Magium - DnD Inspired Text RPG Mod

Magium – DnD Inspired Text RPG (HACK – MOD)

A Choose your own story/ Text adventure game similar to old CYOA books and DnD.. Magium - DnD Inspired Text RPG Mod v2.12

Update: 02/12/2022
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Download Magium - DnD Inspired Text RPG Mod 2.12 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Disclaimer: This game is only available in English.

Magium is a DnD inspired text adventure game similar to old CYOA (Choose Your Own Storybook) where you play all the games you usually play as a character named Barry He enters a deadly mage tournament against the world’s most powerful mages, hoping to win the prize to fulfill his own lifelong dream of becoming a mage.

Like all interactive novels, your choices affect the storyline, and wrong choices can even lead to your death. In addition to the traditional decision-making in regular choose your own path games, Magium also provides stats that you can improve with occasional points earned throughout the game. The game checks these stats from time to time to determine if they are high enough to perform certain actions. For example, if your ancient language score is high enough, you can understand what animals and monsters are saying.

Magium’s story begins at the beginning of the game, right after you and all other participants have been transported to the continent hosting the game, and set in a medieval fantasy setting, sprinkled with some futuristic magic contraptions , the contraptions are remnants of an ancient, technologically advanced civilization that crumbled hundreds of years before the series began. The world in which the story takes place is somewhat inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. So, if you’ve played DnD before, you might notice some similarities, especially when it comes to the magic system.

As the story progresses, you will meet other players, make friends and enemies, and learn about their continent and its inhabitants. You will find that 600 years ago, a being called “The Creator” built several utopias in this place, where animals and humans live in harmony, and food is created by magic. However, you do see the demise of these utopias, some of which are on the verge of extinction. Your choices will affect what happens in these cities, and you can even save them if you choose.

The game is divided into six or seven books, each with more than 100,000 words.

。 It is approximately 178,000 words long and approximately 700 pages. The figure also speaks to the consequences of the story. The length of a playthrough should average around 90,000 words, so about a 350 page book.

The second book is now fully available, but the next book has not been written and will be released chapter by chapter as I write it. Unlike the first book, the second book needs to be unlocked in order to Play, and the same goes for the next few books. To unlock the second book, you must complete 25 of the 35 available achievements or pay to unlock it. All subsequent books can be unlocked in the same way.

The second book has a total of 277,000 words for all paths and about 1100 pages. On one path, you should see about half of those words, or about 140,000, or about 550 pages.

If you would like to be notified of game updates, you can follow Magium Games on Twitter via the following link: or if you prefer Facebook to get updates you can also follow this link Link to follow the game’s Facebook page:

Credits for the game icon go to Agnes Landgraf.

Free download Magium – DnD Inspired Text RPG (HACK – MOD) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.12. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. A Choose your own story/ Text adventure game similar to old CYOA books and DnD.. Developed by Magium Games. Operating system requirements 4.4. Teen.

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In case you missed the previous update, chapter 11 of book 3 is currently available, however, it is not the final chapter of the book. Book 3 will have 12 chapters in total.

This new update fixes a bug that appeared in the stats menu if you restarted the book or the game from the latest chapter..

