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Girls' Frontline is a SLG with redesigned rules derived from various SLGs.. Girls Frontline Mod v2.0800_368

Update: 22/05/2022
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Download Girls Frontline Mod 2.0800_368 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

The year is 2060.

The war has plunged the world into chaos and darkness, and the onus is on us, the survivors, to restore order.

It’s time to reconsider your past. Use your tactical talents and command your humanoid in battle to uncover far-reaching conspiracies that span the world.

For humanity and our future, join us…

…Personal Military Contractors at GRIFFIN and KRYUGER.

【Game Features】

◎ Strategic Mobilization and Maneuvering
On and let multiple teams deploy and retreat freely!

◎Real-time combat
Let the front line attack the enemy and let the back line cause damage. Turn the tide of battle by changing the formation and position of humanoids in battle!

◎ Over 100 anthropomorphic gun characters
Over 100 classic guns await at your command from all eras from WWII to modern times, all designed by famous illustrators!

◎ Character development and skill enhancement
Develop your doll by upgrading skills, connecting and calibrating equipment to the dummies to improve their performance in battle!

◎ Voice Actor Lineup
Enjoy the wonderful performances of Japan’s top voice actors such as Rie Ngnomiya, Yui Horie, Ai Kayano and Haruka Higashimatsu!

◎ Dorms & Clothing
Decorate your T-Dolls with different styles of decor for a stylish, comfortable home!

Free download Girls’ Frontline Hack & Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 83M) - Version 2.0800_368. Released on December 14, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Girls' Frontline is a SLG with redesigned rules derived from various SLGs.. Developed by Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

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1. Improved: Parts of the “Luffberry Chess” system.
2. Added: “Quick Auto-Battle Contract” item.
3. Improved: Daily missions.
4. Added: The Monthly Auto-Battle Card now awards the “Quick Auto-Battle Contract”.
5. Fixed: Excessively high enemy unit armor values.
6. Improved: Doll CGs can now be dragged around in the “Gallery” after zooming in.
Please check our official Twitter, Facebook and in-game mail to get details about v.20800 compulsory client..

