LifeAfter: Night falls Mod

LifeAfter: Night falls (MOD – HACK)

Mobile Survival Game in a post virus apocalyptic world.. LifeAfter: Night falls Mod v1.0.159

Update: 01/07/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download LifeAfter: Night falls Mod 1.0.159 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

“Avengers” is officially launched! Life and Death – New Ways of Living
Whether it’s movies, novels, animations or games, zombie works leave plenty of room for imagination. Now in LifeAfter, you can become one of the surviving humans fighting the zombies, or – as a newly available option – you can become the Revenant, a half-human, half-zombie entity.
Get out of control in an apocalyptic world, survive, together!

Experience semi-zombie survival
A group called “Dawn Breaks” rises from the apocalypse. They claim that humans still have a chance after being bitten by a zombie – by giving up their human identity, appearance, abilities, changing humanity forever, and living as half-human, half-zombie.
It sounds risky, but if it was a matter of life and death, what would you choose?

Create a vast open world
From snowy mountains to beaches, from forests to deserts, from swamps to cities… The vast apocalyptic world is full of crises, but also contains Infinite Possibilities.
Explore and witness every corner of the apocalyptic world with your footsteps. At the same time, you can also collect resources, build infrastructure with other survivors, and strengthen defenses against zombie invasions.

Make friends and survive together
You will meet other survivors on your post-apocalyptic quest.
Perhaps you are tired of all the roars of zombies and the howls of the night wind when you travel alone. Try to open up, share food with friends, talk through the night, and create a peaceful sanctuary together.

Keep hope and will
When the end of the world comes, zombies are everywhere. The social order suddenly collapsed, and the familiar world became unfamiliar. Zombies covet human settlements. The harsh climate and scarce resources make it difficult to move. There is also a power struggle between survivor forces…
Danger is everywhere. Please keep calm and keep living!

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Twitter: “https: //”>

Free download LifeAfter: Night falls (MOD – HACK) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 79M) - Version 1.0.159. Released on January 18, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Mobile Survival Game in a post virus apocalyptic world.. Developed by X.D. Global. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

Feature Hack Game LifeAfter: Night falls MOD

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Version Game LifeAfter: Night falls Pay Fees MOD

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Patch Notes
1)Caravan 101 New Events
2)Fixed a few bugs.

