Bloons TD Battles 2 Mod

Bloons TD Battles 2 (Mod/Hack)

Competitive Tower Defense. Bloons TD Battles 2 Mod v1.0.2

Update: 24/06/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Bloons TD Battles 2 Mod 1.0.2 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

Through a series of challenging arena battles, prove your ability to enter the hall of the legendary master and take your glory!

The creator of Bloons TD 6 has launched a brand new top battle tower defense game. Gather your heroes, choose your powerful monkey tower team, and prepare for one-on-one battles with other players and the ruthless Bloons!

Competitive tower defense!
* Outwit and overwhelm your opponents in fierce battles
* Balance your defenses while preparing for Bloon offensive of your opponents in a blitzkrieg
* Countless strategic combinations can take you to victory

Skill-based game!
* Match with similarly ranked players through 9 unique arenas
* Enter the hall of masters and fight the strongest on a dynamic leaderboard based on elo
* Earn and display unique badges based on progress in each season

Lock and load!
* Choose from familiar heroes and new Alts with unique upgrades
* 21 monkey towers, each with 15 unique upgrades to customize your building
*The new Bloon sending system optimizes economic construction and attacks

Build your bling!
*Customize loading from hundreds of cosmetics to win with fashion
* Flex has unique animations, emoticons, balloon skins, etc.
* Add new content every season!

Of course, there are plenty of content and new feature update plans to make Bloons TD Battles 2 even more exciting. what are you waiting for? It’s time to fight!

Free download Bloons TD Battles 2 (Mod/Hack) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 54M) - Version 1.0.2. Released on December 1, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Competitive Tower Defense. Developed by ninja kiwi. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Everyone.

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Bug fixes and balance changes, including changes to make it easier to earn tower XP!.

