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Lost Light {Mod & Hack}

Survival, Warfighting, Progression. Lost Light Mod v1.0

Update: 24/06/2022
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Download Lost Light Mod 1.0 for android apk & iphone ios 4.3 and up

Join the “Firefly” task force and uncover the sinister conspiracy behind the restricted area. Survive in the cruel realm where humanity is no longer prevalent and danger lurks in every corner!
The world of “Lost Light” follows the principle of “high risk and high return”. You can sneak around looking for supplies, or you can go out and plunder with a gun like a warlord. Upgrades and trading are also essential to strengthen your power and stop your enemies. Armed to the teeth or become a minimalist in the next mission? Every decision will affect your chances of survival in Lost Light. This is the way of war.

Realistic War Survival
Factories, ports, forests… these once-familiar scenes have been desecrated by the wrath of the apocalypse. The small details on the battlefield must not be ignored, otherwise there will be fatal consequences. You must know your weapons and your equipment, explore every corner of the battlefield, learn to effectively deal with hunger and pain, make tactical plans… Complete the survivor’s commission, find supplies, and hone your skills in Survive in the restricted area.

Authentic gun customization
From structure to texture, the firearms in the game are carefully crafted to provide players with the most realistic firearms experience. Each firearm supports up to 12 modifiable parts and hundreds of components to choose from. It’s time to optimize your load from hundreds of possibilities. Of course, the system will also provide several recommended equipment for rapid equipment.

All about tactics
In “Lost Light”, violence is not always the solution-as long as you can find an evacuation point, you can escape alive. You can choose to be fully armed, wreak havoc and loot the spoils, or you can choose to be a minimalist and get rich by picking up your own way. But remember, if you die in battle, you will lose everything-the loot will not be yours until you come back alive!

Make a map before moving out
Get ready to fight in the shelter. Not only do you need to boost your body’s energy and stay in good shape, but more importantly, you must customize and build your own load. But be careful with the equipment you choose, because when you start to equip yourself, the battle begins.

Diversified social interaction
Unlike traditional competitive survival games, Lost Light allows you to choose cooperation instead of lone wolf. You can decide to team up with the enemy who survived the disaster, or entrust other players to rescue you after you are knocked down-endless possibilities await you!

Cross-platform game
PC gamers can now feel the thrill of fighting. Players on mobile devices and PCs will be able to chat and pair with each other (players from the same platform will be given priority) for a cross-platform gaming experience. Team up across platforms to complete more challenges and realize the impossible! ”

Profit from free trade
After evacuating, you retreat to the depths of an abandoned subway tunnel, where you hide the spoils and establish a foothold. After upgrading it to a mature operating base, you can build stores and trade in Lost Light’s player-driven economy. Sell ​​your surplus and buy what you need-trade wisely and your chances of survival will increase!

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Free download Lost Light {Mod & Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 81M) - Version 1.0. Released on November 15, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Survival, Warfighting, Progression. Developed by Netease Games Global. Operating system requirements 4.3 and up. Teen.

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A realistic war experience like no other..

