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The horse dream in your pocket. Equestrian the Game Mod v8.0.2

Update: 26/05/2022
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Download Equestrian the Game Mod 8.0.2 for android apk & iphone ios 6.0 and up

Realize the dream of a horse! Equestrian games are horse riding and management games. Ride a horse and compete with horses of different breeds and personalities!

new function:
Participate in Season 1: Southwest Equestrian and win new rewards!
New breed: thoroughbred horses.
Customize your character with cool riding gear!

* Obtain complex horses of different breeds, temperaments and personalities
* Create your own equestrian character and starting horse
* Participate in equestrian competitions and upgrade levels
*Compete with other players in the tournament leaderboard
* Ride on wide trails, where you can explore and find time trials
* Build and upgrade your farm and expand your capabilities
* Find and collect different breeds of horses: Arabian horses, Swedish warm-blooded horses, Welsh Cobb horses, Frisian horses, thoroughbred horses-and many more horses.
* Train your horses to improve their statistics and prepare for success
* Feed your horses, give them energy and rewards
* Use different methods to equip your horse (saddle, bridle, saddle pad, horse jersey, boots)

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/t6ad9kDdtU

It is recommended to use Android 9 or higher. Recommended> 2GB RAM for smooth operation.

Do you have any questions? Visit https://equestriangamehelp.com

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Free download Equestrian the Game (Mod & Hack) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 545M) - Version 8.0.2. Released on November 8, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. The horse dream in your pocket. Developed by Kavalri Games AB. Operating system requirements 6.0 and up. Everyone.

