Cocobi Hospital - Kids Doctor Mod

Cocobi Hospital – Kids Doctor {Hack & Mod}

Have a blast playing the entertaining children's hospital game featuring Cocobi, the adorable dinosaurs!. Cocobi Hospital - Kids Doctor Mod v1.0.31

Update: 06/04/2024
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Feeling unwell? Visit Cocobi Hospital!
Doctor Coco and Lobi are ready to assist you!

■ 17 Medical Challenges!
-Cold: Treat runny noses and fevers
-Stomach Ache: Use a stethoscope and administer injections
-Virus: Identify viruses in the nose with a microscope
-Broken Bone: Set and bandage fractured bones
-Ears: Clean and heal inflamed ears
-Nose: Clear congested noses
-Thorn: Remove thorns and sanitize wounds
-Eyes: Address red eyes and choose glasses
-Skin: Disinfect and dress wounds
-Allergies: Manage food allergies
-Bee: Rescue patients from beehives
-Spider: Remove spiders and webs
-Butterfly: Distract butterflies with flowers
-Health Check-up: Assess overall health
-Octopus: Free patients from octopus tentacles
-Fire: Evacuate patients and perform CPR
-Lovesick: Aid ailing hearts

■ Original Hospital Activities
-Emergency Call: Respond to urgent cases
-Hospital Cleaning: Maintain cleanliness
-Window Cleaning: Clear dirty windows
-Gardening: Tend to plants
-Medicine Room: Organize medications

■ About KIGLE
KIGLE crafts entertaining and educational kids’ apps. We offer free games tailored for ages 3 to 7, fostering curiosity, creativity, memory, and concentration. Our roster features beloved characters like Pororo the Little Penguin, Tayo the Little Bus, and Robocar POLI. With global reach, we aim to enrich children’s learning and play experiences.

■ Enjoyable Doctor Role-play
Cocobi Hospital awaits with various ailments to treat. Join Doctor Coco in aiding sick dinosaur pals!

■ Cold Treatment
-Examination: Assess symptoms and temperature
-Care: Combat germs, administer flu shots, and medication

■ Stomach Ache Relief
-Examination: Check with hands and stethoscope
-Care: Inject medication, apply heat therapy

■ Fever Management
-Examination: Monitor temperature and nasal swab
-Care: Eliminate nasal viruses

■ Broken Bone Care
-Examination: Utilize X-RAY
-Care: Set and bandage fractures

■ Ear Troubles
-Examination: Clean and inspect ears
-Care: Remove foreign objects, apply therapy

■ Itchy Nose
-Examination: Clean nasal passages
-Care: Eradicate nasal germs

■ Thorn Removal
-Examination: Extract thorns
-Care: Apply medication and bandages

■ Red-eye Treatment
-Examination: Microscopic examination for germs
-Care: Administer eye drops

■ Skin Issues
-Examination: Clean wounds thoroughly
-Care: Disinfect, stitch, and dress wounds

■ Allergy Assessment
-Examination: Identify allergens
-Care: Provide appropriate medication

■ Bee Sting Care
-Examination: Remove beehive
-Care: Cleanse and treat sting

■ Spider Bites
-Examination: Clear spiders and webs
-Care: Disinfect, treat wounds, and medicate

■ Butterfly Dust
-Examination: Wipe away dust
-Care: Distract butterflies with flowers

■ Comprehensive Health Check-up
-Receive thorough examination, including eyes and ears

■ Emergency Response!
-Respond to urgent situations with the ambulance. Save patients stuck to octopuses and address heart emergencies!

With 14 medical treatments and three emergency scenarios, the game offers an educational experience. Learn about fractures, colds, wounds, allergies, and more. Understand the significance of health safety and safeguard against illnesses!

Indulge in the complimentary children’s hospital game experience starring Cocobi, the adorable dinosaurs!

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