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. Four Gods on WEMIX Mod v1.19.3.0

Update: 24/06/2022
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Download Four Gods on WEMIX Mod for android apk & iphone ios 6.0 and up

Blockchain Oriental Fantasy MMORPG,
The Chronicle of the Four Gods unfolds in your hands.

【2022.05.19】Global Grand Open
Gods Tour Global Open

✪Event: Airdrop
Connect the WEMIX wallet after completing the tutorial!
After connecting the WEMIX wallet to your account, you will be compensated with 2 LUX tokens.

▶ ◀
四神没有绝对的强弱之分。 Take the RedGem from your opponent and become a legend among the Four Gods.

▶ Trading for the Gods◀
Experience a free economic system by trading RedGem for one of the four gods Various items and exchange them for LUX TOKEN.

▶ 为众神缩放 ◀
Exquisite and exciting battle of the four gods.

▶Worldview of the Gods◀
Fall Touching stories will warm your heart.

▶ 众神 MMORPG ◀
Win endless guild wars and rule the world.

Official Teaser Site:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter: https://twitter. com/fourgodsonWemix
Official Discord:
■ The authority required for the application ■
Use photos, media and files: Use this permissions when updating the game. No other files will be modified or edited.

■ Terms of Service ■

■ Privacy Policy■ front/policy/privacy

■Customer Center■
[email protected]

Free download Four Gods on WEMIX Hack/Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 207M) - Version Released on May 19, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. . Developed by (주)스톰게임즈. Operating system requirements 6.0 and up. Teen.

Feature Hack Game Four Gods on WEMIX MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Buy
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Unlocked Full Version

Version Game Four Gods on WEMIX Pay Fees MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Down Free
  • - No Money
  • - Sprint
  • - Speed

Error fixes and game optimization.

