Five Nights at Freddys: HW Mod

Five Nights at Freddy’s: HW [Hack & Mod]

. Five Nights at Freddys: HW Mod v1.0

Update: 11/08/2022
Original price $: 4.99
Varies with device

Download Five Nights at Freddys: HW Mod 1.0 for android apk & iphone ios 7.0 and up

Five Nights at Freddy: Help Needed is a collection of classic and original mini-games in the Five Nights universe. Engage in terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics in a series of new and classic FREDDY’S™ Five Nights at Night Experiences. “!”

你被录用了 – 是时候弄脏你的手了。 Repair claustrophobic ventilation systems, troubleshoot broken animatronics that may activate at any time, or spend your nights curling up in a security office at night.

PIZZA PARTY – Scenes from classic games have been updated and reworked for a fully immersive experience including Five Nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, Five Nights at Freddy’s Night 4 and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Locations.

Free download Five Nights at Freddy’s: HW [Hack & Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: Varies with device) - Version 1.0. Released on November 26, 2020. By EN.VNMOD.NET. . Developed by Steel Wool Studios. Operating system requirements 7.0 and up. Teen.

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Additional game optimization, especially targeting improvement for devices with 2-4GB of RAM..

New comment

  1. LightningStrikeGames: Half the stuff isnt on here.
  2. Rebecca Hutson: So I wanted to play this game and I go to open it but there is a problem. I get to the End User Agreement page and I cannot go any further. I tap where it says and it doesn't work. I know you said this was mobile but I was wondering why it isn't working for computer either since it is a mobile app.
  3. kirby 2143: I love fnaf I have all fnaf games not fnaf 3 on my Nintendo switch.
  4. Ashley Mercer: I like this game, but I found a bug on night terrors circus baby level baby gets stuck and her eyes are red and she doesn't move the clock gets frozen and she keeps saying random lines if steel wool sees this please fix this, but overall the game is pretty good..
  5. RainyDayz: I can't even get it to open so I can play it..
  6. jacob haigler: This sucks the graphics are so Pixelated no Chica in the parts and service and it make a lousy first experience for beginners.
  7. Zachery’s FortniteYT: It's not working but I like fnaf so five stars.
  8. Dylan Cristales: I really like this game and also how its not just one game it is 6/7 and 8 on vr.
  9. Emma Hamilton H: When I try to play it kicks me out every time I even restarted my phone a couple times.
  10. tammi Maguire: It dose not let me repair chica.
  11. ryeder graves: It's is a fun game.
  12. Ayvren Harrison: fnaf solos.
  13. elizahbet alara: Its not opening 😭🤬.
  14. GlitchyBugs: The controls are terrible and it's not even half of the game in there. Worst of all I can't even get a refund..
  15. Gloomy Cat: I love this FNAF game but when you're doing partisan service it's hard to pick up parts and I have to keep downloading and re-downloading it.
  16. Justin Beltran: Do not work.
  17. Juan Vazquez: Bonnie's head will not load and also It does not let me pick up anything.
  18. Vicente Carrillo: This is.
  19. sammy ben: It's good but it's a little bad because it's hard to put the stuff in foxy parts and services.
  20. Meme Conditioner: its a really good game it would just be better if you had it controller compatible. thats all i gotta say to make this game better..
  21. nate doggy: cant even log in.
  22. Pumpkin Cowboy02: I downloaded it on December and wasted this much on a game and gave me an error please fix this my god.
  23. Lucas Reynoso: i cant even go in the game and play.
  24. Michelle Pakutka: Won't Work, can't even get past the user agreement. I'm clicking agree but the game won't register..
  25. Tyler Greig: I thought you should make that you like something at lets you like like YouTube videos of trinity my dad so you can control Scott coffin can you make security breach because I really want to play security breach but people keep people make fake ones so no one buys it's so can you like putting security breach Scott coughing so people know it's the real game.
  26. Josh Laws: I don't care what people think I love fnaf.
  27. GrAdY: my game gets to the terms of use and it doesnt work from there. it doesnt crash i just cant move on.
  28. Gracie Felkins: I hate you this game is a scam everytime you get on it kicks you off.
  29. Feral Fox: Its missing some content and the parts and service games are near impossible sometimes..
  30. ren and stimpy 13 playz: Could not get it to load . could not even play. Want a refund ty..
  31. gaming with Jace: Steal wool It won't let me in the game.
