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Mimicry: Online Horror Action {Mod_Hack}

Online horror game with friends: monster vs. human squad!. Mimicry Mod v1.0.2

Update: 09/08/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Mimicry Mod 1.0.2 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

Feel like a powerful monster! Deceive others so that you don’t expose yourself. Destroy your entire squad of armed friends! 😈

In this online horror game, you can play a team of up to 9 people with your friends. One of you will be infected by an alien creature, which will make him a monster. The player will be able to become a human, a monster, or any player who is killed

Your squad’s task is to leave the position before the monster kills everyone.
The mission of the monster is to destroy all players and prevent themselves from being burned to death.

Mimic features: 💣
-Real-time communication in voice chat
-Can become a unique monster for any player
-Extensive character customization-face, hair, clothes
-Various maps and locations
-In a gloomy atmosphere, suddenly encounter a monster
-Every game is not like the previous one

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Free download Mimicry: Online Horror Action {Mod_Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 128M) - Version 1.0.2. Released on December 18, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Online horror game with friends: monster vs. human squad!. Developed by Euphoria Horror Games. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

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✌ Friends, hello everyone!

We’re here to introduce you to Mimicry! We’ve been working on it for so long with our little team and we really hope you enjoy it! 💣
Please rate the game on Google Play and encourage your friends to play.
We apologize in advance for bugs – this is our first online game. Lots of cool updates ahead, we’ll be making a cool online horror game with your help. 😊

Enjoy the game, friends! Looking forward to your support and comments! ❤.

