Galaxy Trader Mod

Galaxy Trader [Mod,Hack]

Explore the galaxy in this peaceful space trading RPG. Galaxy Trader Mod v2.0.1

Update: 28/11/2022
Original price $: 2.99

Download Galaxy Trader Mod 2.0.1 for android apk & iphone ios 4.1

Galaxy Trader is a relaxing open world space role-playing game. If you’re looking for a peaceful exploration game focused on cargo transportation and trade, you’ll love it.

🌌 Features:
– Gorgeous graphics and immersive soundtrack
– 4 handcrafted solar systems to explore
– Huge and realistic Scale: Millions of kilometers between planets
– Busy merchants illustrated in original pixel art
– Buy and upgrade gorgeous ships
– 100% peace: no villains to worry about

🌟 What You Should Know:
– No Ads or In-App Purchases
– Offline: No Internet Connection Required
– Galaxy Trader is a short high-quality experience. You can expect most of it to be done in 4-6 hours

made by one person with ❤️!

Free download Galaxy Trader [Mod,Hack] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.0.1. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Explore the galaxy in this peaceful space trading RPG. Developed by ⚡️ HF Games. Operating system requirements 4.1. Teen.

Game Hack Features Galaxy Trader MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - No All ADS
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Unlimited Money
  • - No Ads

Game Version Galaxy Trader Paid MOD

  • - Free Setup
  • - Download For Phone Free
  • - No All ADS
  • - Boosters
  • - Free ADS

📜 v2.0.1:
– Fixed an issue where players could become stuck if the Eridanos Nebula was unlocked before any of the other star systems. Affected players will automatically be un-stuck when they first log in with this version.
– Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
– Compiled for the latest Android version to give a better experience on newer devices..