New comment

  1. Brenden Fasken: Thank you for the XP buff, AMAZING game!.
  2. Vaper Cat: The first 2 upgrades on the first lane of the spike factory is unavailable.. do you expect us to bring 1 basically useless tower to play with in game to unlock it?.
  3. Fresh Memes: Fun but sending op bloons at low rounds is rather annoying.
  4. Nicolas Torres: It's ok, the graphics course better but I can tell they tried hard, getting upgrades however. It's so hard to just get a double shot from XP. Also the settings don't work, I can't turn off the sound/music. Other than that, it's much better than btd battles 1 and a huge improvement..
  5. Santosh Soni: When i download the 344mb additional file and log into it it says that there is 4 lessons to teach how to play then i start the first lesson but it excideintly stops and backs the game to home screen then i open the app again and it wants again to download additional file plz fix this.
  6. Nodog 1001: good game, very fun, a bit grindy, but constant crashes mid-battle keep me from a 5 star review, if they are for the most part fixed, this will go up to 5 stars.
  7. Nevoy_roids: This would be one of the best games If u could get xp in friendly battles and it was easier to obtain I can't get farther because xp is a pain to get and I can't use any towers to get there xp without losing a ton of trophies plz fix it to were u get xp in friendly battles and it's a lot easier to get thx.
  8. Ahmad Hafezee: Can you please like make the screen bigger I mean like and easier screen like you can go to the enemy side and your side and not like you and enemy are together pls and also pls Nerf purple blooms cuz I keep getting killed over and over just by purple bloons.
  9. Nathan Schaitel 1: Pretty good for a beta but I think it is confusing and having to remove the stuff from the map is annoying because this is 2 times faster then btd6 I would remove some of btd6 features or make it slower for people so It's not a rage casings, a bit laggy, hard af, mobile game because we're not YouTuber Conclusion make your game more mobile friendly.
  10. TLA-Forge: I think this could be great but the leveling system could definitely be better. I have a 0 K.D. because of opponents repeatedly sending balloons. I get matched against people with higher tier towers then me. I expected to go against people with level one towers like me but this wasn't the case. Personaly I'll be waiting a week until the game is (hopefully) more refined. Nothing you can really do other then making sure there's a S.B.M. system. Have a good day, -Forge.
  11. Nicholas Pelz: The Xp gain is great in this update, but it this game isn't mobile friendly at all. It runs like garbage with lag spikes all the time that make it impossible to play..
  12. Chong Teck: Its a fun game but i cant upgrade my monkes.
  13. Patato Sweet: These people judge the game too harsh like come on it's just out so encourage the developers to make it more balance and better.
  14. Aiden Collier: This game is an amzaing addtion and a great sequal to the oringnal only problems adds when i go into a battle and when if a oppoent sends too many bloons during waves 20 to 40 my game crashes.
  15. COOL BOI RJ: when I wass rushing I killed her and have 0 lives then its still going untill we reach round 23 and we steal going pls fix this.
  16. waxen the goose: Wont load.
  17. Marvel Orleans: I like this game so much but everytime I play the first challange it just crashes and lag, I will rate this 2 until the glitches dissepears.
  18. Halfkid: Forced ads for paying customers? No thanks.
  19. CNT cloggers Autumn Coats: So far so good, i have not had any ads so they must have removed them bc everybody said there was a lot..
  20. Tee Gem: Crashes mid-game quite often..
  22. Ike: Runs poorly. The xp grind is implemented poorly. I LOVE BTD6, and LOVE the original battles, But this feels like a cheap remake or something. More of a fan made emulation..
  23. Athelo Angeles: Bad game make tier 3s cheaper on exp and i get beaten by t3s so please update this game to include these problems fixed otherwise i rate this 5 stars.
  24. Matthew Kamm: The base gameplay is fun and enjoyable but what makes it bad is everything around it The bugs, the MONTHLY payments (in the original you could have a 1 time purchase for a better experience), unskippable adds, and the fact that tier one isn't unlocked If I want to try out a new tower I feel like I gotta lose of bunch of games to get that one tower to able to be usable..
  25. Brendan Phillips: Love the game but the ads before every single battle is getting really annoying, every other wouldn't be as ba dbut the ads are stopping my music and everything :((((.
  26. Raghavendra Raghu: This game is trash. It's p2w. Not fun.
  27. Gibbz Letz: The ads before every match is so painful to have to sit through, and the subscription is a desperate cash grab compared to the one time purchase from BTDB1 which offers good benefits for a decent price. Outside of those annoyances, the game is okay, there's still a decent amount of grinding you'll have to do before you can get 3-3-3 on all towers but it's not nearly as bad anymore given the recent update (1.0.2). The game still feels kinda unpolished but I'll continue to endure the ads and play..