New comment

  1. Bellatron: multiple issues, I won't state what Is good because everyone has made it obvious already. Armor above tier 4 is useless bc it breaks too fast, waste of money. The chat limit is quite frankly obnoxious, I can't type a full sentence and I gotta wait 5yrs. On top of this headshots make it impossible to react, again even with tier 6 helmets. Ai shreds your armor if you don't kill them fast enough. And it's not worth it to spend money on stuff to bring in. A pistol and naked is good if you headshot..
  2. Vikz Prestige: I like the game Tarkov is one of the games I seen outthere and I love it cause of that but one of my issues is the sudden lag sometimes when your in the middle of a fight also the chat system is effective instead if having a cool down can you just leave it as in how other games is(fast) trying to chat with teammates gets annoying. Also first person could also be implemented to cause more excitement. Lastly run with out weapons would be nice..
  3. Samuel Rabuzin: FIX THE BOTS.
  4. Big_K 66-61: This game is terrible. Either I'm missing the point or it just simply doesn't have one. This is what drinking buddies come up with late at night brainstorming on how to get more money for blow that's my take..
  5. Major Kaboom: 3 stars for 1 reason alone. The only flaw to this game in my opinion takes 2 stars away from a 5 star game. Maybe even less soon. Chinese named players who hack the game with mods that seem to be allowed for them. You have some serious competition about to be released, maybe stopping hackers would be a benefit to us as well as the games future. 1 set of rules for everyone or this game is doomed..
  6. longORjames: The update didn't just make the bots move around. It gave them near perfect accuracy. They can shoot you from 100s of meters away and always break your legs and make you bleed. Bringing level 6 armor doesn't even help. It also isn't fair because the bots don't attack eachother and they team up on you even when you play solo matches..
  7. Shotz Nation: I am actually surprised I like it as much as I do. Given the fact that I didn't understand it at first. I just wanted to battle people. But it is a great experience. What I will recommend is an option to play rank in teams. Not solo, it gets boring. I want to play rank with friends. Also more maps, larger and more enemies. I guess my battle royale experience pushes me to want more battles and less missions. 2shotz.
  8. Grimich: Боты сильнее игроков, сначала понерфити ботов, а потом пускайте игру в свет.
  9. Mason Kaehler: Wow....Absolutely amazing. Quality graphics, tons of weapons, accessories and upgrades. You've got skills, black market, teams. It's like PUBG, but it's you verse a squad of varying sizes. Sometimes I just needed a little more info on how to play. But once you figure it, the game is top notch.
  10. Andy Andy: Bot damage over.
  11. MIKAEEL: nice.
  12. RustyColon: This is the third time I put a review up for this game. They keep getting deleted. They were 4 star ratings. Trying to say this game is fun, that's all..
  13. Nicholas Ucci: Love this game. Just not sure why sometimes when I look through scopes, my character will start moving on his own..
  14. Kellan Niu: The current state of this game is atrocious and frustrating. Literally do or die. Bot AI is absolutely horrendous and needs to be toned down a bit. Bots will, not kidding, randomly spawn near you and come out from another room and 2/3 tap you and that's it from there. My game will freeze up when encountering in a gunfight then it would go back to normal within a matter of seconds only for me to be knocked down. Matchmaking takes forever. Issues need to be fixed soon or no one will play this.
  15. Chia Minaye: Worst game i ever seen in my life.
  16. Devin Edwards: A1 game guys. Keep up the amazing work and keep pushing out content and you guys will have a top of the line game for mobile users. We need a game like this. I recommend adding controller support for ps and xbox.
  17. brian anderson: Is this for real? Doesn't work at all. How does something like this get released? Skip this. Waste of time..
  18. jackson carr: The best Shooter on mobile. It's got some kinks to work out but at release its amazing. It's your escape from tarkov experience or like games..
  19. christian jimenez: When you are level 1 to 13ish kinda fighting the npcs or marauders and it keeps getting hard and hard then when you level upped to 14 and up you will sometimes encounter other players and they are "real" players and the competitiveness is up to another level, it got me all sweaty and stuff so just give the game a try..
