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BlitZ: Rise of Heroes [HACK – MOD]

Build a mighty team and fight in the fantasy world of the idle RPG auto battler!. BlitZ Mod v1.5.1

Update: 28/06/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download BlitZ Mod 1.5.1 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

A new mobile arena full of brave heroes has arrived! Dive into the fantasy RPG world in BLITZ: Rise of Heroes! Summon your legendary fighters, fight for victory, and dominate your path to glory!


● Choose heroes according to alliance, attribute and occupation
● Upgrade your fighters in various ways
● Upgrade weapons to increase their power
● Train your Summoner squad
● Manual or automatic 6v6 battle
● Can accumulate resources even offline
● Get daily free rewards
● Explore locations, each location has tricky enemies
● An automatic battle game that can be played anytime, anywhere.

Become a hero!

Immerse yourself in hundreds of hours of stories. Enjoy fast-paced battles with thrilling special effects, outstanding sound effects, and bonus damage points, all set against breathtaking backgrounds. Gain experience, learn new skills and conquer the world of Astoria. BLITZ: Rise of Heroes is also an idle fantasy RPG with automatic combat mode. Even if you are offline, your hero will still fight for you!

Challenge the boss!

Build your team in these 6v6 battles and watch your strategy unfold on the battlefield. The more you advance, the harder the battle and the more valuable the reward. Every RPG battle in our game is an exciting idle duel! Smash dozens of evil bosses to get more loot, powerful equipment and glory! Deploy your winning formation, win trophies and dominate this fantasy world, and become the true legend of Blitz: Heroes Rise!

Improve your fighters!

Build your character from scratch! Train recruits, upgrade them, develop skills, use the best weapons and get amazing equipment. Sell ​​or buy warriors, and even remove duplicate heroes from the Forge of Heaven! Obtain fighters as a reward for victory or exchange them for stronger warlords. Send skilled conquerors to fight the forces of darkness in this idle blitzkrieg arena! Develop the perfect game strategy! May the battle of the mighty knights reveal who is the strongest!

Upgrade weapons!

Get free weapons from the daily bonus or as a reward after the royal battle. Craft and forge deadly weapons, upgrade them, and upgrade their abilities and rarity. Equip your fighters with the best equipment and become a master of swordsmanship!

Form an invincible team!

Strategy is the key to victory in this game! Unlock legendary heroes and upgrade them without interruption to help your army win the battle. Your squad can have up to 6 characters from different factions, each with unique functions. Every fighter has a rare super attack, which will accumulate over time, depending on the damage done. Make plans with other alliances to create unique synergies and defeat your opponents in each round!

Enjoy the adventure!

Embark on a heroic voyage full of miracles and courage. Explore the mysterious world of Asteria, travel through different locations, and meet new challenges, hidden secrets, exclusive enemies and legends waiting to be discovered. Clash with cursed monsters and ultimate bosses in the dark dungeon and find more treasures!

Get daily rewards!

Log in to the game every day to receive rewards. Get gold coins to buy new upgrades, find scrolls and hero spirits to summon new fighters, and gain hero experience to increase your statistics.
Use strategies to improve your ranking and win final prizes!

Join the battle!

Dive into the fantasy world of BLITZ: the rise of heroes with turn-based combat and RPG elements! Enjoy the convenience of an idle automatic playback system. Explore exciting stories, collect all invincible heroes, fight against powerful bosses, and become a true kingdom legend!

Free download BlitZ: Rise of Heroes [HACK – MOD] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 143M) - Version 1.5.1. Released on November 9, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Build a mighty team and fight in the fantasy world of the idle RPG auto battler!. Developed by WhaleApp LTD. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

Feature Hack Game BlitZ: Rise of Heroes MOD

  • - No ADS
  • - Sprint
  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - All Unlocked
  • - Unlocked Paid

Version Game BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Pay Fees MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Download Free Phone
  • - Download Free
  • - No Ads
  • - Paid Unlocked

Guilds: Create or join the Guild to take part in the new game modes!

New Campaign chapters: The world of Larnes faces a new threat that could destroy all life.

Referral system: Invite your friends to the game and receive rewards!

New heroes: Umida – legendary and Fterag – epic rarity level!.

