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Dice World – Dice Games [Hack,Mod]

Yatzy, Farkle, Threes, 1-4-24, Balut and Pig!. Dice World - Dice Games Mod v12.03

Update: 28/09/2022
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Download Dice World - Dice Games Mod 12.03 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

The only dice game you must have!

Join everyone around the world and get Dice’n!

Why? Because there are six dice games in one app, there are many different game options. Play on PC, play against other users or enter tournaments and win dice coins!

Currently available dice games include Farkle, Yatzy, Threes, 1-4-24, Balut… and Pig! We are always working to add more.

Farkle – Fun risk and reward game! Also known as Farkal, Zilch, or 10,000.
Yatzy – A classic game that everyone can enjoy!
Thres – Lowest score to win strategy game! Also known as “Tripps”.
1-4-24 – Get 1s and 4s and score!
Balut – Intellectual Challenge! The gameplay is similar to poker!
Pig – Simple, Fast, Fun and Addictive! . You will love to hate this pig!

Defeat Trump, Arnold and Hough! The voice of a professional imitator and comedian!

You can play dice world anytime, anywhere with anyone in the world!

– Defeat any funny computer player!
– Friends
– Friends
– Solo!
– Tournament!
– Random opponents!
– The possibilities are endless!

Key Features:

•Completely suitable for the visually impaired!

•Daily Tournaments!

•Play multiple matches against different opponents at the same time!

•Turn-based gameplay. Two players don’t have to be online at the same time!

• Track which countries in the world your opponents are playing in!

•Excellent stats – wins, losses, draws, high scores… all documented!

• Leaderboards – Are you good enough to be a global leaderboard? Represent your country!

•Chat with your friends while playing – now with audio option!

•Player Leaderboard – Progress from the DiceJoke starting level to the highest surprise level! Be the first in your country to accomplish this feat!

•Seamless integration with push notifications for lightning fast gaming.

• Detailed help for each game helps new players get started.

•100% Callback Access! We are proud to offer our games to the visually impaired.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dice World!

Free download Dice World – Dice Games [Hack,Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 12.03. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Yatzy, Farkle, Threes, 1-4-24, Balut and Pig!. Developed by AppA11y, Inc.. Operating system requirements 4.4. Everyone 10+.

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Game Version Dice World - Dice Games Paid MOD

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Critical Android 12 Notification crash fix.
Start game option added to user profile screen.
Start game option added back when avatar clicked on activity feed..

