Carrom Stars Carrom Board Game Mod

Carrom Stars Carrom Board Game (Mod & Hack)

Engage in the online Carrom board game, the beloved Carrom board disc game, exclusively at Carrom Stars.. Carrom Stars Carrom Board Game Mod v6.59

Update: 02/12/2023
Original price $: FREE

Download Carrom Stars Carrom Board Game Mod 6.59 for android apk & iphone ios 5.1

Carrom Stars is the creation of Jeu Electronique, a renowned game development company at the forefront of the industry. Specializing in crafting multiplayer web and mobile games, Jeu Electronique delivers an unmatched gaming experience to players.

Immerse yourself in the world of Carrom Stars, a fresh and unparalleled take on online carrom. With captivating graphics, seamless gameplay, and an unforgettable overall experience, this platform allows carrom enthusiasts to compete with millions nationwide.

Engage in sensational carrom matches and exhilarating tournaments online. Boasting a user-friendly interface, enhanced visuals, intuitive controls, and a robust security system, Carrom Stars guarantees an all-encompassing gaming journey.

Security remains paramount at Carrom Stars, safeguarding both accounts and data, promoting fairness and unbiased gameplay. By incorporating real-world physics, the platform mirrors authentic gaming, making strategizing and executing moves effortless.

Navigating the game lobby is a breeze, enabling swift game selection. A plethora of game tables and tournaments ensure endless choices. Catering to diverse skill levels, players can opt for games that match their expertise.

At Carrom Stars, our commitment lies in consistently delivering an unparalleled gaming adventure. Achieving this goal involves advanced AI and machine learning algorithms that pair players based on their skill levels, ensuring equitable matchups and opportunities for everyone to win.

Continual improvements in game mechanics and graphics are our priority, surpassing not only your expectations but also setting new standards.

Key Features of Carrom Stars:

  • Utilization of advanced physics for an exhilarating gaming venture.
  • Intuitive controls and visually appealing streamlined graphics.
  • Precise player pairing based on carrom proficiency levels.
  • Vast lobby offering an array of game options.
  • Robust security system ensuring data and account protection.

Get ready to experience India’s most immersive and thrilling online carrom game by downloading the Carrom Stars app now. Register for free using your mobile number and embark on an unparalleled gaming journey.

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Introducing Carrom Stars: Elevating the Carrom Board Game Experience with Modern Mods

Unveiling a New Era of Carrom Entertainment

Carrom Stars has emerged as a game-changer in the world of digital entertainment, revolutionizing the traditional Carrom board game experience. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology and innovative modifications, Carrom Stars is redefining how enthusiasts engage with this age-old pastime.

The Evolution of the Carrom Board Game

Gone are the days of confining Carrom to the physical realm. Carrom Stars takes this beloved game to the digital arena, infusing it with modernity while preserving the essence that has captivated players for generations. The integration of advanced physics and graphics catapults the gameplay to new heights, delivering a realistic experience that mirrors the physical board.

Unmatched Gameplay through Innovative Mods

At the heart of Carrom Stars lies a collection of innovative mods that elevate the gameplay. The introduction of these modifications enhances the strategy, skill, and overall engagement. From unique power-ups that change the trajectory of the discs to challenging new board layouts that demand creative shot selection, Carrom Stars keeps players on the edge of their seats, making each match an exhilarating journey.

From Tradition to Technology: The Carrom Modding Revolution

Carrom Stars bridges the gap between tradition and technology by embracing mods that blend the nostalgic charm of the Carrom board game with the excitement of modern enhancements. This convergence offers players a dynamic experience that marries the simplicity of the past with the innovation of the present.

Community and Competition in the Digital Age

Carrom Stars fosters a global community of players, transcending geographical boundaries. Through online tournaments and multiplayer matches, players can now compete with opponents from around the world, showcasing their skills and strategies on a digital stage. The unique modding aspect adds an extra layer of complexity to these battles, ensuring that no two matches are alike.

The Future of Carrom Entertainment

Carrom Stars’ ingenious integration of modern mods into the classic Carrom board game paves the way for a new era of entertainment. As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for further enhancements and modifications are endless, promising to keep players engaged and entertained for years to come.