  32. Angel Camacho: Once i tried to log into the game it will just keep logging me off i have'nt bean able to play the game because of that when can the game fix this bug.
  33. bossmanccgh Yt: I love Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted and how scary it is but this mobile version cuts things out and is not scary at all I still give it 3 stars because HW is a great game with no point for a mobile port.
  34. The Langton Army: It is a good game but the thing that I hate about the game is that you can't even do vent repair mangle.
  35. Dhar Mann: The controls can be hard to use, and some of the levels are missing, like curse of dreadbear and fnaf 3 but it is still..
  36. Brian Walters: So I love that you have everything but why is chica missing? Also where is Funtime Freddy? Also where is FNAF 3? Just please make more characters and I wish I had a VR because sometimes it makes me drop things during parts and service that all and I rated 5/5 :-):-):-):-).
  37. Jarred Cofer: Fun.
  38. Robert cina: its not letting me go into the game, its only showing a black screen with words saying tap here to agree. But it never lets me and nothing hever happens. idk if tis only for vr but yea.
  39. Jason Medley: Some games seem hard to do on mobile there should be a sensitivity slider( I found it nevermind ), and graphics are pretty bad even on max. Prize counter looks very buggy with the missing shelfs and basket ball carrier. I feel like if you spent some time on this these issues can be fixed very easily..
  40. Matthew Garcia: I mean it'd alr.
  41. Seif Stumble: I can get my refund please fix it.
  42. Arou The wolf: This is honestly one of my favorite FNAF games but however there is one problem when playing on the circus baby level she will glitch out and just freeze at a certain point but the night will still go on it hits 6 am but when you got to hard mode it makes it seem as if it was never beaten on normal mode I don't know if it's supposed to do this or not I would appreciate if you could fix this..
  43. dire_ Raven7718: It's very fun but on phone you could mess up while tapping in the right spot.
  44. Ben Martinez: Fun but difficult at times.
  45. Mr Gingy69: It's a good game and all but why does this game not have the FNAF 3 experience cause that was my fav.
  46. Seth Norvell: Start updating again. Please.
  47. Jose Vazquez: It is fun but circus baby it's hard I can't close the doors.
  48. Crystal Franklin: I LOVE IT I LOVE FNAF NOW.
  49. Stuart Room: Can't beat the first parts and service level, it's legitimately impossible. Cannot pick up the again leaving you stuck forever. I can't believe it would be released like this..
  50. March Lee: Very good game.
  51. Stephanie Williams: Mistake.
  52. Owen Cole: Honestly idk how to put no stars on this so I just gave it one. By far this game controls suck. Everytime I try to play foxy, it keeps dropping the damn battery and makes me lose, I've reinstalled this game 15 times now. And it cant be my phone, I got the newest android and yet, gameplay hurts my head. Please do something about this..
  53. Rebecca Duncan: I love this game, but there are are a couple things that bring it down a bit. 1. Where's parts and service for chica! It's in vr, why can't it be on mobile! 2. The blacklight mode for night terrors just doesn't exist. I'm sure that it should show up, but it just doesn't. That's all. Please fix these in the future..
  54. Salami SMART: 👍.
  55. Tyrelle Northover: Keeps crashing I can't even play.
  56. EmojiGamer Luck: I luv Fnaf, but the sensitivity is so slow, even at max.
  57. NeWolf .-.: The way you pick up items is ridiculously confusing, it took me to finish every single parts and service game until I figured it out, you have to drag your finger (move the camera) to somewhere around the object and tap to pick it up, you can't just use one side of the screen to move camera and the other side to pick up objects. Since it's originally for vr, after quite some time you get used to the scares. It's also missing a lot of content from PC/VR versions of the game. I enjoyed it. 6.5/10..
  58. lateef lamonte: its bad it wont let me refund the game it dont even work its the worst game you can get dont dollowed.
  59. Mixed Bunch Of Fluff: This was extremely underwhelming.
  60. me: sus.
  61. FsVhunter 4015: This game is really fun the only reason I give it a 4 star is because my progress doesn't save and putting back the right eye for Bonnie I can't pick it up.
  62. Josiah Alonzo: FUN.
  63. Abbie Rice: It won't let me play the game, every time I try to get in it just kicks me out.
  64. Ray gaming omg: I have a problem with getting in the game when I first install it only gets past the loading page after the brightness adjustment until it kicks me off and after when I try to use it I still get kicked off please fix this I've been wanting to play the game for so long..