New comment

  1. Kekkley: I dig it.
  2. Seth March: Fun and calming.
  3. Ernur Wolf: Beautiful little relaxing game . I wish there were more galaxies to unlock and explore..
  4. Dmytr0 AwakeN (FB4tyGd9): Thank you for this incredible game it had awaken some memories from my childhood when space odyssey in the one space game (space rangers I seem) was a fascinating adventure for me and my friends... travelling throughout the eternal universe 🌌 it is incredible dream you're helping to achieve by this piece of art and work ....
  5. SF Electrical Shane Field: Great Game ...! Like travelling around the galaxy making money. Nice and simple to play and the name of the game says it all...!!!.
  6. Keaghan Salisbury: Super chill.
  7. Daniel Leonard: Just a peaceful trading game. No PvE no PvP (no multiplayer). Love it for what it is. Flawless..
  8. David Duncan: Great game, but no content. Not worth the purchase price. Last update was 8/2020. Doesn't look like there will ever be new content..
  9. Rob McCoy: Big fan. It's a chill space flying game with stuff to do. I love it..
  10. Matt Michaels: It's the Sega Genesis game Starcraft, but simplified..
  11. Dana Murphy: I like this game! This is a very simple space-trading game. I would like to make one suggestion: add the ability to tap on a cargo item or ship for a brief description. Especially the ships..
  12. Michael Reynolds: This is a very fun and relaxing game with good amount of achievements and new galaxy's help keep it fresh plus getting better faster ships along the way. Not a lot of depth but enough for a fun relaxing play. I can easily play for one two hours ago so that's pretty fun keeping me griped on time yet seems like few mins. That's why the 5 stars. Nothing much to gripe about except maybe your choice for battles but I get it and it's not that kind of game. Easily worth $3 I put in for..
  13. Kyle McKay: Relaxing, fly around buying and selling. Game runs well..
  14. Alexander Safonov: I can't update purchased game.
  15. Alex Collins: Very enjoyable and helps pass the time. The simplicity of this game, reminds me of Trade Wars from BBS days, just no combat..
  16. Alan Welsh: Well polished, but lacking anything engrossing, like a story..
  17. Tim La: Very cool space exploration sort of like elite dangerous just not dangerous.
  18. aprostana: Its like a lite edition for NMS.
  19. Stephen Skaines: Sold fun..
  20. Oliver Koeneke: Brilliant. Relaxing neat space-sim..
  21. Wolfgang Wechsel: I have to agree it's nice and relaxing, and well made. It does need more planets to explore, and the galaxy needs to be expanded to keep everyone happy. Looking forward to seeing that happen soon!.
  22. Me Val: Nice space travel game without combat. It's cool to fly in space, to travel between distant star systems. The game is just the right length of play time to have some interstellar fun. Thanks..
  23. Pendurion: I Love This Game I hope there will one Day a Update that has more galaxies xD.
  24. Mike Rucker: A very simple trader experience... no combat, just something to kill time. It's fun to explore..
  25. Eddie Brock: I love it.
  26. Andrei Ianuș: Soundtrack is very good. Mechanically really good (even got the 4 speeds depending on how close you are to space objects - just like in Elite Dangerous - ) in 6 hours you are almost done w everything, and I can't complain, really good..
  27. Dr. Arjun Menon: Kindly add support for Saving game progress on Google Play Games..
  28. Dance Macabre: So short... But done really well..
  29. Dave Whitby: Neat little space trader game, good soundtrack and great time killer. Still early days in the game so hopefully it doesn't get too repetitive too quick. Good work by the dev!!.
  30. kurt patzelt: Fantastic space exploration game paired with trading. As others have mentioned, this game would be awesome with combat but is just as absorbing without!.
  31. Hector Salamanca: Great game only thing would make it better is some sort of story points or maybe combat..
  32. T-Lo Czech: Made with love. Easy to play and I can see a little of David Braben's Elite in it. Sadly, that Galaxy is just too small for me..
  33. Jakub Nechvátal: As zen as space trading gets.
  34. Steve Bonds: Fun and relatively easy to stop/start. Not a long game, but the creator is quite up-front about that..
  35. l: Very slick. Could do with a little more gameplay options but it's very relaxing. Gamepad support would be fantastic..
  36. Richard Davies: Great start. Been playing a couple of days and enjoying it.
  37. Amiel Malay: Well worth the 82 cents. I have only been playing for an hour, and I am impressed by how much has been done by the Dev (just one person, really?) Controls are easy, trading is simple. As Zen as space exploration/trading can be. Certainly looking forward to updates..
  38. Stefan Gula: It's kind of ironic that there is no shooting in this version....because unlike most of the shooty versions your controls work lovely whereas in most of them control is so vague and targeting so poor dogfighting is suicide. Elsewise ... another Frontier Elite clone....just a very good one..
