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Legend of Sword Heroes [Hack & Mod]

Miracle Paradise God Realm King Summons, The Perfect Ancient Fantasy World Game. Legend of Sword Heroes Mod v2.1.0

Update: 30/01/2023
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Download Legend of Sword Heroes Mod 2.1.0 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Legend of Sword and Fairy is a fantasy fairy tale mobile game. The protagonist’s continuous exploration, the wonderful plot of cultivating immortals, the game screen is simple and beautiful, giving you the best visual experience, complete skills, easy to kill monsters. Fight different enemies in the fairy world. The game also uses full 3D modeling to bring players the most realistic and immersive experience through super-large seamless maps and beautiful scenes!
The game has rich gameplay, exquisite mounts, deformation, refining and other systems to help players improve their strength. Beautiful and cute pets guard your journey of cultivating immortals all the way, and there are super strong teams and a group of like-minded teammates to accompany you in the rivers and lakes. The free and open boss strategy world is exciting! This is the journey of cultivating immortals in your imagination. All heroes are waiting for you to fight. Let us rebuild the rivers and lakes together!

Game Features:

[Beautiful painting style, dancing in the universe]
Exquisite character modeling, comparable to the environment of end game levels. Introducing next-generation image quality technology, the image quality of mobile games is presented. The beautiful painting style is mesmerizing. Explore the world map freely and experience unknown adventures. Every exploration is a new journey!

[Different gameplay, rich experience]
Cross-server bosses, learning fighting skills, killing monsters with a sword, teaming up to kill monsters, fighting for hegemony, rich systems are waiting for you to discover! Exquisite team copy, gathering heroes, enshrining the gods and kings, experiencing the privileges of the king, and enjoying the admiration of thousands of people!

[Massive magic clothes, super high explosion rate]
Get a per capita magic costume, all resources are open, wonderful equipment can increase speed, and there is a greater chance of dropping god-level secret treasures, and you can instantly get the sky-defying battle force! Meet the boss for free permanent costumes, mounts, fairy pets, and wings!

【Love of Immortals and Couples, Three Generations of Love】
The wedding room system with thousands of people and faces, create a nest where you love together, and walk with you in the vast sea of ​​stars! Accompanied by Xianmeng friends! The master and apprentice vow each other because of the deep love in the world. Two-person interaction, parent-child games, parent-child dinners, fun and free socializing!

[Offline hang-up, massive harvest]
One-key operation, easy hang-up, automatic killing monsters and collecting treasures, various copy upgrades, hands-free, all crops. There is also a super high cash withdrawal rate, one-click collection after login, and massive resources, you can get it right away!

Free download Legend of Sword Heroes [Hack & Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.1.0. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Miracle Paradise God Realm King Summons, The Perfect Ancient Fantasy World Game. Developed by 91 GAMES. Operating system requirements 4.4. Everyone.

