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A Story Kept Within the Heart Youth x Academy x Military RPG = Blue Archive. Blue Archive Mod v1.35.115378

Update: 23/05/2022
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Download Blue Archive Mod 1.35.115378 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

A story left in my heart
Youth x Academy x Military RPG = Blue File

You have been appointed as an advisor to the Schale Federal Investigation Club in Kiwotos. This is a huge college city, many colleges gathered together.
Solve the endless events of Kivotos with charming allies full of personality, and build special memories with them!

■ 3D battles of cute characters
3D real-time battles with detailed animations and skill cutscenes will keep you staring at the screen!
Consider your team’s abilities, terrain and synergy to guide them to victory with your strategic leadership!

■ The more you know them, the more charming your allies
The more time you spend on each role, the deeper the connection.
Use the in-game communication tool Momo Talk to interact and discover new fascinating secrets!

■ An exciting story that makes you wonder how all this will unfold
An unpredictable main story about girls’ friendship, love, and thrilling military action adventure!
Through the relationship stories that can reveal their inner feelings and the sub-story showing the daily life of various clubs, discover miracles in the wild daily life of these characters!

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*For the best gaming experience, the following specifications are recommended: Android OS 9.0 or higher / Galaxy Note 8 or higher / 6GB RAM required

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Free download Blue Archive [Hack – Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 136M) - Version 1.35.115378. Released on November 5, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. A Story Kept Within the Heart Youth x Academy x Military RPG = Blue Archive. Developed by NEXON Company. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

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  • - Unlocked Paid
  • - Speed

Version Game Blue Archive Pay Fees MOD

  • - Download Free Phone
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  • - Free Premium
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Blue Archive Grand Open!
1. Main Story – Foreclosure Task Force Chapter 1
2. Hoshino & Shiroko Pick-Up Recruitment
3. Two Grand Opening Events added.

