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JustPlay – Earn or Donate [Hack_Mod]

Discover amazing games, earn fair rewards & support charities.. JustPlay - Earn or Donate Mod v1.0.13.3-US.RELEASE

Update: 19/05/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download JustPlay - Earn or Donate Mod for android apk & iphone ios 7.0 and up


With JustPlay, you can play and earn *fair rewards* from great deals, while also giving you the chance to give back to great charities mechanism.
Discover exciting games you won’t find anywhere else and get rewarded with 24 hours a day of spending. It’s digital entertainment reimagined, we pay all your earnings every 24 hours, then you can choose to receive gift cards from all your favorite stores, or donate your earnings to help fight climate change, global hunger, or no support Doctor at the border. Plus, we offer games that no one else has, so you no longer get rewarded for offers because you get paid every time.

With JustPlay, we hope to build a fairer gaming ecosystem by offering the games you love when you are rewarded for your playing time. JustPlay allows gamers around the world to be rewarded every day for the time they put into the games they love. We see this as a new paradigm for digital entertainment and our contribution to building a fairer world. More importantly, we believe everyone wants to help make the world a better place. So we have an idea. We allow players to donate their earnings to a charity of their choice, and we will of course match every dollar they donate.

★ Discover unique casual games and have fun
★ Earn fair rewards
★ Get paid every day
★ Support charities for causes you care about
★ A new entertainment: play, earn, support

Free download JustPlay – Earn or Donate [Hack_Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 32M) - Version Released on January 19, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Discover amazing games, earn fair rewards & support charities.. Developed by JustPlay GmbH. Operating system requirements 7.0 and up. Everyone.

Application Features Hack JustPlay - Earn or Donate MOD

  • - Subscription Actived
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlocked Paid
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - Countries Restriction Removed

Application Version JustPlay - Earn or Donate Pay Fees MOD

  • - Download Free Phone
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  • - Paid Features Unlocked
  • - Prime Unlock

– Improved app stability.

