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What will you find at the bottom?!. Go Candy! Mod v1.36

Update: 29/09/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Go Candy! Mod 1.36 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Candy picking time! And there are many more!
Let’s do it all!

Upgrade your candy machine so you can go further and catch more candies as you explore the depths of the machine. Find the candy and find out what’s on the bottom of the machine.

More than one hundred unique candies are waiting for you.
Try to catch them all!

Go for candy! Features:
– Simple and addictive gameplay: just hold and drag to catch candies!
– Idle Game: Candy Machine earns you money while you’re away!
– Become a Candy Catcher: Over 100 beautiful and unique candies are waiting for you to discover!
– Candy Gallery: See if you can grab them all!

This new casual game has people all over the world addicted and will be the next big hit – Game Reviews!

Free download Go Candy! (Hack_Mod) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.36. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. What will you find at the bottom?!. Developed by OVIVO Games. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

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  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - Unlock Paid

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New comment

  1. Aiswarya Sureshkumar: Super.
  2. Gia Sultones: Waste of time.
  3. Diz Gustipated: Has a horrible amount of very long multiple tiered ads. Will even show you the ad, if you choose to not watch ad to increase your reward..
  4. Exlauistor auma: Terrible you filthy money addicts evertime you finish a session you get a ad go get a life.
  5. PUSHNBOOTS YB: [email protected]
  6. S F: I don't mind watching ads for rewards, but almost every other time, I am watching the ad for the reward and not receiving the reward. Not cool! I gave it two stars instead of one because at least there's not a wait time before you can play the game again or a certain number of lives..
  7. Carrington Campbell: 0 stars if I could, too many ads and when u watch one you'll have wasted time because some don't always give your reward. Takes to long to get more depth without watching ads to 2x or 3x your reward.
  8. Presleigh Lee: In my opinion I rate a 2 because it's really not that fun and like it gives you a limit amount of time witch is like a minute to use the claw machine and I just I don't like it.
  9. master kai589: This game is not fun all you just do is fish for candy 1 star.
  10. Nickster Lang: Game is fun, but the ad bonuses are super buggy. Watching an ad to revive will crash game and watching ad to get multiplier does not always work. If it is a game feature, be nice if they would notify the player when ad bonuses are up..
  11. Carson O'Neal: THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE, There is a ad every 3 seconds change your company name to beging for money games Cause all you do is play ads there are also to many of those things that make you loose money this game is horrendous..
  12. Carrie Bauer: Keeps freezing....and a lot of ads...which I get that cuz it's free to play but fix the glitches.
  13. ปริญญา บุญเกิด: good.
  14. Prabin Debbarma: It's not a good.
  15. flying monkey: Trash.
  16. Tree Thomas: Dogshit.
  17. Bailey: Bad just no..
  18. Celeste Abril Aguayo Morales: PLESE INSTALL THIS GAME IF YOU WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME. But seriously now, I just installed it to get points in another game but it is impossible to reach it. The amount of ads and points that the game makes you lose is huge. If you get, I don't know 60k coins and you don't watch an ad to triple it, the game puts you another ad anyways. AND THEN YOU LOSE THOSE 60K and only get 700 or 400 coins... And maybe you watch the ad to triple it, and you still lose the coins. 0/5 worst game ever..
  19. Jennifer Sweder: Claw doesn't respond, not even enjoyable to look at 🤨 The most useless thing ever...don't waste your time. Would give a zero if I could....
  20. Ronald: Horid, not fun, no entertainment what so ever. Play if you like watching ads. And getting 1/100 of an upgrade everytime you play a 30 second run..
  21. David Arrieta: 5ertayoi.
  22. Kevo ICEHAWK2A10: I don't see where game instructions are. Also, I paid for AD-FREE and I have banner ads at the bottom AND if I want to double my points, I have to watch an ad! RIP OFF!!.