New comment

  1. Mitsuki Sama: I really love this game so much Im hooked to this game I love the arts and everything about this game, And I love Yuuka the tsundere 😂 all in all I'll give this game 10/10, Im looking forward for the future updates of this game ❤️.
  2. Harley Jordan: Drop rates are absolutely abysmal. On one account I did over 150 pulls to get 3 3* heroes. In others I couldn't get by the 1 guaranteed 3* in the first 10 pull out of 60 or so pulls. That art is great. The animations are sweet. I don't love the chibi's for gameplay, but I get it. You'll run out of energy fast, resources faster. Evolving heroes will be a long term luxury. If you're ok with all that, then enjoy..
  3. Do Kyungsoo: This game so cool! I like This game. Btw im Ryan Sensei.
  4. Thomas Lee: pog.
  5. DEKO-MORI: It's a good game.
  6. Dude Bruh: As of right now, the game is pretty good. I've been a vetren of Azur Lane for maybe 5 years now and Blue Archive has a lot of apeal too me without being a case of copying another kids homework. Im not saying Girls Frontline is that, but they took insperation and added a lot of confusing and repetitive mechanics. Luckily Blue Archive avoided that while at the same time feeling like a unique game that can stand on its own two feet. Gacha is surprisingly reasonsble, and the music and art is good..
  7. Valmir: Music is good and that's about it. Has that trash level system where you can't level your units higher than your account level which is just loads of fun! Yes because that's good game design and definitely didn't slow down the pacing of the game at all! The cafe and crafting seem useless and F2P friendly statement is questionable at best. Played till account lvl.41 and for me it got really dull after account lvl.23.
  8. Criel Kamiya: NEXON.
  9. Devon: Beautiful game! You get the opportunity to summon plenty of waifus without paying and the gameplay is fun. Great free game!.
  10. Aqil Danial: I DON'T like this game i recruit character i don't get 3 star character.
  11. Joshua Magpantay: Nice try on removing my Review Nexon.
  12. Cody York: Easily one of the best mobile games I've ever played they give you a bunch of free stuff, it's super easy to lvl up charecters and the auto rebattle (sweep)is instantly done. And the music is very catchy 10/10.
  13. Jason Permana: AI movement is retarded.
  14. Warior Seni: Ok.
  15. ŻuKu PLayer: For some reason it fails to download the files during tutorial and crashes despite stable internet connection..
  16. Luke Taylor: Interesting characters but the gameplay is very basic..
  17. Vionelle Darrent: I love this game! It's cute. But please, be more generous and f2p friendly :).
  18. Aerith Aviles: Super love it this kind of game.
  19. JERALD Lv99: I HATE NEXON 😡.
  20. •Deer_TheBunny•: I Thought I was a Student LOL.
  21. R3ddemond playz: I essentually see nothing wrong with the game (so far) but the only problems i have with them are how the mission is layed out, making you do multiple sub missions and training before actually concluding the story and i have a problem with the way they put you in the server, basically region blocking you and not allowing you to change servers. Other than those 2 reasons, id recommend the game to most of my friends.
  22. Arslan Ansari: Dear NxNon 1. Game Is Very Laggy I Got Hileo G96 But Game Every Time Freez and Lag 2. Add More Events 3.Add Every Month Two New Heroes (Game Is Awsome) Please Solve The Problem Nexon.
  23. Matthew A: Gameplay was fun but the over sexualisation of characters that are under 18 is extremely gross and unnecessary. If it weren't for that I would happily keep playing as the actual gameplay is genuinely fun. Don't design literal children in such fetishised ways and you'd have a decent game.
  24. Ashtrlx: No comment for the gameplay, story and character appearance. The only thing that you need to fix is Gacha...The rate sucks and there's no Pity System...that make this game not too friendly for F2P, don't try to get every character...aim for the good one you can check in the tierlist...but still it depends on you. Waifu > Meta.
  25. Amy Mors: Its a nice game, but rates are trash. Ive done atleast 30 pulls and only two 3 star characters so far, even using nothing but banners..
  26. Paul Biacho: Still trying the game but looks ok so far but again, it's nexon we're talking about....
  27. Anzy Roadside: A fun take on the girls and guns concept. The gameplay is easy to get into and not reflex-heavy. As a gacha game, it is one of the most stupid experience I've ever had. Almost half of the students are unavailable since they are the "highest rarity". Even though the strength of the lower rarity ones are good for the early game, a team of them falls short in ch 10 onwards. As for PvP, it is an RNG-hell unless you rerolled for Shun and Tsubaki. No amount of player skills can help you there..