  28. Jacob Edwards: Definitely better after the day 1 patch. Still a bit grindy, but once you find a decent strategy it's not too hard to get some tier 3s.
  29. Steven Eldridge: I love tower defense games and have been playing Ballons TD since BTD3 was out. I have been looking forward to Battles 2 for a while now but after playing the game I am very disappointed. It is impossible to progress in the game. You are practically limited to tier 2 towers unless you want to grind until you go mad. I do not plan on playing Battles 2 until this issue is fixed. I recommend to go play BTD6 or another tower defense game instead..
  30. Jose Ledesma: XP gain in this game is trash. Btd battles 1 was at least a whole tier gained instead of a single upgrade for one path.
  31. Oliver: I didn't want the bad reviews to be true. I cant give this game more than a 2 star. When you reach The second arena everyone just uses camo regrow lead and insta kills you.
  32. James Hutter: Rounds 22-24 are almost always game crashers for phone user's otherwise the recent update was really good.
  33. Heber Gonzalez: Worth it.
  34. Jrw: way worse than the first.
  35. BlackLight Murdrer: My game is literally unplayable because in 5 seconds after the download it crashes.
  36. Henry Swanson: Pretty good game atm, xp still has to be increased further or tower xp costs reduced. The chests also need a pretty big buff as they don't really give great rewards(still a pretty good feature tho). I have a Chromebook specific issue of not being able to use hotkeys..
  37. CobaltCombine: Game keeps disconnecting me or my opponent causing the game to end with no rewards for either partys, experience takes way to long to gain. I love the Btd franchise but this in its current state is very bad..
  38. Christian Liwag: I mean I can play and do anything but I can't get pass the dart monkey part on this it always shows me the start screen and everytime I restart it's still broken maybe a bug glitch or the games just broken.
  39. SwaYam: No that good td 1 was far better.....
  40. Ashton Cody: Its a great game but every time i exit the game it makes me download something everytime i go back in and im not quite sure if it will end up taking up more and more space on my device if this could be fixed and i only need to download something for a REAL update my rating will change to a 5 star rating....
  41. Einness Omictin: yaeh me too my game i just start the battle isnt working to me pls fix this the bug.
  42. farmsim gamer 420: It's a good game but there should be a way to stop getting ads, also I hate how they left out late game. The first btd battles is 100x better.
  43. Mogeko Horde: The game is great, the problem is the grind is quite excessive and it makes the game very unenjoyable, i have to use 3 towers and thats all i can use for the rest of my time with this game, I'd have to grind with all the other towers in the first few arenas but eventually you'll get into later arenas and it'll be impossible to grind xp for some towers if you never used them!.
  44. Lorenzo Sevener: A fun free remake of btd6 and btd battles combined and built from the ground up. Fun if you have time and fun to play with frinds..
  45. guudien: It's a great game but grinding for xp takes a long time.
  46. Paul Winburn: Great game, it adds more strategy than battles one because of the tripple path 5th teirs, awsome graphics as well. I like how you need to base a setup of towers based off of heros. I like the grind for upgrading..
  47. Galaxy Fox: Yes btd battles 2 is out and I saw yt vids for it. already 5 stars XD.
  48. Isaac Michelsen: Progression system sucks so much this goes from 5/5 to 1/5. This is after xp update..
  49. William Caedo: :D.
  50. coolgohansonic: Played it for an hour and it was fine at first but then it started getting super laggy and I haft to keep redownloading the content every time I open the app and it randomly kicks me out of the app during a battle with someone and their are so many bugs I won't be changing my review until Ninja Kiwi can fix their game..
  51. Rafandra Naufal Ramadhan: I love it.
  52. Bal Cello: The update has been released, but it is still unbalanced, it should be 3x more xp then now. The game is supposed to be about competitive gameplay, not unlocking your towers forever.
  53. Markus Huffaker: Ads to play the game. And to progress faster, and to earn in game currency. Nah man. Get out of here..
  54. dude scrolling through the internet: Eversince the new update, this game has been a lot better now.
  55. Gian Camat: This is a well done game, and I like how the developers actually care about their players and the game excellent work! Hoping that I can adjust my settings to low because my btd 2 keeps on crashing. This has to be the best game on the app right now..
  56. Inkpusheen: Solid app, but for mobile every time the game tries to synchronize, it just crashes, only experienced this on mobile, please figure this out.
  57. Samuel Richard Pribadi: The mobile is kinda horable because the syncing is gonna kick you out the game and the reconnect is so horrible.
  58. d_bestrobot: Its a really good and if you liked the first one this one will be even more chalenging and fun..
  59. Raul Del Real: This game is good but now for mobile players the game lags hardcore in the late game rounds and then the game automaticaly crashes so we cant even play the game because it crashes everytime..