  20. Chris Mendoza: Awesome game so far. It has a Tarkov feel to it. You load into a map with others, loot what you can and extract with your gear without dying. Great graphics, great mechanics. My only concern is that on my S20+, the device gets extremely hot no matter the settings. No other game I have played gets this phone that hot..
  21. Levi Askins: I made a post talking about the cheating issue and bias towards Chinese players and my review was deleted by the devs, absolutely disgusting. Don't get this game..
  22. Terence Herring: New update terrible. If your going to make the bot so hard that soon as they see you they almost instant kill you then add controller support. New update literally has the bots killing just one player and people keep dying. Literally waisted over 100,000 to die and I got back maybe 90,000 after I sold all the weapons I pick up from two dead bots I had to cheese. I shouldnt have to cheese. Well it might be time to look for something else...
  23. Stefan Sabev: Nice game like escape from karkov , Sometimes you cant jump throw walls or windows like stuck. But all-round ist very nice i looking for game like this like years of waiting. Thanks.
  24. KnownAsRabbit: This game has a lot of potential, just needs more optimizations and fpp..
  25. Colton Nutter: Copy of EFT. Great base game. I enjoy playing, but get wrecked by players on computer. Lag makes it unplayable at times. Also, 5* bots are impossible to go against, and the cause of many headaches. Definetly give it a try if you enjoy pubg and cod mobile.
  26. Patrick Harris: I like the game but for the love of God please lose the text filter and limit from global chat can barely have a conversation with others about the game itself without having to wait and rewrite it so many times. How is "I have" and "avatar" sensitive content Jesus christ can't you please pull the baby handling of world chat back just a little my God..
  27. Ashton Storey: Needs to be first person to have a competitive enviroment and third person encourages camping. There also NEEDS to be a scav karma system. To many people go in as marauder and only kill other marauder players. Shouldn't be a thing but there is nothing stopping them.
  28. Skela T.: Edit: thanks for the response. This game would be perfect if the maps were larger and we would fight against real people and not Ai..____This needs to be 1st person, maps are too small. And the mechanics (controls) are trashed..
  29. Danny Schembre: Division and escape from Tarkov had a love child called Lost Light. If you like EFT, you'll like this. I'm having a ton of fun with it! It's free, there's no ads, and there aren't any micro transactions either. So like how are they making money? Anyway my only gripe is when two players meet my game (s21) will lag out a sec and I cant shoot. Which usually results in my death. Can't wait to see where else they take this game. I credibly robust for a mobile game and tons of potential..
  30. KURDO KURDA: Best game ever seen on mobile..
  31. ItsBlada Gaming: Ehhh good but there are a lot of things to change.
  32. Rika NightRide: No females.. really? I'm so sick of this sort of thing. Way to completely alienate potential audience. It's not hard to have both male and female in your game. It's lazy and s3xist..
  33. Joel Ross: Escape from tarkov mobile basically, it's what you'd expect from a mobile game but still fun. Don't have any ads and I'm not being asked to spend a bunch of money.
  34. Clorox Bleach Employee: Well, I'd recommend you put this game into early access. Because alot of things arn't available due to how nice it is, I've also discovered I'm Jesus in the game and can very easily walk on water..
  35. Blake Schulz: I have to say this is the best tactical game that I've played, yes its unforgiving when you die. But the missions and store allow you to build back up easily. Enjoying it very much, can't wait to see more content.
  36. Pharmakon: Imagine if The Division and Escape from Torkov had a baby... Yeah, this is that baby..
  37. assassin: 50% and redownload wooow 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠.
  38. Christian Faircloth: I am getting a slow connection error with every game by this company. I pre ordered this game and can't play. What do I have to do? Play on a pc or something. I am sick of this bs.
  39. Naimur Rohman Tamim: Instructions unclear. Bugs.
  40. L.U.E SICARO: Why add cross play to a Moblie game. If I want to play PC GAMES I GO PLAY PC!! Not Moblie, i will never play unless take away cross play its so unfair to Moblie players, it's a Moblie game, not Moblie vs PC so freaking stupid devs.. I rather play pubg new state 24/7... ps would of been smart to add a fpp instead tpp the devs legit was not even thinking..
  41. FearsomeGem: It is over all a good game for the people who can't run the game it crashes to much you need a better mobile device.