New comment

  1. Bryan Ellefson: Entertaining with decent appearance. Not quite a bag a potato chips but close! Maybe when I have figured the game out and have more hours logged in. Decent enough to keep logging in more play though..
  2. Charles Beebe: Dope.
  3. Shehzada Jaire: Oxm Game And Enjoying.
  4. Sagor Bhuiyan: This game keep loading and loading that very much disappointing.otherswise everything is okay.
  5. Abdullah Shahzad: nice game but sometime it take a lot of time to load.
  6. NORDIC HORDE: 2 stars for lack of content. As a hero collection game it lacks, was able to get 98% of heroes in the first hour which makes it boring. Also really doesn't matter what hero you put in what spot as they still get killed fast no matter the level..
  7. Kokoy Aligada: I hope there will be more ascension opportunity for my heroes. I like this game they fight altogether as unity. And hoping to finish the game afterwards. The only thing I can say that hackers should be prevented so that no sabotage done against me..
  8. Brotato Chip: Very fun and addicting game!! Must try it out! I love it and I can't stop playing it haha Great work guys keep it up :D.
  9. Rhees Watson: Samsung galaxy fold z 3, stuck at 57% loading.
  10. macaraeg cousins: Great.
  11. yohanes simamora: Loading wasted time, why loading taking so much time to wait. 57% loading almost wasting time 10 minutes, sometimes got stuck.
  12. Dr. Bloodsplat: 😁.
  13. Darian Viegra: Fun game for the most part. Wish they had a few more characters and full back stories but I'm sure they will eventually. I like the character designs. And you do get quiet a bit of free stuff daily..
  14. Kevin bunn: Been loving the game, but it says I need to update. Uninstalled and installed again and it keeps saying update the game..
  15. Larry Cosby: Easy to get into the and fun to play..
  16. Zvi Talit: Too much fun. Got me hooked on day one 🙂.
  17. Daniel Gottel: 2nd review, suggestion this time... new level/teir of hero, Mythical, Ancient or Primal. 5 heros, 1 from each faction. BUT make the drop rate for shards (black/green/red) RARE and only drop when a squad is made up of Legendary heros... o and NOT available to purchase..
  18. Ace_iLLi DaFocus: Vivid detail pace of gameplay is ok.
  19. Jen R: Fun game but has a huge flaw. You have rows for your heroes to maximize their damage, but a lot of the times they will ignore the enemy in front of them and attack other units that they don't do bonus damage against. 3 stars until this is fixed..
  20. JD Eger: TLDR; it's good for what it is. The graphics, gameplay, and overall experience are good. The problem is this game is too formulaic. So many idle team building rpg games out there that this isn't a stand out game. The pause in gameplay when your heroes cast their spell gets pretty old. Some of the menus have too many layers, i.e. leveling up a weapons or armor shouldn't be 3 menus deep. I'll keep playing for awhile but will be hard pressed to spend money on yet another idle rpg..
  21. C bulla: Doesn't want to update.
  22. Jerry Flynn: Get stuck fast and game glitches and won't let you play says update but no update.
  23. Josh Watkins: After the "update" I can't even open the app. Money spent is now gone.. think they care, nah.. watch the computer generated reply below..
  24. John Byram: Hero XP needs buffed..
  25. Thomas Blond: I really liked this game it says it has an update so I press update and it says to go ahead and play the game and then it tells me it has a update and it keeps doing it over and over again I'm uninstalling.
  26. A Google user: Still a little rough around the edges, bit overall I like it..
  27. Doug Canavin: I have the game on 3 devices. It wont update on 2 of them . 1 its telling me to change my googleplay account to update . I dont have another googleplay accnt on that device. N this device isnt even showing an update to download at all . I gave a 4 star rating instead of 5 cuz of the cheaters not being handled at all on my other phone. Now its 3 i spent a good bit of money so far on my main.. im not spendong another dime til the cheaters are dealt with.
  28. Lindsey Watson: I was really enjoying the game until the update. Now when I try to play it says it needs to update. I press "update" and it take me to the Google play store where my only option is to play. It's too bad. I really enjoyed this game. I'm deleting it and moving on to another game..
  29. Jacob Rossell: Tells me I have an update takes me to the Google playstore page where there isn't an update and won't let me get into the game. I click the support button which doesn't do anything.
  30. Joe w: Average game. Couldn't update so uninstalled..