  23. Micah Gates: Worst mobile game ever. Very buggy, often crashes. Gameplay consists of watching commercials, watching commercials without getting credit, and declining the commercials only to have the game make you watch commercials..
  24. idk usa: too many adds.
  25. Graziella Ribeiro Borges: I'm just playing it because I need coins in a different game... There shouldn't be so many ads, it's almost unplayable, and it's really annoying to play games with this bunch of ads, I wouldn't play it casually..
  26. Malakai O.: Dumb xd.
  27. Austin salinas: Crashes as soon as the game loads.
  28. Currently “I'm” burning your house down: Horrible! If I could give it 0 stars I would. I loaded up and the game and I couldn't even play! I could only load up settings, and when I did? IT CRASHED!.
  29. maya aboelatta: I downloaded it cuz of zepeto.
  30. Tap: Actually pretty cool little game.
  31. Malia Thomas: This game is literally the worst it is so glitchy and has really terrible lag..
  32. Shiloh Hatfield: Amusing little game if you need some time to kill. But very upset about paying $3.49 to remove ads. And yet not a single ad was removed!.
  33. Mar H: So much fun.
  34. Michael Moskowitz: Just an awful barrage of ads. No variation in game play, only more and more ways to watch ads, which is also the only way to advance. Pointless, boring, and repetitive game..
  35. Mihir Maikap: Worst app ever.
  36. Anthony McDowell: Cool fun game to pass time! 5 stars..
  37. Lynita Collins: Game sucks just started playing already saying app stopping and no pay out.
  38. Vanessa Covington: Its okay.
  39. umar khan2: So many adds do not download.
  40. Kirsha Pinder: I like it but to many adds.
  41. Chrissy Cruz: The amount of ads are RIDICULOUS!! Please do not download this game. You will get ads literally after every gameplay. I'd says it's 1 to 2 a minute. How are these developers allowed to be so greedy?? If I could rate 0 stars, I would..
  42. Sarah Evans: So many frog in ads.
  43. bd.b2k gameing: This app not work infinix hit 10s.
  44. Ahmed Tamer: من الفيفا لا اكتر ههههههههههههههه.
  45. Mikee 1234444: I don't know why I'm even leaving a review since the people who made this will likely not look at it and if they do I don't see why they would care as this game is just a shameless copy paste of other games and is filled to the brim with ads. Please do not download. The people who made this should feel ashamed. Never have a seen a game so focused on squeezing as much out of a person as they can they give you at least 2 chances to watch an ad which you kind of need to play the game long term..
  46. Lukas Beal: This game is awful its super laggy riddled with adds its socks DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  47. Brittany: Anytime you start making progress it screws you out of your winnings. You watch ads to double or triple your prize and you never receive it. I only downloaded this game to get money in another game but it's frustrating when you spend time doing something to get no where..
  48. Billie Starr: I love virtual claw machine games, so I'm loving this. Probably worth it to remove the ads, if you plan on playing often. 😁❤️.
  49. Bugoy Coyupan: I'm doing a task on a certain app that requires me to play this game but the thing is this game is a trash!if you do the math.the amount of time you watch those unskipàble ads and the amount of candy you earn without it is almost the same but the prob is you really can't skip it even though you don't use the money doubler there's still ads popping out,,,you can't really advance fee aster than you thought...TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH T RE ASH TR ASHTRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH!!!¡!!!!.
  50. Jeff Fisher: I thought I would give this a chance despite the negative reviews. Terrible game..
  51. Amina Abdon: I dont know how to play this game.
  52. sasseyd 123: This game is so broken that I cant even do anything in the game. I click everywhere but nothing happens..
  53. Yanely Vasquez: This app is terrbile every time I get revive my screen freezes and I don't go up then it forces me to leave if I can give a negative I would do it anyways way to many ads I just downloaded it because I needed it for a award in a different app but just terrible TERRIBLE make it better or it will be terrible forever I just getting 700 depth for the reward as quick as I can so I can undownload this horrible game.
  54. 1088_ Raj solanki: I like this app.
  55. Kit Kat: This game sucks. I only downloaded it to get rewards for another game. There's a ton of ads and it takes sooooo long to progress.
  56. Michael Funez: my god this app is horrible.
