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Become an adventurer in fantasy, face various events, and overcome the crisis.. Life in Adventure Mod v1.1.33

Update: 30/06/2022
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Game description
‘Life in Adventure’ is a text-based game created by
Creator of “Life is a Game”
You have become a fantasy adventurer in the D&D style, encountering various events, and you must choose what to do.

The events and options you will face include various conditions, such as your abilities, items, assets, choices made in the past, and efforts to produce additional results.

Can you achieve your goals when you started your adventure?
Or will you end your life as an ordinary adventurer?
Everything depends on your choice and a little luck. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

★ Combat system
Grab your weapons and defeat your enemies!

★ Pixel Art
Emotional pixel art expresses various situations.

★ Various conclusions
The ending depends on your choice. View various conclusions.

★ Level system
Use your game as a score and compare rankings.

★ Chart system
Collect all kinds of epilogues, monsters and items.

Content under development
☆ Additional adventure goals
We are working hard to add adventure goals (main scenes).

☆ Features
Various features will be added to help the adventure.

☆ Challenge mission system
Tasks will be added to add a small goal to your adventure.

————————————————– —————
contact us
[email protected]


Free download Life in Adventure HACK,MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 61M) - Version 1.1.33. Released on November 14, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Become an adventurer in fantasy, face various events, and overcome the crisis.. Developed by Studio Wheel. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

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1.1.33 – Update╰(*°▽°*)╯, bug Fix.

