Hot Springs Story Mod

Hot Springs Story Hack/Mod

Construct and oversee the finest Japanese hot springs inn.. Hot Springs Story Mod v2.7.4

Update: 03/12/2023
Original price $: 2.99

Download Hot Springs Story Mod 2.7.4 for android apk & iphone ios 5.1

Create your own resort and guide it to success with a simple touch in this unparalleled simulation game!

Design and arrange rooms, restaurants, arcades, and baths strategically to enchant your guests into a state of hot spring paradise, propelling your establishment to stardom!

Shape a flawless Japanese garden with elements like lanterns, pine trees, azaleas, and more. You’ll require every detail to attract VIPs, including pop stars and authors.

In this competition, there can only be a single #1! Do you possess the necessary skills?

Simply rotate your device for screen orientation, swipe to navigate, and pinch to zoom in and out.

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Experience the Ultimate Hot Springs Story Mod

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Hot Springs Story Mod, where you have the power to craft your own resort and elevate it to unprecedented heights with just a simple touch of your finger. This extraordinary simulation game offers a unique and engaging experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

Build, Strategize, and Succeed

Your journey begins with the exciting task of constructing various facilities within your resort. From luxurious rooms to delectable restaurants, engaging arcades, and soothing baths, each element plays a crucial role in creating an enchanting atmosphere that will captivate your guests. The key lies in strategic placement—arrange your facilities to perfection, enticing your visitors into a state of relaxation and blissful enjoyment in the hot springs.

Cultivate the Perfect Japanese Garden

But it doesn’t stop there. As a resort owner, you have the opportunity to design and cultivate a stunning Japanese garden that adds an extra layer of authenticity and charm to your establishment. Transform your resort into a serene haven with carefully chosen lanterns, elegant pine trees, vibrant azaleas, and more. This meticulous attention to detail is essential, especially when you aim to attract high-profile VIPs ranging from popular pop stars to renowned novelists.

Competition and Ambition

The journey towards success in Hot Springs Story Mod is one filled with ambition and competition. In a world where only one can claim the coveted #1 spot, do you possess the creativity, strategy, and management skills needed to rise to the pinnacle of the resort industry? Your decisions will shape the destiny of your resort, determining whether it becomes a legendary destination or fades into obscurity.

Intuitive Controls for Seamless Gameplay

Navigating through the intricacies of resort management has never been easier. With a simple turn of your device, you can effortlessly rotate the screen to view your resort from different angles. The touch-based controls allow you to smoothly scroll through your creation, while the pinch-to-zoom feature lets you zoom in to appreciate the smallest of details or zoom out for an encompassing view of your flourishing resort.

Embark on a journey of creativity, strategy, and success with Hot Springs Story Mod. Dive into a world where the power to build a dream resort is at your fingertips, waiting for you to transform it into a realm of relaxation, luxury, and prestige. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and etch your name as the ultimate resort tycoon?

For more captivating simulation experiences, explore the offerings from Kairosoft. To discover our full range of games, visit Whether you prefer free-to-play or premium games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Unleash Your Creativity with Hot Springs Story Mod

Uncover a world of endless possibilities as you delve into the realm of Hot Springs Story Mod. Ignite your creativity and embark on a journey where your dreams of owning the ultimate resort become a reality. With the game available for both Android APK and iPhone iOS platforms, you can now carry the excitement of resort management wherever you go.

Customize Every Detail to Perfection

Hot Springs Story Mod offers a level of customization that knows no bounds. Every aspect of your resort, from the layout of facilities to the arrangement of decorations, can be tailored to your vision. Experiment with various designs and layouts to find the perfect combination that resonates with your unique style. Your creative choices will directly impact the satisfaction of your guests and the overall success of your establishment.

Unlock Hidden Treasures and Upgrades

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of hidden items and upgrades that will further elevate your resort. Discover rare and exotic decorations that will infuse your resort with an air of exclusivity. Upgrade your facilities to provide top-tier services that will leave your guests raving about their experience. With each new discovery and upgrade, your journey towards becoming the ultimate resort tycoon becomes even more thrilling.

Connect and Compete with Friends

Embrace the social aspect of Hot Springs Story Mod by connecting with friends and fellow resort owners. Visit their resorts to draw inspiration, exchange valuable tips, and engage in friendly competition. Who can create the most enchanting and successful resort? Collaborate, challenge each other, and witness firsthand the diverse strategies that can lead to triumph.