  65. Indiegamefan 1987: Good game but it ruins my scp games storage.
  66. PugEatsPug: Doesnt work after sheep.
  67. Kaposi Marcell: Pls incrase the chanche of the princess Quest.
  68. Nancy Howell: I havend played but i LOVE fnaf games but it kick me out please fix this or give me a refound and please add a panda charter.
  69. MrMonkeyB45: Every time i load the game up it insta craches and i want a refund.
  70. Sophia Pilar: you need to update this when i start the game it crashes..
  71. Samuel Gonzalez: Good game.
  72. TheThundermation: Crashes.
  73. morgen oisten: i would love to play this but when i try to press tap her to agree at the starting page it wont let me. please fix this.
  74. ColeNinjaYT: It's good but there is a glitch ther is when I'm in FNAF 1 there is purple square that comes up on the poster.
  75. Lori Matuszynski: it dus not work for me.
  76. Sem3x: It's cool Ye.
  77. SEB_YT: Its great nice graphics for a mobile game give nostalgia and i didnt encounter any bugs.
  78. Damian Murrieta: Game does not let me get past the screen where it says "tap here if you agree" which is referring to the EULA. Pretty disappointed......
  79. Brandon Bustillo: I'm trying to refund this but I can't, but I do like this game.
  80. Carlos Alvarez: I want my money back I tried to play and it kicked me out multiple times.
  81. Alex Islas: You know what u should do add a a button so u dont have to use ur fingers yes it will be a little harder that's why u have a disable and a enable in setting when u use the button there is a little hand infront of ur screen so u can can see what u click because it hard to fix foxy with ur fringers.
  82. Zach Roberson: the controls aren't that easy to learn.
  83. Aaron Thomas: It keeps kicking me off when I'm playing it.
  84. sheepy sheep: It really good.
  85. Musa Imusa: Four star becuse the game the letters of the game are blurry keep pressing wrong buttons plz make the blurring Dissappear..
  86. Khristina Richard: =D.
  87. Pisskinkio: I want a refund, this is literally a RIP off and so badly made, not to mention the bad graphics and design..
  88. Jayden&Angel TV: I love this game and can you add more mini games pls.
  89. Gabriela Ramos: I am a huge FNAF fan and this game is just a chefs kiss! I really recommend it!.
  90. Tech Stuff: Wow, this port is really good, no lags, graphics are ok but you should get a better device for it other wise it looks terrible but I rated 4 stars because the controls are a bit awkward and looking around feels a bit weird, for the other axis of looking around its fine just a bit awkward and the glitches keep on happening in games and its slightly annoying. Apart from that its just bugs and glitches and its perfect! It needs to get rid of the bugs.
  91. B33P B33P: (S10)Looking mechanic is hard to grasp, Parts and Service games are almost impossible, especially Foxy, due to the game flat out not responding to touches and fuses just glitching and floating next to its socket, causing you to lose. And trying to survive animatronics and randomly picking up trash on the desk making you unable to close the doors or use the door lights in FNaF 1. I like that they are trying but it's still very buggy and obnoxiously difficult because of game mechanic failures..
  92. Space Sweat: this game would be fun if i could play it im stuck on the agreement page. I click to agree and it does nothing..
  93. Tyff Husky: Did not open. Kept crashing every time I tried to open it..
  94. pedri molina: i hate this make it for comuters cause i cant refund and it keeps kicking me out.
  95. Weirdo: I personally love the Five nights at Freddy's franchise and I got this game so I could play it myself instead of watching gameplay and it wouldn't load. I'm kinda disappointed cause I paid 5$ for this game for it to not load :( still love the gameplay though.
  96. Jessica Wombles: Amazing fnaf is the best.
  97. King Carti: doesn't have keybord and mouse support like the rest of the games.
  98. Chase Gillispie: Scared me on my first day.
  99. Jan Ronn Oliva: Been a fan of this franchise for a long time. Also the first time buying a mobile game since I play always the franchise in my computer. The only problem still in this game is in the Parts and Service mini game, there is some sort of a glitch where if you try to get the eyes carefully, it does not clicking. No progress. I tried so many tries to get it but still it doesn't clicking. Please fix this issue please. More power :).
  100. Silus Collier: I want my money back. This game is kicking me out when I open it. It won't work I want my money..