New comment

  1. A Hall: Too much repetition.
  2. Haaris Irfan Sheikh: best game ever.
  3. Kiệt Lâm: A rare gem in the text-based RPG genre, with great replayability and seemingly unlimited potential, extremely enjoyable despite some unfinished UI translations..
  4. lalala lalala: pls let me marry cira i'vee tried so hard i just want to marry her :,,,,(.
  5. Mary Ignatial Anthony: I liked everything but I hated the language of the app. There's too many bad words and I don't think that is right..
  6. Putu Adnyana: Your game is good but i need learn about calculation...seriously?? I have character of 190 battle power....lost again enemy with 119 battle power And more great the chance more likely also we fail...i will not gave 5 star unless you fix your stupid calculation.
  7. Edemar Gamalando: Very nice °^°)b.
  8. Headhunter 711: An ok text based game, although the writing is not stellar and there are many typos. An ok game to put a few hours in, get a bunch of different endings, try a few different stat builds..
  9. Adriel Ang: Three words, "It's just good.".
  10. Popo Sapien: just of my taste! digging for the Future updates!!!!.
  11. Kyuu Desperation: At First I wanted to Do a 1 Star Rating. Reason is just because I wanted to be First! Nothing Wrong with the Game, Carry On!.
  12. Noriel Cezar: Beutiful pixel arts, The most beautiful and lively book + rpg game ive ever played, and it got some options to make the fonts bigger, Devs are very responsive too 😁🇵🇭.
  13. Kent Steven Juario: Really great game! I just wish to be able to be more creative with stats and more skills or talent since I feel constrained and it gets boring when you know the story and wish to see different outcome or reaction.
  14. Marc Rey L. Tacbad: It is a very very good game.
  15. Gemundus Alexander: Entertaining..
  16. Chula SJ: I swear, I love this game so much. I immediately died the first time I played because the choices are so funny I don't know if I should take it seriously. But I ended up becoming some sort of hero the second time and I did it right! YAYYYYYY Thank you for making this game, I'm kinda sad my 2nd adventure ended when I was about to go to that priest who knows about the golden armour I got from the old man..
  17. Rabu: Such a beautiful and finely made game. I hope to see more variety in the story and less repetitiveness. Looking forward to future updates of the game!.
  18. losmmn loserman: I don't really like how you can't do anything in fights other than hope and watch, it's annoying that you can't refuse to do everything and you're pushed into it all, and I kinda feel that killing what basically amounts to god-like beings should give more exp and gold than large-ish marshmallows with daggers taped to them. An endless mode, or at least a new-game+ mode would be nice as well..
  19. Jason Bourne: Quite stupid. If you die, you die for good, lose everything, and have to start a new adventure. You should have unlimited resurrections if you play an ad. So dumb. What a waste of time..
  20. nathan knopp: Great fun.
  21. Aria Asuna: I loved it please make more if possible with romance chances.
  22. Rachel: It's cute and fun! I like the story and the graphics are cute. There's several spelling mistakes such as when you eat basket of potatoes it says "Heatlh" but that's fine. My main complaint is how hard it is to restore health/sanity. You almost never get the option to take a break and stores never have the potions you need even when you use a gem to refresh. There's also no explanation of stats such as salty or grace so it makes very little sense..
  23. Tom Evert: Cool idea but micro transactions are annoying. I know they are necessary for the devs getting money but with over a million downloads they really don't need them or at least, making them toned down a littleWished you got more gems or the stuff you bought with gems was much cheaper..
  24. William Barnhill: Love it... Maybe a Sci Fi next?.
  25. Jake Sidaya: I'm been looking for a text based adventure game and finally I've found this very fun game like the ratings say it's a little sad that only a few people installed it though..
  26. London Wright: Overall, it's a very enjoyable game, beautiful artwork, wonderful music, it's all great. My only few problems are 1. We need more class options like Paladin, Necromancer, Witch, Alchemist, Ninja/Thief, etc. 2. The option to not retire, or make the game longer. So many times I get to an interesting part or max stats for the game to end right there. It's too short. 3. A broader variety of intractable events. Give the option to maybe find romance with someone, a rivalry, etc. Just more content..
  27. Jthe5th gaming: Awesome game! I don't usually leave reviews on game, but this is the kind of game I'm looking for, so I got to leave a review! Unfortunately the game is still pretty short because it's just been released, but I'm looking forward to more updates in the future. Hopefully, there are more stories to uncover and features to explore in the future. Stay awesome!.
  28. Shi Kage: Great art style. Great game logics. A good plot and ambient. I never thought I'd enjoy an old-school rpg that way. Just Unique.
  29. Arensa: I finished a single playthrough of this game in about 2 hours. It was a lot of fun from the beginning till the end. About to die many times, but recovered from it (phew), reached a good ending (I think), had lots of fun. I say it was a time well spent for me. ;D.
  30. Tempest: Good game just need to decrease RNG..