New comment

  1. BLENOX X: Needs more updates the monster transform in front of all and nobody do anything.
  2. 19-47 Kushal Parekh: Absolutely Amazing! I am in love with this game already and I expect to see more content like more maps, outfit options, weapons, tasks in the future. Keep it up Devs!.
  3. Sahilshazad 425: This game is so nice.
  4. Yuan Mangui: Faking asd.
  5. MASOOM gaming: Survivals add ability please.
  6. Aldebaran Fachrezy Achmad: I like it.
  7. Oh My: it's a good game online for horror game i like it.1 )Can u add special ability to the monster like sanus can place a trap.2)u can remove player in the lobby for leader.3) mission to get reward like money or cloth can't wait for the new map🤗tq.
  8. m fzlyy: Very addictive and good game!! 👍👍.
  9. Shihab Sharar: A single ping problem can kick you from the game. This is so frustrating. Besides, there is no system to mention someone's name quickly which is already been added in Among Us. After all, the developer needs much bugs to fix.
  10. Farizz: This game is quite fun, for suggestions can you do more hairstyles and faces? and immediately open a new map can't wait!1!1❣🥰 Owh can you add new missions? which is a little difficult.
  11. Kartik Nayak: Great game. ❤️❤️Just like among us but different characters 🙂 easy tasks to complete ..... Keep it up.🤩🤩 Add new tasks and new maps.
  12. Izzat Tasnif: Wow this game is amazing..
  13. SajjadAli Sadi: Make more games like this because I want to play games with my friends different types of games.
  14. hameed rasool: This game run smoothly in my 3 year old mobile so i like it.
  15. Lordel Gonzales: Best game ever! Please make more horror games 🎮.
  16. Crypto Revenant: This is a great game the developer is overall positive 👏.
  17. Mohamed Shaizan: I hate when people kill each other i hated when i cant find a gun.
  18. January Uuuu: PLS REMOVE THAT MOTHERғᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴀᴅ.
  19. {}Dark_Shadow 82: I love this game!.
  20. Rage Animation and fan made: I liked the game 😀 but I also like something about the developer that he is a individual and he replies in a funny way like saying " hope you change the rating 😏" it's like a thug business 😂😂( remember me not girl:/) now reply me are you really a individual not a company ? Cuz the way of replies says that So Reply meeee.
  21. Rose Lynna: This game is good but is really fast so please add new role or story this game is so nice thanks Euphoria for create death park,death park 2 Antarctica and mimicry.
  22. DUSHYANT NAMDEV: Advertising Yeah It's Make Game Free Because Why Anybody make Game For Free If Developers Don't Earn They Don't Work Ok I understand But I Don't Want Ads So Please If You Can Release It's Pro Version So It will be better many people will Buy And Some People don't Buy But Give A Try..
  23. dOgWatEr CODM: It's definitely good but there's some changes that will make the game amazing what about like a special skill of the monster like a grab or a trap and the monster doesnt know his infected but it will gradually show thw symptoms now he know he will kill everyone because of Jealosy and skills for survivors and the mosnter can sabotage computers so they cant escape for a little while it is 4 star this suggestion i think will improve the game and make it more fun the point is fun bye hope this helps.
  24. Ahsan Ali: Amazing Game.
  25. Vortex Gaming: Oh my god. I love this game great job. But there are certain things that needs to be added 1. Kill animations that plays when monster kills someone 2. Customisable controls 3. Transformation animations 4. Punishing those who kills innocent players. I know u r a small company and I am asking so much but I believe in you. If u r able to make these changes I am guranteed that this game will be the best horror online game nothing in playstore can beat it. Great job again.
  26. Anthony Jivio Roxas: This is so 😎😎.
  27. Sandipan Kar: nice☺️☺️.
  28. Maraia Baravilala: Best game I've ever played but can u explain why I sometimes get a timeout for no reason please but keep up the great work.
  29. UEx Mrwhite: time is for death park 3 ayo what are you looking at.
  30. 72A1D372: Fun game..
  31. JEREMY Pittman: Great graphics are good.
  32. Savage Monster: Hi, this game is really cool. The game is really smooth and awesome, The monsters are scary looking. I love the graphics. Can you also add in different roles please (that would make the game really fun) that's all I have to say. Keep doing the amazing work like you guys always do, bye :).
  33. Hʍ之: Hi. please add customize control and fix bugs thanks.
  34. Spilledcoffee7: Great game! My only complaint is that when the monster sabotages the heat thing, the switches are too far apart and some ppl decide not to fix them. Leaving about 1 or 2 people to fix them, and 2 people is not enough to fix all of them. So could you make them a little closer to eachother or make less of them possibly? But this is a super good game, good job devs!.