New comment

  1. nin nin: Tried to play but the in game download would always get stuck 3/4ths of the way in, I know I have space for it and my storage settings show 3gb free, closing the app clears the download and clearing the cache hangs the app..
  2. Allan: It's a fun game, but the sheer amount of crashes you'll have to go through to play is very frustrating..
  3. Christian Evans: The best game for gun enthusiasts and/or weebs..
  4. Suzanne Underwood: It's so cute and fun ☺️☺️.
  5. Husain Alaydrus: Please rate up defy team.
  6. Grim Heart: SEGGS.
  7. Miya Studio: Let me play by myself or not The game only allows me to press play so I can't set anything stupid game.
  8. thekittycatofepic: I genuinly liked this game allot, I lost all my progress when I switched phone about a year back and dont exaclty wanna restart but for anyone picking this up for the first time, its definitly a good choice.
  9. Ethan Shearer: You're genuinely the WORST human beings imaginable for advertising a Valhalla collab then making it absolutely impossible to unlock half of the characters including the main character, Jill. Installed the game a month or so prior to prep for the collab and still couldn't get half the characters, wasted money on microtransactions. You care more about money than fans. Wish I'd known sooner. Thanks for sucking all the happy and joy out of me, hope my money was worth it. You're awful people..
  10. Stoic Tonic: Lags a Lot. Like a lot. I'm using the Lowest Settings But Yup Lags A lot 👌.
  11. Jolak123: With the new update, my phone has been constantly crashing. My phone is a Galaxy S10 Edge.
  12. Im NotWell: The game is unplayable now.... kept on getting stuck as soon as I got into the game..... been playing for a year and and the half now but its gone now.....
  13. 26. Raditya Tri S: Everything is good, but please add more Currency that available for payment. I want to support this game by buying an in-game item. But unfortunately the payment does not available in my country currency (IDR = Indonesian Rupiah), i don't have a credit card or something that value in USD or available currency in this game, that's really bother me because i have to use another currency..
  14. Vixifairy: when is girls frontline 2 getting english release?.
  15. Hazbin 2991: I would love to give this a 5 star but atm I can't. been playing for about 2 days now and at first everything was running fine with no issues but now I can't get anything done because it keeps freezing randomly, I can't even start any new missions because the one I've started just freezes the game the second I resume the stage..
  16. S4mS1ng: Downloading took too long. Kept failing. Not worth my time..
  17. HanimeYTSama: I love it and the game characters are good and everything 5/5.
  18. Erik Pratap: Unusable, game freezes after a few seconds after loading menu.
  19. gamer patpunk: 3GB? Are you kidding me?.
  20. Lemon Squishy: Amazing waifus and skins but the latter is paywalled, hard, and even doing every activities to get that gacha currency for a whole year straight wouldn't be enough to pity the most expensive skin once a year. And cosmetics aside, this client has serious stability, optimisation issues and lack so much QoL that I would need 10x the character limit to explain it is comprehensive way..
  21. WA2K: I have been playing this game since NA debut with little to no problems but for the last month or so my Samsung S20 can no longer play it without the Game freezing because of recent updates. I don't have this problem with any other Game. It's sad because I love the Characters and Story of the Game and want to participate in the Valhalla rerun, the Anniversary, and do my Dailies. Sadly the Game is unplayable even after updating my phone and reinstalling the Game. I hope they fix the issue soon..
  22. Rash jay Olmido: Can you Please add Gcash to the game so that i can buy gems?.
  23. Renee Lyons: for the devs:May I know if there's a way to download dis on to your sim card cuz I have 60 gigabyes on my sim card so is there a way do to so?.
  24. Phung Le: Great game, I am not meta person or anything. I just take my time slowly. Most of t-dolls are nice a lot of meta choice though is waifu>meta..
  25. Rei Ebueng: Cannot even download the game. It keeps disconnecting..
  26. Atasake Enogata: tbh, been playing gfl since the first va-11 hall-a event, and had encountered the bugs but nothing like a good ol phone restart did the trick.
  27. KO MI: Got a hellalot of problem downloading the data and after all that trouble the game wasn't suprising at all its so bland,theres a specific girl who doesn't want to let go of me and keep forcing the tutorials on me, character design was good i admit but other than that everything is bad.