  31. Mike DeWitt: Truly blew my mind with pixel art, sly jokes(C# and covid ref) differing storylines, and dnd feel. Yes there are some minor errors like spelling and females are refered to as males. Things to add, longer play time (some quests stop mid way if at end) an explaination on +/- stats on items, maybe its me but dice roll low if its rolled low prior, quests you choose to take or not(a job board option) and maybe work on fight anamation Much love and its only been out for a month. Keep up the good work!.
  32. Kiro San: My comments keep disappearing but the game is great.
  33. Sierra Hetzel: I love this game!.
  34. Markus Collins: It's good fun. Would like a higher level cap but overall worth your time..
  35. Giovani Berlanga: Very addictive and greate game did bot finde anything wrong very good 10/10 recomend.
  36. Ash Valentine: there are only white people icons. please update with a more diverse choice? ive played through 5 times but it was pretty upsetting for a game i enjoy to have 20+ icons and... no poc. much less important: a little too repetitive, its hard to get everything you need to grow and they frequently throw things at you that you're not ready for..
  37. Task Shot: Amazing game, cool story and pixel art.
  38. Zhuri Price: Pretty fun game, I just wish there were more diverse portraits and genders :( it was pretty disappointing to not see any portraits with a shade darker than lightly tanned..
  39. Catherine Kinsella: best game i have ever played! Keep up the good work!.
  40. Andrew Franklin: I have really enjoyed the game, but maybe you could add an option to buy hints to get to the undiscovered endings? In the meantime is there a guide anywhere that I could look through?.
  41. The f2p guy: Kinda meh you need to pay to create character and you also need to pay to reroll I can understand making the rolls premium but you should atleast unlock char creation.
  42. Dawson Stalker: This is the gold-standard of text-based RPG games on mobile devices. Each event is varied and offers so many outcomes depending on various factors like Stat level, inventory, previously met characters, etc. This game does have micro transactions, but the game is so generous with the achievement system you'll never need to spend money to enjoy this game. Content is superb, replay value is great and it's all offline so you can play this whenever! Fantastic game..
  43. Arik Garry: Does can do has English good very. Spell is translate. Grammar!! ------ minus some funny typoes it's a really fun game. It's like a classic solo D&D adventure with difficult RNG. But that makes it challenging so you don't ever feel over powered and get bored. Well done game..
  44. I don't mean anything I say: Played for about an hour and i have to say its a blast would 100% recommend to anyone! Cant wait for more updates (ignore my name for this one).
  45. Yen: Arts are very great and fun. Would be better to add even more arts in game..
  46. Evermore Elune: Impressive and enchanting artworks and stories. It would be better if the game explains the items' effects in details. Overall, it is a very promising game. Hope that it will be a huge success and so your future projects.
  47. Phonixed: Really fun, just finished my first adventure.👌🔥.
  48. Westland Gamer: I loved it. The feeling of being an lone adventurer against a world and befriending others is great. Keep on you guys :D.
  49. Roi: it's... neat, it was better then what i imagined, truly a game that deserves attention.
  50. Le Moro: I have to give this five stars. I never thought I'd be into text games, but this one is just really well made. Theres so many different encounters and ways things things can play out. Plus, even though the combat is just a simple simulation, I actually found myself getting genuinely excited during a couple of encounters. During one such encounter I was fighting a dragon and triumphantly defeated it after a dramatic back and forth battle. I cannot reccomend this game enough!.
  51. Timber wolf0027: I enjoyed it thoroughly. I think it is missing one key aspect though, maybe two. Combat is extremely simple, and you cant get permanent companions. It's close to 5 stars though. I'll give it that. I beat it over the course of two days, just playing whilst bored, maybe if it were a tiny bit longer as well..
  52. Ashrael Elgario: The game is addictive and fun the only problem with the game is the event is not that many and not random its easily predictable.
  53. Netherwraith Gaming: Absolutely fun to play. Little grammar mistakes here and there but nothing that takes away from the fun..
  54. M Foley: This is exactly the kind of game I've been trying to find for YEARS. Love it! Quite a few different scenarios. Very reasonable pricing on gems that can be used to add new questlines and traits. Really looking forward to the possibility of more additions. Nice job!.
  55. joshua finley: Really fun but it's too short. The game really needs an extended or an endless mode. Maybe add an option to choose not to retire. Multiple times I've gotten two parts of the Vorpal sword only for the adventure to run out. Many times I've been in the middle of quests and the adventure runs out. Get to power 300 two turns later game ends. No time to enjoy it. This game could be so much more fun if I could complete more than 3 objectives before it forces me to retire..
  56. magiklok: Way too money grabbing for a text adventure. The whole thing is built around wanting you to make several purchases. Plus the story is jagged and doesn't make sense, in fact I can't see a story. There's just tons of little abc choices that aren't connected..
