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Life of Mellow (Hack_Mod)

Make a mellow village :). Life of Mellow Mod v0.46

Update: 19/05/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Life of Mellow Mod 0.46 for android apk & iphone ios 7.0 and up

Do you like to build your own mellow village?

Agriculture and survival and simulation
But…your journey is not easy…!

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»Survive as long as possible.
»Enjoy the four seasons
»Collect resources and build many buildings.
»Agriculture and handicrafts and architecture and survival
»Micro-manage and expand your village.

Developer-Best Game Developer in Korea

Free download Life of Mellow (Hack_Mod) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 70M) - Version 0.46. Released on November 22, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Make a mellow village :). Developed by MondayOFF. Operating system requirements 7.0 and up. Everyone.

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  • - Free Premium
  • - Unlimited Money
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· · · · · · ·Main Update Issues · · · · · · ·
» Fixed error that character stoped.

» This version is 0.46 and Open Beta version will be end 1.0
» We will keep update this game for your experience!
» Please contact us anytime if you need our assistance!.

New comment

  1. RFA yt: Ok.
  2. Nadirah Kamis: Why are all my farms moving? 🥲.
  3. Kontessa Anthouli: I really like the gane but what i don't like is how you need a curtain amount of wood to build axes and if you forget to build them in awhile and you run out of them and wood you have no way to continue the game and you have to delete all your process.
  4. Moon Byeol: Please add more rewards and tutorials..
  5. Xhin maranan: Kinda cool but laggy in android 11 or all version please fix it devs because its kinda fun.
  6. Christian Baluyot: It was enjoyable until you realize that the game really requires you to purchase the DLCs to progress. Kind of disappointed.
  7. little hofun: Nice concept of the game just that it gets buggy when your population grows bigger than 20 and the mellows are not attentive to work (which is quite irritating).
  8. Haziq: Very hard.
  9. Sunil Kumar: Good.
  10. Owsebil Olyr: This game has a potential but there's no pause? Fast forward needs to click ads or need to be a paid user. I think the developers need to reconsider how to get money from their game cuz it's not enjoyable watching ads to get an advantage from the game my people are dying and it became boring later and who wants to watch ads every seconds or minute? Not going to spend whole time watching ads ads ads. The game doesn't force you to watch ads but it's only an advantage for free user..
  11. Cory Hite: Lots of fun a good game to play when your bored.
  12. Fries Fries: Panget.
  14. Comissar: It's a very good game. But there is a game breaking bug when sometimes some villagers just stop doing their job for no reason at all and it doest fix itself. Please fix and I will maybe turn this into 5 stars.
  15. Hassaan Nadeem: I give it 4 star because its laging. But i love the idea of developer.
  16. navid rahmani: good.
  17. Faridul Islam Sardar: I am not understand veri hard.
  18. Destinie Henson: Love it however it'd be nice to be able to get more resources in one go than a few at a time, also shame that over half of it is locked behind a paywall.
  19. Utkarsh Mishra: This game is awesome, I like this game. But this game is paid is the cause I face. + You get unuse resources and that can't be deleted,to use that you have to buy it. If this game is totally free than it would result in good impact..
  20. evelyn amamangpang: Rararraraq.
  21. Areil Zaii: Good game but tool production ruins it all, at some point you won't be able to gather wood at all and just wait for your mellows to die. Don't recommend this at all until this fix this..
  22. James Salazar: Has potential, but the game is too money hungry, there's legit no way to give happiness to the Mellows unless you pay $5 for the dlc..
  23. Janine Custodio: Best game But laggy.
  24. Joanna Sikora: Really cute and simple game but I did have problem to start 😅, because I didn't play before, do you can add tutorial i could be better then..
  25. Link Brunson: Have to close out occasionally to get notifications and reassigned workers to load.
  26. Giyuu Tomioka: Ok 👌.
  27. A.K.M khurshed Ullah: good game.