  39. Steve Hart: This is such a great game! I wish there were more star systems to explore and having the risk of running into space cops while carrying weapons or narcotics would be fun - like the old PalmOS Space Trader..
  40. Matej Medved: A lot of fun recommend.
  41. Mirko Ruckels: Fans of Starlight, freelancer, elite and no man's sky, this is a really cute mobile space rpg. I loved this. Relaxing planet hopping, trading and ship upgrading. Love this! Please create more content!.
  42. Robert Ratcliff: Simple,relaxing play with some challenges along the way..
  43. David Brager: Loved the TRADE WARS with graphics experience. It really does simplify the game by taking the pirates out of the picture. One major problem. It doesn't have a cloud hub in Facebook or Google Gaming so each installation is unique. All I want is to sync with my devices to be in the same game. Just the option to connect at will to sync would never make it an online game..
  44. Tavore Ebisu: Other than flying in a really high speed there is not much to see..
  45. Tony Maddox: Relaxing fun for about the right amount of time. Recommended!.
  46. christopher kutzler: Really nice and peaceful space trader, works well, even on lower end chromebooks. Well worth the price.
  47. Mike Clarke: Excellent game. It's a simple Elite-style space game with all of the annoying stuff taken out. It has a really nice rewarding progression and I eagerly await any future expansions..
  48. Brad Cramer: It's fun, and a cool concept. But it gets repetitive after an hour or two..
  49. Philip Norton: Really enjoyed my time with this game. Its like a mix of Elite and Freelancer without any annoying battles or deaths. I enjoyed it so much that I had to get all of the achievements (that last million took me a few days!). The gameplay loop of trading, exploring, upgrading is really compelling and its all done in a totally chilled envoronment. No in-app purchases and adverts makes this game just that much better. Thanks for creating this..
  50. Golova Phone: Has potential but far from a game, feels like a student's project. 1. Add a story (even a hint on a plot will help). Why am i trading to get a better class ship? Lame! 2. Interface needs lots of work, why not add Sell All or Buy Max buttons, etc? 3. Add variety to merchendise and races as well as description to flash out the universe. Things like that. Otherwise good effort, but not quite there yet..
  51. David H: Lovely graphics, sounds and intuitive controls. Like a polished, modern cross between Damocles and Elite. It's a short experience (as advertised) but very enjoyable and I still play it to trade and fly about in space because it's so much fun and looks so pretty. Would love to see our galaxy added and escort or passenger missions included. Also be nice to come across other ships here and there in space. Well worth the money and no ads or tricks make it a terrific game to chill-out with..
  52. ZeinOFy: Very relaxing and fun to explore, it's all I've ever looked for in a space themed game. I would love for there to be an update with new galaxies and ships, since I finished the game in around 2 or 3 days. Of course, I still have a few achievements to still get, I'd just love to explore more worlds is all, but no pressure. It's not a must have, just a nice little add on that would be much appreciated.
  53. paul smith: fantastic space trading game, could do with some form of combat perhaps.
  54. Carel Croukamp: It's a fun game and I like it a lot. Was hoping it would have a bit more to it. Found all the sectors to quick. It was fun while I was playing it..
  55. wallace mcgee: Nice space trading game.. Like original Elite brought up to modern standards but with less fighting. I would love a way of seeing a log of buy/sell amounts without having to use a pen and paper outside of the app, but I still give it 5 stars..
  56. Robin Chaddock: Unfortunately doesn't work on the Tesco hudl 2. (An Intel Atom based Android 5.1, Lollipop tablet from 2014) Opens to black full screen, then immediately closes..
  57. Cale Katarn (KaleKatarn): Great experience. I'm having a blast just going from planet to planet. Hoping the dev can expand the amount of systems. Full PVE is nice, too. A nice, relaxing time sink..
  58. Nerve Hive: I like it..
  59. Rylan Tocker: This is a really good game, I got it on sale for 99 cents. It is worth 4 dollars anyway. Super fun.
  60. Andrew Miller: Super chill game, I had a blast just running cargo and not getting blown up. Only thing I want is more content or an end game galaxy. Great job dev!.
  61. อิสสะฮอตวัน: I supported one time purchase games and this game is cool ! Sci-fi fans don't miss out ***Add camera mode pls***.
  62. Brian Fisher: Great game! Casual and relaxing..
  63. ReverseHappy: I really love this game! It's so peaceful and refreshing from all the other space fighting games. I wish there was more to do..