  60. X Black Knights: Constant connection issues, pay to play with the 3x progression from the VIP store item, takes forever to get xp for constantly used towers, every upgrade but the first two have to be unlocked using xp making it even harder to farm xp, if you don't buy tack sprayer first then you will lose all of your games until you get it, purple bloons go very fast and are deployed almost instantly while dropping even faster pink bloons while dying, and many more. The smoke on the snipers gun is good..
  61. THEUSZ OP: Very slow and laggy. Also network issue occurs a lot in the middle of the game..
  62. Kyng Kyle Gaming: I'm just gonna say that people clowning the game right now don't realize it's still early release. I think it has amazing potential and I see a strong community building for this game already. Keep it going NK!.
  63. Scorched SLX: Extremely good but please nerf tack shooter and its blade shooter upgrade, almost no bugs.
  64. Richard Rader: Many bugs have been fixed so thanks for that! Still a but bummed on the slow progression system but it becomes less of an issue as you advance..
  65. glitch goo: the best game i eaver played.
  66. Silva PoP: This game is so much fun... When it works. It constantly crashes after ads. Also, XP growth is so slow that you're limited to using 3 towers to get better tiers, so you can't experiment at all. Also, I have to keep putting the music all the way down because whenever you log in, it always plays at medium volume..
  67. Forrupted Hrek: I think this game is great. I am having lots of fun playing it. I hear the ads are insane, but they aren't even that bad. I think the only real problem is the balancing of monkeys..
  68. SplatoonOctoling: Very fun game, it's amazing how they went from low quality dart monkeys from the first game to 3d monkeys in battles 2 and btd6. I'm having a lot of fun with the heroes and it's overall a very very well devoloped game! Amazing job NK!!.
  69. nillocm: is shold be a 5 but im keep lose bc is say my wifi not work ever tho is it work is a 5 is then fix is.
  70. Jesse Dalton: It's the best game Ninja kiwi has ever made literally for me I don't know why some of you get ads but I don't it just sends me straight to a game.
  71. Jaycob Sykes: This game is stupid because all they do is just rush.
  72. CreepyPegassus: Love the improvement they made to the XP System, But progress is still far too slow; However, the gameplay is amazing, and once people start unlocking more upgrades it will be much more competitive!.
  73. Sellers Boyd: The game crashed after it was done loading =(.
  74. Nicolas Sardegna: I thought it would be fun but as soon as I was able to play against other players they kept beating me because they had all the towers in the game and I barely started. It was quite the unfair advantage which made it not fun to play. Should have equal match ups and not random unfair match ups..
  75. mathew cardenas: This fun in all but have to fix a glitch that if you try to put in a code for mutiplayer it just shows a empty box that only has the option to say yes.
  76. black hole: Cant control music kind of loud the touch screen is weird, you have to a bit to the up left.
  77. SecretlyEpically: While great in gameplay, it is very grindy and you don't get alot for winning and so little for losing even if you play a long round. Also even when the music is turned off it'll still play when queuing into a game. And to top it off the servers are super laggy and crashes often. If all these were fixed this would be a 5 star game..
  78. marlon sanchez: I cant even go to the server.
  80. TacosFritos: No sex mode.
  81. Kamil H.: New update is pretty good.
  82. Danny Walker: So I like the game a lot but 6 games now I lost because of connection issues. I am on wifi right next to it and I also tried off of wifi but nope same thing. So I'm going to miss out on the xp they are giving out now because of this. I'm sure nothing is going to happen for me so I'm just going to miss out on moving up quickly like everyone else. It just makes me mad that this is happening. If they answer me and help me I will give it 5 stars that it deserves but right now it's 1..
  83. ItWasYOU: No idea why purples are so overpowered but every game I lose its to purples. They should counter specific things, not my entire dart based defence. No point playing until large balance change happens.
  84. Annihilater94: Great game! feels just like bt6 in battle mode.
  85. Jkahl: Pretty fun.
  86. Cozmic Gaming: I have not play this.
  87. thaa bomb: I cant even play the game it goes through the update or whatever it is and cant even go to the first match.
  88. Tony Ngo: Too much ads. The ads before the match kills the game experience..
  89. Aristo Mungal2: Overall i think this game is good the only thing that i dont like is that whenever i try to in to a match it join one or even let me in the load of a match so i really like this game that just the only bug i dont like and nijnja kiwi your btd battles has gone through over 5 year i hope you fix this and keep up the good work.
  90. Drownie: Can't even play the game because it keeps saying I can't download something and can only do the tutorial.