New comment

  1. Renz Ivan Segala Bernardo: very laggy for 3gb ram, and need more improvements/updates like the fps is just too laggy for 3gb ram,.
  2. Banne Dael: So eazy dis game.
  3. Angie Mendoza: cool & play to earn game.
  4. Lucius: I started to like the game but having this lagging issues. I have a good phone which can run games the same as this or much bigger graphics. Maybe it is the server since of your launch. Please fix it..
  5. Fried Patatas: Lots of bug and some rewards are not coming. Boring..
  6. maico gruta: lag after update.
  7. jovencio ancheta: Awesome 👍.
  8. Japheth Curameng: The game is so laggy.
  9. Justin Niño Suganob: Still too laggy on mobile. Please consider making a pc version for this just like mir4 for more convenience to us players..
  10. Deep InYourHeart: Unplayable. Quest stuck at lv 39.
  11. jeff tan: nice game.
  12. Jull Freddy: Good game ... I hope this will be successful like mir4 ... And also got good grafik for play.
  13. marvin rabino: im so disappointed to the graphics i feel really boring in this game...
  14. Brezzie Salabe: Having problem cannot connect to server is this free to play? Need response asap been trying every single day same thing already uninstalled the game multiple times same thing cannot connect to server..
  15. •its blits: Lag, awful graphics, everything bad.
  16. Mhaurick Dumagan: Awesome Game Very Simple.
  18. Rapi Dopezz: Not working on my realme 6, it says cant patch files.
  19. F4lseKnight: Game Lags that lead to character deaths co they can't move or Heal .. can't even revive you need to force Closed the app ...
  20. Emerson Santiago: Good game but too lag ingame.
  21. Paulo Palamos: 🥰🥰.
  22. jemboy salvador: nice game.
  23. Tody Gallego: Nice.
  24. Marlon Fernando: Thumbs up!!!.
  25. Keller Crossley: Fun so far. I am a Mir4 fan so this is my jam. Awesome stuff!.
  26. rolando estay: Wheres my token? I join in airdrop event😔😔😔.
  27. Gamerpro Pssye: Ok.
  28. 15 - Kharl Roei Salvador: It is good, some says that it is not f2p friendly but as a F2p myself, I don't think that's true at all. I just got S grade items on dungeon and that's actually cool.
  29. nikko solo: Good game.
  30. Chops Navarro: Stupid game. A lot of bugs! Fix it!.
  31. Dar Wemix: wheres the pre reg reward?.
  32. dum owthree: It is a good game, but some places are full of bugs like in collection dungeon. It forces my account to log out then i can't login back anymore. It shows only buffering and it take time. Then the notification if i want to leave in dungeon, either of the two it will not progress. I can show you some proof if you need some screenshots of bugs. Thanks..
  33. Ayush Tukrul: After starting game all I get is a black screen ..
  34. Justin Kendall: Great game so far. Easy to use auto battle feature. Can't wait to see how the Blockchain works. It's nice to be able to P2E and then trade or sell on the Blockchain..
  35. kim lauron: Very nice game.
  36. J A: Cant log in with my main hero.
  37. rafael jumaquio: So far so good. 5 star for now. I'll update it later..
  38. Ivanlee Cahilig: Lots of bugs.
  39. YTZK: Many bugs like in recaptcha screen.
  40. SSQ Jiro: I cant play the game at all.
  41. NimJaneB OñaTe: Very good graphics.
  42. Ken Masters: Tooany bugs specially the skills of the tortoise... And server is too laggy....
  43. benjamin cau: Wemix MMOs are all good, Four Gods play similarly to others but has some cool aspects of its own. There are NFTs and in game minting, just like Mir4 and the others... vary promising! 4 stars for low character customization and gender locked characters..
  44. Menna MieimOo: Good game really advice to all play.
  45. Nikoru jon: Good job.
  46. Jhake Daw0987: High.
  47. Brian Panaglima: Great game.
  48. EpicMakers Inc.: Where's my airdrop token?.
  49. Luis Asadon: Good.
  50. J L Abad: Not convinced.
  51. Hioz Mobile: bagus.
  52. Zaiko: Good game.
  55. Arthy: After 5 mins its start DC.. 🤣😅.
  56. Mabel Salamat: fix the clash event too lag.
  57. Donald Martinez: I love the game but cant install after update may 19, 2022.
  58. JohnMark Cruz: Good Game I Enjoy it so much.
  59. Maulana: banyak sekali bug dan banyaknya player tidak dapat disetting jadi lag parah.
  60. yano herwanto: very2 good.
  61. zackowzkii zackowzkii: Good game. It just released so bugs are expected. Will change to 5 star once everything is smoothly running..
  62. JUSTPM: good game,nice graphics..keep it up..two thumbs up.
  63. ANARCHY coc: Please add setting that wee can limit the player in our view.Because it so lag when players play at the same map my fps almost 10 :(.
  64. Jhohanna Pariña: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  65. Patrick Santos: Too much lag and the game control is very bad. Plus the healing potion is too OP. Impossible to kill 1v1 bcoz of the pots are too much when healing..
  66. christopher garcia: Hard to control :(.
  67. nancy lac: is there any pc version available.?.
  68. Jonathan Corpin: For those who is complaining they are lag, this game needs to be your device more powerful to play stable. I have 2 phone. Poco f3 and techno pova 2 my pova 2 can't handle the graphics on this game it's laggish and slubish while my Poco f3 is smooth and no lag. This game is huge although the graphics is look like old style. Better you own high-end phone if you want to play this smoothly..
  69. Kristefan Mar: Cant even login.
  70. Rendra Aditya: Bugs everywhere. It is promising game, the ui is simple yet satisfying. Need a lot of improvement. Good luck devs & thank you for the game..
  71. jechzt sanchez: Please optimize the game.. four gods is draining the battery fast...