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New comment

  1. Saoirse Moran: I love the idea of this game but I'm so annoyed like how do u jump and I agree with Amanda one the bug where they canter and I unhold the botton so they trot. Also it takes forever to load everything and was so glitch. Can you pls fix it I rky want to play this game bc it's such a good game as I'm an Equestrian 🥺💔.
  2. Keqing: The jump makes no sense, at least to me, it keeps stopping before I can do anything.
  3. Deleting_ In 321_: This is a amazing game the animations are great it's amazing how you can do the passage and everything else I just have a suggestion if this isn't already in the game it would be cool if you can sell your carrots and tack so if people don't want some tack anymore they could sell it and this might not be added into the game but it would be cool if you can do like multiplayer team jumping and dressage it's just a suggestion if you want to add it you can!.
  4. Benny and Keeva: It's seeming not to let me get the tack I want to wear on my horse and the horse keeps going back to trot and even if I hold the canter it still goes back to trot..
  5. Nicole Madden: Everytime i try to install it . It never downloads for some reason i cant dowload it ove been waiting for this amazing game but it wont work :(.
  6. Rita: Awesome game super relistic But the only thing is maybe add a few more breeds/coats of horses like maybe a clydy or a american paint but a breeds i'd love to see is a blanket appoloosa but all around it is a amazing game highely recomend..
  7. Amanda Mg Nally: Please fix the forward cue?!! It's so annoying when you want to canter and you hold on the button it usually stays but now when I'm concentrating in getting green bar before the jump the horse goes back to trot even tho I am holding down canter ?!!! I can't even keep the horse at working trot while holding down the button anymore?!! Please fix the game !.
  8. Michaela Hummerstone: I'm very happy with the game been keeping up with the updates on YouTube and you have done the equestrian community proud with your work FANTASTIC JOB GUYS!!!!.
  9. Megan Prue: Amazing.
  10. Hasse Verlinden: THE BEST HORSE GAME EVER!! The only thing that I think could be improved is the controls slightly easier. And we should be able to make a new account without having to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing.
  11. Tamsyn Fowlie: I can't do anything with my second horse and I have no idea why. There needs to be better information so I know what I need to do..
  12. Tylah Morley: Love this game but unfortunately recording software does not work on android, please fix this because id really love to share my experiences!.
  13. Leslie Coetzee: Its fun wicth is why i gave it 5 stars but it keeps kicking me out of the game.
  14. Briar Wyatt: Good game recommended to play do wish we could earn gold.
  15. Zane Conder: I think that at the start you should get more than 160 coin things. Overall I LOVE the game. Keep up the good work! can it work on keyboard?.
  16. Veritas: Downgrading my review to 3/5 stars because I'm starting to see typical money-hungry things working their way into the game. One massive example is that we can no longer restore our horse's energy with food unless we pay real money. Very disappointing..
  17. Jessie Biddle: Hi i just installedthe game and as i got on it kicked me out i would love to give this game more stars but can you please fix it i would love to try out the game.
  18. xXGalaxyXx: Thank you so much for releasing this game in europe i wanted to play it so much.
  19. Paige Venter: The BEST horse game I've come across in my entire life. I've been searching for a horse game since I was a child, some have come close, but this is absolutely top notch. I can't believe this is free. If this was on Nintendo or PC, I would spend money on it in a heartbeat. I will happily continue to support this game!.
  20. Wendy Moore: Love this game! Still needs work, like you cant buy the energy refresh feed anymore, and the settings are whack, but its still got a huge amount of potential!.
  21. mary agius: it was a fun game but now it's annoying when I would ride my horse before I could hold the big button in the middle to keep the horse at the same speed now depending on the temperament it just slows down or goes faster, I have a hot headed horse and its annoying the second he is about to jump he speeds up and then I fail the jump..
  22. Anamarija Alković: I was excited to play this game, having it recently be accessible to croatian player. When I got to the first screen after creating a character and horse, I was greeted to a gray character explaining the stable. I could not press 'next' to continue, so I pressed 'skip'. Big mistake. I now cannot do anything except look around the small ranch. I am not able to do anything else. My created horse is not located in the stable, and I can't even check out anything else. Hopefully this will be fixed!.
  23. Karlo: Crashes frequently at random times..
  24. Payton Leo'o: i think this is a cool game and i like how u can disine your own chartor.
  25. Nemu Kurotsuchi: Loved this game until I lost my account had so many horse and had all the gear won from the first season then suddenly I couldn't login In and had to make a new account now I have to start from scratch this sucks!!!.
  26. karoline Stoddart: 😭😭.
  27. bella pony: its ok.
  28. Alicia Lambert: This is the best game I have ever played! I love how the horses have personalities. There has been quite a few little bugs but they have been all been fixed super quick! Great user support!.
  29. Andromeda Moon: It still won't let me play I've gotten to the part where you press play and it just will sit there loading then say there was an error. Very annoying as I've spent money and actually enjoyed this game before..