New comment

  1. Ill-fated King: Excellent.
  2. Disjoingem: This game is wonderful it allows you to use your imagination and the characters and story telling is absolutely beautiful.
  3. Just a NOBODY: It's pretty lit.
  4. Solomon Aladekoba: Fantastic text based game. One of the best I've played.
  5. Vladimir Vyun: A very interesting game with good writing. Enjoyed it a lot..
  6. grillin' chillin: Honestly havent played such a good cyoa game, with such an awesome story. Gonna keep replaying until the new chapters out! Super excited for it!.
  7. Sussus Amongus: I remember being OBSESSED with this (downloaded it years before). Then my friend recommended this to me when we were discussing rpg games last time. I realized that the game I was complimenting to them(coz I forgot the name of this game), and the one they were talking about were the same 💀lmao. So... I'm back again to relive the experience 😌. Thank you very much for this amazing game.❣️.
  8. Rachita Biswas: Oh. My. God! This is the best text based game ever! And it's not like the contents are behind the paywall. You just need to complete achievements to unlock it Overall rating ---- 5/5 Btw I'm not a bot.
  9. isaiah tee: Perfect game. Play before you die.
  10. Jessica Sibley: Absolutely incredible! I love all the characters, everything is super well-written and detailed, the storyline is very engaging, and I think the humour is great! I really love how well thought-out all the lore/background of the world is, and that the choices you make quite significantly affect the way the story plays out almost every single time, and the fact that it was seemingly all written by just one person is insane. It's just so cool..
  11. zainah khan: This game is the best one yet I've ever played mind you there are basically no good games and this is the best one also the sense of humour is literally epic.
  12. Макс Волков: Phone is froze when I launch game.
  13. Elijah Hadley: Absolutely amazing in every way, keep up the great work!!.
  14. John Abel: On book 1 chapter 8 at the time of this review. The story is very well put together and the mechanics are very easy to understand. Wrong choices often lead to death but are not too punishing. You can restart from the start of the chapter or the beginning of the adventure. There are 9 stats to put points into that can affect the outcome of your choices. Overall, I am really enjoying this app and look forward to continuing the adventure..
  15. Hayden Daniels: Great story so far.
  16. Alucard Hellsing: Amazing.
  17. Logan Grall: Like being in the never ending story. Great storyline and storytelling and endless replayability..
  18. Jason Kelly: 10/10.
  19. Kevin Curran: Good fun!.
  20. Deimantas Liekis: Love it.
  21. Angeli Jireh Hocino: I love this game!.
  22. Don't Forget to Tickle The Balls!: Pure Nostalgia..
  23. Ali: Mind blowing! This text game is just amazing. Great story, the humor is good. Very intelligent and adventurous story. Also Characters are amazing. Love it. Deserves 100/5. :) Ps: I just got a debit card and this is the first thing I used it to pay. I mean the author deserves it! Even though this app is totally free..
  24. Sam Wain: the world building and situations are enveloping and fun. The charwcters are reasonably developed. The writing itself needs a bit more editing and polish and I think some character situations can be a bit misogynistic and rely on older patriarchal jokes. Overall this didn't ruin the experience for me and I enjoyed most of the story, but at times I felt it was a bit creepy and annoying.
  25. Italo De Bellis: Fantastic story, I am loving it!.
  26. Ashley Vanover: Super simple and interesting stories! I love this cyoa game!.
  27. Lennie Marek: I am really enjoying this choose your own adventure story. It has just enough twists and turns in the storyline to keep your interest.
  28. Francis Vaska: Amazing game, I downloaded this game with every phone I got in these last few years and was never disappointed, Amazing story and don't mind the wait between chapters, it's worth the read, as I did about 15 times now and still enjoy the content. Amazing work by the war ridden writer, hope to see more chapters soon.
  29. Spencer Ngene: Good stuff right here, I didn't even try to cheat the system..
  30. Megametagross 15: Great story, great updates, best humor, and great deviation. Good work!.
  31. Shaun Berube: Absolutely one of the best text based games I've ever played. It's definitely a great read!.