In conclusion, Carrom Stars isn’t just a game; it’s a testament to the seamless blend of tradition and technology. With its revolutionary mods and dynamic gameplay, it offers a glimpse into the future of the Carrom board game, where innovation knows no bounds. Experience the thrill, strategy, and excitement of Carrom Stars today and be a part of the digital evolution of this beloved game.

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Experience Carrom Stars Anytime, Anywhere

Carrom Stars transcends the boundaries of traditional gameplay by offering a versatile experience. With the Carrom Board Game Mod for Android APK & iPhone iOS, players can indulge in the excitement of Carrom Stars on their preferred devices. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, the modded version of Carrom Stars brings the game to your fingertips.

Modding Unleashed: Customization and Beyond

The Carrom Board Game Mod doesn’t just enhance gameplay; it unleashes a world of customization possibilities. Tailor the game to your preferences, from adjusting physics for a more challenging experience to selecting unique board designs that resonate with your style. The modding feature empowers players to curate their Carrom journey like never before.

Unlocking New Dimensions with Innovative Mods

Dive deeper into the modding realm and unlock innovative features that redefine Carrom Stars. Engage in tournaments with special rules, embark on themed challenges, and explore variations that demand ingenious strategies. The modding community continuously contributes to this evolving landscape, ensuring that the excitement and surprises are endless.

Installation Guide: Seamlessly Incorporating Mods

Embarking on your modded Carrom Stars adventure is seamless. For Android users, the APK version is readily available for download. Simply follow the installation guide to unlock a world of enhanced gameplay. iPhone iOS users can access the modded version through a streamlined process that ensures compatibility and optimal performance.

Join the Modding Movement Today

Carrom Stars isn’t just a game; it’s a revolution fueled by the passion of players and the ingenuity of modders. Embrace the modding movement and experience the Carrom Board Game Mod for Android APK & iPhone iOS. Dive into a universe where customization, innovation, and entertainment collide, and create your own narrative within the realms of Carrom Stars.

In a world driven by technology, Carrom Stars leads the charge in reimagining a classic game with modern twists. The modding possibilities expand horizons, inviting players to embark on a journey that defies expectations and blurs the lines between tradition and innovation.

With the Carrom Board Game Mod at your disposal, the adventure is limited only by your imagination. Immerse yourself in the world of Carrom Stars, where the thrill of the traditional Carrom board game meets the excitement of contemporary modifications. Whether you’re an Android enthusiast or an iPhone devotee, the modded version awaits your exploration. Are you ready to redefine your Carrom experience with Carrom Stars?

Free download Carrom Stars Carrom Board Game (Mod & Hack) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 6.59. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Engage in the online Carrom board game, the beloved Carrom board disc game, exclusively at Carrom Stars.. Developed by Junglee Games India Private Limited. Operating system requirements 5.1. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Carrom Stars Carrom Board Game MOD

  • - Unlock All
  • - Sprint
  • - No Ads
  • - All Unlocks
  • - Unlocked Paid

Game Version Carrom Stars Carrom Board Game Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Download For Phone Free
  • - Free Download
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - Speed

