D-GLES (Mod,Hack)

Fight monsters in D-GLES, the best FPS source port on mobile devices.. D-GLES Mod vVARY

Update: 27/11/2022
Original price $: 1.99

Download D-GLES Mod VARY for android apk & iphone ios Varies with device

D-GLES is an unofficial 3D hardware accelerated source port of the Doom engine using OpenGLES. It makes full use of your smartphone/tablet’s GPU to deliver stunning graphics that were not present in the original version.

In the game D-GLES, you are a soldier fighting hordes of demons on an alien planet!
/******************************************** * ** *** *****/
If you experience a crash when trying to play another IWAD, remove “-loadgame 6” from the command line options in the launch window.
/***** * ***************************************** *****/

It supports:
– High Resolution
– Virtual Reality Mode (Cardboard) [Paid Option]
– Realtime Dynamic Lighting
– Particles Effects
– 3D monsters and objects (MD2)
– Blood splatters
– Realistic water effects
– Glow
– Lens flare
– Godrays
– Realtime shadows
br>- Xperia Play gamepad buttons (touchpad won’t be supported, maybe later)
– Keyboard support (USB, bluetooth, embedded)
– Gamep ad support (Analog stick support on Android >= 3.1 ): Moga, Shield, X360, … (not compatible with Moga Pocket on Android Lollipop and later)
– Key Bindings (Xperia Play / USB GamePads / Keyboards)
– Android TV Support: Highly recommend the gamepad, you can run apps without it, but I really like it because it has no buttons.

—– ——- ——————————– — ——

D-GLES Freedoom 和Requiem Megawad。
If you own a commercial game (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, TNT or Plutonia), please copy the wad file to the following location on your device: /sdcard/Kokak/DoomGLES/

For more details on playing commercial games and customizing pwads, visit here: http://kokak.free.fr/android/DGLES.htm#wads

Read this Learn how to control D-GLES here: http://kokak.free.fr/android/DGLES.htm#controls

Learn how to set up online games here: http://kokak.free.fr/android /DGLES.htm#network

If you have problems, questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me or visit the FAQ here: http://kokak.free. fr/android/DGLES.htm#faq

History here: http://kokak.free.fr/android/DGLES.htm#news

Follow on http://www us. facebook.com/KokakGames

This application is a source port released under the GPL license. “Doom” is a trademark of “id software”. All trademarks are used under fair use terms: use is nominative. Kokak is not affiliated with “id Software”.

Free download D-GLES (Mod,Hack) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version VARY. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Fight monsters in D-GLES, the best FPS source port on mobile devices.. Developed by Kokak. Operating system requirements Varies with device. Mature 17+.

Game Hack Features D-GLES MOD

  • - Unlock All
  • - Free Premium
  • - Boosters
  • - No Ads
  • - No Reload

Game Version D-GLES Paid MOD

  • - Download Free Mobile
  • - Unlocked Free
  • - Free Purchase
  • - No Ads
  • - Unlocked Paid

– VR: Right stick heading support.
– VR: Added Y offset for HUD (in options/graphics)
– VR: no touch interface forced.
– Check storage permission before launching the game.
– Android TV crash fixed (due to uncompressed textures)
– VR now works on Daydream devices (S8, Note 8, etc.)
– Now, each iwad has its own set of savegames
– Added VR support (on supported devices)
– Added uncompressed textures formats (faster loading, but may be slower ingame).