New comment

  1. Stacey Price: Good game... until it froze and would not let me play again...
  2. Kathy Burton: I love it.
  3. Tammy Blevins: Was a really cool game but now it freezes every few plays 😞😡.
  4. Shannon Reid: Addictive. Love balut game for some reason I can't explain even to myself..
  5. Suzanne: Note to developers- it's no fun playing when you get a farkle every other turn! This game has gone crazy.
  6. Harry Decourcy: Like game I can log into my account on my 2phones using my Facebook but I can't on my tablet it froze I uninstalled it rd installed it now only as a guest can't get rewards or move off first level would give five stars but not till it syncs with my Facebook account I'm harry0935 on my account on my 2 phones.
  7. Vishwadeep Yadav: Very bad game dies world in not gold unable adar issues.
  8. Alvin Paxton: This latest update is bad, games crashes and dice speed is super fast. No more game notifications.
  9. Laurie McLellan: WOW! From what I can see just by playing the new updated game, Dice World developers have fixed the "Free Gold" option in the game with the advertisements. I have changed my previous review of 2 stars up to 4 stars. Thank you very much for listening you great folks you!!.
  10. Charity Branscum: They promise that its not rigged in the computers favor and if thats true then something else is wrong because the computer wins way more than i do and with crazy rolls of 5000 or more. It catches up to you and will pass you. I love farkle n would like it to be a little more realistic like why do we have to stop at 300 99% of the time? Even the pc does because if you dont you will farkle. We've always rolled way more times irl. Never have we stopped with so little points. Its really annoying..
  11. Trisha Wilson: Love This Game!!! Multiple Dice Games, Fun And Play Real People!!!😁.
  12. Alleah Beard-pace: I love this app but I wish it was way better on android you can't seem to block people or anything like that I wish more options were open on android and not just on ios.
  13. Moira Clay: Used my Google points to buy 500 gold and they were never credited to me.
  14. Jake S: I am getting my butt kicked because I cannot get any videos to play for gold. Another user said it is unavailable for Android users. This correct?.
  15. Spicy Irwin: BEST GAME OF ALL! U make friends from around the world & play all games of dice with them. Plus u can play a bonus round which makes yatzy so much more fun. U can play robot or a human 24/7 & even chat. U just cant top this game!.
  16. Gale Johnson: I really love this game however I'm paying for a monthly subscription for unlimited and it keeps using my gold so I think I'll be cancelling my subscription after this pay period is up..
  17. Jessica Briand: I really love this game and have been playing for years. It seems really slow loading lately and I can't change my picture or edit my profile and hard to get coins also. If those were fixed I'd give it a 5 star rating..
  18. Jess Elliott: today I purchased the 24 unlimited package thats supposed to include unlimited gold and dice. but I have yet to see it..
  19. Tuan Bui: Glad the game now has npcs to play against. Wish this version had achievements and announced dice color when using talkback like its ios counterpart. I also can't seem to find my level progress. Still, those are but minor gripes. This is still a solid game, so definitely get it and challenge someone. Updage: App hasn't been updated in ages and is behind iOS version infeatures. Voice recording dont work, chat room is a barely moderated drama fest and spam can so -1*. Be careful if you are new. :(.
  20. Tonya Knapp: Super fun and slightly addictive..
  21. paramjeet singh: The gold are very expensive in Indian currency And add more games Please start free gold feature.
  22. Tommy Bailey: Awesome. Farkle champion.
  23. Red 100: Always download on any phone I get!!.
  24. Tiffany Inez: Addictive & satisfying easy and challenging.
  25. Sheila Level: Lots of fun if I can get face book to reconnect me with Dice World..
  26. Trent Gagliano: This app is more blind friendly on iOS because VoiceOver is a more visual impairment friendly screen reader, but other then that I love this app! Oh, and this is one of the 5 mobile accessible games that actualy are acceessible!!! thx appa11y.
  27. Kamar Gamal: Adam. Youssef. Koki.
  28. Joanne Enriquez: Fun.
  29. Melodee Smith: Fun.
  30. John Greenler: Not a true random roll for dice.
  31. Isabella Lainson: Addicting & quite the entertaining game! Luv the talk back. It makes it more fun..
  32. A Google user: Simple game. Friendly chat, accessible, too. The game is very entertaining, but can lag a lot, and profile pictures take quite a while to load..
  33. John Bennett: I enjoy the game, and it's one of the few that my wife also has on her iPhone, but my sounds setting get getting reset. I have them all turned off and at least once a week, the default sounds are turned back on..
  34. Tony Clark: Game is good as long as you play with a live person. It stuck if you playing tournament it is RIG your win 1 in 5000 games you can't watch the adds to get your stuff..
  35. Matt Littlewood: Does anyone ever check the validiy of the high scores? There are some players that never lose a game. I'm hundreds. Mathematicaly surely impossible in such games. The high scores too are dominated by one person. Seems too good to be true!.