  28. Aj Reilly: Awesome fun and great stories.
  29. Renovaldy Arya Prameswara: Great game.
  30. zo-zo: 4.3* score is fake. negative reviews removal is happening. what else to expect from nexon.
  31. Pouriya Rezaee: What's the purpose of having a app that not allowed me to login or play and say server maintain ?.
  32. falling comet: Noice.
  33. Jason Brewer: Review was deleted. Insanely boring. 3 star rates are terrible. The story stages increase in difficulty without any way to get your characters leveled up for them which is also due to character levels being capped by player rank. Nothing to do in the game besides this. Skill materials are rare and the school logos should have some coloring to differentiate besides the tiny black logo. I also get several AP full notifications every hour despite that not being the case..
  34. Rylokat: Love it.
  35. Andri Yumanda: good game, but not good at balancing system, also weak from cheater, hope it will improved later.
  36. Keough Collado: Absolutely fun story, Music is quite fun,catchy and uplifting, the gameplay is also fun and cute as hell.
  37. Edward Cañas: genial.
  38. Patrick Caguia: good game that i played so far. lovely character design and story line for each characters..
  39. MoonLord Hun: The game has a nice graphics.. the game has tooo much rng with café, lessons, crafting+, summon, AI (AI is simple like a grass), pvp (you cannot influence it, it will do what it thinks and mostly thinks really badly), meta heroes (yea.. you need meta everywhere, because the hero compensation is something that is in the closet after you did your job there).. But the most problematic is the AI for me.. front/middle/back, nice words, but they are not existing. Pls implement the game from scratch...
  40. Ze Kura: Recently i wrote a complain post about game's issues but has been fiex. It's now running smooth but the thing is, the gacha is a joke. Regular banner will give you a 0.4% rate on an S character in regular and in limited it's only 0.7 while other S characters will be down to 0.1% rate. It's a joke, a scam. More over the pity is at 200 pull. Meaning you have to use 24000 gems to get a guaranteed character. Not only that, the pity will not be brought over instead you will get crafting point. Sucks.
  41. Adonai: I'm still new to this game yet i enjoyed it so much. I hope this game will do more updates cause it has the potential to become one of the best gacha game out there in google play store. For now this will be my review and i will be back if something changes and yeah thank you so much for creating this game, kudos to the developers..
  42. Kommrado PleasurEL: This game is excellent and really satisfying to play, its like playing Azur lane but not with ship, and i like the characters and how the game makes up for its Gatcha system..
  43. Regret: Very good, but need SEGGS and i rate 6 stars👍.
  44. Mutyayasa Adji【雪民】: Perfect.
  45. AlanTan04: Does this game require very fast WiFi speed? My WiFi is currently four bars and I still can't connect unless I switch to mobile data.
  46. Bagus Tesa: Blue Archive lets you play as a casual sensei in a school shooter game. The gacha is kinda sad and it requires in game premium currency called pyroxene. The pyroxene can be obtained through missions, daily logins, events, and raids. The last three are stable source for pyroxene source though a single daily login wont give you one pull. The raids is kinda hard to do and you are required to have the proper characters to deal meaningful damages. Especially on the next up coming raids for Shiro and Kuro that require mystics unit and there are like only 3 of them out of 75 (good luck getting them in time among the dupes).This game would be instant 5/5 if it wasnt for the up and coming drama, really. Though you can try tackling special armour raids using yellow characters - which I'm currently lacking. On the bright side, you can turn this game into super casual friendly. Map clearing can be repeated multiple times without having to go through the battle animation steps (yay for sweep feature)..
  47. Joseph White: Cute game. Really fun to play. No need to spend money. Storyline is impressive..
  48. Joel Kanna: Aru?.
  49. michael ian chiong: I really want to play but A waste of time and MB when I downloaded it and update the files it keeps on restarting the game and then resetting my download files back to zero it's also the same when I unstalled and installed it keeps on restarting the game.. literally a (trash game).
  50. Alan Vijaya: bad gacha rate.
  51. Salty McSalt: Racist Koreans won't let people play from the Dominican Republic because of IP range ban..