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  1. Queen Venila: Amazing app feel nostalgic ....
  2. Krishna Roy: Fake game don't play and download.
  3. Praveen Sankratti: Mavaless fantastick.
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  5. Sapana: Thu.
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  8. Nazim Ansari (Sarfraz ansari): 😮😮.
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  10. Ali Saif: Awesome nice game.
  11. Mimha Noman: Bace no intaresting.
  12. Manisha #: Game is awesome but I am not able to login By Mobil number or using Facebook Kind help me to login..
  13. SkSahil Islam: Very bad game.
  14. MD BABU: Vrry nice game.
  15. D.G HARSH YT: Carrom is my favorite game but no time for these play i'm allways busy in life.
  16. Denial Declane: My travel companion. This is all I wanted. Simple, yet unique.
  17. अनंत Rajput: njoy the best game of carrom wt your fmaily I do it wt my family n we enjoy carrom star all the time.
  18. Ayush Sinha: best 5 star carrom mobile gmae I have played. No lags n crashes during gameplay.
  19. Anurag chauhan: Seamless integration of carrom playng n rewards paid out to the player :).
  20. Ujjwal Singh: Smooth game design n features that says so mch abt the quality of this game.
  21. Chandan Singh: Carrom games make me happy. Carrom star is my favourite among all..
  22. Kartik Singh: My friends play it a lot. We have enjoyed the game since months..
  23. Himanshu Ranjan: Unlike other games, there is no time waste in Carrom Star. The game progresses at a good speed..
  24. Tuhin Kanti Samanta: After every match there is an add. The game is also not good..
  25. Prateek Mishra: Carrom Star is a very nice game. The players are very talented. A lot to play for..
  26. Anjali Singh: A lot of options to play with. Makes for an interesting carrom game.
  27. Akash Goswami: This is a top game. The multiplayer option has made my day..
  28. diksha khandelwal: Best for travelling, Nice companion. Loving it.
  29. manish jatin: Bakwas no return shot.
  30. Saniya Queen: Awesome.
  31. ritika singh: I installed this game last week. Since then, I've been enjoying it..
  32. Suraj: The perfect game on playstore. Even my parents gets excited while playing this game. Superb app.
  33. Utkarsh chaturvedi: Just cannot get over this one , love the graphics and the interface.
  34. Ribha Kumari: Lucky to have this wonderful game.Reminds me of my childhood👍👍.
  35. Tawi Niranjan: This game is very interesting. Time kb nikal jata hai pata hi nhi chlta. Keep it guys 👍👍.
  36. Nityanand Kumar: It's a sincere effort to bring nice game to life.
  37. Prerna: One of the reasons I love this app is that even at places with low internet speed,it works quite well..
  38. Sunil Kumar: Love it.. Even after playing it daily,crazy for this game never goes down..Awesome.
  39. Payal Ojha: Kya surface hain !! Kya smothness hain !! Ekdum purane din ki yaad dila di iss game ne.
  40. Sumit raj: Carrom Star has been my favourite game from a long time. The Multiplayer option keeps us going and we play it every time ,every day.. everywhere...
  41. Pratik Ojha: Very easy and fun to play with friends and family.
  42. Kapil Kumar: There is option given offline mode but it doesn't work.Do not download this gamereally bad.uninstalling.😠😠😠😠😠.
  43. Najura Bewa: We do not get past the night without our whole family sitting for carrom star after dinner..
  44. Alex Grey: This game is an absolute delight, never lags and is so much fun to play ✌️.
  45. Shahid Masoom: Love for this game will never end. The most entertaining game and great timepass 🤙🤙.
  46. Jithendar Kaboo: Nyc.
  47. Saurabh Yadav: Too much add ,.
  48. Ujjwal: Real 3d board with best graphics.The gameplay is just amazing!.
  49. Poushali Bhattacharjee: Today I was already won although the match is running!!!!!!! Seeing this, I do not anything.... Get this chance the opponent fulfill his/her aim and at last won!!!!! I mean How???!!!!!! I don't understand what my reaction should be.... Is the game mad???!!!.
  50. Muhammed Murshid P: Love the online community of carrom star, I play back to back games and still want more.
  51. Giri Giri: Bhavith.
  52. Haseeb Husian: It's been 2 hours and the battery is down by just 12%. It's very unlikely for an online game. I seriously can't believe that there is a free app like this on playstore..
  53. Saul Venom: The shots are very real. Just need to know the trics to have coins pocketed.......
  54. Santanu Bachher: Nice.
  55. Chotu Sweety: It is the best game i will keep this game upto i die.
  56. priti kumari: hii bro.
  57. infor ravin: Dirty.
  58. G Santhosh Kumar: Its average.
  59. akansha murli: The first strike is random in the freestyle mode, so you better take not of it.......