  36. Karyn Norris: When playing 1-4-24 the computer always wins. In the over 30 games I have played, the computer maybe has gotten 3 X's, while I get 2-5 X's a game. Like dice world except for that factor. Think it's rigged. Would have given 5 stars if not for the reason I have written. Seriously, others have complained about the fact on 1-4-24 the computer always gets a 4&1 rarely gets an X and always wins.The premise of the game is great, but who wants to play if you always lose!.
  37. Scott Silver: Everyone likes it.
  38. NM G: One of my favorite games for a very long time, but recently the creators have really dropped the ball. Have not been able to get free gold for over a month. Then tonight every single game I was playing had ended saying I surrendered, even though it was just fine last night. This one will be deleted.
  39. Adrianna Trigo: By far the most accessible game, sit 🪑 q17.
  40. Trent Palumbo: Been playing for years. App stopped working 10 days ago. No response when I asked for help.
  41. Nina Engle: Fun game.
  42. Cecilia Noble: I absolutely love this game. The voiceovers for the competition is great!!!.
  43. Wendy Orren: The ads for free coin have stopped, runs a little slow. Problems if you get a call in the middle of a game..
  44. Paul Maxey: Only one gripe; I wish it would give the option of letting me play second when playing against the computer. Especially on Farkle, 1-4-24, and 3's, playing second is a huge advantage. On the plus side, the app is well-built and easy to navigate..
  45. Quentin Christensen: Full of ads, then suddenly said my username and password is wrong, even after resetting password. What a scam app!.
  46. Leticia Lay: It's fun when I'm bored.
  47. J B: Even though I am not blind, I think its awesome that the developers have made this game playable for the blind. It's also a very good game, I have been addicted for nearly 2 years now. Great Job.
  48. Shaun Williams Sr: Nice game but annoying issue. Settings keep resetting randomly. My sound in the game just turns back on without me doing it. Causes issues when I'm trying to play in a quiet area..
  49. Christopher Stouton: for android users, this game moves painfully slow. If I compare it to the IOS version of this game, the experience is much faster there. Not sure why..
  50. Mckimba Cat: Love this app.
  51. HuTcH Hutchins: It's great and fun to play.. But can't download my picture or take it won't download .. also won't let me save my new name and email and password.. keeps saying error.. please help me ... Then I'll give 5*s.
  52. Ze P: Your chat won't work, I receive but can't reply.
  53. John Luzong: This app has a lot of bugs and i cant get the free bonus points this needs a lot of work.
  54. Missy “Missy” Roth: GREAT 👍👍👍 !!! 3 thumbs up!!!.
  55. Zoe Strope: This is a great game on both android and iPhone. Though they both need some working on as not all features are the same..
  56. Nitin Kumar: This game is really trish game i clear the level 32 and I didn't received gold this game is really trish.
  57. Shayla Moreno: Computer is almost impossible to beat. It's one sided no fun when dice always works against you..
  58. Adrian Miller (Mr.Melinda Miller): Just can't figure out how to sign out. Can anyone help me out?.
  59. Rosa Slaymaker- Kirsch: Yuck.
  60. Lori Lynch: Fav dice app......for sure!.
  61. Dakota Hill: Good game but needs to have a way to shut sound off completely.
  62. Ronna Flawver: I like it because I get to play what I like..
  63. for hampangan: I hope, you will make more interesting games for the blind in the near future..
  64. Becky King: The game will not refresh at all it just shows me old games. This is a shame as I really like this app..
  65. Betty Jo Johnson (JettyBo): I enjoy the game when played against opponents. Not worth your time to play against the computer. Very seldom if ever win. If you don't win, you don't earn gold. Just played about 6 games of Farkle against the computer and lost every one of them. More frustrating than relaxing and enjoyable..
  66. Tyler Evans: Blind accessible and great with friends. I tend to not leave comments but, I did for the fact it deserves it..
  67. Bill Lee: So far, so good. Trash 6slking from Trump is great!.
  68. Raymond Swenson: The voice in this game is too annoying.....I selected selected selected to UNINSTALL..
  69. Christina Gipson (Chrissy): Love it.
  70. Robyn Shepherd: Nothing is working. I have tried to play against my mom and none of my rolls are going through. I can't email the creators. I can't chat with anyone. Nothing is loading. I have had this app since February and the problems started about a month ago. I hate to say it but I'm gonna have to get rid of the app. I love this app but see no point in keeping it if I can't do anything..
  71. Jaunene Kaeo (Pynappl): I enjoy the many choices of games and tournaments.
  72. Kelsey Hinote: Good game.
  73. Jennifer Hearnsberger: I have been playing this game for months now and infact i played so much that now my husband and 4 children all have this game. We all loved it. I had purchased gold a few times and never would recieve my gold and i just let it go. And then a couple times later i would email and you would return my gold. Well on aug.21st 2020 my husband and i both bought the gold for 3 days and never recieved our purchase and now it has happened again. Yall need to fix this issue..
  74. CINDY Trevey: Too many ads..
  75. Nelda Richardson: Keeps going in and out of service when I have full bars just didnt stay.
  76. Suzanne Levrault: Game is awesome.
  77. Elmo Ejdenwik: Super fun and rly funny voices for Trump, Hillary, and, Hoss.