  57. A _Robot: A really good rpg game it has good story lines and random things you can discover that can help you experiment what skills can be useful in certain situations that may feel repetitive at first but it feels good trying new things in this game. Something that I think will be good to add is if you can chose what race you want to be whether that be an orc or an elf or even a goblin which can make the player have advantages and disadvantages on certain situations and make the game more varied..
  58. Edson Clement II: It is a good concept just executed poorly, dice rolls irl aren't perfectly random so the fact that they are in game is a little bit of an issue, there is no balance for encounters. You could be going through a game and get a really easy one or a really hard one so it makes it difficult to progress, I suggest some kind of experience reader so you don't get so many that you can't win or a rating that the player can see so they could make the decision themselves. Also story transitions are weird..
  59. Saracen Govender: Very enjoyable and well crafted gameplay. Looking forward for more adventures to come👍.
  60. Miles Kelso: I really enjoy this game, like alot. Its well made, and I love the art style of the portraits and the side characters are wonderful. I think it'd be cool however if the prices for the stories were maybe lowered a bit (maybe have some change price wise depending on the amount of added content, so maybe some instead of 100 gems some are 60.) I also think that maybe adding other races would be really cool, or curses like lycanthropy and stuff..
  61. Carina Wong: Super fun game, lots of different choices and endings you can get.
  62. B I: I find it very enjoyable. The parts in the story are given to you randomly, and there are a variety of story lines that will make each playthrough unique. The artwork is pixel art, but very well-done. I sometimes see minor spelling mistakes, but nothing game-breaking. It would be nice to get an understanding of what some stats do (grace, holy, etc...) It feels like a dungeons and dragons game, but solo! It's worth a shot!.
  63. Math Rick: I freaking love this game it's the kinda of game I've been looking for, for quiet and while now I just have one complaint I wish there were more backgrounds to play as and even a few more classes like a paladin/cleric Other than that it's a very cool game reminds me of my old D&D games I played as a kid.
  64. Tihs: Not a single forced advertisement. Beautiful pixel art. Excellent game..
  65. 十字宇: Almost perfect, just wish to have more quest and more different endings.
  66. Sapphire Darling: This game is a fun adventure that can be replayed over and over for different endings..
  67. Miftakhul Huda: I love it the story, art, gameplay is lovely I hope we can get more stories, maybe from other races (not a human main character, lizardman, dwarf, elf), other stories / classes (as a noble, blacksmith, merchant, demon king) Would love to see what will we get in the future <3.
  68. Michael Smith: Enjoying it for the most part, a few spelling errors here and there bit you can fix that. What did bother me however was the plauge storyline. Making it so that prayer option cause everyone to die is clearly a social comentary on Covid and churchgoers. Maybe make it where there is a chance of success if a player choses that route rather than forcing the bad outcome. Maybe a wisdom based percentage. Would love to see more backgrounds too..
  69. Knights of the Round Table: Loved how the game over was made, I enjoy all of the dialogue and all the reading, I really enjoyed how it felt like. I can't wait for them to expand and add more to the game, and if I were to add some more, mabye change the health system because as a level 1 guy would probably die immediately no mater what to a fire giant and not escape with his life. Lol. But other then that, I think the game is really fun and great.
  70. Jake Junkus: Fun for about 4 hrs, then repetitive with no forward advancement. The next chapter costs abt $3.35 (or 50 ads) which is to much of a jump for me..
  71. Lou Renz Reniva: This game is so fun and i kinda want more update such as you know more sub ending and endings it'll be really nice if you do and if you do please take you're time.
  72. Muhammad Farhan Syahputra: Super interesting game.
  73. Hannah Widenmaier: I absolutely love this game.
  74. Cope Countonpickels: It's good fun a bit tricky but as a person who likes novels and reading it makes my feel good when I can make the character to put in a simulathion thet makes a story..
  75. Biik Modd: i hope we could use a tts to read the story for more fun.
  76. Pao Yang: Fun adventure text type game with just enough text and animation..
  77. Phearak Cain: Awesome game, please add more content! Possibly a mode that doesnt end so quickly.
  78. Mic Ron: Can you do the ending depends on their age? Not on when you fully level up pls.
  79. Patrick Bullock: Honestly having a great time.
  80. Toko Fukawa :p: Amazing but a little slow, I love the game and will change to 5 stars as soon as the game stops lagging, it makes it difficult to play but this game is everything ive been looking for and Id reccomend playing <3 Edit: to clarify imean that after 10 mins or so the game will start to lag( or freeze) until i close and reopen it, I pushed through for about 20 runs then deleted because it got frustrating..