  32. Tijaan Atkinson-Phillips: I used to play this years ago when it only had one chapter and forgot about it some point around the third one when I changed phones and forgot to reinstall it. Was always one of my favourite stories and I can't wait to get back into it. I love the characters and the world building and had so much fun being a part of this story I can't wait to dive back in..
  33. Dakota Holl: Absolutely love this game. Wish there were more like it I love games like this.
  34. tix f: I enjoy this game very much. Immersive storyline, fun and has a lot of options to choose from, some of which are crossroads with no return. Extensive, interesting and humorous..
  35. Paulina: Once, just once I'd like to play one of these CYOA games that didn't crumble into a sexist mess the second the female character appears. I thought I'd give it a go anyway, but the first one on one conversation with Rose gave me mental whiplash. There is some interesting world building, but exploring it through Barry's eyes is just too much of a slog..
  36. Snow Jones: Intoxicating story. Got me emotionally invested..
  37. Zaka Khan: Excellent writing! Edit: came back to it 5 years later hoping it would be complete by now, and still loving it as much as before! Absolutely wonderful storytelling and game crafting..
  38. Ian Belarma: could not ask for a better game than this ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.
  39. Kroel Regulus: Top tier text cyoa game I'll be back for new chapters in a couple years again.
  40. A Shadow: nice.
  41. TheLoneWolf: I love it so far! There's just one thing I would add to it for those achievement hunting though. Something like a chapter selection for completed books so you don't have to completely start over because the build you were focusing on throught any given play through won't work for specific achievements..
  42. The XXV: Keep crashing. :(.
  43. Jacob Smith: This is the best interactive story game I've ever played..
  44. Reyvuhn Klaw: Gg.
  45. Jose Garcia: Good story, well written, been playing for hours.
  46. Oracle_ Games: I'll be honest I wasn't expecting much but this definitely surprised me!! The story is engaging a d interesting and I love the stat system!!.
  47. Steve: Wow.
  48. Ben Lee Gaming: Love it!.
  49. Khairi Irfan: I would say that i imediatpy grew an attachment to each unique characters and i love making the MC sarcastic cuz it brings more reactions and dialogue from the others.
  50. Waym: Great game! Can't wait for Book 4 & 5! Really wanna see how this will end! 🤙.
  51. Gil theartist: theres way too much to read between prompts, then all of a sudden youre dead after choosing almost nothing. felt more like a choose your own ending book than a choose your own path game. no customization besides the stat adjustments that only go up to 3 each. then like i said, you die right away unavoidably. i could play it like a memory game & remember the "right" answers, but thats not how a game like this should play. this game needs to reevaluate the fundamentals..
  52. Caleb Northern: Absolutely love it.
  53. Siddharth Yadav: Good game!.
  54. Perfectlybrowntoast: Ahahahahahahaha!!! So good!! Story has me captivated for the past 2 years lol!!.
  55. Paulius Kačkauskas: One of the best damn stories I've ever read, can't wait to see the day when all the chapters are released..
  56. Renz Eulysses Ballo: The story is promising, but the writing is sloppy. The tenses change between past and present. Which is it, really? Most of the dialogue tags consist of 'I say,' disrupting the reading experience. It's confusing sometimes who's talking especially when they talk in a group. I forgot what Barry, Rose and Kate looked like after their respective introductory chapters were done. There were also times where you tend to tell everything than show them. Lastly, the grammar is atrocious. Get an editor pls.
  57. Chris Higgins: I don't know how far into the story I am bit so far it's been great! Glad I decided to give it shot. Definitely check this out!!!!.
  58. Suliman Musa: I love the story but it's just that Kate had to kill off my favorite character..
  59. tessa silver: fun. cyoa... with points. story is really engaging..
  60. Billy Mace: The story is addicting I just can't stop.
  61. Sercan: I gotta say, I am pleasantly surprised by this game. Its not a generic procedural story bits woven together nor a half-assed story I have come to expect from this genre. The characters are genuinely interesting, there seems to be a detailed world building and the each arc is enjoyable. Also, I really want to mention how much I like that the protagonist is not a blank sheet but has a personality..
  63. A A: Wasted potential..
  64. Blake Slothower: Good gaem.