  35. Youssef24Gaming: Good game and need some updates.
  36. Jardiel: Really great game. Everything here is perfect. Thank you. Only thing I miss is option to add someone as your friend in the game. PS: I don't actually think friendly fire is a bad thing here, it makes the game more thrilling..
  37. Pumped Zooman: A lot of people will compare this game to Among Us but this game is much more similar to Deceit when it comes to it's mechanics and gameplay, while the game might be a little lacking on content right now, it is an extremely fun and addictive experience, I could play this game for hours on end and not get tired of it, would without a doubt recommend you check it out and give it a try, the tasks should be more variated tho, that's one of the biggest drawbacks of this game that should be addressed.
  38. Jesus Segura: It really cool.
  39. MSUP1: The game is more wonderful, his games and music feels with terrified, good luck to developer.
  40. n patchi: I love this game but I think you should remove the voice chat. Thanks in advance.
  41. Jon Moxley Fan: Best Multi-player Game Ever and Horror Game.
  42. Torbido _Official: This game has potential so please please add more map,Gun's, monsters and please lunch the second map real quick ( I love this game).
  43. Lucifer Magne: Very awesome but the only issue I truly have is the fact that the monster sometimes phases through doors I lock but otherwise this game is great.
  44. Kristofer Yagami official: Grafix and character model must be updated... some thing better and realistic..
  45. MrChan YT: I Love your game 💓 and your game is so much fun😁 I hope you add a kick player and add a player.
  46. HS patel: Beat multiplayer game.
  47. Paimon Is not emergency food: Can you please add a friend list in next update it will be awesome if we can send friend request to other players.
  48. 《Pentagon》: Need more content 👍👍.
  49. Cresen Agaton: I love this game.
  50. virendra singh: Nice game pls sir add to add friend pls but new map add pls.
  51. Megaknight BG: Best co-op game ever no problem EPIC keep it up 👌👌👌👌👌.
  52. GachaClub Animator2006: Hi This is Amazing Game.
  53. Andrew Segura: I love this game.
  54. birendra pathak: Superb game this game I've installed tomorrow at the starting it's so entertaining I hope it will be more cool and entertaining after coming more updates.
  55. Navaneeth R: Its a good game love it.
  56. Saida Khatun: Nice game.
  57. Master Gaming: Please to the next update please make the game anti-cheat becouse i was see hacker in game its still god mod i can't kill him just make the game anti-cheat i will rate this 5 stars.
  58. RC GAMING: Good horror game i hope they will add more features and updates.
  59. Ajay gamer: Very very best game horrorv please language add Gujarati.
  60. ȺɌȻĦƗSMȺN MȺĦȺⱣȺŦɌȺ: Its a really good game . i love ittttt.
  61. farel: Hmmmm multiplayer horror.
  62. Siddharth Hyanki: Ad bahut aate hai😡.
  63. Madhav S S: Nice very cool multiplayer game ever saw!! Cooler than Among US!.
  64. The Rockstar Creation: Awesome Game And Great Graphics.
  65. Mr.Oancer: This Game Was Better Than I Expected ! Y'all Have Done A Good Job So Far! I'm Very Excited For The Upcoming Updates!.
  66. Aravind Vj: Game is good but it has some audio bugs.
  67. Sujit Bhuiya: Excellent graphic , big map and many things very very good in this game we are now waiting for new monsters and maps..
  68. Mandheer khare: Very good game 👍 I Love this game.
  69. Bu Ern Xin: good I am very like this game😍.
  70. Shervin Jalali Goldeh: 👍.
  71. unlimited gamer masti: Nice game 😯😯 i give him 5 star because its multiplayer 😍😍 plz fast update and add new maps mod.
  72. Fahad: This super game.
  73. Funny Animal's Vid: خیلی علاقه مند شدم.
  74. QUAMAR ALAM: Op game.
  76. Rahim Khan: I LIKE GAMES is good all the Best for all euphoria horror games TEAM for MAKE more GAMES 👌👍☺.
  77. IMMORTAL GAMING XYZ: When I start a add come and tell me to rotate phone but my phone is already rotated alway it's come i can play game because of this i give 1 star.
  78. sv gaming: Best game ever but some peoblem please add more characters and abilities 2 add more guns 3 don't open mic in lobby when we will open than only.
  79. Sanjay .R VIII-A: So far, the game is good but when the kfc ad came we can't see the ad in landscape so that we should restart the game,i can't rotate the screen to potrait, so make all the ad to watchable in landscape,so far so good,i recommended to my friends, they said the same problem, pls fix asap, thankyou devs,😄.
  80. Heath Robert Odda: Pretty good so far. The game is pretty balanced so the monster can't just go full murder hobo, and the guns feel great to use. I do think the first monster should get his health buffed and his speed debuffed since the amount of bullets he can tank is only a bit higher than humans so he dies fairly quick, and its easy to catch up to humans hes chasing. Also the doors dont work well since the monster often passes through it when it just closes right in front of em. The gate shouldnt instantly open.