  52. JME Bacani: Stop looking on feedbacks just play the game !.
  53. Genshin Addiction: Even though I'm scared of tsurugi, I still like this a lot. I think you could maybe maybe like increase the rate of getting 3-stars?.
  54. D.wade3: It's a Nexon ,you know what i mean ?.
  55. เอกกฤษณ์ นาคสุข: เกมแครชเล่นไม่ได้เลยครับ.
  56. Bottle: There are too many good characters but too low of a rate..
  57. Silver Glennstid: Not so Global, Global Release, advertised as a Global Release Server but they put each of us in different regional servers, Can't play with my homies in different countries now, such a let down..
  58. 최성준: 니때매 해킹당함ㅡㅡ.
  59. Aditya wahyudi: Boring.
  60. 嘉栋JD: nice game i get a lot of fun from it😄😄😄.
  61. W: I really gotta have say, it's been few week since its release and I'm quite enjoy playing the game except It really is annoying when eachtime i enter & exit the lobby or doing some quest list. It always say "Please log into Store"! -_-.
  62. QJ Rocket League: play the damn game man...what else do you want? 60 fps cool skill, cute chibi animation ? reroll and reset account for best waifu? easy gems for acquiring character? Decided to be f2p player? JUST PLAY THE GAMEEE and... u can call me lolicon but Hina is the best waifu everrrrrr.
  63. echa dewangga: It's ok.
  64. MATA FAKA: why is it so hard to pull a good character. Also the AI is terrible in this game.
  65. Itz Rainbowtastic: By far the best gacha mobile game out there in terms of visuals and gameplay. For now they seem very generous with the rewards but I seriously doubt this will go on for long but hey, I can be mistaken..
  66. Darius Lim: Lovin this game, such a chill and cutesy vibe with banger soundtracks. Takes very little time to grind (around 5 mins a day) due to the absence cancer stuff like "skip tickets". U can complete a stage instantly once you clear it perfectly. For those people rating the game poorly because they are trying to tryhard or cus it's Nexon, LOL. Game is genuinely fun and takes so little time to grind, perfect for people with barely enough time. This is not an auto game!.
  67. ShrubbyTheMisthog877: This game is everything I could have ever wanted in a gacha game. The soundtrack is phenomenally pleasing, animation style is vibrant, and the playing style is unique and entices me to come back to it frequently, especially after a stressful day. Well done developers, I have to hand it to you, this is probably the best mobile game I've played in YEARS. This game has changed my life drastically, and I cannot thank the developers enough..
  68. Rahat Ali: Gacha rates are very harsh, but other than that the game is ok.
  69. WeaBobo: Game suks.
  70. B.7: If you Out from game even though You dont close it & for 3 minutes or more, it would Close the Game. Its not a big problem but the Loading for the game takes 2-3 minutes, if you Combine those 2 it will make Some People get Annoyed & Quit th game Please fix this Problem. ALSO The most annoying thing is the Censored text, everything you Text almost got Censored please Fix this how can we Communicate in Community Easily if They don't know what we SAY !!!.
  71. KuRo: Gacha Is Suck, Pvp System Is Trash, Thanks For Ruining My Game Experience :).
  72. Elimirze Huseynov: Game is so good and amazing.Characters are cute and adorable.Chibi gameplay feels so amazing and great.Especially I liked Arona-chan,patting her makes me happy and she can call you by your name.That is greatest gift for me ever.Story of this game attracted to me well and gacha is not annoying like Genshin Impact..
  73. Mark Sanosu: Great and cute graphic and challenge stage make the game more interesting and fun to grind the cons is the game is gacha game the feature rate is not that bad but not to great either, you can unlock by grind the stone char but just take alot of time and patient overall its a good game for quick RPG grind with waifu.
  74. Ann Ailer: I love this game just seeing pictures and trailers, i love how smooth the graphics are and chilling the music is, but uhhh... I cant even play it, the game wont accept my internet or smth cause everytime i open the app, the download resources wont finish fast, but even if i try again and it finishes fast, the game will say i disconnected and asks my permission to redo the process.... im so disappointed cause this is a top tier game, please fix it, i badly wanna play and try it (ㆁωㆁ).
  75. hlaing min aung: GOOD.
  76. hexenkoenig03: One of the best gachas i have been playing so far. It tends to be more on the casual side, but their live2D animations and also in game animations are superb. Very generous with the amount of gems they give to players. Definitely recommended to try out. (Bear with some of the technical issues and you will be rewarded).
  77. Cholo Daniel: Izumi Archive.