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  1. Rydens Enzygma: Nice game but the translation was still incomplete.... it's quite hard for me to understand the game since I was non-chinese player.
  2. Kenny Morales: can't even get on.
  3. Cash Jaana: It’s very fun. The Xianxia mobile game Xuanyuan Sword has many gameplays. Xuanyuanjian’s gameplay is very novel. This is what attracts me. The graphics are also well designed. The designer must have put his heart into it..
  4. Sherman Azim: This Immortal Cultivation game is so fun, I’m so tired at get off work every day, I don’t know what to do after work, and I can’t fall asleep, so I’m going to find a Cultivation Game to play, so I downloaded this in the store, I didn’t expect it to be so fun, it relieved stress and brought me happiness , praise.
  5. Patrick Bless: It's a fun mobile game of cultivating immortals, fighting against real people. It's fun, exciting and durable. It's the most fun mobile game of cultivating immortals I've ever played..
  6. Fulton Thistle: There are many rewards. It is easy for players to get rich rewards. The graphics and sound effects are good. Players don’t feel tired when playing. It’s a game that you can try..
  7. Snyder Marieke: I feel that Ai Li is showing that the Xiuxian stand-alone role-playing mobile game is very exquisite and very good, and the experience is recommended.
  8. Guthrie Lorenza: I have been playing a mobile game for a long time. I really like the picture in it. Not only is it very clear, but it doesn’t hurt your eyes at all. The mobile game inside is so cute. When you open it, you can hear the music inside, just like playing in a physical store. The big mobile game is very easy to catch at the beginning, and it feels really cool to catch the big mobile game that explodes the world of cultivating immortals. It is really fun to play the cultivating immortal mobile game..
  9. Valencia Canham: It's very fun Xiuxian mobile game! This is very interesting and fun to play. The Xiuxian mobile game is very fun. The Xiuxian mobile game can exercise the eyesight and the dexterity of the hands. Continue to support..
  10. Santiago Sayuri: It's a lot of fun, you don't need to get started with the program, you can play it very happily by clicking on it, and you can also play against other people, hi.
  11. Mayo Milliner: Very fun, all kinds of brain supplements, praise, I have played for a long time, the gameplay is old and interesting, it is very good to pass the time when I am bored, very good, very good, very good game of cultivating immortals,.
  12. Richards Suzanna: A great single-player role-playing mobile game for all Xianxia, with exquisite graphics and rich rewards. Those who have played it all like it!.
  13. Sheppard Ronald: Not bad, awesome, it’s still a very fun Xuanyuan Sword game, the production team is so cute,.
  14. Dyer Alicia: Father-in-law Sun, you are awesome Da da da da tick tick tick If you are sure, discuss it when we are together alone because you are in your own life What else can you do I want.
  15. Stuart Faria: The special effects are fully turned on, making you dazzled, all kinds of mobile games are super awesome, and there are so many worlds of cultivating immortals with first-class painting styles to make you fall in love with it.
  16. Hamilton Chevrier: It's very fun. My favorite way to play is the special mode. It feels very cool to fight very intensely, and it's not particularly difficult. It feels like it's for beginner players who expect to continue to play other powerful ways to play..
  17. Sims Klaus: Very good, oh, the content is very rich and powerful, I suggest everyone to download it, it is very good, it will not let everyone down, Kaka.
  18. Ellison Paler: I strongly recommend it to everyone here. You don’t need to say much about using the Xianxia platform. Download it and try it. Conscience recommendation will not let you down..
  19. Arnold Muntz: It's a very fun Xiuxian mobile game, really fun Xiuxian mobile game, there is also a single airport game, you can play when there is no Internet, mobile game.