  81. Werner Van Wyk: Horror games is very awesome 10 people out of country I follow this developer of juice horror games very scary🏁🏁🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩😝💣💣💣🦾🙌🙌😝😝😝😝🤪😇🤪🤪😇🤪😜.
  82. Blue Spirit: I like it. Well optimized and graphics is good..
  83. Joaquin Inigo: This game is epic and fun and amazing because me and my cousins enjoyed this and we played it non stop.
  84. Rahul Dongre: Please reduce battery consumption.
  85. Vel Murugan: This Game Is Extremely Amazing! I Am Waiting For The Next Update, Please Add Some New Weapons, Puzzle Etc....
  86. Ralph Albite: My man this is cool even if it have bugs I hope you guys reach so far👍.
  87. Shiba Deb: This game is very but lags u nedd to add verry graphics and 20 fps.
  88. Photo Thet Khaing: Ilikethisgamelgive you5star.
  89. Izzul Firas Sahri: Please make more updates because I like this game.
  90. Xum Abdulla: It is very fun to play🤩.
  91. Ramin Ibne Rafiq: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍.
  92. GAME Tech: I cant play game because of my idiot teammates they do not start the match so I think we should get option to remove player from our team otherwise I cannot play the game I have not play even a match but I know this game is amazing that's why I have rated it a 4 star but please solve it.
  93. Malven Jr: Super game.
  94. Bihari Gamers: Nice Game 🎮🎮.
  95. Cris Loitz: 😆 though im still tryna figure out how to play ..i love game...fun experience ❤️.
  96. AKeeN: Annoying ads And ppl can kill u with flamethrower easily trolling no thank uninstall.
  97. Mdananno Islam: Best game.
  98. Pritam Roy: Give us emotes please 😭😭.
  99. howard ph: love this can you update it in the future i hope this game is always 5 start.
  100. POU GAMER: Amazing game 🤩👍👍.
  101. Zee1 Bohara: Most addicted online horror game. I'd enjoyed a lot, voice chat feature makes it more funnier. Smooth gameplay no lag no bugs and glitches. I request to developers to make customisable control..
  102. Yuvan Shankar: Can you add a mode like story mode In that we can kill many monsters and we can meet a strong final bosses You can atleast 3 chapters in game.
  103. gaming paradiser: I finally got a horror mutiplayer game to play with my friends and I love if u give more and more updates.
  104. NAVANEETH7 NANDHAKRISHNA3: I an your first downloader and yesterdays night my account go reset i want to make my character once more pls fix it and so far the game is good.
  105. Kodu Chowdhury: If we could have been working with you.
  106. Khaidar Han: Nice game 🥰🥰🥰 i give 99999999999999999 star.
  107. John Kenrick Guiruela: Nice labas na den to lods salamat.
  108. Nurul Izzati bt Salem: Great game but there is one problem..Why i cannot connect even though I play??Why?😭.
  109. Mr hoho: I've waiting for this game ,this game sooo nice👍 i can play with my friend,i hope maybe u can do more game like this but in horror version like have the ghost😀i love this game 👍👍👍👍.
  110. Benrabah Fatiha: its cool game 👍👍👍👍👍.
  111. farid rokhmat: please make vote kick in game for cheaters and in room for afk player who not press start when all players ready keep it up best game ever!!.
  112. DEMON GAMING DBDM: Game is so promising I'm so impressed I mean didn't expect this kind of top level content game is so enjoyable and smooth I just wish devs focus on character physics like movement overall the game is so so good 🙂.
  113. James Head: I like this game obviously it's a small team so it's not perfect but the graphics are nice the atmosphere is good and the game mechanics work verry well it also reminds me a lot of John carpenters the thing which is great.
  114. Suraj Patel: Best game of its kind on Play Store. Yes! It is similar to among us, But better. But please remove the ads. This is already an online game like pubg or free fire they don't put ads in game you know. So remove it..
  115. Donald Kulla: Very Good Game I've Be Waiting For This Game So LONG Now Its Here WOHOO!.
  116. sing & sing: This Game Is Creepy And Online Friends Playing Mod I Like 5 Stars👍❤️.
  117. Tati k: People dont ready up, they are afk or purposely ruin lobbies by not clicking ready. Please force users to ready after a certain amount of time so that we can play. Also can you remove users from game if they are afk for a period of time..
  118. Lucilfer Ripper: Very interesting new concepts and ideas for such small indie developers. Once again, fantastic work..
  119. Amir Javidnia99: Very nice game.
  120. Nick _: Really great i love the atmosphere and the graphic i hope you can add like low to med to ultra high graphic and 1more can you umm reduce the price in my country every game coin that you must buy starting from RM3.90 but ur seems to overpriced RM4 umm i think that's too much but i know ur not a big company and i will keep support you you can do better.
  121. freya Massey: Great game, controller compatability Is about 8/10 and could probably do with some more in relation to bandages and energy drinks other than that, no problems so far.
