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Can a replicant become a real boy with the help of your love?. Code:Replicant Mod v3.0.20

Update: 30/06/2022
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After narrowly escaping a kidnapping attempt, you find yourself drawn into a world full of cutting-edge science and intrigue. Your saviours, three handsome replicants with deadly skills, have a secret that will lead you to unlock some of your own. Can you discover the truth about your past and save your loved ones in time?


A-15 – The Perfect Soldier

Proficient in a range of lethal guns The A-15 is highly tactical and is actually a weapon in its own right. Rarely let his soft side come out, he will die without hesitation to protect you…but only you can bring out the humanity hidden inside.

C-02 – The Lost Boy

Designed and infiltrated for combat, the C-02 is as deadly as it is charming. With his sunny disposition and playful spirit, this replicant can win over just about anyone. But beneath his brash exterior hides a lost soul looking for family and connection. Will you be the one to heal his loneliness?

Andrew – The Spy

When you interviewed Andrew two years ago about being your teaching assistant, you never imagined that he was living a double life. Can you really get yourself to trust him again now that he has revealed his identity? It’s up to you to discover the truth in the lie…

Free download Code:Replicant {HACK + MOD} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 62M) - Version 3.0.20. Released on January 29, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Can a replicant become a real boy with the help of your love?. Developed by Genius Inc. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