  42. Samuel Lynch: Overall gameplay is good but I lost all my stuff THAT WAS INSURED TO BE RETURNED and only got body armor and a broken helmet and I won't be playing till I get my stuff back.
  43. Chainsmoker0: Extremely frustrating with losing e everything on death and bots are too hard and storage kinds sucks and im done..
  44. Jeeno Gonzales: Best so far.
  45. Spaace94: Give it a chance! it just came out stop complaing of bugs. the concept is great and most things work! let's give the devs some support!.
  46. Bryan Banegas: Everything is great about it, but the preformance is just REALLY bad whenever you start a gunfight with a player or an ai. It's like I'm in a slideshow whenever I meet a real person.
  47. Husam Alazzawi: Been waiting for 5 months finally the release.
  48. Joe Guy: Meh, has no controller compatibility.
  49. kim clark: i like how you keep removing my rating get over it.
  50. Riley Morrisroe: Right, it started off as an amazing game brilliant realistic amazing. Then the game decided, that it was realistic to send you in to each area with like 20 other people, yeh I'm good, oh and they're all AI so they target you, so good luck, and all this realism BS yeah no, trust me there isn't a lot that can stop a 7 62 let alone 5 56 and even 9mm but in this game the weakest body armour can stop like 8 7.62 shots and 5.56 shots and like 10 9mm shots. This game needs so major improvements..
  51. Angel Garcia: Put this on Apple rn.
  52. Ibrahim Matar: AI is aimbot not like real player! They can shot you from far distance and behind bushes.
  53. Hayden Mcauley: Still in first phases so bugs are almost acceptable.but yeah lots of issues still.
  54. mohammad dodangeh: As allways...another master piece by net ease!!i love you guys..i play every single games you realesed so far and every day i enjoy more..tnx.
  55. Juan: Good game. I just wish it would have supported controller and also a third person mode too.
  56. Lee Ming London: It's a good games to play, but crash to often make players mood runoff. Frames drop less then 20minutes? Come on NetEase.. enough with the lagg problem already. High potential mobile version yet will be the best, but please do something about it. Also, please take away the concept 'Died & Lose Everything' mode. If this games do BETA test for free play games, then it's OK! But I believe, when you guys release this games, it's will be paid to win games. If this is the case, then better forget it..
  57. Edward Moore: Trash piss poor game.
  58. Simon Oo: Don't read the stupid comments. Just play the game. Because I don't play bad games. I enjoy this game..
  59. Ryan Higgins: Cannot connect to game server.
  60. Aaron Pitt: Gorgeous game, comfortable and intuitive controls. No skills though. When you die without warning shortly after spawning that sucks but wouldn't be a big deal EXCEPT you lose everything because of it. Left me feeling like I was just wasting my time. I guess I was expecting something more like Dues Ex from the pics. Instead it was more like half-life I guess..
  61. shyar bkr: The "lose everything u have when u die" rule is so bad, that is enough to drop the rating to 1 star, higher lvl ppl with better weapons will kill u instantly. even tho i had +1 million currency but I can't buy anything useful cause it is locked behind the lvl wall. Anyway, change that rule cause it will kill the game very soon.
  62. Dustin ivers: Make available for Apple (iPhone,iPad,etc.).
  63. Danny Skeens: Very similar to Tarkov but more side by side to PUBG Metro Royal 10/10 Didn't like it initially stopped playing, and was responded to, I gave it another shot, I turned my graphics down to refined (S20 ultra I've never had a problem running full) kept my FPS at max and had a much better experience! little to no studder during conflicts, much smoother experience overall! It's not a terrible game, it's just having a rough start, lower your graphics and give it another go, you might be surprised.
  64. Amir Akhondi: It's great game but needs some fixes with grapgics and random crashes, and also there's lack of fpp mod.
  65. Ian C: It's escape from tarkov on mobile great game.
  66. MP443 G: Play this game. It's awesome!.
  67. Spliffy DayZ: Goooood!!!.
  68. John Margoli: Very good game already, very unique would highly recommend. HUGE POTENTAL, but Only reasons I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because wouldn't let me make a female character, and the whole loss of inventory on death. I know you can put stuff in lockbox and buy the insurance during match but even the better lockboxs give you like 4 slots. Maybe just make the insurance a little higher priced in exchange for FULL INSURANCE so that other players can't take your insured items. But great game👍.