  78. Christopher Koopman: Excellent selection of fun and classic dice games..
  79. Rocky: Good as gold.
  80. Kristy Vance: Its ok but glitches.
  81. Lorraine Holcomb: I love the game.
  82. Janet Hessling: Great play and can play with blind friends.
  83. Beverley Watson: Brilliant until I I changed my phone now i don't get the 5 daily gold for playing each day and no gold for entering tournaments..
  84. كعضيقة يقول مساء js: Salam is a great place to work for a.
  85. Marlene Russell.MacDonald: I love playing farkle. But dont like the other games.
  86. Geoff Casin: Yes I am going to say that I really do like the way you have this game setup for me and people that are like me, I am going to get to the point and by that I am speaking to the older people who are looking for something to help pass time ! Hey if you’re still at work, you want to get this to keep your mind going at a higher level of action and this will do it for you !.
  87. Luis: Cheats when playing against non-player. Way too many lucky rolls. Edit: wow, what a response. I now rate your product higher then you. It's like a 5 year old created this garbage app..
  88. Crystal Wenzel: Always loved itbut its way too hard to get more gold like1 per video bit taked 12 to 25 in a tournament for one entry not good an u use to giv 500 to start now only 250 crazy what if u could win gold when u say beat Hillary or trump or like othergames have where every 4 hrs u can check in an get more gold cause u can inly win gold on tournaments an unless u place in the gold ur only winning enuf gold to play 1 or 3 tournament's.
  89. Jessica Perkins: Play it everyday.
  90. Veronica Saldaña: Enjoy playing with people from all over. It has been freezing lately. Which is frustrating. I also wanted to know if there is a way to gift someone gold for bonus rounds? Thank for answering my questions. I also e-mailed you and appreciate the quick response. Love this game! I've made good friends! Definitelyrecommend!.
  91. Karen Kelly: Great... except the pig!! I get so mad!! And I can't stop playing 😭😁.
  92. DeeDee Gray: I like this app.
  93. Mary Sarchet: Enjoy it everydayn.
  94. Geneice hawkins: I am blind user and love this. Need more apps and games for blind people. Selection is non-existant..
  95. joshua david catubig: its nice.
  96. Diana Sleigher: I have played Dice World for several years now. I love the games and so many options to play. I have had a few issues with losing games, on the "one chance" tournaments, because the game does not auto save until you bank the 1st score. If you happen to hit the advertisement or even get a call before you that, you cannot re-enter that game. Overall, it great fun!.
  97. lesley777 robbo: Been playing this for a while now and love it only problem is I can't change my profile picture other than that it's fun..
  98. A Google user: I can play anytime I want and there's always someone to play with. It's easy to learn the games, it's fun to play. My daughter is blind and it's been hard to find games that we can both play until she found Dice World. The staff offer great support for any issue you might have and are very helpful. I highly recommend these games..
  99. A Google user: I Love this app. Ive had it for years now. However, I know I paid for it years ago and now its wanting to charge me again to remove ads. Could someone in dev take a look into this please?.
  100. A Google user: I have been playing Dice World for a few years now, and I have been addicted ever since. Not only is Dice World fun and addictive, it's also very accessible for everyone, including visually impaired users who use screenreaders. However, I cannot recommend it on the Android platform as I have experienced a lot of instability over the last couple of updates. Each time I try to load a game, the app will try to load it and then bring me back to the main screen. The iOS version is a lot more stable..
  101. A Google user: Game can be played offline but rules are online, especially i am an absolute beginner and i need the rules..
  102. A Google user: Good.
  103. A Google user: I an not getting notification again i had emailed you please fix that thanks.
  104. A Google user: luv it.
  105. A Google user: Great game. Great customer support with very nice people. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is because I still cant login with facebook. I love the games though!.
  106. A Google user: I love this game best I've ever played.
  107. A Google user: Too stupid app always bad luck for me.
  108. A Google user: relaxing.
  109. A Google user: Paird for dice world no adds app doesn't work.
  110. A Google user: I really like this game because it has Other games besides yahtzee..
  111. A Google user: I love this game!! Very addicting 😀.
  112. A Google user: In game ads that force open my browser? Goodbye uninstalled game..
  113. A Google user: Nice game alot of callages but it was getting alittle adictive for me and put alot of money and time into it.so i retired but it is or wad fun thank you..
  114. A Google user: It's funny, I've played almost 800 games and I have not once been asked to rate the game. I don't think that it is set up for random rolls. Every time you get a good lead, the computer coincidentally comes up with a role that will catch you, or pass you. Though I have watched numerous videos for free gold, I have not received 1 piece of free gold.
  115. A Google user: Awesome games!!!.
  116. A Google user: Nice game.