  57. Eric Carr: SO many ads- AND, an ad to "Revive" plays an ad, then freezes the game instead... AND, watching an ad for x5 multiplier each go just plays an ad, then "offers" a new multiplier, at x3, then at x2 INSTEAD... AND if you just click "claim" or "no thanks" instead, you often get forced into an ad anyway! I don't recommend ANYBODY pay for this crApp... once I get the reward from the app bribing me to try this garbage, I'm uninstalling lol IF it's possible with all the deception this game does....
  58. Rhea Jane Ortega: I love it I'm so enjoying....
  59. Charmandurr: I got 87 gems to go 700M deep, it was torcher but it was worth star fruit.
  60. NotEmilyRoblox: Cool but sometimes it gives me a headache.
  61. mess: if not because of the t4pjoy rewards, i would've dropped this already. way too many interruptive ads, and when i tap the watch ads button to triple the $, it would show a 30sec long ads but then it wouldn't even reward me the triple prize that they promised..
  62. nicole: the amount of ads in this is ridiculous - u have to watch one EVERY SINGLE TIME U CLAIM. im only playing this to earn rewards on another app. once i complete the requirements, i swear im gonna be uninstalling this..
  63. Ray Wei Xiao: Ad infested. Easy pass.
  64. V Hellivan: Go spawn killed 0/10.
  65. Ethan Britton: This game sucks! Because it's loaded with ads in fact there's more ad than game. And sometimes you spawn on the dumb lab glass thing forcing you to watch an ad to play again. It also takes forever to get upgrades later on..
  66. Moppy Yt: Cool.
  67. kristian slatina: This is a scam. A waste of time watching the adds, also sometimes they don't give you the bonus in game. Only played to get SB rewards. Took screenshots of initial T&C and completion. Declined. Will think twice before downloading anything from these devs..
  68. Jesse Knisely: Horrible game that has way to many adds. And even when it gives the option to skip it still makes you watch an add..
  69. Ricky Hardin: Wow, buying the No ads did.... Nothing. Still having ads shoved down my throat over a falsely advertised purchase.
  70. Berg Knives and sharpening: Ad farm, no game to play. Smart devs let u choose to watch an ad for bonuses, but this is mandatory ad even if you click on no thanks...you watch an ad and get no reward. Every tap is just an ad..
  71. lorraines daughter: Simple and fun. Make the graphics and controls better and u will have 5 stars.
  72. KallMeQul: Fastest way to get reward: Watch ads. Never upgrade offline earning, never try reviving. Upgrade candy limit lots to get through early game quicker. Can try for x5 ads but sometimes they dont work. First 500m can be grinded but after that its faster to wait until depth upgrade is available for ad. Open game, play one round and hit bad candy as fast as possible, check for ad upgrade. Not there, close and reopen game and repeat until ad upgrade shows up. Enjoy your reward and delete this bad game..
  73. titan901: Stupid controls.
  74. Joanna K: Way too many adds. More adds than gameplay. Total trash..
  75. Funtime Freddy: The Game wouldn't let me Start the Game after downloading it for the first time.
  76. Jonathan Black: I just don't know what to say. It's a typical "skills game for money" that's overinflated with ads and hosts subpar gaming. I guess that explains it..
  77. Monisa Kerai: I can't even start the game it is no fun at all for me.
  78. Sunny Kashyap: 😂😂.
  79. Manisha Rana: Bakwas app. Offline earnings doesn't work. I watched so many ads to upgrade the offline earnings. They still gave same amount of earnings. I will uninstall as soon as I complete the required task from other app..
  80. Justin Smoke: It's absolutely pathetic for this game to have ads, no reason for this game to have ads other than to get u to pay them. U generate ad revenue for this company while putting wear in tear on ur phone diminishing ur phones battery life. They force ads in ur face even when the ad is optional. Anytime u click claim or no thanks an ad will still pop up its absolutely disgraceful..
  81. Marian Centeno: Too many ads, always lagged..
  82. Itz_ Angie101: This game is so laggy and it has way too many ads. I do not recommend playing this..
  83. Austin Shenk: Wow I thought I paid that by 3 bucks to NOT have ads! The hell, I should be getting 5x w/o having to sit through a effing ad... I will be getting a refund from Google....
  84. Ayush Poddar: Good.
  85. Marie Fields: I love this game . It's cute!!!!.