New comment

  1. MKultra: Downloaded game made my character and disconnected me from server and I have to make again character .I can't fix it don't let me play game.
  2. ChefServet: Harika bir oyun tek sıkıntı çok kafa karıştırıcı şeyler olması.
  3. Ahmed Kocher: I love it.
  4. Work Hard in Silence Let Success Be Your Noise: Goood game hdd.
  5. Farhan Oduwole: Love the game not easy but great.
  6. 罗敬源: Good.
  7. shellie brigg: Brilliant it.
  8. Furkan Cavus: This is the second best game of survival after minecraft. :) High quality graphics, better events and many more to discover in the maps..
  9. R jey21: Enjoy this game takes little time but can manage love it.
  10. NightMare Game: Irk ayrımcılığı yapmayı kesin de PC sürümüne de Türkçe dil desteğini getirin hain lik yapmayın.
  11. Crimson Virgo: Really good game. One of the only mobile games that kept me playing for over 2 weeks.
  12. uallsofake: Loving it.
  13. Harun Eroğlu: Good Game.
  14. Matthew Farrugia: This game is the best.i can build my house do stuff like survival it's a life it's in the name I give it 5 stars beacuse me and my brother are roomates and we help eachother..
  15. Nooh Raja: Good.
  16. babydrifter88: Wicked game outstanding graphics for a phone 👍.
  17. HarukiK: The game has A LOT of performance issues. It needs to be polished for weeks just to make it smooth to play. Other than that you can get softlocked in story quests if you spend the currency you are given to another thing that game didn't ask you for..
  18. Daniel Kazai: Stucked between 2 fences already at start. As the 3rd Pic shows the scene. Not able to move, after reload sometimes black sometimes white screen welcomes. U need to work harder dev guys..
  19. Sonny Monroe: Shite.
  20. radu cotaiba: Great game.
  21. omar alasaad: Yy.
  22. SibelNR ZRL: Guzel oyun.
  23. Nigel Jolly: Enjoying the game great graphics some servers can be slow or freezes..
  24. med night: any upcoming new server ? answer me plz 🙏🙏.
  25. Pa Sc: Awesome game 🎮xoxo.
  26. Will James: Not easy but worth the effort - great game :) Although latest updates maybe outpace the average gamer's machine. Maybe designers get caught up in their art, forget fans may have to spend cash on new hardware or more expensive connection speed to keep up?.
  27. Grey Fox: Love this game.
  28. Mø: Not that 🅑🅐🅓.
  29. Darko Janevic: The game is still lagging when there is higher number of players close together. The feature for building infrastructures is still terrible. It was a great game it's a shame seeing it fall apart. As each server progresses it is absolutely noticeable that the game is Pay (a lot) to win. Additionally the whole resource spending and character level up strategy needs to be completely re-done. The current way of doing things is not good and because of it there are less and less players..
  30. halanieelf: Interesting game..
  31. Reobolt 06: It's a good game but I wish you could have an important position like commander or something where you can train soldiers and fight. Anyway, great game! I gave it 4 stars because I feel like the driving controls are not fluid enough for a 5 star review..
  32. Fa Ruk: Dünya üzerinde oynadığı men güzel oyun teşekkür ederim bu zevki yaşattığınız için .....
  33. Šarūnas Anan: To much lag.
  34. aš nusiviles: To lagy.
  35. Tadeusz Krajczyk: The lag is still here. The more players at one place the more lag. Players who use mouse and keyboard should be separated from players on mobile phones..
  36. Vasilis Pap: The best of it's kind ..
  37. Fettah emir Fert syn: Güzel.
  38. Damian Jenir: Dacă ăra starăiea versiea a prima.
  39. Dark Riddle: Altough the idea and everything in this game is just very beautiful. Once you realize that this game is totally Pay2Win . You will see that the whole contest is being wasted by all those donators ..
  40. HDTV?: Keep deleting reviews you useless devs and keep stealing money out of your deluded players..
  41. MEG L.S: 👍.
  42. Юлия Осипова: Мне нравится..
  43. Ali Tasdogan: very nice game. needs a lot of work to finish dailies though..
  44. LUCIFER DARKSTAR: Not bad game for a casual play.
  45. Etheldai Etheldai: Ty 4 the game.
  46. Kaaza: Injouable même en changeant 3 fois de telephone et même en passant sur emulateur, seul certains chancheux peuvent beneficié d un 40 fps voir 60, les autres lagent. Apres plusieurs mois de test et comparaison avec le serveur US, j ai compris que la version de xd global ne reçevera jamais d amelioration technique ni de version pc, celle de Netease est beaucoup mieux,creature mystique, Nancy, boss de camp, hope 101, raid de camp, CT war, invasion ect...quasi aucun lag..
  47. Donna Buckley: Cant stop playing, it's awsome!.
  48. Wayne Lake: Good game so far..
  49. ZiadX hassan: The game is fantastic I'm enjoying it.
  50. natasha donnelly: Love the game.
  51. QueerJamie: Huge server issue i have been an early adopter and now i get disconnected from the server because there are too many people on it nothing to do with my internet it keeps going to black screen started a few weeks ago.
  52. Hong Kong VPN: I wasted 3gb of memory for something that doesn't even work.