  20. Keller Yun: This is really a fun Xiuxian mobile game video game, and it is more suitable for mobile phones after the update..
  21. Chandler Linney: I have been playing for a while, and I like to play more and more, the picture is so beautiful..
  22. Webb Ellena: Looking for a game of cultivating immortals, I played this game of cultivating immortals with my friends tonight, and I was shocked. The real and cool battle scenes really attracted me, and I feel pretty good..
  23. Farrell Vickie: It is indeed a very good one. There are many types in it, and the weapons and equipment are also very powerful. It is also worth playing tonight..
  24. Howell Meikle: Opened the Xuanyuan Sword online game, I was stunned when I saw it. It has completely changed its appearance and is much more beautiful. The task system has also changed. I am very satisfied with this update!.
  25. Walsh Mansour: Very fun Xianxia mobile game, with a lot of rewards, can be exchanged for real objects, surpassing mobile games, compared to other mobile games, fruits, Texas are all more fun.
  26. Fulton Warne: I usually use this to pass the time, the mobile game platform, there are many types of mobile games, and the winning rate is high.
  27. Benson Leverett: It's a good one. My friend recommended it to me. They all said that I can't stop playing at all. The picture is clear and smooth, and I won't get stuck..
  28. Cole Cece: Very good, very interesting, worth playing, Xiuxian game content is good, the picture is simple and rough.
  29. Weeks Gift: The picture is so beautiful! The mobile game is very fun. The Xiuxian mobile game likes the Xiuxian world. The buzzing sound is very enjoyable. I sign in every day. There is also the Xuanyuan Sword mobile game..
  30. Barron Lukasz: It's a very fun you Xuanyuan Sword game. It was boring at first, but after a few minutes of playing, it becomes more and more interesting. It's very complicated and has many surprises. 5-star praise,.
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  32. Fischer Tarek: An artifact for masters If you like to play, come master this Xianxia mobile game The game is very interesting.
  33. vaine aurelius: White screen GG.
  34. Kenneth Brooks: Would be a good game, if there was options to change language. Put money into it, but deleted it because couldn't understand some functions. So deleted. Plus all these fake reviews don't help promote it..
  35. Jen Souza: Update Fail! Server 2, Adora All white screen, I spent $200 and very upset. Fix Update again and I will give back a 5☆.
  36. Andu Ionescu: Bad translations.
  37. private private: English translation please half is in chinese.
  38. Petty Brad: 玩著覺得特有意思,就是有的有點難度不過有挑戰很開心也能打發時間呢這是玩修仙遊戲玩的最久的一款修仙遊戲啦.
  39. Chambers Smyth: Cultivation game is good.
  40. Short Marthe: The PK is cool, the team battle is more cool, the battle is very refreshing, and the special effects are good. It's a very good game for cultivating immortals. The picture is clear and smooth, and the appearance of the mounts is very good..
  41. Larsen Kellner: 修仙遊戲的風格好,有特色,最重要不是坑錢的修仙遊戲,讚讚的經典修仙遊戲,強勢回歸喜歡修仙遊戲的童鞋們還在等什麼,趕緊和我一起去冒險吧.
  42. Jay John Chiong: No permission for read external storage..
  43. Fox Clute: Very good game of cultivating immortals, very fun, there are many fun activities, very good, there is a balance, it is worth playing to enjoy the joy of cultivating immortals with friends,.
  44. Shaw Yuna: It's a good game for cultivating immortals, praise it, it's better, interesting, not bad, you can play it when you're bored,.
  45. Ayala Ashour: not bad.
  46. Gates Khadija: so fun.
  47. Mullen Lopez: Very fun cultivating game.
  48. Scott Fatin: A sentimental cultivating game, great, not bad, not bad, you can play it without explaining, whoever plays it will know, it doesn’t cheat money, it’s an absolutely conscientious mobile game,.
  49. Smith Lutfi: Full marks, the idea of Xiuxian game is good, very interesting and innovative, very good, once you play it, you can’t stop, if you help me up, I can still play for a year,.