  31. Vrutika Gamit: Op.
  32. Nicole Jack: I'm having fun so far, I've had it for about 2 weeks so far..
  33. Justin HaydesLostSoul: Fun for everyone we a mu.
  34. Eric Hinshaw: Fun and mostly free to play. I like spending a little at times to help, but you can definitely make due without... But remember they make their livings through these games..
  35. Gomati India: Best strategy mobile game. Very good graphic and easy to play. I love this game very much..
  36. Miklos Penzes: I love it.
  37. daniel hough: Great game..
  38. Alex Alexander: the game is good and I like it, but we can't grow up, we don't have access to another map lower to grind or to farm, and we must to wait auto grind to lvl up to get us to grand to another map, we dont have access to another map to grind and make lvl, it better this option with auto grind but you must to make map to grind open.
  39. Hawk Productions: Great Game.
  40. Shaun Mcgrady: Game graphics are good,some grelins on login.
  41. do long: cập nhật xong không vào gem được.
  42. Dudes Comic: Graphic was good.. but game mode was boring.
  43. Johnny Grady: The game will not do the update.
  44. Mr Mister1911: These pay to convience type of games shouldn't be encouraged anymore and need to stop. The game itself is fun untill you hit the point you have to collect AFK gold every 8hrs for days to level up your heroes to pass a couple campaign levels, unless you pay real money in which you bypass the waiting period. It's a shame because the game and all of them like these are entertaining but you will only have fun for a short period of time before you either spend money or quit..
  45. M BEAST S: Improvement To Play With Freinds and play against him.
  46. Blake Smallridge: Love the game so far however that last maintenance finished and a update is needed however there is not one that I can find.
  47. Yash Kumar Singh: It is a nice game for beginners.
  48. Weedivil: Love the game, one star lost due to the length of time it takes a hero to use their skill. As others have said you are dead b4 the skill is used..
  49. Tapan Ray: 😲 wow.
  50. David Gibbison: Games quite good. As others have said. The special abilities take too long, and most of the time your dead before it hits..
  51. Rai Lopez: Nice and easy.
  52. Vivek Verma: 😍😍😍.
  53. dustin price: Loving the game.. Made it to the top 50 in everything so far in my server. Only issue is it says I hit the guild boss with only 350k when I'm hitting over 1mill. Also wondering when chat is coming. 🙃🤙👍.
  54. Eustace Trifalgar: Best.
  55. Peterson Wazir: Pretty cool game, if you enjoy the genre. I like how varied the heroes are and the pverall amount of rewards is quite gamelove it.
  56. Abhishek Shrivastav: Very interesting game but some things are changing and this game is more interesting so beat of luck brother.
  57. The Loomer: Fun quick and easy to play idle game. Havnt noticed a paywall yet so thats a plus!.
  58. Fabiola Michel: Great fun!.
  59. merlin twiggles: Not for me.
  60. Joseph Howle: Best game I ever played.
  61. Fleming Grimwood: Wonderful, Lots of heroes and locationsto choose from! It isn't only about battling through the chapters. That'swhat I love about this it.
  62. bobby messenger: Fun.
  63. Rax Raxous: Surprisingly fair and enjoyable game. Not pay to win and not totally time consuming. Enjoying it, and I'm picky..
  64. Joshua Scully: Its great but need to let ppl replay stages for EXP so u move forward.
  65. Pete Collins: Best rpg I've played...
  66. Tyler Smith: Im a little upset why can enemy lineups have 2 of the same hero but my lineup cant. Seems like the game is trying to set you up too lose..
  67. Just Chilling: Chats & codes would be useful when they put it in. Our heroes need to be stronger as we move forward into the story.
  68. Shepard Bubba: Whoever created this kitten with wings deserves a raise in salary!!!.
  69. Landry Petric: My friend and I play every day, thanks for such a wonderful game,love it.
  70. Mcdonald Noval: This game is awesome, but you have to be patient. I try to get all the rewards for the tasks daily, and yes - I spend some money, simply because it keeps me entertained. keep up the good work. recommended.
  71. Charles Lorenz: Very entertaining. Love the detail in character animation..
  72. Shepard Milroy: GreatThe flying cat is beyond adorable!! Nice addition to the already fab game..
  73. KRM KTWN: Very cool character.
  74. Anna Dobritt: Fun game and a great way to pass the time..
  75. Leiam Mace: I've been playing this game about a week and this game is pretty fun, nice campaign and there are plenty of heroes to collect anf different strategies to use. The thing that is would make would be co op something like see how far you can go with your teammate like 6 of your heroes and 6 of theirs and I know the game is new but very good game..