New comment

  1. Annmarie skilonger: Beautiful.
  2. James McKinney: Payout was real and quick and very easy! I love this game!!.
  3. Guy McCullough III: it really does pay out at only $2 to cash out on PayPal!.
  4. Olga Luna: it would be nice if you could cash out right away but it's never there when you need it and you don't really win you have to work hard for it.
  5. cindy ABNEY: I liked the app until I tried to cash out and it tells me invalid email address. It doesn't even ask for my email address to cash out, so why is this happening? I mean, the games are fun but I'm probably going to move onto another app now. 🤔.
  6. Irahabeaulienthia Tucker-Muszynski: legit site. It may take time to accumulate money, but you can cash out anytime and receive your money instantly..
  7. Casseopia Phippen: I was able to get about 20 bucks and it actually paid out to PayPal. However, now the app just permanently refreshes the cash out option, without actually allowing any cashing out or monetary earnings. I emailed developers and have not heard back, it's been a few days now. I'm also 99% sure I wrote a review on this the other day but it appears to have been deleted or blocked? Not impressed..
  9. Kevin K Perso: Just the ad has a fake X button that brings you here I stead of closing. That tells me enough..
  10. Eric Montour: great app. actually pays out and can actually make $10 or so every other day if consistent..
  11. forget me: I would give more stars but they rob you of well earned coins to money. I got a little cash but they took the rest of my pay out.
  12. Heather Carrasco: It's fun.
  13. Steven Lamb: this is so far the only pay you app that is real. I love playing the games on here. highly recommend.
  14. Freshto Def: Everybody say this app pays out Somebody ain't telling truth I played long enough To earn $5 to see if it would pay out Tried to get the Walmart gift card The app is asking for mailing information and then your stuck on that page It won't budge at all..
  15. Millie R.: Best paying app.
  16. Victoria Rae: Sent multiple emails and have yet to get a response. Until then. 1 star..
  17. Gina Turner: love this app! redeem my coins for Amazon gift card, no min to cash out! watch videos and play games!.
  18. Jacqueline Jaeger: I just downloaded it and the games and earned 130000 points that translated into $0.74. Try it because you like games, not because you need money..
  19. Brent Stowell: First time I've found something on the internet that actually pays and its just for playing games. no businesses just attempting to get your personal or credit card info..
  20. Christ Himself: this is app! you will be paypaled for sure ! use this app!.
  21. James Davis: Love it.
  22. Fred Rutherford: You won't get rich but they do actually payout.
  23. Nehemiah Alston: Am I the only one getting a error message while cashing out with PayPal?.
  24. Alisha Rodriguez: The payout is really confusing. It's like the more points you earn the less the pay..
  25. Freddie Gilbert: I wish there were more games to play that pays by level, but other than that it pays and pays quick. Just don't think your going to make millions lol, too many people think they can get rich playing games but I've made extra Google play to play around with and payments are instant.
  26. warren carter: Wow you mean to tell me that you can score 205500 tokens and only get 90 cents this app is cheap.
  27. Virginia Geoffrion: I absolutely love this App. I downloaded one of my all-time favorite games (solitaire), and just cashed out for $7.32. I've been downloading games for quite a while, looking for something that I can do in my spare time and get paid for it, and I finally found something legit..
  28. Katrina Jinson: So happy with this app. It truly does pay out!!.
  29. Cornelia LJuste: It is real guys. I just tried to play and earned some coins and redeemed them and cashed out $1.43..
  30. Francis Volner: Why is the goal saying 20000 to get every time I deleted the game and downloaded it again and same thing please fix this game..
  31. Kolumbiana Ayro: Ok.
  32. Carson Collazo: What a scam I got hacked into diamond.
  33. The Dude White Tiger Claw: Useless.
  34. Isiya Universe: Whenever I try to cash out it always restarts the timer.
  35. gordon cairns: Omg I love this app no information required you just play games and get paid every 2hrs.
  36. ANTHONY CHAVEZ JR: Actually works you can Cash out instantly honestly thought it was gonna be other fake but it's real.
  37. Jay Tilley: They really paid out just finished playing first game and already cashed out a little money I cant believe I found a game that really pays out and the more you play the more you earn!(:.
  39. Cathe Marable: just received my first pay out. so far so goif6.
  40. Judy Latham: Different relaxing g.
  41. maryrose Bacsal: I like this apps but when I play alot and have 3000 5000 coins they don't give me the exact value.when my coins 3k they give me some times 8 cents. Very small amount .I will give you 5 stars if you fixed give me exact amount because I playing alots..
  42. Weed Man: This sucks you only make one penny all the time.
  43. Terry Franks: Way to many ads l literally play for about 10 to15 seconds to watch 1minute 8 seconds of ads really all just for a few pennies yeah it pays but ask your self what is my time worth 🤔.
  44. Stefanie LaValley: I have been having trouble cashing out to paypal. It needs a picture (to vertify i am a person) and I try but I keep getting error message that states the picture quaility needs to be better. Emailed cs and nothing. I will change my rating if i can in fact cashout what i have earned.
  45. Willie j Henley: this is not a fake game about time.
