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GBC.emu (Hack,Mod)

Gameboy Color Emulator. GBC.emu Mod vVARY

Update: 29/09/2022
Original price $: 2.99

Download GBC.emu Mod VARY for android apk & iphone ios Varies with device

Advanced open source GB and GBC emulator based on Gambatte, featuring a minimalist UI and low audio/video latency, supporting a wide range of devices from the original Xperia Play to modern devices like Nvidia Shield and Pixel phones.

* 原始GB 游戏的多个调色板
* Game Genie 和Gameshark(类型01xxxxxx)格式的秘籍代码
* 支持.gb 和.gbc 文件格式, choose to use ZIP, RAR compression or 7Z
* Configurable on-screen controls
* Bluetooth/USB gamepad and keyboard support, compatible with all HID devices recognized by the OS, such as Xbox – and PS4 controllers
This application does not contain ROM and must be provided by the user. It supports Android’s Storage Access Framework to open files on internal and external storage (SD card, USB drive, etc.).

View the full update changelog:

Follow my app development on GitHub and report issues:

Please report crashes or device specific issues via email (provide your device name and OS version) or GitHub to Make future updates work on as many devices as possible.

Free download GBC.emu (Hack,Mod) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version VARY. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Gameboy Color Emulator. Developed by Robert Broglia. Operating system requirements Varies with device. Everyone.

Game Hack Features GBC.emu MOD

  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Unlock All
  • - Free ADS
  • - No Reload

Game Version GBC.emu Paid MOD

  • - Download For Phone Free
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  • - Free Unlock

* Add video options for setting RGB color levels
* Add video option to force the highest screen refresh rate on your device in case automatic switching doesn’t set the proper rate.