  53. Sarah Hopson: I have liked playing the game as I have made some new friends on the game and I like the game play and missions and I Iike the different themed events..
  54. daniel halls: Good game.
  55. Alexandru-Viorel Doroi: Nice game, a bit bugging.
  56. Graham Bond: I only get the next ease gaming view when starting it up overwise it doesn't do anything else so can that be fixed.
  57. Татьяна Леонтьева: Необыкновенно захватывающая (и затягивающая)) игра! Десять звёзд из пяти!.
  58. 1 Wardy: Just gets better 🙂.
  59. BruuKrine Roblox: Nice.
  60. Panda Panda: Love the game and im hooked to it! :)!! Been playing for a year now and go on it every day :).
  61. Hossein Fayzollahi: Good game.
  62. Evzi Rexhepi: Evzi1.
  63. Ahmad ALi: ᎿỶ.
  64. HELLO WAR: gg ..
  65. Natnael Dagnachew: It's amzing wow.
  66. Kyle j L-tattersall: Been playing a week or so now, you know what it's a great game very little bugs and glitches absolutely great game.
  67. Rockys The Hellper: Probably didn't left my comment and here I am after 2 years. Yes this game is twisted from its initial starting point. The game is no more a zombie defense game. It's pay to have some fun and some attack. Defense is easy. You can never attack unless you are ready to loose everything u carry tho. So good luck. In this dressing apocalypse..
  68. pro pro: i dont understand what is wrong with this game if new phone cant hadle graphic (samsung s21) i need to play on low even if i clean ram every day.
  69. John Black: A1++.
  70. Zeny Batoon: 👍🏼.
  71. Inspector Gadget: Becomes pay to play after a certain level but the game is very nice anyways. U can spend a good time with out paying..
  72. Ali Mohamad: Nice.
  73. Constantin Flores Rate: I love it ! It has everything a post apocalyptic game should have ..
  74. XDIgorinho: Generic survival game. Not great, not terrible..
  75. ALex Monroe: pretty good i do love some aspects of the game and i hate other ones.
  76. New User: Op gameplay.
  77. GaM3R HuB: The game is pretty good, playing it since 2019, and I can say that isn't boring as many other games I played before, the graphics are great,but needs a quite powerful phone in order to play it comfortable.
  78. black red: I lose a lot money around 1e, and lot of gold, fuse 3 time muzzle level 3, and failed, with artifical magnetic, which give 65% of succes and i do it 3 time in rowe... So for me is 0,05% of succes... Lol... Selling account now... :( but. Okay.
  79. Phill Heath: only played for a couple hours but it seems like a deep game for a mobile game..
  80. ignatis prokopiou: ΓΚΑΥΛΑ.
  81. Ivan Paljetak: Had to make 4 characters couse of game breaking bug in tutorial. And after the strugle Hope 101 failes to load everytime. Bye bye game.
  82. Ayman Jreda: ملل.
  83. Mihaela: nOice.
  84. Magureanu Marian: awesome game, the only thing i wonder is if it can be made more active at night too, since i am mostly playing this game at night, woould be nice to have some events for us nightowls too xd.
  85. Daniel Trifan: Good job guys, I last played the game 3 or 4 years ago and i have to say it game a very long way. Well done!It isn't even that grinding anymore and gold is pretty easy to make😍.
  86. Sharaf: The game is incredible good graphics story and every thing however sometimes the game just stop working just like that I tried it on my new phone S10 yet nothing changes.
  87. Kaz D: Great game except the lag is hell. It takes me upto 2 hours to kill a mythical beast because my bullets ate firing but bouncing off it. I can't even get into a match in turbulent city. I'm not waiting 60 minutes each attempt. Sort it out devs.
  88. barberić romario: Playing for a few days and it's very entertaining so far Amazing graphics.
  89. Aschento: Are you going to merge servers?.
  90. Gemma Kingston: You need to sort this game out to much lag, i am in the middle of reinstalling it again SORT IT OUT NOW.
  91. Regan Evans: Good.
  92. First name- -Last name: bruh, literally payed for the starter pack, gained all the items then checked back another day and my clothes were gone.
  93. Moustafa Hassan: Nice game 👍🏻 can you add FPP mode please.
  94. Vrancea Iacob: Cool.
  95. Parymah Aamali: I love this game i play lots of game and this game is the best i hope every gamer undrestand how much is good !!!!.
  96. Manam Mhmod: 8.07GB 😡😡😡😡⁉️.
  97. Ewan Gould: Very good yes.
  98. Bassam Fhaily: Nicely played on PC and phone.
  99. Kristi Gjoka: Still waiting for this game to be more optimised..
  100. J: Great game.
  101. Phil Jones: One of the best games I've played to date!.
  102. mkdad ali: لعبة رائعة جدا اتمنى اضافة اللغة العربية ❤️❤️.
  103. Simone Giuliani: Beautiful mmofps, lots to do, especially building an house and defending it, lots of cosmetic things, abilities, resources the best, i love it, the best even among pc games.
  104. Rhi Learoyd01: 😆.
  105. Akif Akifov: Sadly it's not mobile only platform and everything is based on progressing WITH MONEY basically giving a lot of your time will end up being noone except if you don't spend A LOT of money. Thumbs down.
  106. Vise: Got bored.