  81. Arch Magos Avagadro: The game is alright for the first 3-4 runs but after that it gets a little repetitive. There are several side questlines you can follow such as the hunter and the wyvern that are cool to follow and have decent amounts of engagement. After a few runs you can definitely see minor grammar mistakes and repetitive slides. Such as the marooned boat, the derro in the cave, and the hungry troll that ate the village. Sometimes you'll get these same pages about 7-10 times in a single playthrough. 👍😉.
  82. katie pinkney: great game overall! the art is wonderfully done and it's very well written. even the layout is beautiful ;; the only problem is that there are a few typos, such as restarting an adventure has a button that says "cancle" instead of "cancel" and when speaking to nancy during her event will cause the pronouns to change..
  83. Kelly Staats: Character creation locked behind paywall and if you want another roll than you gotta pay, also bad translation in some places all in all kinda meh.
  84. th ão: pretty good.
  85. Raffa: Dev should add story like you can buy a house in some city and player can take a job form guild that city and the city where player live can be affect by player choice like spider woman attack your city, or the orcs wants takeover your city or dragon attack your city i think this idea will give more unique ending and more story of course, yeah please add more story to the game.
  86. Worth Devotee: Amazing game with fun and intresting stories, straight up one of the best phone games I've played in years.
  87. Ashlyn: absolutely beautiful. I can not put into words how much I loved playing through this game for the first time. I have no complaints, and I am very impressed at the work that has gone into this masterpiece. immensely satisfying replay value. thank you for doing this, I appreciate you developers a whole bunch. :’).
  88. Fridge: The game is good, its really good, but it has its flaws and its flaws are annoying at that, i would like the game to explain some mechanics that can end a playthrough that lasted a long time instead of just ending it on the spot, i very much enjoyed my playthrough of this game but it was cut short by a mechanic thay (in my opinion) shouldnt have been there, or at least the game should have waarned me about. This is a good game, with a great concept, but it needs polishing..
  89. Tim Redick: I'm really enjoying it! The grammar is pretty good most of the time and the writing of the story, while it kind of jumps around, is well done. The jumping around actually makes it seem more like there's time in between each little segment too.
  90. David Palzer: One of the few diamonds in the rough..
  91. Samantha Alexander: Really fun game with playability depending on the choices you take. Very similar to a choose-your-own-story book. Some of the attributes can be confusing like +1 to grace, etc. More guidance on that system wod be nice. But after a couple of plays, I was able to sorta get it..
  92. Str8 Blazn: Terrible game. I've played games like this for years and years, and the difficulty of this is absurd..
  93. Zack Batcountry: This amazing I love the random events and outcomes the writing is great some minor spelling errors or bad translation here or their but it dosnt effect story or game play , would like to see more events quests and companions but everything is great keep up the amazing wrk.
  94. Hans jaro Perito: bruuuuh this game is a masterpiece. y'all need to add endless mode or i can continue as my character (*・~・*).
  95. Morty Rorshach: This game is addicting and I love it. I can't wait to see more updates and stories. I can tell they worked hard for this. Again I can't wait to see more..
  96. Alkaline Atheris: This game is great. Looking forward to more scenarios. I'll keep playing and would be happy to support..
  97. Rick Marinara: Uhm, first game, and I can't seem to win a single fight :( I get no opportunities for low level enemies or anything, only seacats and wraiths, and I haven't even levelled up yet :( why is is so hard Correction: this is way too much fun Might have to delete for i am on too long.
  98. Mark Doyon: Really good game it reminds me of dnd and can easily get addictive, good game :|.
  99. A A: Little to no ads, very relaxing and entertaining!.
  100. Nathan Coleman: This game is so fun! It is one of few mobile games that I have really liked..
  101. Risend: maybe add assassin and tamer roles.
  102. Yuan Wang: This is a great game. I love the Dungeons and Dragons aspects and the pixelated artstyle gives it personality. Combat is a bit boring after a bit(maybe add more interactive options, like old rpgs), but I still enjoy the game..
  103. Marcus Helm: Question, is it possible to marry Cira, The Demon?.
  104. Christi Darwin: Had fun with it for sure, a good break from overstimulation of some RPGs. The storyline is random, and you generate your own until you complete. It would do much better with a "new game+" feature that would allow you to keep your current, OR start a new game. Starting a new game makes a new character, and you have to pay 2 gems or $6 for premium. Idk if you get gems each time completing, and first time you get 10 gems, but it's better to allow to keep playing without paying, on your current..
  105. Sekai: It's really good.
  106. The Ten Random: I love this game the only thing I really want is more options to do more things but the game just came out so I'll have to wait but still the game is very fun to play..
  107. Rick The XVI: Fun game with nice graphics. I enjoy the random elements to this game..
  108. The Phantom Gamers: Good game very fun some of the quests were the same I had fun for the two hours that I've played before I've finished the game I must say I enjoyed it very creative system I would like some better stealth.
