Evolution Merge - Eat and Grow Mod

Evolution Merge – Eat and Grow {Hack,Mod}

In the food chain, there's always a predator above you, eager to make a meal out of you as well!. Evolution Merge - Eat and Grow Mod v1.1.6

Update: 09/04/2024
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Were biology classes your favorite at school? Probably not. But that won’t stop you from enjoying this distinctive, action-packed evolution simulator. It vividly brings the world of evolutionary biology to life in vibrant colors on your device screen. Starting small – as a single cell – you must consume and grow 🍖 to demonstrate your fitness to ascend the food chain and advance to the next stage of evolution in this exciting, fast-paced science game.


🦎 Diverse life forms: Begin as a minuscule bacterium in a vast ocean, feed and evolve into a fish, then a turtle, progressing through all stages of evolution. Your first steps on land will be unforgettable! Each new creature introduces subtle gameplay changes, ensuring constant engagement and an insatiable appetite for more.

🦎 Genetic fun: In this entertaining science game, guide your creature to devour the tastiest treats, not all of whom are thrilled to be your meal 🍗🍖. Satisfy your hunger to complete each level, and watch out for whimsical bonuses that accelerate your progress (why is there pizza in the jungle?).

🦎 Progression challenges: Achieve objectives in each level to earn coins for acquiring more specimens. Merge them to create new species through mutation. But don’t grow too confident – advancing to the next evolutionary stage requires ample coins and numerous merges. Dive back into the game and devour everything in sight.

🦎 Abundant prey: With hundreds of smaller creatures to consume in each level, you’re relentlessly hungry for growth. However, remember that there’s always a predator higher up the food chain eager to feast on you. It’s survival of the fittest!

🦎 Splendid evolution: This beautifully crafted simulator boasts vibrant and detailed environments, featuring adorable and colorful creatures to unlock as you climb the evolutionary ladder.


If success is in your genetic makeup 🧬 and you’re determined to dominate the food chain, you’ll relish this exhilarating science-based feeding frenzy of an evolutionary simulator. Seeking an original and captivating casual game to foster personal growth, or at least evolution from an amoeba to a fish or turtle?

Then download Evolution Merge now and start ascending to the top of the evolutionary hierarchy.

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