  91. Joaquin Balaguer: The game is really fun and enjoyable and I Love the fact that ninja kiwi made it so that Xp was increaded because for the first hour of me playing I didnt even get 1 teir 3 upgrade. I also want to give a big shoutout to ninja kiwi for updating there game 24 hours after the relese..
  92. Nathan De luna: It's a very good game but I wish every tower started with 2 upgrades on All paths instead of one other than that IT'S THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  93. Ikhwan Mukhlis: For some reason I can't play the match 😂 help developer.
  94. Callahan Pinkerton: Crashes whenever I enter a match.
  95. Ink sans: THANKS NINJA KIWI YOUR NUMBER 2 ON MY FAVE GAME CREATORS LIST YOU balanced the power ups and balanced everything like saudas not a thing because she would be too strong.
  96. Adam Lewis: Its like bloons adventure time style. Like they talk.....
  97. David Toomey: I'm glad it was balanced to get more xp. The heroes still cost so much though which is why i'm putting this as a 4 star instead of 5 star..
  98. Mini Nunbread: Grinds a bit long but idc it's BLOONS!.
  99. Agrip Willius Undag: pls fix the game for huawei cus when i first played it was the great when the second time i played it was the worst i couldnt even play the battles.
  100. Ethan Albers: This game is pay to win. All you need to do is by VIP, and then boom, towers gain 3x more xp. I tried this game for half an hour, and only won 2 games out of 20, because they didnt have VIP. I cant even level a bomb shooter to cluster bomb because xp comes soooooo much slower. NK, please nerf VIP or I just uninstall the game..
  101. Λευτέρης Νικολόπουλος: extremely disappointed with the ads and slow progression. why can't battles be as good as normal BTD for a fair price? I don't want a subscription 🤮🤢.
  102. Daniel Reyn Layos: Every time I finish a single game it goes back to the start to log-in, this even happened in the tutorial. Hope this gets fixed.
  103. BabyBlue: Fun, havent gotten any unskippable ads.
  104. Cyrus Nathan: Ive been waiting since last week and its finaly released this is probably my fav game, But the youtubers like tewtiy,ISAB,SJB, they dont have to unlock the upgrades they just instantly have it.
  105. Fery Reky: Good game.
  106. Wendy Clark: Small complaint when I choose to turn off the sound and music it enables it self in a game and when you leave.
  107. ibeleaf: It's good for the first week.
  108. Go Army: This is a great game but I feel like you need to make it easier to get XP for you towers or make them have less XP to unlock the upgrades faster because I'm running into people that has twice the upgrades and towers than me. But the detail and the gameplay overall is GREAT ninja kiwi y'all have done really good y'all just need to make a few tweaks here and there and it will be a MASTER PIECE like all of y'all's other games but overall this is a really good game ..
  109. Adam Hess: Great game so far! Good job NinjaKiwi!.
  110. Diamond: All that are saying it's super buggy, please listen. No BTD game has been good on release. That's a fact. They will steadily improve it so just wait a bit and this game will be 100x better than BTD battles 1. One complaint is the exp gain/exp cost for towers. I understand easing new players into the game but this is too gradual. You have to play 15 or so games for a tier 3. Times 3 for each tower and that is pure pain. I hope NK adjusts this soon because I adore this game but won't grind it..
  111. Oliver Chen: Thomas likes it so it is cringe.
  112. Dillon Porter: Servers suck and constant disconnect. Buggy as could be. Crashes all the time. Unbalanced matches. Upgrades take ages to get..
  113. Felipe Espinoza: I can't even get in the game.
  114. DaChikinDude: Bug ridden mess with crashes that result in an instant loss. The xp system needs to be revamped; playing with only a select few tier 2 towers for around 10-20 games is ridiculous. The game is overmonetized with forced ads playing before every single game past the first 3 games. Overall a huge dispointment from the bloons franchise..
  115. Aariz Hossain: I've had lots of fun with this game. The graphics and balancing are major improvements from Battles 1 and it's cool to see BTD battles with the changes made with TD 6. A problem I have with the game is the grinding needed to gain EXP for towers. Unlike BTD 6 which was single player and had methods to grind EXP, this is online multiplayer meaning you must be in a competitive environment while trying to level up. Overall, great game, major improvements from Battles 1 but change grinding mess..
  116. Elevate Sports Cards: Fun you should play it.
  117. Eric Lantang: Its fun now that u get 222.
  118. Fish Dish: Downgrade. Very overhyped. Just play the original Bloons TD Battles..
  119. Ugly Ass: I like the game but i was kinda bummed out when i seen that there's no betting mode like btd battles 1 has.Are you guys planning on adding a betting mode in the future?If you guys are me and many others will be looking forward for it..
  120. WolfKnight787: Its extremely laggy and filled with bugs plus the rate of exp gain is terrible without a boost.