New comment

  1. Miguel S: Cheat code not responding.
  2. james fowler: Have had this for a few years I had to regrab it for the new 5g phone. Something has gone terribly wrong though during one of your updates. The levels start fine then the monsters keep respawning like you are in nightmare mode now. This really makes it It kind of unplayable anymore as you are bombarded with hordes of demons over and over. Other than that it plays just like doomsday frontend but playing via controller instead of a keyboard for a PC. Would love to see it fixed dude..
  3. Mark Williams: Can the dev send me a iwad that works cuz not I used worked.
  4. rohit jolly: Hi cant add mods (especially brutal doom) kindly help.
  5. danis: Worst doom source port the texture are mostly invisible like the floors are invisible the walls the items and even the door dont buy this it's not worth it i want my refund.
  6. Ian Botterill: Absolutely love this Doom D-GLES apk. Got freedoom, doom, doom1, doom2, plutonium and tnt wads working fine. Lovely graphics enhancements. Any ideas how to get any other iwads working?please if someone could let me know as would like to try another doom style wad through D-GLES but not sure how to do that and any help would be appreciated?.
  7. A Google user: Was 5 stars until VR update. Now when I try to run the app, the message prompts for "VR to work, turn off battery saver" and "VR to work set phone screen to high resolution" prevent me from running the application... Even though I have no desire to run Doom in VR. Only solution is to mess with my phone settings in order to get around the message prompts. Please remove this or add a setting change to turn it off!.
  8. JoJo TooFor9Eight: Not a good source port. Keeps crashing, several puzzling inaccuracies as well like how transparent textures are broken. The sound is bugged and delayed, the framerate is capped at like 30 or something, numerous numerous issues..
  9. Druettus Edward T.: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.
  10. A A (BigStronk): I want a refund.
  11. sergio Mendez: You guys should make doom2.
  12. Umar Qarni: Oh Nooo, DOOM original GLES is better !! This D-Gles is rubbish because it different compared original DOOM. We need Classics DOOM remastered !!!!.
  13. Miguel Sereno: Controls are extremely hard to program on the DualShock4 and the look-around on the controller is super slow even with sensitivity to its max..
  14. Deepankar Das: only doom engine port on android with VR support ( I have not bought VR mode yet but the demo one works).
  15. Ed Richardson: Far from the best source port, only worth it for vr but even that is rough to navigate and not worth the effort involved. Get delta touch instead, its awesome! Delta touch is the best way to play doom and mods on android 👍.
  16. David Hines: Excellent.
  17. Doctor Design: Get Freedoom don't waste your money on this.
  18. Nabil Ahmed: I sent email 5 time no for Huawei mate 30 pro he reply me.
  19. Lizzy Glizzy: Keymapping is NEVER getting fixed at this point. Edit: Yep can't do VR at all if you don't fix the keymapping, since Dela Touch has so much variety I only wanted this for VR but if you're not going to fix keymapping I'm not gonna bother. What a joke.
  20. A Google user: Cannot swap controls in freedoom and in lowest sensitivity setting the guy is allover the place. I really would like real adjustable control settings..
  21. A Google user: I wanted to message the DEV, please add a file browser for custom wads. For people reading for a review, I absolutely love it, using it on nvidia shield pro and it looks great. theres a lot of graphics settings you can mess with to get it the way you like. I recommend to try different graphic setting combinations as it changes as different settings are on or off..
  22. A Google user: Very Good!!!.
  23. A Google user: Stopped working for me ,only loads doom, no other features..
  24. A Google user: Everything is awesome, except for controls. I didn't found any controls configuration. Maybe i just don't understand..
  25. A Google user: Key mapping definitely needs work, and the in game keyboard doesn't work AT ALL... Other than that it's a pretty solid game..
  26. A Google user: The demo let's me play in VR MODE, but the paid version asked me to buy VR MODE the demo offered for free so I refunded my purchase and went with the demo, as it has more features.
  27. A Google user: Defenitly should add levels to this game i love the graphics to.
  28. A Google user: Really fun and bloody! I love it!.
  29. A Google user: Tacky visuals, poor performance, very little customization, genuinely painful to look at. I wouldn't say this is a particularly great source port, or even a good one. Pick up literally any of the other source ports..
  30. A Google user: its awsome but im having a couple issues. First problem is when playing VR mode there is a pause button and a 1 inside a box that is in the middle of the screen and it wont go away. Next issue is cheats dont work, I have a keyboard and mouse hooked up to the phone. Lastly I just played through doom2 lvl1 and I couldnt pick up ammo or weapons. By the end of the level I was just punching imps. I think the app is great but needs to be finished. Im happy with what I got but ill be using DVR for now.