  72. Tecno Pova2: Editing my review from 5 stars to 3 stars I'm very disappointed of this we have a super duper fast DATA speed only in the PHILIPPINES. And when I'm tapping select hero it just slowed down the data speed. In mir4 it's just like this, it slowed down data speed when in character selection menu and tapping enter game or select hero. Please let poor connection play this game. Starting from 1200 kb/s down to 100 b/s super fast right?.
  73. Four Gods: I like this Game so far so good. sometimes I got diconnected frome server but i didn't see any problem other than that..
  74. nevermind Dela cruz: Ilove this game.
  75. Michael Enrera: Nice like Mir 4 bat ayaw ka connect sa server.
  76. Nobody: complicated game.
  77. john acuna: Another rich Mans Game..
  78. Da Mon: stupid concept bad control mechanics graphics is awful.
  79. R4 VEN: I cant connect in server..
  80. Restubintang Sadewa: Stuck di level 30 mencari bahan untuk up level equipment susah sekali, grinding berjam - jam tidak mendapatkan bahan untuk level Eq , tch membuang waktuku.
  81. Anthony Parone: I like the games. But it always disconnect to server?I have a good internet.I hope it would be fix as soon as possible..
  82. SYNRICKS PH: I like this game , but my only problem it's lag on my phone even I have 4gb ram , I'll try to set my fps to Max and lowest graphics , but I can't feel the high Fps , I hope you fix this for me and to the other player that have a low phone like me.
  84. Matthew: Seems like the people that are all these blockchain games do.not understand the fundamentals especially when it comes to gettimg rid of bots ex mir 4 plenty types of good software out there and then you have four gods severs dissappear mining gets stuck.
  85. Alrendon Quimada: so good but so buggy. the lags wont out even i have 8gbran andrio11 cp. please optimized youre game.
  86. Martin: A lot of bugs in the game. Especially on items, i have recieved a new aspect gear and when i equipped it, it gives me negative stats even tho i dont have an equipment on that specific equip yet. Also theres no way for you to identify what gear you need to farm since theres no info on whats stronger gear you should farm for your current level. Too much insufficient info on the game. I think they created the game and just put auto so players will download it..
  87. Paulo Balais: bugs everywhere, can't log in , no damage skill and quest errors.
  89. Bryane Araula: did not recieve the pre register rewards. people cant log in , cant transfer to another map since this morning. codex gear bug. no update from the devs..
  90. RD6593: is that a bug? after 3x of attempt to do the captcha and I did it right putting the number from the image but the app insisted I got it all wrong and failed. What's happening?.
  91. Josh Corpuz: Need more to improve, more on the movement of character very slow it makes me boring, unlike mir4 its movement of characters are good. And there is no option of Battery Saver that you can find in other games that can be used to save battery when playing while you are busy in other activities..... Looking forward for your improvement.
  92. Gerard C: Lot of bugs, always disconnect while grinding.
  93. Setta Beast: It keep crashing. I could not play and I found that in YouTube and they said NFT made this game. Play to earn.
  94. Anrian Sihotang: full bug , lag .trash game.back to mir4.
  95. Kiko: Text are unreadable. Also there is no option to delete character if you messed up..
  96. 12tons In_front_of: อยากให้ปรับปรุงความเสถียรของเซิร์ฟ ยิ่งตอนเจอคนเยอะคือเซิร์ฟค้างจนไม่ต้องเล่นเลยทีเดียว บางครั้งยังหลุดออกมาดื้อๆ เลย ระบบ auto farm แย่ ล็อกเป้าไม่ได้ ตีมอนมั่วไปหมดตีตัวนึงยังไม่ตายไปลากตัวใหม่มาตีแล้ว แล้วเลือกตีไม่ได้อีก ลาขาดล่ะกับเกมนี้.
  97. adrian oliveros: What happen Server NA01 can't enter in the game, always said no moving target🤬.
  98. ahnn ramos: My server already gone..only one server is up now..this is sucks.
  99. Timothy Sakelarakis: Good game, good graphics... When it works lol well raise rating when you fix na server 👍.
  100. yo polts: After reaching lvl 27 i got logged out from the server since last night and still cannot enter the game today..
  101. Allan Dave Tacay: Characters get stuck when loading. I can log in all other charaters, except for archer. I can even use change character when I am already logged in using another character.
  102. Jasper Villalon: Unstable servers. Full of bugs..
  103. Advendra: Graphic is not really good. It is like low resolution graphic even when setting is already at extreme. Also the sound is like low quality. Gameplay overall and its animation is decent. Typical MMORPG but I think too much PK will happen in this game..
  104. Adisson Dejaño: F%%k suddenly I was kicked out of the game and can't log in anymore. Am I banned for no reason? WTH!!!.
  105. Shane West: The game is nostalgic superb graphics and unique features but ratings turns upside when it comes to PK. Give us players a freedom to play your game without pk. At least do it in certain server. This is the most common money grabber marketing technique to lure players and to bully players..
  107. VLOG MUSIC NO COPYRIGHT: Stupid game ever.
  108. Axie global: the game is always crashing and cannot connect to server.
  109. Ainz Ooal Gown: error in login always server error.
  110. Diki Permana: unable to login. it stucked at loading page with "no moving target" message..
  111. 18AS, AM Leo Rico G Lasaga Jr PAF Admin Helper: Always Cannot connect to server, Returning back to login screen, How can I Play??.
  112. James Repuela: Ohh the game was smooth and nice graphics I love this game.
  113. Jericsonn Sison: How to claim the pre register reward?.