New comment

  1. Patryk: THE Android GameBoy Color emulator. Period..
  2. Jason Harvey: Worth the 2 bucks.
  3. Chad M.: Great emulator! Works very well on my Google Pixel 6 Pro, I would highly recommend this emulator if you're looking for a GB/GBC emulator..
  4. SuperMarioFan2007: Next Update: Add Systems About Auto, GB, SGB, GBC. Add Support For Super Game Boy Palletes.
  5. Bob Dobbs: Qaulity emulator well worth the price..
  6. erick gandi wijaya: good app.
  7. Brad and Melissa: Bad.
  8. Shabadoobie: It's pretty good.
  9. Xeros RTX 6: Good emulator ever.
  10. Noctis D'lanoch: ☆BEST GBC EMULATOR☆.
  11. Meredith Feldman: Best GB/C emulator on the platform..
  12. Jordyn Q: Love this emulator! Have you ever considered adding a BIOS option for GB/C? Not necessary at all, but a fun touch!.
  13. amenorain: Instaled for my android tv (mi tv stick), but i have an issue with no image just sound. And i solved by change the "display color format" option from rgba8888 to rgb565 on video option. Great emulator and love to see gameboy color enhance pallete for gameboy game..
  14. Rob Fletcher: Great emulator.
  15. Rishov Bhattacharjee: Just great. Always have loved the .emu franchise. Bought every emulator from the franchise..
  16. Abby Danger: Games that use the clock don't work anymore. I really hope to see a fix..
  17. Xayah DeLorenzo: Best Gameboy color emulator.. plays all my rims like a charm.
  18. Ramiro Deleon: Does not work well with smart view on my note 10 plus does work great on the phone itself.
  19. A Google user: After recent updates games have strange flickering at certain times such as screen transitions or opening menus. Very distracting and annoying..
  20. A Google user: Was not able to access SD card since latest updates. Never had any issues before but was able to speak directly to Robert the Creator and he worked with me to fix the issue. Great guy and great apps!.
  21. A Google user: Can you add a setting to make your own color "palat" (I forgot how to spell the word).
  22. A Google user: Awesome.
  23. A Google user: Greatest GBC Emulator !.
  24. A Google user: Really good..
  25. A Google user: It's an amazing emulators, jist like all of your other emulators (I have only have experience with this, the gba, snes, and md), but this is the only emulator where I wasn't allowed to use the save states. Other than that, it's great!.
  26. A Google user: I like this app.
  27. A Google user: Just missing Bluetooth multiplayer support. Please add this feature and it will be easily 5 stars..
  28. A Google user: The absolute best GB and GBC emulator on Android for settings, accuracy, everything. No surprise considering the author's work on the incomparable Snes9x!.
  29. A Google user: Working fine on Android 10.
  30. A Google user: This is my favourite GBC emulator. I really like all the video settings that are available. Like others have said i would also love to see 2x and 1.5x fastforward in a future release..
  31. A Google user: My favourite GB/GBC emulator on android. Simple setup and interface, accurate, efficient, and very customizable..
  32. A Google user: Good Emulator, it's not as great as the My Old Boy! Emulator. But, it's version compatible on my Android TV. So, that's useful. (you just have to change App Zoom to 95%).
  33. A Google user: Good emulator, can't get gameshark codes to work in it though..
  34. A Google user: It just works. Ui is neat and controls are customizable, both of which is why I prefer this over Retroarch..
  35. A Google user: so many options ! i'd like to request 1.5x & 2.0 speeds; and pitch-scaled audio (so 3x speed pitch-shifts the audio accordingly, and so on), which can be a toggled setting; and volume levels (as was suggested). great work ! oh, and possibly a help option to provide details for each setting..
  36. A Google user: not happy can get refund.
  37. A Google user: Excellent emulator. I've used his programs for years. It's worth the money. Easy controls plus great save state options make this an easy choice..
  38. A Google user: This app just like Robert's other 8 and 16 bit emulators are the best you can download and run games on. Consistently runs well on newer or older devices. Plays gameboy color, and regular non color gameboy roms as well. A retro gaming must!.
  39. A Google user: Best emu please create psp and ps2 emulator.
  40. A Google user: The only feature I can possibly ask for is a volume control. I want to play games and get sound effects while I listen to podcasts without blowing out my ear drums. Other than my highly specific issue, absolutely perfect..
  41. A Google user: Audio is broken, developer is not responding.
  42. A Google user: Best emulator!!.
  43. A Google user: I can't figure out how the cheats work exactly.. I wanna catch the pokemon I can't trade for.. But I can't get them to activate anyone have advice.. The emulator is solid...
  44. A Google user: Robert Broglia makes the best emulators. End of story..
  45. A Google user: My only complaint with this emulator is the music on every game seems to be just a slight few steps higher in pitch than it should be. Making it not exactly 100% accurate. Yes it's close, but why? When every other emulator out there doesn't suffer from this. My two cents to the author..
  46. A Google user: Great emulator for GameBoy colour; plays Pokémon Silver perfectly (the only one I've tested). Until it brings link cable functionality (so I can trade and multi-play) I can only give 4 stars. If there was an option to give 4.75 stars, I would..
  47. A Google user: Cannot change palette for regular Gameboy games using Android TV, so you can't make it look like the original colors (the default palette adds some color to it). I have emailed the owner of the app and have not received a response. Reading other reviews here, apparently the author does not reply to anyone. So, 1 star because of that..
  48. A Google user: Best gbc emulator.