  31. A Google user: Lots of fun just like Doom!!!.
  32. A Google user: I like it its like the original with 3D/good graphics has the same feel to it and controls are easy to handle!!!.
  33. A Google user: Way better than official Doom 1 and 2 Bethesda ported. I HONESTLY don't know what all the bad reviews are about. This plays my purchased Doom wads from steam, has a bunch of optional and customizable graphics settings, and toggle button for "always run", and mappable buttons. I was a little confused about how to install the wads at first, but realized that I could just add the folders myself. If you're wondering where the wad directory is, you can just make it yourself: sdcard/Kokak/DoomGLES..
  34. A Google user: Now that actual Doom is out on Android I have to come here and give 5 stars because this version is simply better. After I see a massive company like Bethesda suck so hard I can now see how awesome the work you guys have done really is. Still suffering odd flicker that seems to make the game entire app darker than others. Hard to explain. It doesn't make it unplayable though..
  35. A Google user: love game. been dreaming about playing this game in vr for over 20 years. bought the full version but only one side of the veiw is working.cant wait to play more levels. please help..
  36. A Google user: trying to use Google cardboard on a S7 but the Vr split screens aren't working correctly and creates a distorted picture.
  37. A Google user: really gotta tone down the lens flare and godrays, imho. this game looks AMAZING with a little .cfg file tweaking. one disappointment is no Android based wad converter... i love this and use it for all the originals but bought the other soon engine collection to play customs. thanks for this App though. great work..
  38. A Google user: VR didn't work. Only right side of the display appeared and didn't seem to recognise an official xbox 360 pad via otg. Buggy and laggy. What a disappointment..
  39. A Google user: Pretty awesome, but seems to start in VR mode (dim, rapidly flickering screen) No response from developer?.
  40. A Google user: Updated Review: So I moved the game files to internal memory as opposed to the SD card as the game actually instructs and it works! I'm increasing my rating from two to four stars. Would do 5 stars if it supported mods and remapping the controller, but it is pretty good as is..
  41. A Google user: The 3D models are nice, I just wish this could run at 60fps. Please release the models so I can use them on PC. Preferably GZDoom..
  42. A Google user: Not only by Far the best version of Doom on the Play store (the proper Doom, not those Shonky ports that feel inferior in everyway to the original game) its also one of the best shooting games I've played on mobile, ( with a V.R version included that I've not played). If you take a minute to tweak the control sensitivity lighting and graphics in the options it really is an impressive version, playing for months and haven't completed, would love to see more FSPs from developers like GoldenEye..
  43. A Google user: Is there a way to mod doom using this app ? i read the description but i just dont get it, it looks confusing..
  44. A Google user: It crashes way to often and you should fix that. And please make the settings more easy please..
  45. A Google user: For some reason my character is always running no matter what, even if the always run button is on or off or if I enable or disable always run option from D-GLES menu. That is my only complaint, other than that this app is perfect..
  46. A Google user: without internet connection game is not working due to some DRM profection. I have legal copy AND CAN NOT USE IT !!!!!.
  47. A Google user: I was able to pull the WAD files of an old PC. Love this old game. Little buggy after extensive play, would become non responsive, would have to close and reopen. Learned real quick to save my progress..
  48. A Google user: Decint.
  49. A Google user: controls need fixing.
  50. A Google user: I have reinstalled this to give it one last try before writing it off completely as a terribly implemented source port. The main menu is very poorly designed, the app causes my pixel 2's oled screen to flicker, will not read my wads when put in the correct folder. I finally got it to load the included freedoom and the controls were set up for a controller by default and I was not going to struggle through the menus setting it up for touch. There are other, better options for playing hi quality Doom on the go. Delta Touch and even the freedoom app have this one beat in usability. Delta even allows most add-ons and mods, like brutal Doom, and high res textures. I also don't like making VR an additional cost, it should be free to existing app purchasers to show off to their friends, leading to new app sales..
  51. A Google user: Would like a refund.
  52. A Google user: Great Doom Source port for Android.
  53. A Google user: Need Support .pk3 file to play other mod!.
  54. A Google user: I tried opening doom 2 but it keeps kicking me out. do I need the other games with them?.