  46. Kimberly Lantz: First couple of weeks I had the app, I'd get a $1 or 2 for games and such by meeting the goal. Total earned was a little over $10 donated to charity. Now for a week I've accumulated $0.10. The last 3 times I've met the goal of 20,000 or so points (even going over goal couple times), I got nothing. It hasn't moved over 10 cents for days. Donated it to charity & deleted the app. It was fun to try games out & be able to donate it. Too bad these charities are losing out to the greed of the app..
  47. Keidarius Straughter: its ugh.
  48. Becca Calloway: Well it worked! Play that hexagon game and in 3 days I had 20 bucks sent to my PayPal. I never thought apps like this were legit but they are!.
  49. James Goines: Making money..
  50. J- Bolt: I played for 2 hours on the slowest solitaire game ever and I got only ONE FREAKING CENT???.
  51. Delana Jacobs: it's becoming a long time to cash out this is how your losing people interest..and you should put on new games..but it's still fun..to me..that you can get real money from this game...
  52. Sheena Seidl-Reed: It works at first, but they do not answer emails, I've been waiting for an update on how much I've earned as, as I have 4x my goal, but nothing for at least 4 days now! You can have 4x the daily goal, but your only going to get 2 dollars.
  53. Jerri Russell: Don't have or like PayPal.
  54. Donna Southard: 3 Stars, at least for now. Just downloaded a few days ago... still gettin' a feel for it... will update in a week or so and give an honest opinion on it..
  55. Patrick Dewayne Jones: Great app..
  56. Robert Maxie: they pay out instantly. they do require a face scan to confirm you are the right person..
  57. Hopelessdecoy: The games are decent and the app does actually pay, so that's great. However the coins are just confusing, they don't actually represent a value and money earned seems random and constantly declining. It makes it hard to be motivated to complete offers or go the extra mile when 1,000,000 coins could be 1 to ??? Cents. Either ditch the coin concept or make them a stable value. Until then 3 stars..
  58. Dark Moon: good app it actually pays out instantly at any amount..
  59. Random Person: this is one of the best money making apps out here I would recommend it to anyone in need of cash.
  60. Chris Lavallee: SCAM ALERT I saved over $8 and they won't pay me, Said I have another account and to use someone else to cash out, I got my wife to use her PayPal, said the same thing, She never used this ripoff app before... Stay clear of this app and use Mistplay... Mistplay actually pays you... This app is a scam..
  61. Caitlin Hale: doesn't really payout much but does pay.
  62. Jonathan Jones: It's a slow process but you do end up earning money.
  63. will kinder: I was shocked it actually paid out. This app is a keeper. The face rec takes a little getting used to. But worked ok.
  64. Frp Bypass: simple and legit.
  65. mikee mckee: you actually can cash out good Gama every 3 hrs.
  66. Katherine Willis: One of the fastest earning money apps and quick payouts same day payouts almost am loving it more then mistplay..just it needs more games.
  67. Steven Meyer: Great time killer to earn a little extra..
  68. Judy Foulkes: Earned money,Fun!.
  69. Gutta Julius: Good App.
  70. Amelia Gonzales: I have been playing this for many months and I gave it a five now because it paid out I'm not so sure now because it keeps dropping my points and I contacted customer service and they do not answer back..
  71. Patrick Holt: Image almost $12 last 3 days each and 763 is not working.
  72. Bradley Pittser: They are legit, and instant payout, just a bit slow! Your goal is ur max! So just play every 3 hours and u will get a few bucks in a couple days...not much but it adds up, may i suggest survey junkie as well...easy 5 to 10 bucks a day if your patient.
  73. Raju Sheikh: Good app.
  74. Whitney Jefferson: Just another app with games and adds. It's okay so far made .64 cents in 3 hours lol.
  75. Jessie Reniewicz: they pay.
  76. Wildmagic88: legit site, not fast cash but it does pay you to play at a decent rate.
  77. Gwendolyn Poe: This is how I make money 🤑 thank you just play for helping me . You have a great day...
  78. Dorothy Olsen: Fabulous and seems an essential during play games..
  79. Babe Amos: This app is so full of b.s can't monitor your coin value one day you will double or triple your goal and get $.50 cents next time same coins and get 10 cents ,lmbo waisted of free time....
  80. Sally Guide: *I RECOMMEND*.Best app ever. 10 STARS. This is the only app which pays real money instantly even if it is 5 cents with absolutely no waiting period. I cashed out $30 in 2 weeks. And it was instantly put in to my account. I recommend this game to everyone. Best app ever..
  81. Mauri Zee: The fact that this app's ads have people reading the same script is what's sketchy. "There's a hidden gem amongst these sketchy money making apps!" That gem's not here honey its a scam, that get paid daily runs dry after a few games so it's not giving what it's supposed to have gave with all the energy your actors put off in the ads. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THESE MONEY MAKING APPS! GO OUT THERE AND MAKE YOU A AD TRAFFICING GAMING APP AND SCAM PEOPLE SINCE GOOGLE IS ALLOWING IT!! #GetThatBag.
  82. Lillian Shepard: I had 25000 points and it clicked me over and it says I have 1000. just started playing. already something going wrong.
  83. Deb Noble: Overall app works good but in last week no coins for Master Sudoko or Roll that Ball are being xferred at all..
  84. Sam Buckel: I used the wrong Gmail now I cannot change it help me out ??.