  107. Mobin Rahmanzadeh: Great.
  108. Cassie Gittins: Very addictive.
  109. barron corbin fan: Omg this game I lost interest a while back but god dam have you updated your game very well I'm impressed dude amazing work to everyone involved 5 stars but I wish there are more races like you can choose from normal human to anotber choise I want more of them but different styles and group name.
  110. R Evil: Nice.
  111. Steven Hart: I see so many bad reviews bout this game I have now been plying for 18 months and have had NO issues whatsoever. Game is not pvp it is your choice how you play and if you upgrade your device to make it compatible you will have no playing issues at all....
  112. Chris Elkerton: Very good.
  114. Luka Andric: Amazing game can be better.
  115. Daniel Pavlovic: Is there an release date planned for the EU PC Version?.
  116. Micheal Kabbas: Bad controls.
  117. Alixander Williams: Great game so detailed.
  118. adam gwilliam: it's a good open world game.! unfortunately you can't progress past a certain point as you need to play a PvP game and you can't match to anyone. what this actually means is half the game is locked. certain upgrades, certain equipment. Sat for 40 minutes and nothing.
  119. Naco Feii: Certainly called a lot to keep this game in good condition, But unfortunately you still have a lot to fix and do..
  120. Vasil Dimitrov: Nice game.
  121. Janusz Cholewinski: So far great game.
  122. Tom Canas: This game doesn't work at all ! All I get is the NetEase Games title and that's is ! It doesn't go any further than that oh and a little message at the bottom of the screen saying : "Checking for obb resources...." what ever that means 😕 Could this be fixed please ? I might change my review if this does get fixed.
  123. Amirhossin Zal: Very nice game I hope this game improve it self better just please fix bugs in operations it's very bother players ;).
  124. Kenny Nield: Decent game.
  125. xTIMEWASTERx768: Nice.
  126. David Mermina: The game will not even open.
  127. Slick Rick: P2p.
  128. terry frost: Really good game so far.
  129. Aamir Sattar: Fun game.
  130. Georgi Vartiyski: too pay to win at some areas.
  131. Paul Smith: If you look up... Unplayable laggy mess in the dictionary you will see the word LifeAfter... Do not download unless you have a phone that was designed by the best scientific minds in the world or a super computer created in a secret government lab using alien technology..
  132. nazem dawood: Love it.
  133. Jessie Costello: Good but laggy.
  134. melody belle: I love this game but I'm so disappointed. I've had this game for about 2 years and this new update has absolutely destroyed the game. The maps are all muddled now and so confusing to understand. Why the hell does it snow in fall forest?! Half the zombies and animals I kill dissappear into thin air.... and I'm just so sad that it turned like this. It was all so simple to understand before and fun to play. But now I feel like I'm wasting my time. PLEASE change the maps back to normal. 😞.
  135. I.C Wiener: Addictive zombie shooter has kept me glued to my phone.
  136. Duper Slapper: Lost interest of the game due to the amount of things that's on the screen. Every event, promotion, weekly gift, sign in rewards ect all on the same page dedicated to each prompt, too many buttons to press made me feel disinterested..
  137. Matthew Carke: Terrible.
  138. Midgar: Ok.
  139. احمد لؤي: افضل لعبة سيرفايفل 😍😍😍😍.
  140. bartosz miskiewicz: Cool game.
  141. Emanuel Rupa: Epic game! I would love to see controller support added.. This would improve the whole experience..
  142. Adam Wayne Bloor: I didn't know games on my phone could be this much good.
  143. war home: Hdidi.
  144. Hitomi Naradzacke: Классно.
  145. The Jeff Bot: This game is amazing i recommend you download this game but you will need more than 1GB of Ram I know that cause i keep lagging out of the game please give more optimisation updates because it was great but I basically can't play as I lag out of the game every time I enter the camp place.
  146. chit thetko: this is agood game for me.
  147. Mahmoud Elbaz: 1 Star for wasting net and time and finally I found some problems in the app that I couldn't do anything because of them..
  148. Ali Hosseini: good.
  149. Israt Bintaa: Nis gam.
  150. Farzad Soleimanimehr: Good.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it LifeAfter: Night falls Mod Apk on Android & LifeAfter: Night falls Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: LifeAfter: Night falls Mod

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- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again lifeafter-night-falls-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of LifeAfter: Night falls on your phone.

Download LifeAfter: Night falls (MOD – HACK) [Unlock Full Version] 79M

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Version: 1.0.159.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.0.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: X.D. Global.
Votes: 168,399.
Interact: Users Interact.
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