  65. Chance Anderson: Legit fun as hell. I'm editing this 6 years later, just wanted to say thanks for getting me into dnd through this app. I've been having fun for years and you were the start :).
  66. G.E. Barringer: Just started the game, but it's fun and a great change of pace from everything else on the play store.
  67. Mikołaj Jankowski: Amazing journey!.
  68. Jeff Colpitts: You don't get enough stat points or pointers on where to invest. Chapter 3 just ends in death no matter the choices of you don't up some stats to max but doing that kills you earlier in the game. It's frustrating and although it was a fun, well written story, I'm done. Uninstalling..
  69. Martin Dinkov: Dis sum good shi.
  70. Egg Egg: 3 free books without any ads.
  71. Ahmet Emir Sarıboğa: The best text based game you will ever find in google play. If you like to play rpg games and read adventure books, this is just what you are looking for. Have a nice time :).
  72. Adam Brown: So far so good. I've recently made it to chapter 6 and it's been very intense. I really enjoy these story told adventure games and I feel this is one of the best ones yet. I applaud everyone involved in making it. Well done..
  73. Daniel Martinez: It's a bit of fun though I wish there were some better options I feel like there's options or ideas that I have that are not available so it would be nice if there were different options or if the app when you opened it for the first time gave you different scenarios and asked you what kind of person you are and how you would react in certain circumstances and then use that to give you certain options both ones that aren't like you ones that are and then the mystery options.
  74. Ezeh Divine: This game is everything a bot could ever want . Awesome fights amazing roleplay.
  75. Tuz Fade: 5stars all the way 0-0 chapter 11 just hyped up chapter 12 of book 3 and made me want to read more can't wait for the next release.
  76. Jasons R. Mailhot: Great story!.
  77. Dante Lord: Played through book one and it's great. Love the story, setting, and characters. The decisions feel like they carry weight and when you die it isnt really frustrating. More like "Oh, guess I'll pick the other one". The stat system makes me wonder if there's a way to perfectly balance all your stats so as to pass all skill checks, since when I played I only put them into a few skills to max them out. Save system is great and other books are free if you replay to get all achievements. 10/10.
  78. Teah May: I am enjoying this so much. I love reading and this just adds a whole other great twist. Getting to make choices and seeing the results if my favorite type of game..
  79. The Grads: This application is not accessible to blind who use screen readers.
  80. Chris Brown: I love this game and am waiting anxiously for the next part great job on this.
  81. Just.: I hope you are doing well Edit:thank you so much for the new update hope you stay well!!.
  82. Hunter Capers: Smooth progression through achievements, with pretty epic adventures. If I had to suggest one feature, it would be a checkpoint replay, so that you could go back and get one achievement you missed instead of having to replay the full chapter..
  83. Sergey Kormishin: Nice game and only text without any graphics. It lacks a little bit of gameplay, but besides that it is super cool.
  84. EGO Create: Amazing story telling man.
  85. Dante Williams: I do lose the story at times because it takes months for the chapters to update ,but I still keep coming back because it's a great story..
  86. E D: Thrilling game.
  87. Olaniyan Kolawole: Interesting storyline, stable app, easy to use. No complaints here. Excellent work..
  88. Brave Shine: The game is good job but I worries that 5/5 stars will make author goes comfort zone..
  89. Shaggy: Good game.
  90. Tyrone Denham: Best reading strategy game on google playstore.
  91. Dumbledazz: Honestly extremely good.
  92. Milan Mohapatra: I have loved this game for a very long time and keep coming back to it to check the progress. I just wish that the developers adjusted some support for the Z Fold 4 screen as the game doesn't look as good on it..
  93. Will Flentri: Excellent story adventure. Well written and decent mechanics. Would like to see more armour/weapons. Perhaps a page with stats and belongings.
  94. Breanna Cardin: Definitely the best Cyoa game I've played so far. The storywriting is amazing, and the characters are beyond lovable. I haven't had any issues. Definitely a must play for anyone who both loves games and reading.