  76. Christina Fairbrother: Fun game.
  77. Jeremy Day: Definitely fun. Later progression gets a little slow unless your willing to whale and spend some money.
  78. Ryan Spak: I get this is an idle game, but there's nothing to do. You push "To Battle" and that's it. There's no real strategy and what little there is is a mystery because the skill mechanics aren't documented anywhere. There's no chat or social aspect, so all you can do is click the button and watch it resolve the fight. A boring implementation of a stale genre that adds nothing new..
  79. Alex White: Noice!.
  80. Justin Sumners: Great graphics and solid music. Relaxing ganeplay that doesn't need your full attention. Great idle game!!.
  81. Surviving With Soul Ms.Nikita: So far, I'm in love.
  82. Derek Fulks: It gets boring quickly, auto farming and there is not much to do. The game just lacks any sort of depth and creativity..
  83. Pratomo Wisuda: Too hard to level up.. Enemies are not balanced. We must fight high level enemies while we are still in low levels.
  84. nyizay min: Nice graphics but need more event and more awards..
  85. sandeep Nagar: Sarvan nagar.
  86. david baldi: Amazing Game 🎮.
  87. Katrina Aleli: Nice game.
  88. Richard Smith: Awesome game! Recommend this to everyone! No pay to win and just an all round good game!.
  89. eniss bolchodjuk: I m playing a game after more than 10 years 🔥💚.
  90. Domingo Carbonell: Love it.
  91. Doc Rum: Great game could use a bit more cut scene it keep us watching but its a cool simi idle game.
  92. Jersey Kid: I spend a little every week on the game so far the experience is very drab .Droprate on heros is horrible I constantly get the same cards .the game also lacks events .please fix your game..
  93. Dong Qing: boring game, more or less doing the same stuff every day, and very much pay to win..
  94. Travis Williams: Great love it no kap.
  95. Chapman Maughan: Loving the game! I manage to get by without buying anything, but if someone wishes to buy the items, the prices are reasonable. I'm happy just getting by with daily rewards!!.
  96. Curtis Arce: I have been playing this on my way to scool. I was so into a battle...
  97. Torres Lilith: Amazing graphics!!!.
  98. Jake Naughton: good game.
  99. William Jockheck: Like 👍.
  100. Clif Nichols: Enjoying the game so far, not sure how long it will hold my attention, but for now it is good..
  101. Greg Hunter: Very time consuming.
  102. Merrill Heaven: The Alter of Ascension is a great feature! I keep getting a lot of hero doubles, so it solves that problem for me.d~~.
  103. Not Another 757 Channel: Pretty simple but beautiful. A great time killer for sure!.
  104. Wallace Lloyd: I like the game. Especially I want to praise those who create heroes and locations. I am a beginner artist myself and the work that you guys did is incredibly cool~~.
  105. Martinez Szilagyi: Usually the prices of items in games are ridiculously high! But, from what i am seeing in Blitz, they aren't that bad at all. I still think I will manage without buiying anyhthing, but players who do buy stuff at least won't break the bank!!.
  106. Rasheel Jugmohan: So far, pretty good game.
  107. Onekki Anstice: 5 stars to the game from me, but I will probably change my mind if the function to test the hero in battle and the chat isn't added as soon as possible!.
  108. Jaque Fathers: This game set in high fantasy is just the one for me. Constantly leveling up my heroes (Dormin's my favourite one), engaging in battles and just having fun!!.
  109. Herman Baro: TOP GAME! Deserves 5 stars!!.
  110. Foreman Timmons: Calling all RPG lovers! THIS IS WHERE THE ACTION IS!!.
  111. Roberts Khosa: I didn't think I would like BLITZ, going by the type of game. But a friend of mine convinced me to try it out. I can say that you could probably quiz me on the names of heroes and I would probably get everything right! hahahahaha~~.
  112. Def. Reshie: Fun alternative to raid. Easier leveling and character star improvement.
  113. Simyah Andreix: Please add more cute animals to the game like this kitten with wings~.
  114. English Lohan: I enjoyed the game very much the only tghing i didn't like is that i couldn't find a friend list~~.
  115. Flowers Colter: 5 star rating from me!!.
  116. Humphrey Weaver: I liked the last update, the new bosses are great, but its not enough., add more bosses to the game!.