  109. JustAOrdinaryPengu: The game is fun, it has nice artwork, pretty nice game play, only downside is the game is somewhat small but I'm sure will change..
  110. Life Is strange: Loved it but it start to lack a little after a few life.
  111. Fabian Negrete: Solid game hardly any adds so it let you feel imersed into the game. There are many choices to choose from and you may meet encounters you didnt have your first or second play through. Its not pay to win in the slightest in my opinion. Only thing i have problem with not making it five stars is that sometimes the text freezes up sometimes but not often enough that it makes the game unplayable. Second issue is that i feel there should be an option where you can eat food if earned if your out of sp.
  112. Shane C: I'm amazed, this game is quite fun and interesting. I played through it twice, on the first day in about 5 hrs. Excited to see more things added in future updates. Keep up the good work, creator(s)..
  113. Winno: Fun but has a few issues.The main storyline continues regardless of whether you intervene or not forcing an ending, you can not choose to go to shops, rest to restore hp and sanity(when either of these reaches 0 you get a game over), or choose which quests to go on and when, often leaving you poor or underleveled.When picking a female character you are generally referred to as Male and are affected by things like sirens and all love interests are female, so picking a girl chr is purely cosmetic..
  114. Myles Drysdale: Pretty good compared to similar games but it gets really repetitive really fast..
  115. C W: Game is entertaining for several days, until the material currently written gets a little stale. Its fun to play over and over again with different stats min/maxxed. Different choices lead to different endings, across multiple different storylines. Good variety of gear and items, too! That being said, the game is still in development as far as I can tell. There's the odd spelling error and a few illogical occurences. I would really love the ability to keep playing after ending the main plot!.
  116. Dave Azana: For a game that's only less than a month old, this is an impressive release! The male and female character sprites are diverse, and the pixel-art aesthetics are polished. The medieval strings for the main, albeit only in-game music is well-composed and is an artful complement to the pixel D&D visuals. It would be a delight to play through additional, different scenarios as this game continues its development, and also please release more BG music in future updates!.
  117. stov 1212: It's honnestly pretty good. If you're actually good at the game, you wont see adverts that much. If only they vould fix the problem of the game freezing while flipping through the pages of the journal thing..
  118. Lance Bonner: Iz gud.
  119. Tristan Wright: I quite liked it, but I feel that it could be fleshed out more. Such higher number of scenarios, seeing battle chances before committing to one, more control over when you go to specific locations, such as the mine, that you find out ahead of time, and better stat relation in fights, such as dodge chance and damage, instead of just overall combat power based items, and finally being able to wear pendant when using a two-handed weapon because that does not make sense..
  120. Arthur Tran: rng the game. 0/10 also asks for money constantly.
  121. Echo Hikaru: A really fun and simple game. Unlocking more content in game does take some time. In which case, some might just give up and move on. But a nice game nonetheless..
  122. Darren Jacobson: A fun randomized adventure that can be easily addictive. There's of course a lot of randomness to whether you accomplish things but the health system is fair and easily managed. Ads are well executed and while I think the gems are overpriced as they often are in these apps, there are plenty of options to avoid purchasing them. After 10 or 15 runs you'll probably start to feel the repetition, but this is at worst an entertaining time waster with some decently well thought out stories..
  123. Kevin Situ: Good story lines Didn't take long for me to get gud.
  124. Maribeth De Perio: What's the difference between a Wizard and Warlock? I tend towards using healing classes, but there's no description of classes..
  125. James La Fleur: This is one of the best mobile games I've played for being super ad friendly. You only see ads when you finish a run or if you choose to (for a res or gems). Aside from that, LiA is a really fun, well-written, and varied choose your own adventure (semi-D&D) mobile game. There are some typos in the English version but it's never led me to misunderstand what is happening. This is my favourite solo D&D experience at the moment. Bitesize campaigns in an hour 😁.
  126. jimmy cloud: Great game , simple , interesting.Some flaws but Rare gem that can be a Really Really nice game.It would be really great if we can choose the ending time instead of ending automatically after reaching the ending itself or please make the ending time more longer coz adventure end too fast.Also more backgrounds that we can spend 2 to 3hours of gaming time.Best Game.Keep it up.(*_*)/.
  127. Gareth Smith: One big failure simulator. It's just not fun.
  128. Demonized Duck: I really enjoy the game but if there is one thing I would change it would be to add a mode with no goal so you can continue playing until you die. I personally think me and the rest of the community would love that. Keep up the good work..
  129. Kay Pinkerton: Huge grammar errors in first 3 secs of game play..
