Hearts: Card Game Mod

Hearts: Card Game [Hack + Mod]

Challenge yourself offline in a traditional game of Hearts against AI opponents of varying difficulty levels, ranging from easy to hard!. Hearts: Card Game Mod v1.4.9.1325

Update: 08/04/2024
Original price $: FREE

Hearts Free presents a timeless competitive card game experience, where MobilityWare’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence ensures that you, as a Hearts card master, always maintain a competitive advantage!

While Hearts may evoke similarities to card games such as spades, cribbage, and euchre, fret not if you’re unfamiliar with them, as this free Hearts game comes equipped with intuitive AI to guide you through. Moreover, our AI dynamically adjusts to your play style, ensuring a fair experience against its intelligent bot opponents. Should you find yourself challenged, fear not, for MobilityWare’s Hearts free hints AI feature stands ready to assist you with its unparalleled intelligence! An added bonus of playing against AI bots is the ability to enjoy the game offline, eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

Ever encountered frustrations when playing card games online with real users? Bid farewell to prolonged waits or abandoned games with this free card classic. Embrace the adaptability of AI and leverage MobilityWare’s free Hearts hints system to consistently position yourself for victory in the free Hearts card games you engage in! Additionally, immerse yourself in the abundance of artificial intelligence integrated into this free Hearts game, where your primary sensations will be relaxation and enjoyment.

Exciting Features Await!
Whether you aspire to dominate as a Hearts card master, are just dipping your toes into the game, or are entirely new to Hearts, our free card game offers customizable settings to suit your comfort and desired level of challenge.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Prepare to be dazzled by the adaptability and fairness of this card game’s AI features!
  • Engage effortlessly in Hearts free with intelligent opponents.
  • Explore the depths of our even more astute free Hints feature.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

  • Who needs Wi-Fi?
  • Bid farewell to waiting for real users to join in with this free Hearts card game.
  • Experience uninterrupted gameplay devoid of delays caused by others’ internet issues.
  • Reliable AI bots are eager to engage in card battles with you, no internet connection required.

Fair Play

  • Familiarize yourself with the game through our straightforward starter guide and complimentary automated advice (which can be toggled off!).
  • Utilize the abundance of free Hints provided by our app’s brilliant AI.
  • Make use of the free Undo function as often as needed to strategize your moves effectively.

Handy Tips for Hearts Novices!

  • Accumulating points in Hearts free isn’t necessarily advantageous (unless you manage to collect ALL available points).
  • Each heart suit card holds a value of 1 point.
  • Beware the Queen of Spades, a formidable card worth 13 points!
  • Should you manage to gather all points available in the game, execute the dramatic maneuver known as Shooting the Moon to send them hurdling towards your opponents!

This update includes fixes for bugs and enhancements to back-end stability.

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