  55. A Google user: its GREATLY AMAZING (for those of you who want to find a solution to having not to wait for level datas to load just go to the kokak site D-GLES and download atc datas or others depending on what device you have once its done downloaded go in the file extract it,put it in kokak/DOOMgles AND DONE!)reminds me of when i was 5 playing doom and i still play it : ).
  56. A Google user: i give this a 4 star rating cause some of this needs fixing (like Doom wad in the first chapter the textures are corrupted with random colors) and i give this a 4 star rating cause it is a good app with built in datas so i dont need to get the datas myself,i just need to put wads thats it..
  57. A Google user: Thanks for this port, but it is super disappointing. Menu is horrible, worst design ever. Very slow on Note 8. VR would be better with Geae VR/GO. Who is using cardboard? Disappointed, but i support you cause of vr..
  58. A Google user: Amazing but can't support .pk3 files yet plz make that it may enable to play mod games like brutal doom.
  59. A Google user: Great, but needs the PS1 soundtrack added. Its possible to add the mp3s yourself but they don't loop. It will just play once then stop. The original music is corny butt-rock. It in needs the moody and ambient sounds from the PS1 games to make it complete..
  60. A Google user: I already bought the app, why do I need to buy VR mode? Feels like just a little cash grab. Infact this source port isn't even as good as Freedoom, a free source port of doom on the app store that supports custom wads and mods. Freedoom also has a much friendlier interface. I supported this app for over a year. But Freedoom is now my go to app for dooming on the go..
  61. A Google user: Definitely worth the money even if it's a bit buggy. 1.some walls and floors won't render at all and will cause some confusion (all official wads have had this happen). 2. Some levels on the freedoom+requiem wad seem bugged as it'll crash anytime a save is attempted. 3. Loading the game multiple times (save scumming) can lead to the textures being rendered in a really odd green/purple pixel mess that can be fixed by killing the app and reopening Outside of these three bugs that are fairly frequent it is well worth the price of admission.
  62. A Google user: Decent Doom port, however it has flaws. Levels take too long to load- a good 15-30 seconds, even with advanced model and lighting features all off. Graphics glitch out often- the palette gets messed up and the colors are all wrong. Also, this is a port of vanilla Doom, meaning many modern mods and mapsets are not compatible, I'll including most popular mods such as Brutal Doom and Complex Doom. While this is a decent port otherwise, there's no real incentive to pick this over the newer, smoother, more advanced, and free GZDoom port..
  63. A Google user: i need controller support so i need a refund now please.
  64. A Google user: Laggy as all hell on S6 and XD Plus..
  65. A Google user: I want to play complex DooM. And even better I want to play it online.
  66. A Google user: Amazing af.
  67. A Google user: You should at least update that old beautiful mod of yours into the newer version.
  68. A Google user: Lots of fun and glad to see such a pretty version of a game that I grew up with. This was the first game I had ever played in my life. Good too see it ported and updated for my phone. Can't recommend this game enough loads of fun and well worth the money..
  69. A Google user: Great on Nvidia Shield TV.
  70. A Google user: Playing the original Doom wads. There are a few issues - it's painfully slow to load. Takes probably around 20-30 seconds to load a map, even from a save. Admittedly this is on a Note 3, so newer phones might be a lot faster. There are some bugs, e.g. sometimes the textures don't load properly, and everything appears all colourful and messed up. The only way to fix is to restart the app. There's a draw distance on large maps, and sometimes walls and ceilings don't render properly, and you can see into rooms. I can forgive most of these though, because it's Doom and it plays well..
  71. A Google user: This is solid. Need a powerful device for full settings enabled. Runs pretty well on madcatz mojo and j7 perx.
  72. A Google user: It's everything I hoped for. The only thing I would like is a stereoscopic option for the vr viewing..
  73. A Google user: Its great 4.8..
  74. A Google user: This engine port works great on my Galaxy Note8. Graphics and effects are improved substantially, and everything runs at a solid framerate. All supported WADs launch and run flawlessly. The only flaw I can find is about controllers customization. The Dpad on my Ipega 9053 extensible gamepad is not working, although the keys register in the configuration menu in-game. Using the triggers for strafe left/right stops working when pressing the fire button at the same time. Default controls set strafing on the right analog stick and turning on the left stick, which is awkward for me since I'm used to playing Doom with a digital gamepad on PC. I really look forward to improved controllers support in upcoming versions. For now I'll give it 5 stars because everything else works a treat without any hassles..