  28. Pipo: Good morning.
  29. Ahmad Raif: It is a good game and i like it.
  30. Luke playz: Fun.
  31. Lux Zeven: I love the game, especially the tutorial it would be like "go figure" even you just only have 3 mellows, I like how fast time travel on the game, however it has some small issues like sometimes a mellow would just stop moving and just standing still even you reopen the game in order for it to move, sometimes the mellow don't follow the order directly it just keep wondering around the woods and do "nothing" at all, I can understand how you can assign them in to one work and I like game.
  32. AmierBruv: Hey nice game,you should do a progress save.
  33. Dulce Brillantes: Is soooo cute!!! But there's no names😞.
  34. firemonkey kar: The idea is cool but without paying for the dlc you can't survive the winter. Seasons go by too fast for you to prepare and the villagers don't seem to care that their house won't be ready if they don't pick up the pace..
  35. xxyxxxndta: Amazing game but when winter comes it will kill you in early game if you are not prepared.
  36. Purple D: Hello, this game is relaxing but impossibly hard you cant progress if you don't spend money or watch ad but this game good until you reach paywall But i like this game props to the devs. Hope you improve it.
  37. Muhammad Amirul Haikal Alias: I like this game but I can't top up please give it free just DLC please.
  38. Brandon Weber: A lot of ad walls, difficult to progress without watching ads for resources. Needs a bit of work and less wonkiness with difficulty. Could be a really fun indie game, but not with in your face ads and paywalls..
  39. Evan Rhys Jenkins: Cool game.
  40. Val Wilson: Cute game, fun but glitchy. The pathfinding is off, the mellows get stuck...a lot, on everything. The buildings will sometimes randomly move. I currently have a farm in the ocean. Restarting the game doesn't fix it. You get several buildings but you can't use in-game gold or diamonds or levels to buy additional buildings without purchasing DLC. I might have bought it if it wasn't so glitchy..
  41. Mousumi Ghosh: The bots are dumb. And the woodcutters don't do their work properly..
  42. Michael Lamont: So if u run out of axes and have no wood u can't make more axes so u can't get more wood same for stone so if ur out of pick axes u can't get stone to make a new one causing a major flaw that cause ur ability to play the game to stop u can't do anything more that's it ur done. And for me that is so annoying so I recommend putting in a way to collect less stones and less wood at one time or it taking longer to collect said resources so the player can still continue the game..
  43. Finnian Pessolano: Some things are a bit difficult to understand, but otherwise its a nice game.
  44. Czennea Lasola: its a very good game i like it.
  45. Anika Harper: This game is pretty fun but sometimes it won't make the people work.
  46. Ivan Kyle Farinas: No tutorial or anything and need some money to buy something, but very good game need more improvement I guess.
  47. Usagi Oni: Lag. Maybe not optimized for my tablet.
  48. Raniel Jake Cezar: Worst game in the world u need money or watch add to be good at this game that's why i hate it.
  49. Neu Bee: its too laggy.
  50. ddan: Please give more descriptions on what's needed to gather and how to do stuff. It's challenging tho so good job!.
  52. Nazareth Enrique: This Game Is Bad I Hate Marsh mellows One Star.
  53. That Supporting Person: I liked it, I thought it was a neat concept. I just had a bug or two. They seemed to get stuck when I would try to get them to work and when I had them working they weren't doing their jobs. If it was fixed it would be cool..
  54. Heartfiliadennis DeJucos: Nice.
  55. Justine Maxilom: Im gonna give it 3 stars for now, i know its a new game but there's no tutorial i took 5 mins just to know how to make them work and sometimes it just crash randomly and it doesn't have auto save so i have to do it again from the very beggining and lastly when you're out of recources to get then its the end of the game...And the graphics like that? its beautiful but why is it so laggy? i mean i can play Call of duty, Mobile legends etc smooth but this game is crashing and very laggy.
  56. Samantha Weselowski: I believe this game could be great but i think it has a ways to go. I agree with other opinions bout this game. Definitely need to make some changes and if its gonna go along way..