  78. Mitsukuni Senpai: Pretty standard stat grinding gacha game. Rates are generous (think LL:AS) and characters can be slowly unlocked through dailies. Assets per character: 3d model, skill cutscene, skill animation, victory animation, various combat animations, 2d character depiction with various emotions for story, one 2d live wallpaper (friendship reward). Overall 8/10 yostar did good on this one, wish the gameplay was a little more engaging..
  80. Mr Nobody: Plaese fix your notification system, "AP full" when my AP still zero? "Cafe Production Full" when your cafe no hit even 1%? Come on Nexon Company, you can do better than this. Also, please add notification about craft after its completion..
  81. Bill Roper: You know it's cool that you guys told me that you read my review but who said you could delete it? You earned this star. No salted emails. Sweeping No rollover Terrain favorability Makes rerolling easier. Allows somebody to just not play the game, it's garbage. Encourages rolling and spending. This is one of the worst ideas I've ever seen in the video game. These are all bad ideas and should be removed and or changed. Also, a mystic raid right after lunch when nobody has mystic strikers?.
  82. Gjerald Godoy: It's actually good. But please improve your PVP ai positioning..
  83. Benhur Christian C Inocencio: Game keeps crashing.
  84. Arber: Game ia awsome and addictive but it started to close on its own like in the moment when it says touch the screen to start playing it shuts down.
  85. JSCR: The gameplay is best but the Loading is Not... sometimes it says that my internet is not stabl, sometimes reconnect I hope you fixed the Loading screen.. immediately....
  86. Spades Hiroki: gameplay is pretty generic, but what keeps me going are the BGMs and the story. Character design are also worth checking out, though the BGM is by far the best about the game..
  87. Yuko Yoshida: Dont play this game, its bad the loading screen is too long and it always crashed.
  88. Bryan Giovanno: Great game.. 👍👍 The story is fun & entertaining. The artwork style is cool and colorful , applause for the illustrators & animators. The Gameplay is fun for strategy based games, Great Job for the game developer 👏👏 But , tbh.. the chances to obtain 3-stars character are awful 🤦🤦 Even after 80 pulls and still not obtaining the 3-stars , and we don't have the choice to save our gacha point in case if we want to pick one 3S in the future , because all those points are converted. 🤦🤦.
  89. Jarold MellonaSarino: Total waste of time. gacha draw rates are very low. rate up is lie. a big lie. it's just a cash grab app not like the JP ver. I'm very disappointed. This statement is based on pure FACTS, i did spend a little to make 200 pulls but the results are very disappointing. I only get one 3* student and it's not even the rate up student (lol) all the freebies are just baits to get a good review everything is fake. Oof Nexon your marketing strategy fails everytime cause your GREEDY! don't play this game.
  90. The Salt King: Rates are trash, gameplay ? None at all.
  91. Danisco Ico: Ok Nexon this time you did a good job and don't ruin it again. Btw I play both jp and EN well this game is great and F2P friendly. 10/10.
  92. P I E N P I E N: Love the game, Tsurugi is my favourite.
  93. Josh Mcfie: won't yet me play or re-download the part it wouldn't.
  94. Jayvee Akia: Wow...the drope rate of this game is stupid low, i spent a hell lot of those crystals and all the characters i got are all the same. Just stick with Arknights, at leasts those give out a lot of stuff for the player..
  95. Veint: Wonderful waifu game.
  96. Andrew Kender: Gorgeous art but the menu UI is really counterintuitive in some places. Also, the game seems VERY confused about what "full AP" or "max cafe capacity" mean (I'll give you a hint, it's not 26/143 AP or 37% capacity). I get notifications about those, at what seems to be specific intervals, and so far it's always been wrong. But at least this game doesn't constantly disconnect or kick me, unlike another game I play (*cough* Crossing Void *cough*)..
  97. ryan malate: Thanks for deleting my review again.....
  98. J P: Amazing music, amazing characters (of course they're the typical cliché type of characters in every game but they are more fleshed out and fun in this game), the story is funny and engaging even as someone who gets bored of story after 10 minutes in most games, and even though it's an auto shooter, you still need to pay attention to use your skills precisely and efficiently and building your teams to tackle new and harder stages..
  99. Tammy Ekaputra: Cute girls with pew-pew. Your usual gacha games with PVE and PVP. PVP is Auto, PVE can be both. On PC, currently playing via BS5 N64. Tried on LD, but yes it crashes after several minutes. No problem on phone. There are many guides and tier lists about this game already..