  30. Maggie Lidgett: I used to play it it's really fun but I deleted it and so I installed it and it won't let me on..
  31. Lilly Esau: After the update I haven't been able to get past the loading screen and it really is quite annoying but apart from that it's a great game when you can play it..
  32. Sophie: Love the game when I first installed it, I can actually control the horse when riding unlike some games. Although after a few days of playing the app wouldn't load and I have tried reinstalling it but hasn't worked (and some new features and making tack/clothes cheaper would be great).
  33. Agusta Freyja Reynisdottir: I loved this game until yesterday when it wouldn't load i tried deleting the game and download it again but it still wouldn't work.
  34. Luke Kendrick: I love it but there's this thing the isn't loading 😕 and I'm not happy if this is a biug in the system please fix it Thank you Neve.
  35. Ellie Rose Miller: THIS IS A 1 BECAUSE IT WONT LOAD OMG this is so annoying why get it fixed I'm so angry at this why.
  36. cassey locke: How do you play the game.
  37. Axel Fels: Amazing! Looks beautiful, controls could use some work, features are amazing! Plenty of bugs however. For example, not being able to buy th season pass, or the competitions disapering if you go competitions, then exit to the barn, and return to the competitions. Overall though, it's amazing!! The horse game we've all been waiting for!.
  38. Anthony Steur: Best game ever!!!!!!LOVE the graphicsand this is not just a horse game that you control the horse the horse is it's own person maybe add breading and a pasture and you have to catch up horses from the pasture and ur horse can ether be easy to catch or not but keep up the great work!!!!!!.
  39. Samantha alsop: PLEASE HELP ME 🙏🙏 ok this may be confusing I LOVE the game buttt Im having trouble basically when I go to compete it shows up with three tabs a grande pre maiden and then it has a circle on it saying 1 grande pre and also there is two of those grade pre tabs and the normal tab says horse jumping and has 0 horses in the corner and I have 5!😲 And then I click on it to get my horse up to intermediate and I get it too novice and it DISSAPEARS🙏🙏 (this is not the phone I normally use) I use oppo.
  40. Jessica van: Make it affordable for God sakes quit charging so much gold, wpuld be great if yoy could breed to considrring that was the description of game ....
  41. Abby Leefe: I would give this game 5 stars but I am on it and I cannot feed my horse. It says feed my horse but nothing comes up on how to do it... really frustrating as I love the game so far....
  42. Hazel Faith: Nice;).
  43. Viv Willis-steur: K first of such good graphics love the horse but the game is quit glitchy so maybe just some bug fixes would be great on the next update. Also you should add some kinda lungeing sistym I just think it would be cool and a pasture but like when our horses are in the pasture you should make it so we have to go catch them and they can ether be easy to catch or not. Western tack and actives would also be nice but great job keep it up👍.
  44. Jessica van Vuuren: Hello! I am in love with this gams but I have a few bugs that I would really liked to have fixed. When my rider trots it goes up and down in the saddle and doesnt sit 'properly' it honestly looks as though she is on a trampoline, the rider also goes into the aaddle whilst trotting and cantering. Last bug is that the reins fly up toward the horses ears when cantering! I hope you can fix this ASAP. Other wise it is an an amazing game.
  45. Para Dressage Princess: Excellent just have to understand sometimes app won't open.
  46. Manraj Kaur: Love This Game Its So Cool It Has Super realistic graphics Just Llike Riding An Real Life Horse I Love This If You Are Plannning On Downloading A Horse Game This Is The ONE!!! Some Bugs You Should Fix Is That Sometime When I Want Too Go On A Ride It Exits Me Out Of The Game And Its Takes Sooooo Looong To DownLoad But Its Still The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  47. Lani Looo: This game is amazing, but I have some suggestions. 1) Cheaper tack and daily gold income 2) Tack and clothes for silver 3) Just generally more to do, it's a bit boring after around 30 mins. I do think this game has potential so I'll still happily leave 5 stars. My main hope right now though is cheaper clothes :).
  48. Emilía Hilmarsdóttir: Its amazing.
  49. Katheryn Doe: This is maybe the first horse game ever where you feel like you're actually controlling a horse, and not just a car that looks like a horse. The only gripe I have is the monetization system which right now is just bad, and I feel you should at least be allowed to choose your first shirt and saddlepad colors. However I'm gonna give the devs a little wiggle room here and not drop any stars since the game is still in beta and has lots of potential..
  50. Lani Sheepridge: this game is very good!the devs are very kind and actually listen to their fans.no,the game isnt glitchy,it is caused by run down/low speed devices.the models are amazing and animation is even better,please dont brag about your device problems in reviews.<3 end off.
  51. Pamela Harris: I enjoy this game , is definitely the most realistic. My only critique is it took me a minute to figure out jumping as that wasn't described anywhere how to actually do it. (In saying that the moment I figured it out was like oh why didn't I get that sooner).
  52. fawnbelle: Includes realistic aspects of horse riding and is very enjoyable but some features are just a little slow on my android. Love playing!.