  95. Johnaparte: One of the most entertaining downloads I ever signed up for! Unfortunately I lost my progress twice now and there's no chance of starting over at a certain point into the game. I am not keen to click through the story a 3rd time now just to get back to where I left off, waiting for new content. Even though I made a cloud backup I can't seem to access it..
  96. Dylan M: The story is excellent! This could just be a book and I'd still give it 5 stars but having the occasional choice and rpg stats helps increase the immersion..
  97. Shardul Manohar: Write faster.
  98. Martynas Krivaitis: Amazing work, not perfect but surely one of the best games out there. The only problem - i cant buy books, going f2p route is good, but i wish i could support this project. Keep it up !.
  99. I'm a regular anime fan: It's an extremely good game. I love both the storytelling and its characters. I also quite like that the game doesn't use much storage so I don't feel the need to delete it while I wait for updates..
  100. Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra: My favourite app..
  101. Leonardo Ygot: last played this back in 2019. decided to play it again now. feels just like the first time I played. and Im only at book 2 currently. looking forward to see what happens in book 3, and gonna try to get a strength based play through after as well. thank you, author..
  102. Tito Jr. Brizuela: Bestttt.
  103. tywon arnold: This is both aewsome and incredibly innovative. Stories pretty well written and u can tell the authors getting better as he goes.
  104. Nathan Smith: Absolutely a wonderful novel game where your choices do eventually matter. However if you struggle to remember which save is which when you come back after an update then I cannot recommend as there's no way currently to put notes on your saves which is a must as there's two long term achievement paths that cannot be done at the same time. Also make sure you save often and not use only 3 slots to do so as some choices affect you nearly 8 saves (8-16 decisions) down the line, or further.......
  105. Nitigya Joshi: Nice.
  106. Akash: Game is really great but become really buggY when I tried to load previous saves. Please fix it. Plus there is also one another bug which let you to get access to book 2 and 3 in the new game/restart section..
  107. Point Break: Surprisingly, this is actually the best text based rpg fantasy game I have ever played, and hands down one of the best story I have ever read. The world building is outstanding and can easily draw a lot of players/readers into the world of Magium. Each character has their best eqal triats but, for me, it's Barry and Araka who has the best characteristics and personality so far in the game. I can't help but often wonder if this is really a game, or a clever way to share Magium Game's novel?.
  108. Its Franklin!: Honestly one of the best text based games I've ever played. I get so into it, I feel for these characters XD.
  109. Taylor Industries: Im amazed there is still new content coming out although it does take a while for every new chapter its understandable. I just wish it was finished so i can read it all at once. if you are thinking of downloading this game and not sure then i will tell you that you must download it because you wont regret it. It instantly hooks you in and its amazing. I dont know much about literature so i cant give opinions on characters or story writing or setting very well but i can tell you this is the best.
  110. Yaseen Vargas: First book is a 6/10. Second book is 7/10. Third is a 8/10. The stats can get annoying at times. But the story is interesting and be prepared for tons of reading someoparta will get boring but are important for good choices most of the time..
  111. Miriah Jackson: Love love love this. It is so fun and very interesting story.
  112. jesus lara: I love it.
  113. Remember to Breathe: A great series that is free.
  114. Matthew Henderson: Nice game play when you want to game on your own at your own pace,.
  115. Amber K: I read both books, still waiting for the third. It was okay but really felt like it was written by a young kid, and didn't have as many role playing experiences as I would have liked..
  116. Khojiakbar Avazov: I guess I waited for the last impatiently for 1 year! FINALLLYYYY!!! Thank You, Author, for this Amazing masterpiece!!!! Have been reading and rereading it for 4th year..
  117. Captain Book: I love the story.
  118. Gerzakhov Alan: edit : finally! the update! The story is incredible. i may be not the most knowledgeable person in English literature, but the plot, the depth of the characters, and the pace are absolutely well-written. i just initially downloaded it to ease my boredom, but now i've been playing with different stats to unlock myriad stories available here. keep up the good work devs! i & the other fans definitely wait for the next chapter. Thx a million for an amazing cyoa book..