  49. A Google user: Game Shark codes don't work..
  50. A Google user: When I turn the app on all I see is blocks and no picture just sound. Tried re installing and same thing fix plx!.
  51. A Google user: Heh heh, clever! This emulator lets you trick specially marked Game Boy Color games into unlocking their Game Boy Advance-exclusive stages. So if you were wondering what you were missing in, say, Wendy: Every Witch Way, here's your chance to find out. It's pretty solid in every other respect, although I do wish there was a way to use the Super Game Boy background in Donkey Kong '94. Maybe there is; I haven't found it, though..
  52. A Google user: Bad for save slots. And A and B button too close together.
  53. A Google user: This emulator and all of the .emu emulators have a really nice 'integer-only' option that doesn't stretch the pixels at all. If you also turn off the bilinear filter it really makes it easy to appreciate the pixel art..
  54. A Google user: Gets the job done well, simple as that..
  55. A Google user: All my games play flawlessly, real-time clock works with Pokemon and I can change the color scheme for GameBoy games like a real GBC I love it. The only request I have is if you can add an option to adjust the vibration intensity for on-screen controls.
  56. A Google user: It's great. The only complaint is that I can't seem to get the cheats to work..
  57. A Google user: I prefer this over my old boy since it has scale X2 filter for making pictures less blurry. But my old boy has link cable feature. I bought both :).
  58. A Google user: Clearly the best gb/gbc emulator in the market! Runs perfectly, tons of options, respinsive and customizable touch buttons, perfect audio, multiple saveslots for the quicksave feature, different speeds for the speed-up function, autosave when you close or minimize the game and the list goes on :) Having a Link Cable function and a Quicksave/Quickload button on screen would make it perfect, but it's nothing an update can't add! ;).
  59. A Google user: How do I download ROMs?.
  60. A Google user: I bought this app a while back, love it! Been playing old pokemon games. However I just accidentally loaded 'state' which was from nearly the start of the game and I was near the end and had been save in-game the whole time. I can't find any kind of backup or any way to get it back! Is this possible? Its OK if not, it's my fault for not paying attention I just thought I'd ask ☺.
  61. A Google user: Dosnt play my games.
  62. A Google user: This is the best GB emulator I've used. Definitely worth the money. The only problem is there is no link cable function (that I could find). Will give a 5 star rating if this function is added..
  63. A Google user: Downloaded this emulator and downloaded pokemon gold played it for hours upon hours then after completing half i accidentally ( bare in mind the continue and start again button are next to each other which is stupid ) pressed the restart button and it just takes you straight to the restart ... all data gone .... all that time wasted ... emailed the developer he hasnt told me how to decover my data either so its gone.
  64. A Google user: What happened to the override DPi setting, I really need that feature..
  65. A Google user: But can I link to another phone to trade, like you would with a link cable on the original GB?.
  66. A Google user: I love the emulator, never had any issues at all. Even broke my no buy rule!! However, when not using fast forward the games are a little slow, perhaps a 1.5X fast-forward? The older model from a few years ago had a dink where you could do something on the video setting and that sped it up a bit. Keep up the awesome work!!.
  67. A Google user: My only complaint is it needs link cable function and rewind! Will be 5 stars with those added!!.
  68. A Google user: Best one for Android.
  69. A Google user: Robert Broglia ports some of the best emulators to Android. There are free open source options out there like RetroArch, but usability is a nightmare. The ".emu" series have a clean interface and plug-n-play controller support that easily make them worth the money. Thanks Robert!.
  70. A Google user: Just not worth it.
  71. A Google user: Would be even cooler with GBA support too!.
  72. A Google user: Works great.
  73. A Google user: Been on my devices forever. Now if only I had the time to play..
  74. A Google user: Never had any problems,.
  75. A Google user: Had for years and still works great. After i got the new s7 i had to change video setting but this is no big deal. For all others having video issues. Go to video settings and change the GPU setting from auto to standard and this should fix.
  76. A Google user: Sucks that it pauses it everytime.
  77. A Google user: I've been using this emulator amongst many emulators from Robert for years and never had any issues at all... until now. The game won't show on the screen. Sounds, buttons, everything else works fine. Tried Uninstalling and installing again multiple times but still the same issue.. please fix.
  78. A Google user: You can fix it by going to Options -> Video -> then set GPU Copy Mode to "Standard".
  79. A Google user: Easy to use, and great at never losing my place. My only complaint is that there is no way to cable link between multiple devices that I have found. If this could be enhanced to allow, it would be absolute perfection..
  80. A Google user: Finally!!!.
  81. A Google user: Only playing audio on the s7 edge. Video does not seem to work for any games that I have tried..
  82. A Google user: Please fix, will change rating.
  83. A Google user: This emulator is fantastic. It is the only emulator to properly support built in GB colors which is something I've wanted for a long time..
  84. A Google user: Just like all your emulators this one is without a doubt the best GBC emulator on the market. However, my only complaint it the cheat code system. It only seems to allow for a single line, when almost all cheats take several lines. Hopefully this gets update someday to allow for cheats with multiple lines to them..