  50. Rice Snoopy: It's a very powerful masterpiece. I played it all afternoon and couldn't stop at all. I have to figure everything out by myself, unlike those brain-dead games that hang on the machine to cultivate immortals..
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  53. Pace Trott: 超級好玩,值得信賴,值得擁有,畫面精緻,無聊時玩它最好,非常輕鬆有趣的修仙遊戲.
  54. Norman Fani: good immortal game.
  55. Page Safiya: The Xiuxian game is generally good ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, uh, uh uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, easy to get started, fun and powerful, really feel good,.
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  57. Gentry Eduard: Conscience.
  58. Holland Avatar: Really good, not bad, I just downloaded it, I feel like I don’t need to sleep tonight.
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  62. Wynn Qadri: This software is fun.
  63. Byrd Boyle: The picture is classic, which is my favorite type. The picture of Xiuxian game really suits my taste, it will be addictive to play, just play for a while, play for a while,.
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  68. Rice Peek: The Immortal Cultivation game on the mobile phone has been installed and deleted, and only this one has not been touched. The simple image of the Immortal Cultivation game can still fascinate people..
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  73. Kemp Rew: 終於找到這樣的修仙遊戲了點個贊,太好玩,太刺激了,充錢的方式我喜歡的,很不錯的,稍微充點錢就可以玩的很爽.
  74. Glenn Emmie: 不得不留下評論真是太經典了,以前不會玩的時候覺得這修仙遊戲很坑爹,真是太好玩了.
  75. Day Seifert: worth the time and money.
  76. Conrad Cuty: It’s quick to learn, and you can’t put it down. It’s really fun. I’m not a sailor. I’m too lazy. I don’t want to type. In short, one word: praise,.
  77. Vaughan Yuri: 非常不錯,很好玩很喜歡,很有趣的小修仙遊戲,難易適中,找到了小時候玩街機的感覺.
  78. Hinton Blunden: 值得一看,非常棒自從朋友向我推薦後就開始一直玩這款修仙遊戲雖然有卸載但後來還是又去下載安裝了,.
  79. Hull Mania: 這款修仙遊戲很喜歡很好玩的一款修仙遊戲打發時間舒緩心情的必備超級好玩,考驗耐心很喜歡,朋友介紹的.
  80. Clayton Geert: Generally speaking, it is quite a fascinating game for cultivating immortals. It feels very good. You can play it for a long time after playing it. The character design still needs to be strengthened..
  81. Glover Pearse: I always feel like I don't have enough money.
  82. Wyatt Pao: awesome.
  83. Shields Moffat: 從安卓玩到iOS一直都很喜歡很不錯的修仙遊戲,幾乎不會燒錢,很良心修仙遊戲雖然畫面很簡單但修仙遊戲很有趣,不多說了五星.
  84. 2768 Cassar: It's a good game of cultivating immortals. I played the latest update when I first came out. Although it's simple to check it out, I can't stop at all. It's a masterpiece..
  85. Collins Maines: It's a good game for cultivating immortals. The difficulty factor is not suitable for children to play. It's very fun to play, especially after the frequency is accelerated..
  86. Rich Santino: A good fairy game.
  87. Ayala Alday: Very good, the overall feeling is not bad.
  88. 2793 Fox: This immortal cultivation game has been played since it came out. It’s a good immortal cultivation game. It’s fun..
  89. Garner Basri: Anyway, I’ll look for him, it’s great to play, the battle is super refreshing, the content is free, and the picture is gorgeous, this is the real mobile game.
  90. Cook Hanzel: 很不錯的修仙遊戲,效果也很好,沒事的時候玩玩挺好的,尤其是火車上.
  91. Mathis Ngah: It’s a masterpiece, poisonous, really fun, I’ve played it on Android before, but I don’t like to play many immortal games on iOS, so I have to come back to play this one, it’s still a familiar taste,.
  92. Vang Misbah: It is getting better and better, the picture is exquisite, I hope there will be more pvp gameplay, the picture quality is okay, and the playability is very high.
  93. Sparks Abarca: Playing casually, it’s a pretty good game of cultivating immortals. A very good brain repairing game of cultivating immortals. It’s a game of cultivating immortals to pass the time in leisure time..
  94. White Iraheta: 好玩,還不錯我喜歡,這修仙遊戲太好玩了太爽了,無聊的時候打發時間,教練智商活躍,.
  95. Olsen Kendrick: How should I put it, this game of cultivating immortals has quite a lot of occupations, it can be upgraded quickly, and there is almost no difficulty in getting started, so it is suitable for killing time.
  96. Benson Pursell: Hope to keep going, it is the most fun and cheapest immortal cultivation game I have ever played.