  28. Yuki_Kuroshiro: One of the greatest games I ever played. But sometimes crashes for no reason..
  29. LittleMsMeh: Very good game, BUT after updating my android phone I can no longer play the game, it is freezing after the game start screen and the login reward screen. :(.
  30. Just Dio Chillin: S q2Jus.
  31. Hyouga: A really good game when you finally understand it's mechanic..
  32. Tsuki Garrit: Best storyline in a game ever. The game is pay 2 fast, but isn't pay 2 win. Monetization is optional and aside from collabs with other franchises every single doll is always obtainable, be it by an event, an event rerun or an archived event. The ads about the game aren't misleading and the gameplay loop is super repetitive, but it is fun..
  33. Yu Handa: bad optimization, frequent error and crashes, slow..
  34. Jeremy Tyler: This game is fun. Or at least it has been up until about a week ago and now the game keeps crashing. It is annoying with an event going on that we can't enjoy..
  35. Urzarik Akuma: Please do something about the blank screen on the loading screen when you boot up the game. It happens rarely for me, but I don't want to deal with this over and over since it's getting in my way a little too much, I hope you'll be able to fix this and the problem of redownloading the game having a lot of errors by a lot of files failed, leading to click "confirm" a lot while downloading every files in the game takes too much time. Again, I hope you can fix these problems fast, thank you in adv!.
  36. Ng Võ Minh Quân: Awsome.
  37. Abubakar Aslam: loved it!.
  38. Frozen Yukimori: Seriously cant play the game cause I cant even click the "tap anywhere" and its always loading.
  39. Maenard Llamas: Servers suck. Always stuck loading/downloading And the gameplay is annoying. Too complicated for me. I thought it will be like some games i played like Azur lane or FGO but this is worse..
  40. Eric Robinson: Being a bit of a gun nut, I am a fan of the game. It could use some better tutorials and explain things better but is a fun game overall..
  41. Faiz Permana: Sorry for 2 star, because when download the inside of game I keep crashing and get reseted also I use poco x3 pro, thats why im wondered.
  42. Geno Peneeno: After the latest update the game completely broke, after opening the quest tab it froze. After restarting the app it worked but after pressing the combat tab it froze again. I really don't feel like uninstalling and reinstalling it again as I don't want to lose my progress. (FYI I cleared the cache and redownloaded multiple times).
  43. Fili Re: Been playing for 2 years or so. I must say it's not newbie friendly, but if you can consistently progress with your own pace, it will pay off. F2P friendly and lots of dolls to use which can be acquired from production. Gems are rare, so spend them on things such as echelon or infrastructures if you're f2p unless ofc, you spend money to get more. Storywise, it's really good. Especially after episode 10 and above (including major events). Do give it a try..
  44. sei _: Why can't I play the game anymore? Whenever I enter the new event in combat, it always says "ILLEGAL ACTION DETECTED! PLEASE LOG IN AGAIN!". I can't terminate the mission and I'm stuck with this. I don't have any problem with my internet connection, why did it happened? I already tried clearing cache and clearing the data. I even uninstalled the game and re-download all of the resources, but none of those worked. Not going to play GFL anymore unless this got fixed..
  45. The Unholy Crusader: Used to be great but now I can't even open it, freezes on the first loading screen.
  46. kiith somtaaw: can you guys fix the quest tab bug i can't access it.
  47. scre am: hell yeah.
  48. Juniper Rose: honestly have a lot of fun playing this game, however every major update I keep getting a new game crash. if I uninstall and reinstall it works fine but it's just a bit annoying to have to do this every major update..
  49. Luis Miranda: It not letting me play the game at all.
  50. Jessie: I enjoy this game but it's incredibly laggy and everything requires a menu transition. I spend more time navigating the UI and waiting on loading screens than I spend actually playing..
  51. Farrel 15: :D.
  52. Star Kell: Good game.
  53. Bench Jonson: Yoo dev fix the bug.
  54. Star Sapphire: The most f2p friendly gacha I know, super cute and fun.
  55. Otaku From Japan: Just plss fix the damn game.
  56. Alex Taranov: It's just bad game. Nothing worth mentioning..
  57. Cameron Conner: All the waifus are obtainable without paying money!!!.
  58. Luis Ramones: Amazing game it's very nice and also very challenging I barely started playing not too long ago and already my right ear has smoke coming out of it.