  121. bryan Marshall: Still can't get past the account required screen. I try to log in to my NK account but all I get is the Netflix buffering ring and it never loads. Same thing happens if I click new account. Either way, just a loading screen for eternity....
  122. Jonathan Veith: PLEEEEAAAASE improve the servers. I've been disconnected from multiple games despite having 4G service full bars..
  123. CallMeToxic: As of now the game feels boring.. and idk how this xp system will work in the future, Since in higher arenas u will prob be facing people with tier 4-5s and if u want to get some xp for ur monkeys that only have tier 3 or something its basically an instant loss...
  124. Pყяσ-YT: Let's be honest this game should've been marked beta. Sometimes when I send balloons they just sit there and don't go on the enemy side and you can't send anymore balloons for eco. It happens very often with only having 250 eco until round 24 it's a definite loss (I have been playing btd battles since I was 9) I'm sure this game will be amazing in a few months but not now..
  125. Blake Blomberg: I try to do the first part of the tutorial, and afterwards it says something about my profile not being up to date (even though it said it was up date) and makes me do the first part of the tutorial again..
  126. Zap Nu: I really like to play btd battles 2 but it keeps crashing and undo the resource download, please fix this bug pls.
  127. Fatima jitrudee: This game is like BTD 6 but free.
  128. Adam Hillerson: This game is a ton of fun it is not a pay to win game..
  129. Jeff Garcia: I can't go play on this when everytime i battle it just crashes i cant even play properly.
  130. Row Galawain: THE GAME FPS IS SHITTTTT.
  131. tumble weed: Fun rendition of the original btd battles with all the new fetures. Xp grind can be tuff but they already are updating ro make it less grindy.
  132. •: Put me against somebody who already had tier 3/4 towers off the rip. game suddenly disconnects me for no reason, and its not my internets fault. i close the game and audio continues playing half the time.
  133. Me Noneofyourbuisness: 🐒 Its alright rn.
  134. John-David Phillips: Amazing!!!!.
  135. Al Azhar DP: The monkey exp is annoying. The monkey exp you gain when you lose and win is diffrent. I've been playing like 20 games and win like 10 of em and I only able to unlock 1 upgrade of tower. And this is the only game on my phone doesn't read as a game app..
  136. wut: Overall, good game. It has the mixture of bloons td 6 and bloons td battles1. The only thing thats wrong is that the monkeys take too long to upgrade, and everytime i finished playing, it forces me out and put me to loading screen. Please fix.
  137. Josephine Agustin: The best game ever better than balloon TD battles I love this game so much thank you for the app.
  138. Arrica: Has the potential to be really good but the amount of grinding required to unlock almost anything is just stupid. This needs some serious reviewing.
  139. Snackguy 2star: Very fun game play, nice artstyle and AMAZING music [not surprising at all ;)]. The xp system is something I'm glad is being fixed and as its Ninja Kiwi you can expect lots of awesomer updates in the future..
  140. I.C.: If there's one thing I can recommend, just don't waste your time on this game (for the time being). crashes, ads, micro transactions, unbalanced bloons & monkeys, unfair xp system, terrible rewards system, etc... stick to btd 1 till this mess of a game is fixed..
  141. Jon Known: It won't let me access my btd bates acout for this one so when I try it won't work also it won't let me make new I update it and every Thang please fix it I love the game.
  143. Brian Anggrawang: Good game but pls fix the lag. This game is to bad for mobile game the skills are delayed by 10 sec. Its literaly between losing or the game crash.
  144. Vintex: Like the game and this update would recommend if you like tower defense games.
  145. Xxnuclearxbomb850xX: Good game but needs to have a button to adjust the screen.
  146. Devin Ayison: I like but when I tryed to load in it took a hour.
  147. Fail Whale: The game work now :p.
  148. ThisIsABot 4666: Definitely better than btdb1 but they need to fix the exp system it takes so long just to get one upgrade and even I you grind for a long time, you will likely get matched with people with stronger towers and better upgrades.
  149. Peadar: The matchmaking is ABSURD. It is impossible to get any exp as a beginner and I am being matched with people with tier 3s and 4s,while I don't even have a magic monkey. Right after the tutorial you can't get any exp unless you're lucky. All the people who were lucky enough to start right as it came out our now the ones who just get easy wins and exp. Fix the matchmaking please..
  150. Brodie milne: I'm a good game but it keeps putting me in the loding screen.

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- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again bloons-td-battles-2-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Bloons TD Battles 2 on your phone.

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Version: 1.0.2.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 3.3.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $49.99 per item.
Developers: ninja kiwi.
Votes: 3,017.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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