  69. amanda sanchez: The game is good its perfect but there a major problem,the servers...they lag a lot Especially when shooting they just freezes and its not my device because i have way other games and dont lag a single bit,ive lost over 1.5M dollars worth of loot and equipment (not the insured equiment).
  70. Flash Kyle: This is an amazing version of basically a mobile escape from tarkov, it's very forgiving in terms of weapons, loot, etc. 0 pay to win for now, options to team up with friends, hopefully this game gains more players 👍 you're going to join a lobby with at least 1 other human player minimum with loads of AI to kill!.
  71. W33BKNIGHT: This is a solidly built mobile game. I love the presentation and the overall flow of the game. My only hope is that they add controller support. The button layout is kind of a mess for touch support..
  72. Ian Pokosa: Boring...controls are terrible the maps are freakin tiny and glitches and bugs all over the place.and what is worse is that everything is locked behind progression and if you happen to go down, well you will probably permanently lose your best gear forcing you to suffer the horrendous grind if you want your gear again. All in all, If you want a good game, look elsewhere..
  73. Trouble Moves: First off I LOVE THE GAME. Now into why i rated 4 stars because there's 2 issues im facing one of them is the game constantly closes it self as soon as i get in a match which is weird cause I've played a lot of high graphics games, such as Genshin Impact And COD but never had such an issue or fun like this game. The second issue which is not an actual problem but this kinda games would get a lot of attention if it supports controller but i guess it's too early for that, just saying. ❤.
  74. niko: This game is absolutely amazing! The PvP is very cool and the looting mechanics is incredibly awesome..
  75. Bruno Matassini: Great game, very similar to Escape from Tarkov which is a good thing. One thing needs to be added, however. First person only mode. This kind of game can not be played in third person, the competitiveness, immersion, and feeling of fear is completely undermined by the fact that you or an enemy can look around a corner without being visible..
  76. Tim Franco: Meh, could be way better, this game is basically like badlanders but worse in so many ways. Asides from having a very confusing user interface, this game is just so boring. Badlanders suffers from empty servers while this suffers from servers full of bots. Reloading an SMG sounds like they're putting shells into it...very lazy developed game. Great graphics though..
  77. Gregory Gordon: Great idea.. I'm fed up of all these battle royal multiplayer games with zero campaign missions. Whatever happened to just a good story mission?.
  78. Derek Channell: Game won't even load for me..
  79. Hunter Cochran: Reminds me of tarkov and I'm pretty sure that's what it's going for as the first map you unlock is incredibly similar to factory. But it's on mobile so I'm cool with it. Keep it up guys..
  80. T Maus: I don't speak Chinese. The game is sub par..
  81. ivan sanchez: It has potential. Reminds me of Division. Would enjoy open-world implementation (I understand that's not an easy task, but still would be amazing to see anyways)..
  82. Jonathan: Is it a ripoff of Escape from Tarkov? Yes. Is it a good ripoff? Hell yes, honestly a really good mobile version of Tarkov, played it once and I was hooked. There arent alot of players, but the more you play the more chances you'll have to encounter at least 1 player. If you play marauder aka Scav, you will always join a lobby with at least 1 player. Well done devs!.
  83. Papyros: When I in the match, im always meeting bots and one are two real players, when bots spawn I have a little lags. What about bots, I think they a little bit stupid, may be increase damage and tactical characteristics? Because they just walk on and throw me, didn't hide inside buildings and protective structures..
  84. Keri Suh Kapelke: Has potential to be a great game. Instructions for BAF is unclear. Plus, you never see your teammates during the game. And the your backpack capacity is too small for what you have to pick up. You also don't see the enemy on the map. Also, add female avatar's. It shows I am a female, but my avatar is male. Hope these are helpful notes for upcoming updates..
  85. Phyoe Lay: THIS game is good. but gf is so hight.
  86. Waltr B: Good job the game has alot potential a few more updates and it will be much better , can you guys add slide to jump option maybe some operator skills add more graphics options.
  87. Victor Morales: Basically Escape from tarkov on mobile with a lil PUBG. Great game just need a few more weapons..
  88. AhGeraldine: Please add a female character as soon as possible.