  97. Mathews Uriah: I don’t want to say anything, I feel that I have a conscience, I wish you better and better, and accompany me to the eternal cultivation of immortality. The game can reach the full level without spending money,.
  98. Collier More: 很不錯很不錯,很好玩,身邊的朋友都在玩,就是覺得選擇正版才是關鍵不是正版感覺沒意思,.
  99. Bartlett Minix: 好好好哦好叻Y^o^Y,不錯不錯華麗的畫面,我就喜歡玩這種類型的修仙遊戲身臨其境增的體驗,加了修仙遊戲的真實感和趣味性.
  100. Everett Mujtaba: This fairy game is so good.
  101. Morales Zulema: good game.
  102. Bass Haynie: 好真好,一直都喜歡玩手游,特別能打發時間,無聊的時候就拿出來玩玩,是不錯的手機修仙遊戲,.
  103. Gonzales Khair: It's very good, it's really fun and fun, it's a rare and good work, it's casual and fun, it's addicting to play,.
  104. Kerr Mauricio: It’s very fun, it’s an amazing game of cultivating immortals, a very fun game of cultivating immortals, a conscience cultivating immortal game without advertisements and in-app purchases, and the game of cultivating immortals is also very delicate and fun, but it’s a pity that gold coins are a bit hard to earn.
  105. Morton Point: To be honest, the game of cultivating immortals is very good, but it takes time to make the game of cultivating immortals is very interesting, unique, and really fun.
  106. Vinson Verne: 很好的修仙遊戲,太好玩了完全可以用愛不釋手來形容了,是我玩過很有意思的一款修仙遊戲,趁著限免的時候下的.
  107. Warner Janeen: 5 points, it's okay, the simple recommendation of the game of cultivating immortals is great, it's a fun game of cultivating immortals, it's very fun, it's good for your brain, it's very interesting,.
  108. Dale Banfield: 挺有意思,第一次玩就玩到3點多,非常贊,好玩極了,不吹不黑玩過就知道.
  109. Delacruz Ure: Pretty good cultivating game.
  110. Mullins Deby: can not stop at all.
  111. French Johnston: 修仙遊戲不錯,讓我再玩500年,這款手游還是比較良心的,只要堅持完還是可以逆襲RMB玩家的,.
  112. Randolph Saji: Very good game of cultivating immortals, highly recommended, casual, with strong graphics and sound effects, very interesting and highly recommended, the task system is not complicated, good,.
  113. Ramsey Jazzy: 挺好玩的一款修仙遊戲,好好玩,剛開始玩挺有意思的,這個修仙遊戲非常棒,好玩好玩,.
  114. Rose Ann Corpin: Pls make a full english version of this game.
  115. Mann Cedar: 雖然看到這款修仙遊戲的第一眼覺得他並不特色但一上手便將人深深吸引欲罷不能希望作者多多加油再做大作.
  116. Davidson Laurie: Not bad, it can be a good game of cultivating immortals.
  117. Tyson Younis: Good, good, the classic game of cultivating immortals is still very interesting. This game of cultivating immortals is really fun. It is free, conscientious, and a good tool to kill time..
  118. Fry Shivraj: 剛來,畫面很好,戰鬥模式簡單明了,修仙遊戲各方面還算成熟,不要把戰力提太快就好,挺好玩的.
  119. Harris Manmohan: 愛不釋手,剛開始只覺得畫面好看,越玩越喜歡,很真實,好玩,良心修仙遊戲,推薦大家下載,.
  120. Mathis Arum: It's very fun, the image of the immortal cultivation game is good, and the content is rich.
  121. Collins Newnham: Anawesomegame is good, I like it, it's a very good game of cultivating immortals, the game of cultivating immortals is very good, it would be better if there are simple instructions,.
  122. Lindsey Buskirk: Generally speaking, it is not bad, interesting and understandable. The Xiuxian game is really distracting and can be a good waste of time, especially when you are bored..
  123. Avery Gladwin: 好修仙遊戲人人愛,自己無意中看到的修仙遊戲,玩了兩天發現是款十分好玩的修仙遊戲,強烈推薦給大家了.
  124. Vinson Atilla: 5555555每天都會玩的修仙遊戲,無聊中就想起它好玩的休閒修仙遊戲真的很棒乾淨利落雖然有好多人民幣戰士但玩著還不錯.
  125. Gaines Bruch: 畫風不錯,太好玩了愛不釋手這個玩著還挺流暢,發熱也不厲害,能和朋友一起玩的手游,不錯,.
  126. Price Hamada: Playing for the first time, there is a feeling of being unable to stop. An imaginative game of cultivating immortals.
  127. Graham Kuhlmann: Very good immortal cultivation game, don’t waste time, you can play it whenever you want, it’s more interesting, the design is not too complicated, very good immortal cultivation game.
  128. Dalton Rehab: I really like it, although it’s full and full, but I can’t stop at all hahahaha poisonous.
  129. Pierluigi Bianco: Very playable, full of creativity, very, very fun, I didn’t think anything about it before, but I couldn’t stop playing it.
  130. Hanson Nicol: I'm here to give a good review.
  131. Wiley Arden: This game of cultivating immortals is very good, fun, and a sharp tool to kill time. The game of cultivating immortals is really good. I have never had a passion before. The game of cultivating immortals is really fun..