  101. Pancake Combo: I don't hate it..
  102. Roman Miranda: Need more Anime! Seriously it's really good so far..
  103. Dio Aditya: A good game, but can you increase the gacha rate? It's almost impossible to get a 3 star unit and can you increase the exp acquisition rate? It's to hard to level up above level 30.
  104. Nightcore Meletop: just good.
  105. Muhamad Jazairi: Say NO to NEXON company...terrible gacha and always shut down their games....
  106. Wan Iqmal: The game have great cg scene..
  107. 董Venz: Gacha is horrible.
  108. Wahyu Tri Utomo: Good game is this a bug?.
  109. Alfonso Escabarte II: Why can't I use the Students I own in the Main Story Combat? Bond Points I can earn through Main Story Combat are wasted..
  110. Imca: opening the game takes to long plus the game crashes frequently adding to the stress of playing the game.
  111. Sey Than: i love my waifus.
  112. T Seymour: takes WAY to long to launch and get into the game. 3 minutes+ when there's no issue. every update has caused problems for me, the updates fail repeatedly for seemingly no reason. all I can do is just wait and hope they fix it, unable to even play.
  113. Exel: Enjoying the game for its great music, lovable characters (especially Aru!) and fun plot so far..
  114. Maya Suki: I give it 5/5 becuse she called me amongus sensei.
  115. Nikita Korolev: Quite a decent gacha game with cool music and cute characters. Somewhere inbetween Girls Frontline and Princess Connect. Bears many similarities with the latter. Character drop rates are kinda frustrating but that's not a big issue..
  116. Chill Introvert: Great waifu collector. Cash shop isn't overloaded with a million packages, which is awesome. This is one you're going to play for the main story and the character stories of the girls. The soundtrack and bgm are so good (Ayane's recollection is life), the QOL is good, and thus far the localizations have been perfect (little to no major typos or broken English). Very polished game that surprised me with the level of aforementioned polish, very high quality overall...
  117. Ian Miller: Good game play, reasonable gacha rates, reasonable pricing models, lots of content, well written engaging story, all around just a well put together game..
  118. Justin Alarcio: *Click* Noice!👌.
  119. brainfriiz: Production Value: Medium-High The UI is very clean. The controls are responsive, and work well with micro movements. Some menus could use more personality. Aesthetics: Low-Medium I'm partial to Modern Utopia vibes, but art backgrounds are mostly generic modern. Doesn't keep its aesthetic pristine. Some characters stick out like a sore thumb. Combat: Medium-High Semi-auto that is fun to play, though the randomness will upset some. Balance is trash. Y 5star? Better than most gachas. /c.
  120. Gurke Gegesse: Do not believe the rating. Many people rated it 5* even before playing +fake reviews. The game is embarrassingly unfinished. So many aspects are annoyingly build. Cancel a stage? Forfeit the battle with your first team then take 6 turns with your second to get to the boss and there you can forfeit the battle entirely. It is so frustrating and stupid! Event banners are not described sufficiently. Pitty? No chance, you will lose your summon counter after every banner!.
  121. Soramaru Ryuusei: I Love it!! I hope they gonna add some more features like dmg and healing static after battle voice line every character and more cafe furniture.
  122. UsernameLegend:3: Game is well made. Chibi characters aren't personally interesting for me so kind of not a game for me. But if you like anime girls and cute chibi combat i recommend....
  123. arriz galang: Graphics are good and the devs really know how to retain their players..
  124. coolguys1234 l: I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH KEEP IT UP UwU.
  125. Jesril Pineda: This game is on par with Arknights for its Generosity and rates. Better than a certain billionaire company, Mihoyo. Thank you very much Nexon. We really appreciate this :3.
  126. Nazrin Zainudin: This game is good but its get frequently crash during mission. Pls fix it. Samsung Galaxy A02s user..
  127. Original Fake: The name proounciation feature blew my mind out of the water. Insane. And the game is pretty good too..
  128. Jackmoose uwu: cool.
  129. Rovelyn Liwanag: Great Game, must play,.
  130. Gabriel Chan: I've seen people rated 5 star and calling other people toxic because they dislike it. Are their comments incorrect or irrelevant? Negative about this game. 1. Very long loading. 2. Lack of contents. There isn't much to do in this game. 3. Complicated crafting system (in a bad way). 4. Many useless characters including 3stars. 5. One skill energy system. This restricts skill combo or characters with high skill cost. 6. Poor gacha rate. Bad pity system. 7. Horrible auto system..