  89. brandon l: This is a SOLID mobile version of ESCAPE FROM TARKOV. I recommend it if you like that game but don't have the time for Tarkov. Games are only like 15 min..
  90. Matei Albu: It was about time somebody made a mobile version of Escape From Tarkov, i really injoy the game, it's 0%pay to win (at least for now). It's still new and i hope the delevopers will add new content ( weapons, equipment and maps) but it's still a solid game in the current state. Keep it up!.
  91. McFuzzy __: Just needs controller support for Razer kishi..
  92. Infamous Echo Unreal: Basically Escape From Tarkov, but the game crashes like every time you try going through your rewards..
  93. ༒JΛSФЛ༒ Sad asf: Good expierence i would like they add first person it would be fun.
  94. -: So, uh, why does the black character only have one hair option while all the others have three?.
  95. Mr Unknown: Why can't I pass the first mission in the game is it a bug fix your game.
  96. Megan H: An amazing experience I'd play it again.
  97. Yoshi King: I'm giving 5 stars cause this game is different and awesome. Best thing I can tell everyone is don't listen to anyone just try the game everyone has there own opinion. Alot people say bad things about games cause there no good lol. Graphics are awesome gameplay is awesome all the way around awesome. Ty devs keep them updates coming!.
  98. benjamin figueroa: Wow amazing Graphics and gameplay just like Let's say it Tarkov I amazing.
  99. William Scott: Was extremely fun until I finally got killed, and everything I had was taken, so I was left to start over. so developers earned one-star, and I deleted it, don't waste your time. Developers need to make it where you don't lose the stuff you work hard to put money into, dumbest idea ever..
  100. Abdul Alim Mahir: Network issues kept going on, also Control Layout keeps resetting itself. Even Beta Version wasn't that bad..
  101. Matthew Ocana: This games was worth the wait.
  102. Spencer Nestor: Very good!.
  103. Brice Barker: Please do this right, it has so much potential.
  104. Joshua C: Very buggy and unstable. Will revisit in a couple of weeks..
  105. Robin William Gomez Iraheta: Quedé muy impresionante con el juego vale la pena jugarlo. Tiene muy buenas mecanicas de supervivencia 👍.
  106. Butler_Gold: Looking at it. It has VERY good potential. I need to play further to know.
  107. Darrius King: Tutorial runs way to long. Took to long to find Toolbox in the beginning. Great looking game, controls are decent for a mobile. Overall, just not for me..
  108. Jarryd Jackson: Great game! When will female character customization be added?.
  109. Arshia Haghighi: good.
  110. Ethan Milburn: Very fun game. Runs well and is a great mobile version of the tarkov idea. Only issue I've seen so far is that my custom controls reset to default each mission. Hopefully that'll get fixed because the default do not really work for claw grips..
  111. Jiks Bot: Good graphics, good game play.
  112. Mark W: Really fun I am disappointed it isn't in first person especially because when you aim it goes to first person, hopefully they add it as an option.
  113. alireza abroshan: It is exactly the same game they released 1 year ago.still no fpp. Graphics are locked.lots of bug. Most lazy developers i saw..
  114. DrizNano _: Well not every game comes out perfect, but it seems really interesting to play this game even if it has lots of bug issues and low fps.
  115. Stay Happy: So wack and cheesy.. Pubg is way better... It aint the game you think it is... You would think it would be like rainbow six but its not... Trust me the movement is like an old game. Try it out for yourself....
  116. Dustin Wilson: So so graphics and I have the settings maxed. No controller support :( I was gonna try and give it a shot because I liked Life After befor that got overloaded with adds. But this feels the same minus the adds. For now that is..
  117. alireza dehqan: Not open,crash.
  118. Maria AlBuamer: This game cool but when r u guy released female character.
  119. Mahmoud Salem: I have downloaded But Its dont need to open , when I open the App Its was close in the second why????.
  120. Daniel Aguilar: This people saying that its to lag its yall phone I have a (s20) ultra and it runs more than perfect and if it's to lag for yall just put the graphics lower and that's better but no excuses about the graphics and plus it's has bugs like any other games don't expect to be perfect..
  121. DADDY CHOLO: Alot of great potential in this game, only problems are the bugs and glitches but what do you expect from a game that just came out. This games got my support..
  122. Bridgette North: I was so looking forward to playing the game, till I got to the character creation and see:male and FEMALE.... Only to discover I CAN'T CHOOSE THE female.