  57. hon fui Loh: GAME is nice and idea very good, but those ads are too ads until modless.
  58. Mohammad Sahraeiyan: Gooood.
  59. Trenten Gray: Love the game but I wish the DLC was free due to the DLC having the only things that make your mellows happy.
  60. selina begum: Ururu.
  61. Faerie Nuff: Nice concept, but as others have said, free version feels more like a trial as p2p if you wanna advance and get happy 'mellows' with more tool durability. Ads don't feel too bad, but then I've had no need to properly advance as f2p. Otherwise I'm stuck as for no reason, noone will build my farm!! Tutorials are YouTube vids, and don't cover everything so a simple tutorial in game would be appreciated..
  62. Thom: Life of ads, should it be called..
  63. Margaret Taylor: I really want to play this game but it's extremely laggy & the ads don't work properly either. Please are these going to be fixed. I don't want to uninstall this game but may have to due to the really bad lagging. Same because it looks like it would be a good game..
  64. Ryuji Ichijou: Terrible.
  65. Jason Plante: Waiting for more content. Definitely has great potential 👌.
  66. Abdo Elsharqawy: Good game.
  67. L'Crusader _King: Good game.
  68. Luka Kandic: Its a good concept but u need to pay to do anything so a 3 star..
  69. Gaming GuyG: Okay game, okay graphics, player is required to watch "YouTube" or work out for themselves what things do (which really isn't that hard), the game has no afk continual play option requiring players to be constantly present for the game to advance.
  70. Xaine Ebbs: Good.
  71. kyahpat vlog: Used to be fun but it was very strategic.... A bit stressful, you need to watch the ads for you to grind enough resources..... Also the game has a bit of an issue, regarding the lagging issues..
  72. Quigz YT: Great and fun game but the reason for 2 star is because when your mellows get sad you need to buy a dlc for €6 to get buildings to make them happy I can't keep up with everything at the same time some buildings need to be automated as soon as they get materials for themselves they produce whatever is needed nd everyone gets either the pandemic or sick way to quickly usually up to 4 mellows have it before I can even get a herb shop to heal them and when I get a herb shop they are dead or unhappy.
  73. austin Watson: Pog.
  74. gamerboy 1234: Very fun and addicting,it need tutorials but that's all,so far it's good.
  75. Ahmad Umar: I kept on loosing everything everytime..
  76. Hossein Kamalian: مضخزف.
  77. khikho bouafia: Bad.
  78. Vriti Aggarwal: You should have more options in a mode one mode as whole should be free otherwise the game is good..
  79. Samuel Oakley: Far too expensive. They want £4 for 3 different modes each. £5.99 for more building they're calling dlc. £5 for tickets, £5 for coins £4 for mellow. £3 for remove adds. These options should be one set bundle. You're stuck as if you want to progress, you need better tools & clothes to keep warm. These items are only available on the DLC so every winter people die. It's basically a pay to win type. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing, but I'm stuck as I refuse to pay!.
  80. Giorgi Chachua: there is glitch. sometimes when i load saved game camp got deleted.
  81. Connor Hammond: Iys hreay Great game teaches you everything u need to know.
  82. Patricia Lyn Santiago: Exciting, AT FIRST! But u need to buy the "DLC" thingy, u cant build the other building unless u buy it..
  83. Yeet The child: Gotta love a quick cash grab game that hasn't even sorted out the resource handling yet Frickn (Your Land What!? Is better and it's still kinda freemium) but other wise like the way it is and the graphics.
  84. Stern YT: very gud.
  85. Fateme Roodafshani: خیلی خوبه.
  86. Y.A.A Clips: Too many bugs and the devs are money hungry.
  87. Jacob McCoy: good game.
  88. shoobas noobas: Good game.
  89. Jonathan Bungay: the idea of the game is good, but unfortunately it's not properly balance, I'm saying anything anymore so other players can check it out first then it's up to them to decide. all in all im disappointed,, deleting the game, i prefer playing townsmen..
  90. chris thompson: Looked promising but no tutorial (and no im not going to go on youtube everytime - build it into the game) eventually everyone stops working compleing about the cold and dies, no explanation or anything and no way to build a fire..