  101. Caleb Betts: I can't play. It says, steel wool games, and then it crashes. Why? Please fix this. I payed 4.99 for it to just not work. I know I can just refund the game, but this seems like a awesome game. I really want to play. So please, can you fix this problem? Thank you, play store..
  102. Liam Hernandez: This game is very fond and I love it.
  103. Eliezar Mora: something is wrong with it.
  104. Agent T: Most of the levels are missing and it glitches out if you are on it for over ten minutes.
  105. Brandi Martinez: Nah 0%10 you triying to take money from people 🤣.
  106. Jax Gaddy: i was stuck on the terms and service screen for the whole time and when i tired to click the thing that said click here it wouldnt do anything and it has been like this for every time i played it.
  107. Fish Dude: I can't even get into the game because it just crashes as soon as I load the game crashes fix your game. Thank for responding it's nice to now that do care about the game and are watching the reviews..
  108. Anthony Frazer: I love the game but I hope the next time it's updated the rest of the maps like fnaf 3,4 and to fix chica is added. So I give this a 4 star. :).
  109. Kristen Bensen: Hello hello hello I think I should tell you this is a good game I wish there was showtime feature but besides that it's a good game.
  110. Adam Fuentes: This game is fun I played it on vr but It is fun just to slow when I move to look around..
  111. Tori Gardner: awsome game! I had no glitches on my phone or my switch but one thing i would like to turn 360 but nothing is wrong with my experience..
  112. Eidan Hyena: Bugs but thats it.
  113. Renee Trudy Coppard: Amazing this game is amazing I just have one question to ask in the first game on night 2 was Foxy's original jumpscare going to be like that?.
  114. Levi Boal: This game is amazing since I dont have a vr headset or an xbox I love it. But I think it's important to the storyline like it's glitchy and we dont see glitchtrap so as dawko said he woke up when the tape girl woke up so this game had alot of lore in it I mean but not much 10/10 game.
  115. Prince Tristan Maniulit: It's really hard to move and it's kinda boring so I need a refund.
  116. Ethan Dykes: The Game is really good and its definitely worth £5 for it. The controls are weird but it didn't take long to get use to them. So glad they brought this game to mobile! :).
  117. Timothy Stacey: Good Die.
  118. Riley Makala: This game is so fun. Just please note it only comes with FNAF 1 and FNAF 2. But that's alright, FNAF 2 is my favorite one. It comes with the circus baby and all of the extras, it just excludes FNAF 3, FNAF 4, and Sister Location. But I'm not complaining. This is my favorite version of the FNAF games other than the original FNAF 2. And if this is apart of the game I didn't know, but sometimes random squares appear on things and makes a creepy noise..
  119. William Marshall: Cheese.
  120. PG2779-TV: i haven't yet gotten into the game, but i'll give the devs the benefit of the doubt in saying that that's a bug. i know steel wool's made some good games, and i'm usually really careful when i'm downloading games, and i think that this could be worth it. i've got hope that you guys can fix the loading problem, because looking at a black screen only for it to kick me out is a little disappointing..
  121. Gracie Davis: FNAF IS MY FAVORITE GAME.
  122. Aadit Anand: This game is enjoyable on other platforms like PC or nintendo but mobile it's not The game is very scary anyways and the controls are really horrible and the game just makes an really weird glitching noise on mobile and doesn't do it on other plorms so no I am not reccomending this game on phone.
  123. Aaron Stueland: Fun game but the touch controls are not very precise when it comes to the repairing section. Foxy is especially a pain. Sorry but had to refund due to this..
  125. Pointlez guezt: So the game itself is amazing and the idea of it coming out on mobile is awesome. But I have ran into a big in parts in service where Bonnie's eye falls on the floor after being cleaned in the receptical if you could please fix this it would be amazing but otherwise I love the game..
  126. Melissa.: Absolutely useless. I downloaded it and the game kept crashing then kept kicking me out..
  127. XD247: When I get into the game it goes to the adjust the picture till it's barely visible and I do what it says and then the game kicks me out..
  128. B 789: Overall it's good but it would be nice a gallery of the animatronics or maybe adding fnaf3.
  129. Edgar Martinez: I love this game and happy I spelled my money on it but there wud be a glitch that will happen often?.
  130. Dylan Logan: Bought the game to install, but couldn´t' open to play. on my laptop..