  117. A Google user: Great app, love the setup. Only problem is web links to rules, etc are dead..
  118. A Google user: Love the games, I had a problem and they fixed it very fast. It's a very addictive dice game app.
  119. A Google user: Hi. My name is Noah Long. I am a blind and visually impaired user of this app. You've made it very accessible to our community..
  120. A Google user: Changed to more stars after notifications were fixed. Good dice game with no video ads. Five games, fun to play with friends and random people. Most random random players actually finish their game or say hi. Never run into a rude or lude player. Next- work on new dice designs and computer opponents..
  121. A Google user: Its is a good game for blind person but there are some bugs need to improve..
  122. A Google user: Lost 10 times in a row to a CPU in yahtzee. Didn't even have any interest in trying anything else because of how horrible my dice rolls were constantly. CPU got yahtzee almost every time and I found it a struggle to even get 4 in a row.
  123. A Google user: Great game.
  124. A Google user: Best game ever! If u have trouble earning gold with ads, its worth the wait. Only happens occasionally but u can play with others from around the world! So many diffent types of strategies & luck to try ur fav. U can always play either a human or a robot with personality! Or just practice..
  125. A Google user: It won't let me log in dont try to download it.
  126. A Google user: Game play is good, but computer cheats way too much..
  127. A Google user: Good pass time. But game is rigged. Longer your off the better you will come ahead. Multiple times I'm opened user. Same for each. Make it less computer ran and open. I'll gladly raise stars. It's fun. But gets old learning the gameplay...
  128. A Google user: I loved this game until a day or so ago I couldn't play against anyone but the computer. Email twice but nobody ever let me know anything. Deleted....
  129. A Google user: Love this game.
  130. A Google user: I love this app but there's no back button I can never go on the previous page. Thank you for telling me that, I'm new to Android..
  131. A Google user: Just an idea but have a free bonus game of 1-4-24 in the tournament games. All the others, like yahtzee, pig, threes, etc. have free bonus games. Why not 1-4-24? I have emailed you and have received no reply as well..
  132. A Google user: I am not buying the rolls are completely random when playing against the computer. There are just too many insanely lucky rolls if/when the computer player isn't winning. If it was just random rolls, i would love this game..
  133. A Google user: Love love love it!.
  134. A Google user: Need data to play this game, no computer opponents,, Online game... READ ABOUT THE GAME BY THE DEVELOPER....
  135. A Google user: It cheats when playing against computer. Tested two times. Played against computer Trump, convient that it rolls me a farkle more and he gets straights on first roll as well as knowing when to stop..
  136. A Google user: Love playing Yahtzee with a few friends, and family! And anyone who likes to play Yahtzee also! 👍🐸.
  137. A Google user: I love the game is it possible to add the add all button for people that use talkback like on ios when using voiceover.
  138. A Google user: Good fun.
  139. A Google user: I dig it.
  140. A Google user: It's starting to replace my other games cuz it has a chat room for players. I see nothing but good for future of DW.
  141. A Google user: best dice app*** ever***.
  142. A Google user: Half of the time I can't get in and play cuz it's like it needs to update or something.
  143. A Google user: great if u like waiting.
  144. A Google user: i love the app but can you add the select all button like you did with apple voiceover sees it but talkback cant find it.
  145. A Google user: awesome variety of dice challenges.
  146. A Google user: really fun, been playing for years.
  147. A Google user: This game is soo boring. My fiance is blind and I would love a game that I can play with him that isn't soo boring. This game feels like work to me, not leisure..
  148. A Google user: Great app.
  149. A Google user: awesome.
  150. A Google user: Addicting.

Download Instructions Dice World - Dice Games latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Dice World - Dice Games mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link dice-world-dice-games-hackmod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher AppA11y, Inc..

- Download Dice World - Dice Games mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file dice-world-dice-games-hackmod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Dice World - Dice Games original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

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How to download & install Dice World - Dice Games file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Dice World - Dice Games Mod Apk on Android & Dice World - Dice Games Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Dice World - Dice Games Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=57851

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored dice-world-dice-games-hackmod.APK & dice-world-dice-games-hackmod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again dice-world-dice-games-hackmod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Dice World - Dice Games on your phone.

Download Dice World – Dice Games [Hack,Mod] [UNLIMITED APK + IOS]

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