  86. President Cox: Crappest game ever, There are to many ads and when you choose not to watch an add for extra coin it gives you one anyway..
  87. Leese Wright: Practically unplayable. So many ads. You get the choice after each turn to watch an ad for a reward. Even if you say no you get an ad anyway for no reward. Could be a fun game if there wasn't an ad literally every 10 seconds..
  88. JaneClare Hollman: This is fun.
  89. Alice jones: To many adds i cant really play the game.
  90. MKumail Asghar: worst game worst add experience.
  91. Vex 101: Way to many ads, can't even play the game without an ad popping up even when I don't wanna double my reward.
  93. RK Long: Truly awful. The ratio of play to ads is 10 seconds to a full minute. Always accept the multiplier. Whether you want to double your coin or not, you are watching an ad..
  94. Sofia: Its good.
  95. Greg Tomson: Scam app. Does not compensate you for reaching the required dephts. Horrible ads..
  96. Richard Georger: Nice work.
  97. Ermir Zane: Nice work.
  98. bobby Reyes: Live!!!!!!!.
  99. Reading Story time: Is this legit paying apps?.
  100. Ivan Garcia: It is fun.
  101. shao shen ang: Didnt get log in rewards after day 16.
  102. Vikash Kumar: Good 👍 manii.
  103. Wayne Soini (Scyfang): The doesn't scale. It's designed for ad's, and that would be more ok if the gameplay was still engage and worth it. Once upgrades start costing Mil, or Billions there is no path to update by playing. Instead it just turn into hit play let it fail to see if you proc a free upgrade for watching an ad vs, having to watch 30+ adds to earn the amount via gameplay. Also having a purchase option to remove ad's that only removes 1/3 of them is a horrible decision..
  104. FruityWL Lin: Way too many ads and glitches..
  105. Jeffery “Blôôdy Phôêñîx” Shipley: Fishing Food does this better and without a tumorous amount of ads..
  106. Brioman Stars: F this stupid game 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕.
  107. Funtime Mike: this "game" is just a bunch of ads in a trenchcoat of timers. for a gameplay of 5 seconds i have to go through another 5 seconds of waiting until the "not now" button appears after offering me to watch an ad... and after i get out of there i get a 7 second unskippable or a longer, skippable after 5 seconds ad. it's simply ridiculous, and if it weren't because of a tapjoy offer, i would've uninstalled this as soon as i first opened it.
  108. Jacob Horton: Do not waste your time on this excuse of a game. It is so focused on giving you ads and has many bugs. For example you can watch an ad for a revive and not be revived. You could watch an ad for double your points, and not get your points doubled. So many issues with this game..
  109. James Kean: Way too many ads at some points you couldnt even clam what you earned without watching a ad.
  110. Pat Long: Freezes constantly, phone had to be changed and lost everything, total waste of time and not very interesting. If you're going through qmee, don't bother.
  111. Azizbek Soliev: So many ads. You cannot play a full 10 seconds without an ad..
  112. Owen.curtis: Too many ads and it sucks.
  113. Dante: cash grab.
  114. OffsetPaladin89: If you haven't read any other review let me say that the cost of upgrading is around 100*1.95^((depth-30)/40) so getting 700 depth costs 7.2m for 700 to 710. The total cost of depth 30 to 700, assuming you are also buying more item pickup to 70 items, is around 110m and even at 70 items 700 depth you can make a maximum of 98000 per run in math but physically you'll only be making 42000 on average. Up to you if you want to do this offer but I'd estimate you spend 30+ hours playing it..
  115. Oop Sloop: Like anything from Ovivo just an ad farm for 10 seconds of gameplay if I could rate 0 I would.
  116. Ruth Glazier: What's up with Go Candy? After revived coming back from watch a video I'm sitting dead not moving. Please fix this I have cleaned out my cache, but it still happens..
  117. Santino Delzotto: This app would get zero stars if that was possible. When the game says, "Tap to start" it wont even start. In fact, the only reason I got this game was to get free cat food in battle cats. If you want a better game that's like this, play tiny fishing..
  118. Clyde: Too many ads. When I choose not to watch an ad to earn more and it shows me an ad anyway, it defeats the entire purpose of having that option in the first place..
  119. Ravi Poonia: To many ads.
  120. UkaaXD: This game would be fun, but you get ads after every round! Even if you click on no thanks..
  121. Kerry Doyle: Shocking over taken by ads.