  131. charles muncy: This is an amazing game made by one of my favorite creators. I found a bug that makes parts and services completely unplayable, when fixing bonnie you take his left eye out and put it in the left cleaning receptacle, however when it pops the eye back out it falls to the ground killing you. Please fix this in the next bug fix update..
  132. Liz Santiago: It won't let me play the game.
  133. Im Da Chef Gaming: Lil hard to move around especially during plush babie but the game turned out better than i honestly expected.
  134. Cindi Teta: THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER.
  135. Landen Winand: i had just installed the game its fine i tried playing a couple games it glitched a few times although its good! so i think it deserves a 4 star rating! and the only reason i got this game was to see how it worked on mobile i downloaded this on my chrome book with touchscreen i couldnt use mouse or keyboard but i could still use the touch screen!.
  136. Alanna Grogan: Five stars, amazing! It's very fun, and not too hard. It's shame all the levels aren't here though..
  137. Itz Bonnet: keep on crashing on me my laptop.
  138. Astrid Makowski: It's amazing!.
  139. Efren Gonzalez: I can't even load in the game, I must say I had high hopes and steel wool has made amazing games, but I have Uninstalled and reinstall, delete other games I have, but nothing. Even though you have great games on PC and vr, it doesn't seem that it is as good for mobile..
  140. Kirra Cardell: I can't even play!!! After I do the image thing where you use the slider so the left image is barley visible. It kicks me out! Then when I try to play again. It kicks me out again. When this is fixed I'll play and my review will rise! (Please fix it).
  141. Stolastheowl: Can't assign a proper rating as it isn't running on my Samsung A21 phone. May I get a refund? I know it's my fault I didn't hit Refund within the alloted time window, but I was busy and didn't have time to test the app. That said it looks nice..
  142. Katie Kerns: I love the game! However, there seems to be a resolution issue when playing it on a tablet. I opened the game and right from the start the resolution is very low...Everything seems blocky and it kinda hard to see do to this. If you could please to a reboot on resolution that would be great! Thank you<3.
  143. AndyTheOdd: Awesome.
  144. Deny T. Henderson: This game is AWESOME.
  145. Toni Mook: I paid for the game, installed it, now i cant even set the game up it kicks me put before it loads!.
  146. raspy: its just too good my guy.
  147. Isaiah Bair: The game is good but there's a problem with fnaf 1 and 2s monitor or camera. I can barely see the animatronics on the cameras and sometimes I don't think they're on the cameras, so I can't get past night 2..
  148. Dylan Garcia: I want a refund.
  149. Xxchechin Xx: I bought this game yesterday for $5 and i could not load in it just took me out after it showed who made it i do not recomend this I want my money back..
  150. Fadi &husam Kh: I would give it a 5 star, but i have problemes 1.No fnaf 3(why?) 2.Not great vidéo quality Apart from that it's fine i would reccemend just getting flat mode on pc..

Download Instructions Five Nights at Freddys: HW latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Five Nights at Freddys: HW mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link five-nights-at-freddys-hw-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Steel Wool Studios.

- Download Five Nights at Freddys: HW mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file five-nights-at-freddys-hw-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Five Nights at Freddys: HW original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Five Nights at Freddys: HW Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Five Nights at Freddys: HW for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Steel Wool Studios provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Five Nights at Freddys: HW file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Five Nights at Freddys: HW Mod Apk on Android & Five Nights at Freddys: HW Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Five Nights at Freddys: HW Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored five-nights-at-freddys-hw-hack-mod.APK & five-nights-at-freddys-hw-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again five-nights-at-freddys-hw-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Five Nights at Freddys: HW on your phone.

Download Five Nights at Freddy’s: HW [Hack & Mod] Unlock Full Version Apk + iOS Varies with device

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Version: 1.0.
Operating system: 7.0 and up.
Evaluate: 3.6.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 50,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Steel Wool Studios.
Votes: 4,225.
Interact: .
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