  85. Terry Williams: great app good to use.
  86. Melissa Fredette: It be 5 days and I been stuck at my goal been meet so 5day going on no pay I just wounding if it a bug but befor that I love the app it helps out a lot even though it not much but it dose add up when you save it up.
  87. Sherry Prednis: SCAM!!!!!! You don't earn $$$ like they say...lucky if you can get $5/day!!!! Once you progress in the games you don't get anything! Plus there's only a few selected games to play⁉️⁉️⁉️ The further you go the more ads you have to watch & they're all 1 min+.
  88. Thrillz The gamer god: Stole 50k of my coins without adding it to cashout.
  90. Brian Wall: I was waiting for my first time being able to payout and it went through. PayPal confirmed..
  91. Michael Muise: Scam that doesn't pay out. It says I need a higher quality image for the facial recognition scan. My camera is good quality and clean. I had placed it on my table so it didn't move. I was hoping this app would be better than the others I had tried. Sadly it wasn't to be..
  92. D D: I don't think so. You have no right or need to ask for my biometric data. This is one person's identity you won't steal..
  93. Margaret Peacock: Slow but steady to win deposits directly to your account..
  94. Ryan Holwell: Game paid out once or twice, and then the timer just keeps resetting. You can earn maybe 2 dollars then just uninstall because you're wasting time.
  95. Manuel Glosson: It really pays, no fake.
  96. Cherrell Davis: everytime you click anything a ad pops up and kills your game play dang can I get a ad for when I am not in the middle of a game.
  97. Tsrenis: There's no point. You get exactly 1 cent no matter how many coins you accumulate over the daily goal..
  98. Gladys Thorpe: Wonderful I love it..
  99. DEMENTED JESTER: It paid out at first then it all changed....
  100. Pat Jacobsen: it is addicting and does pay out!!.
  101. Tammie Fyffe: it takes a little time to get money and I've had a hard time downloading some of the apps but other than that it really does pay and so far the minimum I've cashed out was 68 cents and it let me and I appreciate that so much thanks just play ppls 👍.
  102. Erik Marin: actually work.
  103. RawrAw Bg: I used to like this game when I was like 13 and I'm using it again because I remember how much I liked a lot of the games that were provided. However a lot of the games do not give you points when you play them which makes me upset :/. So the app developers need to fix that. I also don't like how many ads come on and get in the way of me consistently playing. I've noticed earning coins isn't consistent with how much you earn and I feel something needs to be done about that because it's not fair..
  104. JJ Johnson: Isslit.
  105. isplashin greenz: Well the app does pay you but the payments are weird so I built up 6000 points getting ready to withdrawl and only got $1.98 but if I was to get 600 points I'd get atleast a dollar that math don't add up can I just please get the funds I need I sent an email out already..
  106. Antonio Estrella: it does pay but the amount of points earned does not match. I played for hours and had almost 1milloin points and when it was time to get paid I got paid 13 cents.
  107. Carrie Weaver: Great however they need change up games. Great app.
  108. M: Love it.
  109. KEITH CHLADEK: this app is the real deal no doubt thankyou.
  110. Robert Tucker: it's real.
  111. Joshua Howard: Thank you.
  112. Dakoda Fields: If I could give it a 0 star I would. Before this update you could get a little bit more money than now. I got 605,995 coins and it was only worth $1.56. before the update I could get a $1.56 faster and with less points than that.👎.
  113. S Gee: It wouldn't give me credit for 79000 coins so I uninstalled then installed agian and now I am at zero of which I'm not to happy with. I have had past winnings from this game but it seems to take longer and longer every time. Don't get to many coins at one time cause they wont pay you for all of them except in the beginning..
  114. Linda Johancen: This app is the only one I've found to actually pay out and all you have to earn is 2 dollars to cash out... I've made almost 100 bucks so far.
  115. Clayton Patfield: It pays fast.
  116. anthonyJ keep Portland weird weekend shenanigans: IT WORKS first app that does what it says you won't be rich but it does pay!.
  117. Eva Elj: had the app a few days and while it is not much I got paid $1.50! I am happy. most other games won't pay out but JUSTPLAY PAYSOUT!! THANK YOU!!.
  118. Md Fahim: nice app.
  119. karen brown wheat: wow it 5eally does cash out every 3 hours and right to my google pkaybot.
  120. Shannon Capps: This game really does payout after $2..
  121. Loretta Mccreery: Love love this game real money just for playing g ur favorite game.
  122. Analyn Domondon: it's for reals I love this game not like the other games that say so many ppl. ahead of you so many days and hours and those games keeps changing the numbers try this game and believe me you will to love playing this game 😁 I give it a 5 🌟.
  123. Psych Poet9: Yes,. They actually pay you. If you're waiting at the Dr's, in line, or sitting doing nothing play this app..
  124. Primrose Udah: This app is not bad 4star because I got my cash out not much but I'm still grateful, I don't mind watching the adds sometimes it helps me to find other things online that I might be interested in. Great app so far the best.....
  125. kimberly Daniel: Have an experience yet but when I do I'll let you know.