  122. MUHAMMAD ASHRAF BIN MUHAMMAD NOR AZRIN: This game are really amazing! I never stop playing it because it's really fun and theres no lags. I recommend everyone to play this. Also, I can't wait to see the next game project and more game content you guys are working on right now. Thanks Euphoria for making an awesome games.😁😁😁.
  123. OMEGA Song: Great work 🔥❤️. But please add a vote for kick afk players . Because we all gather sometimes, but there is someone with us who does not want to start. Either add a vote button for the ban or set a time limit for those who don't hit the start button. And I think this is better. Because the kick button may be used a lot without reason. And thanks for everything. And be know that game in my heart ❤️.
  124. Mody Doler: Greeeaaaaat game.
  125. ななづ: Muito bom sem reclamaçoes.
  126. GodMan FourthXX: Hello developer.
  127. Lorenzo Belli: Amazing. I hope there will be other types of creatures in the future..
  128. YES COPY RIGHT SONG: Goodd i lkke it.
  129. Visekolie Nakhro: Wow nice game heart attack🤧.
  130. John Ezekiel Bastro: Hey I give this 5 star I think this is only game with real time comm. Voice chat and I love it and there's no bug or anything , I can't wait for the more update keep it up ❤️❤️.
  131. EchoWinds: Hey! Mimicry is actually pretty fun, very good job on it. Also, I was wondering if you guys are planning on making Death Park 3 in the future? I really love the story!.
  132. Abdul Kadir: Wow i like is game is perfect game online is best game and my friend and me is game i like is game 👌🥰 and i m with 1 month so is open is best and my favourite game 👏😁 nice online friends game super game 🔥👍.
  133. dwayne pama: This is The Best Horror Online Game Ever This Game Is Like Among Us But Better am playing this every day and other Games.😆😊.
  134. Storm: Really good game i didn't expected this hehe!.
  135. ONTOR VENOM: Amazing best horror and adventures game ever i play thanks forever ALLAH AL MIGHTY THAT I FOUND THIS GAME AND GOOD JOB TO THE OWNER OF THIS GAME🇧🇩❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️👤💞💞💞💓💓♥️♥️⚡⚡⚡🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦.
  136. Pheramix: Just found out and installed. I am sure I need this.
  137. Moderator9798: Wow! This game is amazing! And as a Euphoria Games Fan i've recommended your game to my facebook group (Members : 50000+) and most of them seems interested! I'm happy to say that this is the best and only online game you've made! Keep up the good work! Also i recommend you make it support more then 1 impostor and make The crew have roles eg (Soldier: Spawns with a shotgun, Scientist: See who has died and what caused it, Engineer: Task 2X tapping power)!.
  138. Randy Powell: I have fun playing this but I wish when u die a mimicry jumpscares you and I wish there were more maps and add friending besides that its a great game you can play with your friends or with strangers.
  139. Prithvi Mirchandani: Thanks you so much I love this game pls more horror games multiplayer.
  140. Gargi Saville: I love Euphoria games And this one is the best it's better than horror Brawl and it's lag free woww.
  141. ApeX Mobile Gamer: Nice Game 👍.
  142. CARBON GAMER: Awesome game ever played in my life keep it up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.
  143. Vion Mendonca: Nice developer's just bring cool update of this game as fast as possible ❤🤗.
  144. authentic 13: It's good, but the online community is toxic, you can kill everyone, such a shame..
  145. Saksham Prabhat: Can you add some dog character which can identify the Monster or just run around and help in task. And add a tall Humanoid monster like Jack the Ripper or Plague Doctor. Also ability to hold dead bodies and pickup victims alive by their neck and walk around. And a finishing move for monsters..
  146. RAHUL CHHETRY: Op game 1st review.
  147. Kyle Koepp: Finally a game I can play with my friends !! This game is great the mimic could be a little more powerful I feel like it's to weak but other than that a great game highly recommended keep up the gold work developers.
  148. Markell Philson: This is way better than death park series better graphics and play system.
  149. Mr. Dead: Good.
  150. Maekol fernandez: Man I'm excited.

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- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again mimicry-online-horror-action-mod_hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Mimicry on your phone.

Download Mimicry: Online Horror Action {Mod_Hack} FULL APK + IOS FEATURES 128M

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Version: 1.0.2.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.8.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 50,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $84.99 per item.
Developers: Euphoria Horror Games.
Votes: 3,781.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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