  64. Dad. “Lil Richard Big Cheese” Dadson.: A wonderful game, beautifully made as well as reasonably priced. While still being a simple trading type role-playing game in which you visit multiple locations to buy or sell goods at varying prices, it sets itself apart from many other similar games with it's open world sandbox.W ould have made this a five star if there was more to landing and exploring planets; being able to stay on one planet and trade between several NPCs maybe. Awesome game, still..
  65. Nathan Marquis: Great game considering the quality put out from a one man designe team. Only criticism I have is that the sources used to label extraterrestrial life as "Aliens" is outdated, secular, and uneducated in the occult/religion fields of study. Their demons masquerading as higher entities. Do your research on your next game. Change that or add a backstory that explains out your oversight and the game would be 5 stars..
  66. darmont: Really great game.
  67. Park Er: Fun. Simple. Calming. Focus on discovering the best trade routes and maximize profits selling whatever you get your hands on. Could use some expanding, but I like the basic game where it is..
  68. Yurriaan Van Duyn: Has potential, needs more to do at start. Otherwise very easy to control and beautifully made..
  69. blazzin50s: Pretty cool 👍.
  70. Nils Ververs Lübke: Stellar little space trading game..
  71. Stephen Legate: very fun, if a bit small.
  72. Lindchris Gordon: Very easy to get on to..
  73. Zach Todd: Awesome game if new contents being made thats just a bonus..
  74. James Lau: Phenomenonal game for such small expense. If u liked Galaxy on fire without the conflict then this is for u.
  75. Mire “Flek” Flek: I typically require conflict to be the motivating source of challenge in a game, but this one has a charm that reminds me of the safe shallows of Subnautica. I am so busy with discovery that I never miss the combat. Great for passing time when need to kill a few minutes, but the ambiance and nicely paced rewards can easily have you wondering where the hours went..
  76. buddah773: I'm having fun playing this game. I love exploring and trading. Perfect game for me..
  77. SovereignsRite: Can't fault this really considering its made by one guy. The game play loop isn't the worst and a tad repetitive but it's relaxing and well made. Kudos!!.
  78. Some Person: I was pretty exited to buy a peaceful space game. But this game also contains elements of magic that are not alluded to in the description of the game. TBF it was visible on a screenshot but I didn't notice it. Kind of weirdly out of genre and I just don't like to play that sort of game. Anyhow. This is a no for me..
  79. Bruh: Cute, addictive, and relaxing. Although it can get a little repetitive after a while and I wish there was more to *do.* But I respect the fact that it's made by one person, it ain't easy making a game, so right on. Idk if this exists in the game already, but it would be nice to be able to see what kind of cargo each planet/civilization is willing to buy right from your map - so if you have a bunch of stuff to sell, you're not flying everywhere guessing where to go to sell each item you have..
  80. Dominick Kass: Calming. I can see the effort you put into it. Good job and I enjoy playing..
  81. d k: short but good. looking forward to the next major update..
  82. Generic Multidimensional Hypercube: I found the game to be really good, the graphics were good a d it had a very easy to follow storyline, my only comment would be that the game is quite short, but outside of that it's an excellent game..
  83. Nicholas Trofimchenko: Overall, this game is very simplistic and relaxing, and it should stay that way. All you do here is basically trade with different planets in their stellar systems, which you can unlock by buying star system shards/pieces, and travel through the unlocked systems to trade more, and buy new ships. The game is overall fantastic as it is, but there is one problem, which is the disappearing use of the system shards after unlocking the available systems. That aside, great job! Would recommend..
  84. Declan Kanes: Great game, very intriguing design..
  85. Budmaster G: Great game for chilling out.
  86. A Google user: Wonderful ❤️ The perfect mobile game, no hidden fees, no adverts. Well worth the small cost..
  87. A Google user: it costs 69p and thats nice.
  88. A Google user: Relaxing fun.
  89. A Google user: Best mobile space flight game out there hands down.
  90. A Google user: It is interesting, for the first 5 minutes, and than very repetitive and boring..
  91. A Google user: Very calm game. Entertaining for hours. No ads or Microtransactions..
  92. A Google user: You think it's one type of game and it's another type of game. Get it you'll like it call.
  93. A Google user: Exactly as advertised..
  94. A Google user: This is a wonderful game and an outstanding achievement for its developer! I appreciate there being no micro transactions or waiting. It's worth more than the asking price! Edit: Additionally, I haven't encountered any bugs!.
  95. A Google user: Really fun game, good way to sink a few hours even if it's a little short. For a one man effort though it's very impressive..