  123. Jayden Fergus: Didn't even play it yet but looks like a good game lol.
  124. Donald Chambers Sr: It's a mobile game. Toooooo many windows/icons on the screen.....
  125. 2ombi3: So far so good, I've been waiting for months on this game..
  126. Xlot 101: So far one of the better mobile games around actually..
  127. sean ghandi: First one.
  128. SALEH: Ok let's do this.
  129. Chance Myers: First one to comment.
  130. Tyler Woods: My Experience Is Great Great Graphics And Ik There Is More Then Graphics That's Good I'll Be Playing The Game Now For The First Time Thx To All Who Like The Game And Thx To The Creators. :].
  131. Kyle Naude: There are too many players per map with these small map sizes. It is extremely difficult to extract when fighting both fireflies AND AI Marauders and real people playing as Marauders. You need to reduce the amount of people per map and fix the issue with bots hiding behind doors with shotguns and 1 shotting you when you come in, as well as many other bugs/performance issues..
  132. Kyle Naude: Decent game with a lot of potential, just filled with bugs and optimisation issues. As well as a lot of poor translation, but that's fair as Chinese is a difficult language to translate. Still, as long as the Devs really put in the work and sort out all the frame drop issues, as well as nerf the AI a bit then this game will get my money..
  133. Reza Mi r: عالیییییییی.
  134. Epi Zohan: Great game! Everything very stable and smooth. Best game right now for Mobile! Best copy of escape of tarkov ever! I left eft co the Lost Light!.
  135. its Matthew here: Excellent escape from tarkov experience on mobile. This is the best. Of course, it is not as good nor as realistic, but it's a phone game. One feature that lacks the most is FPP. Good luck developers, don't abandon this project!.
  136. Noman Rasool: Waooo🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍.
  137. All Game Walkthrough In Android: I played this game it's crashing to much I am not able to complete first mission because of crashes please fix it and give more graphic settings.
  138. Eriks Murnieks: Very cool game, hope you will continue progress it, game idea you take from PC game "Escape from Tarkov".
  139. markmasu: has a horrible graphical glitch on my oppo Reno 4 lite, asked the devs @nd discord moderators about it like 5 months ago now, not fixed but instead raised the damn grass height on akyiama map. If you have any oppo Reno 4 series, the game won't work, good job devs really nice of you. (The gpu on it is Helio p95, well above the system requirements the game has).
  140. pro pro: terible maps are too small and lag is terible and dont blame phone because its new phone (S21) and it cant handle graphic.
  141. Ruslan Kazimov: A lot more troubled release than I supposed to. Graphics settings options is dumbed down for 12 years old kids... "Smooth" image quality and low, medium, high, ultra frames... what should have been low /medium/high or 30/45/60/120 fps ? ...and for some reason I'm locked to smooth despite having powerfull chipset. Servers sometimes spike lag and curse you with 999ms in the middle of fight..

Download Instructions Lost Light latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Lost Light mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link lost-light-mod-hack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Netease Games Global.

- Download Lost Light mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file lost-light-mod-hack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Lost Light original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Lost Light Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Lost Light for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Netease Games Global provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Lost Light file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Lost Light Mod Apk on Android & Lost Light Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Lost Light Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=678

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored lost-light-mod-hack.APK & lost-light-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again lost-light-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Lost Light on your phone.

Download Lost Light {Mod & Hack} [FULL APK + IOS] 81M

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Version: 1.0.
Operating system: 4.3 and up.
Evaluate: 3.7.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 50,000+.
Product: $0.99 per item.
Developers: Netease Games Global.
Votes: 2,633.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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