  91. Qaleef Zarqasyi: A strategic game which need you to plan from the start which make it difficult. This game is even better than some strategy games I've played! This is now number 1 in my favourite game list. Thinking could help you to win the game.
  92. Sok Kimheang: Weird...13yr kid get pregnant.
  93. Daniel Kian Oñate: Village = AMAZING.
  94. Ezekiel Daus: Ye the reason why 3: none 2:none 1:pooping ads and ratings.
  95. Lordeus IDK: what just happened, i literally play it one time and already have 30+ mellows, and the next day it became 3 mellows. like i spend hours on this game and it just like vanished..
  96. joshua estrella: good game but more improvent like enemies.
  97. Annette Street: I can't see the response to my first review. I think it's the banner ads that's making the game freeze and crash. I understand the need for ads, but in strategic placing, this game will be a great success..
  98. Jade mekael Ingutan: I rate this game 3 stars because there is some bug and problem of the game First : the season change some of the trees not change. Second : the animals production is slow some hunters just stan around because there's no to hunt Third : instead of demolition of the building put some move bottom that put building around Fourth : instead animals just stan around put some little animation make game cool. For now this is my problem of this game i hope you see this feedback...
  99. Aryan Gupta: Impressive.
  100. Lincoln Dewhirst: Great game would be better if you didn't have to pay for the rest in the builds.
  101. Rytis Kalpokas: Good.
  102. Benedick Nituda: Worse game ever you need to pay to play Next level and some bug and worker hard to understand ...the food fast empty...
  103. Henriette M. Andersen: I have a lot of fun with this game. It is still quite buggy but they patch things up pretty quick. Still struggling with some mellows not doing anything despite having them assigned to a job. Or walking to the edge of town and just walking into the barrier to the water. But.. despite that it is still a good game and deserves some praise..
  104. Bejan Alex: It's a rlly good game , I rlly enjoy it.
  105. Weslie Gaming: Because You need to purchase The Thing on the shop to get the Feature Building thats kinda make me sad.
  106. Sara Achren: Cant really play the game without paying...
  107. Jerbie Butawan: I just happen to run out of resources and I can't create tool, why don't you add some building that can upgrade rool? Or an exceptional "one" tool that won't break..
  108. Zell 888: Everyone died due to pandemic. Tool breaks almost instantly before your buildings are finish. It's impossible to play without spending money or watching tons of ads. Waste of time.
  109. Aman Ullah: Bad.
  110. Iris Flo: OMG I think he was going to be my Google I'm sure you will air on 13 the next day Just to be safe.
  111. enteng melo: This game is not easy I'm not playing it ever the game is hard.
  112. WTF?Come on!: I Like it!.
  113. Pinky Thumb: It has some bugs but Its a good game don't stop updating it please.
  114. Yuri Hyun: good game!!.
  115. 1A4_02 _Alcandor Seah: I like the game but the game is needed to pay to get better stuff like blacksmith? which i think is very poor as in there is no futher development in the village as it is required to pay? And the meat info is ( can be obtained by trees ) ??? Please fix this.
  116. earloy socram: Good game its so fun!.
  117. cyrus cruz: Its a nice game, can tolerate the ads but to pay 6 dollars for the DLC? (Full game) not for me... but its nice... uninstalling it.. thanks for the try out....
  118. Jhon Lyod Lascano: Its suckksss inplayable many ads. create a house need watch ads its suckss. I not recommended this duhh.
  119. John Patrick Mijares: this game is Aggressively extremely hard I have 3 mellows left.
  120. Helen: Good game, but I seem to have issues where I can't close down navigation screens sometimes..
  121. BANgla gaMer AvI: Not good you have to buy buildings with real money Please make buildings free.
  122. El Psy Goru: Terrible Needs more improvement.
  123. Vince Petersen: Amazing game hard, but very fun.
  124. pugcakes boy: This game is fun and addictive, BUT their are some problems. The people lose hunger so fast, food is so scarce, and how come you have to pay a dlc to get more buildings. Fix this please.
  125. Josh: Loved it for five minutes.....but if you run out of axes etc you can't collect would to make new the game is at a dead end.