  59. Giovanni Silva: Kinda bad right now the game freeze so quick yall may wanna fix that problem I can't play it right now.
  60. Scp Foundation_alt!: Cool game.
  61. Amamiya Ren: Can't even get past the download. Have to redo it over and over again but constantly showing download errors and would get stuck. Fix your game!.
  62. kawakaze: Cool.
  63. สุดารัตน์ จักรกาย: My wallpaper looks so weird.
  64. vincentッ: Connection problems.
  65. Faizal Azhar: Downloading stuck, i cant even play yet.
  66. Ludwig Of Catarina: The story, Gameplay and Gacha is pretty good and unique but the only thing that just I hate from this game is bad performance like stuttering and having only 10-20FPS when on battle..
  67. Miroslav: Still can't get HK 416.
  68. All_ _Seeing_ _Eye: I haven't got to the main game play yet... because of the lag... I'm still downloading the game and is at 30% but something came up so i had to close it. I finished the thing that came up and opened the game to download the files but it just stayed there at the "touch screen to start screen" for a long time. And when the confirmation for download appeared, i can't even press anything. The whole game lagged. Please fix it. I am gonna download it once the bug is fixed. Thank you.
  69. Aaliyahdoveclaw 1234: idk i havent played seen like 1 second of the anime..
  70. efaypee: now i know why its not compatible to my device from its earlier version. it lags like hell on my phone. but overall the game is decent..
  71. Monoi Yuuki: Cant purchase gems due to region lock.
  72. Foxygaming 2.0: Keeps giving me an error after downloading it, unable to play game.
  73. Steve Demarchi: Well I really really wanted to like this game, but I can't play? S22 ultra, it freezes randomly force close app and try again. For everything. I'm level 6, can't even accept a quest reward. Send friend request? Froze. Fight? Same thing..
  74. Squidkid Gaming: I freaking love this game, it's free to play friendly with an amazing story. Characters are not locked behind a paywall, playing the game is how you succeed, not by shelling out cash. The story is amazing, getting better as the story continues. The game is still getting content and I've been playing since 2020..
  75. Souto: I Really Love This Game.
  76. arvin cruz: doesnt load was working a few days ago have been playing this for over a year please find a fix/solution developers.
  77. Gab Solis: my intro screen starts with black screen and it wouldnt let me click to go on just stuck on black loading intro screen.
  78. Goshizle: I had this super long winded review that was almost to the word limit. Let me shorten it a bit. This is a good game with a complex story, it's nice to f2p players and has lots of events and updates. I've played for almost 3 and a half years, so You can take this at face value. Good job devs..
  79. Honest Lord Commissar Brighteyes: It would be a good game if installing didn't keep failing, updating didn't stop freezing and if the UI and resource system didn't give you a headache..
  80. Relic Master: Fix your damn servers! i have good internet connection, and the game keeps saying "network connection failed", then there's the "failed to download xxx' everytime i have to redownload cache due to the former problem, can't you add a file verification or something?! With how gfl works, 1 failed file download can lead to players having to delete the whole game cache and redownload everything again, been experiencing this problem intermittenly for the past 3 years i've been playing the game..
  81. JR S: Pls fix the game... it freezes on loading screen when opening the game. Unable to play. Playing on samsung note 10+ running android 12..
  82. Endrad: I was excited to try and want to play the game but it just ended up with dissapoint because I did not even reach the point where I can play the game it just stuck on the loading screen then after that it just stuck when I press to start the game just come on please fix this I dont even have a bad internet connection.
  83. WARCLOCK: The performance is horrible, each actions load way too slowly..
  84. zacqr: Fun to theorycraft, mess around and create content in. Lore is obviously good but lacks sfx and effects. Solid 5..
  85. Dark_GamingXD: Need 6gb of storage not 3gb.
  86. Christopher Hernandez: Good story and the game play is pretty fun. Can't wait for more story and collaboration events to pop off.
  87. Marc Valdez: If you're looking for cute chibi waifu uwu and hot girls because you lack some bi***** this is what you need download it now and experience pai- I mean cute dolls fighting for humanity uwu.
  88. Royal Breakfast: Freezes at the start, can't even play it. I'm really starting to really HATE gatchas.
  89. 그림그리는소년: I so far enjoy the game! Although i want 2.09 update soon! pls bring the next update.