  117. Cherry Bevan: I play nearly every hour of every day... (apart from when I'm sleeping) haha I don't think there is a more loyal player than me!! I really love BLITZ... please just update it a bit more often and give access to areas that are currently not available.!.
  118. Daniel: The game have the best reward sistem for adds, they don't popping up on your face, it's a button to watch them for rewards if u wish. Easy growing for a f2p and if u wish u can spend money. I wait for chatting sistem to be available, give it a try if u want something to spend few minutes a day relaxing!.
  119. Brian Lungley: Enjoying the game so far, plenty of choice in-game to advance without spending any money..
  120. Lucifer Clapson: I never leave reviews... but I have to say: GREAT JOB!! This is an amazinf game, with crazy graphics!!.
  121. Campos Nokes: 5 stars! I love these games with cool graphics, detailed caracters and beautifulll locations!!.
  122. Parsons Bayo: Blitz provides great entertaining gaming experience!!.
  123. Ballard Hindman: An excellent game, I advise everyone to play, I haven’t seen a game that attracted me so much for a long time~~.
  124. Mccarthy Estep: Endless tasks and achievements to accomplish! I love it!!.
  125. Ilanna Antcliff: This one keeps me busy lol. Cool heroes are not easy to get but they are worth every minute spent. The game requires patiencce. Highly recommend, because its fun~~.
  126. Larsen Hazan: Plays smoothly. No lag or bugs as of yet, great.
  127. Redonna Hainge: I really hope this game will get bigger and bigger, wishing it all the luck! Also please make some kind of snow faction!!.
  128. Jamaro Butterfield: Llease make more upgrades for the equipment, the game would really benefit from this. everything else is very good, thank you!!.
  129. Mukund Drescher: I put together the coolest squad. Fear me!!.
  130. Jennings Mckeown: Lots of tasks, and achievements to complete! So, Blitz is keeping me real busy!!.
  131. Ioana F Vîrje: Awesome.
  132. Cortez Ehrhardt: TOP game! I have been playing for 3 days and I can't stop it!!.
  133. Richmond Deford: cool cool game but let's add chat . I wanna to be able to communicate with other players asaaaap!!!.
  134. Andjela Beeston: Miara is so funny, hahaha, whoever made her up is really creative!!.
  135. Lindsay Searles: So far so good, one of the best game of the genre, i will edit this review if anything changes, but for now i give it 5 stars!.
  136. Woods Oldroyd: Very cool RPG game. it would be great if developers quickly implemented the chat, and a couple of new heroes. Good luck with new updates!!.
  137. Nicola Parkin: It's alright but not my game it's just a fighting game..
  138. Galloway Basurto: Blitz is lots of fun! So many things to do and so much to win!!!.
  139. Wynn Fatah: Cool easy to progress, fun to play, great graphics, loveable characters - dont stop, team, introduce more heroes and equipment.
  140. Franklin Bismark: Everything ive been looking for in a mobile gaem, no annyoing pop-ups, nothing of that sort. Keep adding content and im sure it will be a blast!!.
  141. Celeena Fairley: Such a good RPG game. Of course, the developers still need to work on a lot, for example, add more heroes to the guild, but the game has bright future.….
  142. Mejia Esther: I bought a monthly card of a big handful of gems, and it is awesome! Amazing for the price, I was pretty shocked. But, even if you don't purchase anything in games, you will still enjoy this one!!.
  143. Short Sobers: I love that each character has its own signature animation. Looks cool!!.
  144. Molina Sasser: Mireyn and Sigurd look amazing. Great graphics! The detail is crazy!!.
  145. Riddle Anker: 5 points from me!!.
  146. Hodge Chic: stunning graphcs, perfect gameplay~~.
  147. Leblanc Hatten: Now that i am hooked i want to see more heroes, much more. Will there be a minotaur? i really hope so! patiently waiting, your fan~~.
  148. Espinoza Nim: Good strategy game, I like it. Message to the developers: make new kinds of weapons and different kinds of bosses. Thanx!!.
  149. Natawooth Reansuwan: funny game with ease U/I.
  150. George Flynn: Awesome.

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- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again blitz-rise-of-heroes-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of BlitZ on your phone.

Download BlitZ: Rise of Heroes [HACK – MOD] UNLIMITED RESOURCES APK + IOS 143M

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Version: 1.5.1.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.6.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 500,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: WhaleApp LTD.
Votes: 7,752.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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