  119. Dr. Stephen A Salaka: Best CYOA right now. Blend of choices and stats..
  120. Stefanus Ferrarius: Easy 5 stars!.
  121. crab game: Latest update causes crashes, I don't think the game has ever crashed before.
  122. Casey Allison: This game gets better and better. The start is a little hard to get through, but it doesn't disappoint! I highly recommend!.
  123. Degan B: I really like it get to make your own choices in the game some of them will end up killing you but you can play through being your own character.
  124. G!Asriel: I haven't read it in awhile, but I just continued where I left off (the end of chapter 9 book 3) and it is already just as good as I remember, though it'll probably be as hard as I remember too..
  125. John Nico Arat: I really like this game and I wish that there were more games like this on play store.
  126. Franco Cholo Perez: I'm glad i came to reread this again~♡ Still love it~.
  127. Lulu Rigia: Feels like a decade since I've been reading this....just want to let the author know I love your work still....
  128. T33 Paul: Looking good.
  129. Mustafa: It was the best i really loved and it and even recommended to others..
  130. Karl Pontanal: I thought this is going to be a pay2win CYOA game, but boy, was I proven wrong! Keep up the good work! I love it!.
  131. Jack Nguyen: I can't believe this is still being developed, I played this a while back and absolutely loved it. Looking at the word counts, this is no doubt a huge project, keep up the great work!.
  132. Fábio: Great game/interactive book whatever you wanna call it. It is very well written and there's a LOT of different choices you can make, only bad thing is that updates will take a long time to come out but I won't take a star out just because of that since greatness takes time to achieve.
  133. Roby H: Lookie here folks this is my first review of any game ever, but this deserves it. I've genuinely had hours and hours of fun, and I'm only on chapter 11. I'm mad about fantasy books, and this story is not only well written, it keeps me wanting more and more. Genuinely, the devs/authors deserve utmost praise for this. And all of it for free too 🤯.
  134. omgitsjavi 44: Fun.
  135. Stopmo Bloks: Amazing game. Had a ton of fun!.
  136. Estronoid: one of the best interactive storys I've ever played and Its free!!! the 2nd and 3rd book can be bought but you can always try to get all the achievements and you can get them for free.
  137. Brandon Williamson: One of the best choice books ive see so far. And for free, its done pretty well, engaging story lots of choices, various story paths. Only problem small problem, small spelling errors every now and then..
  138. Florian Kohrs: Very entertaining with impactful decisions.
  139. Michael Watson: Great.
  140. Earth Drop420: Characters are excellently formed - Story is awesome - full of possibilities 10/10.
  141. Tewara Bleakney: Awesome writing and good options.
  142. Yusuf Wasiu: Whats the hold up about, the suspense is killing. Kindly release an update. Best Role Playing game Ever🙂.Stilll waitiinnggg.
  143. bob hunter: It's a great story game. Characters are very likeable and interesting. Stats matter for the path. If you want to unlock the other books it's free if you unlock most of the achievements..
  144. james Murray: I love choose your own novels have since I was a kid I'll be playing this multiple times and seeing the outcome.
  145. Gweedo Picard: Its really cool and creative.
  146. Amputee Tango: This is like playing a classic RPG; cept its not like, repeating the mundane dungeon crawls.. I loved "Delight Games" but, this game is.. really cool, in a different way. Ugh, ALL I WANNA DO IS READ THE BIBLE I am grateful to God for playing these; ive been stuck in a place where its very hard to read The Word.. I have barely read in years; and I've mostly read text books. I think these will help? Simpler diction but, aiding in focus. Only God is good!!! The end is near I reckon..
  147. Nolan Thompson: Amazing story.
  148. ahomestucker: one of the few phone games i can say is entirely good. its almost like a one player dnd campaign. the characters, worldbuilding, and story are all amazing.
  149. Sarah Mellinger: Doesn't force me to pay.
  150. C C: Very Good.

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Operating system: 4.4.
Evaluate: 60114.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
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Developers: Magium Games.
Votes: 4.8.
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