  90. STΞΛLTH: Samsung A30s stuck at download and loading screen. can't start the game.
  91. Akabara Toshizō: Segs.
  92. Mr John: L1.
  93. Pepsi Max: Gun waifus. Raifus if you will..
  94. Gian marcko Garcia Carame: Its a great game, but ive experienced a bug where i cant enter the game, im always at 100% loading and it says press to enter/press to play and when i press it, does nothing, can you please fix this bug im having, I have alot of gigabytes left and ive invested a couple days into the game, so could you please fix the bug, i want to play more as the game is interesting, Bug: Its always stuck at loading screen at 100% and asks me to tap to enter, doesnt do anything when i press it.
  95. Peter Szilagyi: Unenjoyable shít..
  96. Gobi Ness: Every time the game gets stuck on the update screen. Please fix.🔧⚙️.
  97. Blabla Bla: Overall, I would say I like this game quite a lot. However, the gacha mechanics aren't as fair as I would like and I stopped playing for awhile. I tried coming back to it a few days ago and now the game very consistently crashes which is very frustrating. I do like the characters, game play, and outfits though..
  98. GaryD12: Fun game and fun girls.
  99. Henry Zhou: It's cute girls doing cute things, but with guns. What more could you really want?.
  100. Asura Shun: Noice.
  101. jason carson: Expensive gacha with broken economy 10/10 recomend for cute anime girls..
  102. Chris Dunlap: Unable to play. Games constantly freezes after about a minute after starting up..
  103. Jay Dewald: Absolute love it. It takes time to get use too so some players may find themselves confused at first but it really is one of the best gacha games out there because of all the systems. I've spent a few dollars but is easily f2p but the amount of content is amazing. Only issue I have are the events. They don't seem to have good events for newcomers like they used too. Despite that, it is really an addicting game..
  104. Jeffry Esquida: still i cant buy some gem.
  105. Joseph Peeples: Enjoyable but difficult to wrap my head around all the mechanics..
  106. Jacobus Bryan: I had a problem after the last update the game just freezes.
  107. Aiden Denham: I used to enjoy this game a good bit. But I can't even install the game now as it constantly runs into file errors wile trying to open the game..
  108. Reysmon Dev: download always error.
  109. Wang Zixi: I installed it and tried to load the file and maybe it's because my internet but it just wouldn't load up the file.I looked at settings multiple times but it just said my internet was excellent!.
  110. Owen Spinly: Great game for a gacha and It can easily kill time too would recommend if you have a lot of time on your hands.
  111. Rafif Elkhalifa: Why i cant download the data please fix it.
  112. BloodmarkMentor: Fun game. Kills time. Used to have a massive fan base, but has dwindled. The devs really care about fans and the game..
  113. awan aditya: Big nope, the game freeze every single time when im downloading updates. Had to reinstall the game again and again and again. I had enough of it..
  114. Trung Kiên Lê Nguyễn: Just amazing game. Amazing devs. I love every aspect about it.
  115. HoneyBiscuit: Very good, although kinda disappointed by the fact that it's released 'globally' but i still can't make any purchases in my region. Fix it please, i want to buy monthly cards using my local currency.
  116. Literal Weeb: love the challenges although hard upgrading your echelons are easy and simple.
  117. Gu57avo: Game is stuck at the touch to start screen.
  118. Prixie Chan: I Love it ! Been looking for other games like this.
  119. Dustine Jake galang: Fairly easy game not my type, i like games like arknigths more not the games fault but here.
  120. Director SKK: Ever wanted a game with cute anime girls with guns and a realistic depiction of a war and ton of backstory and law? You have come to the right place. This is hands down one of the best games ever made. Take my advice you will love it.
  121. Franco Canita: Why is the currency not supported? I tried to make a purchase but apparently the don't game doesn't accept pesos, ah well time to spend my money on Arknights if I ever try it..
  122. zo-zo: obligatory 1* for protocol assimilation.
  123. Romel Carlo Siapno: I discovered this game thanks to Call of Duty GFL Mod, it has likeable and dislikeable characters. The story is a more emotional roller coaster than Call of Duty. Hoping to see future chapters especially an epic ending..