  126. Joanna Profita: I'm not so sure what to make of this. I research apps and read reviews before I make a decision on installing an app. One reviewer suggested to not go over goal points because it doesn't pay out. Another stated that 1,000 to 1,500 points equaled 15 cents. And yet another wrote that he played for six hours and made $1.65. All these rave reviews and claims of cashing out with $10.00, $15.00 and more. I stopped at 50,000 points just to see what it would pay out and I got a whopping 67 cents..
  127. Nahsir Davis: Love this app been using it for a while cashed out like 3 times edit: app is not as good as it used to be I went from making like 2$ a day to 16 cents by reaching the goal the only way to make more is by passing the goal by far but it won't give you that much.
  128. Lisa Lucas: awesome games and pays instantly. good for extra spending money.
  129. Jesse Bettis: Nevermind the pay rate, I don't know how anyone catches the timing right. Can only cash out every 3 hours, fine, but do you have a window of 5 seconds to do it in? I've been failing for three days straight now. Tried app before and found my points had vanished. There's better apps to try first..
  130. Carrie zentiska: It worked well for about a month and now it's just Frozen won't give me no coins and I can't seem to get anybody to help me I hate to have to let it go because it was a good app you could cash out when it every 3 hours as much as you wanted now I should have probably $20 or more and I can't even they're not giving me my coins does anybody else have this problem.
  131. Madesha Phillips: I've tried cashing out with PayPal twice and it says it is the wrong email but I double checked. Then when I contacted support like a month ago I never got an answer..
  132. Deborah Zbieronek: This is Truely an awesome app. They are legit and they keep their word and issue your coins immediately after completing an offer. They convert your coins to cash several times a day and once you verify your PayPal account you receive your rewards within minutes. There is so many games to play and really good shopping offers too. I give it 5 Stars by all means!! Their customer service tops even some brick n mortar stores. Amazing.And you can donate to charities like Doctors without borders..
  133. Theresa Terry: TOTAL TRASH.
  134. Sondra Goodin: it's a great way to make a little cash.
  135. Antonio Lopez: excellent app.
  136. Laconia White: I wish they would make it known how much you're going to get for a certain amount of coins (for offers and games BEFORE waiting three hours). There are a lot of offers to complete, but I don't know what the coins would convert to, and I would hate to do something that takes days just to turn around and get a dollar..
  137. Britney Baca: I'm giving 3 stars because like everyone else starts off great I've honestly made over $50 but now even with tricks I've learned along the way doesn't want to give me coins or I'll reach goal and it resets to 0 without giving me any coins come on just play you were the best that I've come across!! Please fix!!.
  138. Lashanda Teachey: cool.
  139. William Hall: just used this app today, and yes they paid out, even though it was only a couple of bucks.
  140. susan McKinzie: This app is legit. I've made $105 and there's no limit to cash out..
  141. Shannon Claybaugh: Awful App!!! At first I thought it was great because the money went to the pot, but it won't let me cash out and I keep making the goals, but its not giving me points and refreshing. I sent an email to the app email and have had no response!!!!.
  142. carla brown: games are fun. it takes awhile to build cash, but they actually pay out..
  143. debbie siebold: wow, i just made my first cashout and it really really worked. the games are fun too.
  144. Kirsten Milke: it really does what it says you get real money but it does take a lot to make a dollar but still it's better than actually getting nothing.
  145. Robin Burr: Have been playing for days and only earned $2.70..
  146. Pablo Morales: I cant earn coins anymore I had uninstalled a app then tried another one and no coins anymore can you help me out.
  147. Cassandra Benson: it's legitimate and easy. it took me 2 minutes to verify I was real. I was skeptical and nervous doing it. but my amazon code was real and I have $5.52. I have only been using this app 2 days I think. maybe next time I'll choose PayPal. but so far I approve..
  148. Tabitha Warriner: This is a great site, cashout is easy and legit with no minimum..
  149. Melvin Kelley: The games you play doesn't want to give me any coins to complete them and the offers that it gives you coins and you keep saving the money up it doesn't want to give me the cash out option so it doesn't work for me I even uninstalled the app and downloaded it again and still won't work right this game is a gimmick I tried to email them about it but they won't message me back at any times that I tried to email them about the dumbest game that is on here to play?.
  150. Greg Berlin: Paid 0ut on the s me day!.

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- Download JustPlay - Earn or Donate mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file justplay-earn-or-donate-hack_mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it JustPlay - Earn or Donate Mod Apk on Android & JustPlay - Earn or Donate Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: JustPlay - Earn or Donate Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=13512

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored justplay-earn-or-donate-hack_mod.APK & justplay-earn-or-donate-hack_mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again justplay-earn-or-donate-hack_mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of JustPlay - Earn or Donate on your phone.

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