  96. A Google user: Really Good, simple but effective, great for just having fun, 100% recommended..
  97. A Google user: At last an open space trading game. I an really loving this game. Just one thing I want to ask you, Can you make controls a little bit smaller, or can you give options like control size adjustments, so that one can enjoy open space view at large, as big controls are taking a lots of space of the galactic view one can enjoy. Please take a note on that. And also more systems . I am waiting for that..
  98. A Google user: It's like being a friendly ferengi.
  99. A Google user: This game reminds me of No Man's Sky. You fly from planet to planet trading and that's it. There's no battles with pirates, missions, story lines, storms or resource management. Actually you can't even lose in this game. That being said, it is definitely up there in terms of the 3d graphics. The traveling is done in such a way that it doesn't take away from the experience but it isn't irritating. The only reason this scores so high is because this is a mobile game. If it were on the PC, 2/5.
  100. A Google user: You can fly from planets to planets trading stuff. Near planets there is places of interest like moons, wrakages or abandoned satellites where you can get free cargo loot. I wish the was enemies to shoot at. So far I am enjoying the game..
  101. A Google user: Love it Just waiting for more updates😊.
  102. A Google user: Good fun.
  103. A Google user: Fun game. Im enjoying it.
  104. A Google user: Simple, but Fantastic..
  105. A Google user: Unique. Cool. Relaxing..
  106. A Google user: Got this on sale, well worth the $1. It's pretty straightforward, you just explore and find planets that want stuff the other ones have and be a courier for $$. I've only just got the 2and ship but I'm hoping there are bigger ones further down the track. Downgraded a star as there's only 4 systems and then you're done, would be nice if it was procedurally generated..
  107. A Google user: Fun to pass the time for awhile.
  108. A Google user: It's been a long time since I felt like I was playing a game that reminded me of Freelancer - this is definitely worth a purchase..
  109. A Google user: Simple good fun and great graphics. I hope more systems and ships get added in the future..
  110. A Google user: Boring.
  111. A Google user: Great game.
  112. A Google user: This game is very enjoyable and is exactly the kind of game that not many space games are, exploring systems, and planetary bodies is, basically if anyone played Stellaris, you're the science ship, surveying. Really hope there will be more systems, or another game just like this but more massive, open, and serious custom ships. Too bad can't have star trek ships without making paramount and cbs very angry lol..
  113. A Google user: Good game.
  114. A Google user: Simple and beautiful, chill out, space trading game. Very nice..
  115. A Google user: I am thoroughly enjoying this game. There is no 'bug' navigating away from planets, just needs a bit of skill to achieve. Once you figure it out, it is easy. Wish there were more galaxies to explore!.
  116. A Google user: Coolgame.
  117. A Google user: I really enjoyed playing this game and hope the creators expand on it. Maybe a little randomization on prices, random comets in solar systems? I can't wait to see what comes next!.
  118. A Google user: Good deal, great game, but unfortunately somewhat short, still worth the money though..
  119. A Google user: This game doesn't promise you the world, but what it does promise you it absolutely delivers on. I wish more mobile games were like this. No ads, premium currency or sales tactics. You cruise across a beautiful universe with relaxing music and the simple goal of making money, exploring and upgrading your ship..
  120. A Google user: This is a fantastic game! It's very easy to play. Lots of different ships to buy. An open world to explore. Unlimited fuel, lots of aliens. No combat, no ads, nothing to buy! I hope the developer releases new galaxies soon!.
  121. A Google user: Great Game. No issues. Hoping for more content..
  122. A Google user: Awesome game! Needs more star systems to explore..
  123. A Google user: Pretty nifty little trading game. It's quite fun. Thank you..
  124. A Google user: moar plz.
  125. A Google user: Loving this. Great just flying around buying selling salvaging and exploring. Very relaxing..
  126. A Google user: Small but nice game. I love the trading aspect. Reminds me of privateer but no pirates or kilrathi. Dev did a good job with the red shift at light speed and distances between stars. The quick stop isn't realistic but I didn't mind that. If you like trading games, this one is worth a look..
  127. A Google user: The game is awesome the way you fly from planet to planet to trade is gold The best part is when you buy a new space craft and fly to other galaxy's ,solar systems that's just awesome I love the game But if you could add a store that we buy things with real money like coins space ships and more love the game. And could you add some new solar systems or galaxy's.