  53. Tamie-Lee: First off this isn't as much a game as an equestrian simulator, don't expect to just jump into the game and win your way up the leaderboard. The horses are complex and realistic with minds of their own (just like real life) and don't always cooperate. Currently the app is pretty bare bones with not a lot of content, but has soo much potential, and as more gameplay is added (I'm especially looking forward to breeding being added) this will easily become the best horse sim ever!.
  54. Wiaan Booyens: I love this game very much and I play it for hours, but some glitch i really hate is when in a competition before a jump it doesnt let me use the reins to turn or anything. And i dont know why!!!.
  55. Millie Trautvetter: Adorable!!! Definitely awesome 😎.
  56. catherine horgan: it is a really great game i love it the things very hard to line up your horse but very amazing the game is a little hard in compitions with the sharp turn but everything else is amazing this is my fav game the things are quite exspinceve in money so maybe you should let us earn the money not pay real money.
  57. Sarah Else: Love this game and there's so much potential to be had. Though there are a few things I don't particularly like, like not being able to change the controls to something easier..
  58. Bailey Kay: This is a great soft launch. I've played games which are still incredibly glitchy as a full release. This game is what everyone has been wanting for years. I think the last sort of thing to come close was Ubisoft's Horsez series back in the 2000s. Animation and controls are so smooth and the personality and sliding differences of gaits between different horses are notable and wonderful to see. Basically, yes there are a few small glitches but Kavalri and this game have only upwards to go..
  59. brittany _eq: great app get it if you love horse.
  60. Rebeckah G: i love it!!!!!! ;).
  61. Persia Trail: Love 💝💝💝💝💝😘😘😘😘.
  62. Savannah` Campbell: It's a great game, I'm excited to see how it does. A little glitchy but thats to be expected. The worst most frustrating glitch I've come across is when your horse refuses a jump in a competition you are respawned either on the opposite side of the jump or on the other side of the arena all together..
  63. Red Raven: It's a good game. I like how it's more based on realism too. I think it would be improved if there were options to clean the stables, Groom the horses, pet them, and let them out into the paddocks, instead of solely just riding and competing..
  64. Zara Wilson: Its a great game and became addicted to it quite quickly however did heaps of dressage levels then saved it and came back the next day and it said I hadn't done anything I was really annoyed because I had spent quite alot of time getting that far! So please fix the bug❤.
  65. Bria Walker: Really good game. Has more potential, but it is a super good game, I am excited to see where it goes! I love how real the horses are, with their personalities. There are a few glitches but very few. Definitely my favorite game so far! I also think it would be really cool if you added dressage and jumping competitions!!!! Good work developers, your onto a winner.
  66. Jayde Tither: I love this but at the start its a little confusing probably just for me but other wise i love it its like real!!.
  67. Emilly Donovan: it's really good expect you can't get more coins unless you buy them.
  68. Sacha Alexander: Love this game so realistic and it will get better as this game is still under development!!.
  69. Draco Malfoy: It's quite glitchy but i know that this game is still in the early stages of development, i really like how custom you can make your horse and your character, however it would be cool to maybe have a few more mane and tails for the future. this game is great overall and i'm excited too see it develop.
  70. Bvhb EQ: Considering this is just the soft launch, I'm already so impressed with how the game is! It really gives a realistic experience in terms of horse and rider progression! Of course there are bug which need ironing out but that is to be expected really. Only thing is that I wish there was a way to earn the currency which allows you to get clothes and tack ❤.
  71. danielle meier: For now it's a 1. Will update as the game updates. Full of glitches and not alot to do. Game won't train the horses, the horses won't jump.. the horse randomly starts galloping around as I pull back on reins etc. Virtually unplayable for me..
  72. Molly WIckett: a bit hard to jump but good.
  73. Harper Flax: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL game! Highly suggest playing this.
  74. isabella marshall: It keeps kicking me out of the game and its lagging but its still an amazing game.
  75. Kyrie Davis: Addictive and fun, but also very glitchy and bare. Not that surprising with this being a soft launch, so I will update my review consistently with the updates..
  76. Michelle Zielazo: Downloaded the game but never ever got to play it. When I first opened it, it asked to download and just never actually downloaded anything. Am uninstalling now....
  77. Sophie Cairns: A horse riding game made for equine enthusiasts! Amazing graphics and horse movement!.
  78. Shanna: Luv the games so much amazing so glad to have a good horse game to play.
  79. Danielle Ballantyne: Love the game so much, way easier to play aswell when the bugs are fixed! 🤍.
  80. Brilee Me: Love the game ❤️.the only thing I would change is that when your horse stops you can't move.
  81. Michaela Williams: Not clear enough instructions, a little hard to play, but ok..

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Version: 8.0.2.
Operating system: 6.0 and up.
Evaluate: 5.0.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 1,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $184.99 per item.
Developers: Kavalri Games AB.
Votes: 154.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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