  75. A Google user: Doom fan since the floppy disk version, All in all it is a really great job, basically doomsday minus the 3d self(hands and weaps) but the plus is some badass water effects, the only solid port for android period! I would give it 4 stars for the solid effort on your freeware core, the just-close-enough doom hud and sound cloning are kind of jarring in terms of aesthetics. not that the work is bad but after playing doom for 20 years the hud and sound are not quite right, but I can live it.. gonna test a real doom wad on here. Will it still have these sounds and hud? I wonder? if its classic doom with the wads ill come re-rate it to 5 stars.. keep up the good work! :) UPDATE yeah doom works gloriously, but why not doom2 it fails at load, am i missing something? after getting doom to run I give that part a 5 stars. solid job man. have you figured out why doom2 isnt working? gonna try tnt and plutonia wads next. solid job man. thank you. 5th star added..
  76. A Google user: Has many glitches on my moto e4.
  77. A Google user: Not bad, the new graphical effects are a bit unnecessary, and turning them off doesn't improve the off putting loading times..
  78. A Google user: When I try to load doom .wad many objects are missing..
  79. A Google user: Beautiful work! Can I play Heretic with this? Can't seem to find Heretic gles anymore ☹️.
  80. A Google user: Having issues trying to use my MOGA Pocket controller. Don't know why, it stopped reading the controller..
  81. A Google user: Great app. Options and rendering works great. It's just starting to show its age a little bit. Needs an update.
  82. A Google user: This app is excellent. Once I got used to the controls on my phone and tweaked them a bit I was able to tackle Ultra Violence mod with no issues. Like another poster has said though, sometimes sections of wall textures are missing or the ceiling from another part of the map appears when it shouldn't. I have the correct version and downloaded the extra files from the FAQ. If this gets fixed I'd rate it 5 stars :).
  83. A Google user: Excellent port of Doom plays almost all wads I've tried..
  84. A Google user: It does what it suppoesd to do.
  85. A Google user: The only issue I have to point out is that the camera control is a tad choppy, and MOGA gamepads are NOT supported. Other than that, the graphics are amazing for a source port, and the game loads Doom II great. Over-all a wonderful port; well worth the money..
  86. A Google user: Very complex to use if you want to go out of your way and use the commercial iwads. Looks nice though..
  87. A Google user: I want a refund, the controls are terrible!.
  88. A Google user: When is the options of doom and doom 2 are gonna come put or if they are tell me how to get them.
  89. A Google user: Wonderful.
  90. A Google user: Loved it.
  91. A Google user: Best game ever!! Wads work flawlessly. I wish I can customize my controller more and an option for screen splitting for VR use. Trying to get project brutality working..
  92. A Google user: I love it.
  93. A Google user: Love the game. Very reminiscent of the original, but cannot figure out how to load wads :(.
  94. A Google user: (Newer edit): I can confirm that at least on my Xperia Play that I've got Ultimate Doom running after having went to the D-Gles website and converting all the wad and music files with the DLGES2 converter. (3rd Edit:) I've worked around the failed license check. I have to have sync activated in account settings, I have to delete the data and stop the Google Play and Play Services app, as well as clear the data of D-Gles. And then and only then, will it have success in checking the license. It's a pain but now that it's working (For how long without having to recheck the license?) it's looking like a very good app..
  95. A Google user: The game crashed whenever I try to play.
  96. A Google user: THIS IS THE BOMB. More than what I could've asked for. All I wanted to do was play Doom on my phone, and was expecting to find $5- $10 straight port of the original game somewhere on the play store. BUT THIS, does a bit more than that and it's very well priced. With this you're getting an entire engine that can run doom wads. So instead of just getting one doom game you get them all, and a bunch of other really cool wads you can find on the internet. On top of that the added effects are TOP NOTCH. I was actually surprised at how much more immersive and entertaining I found this already immersive and entertaining FPS got. And it runs perfectly smooth on my phone with all these effects. The controls aren't even that intrusive god what more can I say just buy this so this guy will have more money and make it even better!!.
  97. A Google user: As soon as I died it crashed and wouldn't start back up.
  98. A Google user: This game is so awesome. I'm an original i guess. Windows 95 haha. Even had mortal kombat on Windows 95..
  99. A Google user: Meh? I like the other one better.
  100. A Google user: DEFINITLEY WORTH THE MONEY! I bought this because I wanted to play doom but I didn't realise I could put my full copies into it and play it as well which made it even better play the graphic options made the experience wonderful! 10/10 I'm very satisfied with this app and got more than I expected. Edit: doom.wad (original) on 1.9 has missing walls and floors even though it is updated..
  101. A Google user: Fun.