  126. J A: Games okay the game is a bit logging hope to be fixed.
  127. KR1ST0S4: Doesn't tell you how to play, And to do literally anything you need to pay £2.99.
  128. Agustin Vallejos: You can't keep playing if you don't pay.
  129. Carter Garland: Suggestion: put an ad banner at the top or bottom (NOT BOTH) and make some stuff free. For real, the game feels like your online shopping..
  130. Ali Willett: Alright, lot of potential. The interfaces are a little annoying and for some reason no matter how many people I assign to get food, they can't seem to get enough to support everyone. Seriously, I will put 6/9 people on getting food and some still die a I say, I could be a really good game if updated and adjusted..
  131. Atanas Ivanov: Awesome game but too many bugs and laggy as hell.
  132. aka soul: Good game.
  133. Pogacian Flavius: Interesting game..
  134. Hosein Santa: Good game with a good idea, but the creators of the game are only interested in their own interests and ask for money for anything simple and force you to watch a promotional video. They have slowed down the game and it is very difficult for everything to go well and a lot of bugs for workers who do not work. I wish the creators of the game, instead of making money in any way, thought of making a perfect game and players. Too bad the game could be really good.
  135. Louis Parkin: Really good game but you have to pay to play dlc is so much of the game and it costs to get it.
  136. wolf bane: Pretty fun idle game I'd recommend it but lack of tutorial is kinda dumb lol.
  137. Lucian Tacu: Cute game, but it needs improvement. I'd like to be able to demolish houses and maybe add roads/paths to the village. Tools have too short durability. You need to constantly craft them, it's boring. Sometimes the villagers just do whatever they want, delaying an action indefinitely, so maybe add the option to directly control them. Overall nice simple game to clear your head after work..
  138. Mike Nicholas: Really fun game but it keeps freezing on tasks....... my builder has been tuck building a house for 5 mins with 0 time left on the build also workshop is stuck on building an axe even though inhave plenty of resources. It's done this before so I closed it and reloaded but then lost all my progress. I feel this game has amazing potential you just need to work on the bugs..
  139. Harry Welch: Is really good.
  140. Everett Tipps: I like this game. It's cute 😀.
  141. Aude Saperes: there are a lot of bugs, also, you cannot build other establishments if you don't pay real money.
  142. Zer0_244: Its terrible literally i have resorces they wont build houses to survive they die beacause they dont have a house they need tools to get wood and stone i have tools they wont use its so anoying and fustrating 0/10 Dont recommend Ive never installed a game this bad.
  143. Kelly Garland: This game is awesome I love it.
  144. Traveling Riverside: I only dislike the sadness mechanic if you don't have the dlc. Could you make the sadness mechanic as a part of the dlc? That would be very appreciated..
  145. Brittani Kintzley: Fun, but hard to follow.....
  146. plusfrem: this is a no effort game.
  147. wizard j: Jast add.
  148. Anwar Sayyed: Great but I don't know that how to feed food's to other mellow.
  149. Arshiya Pashanasl: عالی👍👍👍👍.
  150. William Taylor: The dlc is good.

Download Instructions Life of Mellow latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Life of Mellow mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link life-of-mellow-hack_mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher MondayOFF.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Life of Mellow Mod Apk on Android & Life of Mellow Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Life of Mellow Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored life-of-mellow-hack_mod.APK & life-of-mellow-hack_mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again life-of-mellow-hack_mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Life of Mellow on your phone.

Download Life of Mellow (Hack_Mod) [UNFINITE RESOURCES APK + IOS] 70M

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Version: 0.46.
Operating system: 7.0 and up.
Evaluate: 3.8.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $29.99 per item.
Developers: MondayOFF.
Votes: 882.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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