  60. suparna Das: Fake.
  61. SOORAJ K: All the options are nice. I really like the multiplayer option..
  62. Bava Sana: Good game... less memory occopies... less battery usage..
  63. George George: I would like to give this app five stars. Everything about this game is just amazing..
  64. Md Zack: worst carrom.
  65. Noufal Ayan: Noi.
  66. Ajmal Ashiq: It's easy, fun and cool for all ages..
  67. Ambar Pandya: Another good carrom game by India. I really appreciate and love it an a Indian carrom lovers. Please release it on Appstore..
  68. Moidul Shaikh: It has been two hours and still I am playing this game. Amazing carrom game.
  69. Azar qureshi: I like this game and fantastic mind bloing historic.
  70. Mohit Prasad: App doesn't consume any battery. How is this even possible?.
  71. Armaan Shaikh: Very very best game.
  72. Banoo Rajan: Boards are interchangeable and striker hits so smoothly. Best time pass..
  73. Liam Chetty: Probably the best game I ever played well done to you and the people that helped make the game.
  74. Fast Tech: Not good interface.
  75. Sushil Suthwaal: Nice.
  76. HIMADRI KARMAKAR: Waaahh what a game it is !!!! Must Download and great gameplay 🌟 Impressive.
  77. Lucky Boy: such a great game, I am very happy with the way the game is soomth and has no lgas or ads. Good graphics too :).
  78. Thakur Chandan Singh: Worsssssst ever game...... BC.
  79. Amit Das: Sahin.
  80. Benny Thomas: Veru bad.
  81. Muthuja Mamu: Masthari.
  82. Apu KARMAKAR: God I jst luv the graphics..,.and the game is so exciting I can spend hours on this beautiful game and not know if its day or night !!!xoxoxox so much love to the developers! Cheers.
  83. Protap Kaibortya: Completely a five-starrer. There days even paid games don't offer as much as this does..
  84. Hariom sultana: WOWWWWW,,,such an amazing app,, with next level compatibility..Appreciated :D :D :D :D.
  85. sukanta ghosh: So many options and the user interface is just awesome. It opens quickly and never stops working..
  86. acharya anand: It is very smooth to play,but why dont you provide option of earning real money???.
  87. Palash Kaibartya: Nice user interface. The multi-player option is terrific. I like to play it with my siblings and defeat them all..
  88. DIPANKAR ROY: Love to play carrom every day and I found carrom star at the perfect time. Simple and easy game but so much fun. Totally ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ worthy..
  89. Vitthal Kenge: Shrikant vitthal Kenge.
  90. White Devil: Best carrom game. It playes very smooth. We get good bonus ..
  91. Eva Jonson: I am reminiscing the happy times I had when I was a child. Just drinking my fav cola and playing carrom with my frinds. This app has made me so happy!! Thank you guys I am really greatful to you for making this game!.
  92. Palash Das: I personally love the fact that this game has multiplayer option so that I can play this game with my riends and show'em who's boss!😎😎.
  93. Prity Roy: I will go oand play with my grandpaa tomorrow, we both love this game a little too much hehehehehaah.
  94. Himu Kumar: The features in Carrom Star are amazing. I like the options a lot. Just amazing..
  95. Alok Kumar: If you are a fan of carrom games just like me, I think you should def download this one. Its so easy game but so much fun..
  96. Hasim kassar: I have never played such a good game in a long time. I am sure everyone loves to play carrom so why not install it?.
  97. Savita Khan: Carrom has always been my favourite game and moreover, I must say that 3d board looks so realistic. Love it to the core..
  98. Kavya Rani: So many features and none better than multiplayer. Just play and enjoy!.
  99. Shenaz Gill: Alwys a fan of carrom games no matter how simple and easy it isband this one will always remain my favourite in playstore. The board looks realistic..
  100. Sujeet Jha: Very nice.
  101. Haseena Malik: My cousin play it a lot. I installed it recently and loved the user interface ..
  102. Anuj Dixit: That is really niceeee the gameplay is great I love everything about this gameeee :) FULL POINTS FROM ME..
  103. Chandi Omam: Wow se game very good im love se game.
  104. Brijesh Tiwari: wow this is great! reminds me of my childhood! And how me and my friends played carrom in our houses…it was so much fun back then :D.
  105. Pavithra Megana: How could delete my review , game is worst , dont instsll its nonsense game.. Less coins , so much ads.
  106. Thor Thomas: Superb Game!!!. Next level game with smooth UI and compatibility. :D :D D:D D: D :D🤩🤩🤩😍.
  107. Ajit Khurana: Carrom star is such an amazing game. I just love to play it everyday.. I always remember my childhood days while playing it.🤩🤩😍😍.
  108. Suhani rwt: Family.