  102. A Google user: Any one know how to add different wads instead of doom 1&2,plutonia or tnt.
  103. A Google user: It's the best Android port we have. It can be improved but it works! :).
  104. A Google user: I bought this and it was doom now it's only free doom how do I get the original game back.
  105. A Google user: The game seems good, but I hate playing games like that with virtual controls. It's supposed to auto detect my MOGA Pocket, but it doesn't. It's why I bought the game, so I'm frustrated..
  106. A Google user: Got to play doom 2 Thanks for your support Best App Ever.
  107. A Google user: Runs Doom on Android! Even dual core processors run fine! On-screen controls are very good. Runs all my Iwads (ultimate Doom, Doom 2) that I've tried. Dev is very good at answering emails for help requests..
  108. A Google user: Would love VR.
  109. A Google user: I don't know how to set. Up controls.
  110. A Google user: This game is rad on its own. I downloaded what i thought was a few wad files to my phones s.d. card but they wont run in the game. Not sure if i am missing a step after copying them to my card and playing them with the source port. This is prob a stupid question but like i said im new to doing this sort of thing on my phone but i love DOOM and would be stoked to make this work. Thanks..
  111. A Google user: Doom freeware works fine, Doom 2 works fine, but Doom 1, TNT and Pleutonia do not, just a heads up, and that will knock 3 stars off.
  112. A Google user: Would you ever consider adding google cardboard support?.
  113. A Google user: Awesome game. Adventure and shooting the best. Very challenging just awesome for under 50 Mb wish all games was like this..
  114. A Google user: It's a game made to have a remote not touch screen.
  115. A Google user: The graphics are awesome.
  116. A Google user: Everytime you get in the game it downloads things, if you can't download them the game doesn't start. It's doesn't give you independence and forces you to constantly rely on the developers to check if you are connected with the latest files. That's not the spirit of doom. The water effects are just ugly gimmicks that don't go well with the overall atmosphere of doom. Nowadays the only good port to play doom in an Android device is doom touch. Don't download this. It's a waste of money and space..
  117. A Google user: With Beloko stopping support I needed a new doom player on my phone. This is an excellent replacement. With stunning extra effects such as water.
  118. A Google user: Hey this doesnt work at all, i spent 2 bucks on something that cant startup i need a refund.
  119. A Google user: doom 2 refuses to run right the walls are invisible and the enemys pop in and out. and yes my copy of doom works fine because i can play brutal doom with it on my pc.
  120. A Google user: Creates no kokak directory in internal storage, so if your phone has no sd card slot, this app is useless. 1 star until this is fixed or corrected..
  121. A Google user: ITS SUPER WORTH IT!!! Fast paced like classics.
  122. A Google user: Love it so very much.
  123. A Google user: When is the next update coming out? Will brutal doom soon be downloadable for doom goes? What do you type in command box to play multiplayer?.
  124. A Google user: I want doom in all of my consoles.
  125. A Google user: Its worth your money either way, and the features included all work perfectly and are well implemented. But if it had other features like Mod support or allowed for better customizability with its controls and certain graphical features maybe I'd give it five stars. EDIT: The onscreen keyboard does absolutely nothing when in game. So thats weird.
  126. A Google user: With the recent updates and the gamepad support, this app is now perfect..
  127. A Google user: I have a nvidia shield tablet k1 and I am still having lag issues.
  128. A Google user: Loved Doom 20 years ago , still the best game ever with better graphics. Love it..
  129. A Google user: First couple of levels flawless the horrible stutter when water present hopefully it gets fixed this game is to sweet to be like this :(.
  130. A Google user: Im disappointed that the superior free doom port is no longer available. It was better in every way. Controls were better, better wad support, loaded instantly because it didnt have ridiculous graphic enhancements, if i recall correctly it did heretic and hexen too...AND IT WAS FREE. I hate how these greedy people think they deserve money for porting a port THAT DOESNT COST MONEY. But whatever...it gets the job done when theres no alternative. But...maybe there is an alternative? Psx emulator and psx doom...
  131. A Google user: There's actually an awful glitch where my hand is just cut off from the screen, like if my hud was there, but missing.
  132. A Google user: Great port, and the best way to play Doom on Android that I know of. Controls very well..
  133. A Google user: Everyone should own this simple links to the shareware version would be nice I understand why you had to remove it..
  134. A Google user: Could you add a restore controls to default please ?.
  135. A Google user: In the video demo it shows some gameplay from Strange Eons. I tried to load Pirate Doom, and it didn't recognize it. It's a full wad without any files it relies on. I'd appreciate a helping hand for that extra 1 star to make it a nice, clean 5 star review. Very very good effort and it a very impressive application! :).