  131. grant pesidas: Bro what's up with the wifi problem.
  132. Michael Sangalang: A great game to play in both a casual manner and competitive/serious manner. Character designs are cool and beautiful to look at. Story seems fun at the moment. Lots of functions and game modes to try. Plenty of characters to get and build. Gameplay is simple and easy to understand but quite difficult to master which makes learning about the game really interesting. Lots of characters and team comp to try out! Looking forward to the upcoming contents/updates!.
  133. Sok ChanPkay: This game is high quality but so sad that my mobile don't support the game.
  134. Fadhlan Rahaimi: My previous issue was solved by itself but i still would recommend the developer's effort to try and contact me abouy my ussue. Response was quite fast. All in all the game is beautiful. The artwork, music, characters and Nexon being generous with compensation. It really feels like the game itself has integrity..
  135. Nick Layland: Let's see if review attempt number 3 will stick... Gameplay is fun, characters are cool, art is gorgeous. Gacha rates are really bad, voucher based pity system doesn't carry over to next banner and requires too many pulls to reach, premium currency is too expensive. I'll play the game, it's fun and I'm enjoying it, but I won't be spending any money here. If it wasn't for the gameplay and characters, this would be a 1 star and move on thanks to the gacha greed..
  136. Zen: game sampah full cheater, pvp di atur tiap hari hrus kalah 3-4 kali pake free ticket.. SAMPAH!!!!!! NEXON DI LAWAN, DASAR DEV SAMPAH ..
  137. XtGalaxy Animations: love with the character.
  138. Haze V: Great game overall..
  139. Ardiyan Ardika: please fix the language censorship, I tried to type "off 7days I kick" but couldn't because it said there was a forbidden word.
  140. Danish Kushairi: GOOD GAME, I NEVER PLAYED THIS BEFORE. ...
  141. 엄현성: boring.
  142. Edwin Rianto: Game Gacha buriq.
  143. Cribeld Bean: Top tier waifus.
  144. killua99: Drop rate is pretty low, consider the 10 pull cost you 1200 premium currency and after wasting 17k of it you could not get the main banner student, the main student is a 3 star unit, then you'll have to get dupes / buy shards to raise that rarety. The cost of premium currency is 25 $ for a single 10 pull. So do the math. Game wise is OK, the mechanics are fun and you have plenty to do. You will get a time wall / pay wall to advance, but that's OK I guess..
  145. Agung xst: Game story menarik, gamplay unik, character cantik tapi sayangnya loadingnya lama banget kalo mau main, jadi agak males nunggu loadingnya, mohon di optimasi lagi biar makin cepet loadingnya But poorly optimized.
  146. Ryan Jay Colipapa: Thank you for making this game..
  147. JiHwan Suh: Too many bugs to play.
  148. Dongmin Ko: 버그겜 넥슨에 진짜 싫증났다.
  149. ricky: pretty cool game..
  150. Takatsuki Senpai: I really love the game, The characters are so cute and the story lines is funny and interesting most of the time, Hoping that you'll add co-op someday.

Download Instructions Blue Archive latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Blue Archive mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link blue-archive-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher NEXON Company.

- Download Blue Archive mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file blue-archive-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Blue Archive original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Blue Archive Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Blue Archive for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file NEXON Company provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Blue Archive file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Blue Archive Mod Apk on Android & Blue Archive Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Blue Archive Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored blue-archive-hack-mod.APK & blue-archive-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again blue-archive-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Blue Archive on your phone.

Download Blue Archive [Hack – Mod] Unlock Full Version 136M

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Version: 1.35.115378.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.2.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $79.99 per item.
Developers: NEXON Company.
Votes: 25,950.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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