Immerse Yourself in a Captivating Experience

The immersive gameplay of Hot Springs Story Mod goes beyond just resort management. Engage in captivating storylines, unexpected events, and challenging scenarios that will put your decision-making skills to the test. Navigate through the intricacies of managing a resort empire while dealing with the unpredictable twists and turns that come your way. Every choice you make contributes to the depth and richness of your journey.

Embark on your quest for resort supremacy with Hot Springs Story Mod, available for Android APK and iPhone iOS. Ignite your passion for creativity, strategy, and success as you craft a paradise that’s a testament to your ingenuity. Unveil the potential within you and reshape the world of resort management.

To access the Hot Springs Story Mod for Android APK and iPhone iOS, visit the official site or app store. Discover this exceptional gaming experience that combines innovation, challenge, and endless enjoyment.

Free download Hot Springs Story Hack/Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.7.4. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Construct and oversee the finest Japanese hot springs inn.. Developed by Kairosoft. Operating system requirements 5.1. Everyone.

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New comment

  1. Coady Mcphee: Progression is pretty slow. Finished it.
  2. Amanda Hicks: It would be worth 5 stars if there was a way to move facilities around..
  3. Ayanda Nagel: Very fun.
  4. T J Y: Very cute game but if only I can expand the resort further..
  5. Mike jr: Great game. I love karisoft games. You should update all to rotate and move things that would be cool in builders. You need rotate and move replace. Anyways get up enough money and destroy build how you like but you loss upgrades when destroy. I am glad newer games has rotate and move like Forest camp ground..
  6. Jung Hi: This game was fun until it started becoming too much.
  7. Patricia Polsino: I love the game... But I have it only 4 stars cuz...Ok so I ended up buying the game... first it was a little bit pricey.. close to $6.00 which wouldn't bother me other than the fact I can't move or rotate anything really... Then I'm almost to year 3 and I really haven't gotten many new rooms n stuff.... Just wish the game have u a little more to do especially since I paid so much for it........PS.. LOVE UR BONBON CAKERY!!!!.
  8. sarah: mazinga.
  9. Eliza: idk how to feel about this game also :(( im so sorry kairosoft, this is my least fav game from you ao far 😭.
  10. Kami Wright: Still a kairosoft classic. Wish they would give us an English release game soon :(.
  11. A Google user: Purchased the game a long time ago and came back to my account and now it requests for it to be purchased again.
  12. Cafe Moist: Love the ideas and like all the graphics and stuff, but this one really is the shortest period from start to the end of the games of all kairogames. It really shouldnt cost the same with other kairogames -_-.
  13. A Google user: It's addicting trying different pathways and combination. I'm eager to buy a sequel if there's one!.
  14. A Google user: Love these old kairosoft games. Glad to see this one on sale. 2nd time buying it. Once on iPhone now android..
  15. A Google user: First Kirosoft game I played and still one of the best..
  16. A Google user: Mixed feelings about this game. I rather enjoyed building and adding to the hot springs, however being unable to move stuff after putting it down was frustrating. Considering the price of this game I expected the game to last longer than a day! The price is too high for what you get. Even more shocked its double the price for the switch version!.
  17. A Google user: I bought this over 5 years ago and it's still my favorite download.
  18. A Google user: well rounded fun.
  19. A Google user: love it.
  20. A Google user: updated from 01/2014.
  21. A Google user: Fun and cute.
  22. A Google user: I never regretted buying this game. Phone's changed so I'm delighted to play this again!.
  23. A Google user: Slow pace game, nevertheless it is very fun to play once you get the hang of game mechanics. The management of your hot spring involve balancing act of location of facilities and the time for the customer to complete his/her trip. My complain about this game is you can't rotate facilities 360° which could be easily fixed, and the slow walking speed of customer really take all time of their trip as they keep on going in and out of their room and facilities.
  24. A Google user: This game and all the others produced by Kairosoft are one of my top tens in favorite apps I LOVE IT!!!!!!!.
  25. A Google user: My game keeps glitching and I have to force close it.
  26. A Google user: Amazing!.
  27. A Google user: The game is just overall AWESOME!!!💖💖💖.
  28. A Google user: It's not a bad game but why should we pay more when buying an item can this be sorted considering we are helping the ship owner by investing lol.
