Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf [Hack/Mod]

Chess coaching tailored for beginners aiming to grasp the game's fundamentals and strategies for success.. Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod v1.44.1

Update: 07/04/2024
Original price $: FREE

Introducing Dr. Wolf, your ultimate chess mentor and partner. Join forces with Dr. Wolf in the game of chess as he guides you through each move, reveals strategic insights, and highlights your errors.

Regardless of your proficiency level or aspirations, Dr. Wolf is your go-to resource for honing your chess skills. Keep in mind, even the most seasoned grandmasters started as novices.

Highlighted Features:

  • Live coaching during gameplay for optimal learning
  • Timely hints precisely when you need them
  • Practice sessions targeting past mistakes until perfected
  • Over 30 comprehensive lessons catering to all expertise levels
  • Selection of 4 distinct mentors
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediates alike
  • Approachable, patient, and cleverly humorous!

Dr. Wolf offers complimentary coaching for three chess matches to showcase his in-game teaching approach. Subsequently, to continue advancing, you can opt for Coaching subscription. With Coaching, Dr. Wolf educates you during chess matches, elucidating both good and bad moves — yours and his own — along with the rationale behind them. Occasionally, he’ll gently nudge you to reconsider a move or pose a pivotal question. Additionally, you receive unlimited hints, undos, and full access to our Lesson Library, featuring over thirty lessons delivered in Dr. Wolf’s distinctive style.

Whether or not you decide to subscribe, Dr. Wolf is always up for a game. His passion for chess knows no bounds.

Terms of Use: https://www.learnchesswithdrwolf.com/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy: https://www.learnchesswithdrwolf.com/privacy-policy

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Greetings, Chess Enthusiasts! This update incorporates:

– Enhancements to the Dr. Wolf training module
– Rectified PGN Date format
– Resolved lesson glitches and refined user interface
– Miscellaneous bug fixes and upkeep.

Happy playing!

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