  136. A Google user: Doom was my favourite down as a child once I stayed up for seven days playing Doom is still my favourite game of all time I wish they did a multi pack with Doom 1 Doom 2 final Doom doom 3 BSG version if you get a chance to play These please play I guarantee you'll will get hooked just like me so download this copy now and started your adventure great for all.
  137. A Google user: It's great! It can play really smoothly on my tablet and even better with a controller. If you're using a controller, map the FIRE button to R1 for better controls and change the weapon cycle buttons to somewhere else. The graphics are way better that it was originally, and I realized how much better the PC version is compared to the DOSbox and SNES..
  138. A Google user: This app deserves 5 stars but brutal doom didn't work with it so i give it 4 stars.
  139. A Google user: How does a 20 year old game suffer frame rate issues on an Nvidia SHIELD? 10 fps is fine. EDIT: It's usually just on certain spots on some levels. I haven't played in a while and I can't right this moment, but it's within the first or second level where I find a massive frame drop going up a set of stairs. I'm on a shield K1, haven't had it too long..
  140. A Google user: This is one of the best ports of the Doom 1 (and 2) source code. Of course, it ships with fanmade map-set (WAD file) called "Freedoom" for copyright reasons. No problem, just download the original WADs from here: pc-freak(dot)net(slash)blog(slash)doom-1-doom-2-doom-3-game-wad-files-for-download-playing-doom-on-debian-linux-via-freedoom-open-source-doom-engine Then drop them inside the Kokak/DoomGLES folder. BTW it even works on Android TV with Nexus Player Remote..
  141. A Google user: Doesn't work with the moga pocket, won't load .wad files..
  142. A Google user: Why is this the only emulator on the play store? Compared to the old emulators, this one is pretty bad. Graphic features that were added are completely unnecessary. Controls are awful but it works with no crashes. Would like to see aim assist, mappable buttons like SNES9x, a crosshair, and a d-pad instead of joystick for movement. These are simple features that will make the game much easier to play without a game pad. Also there are barely any options in the options menu. 5 stars IF it had those features.
  143. A Google user: The on screen touch controls are awful and mapping a gamepad is near impossible. Ive tried everything. This app is useless.
  144. A Google user: Works well, other than some control problems that really bother me. How come it cannot detect that up and down on my gamesir d-pad are two different controls? Why can't I use the d-pad to move? I can only move down in the menus, can anybody help me out?.
  145. A Google user: Ill have my moga pocket controller connected and then ill turn off no touch controls but it wont recognize my controller?! I bought it for the sole reason of having a new game to run on my controller, and if i cant accomplish that goal i will seek out a refund..
  146. A Google user: Could u make it so ANY .wad file can be played??? PLEASE????????.
  147. A Google user: Doesn't work.
  148. A Google user: ...enjoyed this version. Hope to see more classic games like this. 😊.
  149. A Google user: I tried three IWADs: ChexQuest, Freedoom Phase 1 and Freedoom Phase 2 (both Freedoom wads were v0.10, which is the latest.) ChexQuest crashed instantly and both Freedoom Phases crashed on menu. My suggestion: Don't even bother with this source port. I'm sure there are better ones out there..
  150. A Google user: When I downloaded doom I wanted doom not a game that has just stole the engine and even though I paid for this its still saying free version.

Download Instructions D-GLES latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download D-GLES mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link d-gles-modhack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Kokak.

- Download D-GLES mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file d-gles-modhack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download D-GLES original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download D-GLES Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download D-GLES for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Kokak provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install D-GLES file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it D-GLES Mod Apk on Android & D-GLES Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: D-GLES Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=69791

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored d-gles-modhack.APK & d-gles-modhack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again d-gles-modhack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of D-GLES on your phone.


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Evaluate: 1969.
Content rating: Mature 17+.
Installs: 10,000+.
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Developers: Kokak.
Votes: 4.0.
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