  122. Yang Mom: Too many ads. I stopped reaching 500m because the amount of buying meters also gets bigger..
  123. Natalie Roush: It's ok just I really don't recommend downloading it 😃.
  124. Jake Caraballo (Boss): Unique af.
  125. Carlos Urbaez: This Game is Trash. Sometimes you watch an ad to get double 2x points and it spawns a bad candy on the start so you automatically lose. Among glitches, bugs, and too many ads i give a 1 star.
  126. gaming player 123: Why not in trash can?.
  127. Lucas Hooey: Terrible. This game runs ads that will automatically open your app store, which will then ruin the multiplier (the reason to watch an ad), or will freeze the game. What an absolute embarrassment the developers should be ashamed of themselves.
  128. mike sean: Great.
  129. Astro Punk: Wouldn't waste my time on it seeing as it's an ad simulator. I'm playing it for a Zepeto reward so protip; turn on airplane mode to avoid ads 👍.
  130. keke and tofo: There is little game play but the Ads are a different story. I swear after every round there is an Ad and it is infuriating! Im not paying $3 just to get no more Ads! You and these other mobile game companies are so money hungry it is just sickening! Let alone with the sheer deception you and other companies put into making your Ads for your game. I will admit this game has a simple concept but the Ads are just TERRIBLE. Either minimize them or get rid of them completely, money isn't everything.
  131. spoon man: Most of this game is inescapable ads. Ads frequently don't pay out if you choose to watch to get a multiplier. Ads for revives always cause the game to freeze. If you choose to not watch the ad for a multiplier it plays the ad anyway, but doesn't pay out..
  132. Christopher Thompson: Not worth the headache. This game (and its sister game "The Monster Hunter") has way too many adds..
  133. Angela Marie: Takes forever.
  134. Vada: This game has way to many adds, and it glitches a lot were the game is just not fun. If I could I would rate this game even lower than a 1 star..
  135. UnwxntedBaka: Too 👏many 👏ads👏 it's so unplayable with so many ads.
  136. Suzette Caldwell: Too many ads and way too long to gain more depth.
  137. R. Greg Szrama: If there was a zero stars option I'd use that. This otherwise cute diversion requires constant ad views to play. Even the ad-free in-game purchase still requires you to view constant reminders about watching ads to progress. It's a pathetic cash-grab app and I hope it is soon removed from the Play store..
  138. GOD YT: Love.
  139. bradley mcnair: Watching a video to spare your life is a waste of time because the game freezes up every time. Way to many ads to enjoy..
  140. Zhiheng Feng: Boring af while leveling up. A lot More ads compare to other games..
  141. Leo Lopir: good.
  142. Qrnaveed Ipdal: I downloaded from zepeto but still they give me noting.
  143. Matthew Piccitto: No link to other games lost my rewards.
  144. Michael Battice: Nice to play at first. Colors are nice. Ads are ads and your game should be better for how many there are. Microsoft CDW ad will stop payout of the multiplyer. Others will cause game to restart. Bugs 🐛 I guess. If your doing an offer, stack candy, not depth at first. You're welcome..
  145. Kay: This game was the worst, waaaaaaaaaay to many adds. The only reason I downloaded this stupid game is cause it was for a reward on a different game. Also I don't really like the fact that I can spawn directly on top of one of the bad test tube things and have to watch an add before I can even play again. There is just way to many of those things It makes the game way to hard..
  146. C Z: The leveling up is a joke way to many adds more of a scammer game i would suggest staying away didnt even pay me my earn it on app for playing game for 23 days straight i finally reached milstone so dont expect to get high lvl fast im gamer and couldn't even do it.
  147. Mark Davidoff: If you're here to get rewarded, please don't waste your time or money on any Ovivo games. I got all the way to the max depth of 4000 and never got rewarded for it. The way to do it is to watch hundreds/thousands of ads to increase your level as the points don't matter. Don't buy the No Ads purchase as there are still ads. I've contacted the developer and rewards provider and they haven't responded after weeks. I'm sure they are just going to ignore my emails as they got their dirty ad money..
  148. Taufik Shaikh: Useless app.
  149. Gorav Jangir: Nice.
  150. Chioma Ogwe: Tapjoy. Nice I was just really bad..

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