  85. A Google user: None of your emulators work on the S7 Edge. Everything works up until I actually play the game but then there is no video. Sound and controls work but no game play.
  86. A Google user: Anyone with issues after Android 6.0 update, go to settings>video>GPU Copy Mode and change it from Auto to Standard..
  87. A Google user: I want to play pokemon silver but the clock goes haywire as soon as I start. Any advice?.
  88. A Google user: These work great. Never an issue. Controllers always work, no fuss..
  89. A Google user: All of these emulators are amazing, however I feel that gba and gbc should eventually get a link cable ability. It would make them much more valuable and I would be less likely to ever switch then! Keep up the good work!.
  90. A Google user: The best gameboy emulator but can you add super gameboy art borders for pokemon in the next update? Epic app developer.
  91. A Google user: Broglia emulators are the best. Droid Turbo, Droid Maxx, LG Gpad x8.3..
  92. A Google user: When it comes to emulators, if it's made by Robert Broglia, just buy it! What you'll get is top quality emulation, accessible UI, and the best responsive touch controls. Does it have all the extra features that some other emulators offer? No, but it more than makes up for it with overall performance and friendly price. I'm halfway through playing Metroid 2 with no setbacks to speak of, running smoothly all the way..
  93. A Google user: This GB/GBC emu has nearly every option you can think of and runs smooth and easy even on devices with lesser specs. This emu is best even among the many good GB/GBC emu's out there. Rob, you're awesome! Thank You for making such a cool emulator for this classic system!.
  94. A Google user: Keep up the good work.
  95. A Google user: The app has a lot of great features some of the other apps don't have, and yet is strangely missing others; custom buttons can't be set, for loading or saving states, for instance. A fast forward button exists; however, lower speeds aren't available, such as 1.25x, 1.5x and 2x speed (it starts at 3x and goes in increments to 8x). Finally, there's a toggle in the options to ignore the warning for saving over states, but not one to remove the warning for loading them..
  96. A Google user: Robert has really set the bar with his emulators, almost all of which i have purchased. Very good on screen control layouts, great no-hassle compatibility with external controllers, very clean interface, and great ROM compatibility. So glad to have found the .EMU set of emulators. I have them installed on all my Android devices. :).
  97. A Google user: Doesn't support 128k sav files. 5+ stars otherwise..
  98. A Google user: Great app. Just wish I knew how to enter gameshark codes properly. Any help will be greatly appreciated and be changed to 5 stars.
  99. A Google user: If there is one nitpicky it's that phone screens are getting smaller like Vodafone 765 size so we need a joystick that when you move it you can move it without your big thumbs touching the nearest button and messing up the experence. Other than that 5 star for everything else. Has the best movement buttons in all the emulators just needs to be smaller or leaving it how it is but having a mode where you can touch other areas of your screen too. Also you are thee king of emulators and the AMIGA and MAME ones are rubbish moving on a touch screen so you know what to attempt next rob..
  100. A Google user: Only thing I would like is the ability to make shortcuts right on the home screen to launch right into games, not by any means a shortcoming of the app tho. Robert Broglia - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK..
  101. A Google user: Works great on Nexus Player.
  102. A Google user: Perfect on android phones which size wise makes it feel like you have an actual gameboy in your hands. Ideal if you want a quick game of Tetris, mario, zelda etc and with the autosave feature it's perfect to carry on later from where you left off. Loads all older gameboy game into a basic colour pallet when playing which is really good. Fully Recommended!.
  103. A Google user: Please add gameboy linking lile in my boy so i can play with friends nearby still my favourite emulators from you 5 stars non the less.
  104. A Google user: Awesome.
  105. A Google user: Works perfect.
  106. A Google user: This is a great emulator. Any chance of seeing Chromecast support added? I would love to be able to cast the games to my television..
  107. A Google user: I'd played my old Game Boy Color since I was a kid from the 90's then I lost my Game Boy Color, which I was upset ever since. Now I'd brought this amazing app for $3 and brings me back memories. 5 stars! Thanks Robert! <3.
  108. A Google user: As with all his apps this is perfect.
  109. A Google user: Until support dropped out..
  110. A Google user: Absolutely brilliant! Best Gameboy emulator I've used. Runs everything I throw at it and runs flawlessly. 95/100..
  111. A Google user: Working smoth and fast, no sound problems just perfect!.
  112. A Google user: Again Robert Broglia has made one of the best GameBoy emulators on Android. Keep up the great work!.
  113. A Google user: Simple and easy to use, love playing the classic titles on my Nexus 7!.
  114. A Google user: I have purchased all of this devs emulators. The best of each. And with massive Moga controller support..
  115. A Google user: Needs Gameboy Camera support.
  116. A Google user: I wish it could import other save files :.
  117. A Google user: Sound is accurate. Controls and layout very configurable. Stable..
