DIY Boba: Bubble Tea Simulator Mod

DIY Boba: Bubble Tea Simulator Hack & Mod

Combine all toppings to create your very own DIY Boba Tea and a delicious bubble tea.. DIY Boba: Bubble Tea Simulator Mod v0.0.23

Update: 09/04/2024
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🤤 Are you a fan of bubble tea, whether it’s mixed or made through a DIY boba game simulation?

🤤 Ever dreamt of being a bartender, crafting your own boba tea creations and vibrant bubble tea concoctions?

If so, then DIY Boba: Bubble Tea Simulator is tailor-made for you. 🥂

🥤 DIY Boba: Bubble Tea Simulator offers an immersive DIY drink experience with a user-friendly interface. Embellish your bubble tea with a plethora of toppings. Whether you aspire to run a bubble tea shop or fancy yourself a boba tea aficionado, this game allows you to concoct delightful boba tea creations, sweet milkshakes, and refreshing juices.

🥤 Enjoy a lively gaming session with friends as you mix and match intriguing ingredients. Take a sip of your handcrafted boba tea, complete with the soothing sounds of tea being poured and bubbles popping. Explore an array of delightful gameplay options, layering drinks with pearls, fruit, and whipped cream to add complexity and vibrancy.

😍 Here’s what makes DIY Boba: Bubble Tea Simulator amazing:
🍹 Surreal effects, captivating sounds, and mesmerizing water ripples as you add toppings and ice cubes.
🍹 Diverse toppings including jelly bears, fresh fruits, pearls, and fruit pearls, ensuring a delectable experience.
🍹 Blend milk tea colors to witness magical transformations.
🍹 Craft delicious beverages like milkshakes, DIY bubble tea, and simulated juices right from your phone.
🍹 Unleash your creativity to design unique drinks.

🍻 Gameplay 🍻

  • Select your preferred bubble tea base.
  • Mix an endless combination of colorful and flavorful pearls, jellies, and fruits with ice to create your signature bubble tea.
  • Share your creations with friends and family.
  • Have a blast with this engaging game.

🍷 Tips:

  • If you make a mistake, you can discard the drink and start afresh.
  • Remember to shake your phone after finishing a drink.

👉 Dive into DIY Boba: Bubble Tea Simulator now to unleash your inner barista and whip up countless cups of bubble tea on your smartphone! Don’t miss out—download it today! 💕

  • Bug fixes implemented.
  • Enhanced gameplay experience.
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Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $1.99 per item.
Developers: Cat Studio.
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