  124. KeenH Mayuri: The performance of this game is purely bad, i play this game on ROG 5 Phone with Snapdragon 888 and can't even pass more than 35 FPS during battle! The dev definitely has ton homework to do for fixing that. If the game is full 3D with ton of heavy assets i would understand if the game lag. But this? This is just 2D sprites! I give the storyline 4.5/5. OST is top notch 5/5. Girls design 4/5. Gameplay 3.9/5. But again, the game performance destroying all those good thing i mention above..
  125. yhu1138: GFL is the best.
  126. Cyka: The game have some trouble like not optimize enough, but the story is superb, if you are looking for lore base game, here you are.
  127. Patric Riley: No new content for this game yet devs are steadily churning out previews of their newer three spin-off titles. I'll re-evaluate my review once I've seen that the effort I've put in since 2018 wasn't a complete waste..
  128. Auxityne: Never mind, the game still crashes constantly even after the new version update. Useless..
  129. Quirino Guy: Tried purchasing some gems and it said the currency isn't supported, well looks like I'm going to put my money Arknights then, but seriously I can download GFL now in SEA, I've always wanted to and suddenly now that I could and want to give some support to this game I can't because pesos aren't supported.
  130. Lina yadav: Super game this well 👌 good game I liked game this.
  131. Stefan Pantelic: Noice SAUCE. I love it..
  132. tierdev: The game is unplayable cuz im keep stuck at checking for updates and it shows wifi error something like that even though i have good wifi and better connection pls fix bugs not adding new thinks, just focus fixing bugs pls.
  133. Pavil Powell: Not sure why it forces me to allow camera access I don't want to use the AR camera just looks like you want to use my camera to invade my privacy hard pass.
  134. Labib Yassar Atthariq: Epic graphic.
  135. faith Rose: Love it good job 👍👍👍👍😚.
  136. Yash Bam: I had just installed the game yesterday...the game freezes...crashes idk..but it gets stuck right after ending the first fight in tutorial...tried reinstalling...didnt work.
  137. John Logan: This game is almost perfect, but still need to get optimized for better performance..
  138. seba rojas: 10/10 now i want to procreate with a firearm.
  139. David R.L.: Absolutely horrendous performance. Constant lag and freezing. Bad..
  140. Julio Martinez: Infinite loading loop, can't play the game anymore.
  141. Kristian Ortega: I've been playing this game for years, and I absolutely love this game, the story is amazing and the events are really fun. One of the best parts about this game is oathing (marriage). 11/10 would play again.
  142. Ignacio Arias: You can't save them all, but you will try.
  143. Fabian Lee: Unironically great completely f2p story driven single player gacha.
  144. tokumo 21: excellent.
  145. LEET 37A: Experience is mediocre as of this writing The concept is nonetheless not new [similar to AL] but the potential is there and I would like to see it bear fruit -- unfortunately, every update I feel like a piece of the game is left behind due to details that are left un-fixed. Some description in game is literally cut in the middle Combat is quite...meh.
  146. Aki Yanaagi: Data installation doesn't even progress past 0.01℅, and everytime there's an error, you need to click ok to retry which happens all the time, which is frustrating. I was waiting for this game for a long time and don't want to go dl it on taptap and this is the state of this game on play store..
  147. Arista Maximus: The best strategy anime mobile game I played it since 2022. Also I might this best gaming strategy.
  148. Daniel Refugia: Make absolutely sure that you use the uncensored recipe to get the better looking artwork. Craft a doll with 522 manpower, 320 ammo, 404 rations, and 137 parts. Restart game immediately after and it installs the new artwork..
  149. Remington Graham: Love the game, characters, and story and have been on this ride for many years. Unfortunately, after the last update I am unable to play as the game freezes on every startup on the menu after login. It does this every time, after clearing cache, and also re-installing the game..
  150. Jason Lee: Unplayable.

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- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored girls-frontline-hack-mod.APK & girls-frontline-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again girls-frontline-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Girls Frontline on your phone.

Download Girls’ Frontline Hack & Mod [UNFINITE RESOURCES APK + IOS] 83M

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Version: 2.0800_368.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.2.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd..
Votes: 28,477.
Interact: Users Interact, Digital Purchases.
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