  29. A Google user: This is a waste of time and money all of the buildings that you research don't show up a to be built. This is nothing but glitches. No quality at all. Very disappointed..
  30. A Google user: I love all of Kairosoft's games, but they won't work on my tablet, not even the ones I bought! I keep getting the same error whenever I open any of them and I can't find any help online. I wish I had a number to call or an email to use to get help with this, but I haven't found such and all I wanna do is play the games :(.
  31. A Google user: I love these games but this particular one is a bit too slow compared to the other ones... Could you possibly edit it and make it a hit faster?.
  32. A Google user: How anyone can think any of these games are boring I'll never know. I live in back woods no where. So service can be spotty, and wifi can be... well... horrible. But these games can run without service, or wifi, and I LOVE that. ^^ I also enjoy that, no matter if you start a new game, you also always enjoy trying to figure out which combinations can work and where. Just overall, games by Kairosoft are an amazing way to pass time. :).
  33. A Google user: The different types of combinations on this game make it a lot of fun to play..
  34. A Google user: Enjoyable.
  35. A Google user: It's so boring, wish I could get my money back..
  36. A Google user: Beautician stuck in progress. I don't know what happened. Please help.
  37. A Google user: Been having this game for over 1 year and a half :D.
  38. A Google user: I loo ove anything kairo makes gj guys.
  39. A Google user: It's so cool. But I wish the game's high score tally was at 20 instead of 15 years..
  40. A Google user: This game is great, it's a 5 star game but I can't play the game anymore as it says "an error has occurred" when I open the game thus not allowing me to play the game anymore. PLEASE FIX !!! after this fix, 5 stars deserved !.
  41. A Google user: This game was a real treat for me, even when compared to other kairosoft titles. I do not often give any game 5 stars, but this one earned it! It included all of my favorite strategy elements from any kairosoft game, and packed them all into a fitting world with lots of room to build and optimize your hot spring! One of the few games I've ever replayed several times. Pick it up..
  42. A Google user: Gak ngebosenin ini game.
  43. A Google user: Hey can I get a refund I don't really like this game and I kinda wanna refund but it's already been more then 10 minutes if you can do this for me that will be great.
  44. A Google user: Originally bought this back in 2012. Four years later and I still enjoy playing it..
  45. A Google user: I love this game. I do think that it could be improved as well if the designers took the time. The facilities being able to hold more then just one at a time would be a start. It's also kinda hard to get places in the guides because you get new items so slowly..
  46. A Google user: Lama-lama membosankan...
  47. A Google user: It keeps crashing every 2-3 mins please fix. Ive still got the issue does know one care..
  48. A Google user: No rotate button👇😩.
  49. A Google user: I only wish this one had more building opinions for the bathes and faculties..
  50. A Google user: You guys make the best games!!! Thanks for that! Please make more! I'm playing the lites, and if I like it, I get it! I love how its pixelated, and on Minecraft I build my own Bonbon Cakery or Sunshine Spa! Keep it up!.
  51. A Google user: Won't let me refund!.
  52. A Google user: I just don't like it is kinda boring how do I get my refund.
  53. A Google user: Slow pace game...
  54. A Google user: Could have done better. Had to refund in 6 minutes. Its alright for a very slow pace but. No thank you..
  55. A Google user: So fun!.
  56. A Google user: Needs more amenities, but otherwise decent game..
  57. A Google user: :-).
  58. A Google user: I dont really like the new games of kairosoft. Games like this are much better..
  59. A Google user: Addictive!.
  60. A Google user: One of kairo top games.
  61. A Google user: 'Nuff said....
  62. A Google user: Kept playing for hours. Only down side is the price of the game..
  63. A Google user: Fun game to play just wish it weren't so expensive. Other than that love it.
  64. A Google user: I would give five stars if the facilities can be unlock faster. Please do add some more choices in the facilities also..
  65. A Google user: I really really love this game but i really wish there was more varity in the store items. I would love to be able to buy something new instead of the same boring stuff..
  66. A Google user: Had it all...
  67. A Google user: All good, except when u unlock a new plant or building, no way to access it :$.
  68. A Google user: I love this game!.
  69. A Google user: Awesome game..
  70. A Google user: Sucks I wish I refunded.