  118. A Google user: Ever since the addition of cheats and the auto save feature (which works flawlessly by the way,) I've never had any sort of mishaps or anything, however I've had this one where when I try linking up my wiimote to my Nexus 7 (2012) it crashes, but luckily the auto save feature kicks in though. So 4 stars for that, five stars for the auto save!.
  119. A Google user: Perfect! Also has moga controller support.
  120. A Google user: This dev is great at making an emulator with features and stability. I would recommend to everyone that wants some GBC nostalgia..
  121. A Google user: This is by far the best emulator you could buy for your phone but the only feature missing that I wish it had (myboy apparently has this) is multiplayer. If multiplayer could be set up for this (and for all the other emulator he makes) it would literally make this app perfect..
  122. A Google user: Amazing.
  123. A Google user: Best Gameboy(Color) emulator!.
  124. A Google user: Its awesome, being able to play all the old Pokemon games. Keep up the good work!.
  125. A Google user: Not working with 4.4 on LG G2..
  126. A Google user: File I/O error when saving state.
  127. A Google user: .
  128. A Google user: Looks amazing and Works perfectly, a must have!.
  129. A Google user: Works great no hassle.
  130. A Google user: I own all of Robert Broglia's emulators, and they are always the best. With a very consistent interface and high compatibility/performance, they set the standard. My only complaint is that he should make more of them!!.
  131. A Google user: Feature packed and works with every game I've tried. Excellent developer who supports and improves their creations long-term..
  132. A Google user: Best gbc emu on the store.
  133. A Google user: And the creator does a great job of keeping it up-to-date..
  134. A Google user: This is the best Gameboy emulator I have found. It is accurate and you are able to configure it to your liking. Adding 4.4 status bar and navigation bar immersion is a big plus as well. I would LOVE to see link cable support for Pokemon battles in the future, but this gets 5 stars nonetheless. I encourage everyone to support this dev..
  135. A Google user: The best gameboy emulator for android. I just wished I'd purchased this one first instead of wasting my money on another emulator from the store which was terrible. All of Robert's emulators are top quality.
  136. A Google user: Needs custom pallettes though..
  137. A Google user: The most stable and polished emulator I have used. Can not go wrong with this dev..
  138. A Google user: Robert Broglia is a genius, all his applications are built and polished to perfection..
  139. A Google user: This app is excellent. I had paid for another one a while back ago and haven't used it since trying this dev's products. I have since paid for almost all of this dev's emulators. Excellent work!.
  140. A Google user: Hi. Love the app, runs flawlessly. Just a quick question is it possible to speed up the frames on it I wanna be able to make some progress on farming the Elite Four on my work breaks :) if it is possible how do I do it ?.
  141. A Google user: Runs great, just like all your emus! Oddly enough, it runs a Sonic Advance rom smoother than the Android port of the game Sega released only in Japan. And it's in English. Only thing I would like to see is the backwards compatibility so we have all Gameboys in one app. But I guess then you'd sell less copies of GBC.emu! I bought that already anyway, so no big deal. All these .emu apps work great with the Launchme app for easily managing all them, and not cluttering the home screen with Emu app shortcuts..
  142. A Google user: had a bug at first but around 2-3 days after submitting it the bug was fixed. Amazing customer support. Thank you soo much!!!.
  143. A Google user: This is the best! trust me with those words, I'm playing pokemon, the fifth star would be if you could make a Wi-Fi trading system!! ty you so much!.
  144. A Google user: Best input buttons and sound quality. Can't seem to do sram right though which is unusual? Maybe I'm doing something wrong..
  145. A Google user: All his apps are great well worth it.
  146. A Google user: One of the worst paid gbc emulators. Can't move the d pad and controls so no guarantee it wi'll be nice to play. A/b buttons wrong way round..
  147. A Google user: But how do I connect my wii controller to this.
  148. A Google user: Robert, you have this emulation stuff held down! Worth the cash to support your efforts..
  149. A Google user: Very good emulator.
  150. A Google user: If robopon worked but still great emulator.

Download Instructions GBC.emu latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download GBC.emu mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link gbc-emu-hackmod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Robert Broglia.

- Download GBC.emu mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file gbc-emu-hackmod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download GBC.emu original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download GBC.emu Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download GBC.emu for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Robert Broglia provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install GBC.emu file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it GBC.emu Mod Apk on Android & GBC.emu Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: GBC.emu Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored gbc-emu-hackmod.APK & gbc-emu-hackmod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again gbc-emu-hackmod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of GBC.emu on your phone.

Download GBC.emu (Hack,Mod) UNLOCKED ALL

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Version: VARY.
Operating system: Varies with device.
Evaluate: 1098.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 10,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Robert Broglia.
Votes: 4.6.
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