  114. Woowoot Oootot: UP UP UP.
  115. Yosef Abdi Pranoto: Can't even play this game, black screen everytime I open the app..
  116. O_O全全: Lack of measurements against bots as a crypto-based games. Not to mention the gameplay created an environment which encourages players to create bots. With bots swarming, game's balance and eco system are unhealthy..
  117. Nyer Oñecul: Can't connect to wemix wallet.
  118. aysaya: so lag in the game i basically lower all the graphics in the setting and so many delay how can i play smoothly with that?.
  119. Michelle Hairr: Played a little this morning and now at 3:20 pm I am unable to login. Pretty sad the devs hyped this game up only for it to flop.
  120. Jean Perry: Can't login propely the capcha is always failing 3x even you entered the number correctly.
  121. Pusod Aldrei Gabrielle: the graphics isn't that good like mir4 and the ssme issue with the reward from the ads and there is sometimes some lag.
  122. Eassa Alhasawi: There's a quest in around level 20+ fhat will require you to enter a dungeon and collect something. The problem is that dungeon is infested with players you'll be stuck because of too much lag..
  123. 2WeinT2 Maxwell: better if this game have a pc version like other mobile game and ban emulator. overall it's a nice game^^.
  124. Marc Giestin Louis Cordova: the game is nice but finding gear in the game is so hard I don't even know how to find that C+ gear no source location info and the other Items to craft..
  125. Vanessa Graves: After a while, the game stops responding to my fingers and I can't tap anything. The game will play itself though. The graphics are dated, I can tell this is going to be a cash grab game by the shop. And the login capcha is annoying, why don't you set a password that only the account holder knows? Like a four digit one..
  126. Jasper Penaverde: The app is crushing its my 4th time downloading still the same result.
  127. Julian Juagpao: What happen to the server NA001? It's gone.
  128. Shoyo: I want to play this but the game kept crashing when I'm downloading the necessary files. I have a good phone and internet connection.
  129. Jeff Esquivel: How to get the pre registration rewards.
  130. Mr Clown: This is awesome high def. games and i have to create gameplay on my youtube channel..
  131. Via Software: why need captcha? very annoying. this is the first time i feel playing game log in using captcha.
  132. Mehrshad Teymoori: اولین ایرانی ک نصبش کرد بسیار عالی.
  133. SEVEN: The game is fun love the graphics but this game will be more fun if this has a PC version like MIR4 i will love to see this game on the PC Please.
  134. Nyan Chii: just wait and rating games that use the word wemix be below 3 *, since many constraints that such games "wemix" others. ( 1 star for you ).
  135. JEMAR YUCADA: Good game.
  136. Roberto de la Peña: I tried to re logged in and it says im entering the wrong captcha even I am sure I am entering the right number and the game crashes .. what a waste of time...
  137. broenz entertainment: So far i or we cant continue with the quest tutorial at level 24. Kindly Fix it Thank you.
  138. OxCryptos: Hacking tool detected.
  139. john yui rubio: Stuck on level 24 quest.
  140. Gee Jay Belen: we are stuck in collecting dungeon. too much crowd makes the game freeze..
  141. Abhinav A: Getting stuck at level 24 not able to play anymore . Hope you fix this.
  142. Danre Conson: Please fix the bug, Im still level 24 but the system wanted to unlocked dongeon lvl 25.
  144. Mc Lenuel De Vera: It's a good game, But so laggy in crowd, the dungeon map is too crowded and too small that's why it's laggy, please make adjustment..
  145. oOoNirvanoOo: Insatisfeito. Não avança além da tela de criação de personagem.
  146. Don Louie: You're not ready for surge of players. Lol.
  147. NaDDs Gaming: I cant play the game when I click the apps it take black screen and go back to the home screen.
  148. rupam sarkar: So far was going smoothly guys, just got stuck at level 24 cnt progress any further,because of tutorial,dungeon of lvl 25 won't open. Cuz am lvl 24,cnt use any of the screen controls. Help...its a small issue I know.
  149. M.Oskar: Would have thought a game like this will have some sort of market for players to trade equipment... Pass for me..
  150. GAMEdave dato: Gameplay 4/10 Graphics 6/10 Storyline 3/10 The game is good though..

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- Download Four Gods on WEMIX mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link four-gods-on-wemix-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher (주)스톰게임즈.

- Download Four Gods on WEMIX mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file four-gods-on-wemix-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

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How to download & install Four Gods on WEMIX file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Four Gods on WEMIX Mod Apk on Android & Four Gods on WEMIX Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Four Gods on WEMIX Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored four-gods-on-wemix-hack-mod.APK & four-gods-on-wemix-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again four-gods-on-wemix-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Four Gods on WEMIX on your phone.

Download Four Gods on WEMIX Hack/Mod [Full Features Apk + iOS] 207M

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Operating system: 6.0 and up.
Evaluate: 2.7.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $4.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: (주)스톰게임즈.
Votes: 1,178.
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