  71. A Google user: Classic!.
  72. A Google user: I just would like to play it. it refuses to let me even start the game. I've tried redownloading it, everything. No go..
  73. A Google user: just like every kairosoft game Ive played this one is amazing. every kairosoft game is worth paying 5 bucks for :3.
  74. A Google user: Love kairosoft games just wish I cpuld play them when I do not have a network connection.
  75. A Google user: Wish it were longer though.
  76. A Google user: I recommend.
  77. A Google user: Addicting.
  78. A Google user: Lots of fun to play.
  79. A Google user: Vugyhhu.
  80. A Google user: All of the games by this developer are so addicting. I've tried almost every single one and usually I end up buying them!.
  81. A Google user: It's really funny. & cute!!.
  82. A Google user: This is my first few games from kairosoft, still like it a lot!.
  83. A Google user: I am addicted to it.
  84. A Google user: I love kairosoft games. Bu this one was a little unexciting and it took forever to be able to build new facilities/ stores. Game ended before anything exciting really happened..
  85. A Google user: Please release more games!!.
  86. A Google user: Love almost all of kairosoft games. Only ones i ever spend money one..
  87. A Google user: Still a good Kairosoft game but very little to do compared to many others.
  88. A Google user: Looveee this gamme♡ First game that I've paid for it (*˘︶˘*).
  89. A Google user: Love it.
  90. A Google user: This game was pretty boring and I really regret spending money on it. Unlike their Edo Town one, this one didn't have many things to unlock and discover. After about 5-6 years in game, you really have nothing to look forward to. The rest of the years are spent just continue building with the measles number of items you have already unlocked. Overall it was a rather disappointing game. Would recommend Edo Town over this. Don't spend $5 on such a boring game.
  91. A Google user: Awesome. More better if it is free ^_^.
  92. A Google user: Huge fan of the devs but this title falls way short. Unlike most of their games, this one doesnt have much of anything to keep you occupied. In my playthrough the first two years (out of 15) were solid with new rooms opening steady. Then it stops. Spent the last 13 years really doi g much of nothing. Bleh..
  93. A Google user: This is the 5th game I have bought fron kariosoft and they never disappoint! Great game..
  94. A Google user: Love it.....please add more space for more room's and add more scenes and selections like a casino and an amusement park for the kids add concerts with celebrities like Lady Gaga etc. Overall great game....
  95. A Google user: I couldn't put this game down. I kept trying to get the inn at a satisfactory place and it's super fun. Not disappointed at all..
  96. A Google user: Keeps saying error whenver I try to start a new game.
  97. A Google user: I always trust games by Kairosoft. ^_^.
  98. A Google user: I really like this game but there is no way to rotate items. The rotate button is blank on my screen...? I came seem to place another reception desk because of this..
  99. A Google user: I admit that didn't read anything about the detail of this game. As this company never disappointed. Never fail to create a great game..
  100. A Google user: I love this game! I wish it wasn't just a phone game. I would love to pal it on my computer!! :).
  101. A Google user: ... short you guys should add more features ....
  102. A Google user: This game is addicting! First game i ever paid for to play :).
  103. A Google user: Total control over a Japanese spa. Including costumer base and product placement. Its a lot easier to make money in this one compared to Academy. But goals and rewards are very hard. I enjoyed the in game sound and music. I recommend it to anybody..
  104. A Google user: I have played this game on my previous phone, and i love it. However, for my Padfone 2, i can ONLY play it on my tab but not my phone, which is very disappointing and discouraging!!!.
  105. A Google user: I lyk this game alot,fun game...
  106. A Google user: It keeps saying error connection. I have no idea how to email u guys, but this never happened before I've been play this game for a long time. And now it no longer works for me..
  107. A Google user: not their best.
  108. A Google user: i've played all kairosoft games n i still put this as one of my top 3 faves! very addictive sim~.
  109. A Google user: Reply value : 1 Nos. The games from this developer is rather costly and There is no proper game updates to keep the players glued for 2nd or 3rd game completion!! Take my advise and ignore this game and developer..
  110. A Google user: Used to work on my samsung galaxy now crashes with unexpected error, I want my money back!.
  111. A Google user: Amazing ,.
