Idle Ants - Simulator Game Mod

Idle Ants – Simulator Game {Hack & Mod}

Enjoyable gaming experience - Observe the ants feasting.. Idle Ants - Simulator Game Mod v4.5.0

Update: 07/04/2024
Original price $: FREE

Ants reign supreme beneath the earth’s surface, silently constructing vast cities long before humans even dreamed of shelters. Now, venture into their realm to witness their meticulously structured society firsthand.

Take charge of your burgeoning ant colony like a deity, commanding them to consume insects, eggs, exotic delicacies, and even unexpected objects like airplanes and police cars! Witness your army devour everything in their path, earning wealth that can be utilized to:

  • 🐜 Expand and fortify your colony into a formidable ant empire in this simulation!
  • 🔥 Accelerate the evolution of your worker ants and enhance their speed!
  • 💪 Strengthen your ants’ capabilities as they consume to survive!

The ants await a new leader among us. Will it be you?

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Version: 4.5.0.
Operating system: .
Evaluate: 83622.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 10,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $23.99 per item.
Developers: Madbox.
Votes: 4372.
Interact: .
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