  128. A Google user: Would be great if unlimited systems. 3 solar systems is too few. was a blast the short time I had..
  129. A Google user: Unplayable I want to support non micro transaction games. But this one repeatedly gets stuck in a glitch that keeps flying you back to the planet you just visited with no way of breaking the cycle. Nice idea but for such a basic game this is terrible..
  130. A Google user: I like the look, the sounds and the idea. controls are easy to learn. but it lacks things to do. automatically breaking near objects in space takes a bit of fun. no fuel or other things i need to care about. its always just from planet to planet buying and selling the same stuff. it feels like wasted potential. still a very solid game to skip some time.
  131. A Google user: absolutely marvellous - great to relax to.
  132. A Google user: Relaxing, short, perfect.
  133. A Google user: Awesome game. My only complaint is that there are only three galaxies to explore, and there isn't much information given about the types of stars that makes them unique..
  134. A Google user: Simple, chill..
  135. A Google user: Its a fun trader/space sim with a great simple economy. Has a huge exploration side that is fun. Worth the few dollars it cost..
  136. A Google user: cool little game I like it a lot hopefully developer adds features soon even as it is its good.
  137. A Google user: a fun game with lots of potential. more galaxies please :).
  138. A Google user: i love this type of game, and this phone game does not disapoint!.
  139. A Google user: it is a bit slow when trying to go around planets but it is fun to explore such a large space.
  140. A Google user: fun, pretty, needs more content.
  141. A Google user: Took the best part of Freelancer and made a very relaxing way to pass some time. Great not being harassed by adds or pay to play mechanics. Would love to see a sequel. Highly recommend..
  142. A Google user: quick to learn with simple UI..
  143. A Google user: Polished and relaxing x.
  144. A Google user: Very spacey and peacefully healing lol 👽.
  145. A Google user: this game is fun and relaxing. worth every penny..
  146. A Google user: I'm absolutely enthralled by this game and it has sat on my wishlist for far too long! The only thing I could ever hope for is a touch of life to the galaxy and local multiplayer perhaps? Even without those two things this game is a work of art here. Easily worth the original price let alone sale price..
  147. A Google user: relaxing and fun to explore.
  148. A Google user: Very relaxing (as stated by dev) and quite short but good considering how we buy/play/beat/delete games nowadays..
  149. A Google user: As a value proposition, no microtransactions and 2usd this is must buy for anyone who might even be slightly interested. My main issue is that to play well you'll need a pen and paper to make notes of where buys and sells what, because you can't remember it all. Which is a little ridiculous. Unless I'm missing something. But not having a database if previous goods means you waste a lot time with a full cargo hold, unless you have a photographic memory....
  150. A Google user: Its almost like having Freelancer on your mobile!! great game and idea. you really are onto something with this and think it will do well on mobile platform for years to come. it's just very short and feels kinda like its in alpha but it still gave me a good 10+ hours of fun exploring, trading and upgrading my ship until it was too repetitive. I'd love to see this game updated with lots more content..

Download Instructions Galaxy Trader latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Galaxy Trader mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link galaxy-trader-modhack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher ⚡️ HF Games.

- Download Galaxy Trader mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file galaxy-trader-modhack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Galaxy Trader original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Galaxy Trader Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Galaxy Trader for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file ⚡️ HF Games provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Galaxy Trader file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Galaxy Trader Mod Apk on Android & Galaxy Trader Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Galaxy Trader Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored galaxy-trader-modhack.APK & galaxy-trader-modhack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again galaxy-trader-modhack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Galaxy Trader on your phone.

Download Galaxy Trader [Mod,Hack] Unlimited Apk + iOS

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Version: 2.0.1.
Operating system: 4.1.
Evaluate: 581.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 5,000+.
Product: .
Developers: ⚡️ HF Games.
Votes: 4.6.
Interact: .
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