  112. A Google user: Awesome game. The only problem is that on my phone, the game music doesn't stop even if u turn off the game or force stop it. I have to restart my phone for it to be working normally. If Kairpsoft comp. read this, please fix..
  113. A Google user: If you're looking for a game to help pass the time and hold your attention, this is the one. Most of Kairosoft's games are great and well worth every penny for replay value alone..
  114. A Google user: Love these games, theyre gr8. I try the lite versions to see which ones to buy. I love them all. Keep makin em..
  115. A Google user: Bah. I could not start a new game.
  116. A Google user: I feel uncomfortable downloading updates without knowing the changes made to the game. When I know why I am being told to mess with an awesome thing I will adjust my review accordingly..
  117. A Google user: Кαωαιι.
  118. A Google user: Baffling.
  119. A Google user: I'm so addicted to this game.... got so much money.. expanded heaps... got heaps of guests comments in every day... its just so much fun to play.
  120. A Google user: Lovin it.
  121. A Google user: I've reached year 10! I don't know what else to achieve..
  122. A Google user: One word. Brillant O:-).
  123. A Google user: Kept me entertained for hours!.
  124. A Google user: I'm so hooked to the game. The visuals are very cute and game play is simple yet very addicting and entertaining. It's definitely worth the money..
  125. A Google user: great fun!.
  126. A Google user: Very cute and simple, not too complicated and quite fun.
  127. A Google user: You may think £2.99 sounds pricey, but for this quality game it's cheap. Really fun, really addictive. The nice little feature showing the real time and battery is a great little touch..
  128. A Google user: Works again. Buy with confidence..
  129. A Google user: Played on Nexus 7 tablet, v4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Recent update (1.0.9) fixes the misaligned text bug for Jelly Bean, and corrects the screen scaling for portrait & landscape modes, so the game is now fully playable now!! :) Hopefully these fixes will be quickly rolled out to the other Kairosoft games (which I highly recommend checking out too!!) Gets a well deserved 5* from me!.
  130. A Google user: Pretty good game. Tried the free version first and decided I loved this! Controls are pretty good and I love the game play; kinda reminded me of roller coaster games (without the amusement park part lol) I love that seasons pass as you play. Galaxy S..
  131. A Google user: This is just way beyond awesome! Its spectacular! Its the best! And you get to decorate it any way you want!.
  132. A Google user: Really addictive! Play it repeatedly! Can't wait for å sequel/ new game from these developers ;-).
  133. A Google user: Loved it while it worked. Avoid buying this game if you're still on the Samsung Galaxy S until it gets updated and fixed..
  134. A Google user: Probably my least favorite of the kairosoft collection.
  135. A Google user: But after a while gets really boring and I woundered y I got it in the first place :/ but if they get more things to do it will be awesome again :-D.
  137. A Google user: On my other phone. But on my galaxy s I keep getting the message at the beginning that it can't start. :-( right after I try to name my resort....and there is no place to email the developers..
  138. A Google user: It's kinda slow, but if you're not in a rush to finish the game, it should be ok. :).
  139. A Google user: So addicting!.
  140. A Google user: The best hotel game ever.
  141. A Google user: But crashes a LOT! Nexus S w/ICS.
  142. A Google user: The game improves on gamedevstory in terms of graphics/customizable/sound however the Gameplay was severly lacking. It is very slow paced and I found myself letting my phone run for 10min before I had enough money/another action needed to be done. Not much to do half the time. Severly disappointed..
  143. A Google user: Being harsh yes, but they should learn the android community expects change logs..
  144. A Google user: I bought it for my Bday and its super fun!.
  145. A Google user: Love this game.
  147. A Google user: The game is entertaining but there appears to be a memory leak that causes it to freeze after a while, and the time it takes to freeze from starting the game comes faster the more you build..
  148. A Google user: Excellent game. For those wondering about the update I think it fixed tablet support so now I can play this awesome game on my transformer prime!.
  149. A Google user: Great but could be bit better what's the update? And is there anymore deeds to buy to expand to The paths and trees behind the other fences? Addictive still elle x.
  150. A Google user: No change log, no contact option, -2*. Build for score or personal aesthetics? Hard choice, replay fun, either way. Awesome they ported this 1 for english speakers. Now if only edo town came to Droid..

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