  109. Kuldeep Rawat: This game is addiction ... I think i can play this game whole night .... :-) thumbs up.
  110. Keyur Patel: Yeah... Finally won the game...Is baar Rani hui meri. Maza agya khel kr..
  111. Papu Kumar: Such a great game smooth and easyyy.
  112. A Google user: Hahahaha my friend is still learning carom and it is so fun to play with him, His skills has me dead XD.
  113. Benjamin Smith: Nice game. Works smoothly. I hardly face any issues with this game..
  114. Anish Kumar: Decent game and I love the graphics which keep on improving..
  115. Arpit Patel: Such a great stress killlerrrr I am so impressed.
  116. Aarti Mehta: Never played such a wonderful game in my life. I know carrom is nothing new for all of us, but the app itself is made very beautifully. I have been recommending it to everyone..
  117. Sahil Vaghela: Carom digitalized? this is all I could ask for!.
  118. Tr Patel: Wow that was an easy win with no annoying long ads.
  119. Shahil Patel: Carom star is truly the star I spend all my free time to chill here..
  120. Padmanathan Padmanathan: Sri Ram.
  121. Manav Rastogi: All other games are kicked out from my phone every since I found this game that soon became my new favourite. Would totally recommend it..
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  123. Gudiya Devi: I have been looking for simple game like this one and now I finally found it. Even my mother has gotten hooked to it these days.🙏.
  124. Ranvi Singh: Not much of a gamer usually but I still like this game. First of all, who made such wonderful graphics? Kudos to the developers and creative team behind this. 🙏.
  125. kunal Singh: There couldn’t have been a better carrom app than this one. Carrom star truly is the star of all carrom apps. If you like playing carrom board, this is a must-download then.👍.
  126. Ambika Rao: Unpaid games like this are far better than paid games. It’s a simple free game that has lots of features and an amazing user interface.😍.
  127. Kishori Mistri: Damn, the board looks so realistic. Even though its just a simple game, I have really been hooked to it. Moreover, it is a free game which is also a number one reason why I liked it haha😁.
  128. Seema Narkar: Ok ok ok.
  129. Nafisa Khan: Reminds me of my childhood. Carrom star feels like playing for real. So nice!😍.
  130. STAR HYDERABAD: Too Many Ads. I will Un-Install this game because these game having TOOO many Ads frequently and interrupting game..
  131. Naeef Khan: Decent user interface. The background doesn't hurt eyes. The board looks real while playing.💕.
  132. Pintu Rana: Brilliant game, brilliant options. It hardly slows down. Loving it a lot. Carrom Star is my best buddy.😀.
  133. Rudra Singh: Terrific user interface. Nice graphics. I've been playing it fom a while now and the interest only grows further..
  134. Hrthik Garg: There are good players on carrom star. This game never gets boring. Loving it a lot!.
  135. arjun Yadav: Simple options, unique features. All you want in a Carrom game. As smooth as you like.😍.
  136. Uttal (Joy): Worst game, only 6 pucks game, childish & boring game. Also I think its a fake online game. No real players are there, no any response received from opponent in play. Moreover today I saw my coins is only 10000 where as it was above 4 lacs. Now I going to UNINSTALL this garbage from my phone..
  137. Aarti Pal: Nicely fan games.
  138. Luv kumar Rana: Carrom Star offers multiplayer option which is amazing as it allows you to play with your friends. I like this game a lot!.
  139. Kranti Ahir: sabse mazedaar game hai ye....Reminds me of my childhood😍.
  140. The Bong Pubg: Full on marks to this game. Love to hit striker each time i play.
  141. samee raza: Good ver best graphics.
  142. Ishika Rana: We all play it during the lunch break. Never slows down. Keeps working well even on slow net!...
  143. Pihu Raj: classyy app with great feature. Aisa lgta hai jaise real mein hi khel rhe hio...
  144. Ranjani Kumari: fantastic app absolutely…soo sorted options to enjoty unlimited....
  145. ராஜேஸ்வரி சாவரியா: Offline can't use game 😠😠😠.
  146. Hansh Raj: Bachpan se hi favorite game hai meri carrom. Ab phone mein khelne mein bhi mazzza aa raha hai....
  147. Samar Kumar: This gaming app is seriously next level iska toh koi jawab he nhi hai..D:D:D:D.
  148. Hari Mahto: Mene apne lyf me itne mazedaar game kabhi nhi khela . Graphics boht badhiya banaya hai..
  149. Awinash kumar: Even though its just a simple carrom game, I love how it has been so beautifully created. Everything about this app is just looovee..
  150. Pranav Mankar: This carrom game is the best of the lot. Simple options and easy gameplay. Best app!.

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