  132. Bowman Nurul: Very good, very fun. The game of cultivating immortals is very good. I have read good reviews and have already become addicted to it. It is a game of cultivating immortals worth playing..
  133. Davidson Lund: 炫,,好,太好玩了這款修仙遊戲好,修仙遊戲很好玩,修仙遊戲製造的怎麼好,我喜歡,.
  134. Brooks Fredy: Great, fun, addictive, very fun, very good game of cultivating immortals, this game of cultivating immortals develops intelligence, moves the mind, suitable for all people,.
  135. Kidd Pradip: 很不錯,經常玩的,挺好的,很不錯,還可以,打發無聊時間打發時間的好修仙遊戲,.
  136. Gates Debora: 不錯的修仙遊戲好玩,我本來看到評論還不信但是真的停不下來了不騙人,真的不錯.
  137. Medina Dillard: 修仙遊戲不錯,真的不錯,很少看到不是刷星出來的高分修仙遊戲,好修仙遊戲,很好玩的一款修仙遊戲,推薦,.
  138. Hampton Kanchana: 好期待,不愧是經典,武器很贊呢,大愛,和朋友都在玩的修仙遊戲,推薦,.
  139. French Nobles: very cool.
  140. Flynn Emerson: Good, good, very good, good immortal cultivation game, very fun,,,,,, I really can't bear to reject it cruelly, five stars,.
  141. Hebert Moir: I just want to say goodbye to the Xiuxian game, but you make me love it.
  142. Hansen Sharada: It's very fun, better than other mobile games, very fun to play, very good game of cultivating immortals, everyone worked hard to make it fun, the picture is very good, the game of cultivating immortals is good and fun.
  143. Cherry Orrell: Conscience evaluation, free is so rare, the quality is still so good, I came here to comment and support the developer, a good Xiuxian game to pass the time for business,.
  144. Hardy Minoo: Not bad.
  145. Arnold Mera: It's really a good game of cultivating immortals. It's very good to play. It's a very good game of cultivating immortals. It's very interesting and has a conscience, and it's very playable..
  146. Barry Sankey: It’s a very fun game of cultivating immortals. With a bit of patience, you can quickly experience the ultimate meaning of this game of cultivating immortals. Don’t ask me what the ultimate secret is, I won’t tell you haha.
  147. Andrews Beem: Hmm, this Immortal Cultivation game is not bad. It’s a good Cultivation Game. It’s rich in content. The Cultivation Game is a bit complicated, and the guide interface is not very friendly, but it has a lot of content. It’s great..
  148. Waters Nila: 要說手機修仙遊戲,這款應用是最經典的了,還記得以前大學發的三星手機,就下載的這款應用,玩一天比現在的此類其他修仙遊戲好玩多了,.
  149. Hk Cacho: The pk mechanism in the Xiuxian game is very good. As expected, pk is my love. Please support this Xiuxian game..
  150. Sweet Cassar: very nice.

Download Instructions Legend of Sword Heroes latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Legend of Sword Heroes mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link legend-of-sword-heroes-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher 91 GAMES.

- Download Legend of Sword Heroes mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file legend-of-sword-heroes-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Legend of Sword Heroes original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Legend of Sword Heroes Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Legend of Sword Heroes for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file 91 GAMES provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Legend of Sword Heroes file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Legend of Sword Heroes Mod Apk on Android & Legend of Sword Heroes Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Legend of Sword Heroes Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=81415

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored legend-of-sword-heroes-hack-mod.APK & legend-of-sword-heroes-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again legend-of-sword-heroes-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Legend of Sword Heroes on your phone.

Download Legend of Sword Heroes [Hack & Mod] [Unlocked All Apk + iOS]

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Operating system: 4.4.
Evaluate: 608.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 10,000+.
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Developers: 91 GAMES.
Votes: 4.9.
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