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New comment

  1. シlia: Oh well that was an end. I don't even know if I want to see what will happen next if there was a season 2 cause it would probadly make me cry again.
  2. Jessica Webb: Awesome i can't wait for the next season 2.
  3. Scilla Perks: Hello genius inc I just wanted to say thank you for making me wait for season 2 and I really hope you put in one of the choices when I get to slap andrew you knew better a that wicked david he was suspicious all all along but I didn't no he would be this vile I fell really betrayed even if it's not their fault so please make a choice where I slap them respectfully your biggest fan.
  4. 황은정: Love the design and waiting for season 2. I have nothing to review that much because it's too short and there's is similar scene like "Electronic Emotions!" story and the reader must have noticed it if they had play it. Ofc there's a plot twist and unexpected from me like David is actually evil, MC is actually half replacant and David and Andrew knew the whole plan but the replicant can't help MC because they believe they have no emotions. Take ur time and have a good day.(bad english).
  5. DOOM SLAYer: Is too short.
  6. Jina Mehri: Aammm, is there going to be a season 2? Couse it said you've reached the end of the story when I just went to David and he ordered them to arrast me 😐, and there was no notification of season 2's whenabout.
  7. Rashi Yadav: When will season 2 arrive ?????? Please tell ??.
  8. 05 Sampurna Banerjee: The stories really are very good I love them all....but can u just tell me when will the season 2 come? Otherwise I enjoyed it a lot..I want to see the full story so plz...
  9. Dark Angle: I want season 2.
  10. Anime Lover: Really loved it But I hope season 2 comes soon cause I am curious ...😬 Overall it is worth downloading it.
  11. Saturn Smiles: Don't tell me that's ACTUALLY the last episode. It strays too far from the usual genius games and I'm kinda offended? Like, I spent time on THIS? like, it's a nice story but your not even gonna give me more?.
  12. Selim Reza: it was really good! I was having fun but it ended up when I get to the main part and it was so short and I didn't got the chance to chose one of them. I mess my hair with my fingers in fastreson.. please make the season 2 as soon as possible or I will go insane....
  13. Brandy Hurta: Even thouggh i give yall 5 stars all the time. I love ur games but this one really left me hanging not cool. Whens the next one i cant wait to read it. its like readying a good book and it jus stops in the middle..
  14. A A: Loved the story so far! I was a little disappointed how quickly season 1 ended, but I'm really looking forward to season 2. I hope it comes out soon. The cliffhanger is killing me..
  15. Baby Guna: I can't wait for season 2 i love it so much thank you.
  16. 리리카RILIKA: Good story but I hate the ending. It was so sudden without any explanation. I hope there's a season two to end it well..
  17. Marry Jeane: Oui j'avoue que c'est mon préféré j'aime beaucoup de Garson A-15 C-02.
  18. Danielle Garfoot: I am looking forward to playing this game..
  19. Sharlette Kazuo: l need to read more story.
  20. eunice liebenberg: I hope there is a session 2 because it didn't end nice I what to know what happened to her.
  21. xee: I absolutely love this story the characters and the story is really interesting I'm looking forward to a part two it ended on a cliffhanger so I'll be waiting.
  22. Swastika Acharya: I'd love this game andc i really can't wait for next season 💜💜💜💜.
  23. Indigo Harmer: I lovethe story but I Hate the cliffhanger I needseson 2!!!.
  24. Trumpet Gremlin: I can't wait for season 2! I loved this story and the characters and I hope it continues in a second season :).
  25. Saskia Jonck: Gonna love this game.
  26. Ilma Shahid Siddiqui: Such a lovely game and exciting also. I hope that you will make it's second season also. Please make more games like this . i love your every game ❤❤❤❤.
  27. Sok 168: omg this game is amazing! The Character is great,but I'm waiting for season 2.pls.
  28. Saumya Badhani: Aaahhh i NEED S2 ASAP i HATE cliffhangers And the story wasvreally good.
  29. Samantha Marcus: What a Cliffhanger at the end was not expecting that but can't wait for season 2.
  30. Stephanie: Incomplete stories get incomplete scores. I'm mad they released this when it was only partially done. I love that they've started doing sequels to some story's but you can only call it a sequel when you finish the first one! Rather this is part 1 of a story, missing part 2 of 2. That's just disappointing and frustrating. 😤.
  31. Muntaha Disha: I didn’t find that plot quite interesting... & the way this story ends, I felt there's a room for another season..maybe... Overall, good but could have been better.....
  32. Naik Maniksha: It ended. Up out of nowhere 🤨🤨😬plz complete it and season 2 plz.
  33. Thuy Tran: I always love your Games and I think how you get gem is pretty easy so thank you for making such a great app I can't wait for the season 2/part 2❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  34. [•Itz-Gacha- Lysa•]: Since I'm the first one to rate I'll be rating this 5 stars as I usually rate the other apps, it looks great and I'll be playing it now:) Please don't stop making this apps :) Okk anyways thank for making this app for us. Dang, is it just me or it needs a season 2? Welp, anyways this is so good. I'm really mad at F-45 now, tho I still love A-15 and C-02 or should I say Simon -w-. Still I think this game needs a season 2..
  35. Neve Szrama: I love the game but it suddenly ends and theres no new season so i dont know whats going on and it ends suddenly?!?!..
  37. Angel Loveline: Plz make a season 2 this is so good.
  38. Carol Wainman: What the hell? It just stopped when the story got good. Usually there is a blurb afterwards telling you when the second season will be released but there was nothing!! Please let us know when the next season will be ready you can't just leave it like that!.
  39. Bita Thounaojam: I haven't try this but I'm preety sure it's gonna be good 👍.
  40. Anika A: Please hand over the second season.
  41. Megija Kolodejeva: The game should have an option to pick your gender, which would be better in my opinion.
  42. Pushpita Chakraborty: Amazing story.Waiting for S2.
  43. Zahraa Tofaily: This game is soooo cool please keep going and take care of your selfes ❤️❤️🥰.
  44. Angelica_ Sister_zy: I really love the characters especially Andrew ❤️ But the same time I can't wait to continue this story .it has great story line anyways..
  45. Manasvi Kanna: Why does the game end so abruptly it has no proper ending... Or maybe another season..??.
  46. Eliza-Nell Botes: I love this game hope there's a season 2 😘💕💗.
  47. Sashiko Tsu: The story was so mind wrecking, sci-fic are so rare for otome games I love this so much, the art brought out a lot for the atory it was so interesting, I hope season 2 comes out fast I'm usually patient with stories but this is different the betrayal the mc went through and just making it a cliffhanger nope, Definitely need season 2..
  48. Kaa Chan: It's an awesome game genius games I love it!!!.
  49. Jennifer Wines: I love these guys and more so so guys.
  50. Hazel Diza: WHAT THE HECK!!! That was an illegal cliffhanger!😭 love the game but now...I don't trust anyone now😭👏.
  51. Deepa Ghosh: Love the storyline and graphics i just completed it and damnnn i can't wait for the next season please make season 2 fast i don't like cliffhangers the only problem with all of these games are probably the ruby thing mabe add a ad feature like 3 ads for a choice.
  52. bianca joerning: More adventures.
  53. Farah Danisha: 🌻.
  54. Hannah Jane Bautista: Kust reached the end ;-; I'm confused with the ending cause it's not like the other stories they've made so far. I'm guessing this isn't finish yet and that their still working on a part two? I honestly hope so since this was a really interesting one, that this'll be very disappointing if they don't continue it. But then again not all endings are happily ever after so it sort off makes sense....?.
  55. Lara Sanchez: I just finished it and I'm so surprised!! I want a second season, i really love this game 😭.
  56. poojitha s: As always the game is amazing and I cannot wait for season 2.
  57. Aditi Singhal: l have always loved genius Inc games they are the best 🥰 the games that are launched at the starting have the great stories ☺️but now some of the new Stories are getting boring. I hope you launch some interesting story just like you launched at the starting. I really liked fantasy and thriller stories ☺️. Thank you 😊❤️..
  58. Ritage Mohamed: Waiting for the next season.
  59. Santilata Murmumajhi: Now, I finished this game and found out that this is finished and I don't know that is this has choices in the end or not but it is different btw it was Good😁😁😘but is it finished in half or it has more for season 2🤔🤔.
  60. Kimora Taylor: This game gave me a mixed feeling. I do like the characters ( especially A-15), but I don't like how their wasn't as much of a interest into the mc then the others. I especially like sci-fi otomes and had high hope. I hope they offer a bit more in season 2. Until then.....
  61. Stardust Kurisu: I'm really excited for a new Sci Fi story! They're so rare in otome. I'll update the review after I play the whole game!.
  62. Vlogger Girl: I love it.
  63. Kironi Midhu shalini: I am so excited.
  64. Haizuchi *: Eh I played the first 4 eps and it wasn't as exciting as I hoped it would be,MC was too much of a headache.The men were ok though and also the plot,the ambience and some other stuff.Don't get me wrong, I love your games but I'm not gonna continue this one since I feel like it's not worth my time.Maybe make an MC that's not as ridiculous as the one in this game,I really REALLY suggest making her a natural born fighter.THAT WOULD BE REALLY INTERESTING. 🙃.
  65. Ann Treesa: Another awesome one 😩💕.

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Version: 3.0.20.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.7.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 10,000+.
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Developers: Genius Inc.
Votes: 846.
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