  130. Crusader King: Really excellent game overall, and quite addictive. A lot of things to try and do, good stories, and also good RNG elements. (With an excellent reference to Seoul 2033, too.).
  131. Ava Kopp: Such a great game! I only wish it gave some hints on how to unlock different endings. I think I'm stuck.
  132. Brayden Stanley: It would be nice if it didn't end and you could keep getting stronger. Like if some of the events popped up repeatedly like hunting monsters or bandits..
  133. My_name_gorrila: The game is great but the combat system feels really bad to me because I just sit there and watch..I thought it would be like playing any type of rpg where you take turns using your class,traits,and weapons to attack but no I just have to hope I have more battle power than my enemy...even with an overwhelming amount of battle power I can still get taken out by an goblin with 10 attack power just because it got lucky and blocked.the fact that blocking negates all damage makes every battle boring.
  134. Malachi Best: You can get ever thing whit out spending money by unlocking ending and finding monster an weapon you get an gem for completing your first story it has many ends I only whit the romances were better.
  135. Sean Gavin: Fun, pass-the-time game. I used to have a DnD group but we all moved away, so it's a good little throw back to a time of gaming. Nice music, too!.
  136. Krisu: The entire game is too rng dependent..
  137. Scavenger: Unique pixel art, quality work. Choices make an impact like get different equipment or stories. Worth playing!.
  138. 09Drdray: My current favourite mobile game to play. It's fun to try different paths each time. I just wish the main story would change and not end so quickly..
  139. Luci :]: Wow! Honestly i don't write reviews very often on games but this one deserves the five stars! You don't get forcefed ads every minute and gems are relatively easy to get! The adventures are fun and I found myself attached to the characters very easily! Congrats on making a wonderful game! I hope it goes up from here ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ!.
  140. icestar100: addictive very very addictive.
  141. N Sacks: Liked it overall, but... Was doing well, full stats, great gear, almost finished, then got executed because of two horrible dice rolls that I could do nothing about. Very annoying, very unpleasant. Kind of ruined my experience.
  142. D C: A great adventure game, though it gets pretty repetitive (kill this, kill that) but the art style and choices is what really shines in this game, definitely worth checking out and please support the devs it's worth it..
  143. Banditroyalty: Absolutley love this just a bunch of little stories put together does get a little repetitve (its still fun to play over and over again) but it is new so there should be more in the future, plus if you play enough you can unlock new content.
  144. CorruptedAI: One of the best games on the phone.
  145. Neb Nor: Hope to see future content, very enjoyable and glad I got all the good endings for the backgrounds. ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`).
  146. Julio Thobias Cerqueira Silva: Without this app asking me I came here to say how awesome this game is. It's very nice to accomplish, utterly satisfying and easy to play. 5 Stars to me..
  147. Abu Jafar Channel: A really well done game, love the simplicity of the game..
  148. john Wick: Really really good game.Will be expecting more and more content later on.good job guys.could also use some different music for different scenarios tho..
  149. ArtfulApple 5536: It's good... But I feel like the odds are always against you even if you have a large percentage of winning. It always says I failed even though I have a higher percentage of winning. And this happens all the time. Even when I was battling and my chance of winning was very superior I still lost. Maybe that can be fixed or something..
  150. Kyle Roxas: Very fun game! Had a blast in my first run, here's my five stars!.

Download Instructions Life in Adventure latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Life in Adventure mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link life-in-adventure-hackmod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Studio Wheel.

- Download Life in Adventure mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file life-in-adventure-hackmod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Life in Adventure original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Life in Adventure Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Life in Adventure for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Studio Wheel provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Life in Adventure file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Life in Adventure Mod Apk on Android & Life in Adventure Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Life in Adventure Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored life-in-adventure-hackmod.APK & life-in-adventure-hackmod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again life-in-adventure-hackmod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Life in Adventure on your phone.

Download Life in Adventure HACK,MOD [FULL FEATURES] 61M

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Version: 1.1.33.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.4.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $84.99 per item.
Developers: Studio Wheel.
Votes: 5,881.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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