.
  101. Claed Caian: Really good game but i gave it 4 stars bcus of the simulation issues like martell webster was literally better than Lebron James like seriously still good game tho..
  102. Niklas Nyman: very fun, I've been playing this since 2020 on computer and I've really enjoyed this on mobile now..
  103. sucad abdirab: Amazing Simple Fun Great UI and frequent Updates what else could I ask for.
  104. Marc Jimuel Dela Torre: There's a bug in player stats pls fix it.
  105. Hans Christian: Good game but please review players rating, for example toronto. How can they win a ring in first season with their current lineup. The ratings need to be adjusted..
  106. Hafizh Nabeel Daiyan Santoso: I love how everything in here is free.
  107. Amy Lee: Slow loading.
  108. Vagelis Dollios: Its a fantastic game and very realistic, although it would be cool if you added some features such as player or team options in contracts or hiring coaches etc.
  109. mchvll: my leagues always get deleted :((( i really love the game tho.
  110. PandaPlayer007 gr: Great game, very deep and easy mechanics and it's free! I love the game and the direction it is going. Thanks so much for making such a game. Can't wait for future updates.
  111. Brandon Antolin: Make a game of baseball and soccer.
  112. Basketball GM Fanatic: An amazingly deep, fully fleshed out, gaming experience. All this game needs is to be completely internet/WI-FI free and it will be perfect!.
  113. Joe Landherr: Cool God mode. Default injury percentage too high and the potential rating isnt a value of anything as it changes constantly. Put hours into this game with 0 acheivements because my team is never 100% or because players drop ratings before season starts. God mode is worth it trying at the worst..
  114. specxial: please make it play offline even without connection needed to open the game.
  115. Derek Snyder: Fun at first but.... Nothing you do has any ramifications or effects teams performance. Trades, draft, managing the roster doesn't seem to effect teams success one way or the other. Seems totally random. Meanwhile cpu teams are going 61-15 and you never get the number 1 pick even if you have the worst record..
  116. Carl Catimbang: Very great game thank you for the developer for making this i just have some suggestions can you add a staff signing and how much money would you give to some free agents or your resigning players like in 2k there asking 30 million dollars per year as an example but you can sign them for like less than 2 mill cuz when you resign your players or sign somebody in free agency your gonna sign them from what amount they want and also can you make it that you can surpass the salary cap.
  117. Paul Y Liu: The FM of NBA.
  118. Shean Rhian Lizada: What a very good game but can you add rising star game in the All-star Event And can we see the pre-season games or simulate it?.
  119. Larence Rafael Fabic: Game is free, the developer is a cool dude. I wish I could meet him one day, there's nothing to purchased except the membership for newsletter which is optional, great game and still has lot more potential, to whoever you are, thank you dev.💓 Edit:I only have one request, maybe you could add summer league and G League?And the Staff signing as well.
  120. Douglas Francis: Fantastic simulation game. Love it.
  121. MARKY: 😍.
  122. JuJu Bean: Best basketball simulator ever better then nba2k.
  123. 5HAD0W: Been playing this game on PC for a long time before it came on phone been fire and still is but I would be nice if we had control of what jerseys they wear and a my career mode would be cool to but the game is still great.
  124. never gonna let you down: I'm begging you, please make a soccer version.
  125. An Average NASCAR Fan: Extremely realistic.
  126. Alex: Great game does favir certain players because of age (luka and johnathan isaac) but other than that its great they also keep updating i stopped play like 4 months ago and they added a lot of new features i hope they add a feature where u can have a online league with friends but great game!.
  127. Czyrus Balaong: How to see player url? without looking on the retirement info...
  128. Mandela Williams: Can you make it a way where it doesn't delete my League please.
  129. Blen Toot: Probably the best NBA Simulator!.
  130. matas sulinskas: Love the zengm ad haha. Great game otherwise worthy off 5 stars.
  131. Eye Patch: very good.
  132. Joshua Estrella: The game is excellent but I suggest to put coaches, that will be fun... :).
  133. Ben: Best GM simulator out. Only reccomendation is to make the overalls more similar to NBA2k overalls.
  134. Kyle Riveral: im sorry for what i've said.
  135. ARSHAD BIN ABDUL KHADER: I give 5 star rating this trading app, Its a very awesome trading app.
  136. Elijah Grant: Best game it very fun if you want you can use god mode go back to the 60.
  137. Toxic: Ok so this game is fun except when I logged in today I saw that all of my leagues got deleted and I have no way of getting them back (and I've been working on them for 3 months).
  138. Tafara Gaomab: It keeps kicking me out of the after 1 minute pls fix.
  139. Jave Mascariñas: This game is really good if it wasn't for the super biased games, my team has a three 76 overalls and has no player under 53 yet teams like Chicago and Detroit still are able to outscore us by 30 points even though the best player they have is a 62 overall and have a bad roster.My team could literally be +16 against the opponent and still lose in a blowout, and even worse, I built a 83 overall team yet only went 52-30 while a 73 overall team went 66-20. Please fix this problem..
  140. ñööß: Realistic Simulation, great features, can't ask for anymore..
  141. Sam Wilson: My only complaint is that I can no longer Sim from whatever year I want, otherwise this game is what everyone wants..
  142. ඞ: Simply amazing. Would love a feature where we can play a save file in all devices e.g. I can play my android save file on my PC or vice versa..
  143. smithy Rocks: Add a player career mode plzzz.
  144. Tziyon Wallace: AMAZING GAME!!! and in the future can there be a 2d simcast option?.
  145. Rana LaPlant: I have a lot fun trading players and finding out which players will win a championship..
  146. YyuyU: The best mobile basketball gm game.
  147. Isaiah Chadwick: This game is so good with so much customization I can never get bored but one problem I been having that has been upsetting is that my league delete themselves when I leave the app and I don't way it does that it is just upsetting.
  148. DANISH: This game as wonderful , can you add stuff like stadium improvement , make different facilities , and also be able to improve them , give us something to spend the organizations money on and let's us improve the teams rating of 10 stars .and add a respect level meter for organization who win a title .and player rankings etc get creative. Game is cool especially with customization option ..
  149. Jenelyn Payas: i love this but there need to when you can send a player in to g league and you call back if need the player also you see his stats in g league.
  150. Gwak Roy: This game is what everyone wants out of a mobile, free, no ads, and No pay. You just play the game this alone would be at least a 4 star game, but wait there's more it has all the options you would ever want in a basketball game. Also, the game is updated regularly and most of the time it's very meaningful. The biggest reason to play this game is simple, it's a good game with literally no drawbacks of you like basketball. You should give this game a try..

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