Cash Carnival Coin Pusher Game Mod

Cash Carnival Coin Pusher Game (Mod_Hack)

Cash Carnival presents an arcade coin dozer game inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas, complete with an incredible slot machine experience.. Cash Carnival Coin Pusher Game Mod v3.0

Update: 06/04/2024
Original price $: FREE

★ Enter the world of Cash Carnival, where countless players indulge in the thrill of the original coin pusher game! Experience the excitement of this captivating coin dropping game that’s both free and addictive. Sit back, enjoy the relaxation of pushing coins, and gather a plethora of pusher prizes!

Cash Carnival presents a classic-style coin dozer game with an exhilarating pusher experience, inviting you to embark on an adventurous journey of coin-pushing excitement. Instantly access a superb collection of brand-new coin pusher games by downloading now.

Take control of the pusher machine in your hands! Drop coins strategically, manipulate the coin walls, shake the board, engage the slot, and collect all the coveted coin pusher prizes to claim your rewards! Download now and let’s dominate the board!

Cash Carnival boasts unique game features that set it apart as the ultimate coin dozer game:
✪ Enjoy a high winning rate for grand prizes.
✪ Immerse yourself in vibrant 3D graphics and captivating coin effects.
✪ Collect prizes and solve puzzles to unlock special rewards and bonuses from coin pushers.
✪ Participate in Weekly and Daily Challenges, and indulge in hourly bonus games.
✪ Access massive coin packages and additional benefits. Shake the pusher to release extra coins without fear of tilting!
✪ Unlock classic-themed pushers for the chance to win big! The longer you play, the greater the bonuses. Hit lucky 777 and claim your rewards!
✪ Experience addictive nostalgic gameplay that will keep you coming back for more coin-dropping excitement!
✪ Benefit from awesome daily and hourly bonuses for a lucky day at the coin pusher machine!

Encounter special coins along the way, each with unique abilities to provide helpful boosts:
★ Silver Coins function like standard coins but add two coins to your balance and an additional 2XP.
★ Coins are the secondary game currency, allowing you to purchase instant boosts, mini-games, and extra prizes.
★ XP Coins contribute Experience Points to your XP balance, visible on the blue progress meter at the screen’s top.
★ Powerups offer special in-game effects to aid you. Acquire them by pushing them off the table or purchasing them in the Boosts menu.
★ Coin Walls safeguard items on the board from falling on both sides of the coin pusher.
★ Coin Shower triggers a coin rain bonus with a massive coin drop.
★ Pusher Attack enables your pusher to traverse the platform more effectively, collecting more coins.
★ Giant Coin descends to sweep everything on the board, causing the platform to shake after a powerful hit and pushing even more coins over the edge.
★ Prize Coin delivers super rare prizes, offering a substantial number of coins. Solve puzzles to unlock the next challenge on the coin pusher.

Join the excitement and play Cash Carnival! Keep an eye out for fantastic updates to earn unlimited coins and massive rewards in the coin pusher.

Download now to enjoy the enhanced experience with minor bug fixes and improved performance. Have a blast!

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Version: 3.0.
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Evaluate: 58221.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 10,000,000+.
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Developers: Chivalry Technology Co., Limited.
Votes: 4353.
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