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Order of Fate – Roguelike RPG Mod + Hack

Amazing RPG roguelike offline. Explore fantasy world! Adventure RPG battle games. Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Mod v1.27.2

Update: 29/09/2022
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Download Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Mod 1.27.2 for android apk & iphone ios 8.0

Order of Fate is a dungeon rogue-like RPG fantasy. Welcome to an adventurous strategy RPG game inspired by classic offline 2D RPG games and the best character creator RPG games ever made. Go deep into the dungeon like a true roguelike dungeon crawler. Fight evil in our exciting PvE strategy game. Discover the darkest secrets in our roguelike platformer. Become stronger in the battles offered by these upgrade games. Become the most powerful hero in this fantasy world!

“When ancient evils emerge from the abyss, when dark followers emerge from hiding, when villages are terrorized and dangerous figures of the darkest age 543.

Game Features:

  • RPG FantasyBased on roguelike platformer
  • Deep Progress
  • Lots of loot and magic gear
  • Dozens of abilities and perks
  • Rich story, characters and missions
  • Tactical combat
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Complete offline RPG

Beware, the cult stands in your way, only by uncovering its mysteries and finding its secret vaults can you prevail. But don’t let Your thirst for knowledge or treasure eats you up: the dungeon is ready to attack.

Complete RPG with character creation

Interesting Locations, rich story, amazing characters, and all the must-have attributes of a great RPG. Don’t miss out! Choose your own destiny – be the hero of a land that will perish in legend, or be the one who bends the darkness to his will Nightmare.

Roguelike Elements

Death awaits all adventurers…but each death makes you stronger. In this Overcome your beliefs and become a legend in roguelike dungeon crawler!

Character progression

Skills, perks, miscellaneous traits, Set bonuses, buffs and many other ways to create unique characters with god-like physiques! The best level-up game ever!

Lots of loot

Weapons, armors, potions, magic scrolls and many other items are hidden in the shadows, guarded by monsters and stored in chests. Collect them all and use them to play your bestRPG strategy game!

Awesome monsters

In our PvE strategy game You have to fight numerous monsters. Each has a unique art style, skills, tactics and modes. There will be no easy battles, just pure challenge and hardcore!

Offline game

Take the order of destiny with you anytime, anywhere, no internet connection required. Here you can Play your most exciting RPG RPG completely offline!

Unique atmosphere

Excellent graphics, smooth animations, gothic art style and ambient sounds ensure optimal immersion. Live the life of a hero! And enjoy the best atmosphere of a 2D RPG game.

Dive into the best Roguelike Platformer RPG >! Explore dangerous dungeons, avoid deadly traps, and slay terrifying monsters – all the fun a PvE strategy game has to offer. Improve, improvise, overcome in our wonderful lifting game! Be the hero you’ve always wanted to be – in our Character Creation RPG you can do a lot! Start your roguelike dungeon crawler adventure today! And enjoy this RPG fantasy!

Free download Order of Fate – Roguelike RPG Mod + Hack for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.27.2. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Amazing RPG roguelike offline. Explore fantasy world! Adventure RPG battle games. Developed by Hotger.Games. Operating system requirements 8.0. Teen.

Game Hack Features Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG MOD

  • - Unlock All
  • - Acceleration
  • - Free Shopping
  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - No Ads

Game Version Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Paid MOD

  • - Download For Phone Free
  • - Download Free
  • - Free Unlock
  • - Acceleration
  • - All Unlocks

– Improved UI / UX
– Combat text readability increased
– Interactive objects can now be destroyed
– Fixed a few tutorial errors.

New comment

  1. Saiyajinzoningen Sama: Strange blend of turn based action rpg.
  2. P W: Yeah - just average. It's obviously targeted at drawing cash out of the player by any means possible. I don't do MTs. If the balance was a little better this would be an enjoyable game. Sorry - uninstalled..
  3. John Webb: ok game.
  4. Damian MacNeil: great story really catches my attention.
  5. Davit Aivazishvili: gg.
  6. Ethan Soper: Feels like the developers really put the game first over it just being a cash grab. I think it's gun and pretty unique for a mobile game!.
  7. Charles: If only we could pay to bypass ad rewards! I don't do the watching ad things, I want to play a full game. With the cool artwork, I see a missing opportunity to have some sort of character creation including hairstyle/sex, etc. It would add so much since you look at your character a lot. Wish there was a premium version of this game. I'll pass for now. Thanks!.
  8. Varun Githala: superb.
  9. Jason West: Cool concept poorly executed.
  10. Emma Hall: Simple clean fun, a game to come back to every time.
  11. Sebastian Carlström: To slow and to much of showcase items to pay for instead of trying to achieve items..
  12. Ekkehard B.: You can't turn anything intrusive off! Neither the pop-up ads, dozens of monetary offers with pressuring deadlines, coercive ads, or awkward dungeon movement (touch and drag). The only thing you can turn off are the notifications... Which you can do on your phone anyway. There's a skilltree on the promotional images that is fake. There's no way to view a minimap of the floor. This is a very sad microtransaction-littered imitation of "The Enchanted Cave" on Kongregate..
  13. Kanhaiya Ultimatum: The tutorial is so glitched specially while learning second hand weapon skill. I had already invested in second hand weapon earlier but then again it shows to learn the skill which is already learnt are you serious with this kid level coding? Then i proceed to restart the game only to find that all my skill points are lost and reset needs so diamonds. Great business strategy there.
  14. Tim G: Wow that's really boring....
  15. Phil Andy Graves: I'm really torn between giving you 4 and 5 stars. Please tweak the map generation to either horizontal or vertical based on the orientation of the device. I like your choice to go time instead of turn based. I do not like your choice of linear floor, as slogging through more and more levels kind of creates yet another grind; could you make each floor more important? I really like the weapon system, even if it's confusing; could you add a test mode so I can see what's going on? Thanks!.
  16. Farrell Marie Smith: great so far.
  17. Chris Bassford: Lol they removed my review..
  18. Peazeralus: great crawler with a tiered loot system.
  19. Johnson Axel: cool.
  20. David Brown: Cute rogue-like with good controls and decent game balance. Doesn't seem to have any pay walls at lower levels..
  21. pupa Bot: mm.
  22. Dyonathan “Dont” Rodrigues: Zerado.
  23. Dan Hartshorn: Fun crawler I like it. Actually has a decent story..
  24. Chris Hendrix: Very well done!.
  25. Lord Ganma: Tbh I never thought that I would get into these type of games...but, here I am, playing this (and another mobile game) constantly lol OoF is very fun and addicting! That's all I have to say lol.
  26. Arbor Osborne: ok.
  27. Jimmy Young: bought a lvl 10 dagger and it never gave me it, tried to buy again and it says I already own it.
  28. Teresa Breakey: Now it's better but when u watch a add on occasion it stops and u have to reopen app.
  29. Mama Wolf: great game love it..
  30. William Kelley: needs a merchant to buy and sell items.
  31. Basil Lestale: Boring. Lost interest in the first 30 seconds. Does next to nothing to hold the interest of mobile game users..
  32. Marco Anderson: i enjoy.
  33. محمد الكعبي: Ok.
  34. Francis Druskovich: good so far.
  35. Tyler Mccutcheon: Not even played for 5 min and my game is locked up I hope they fix this....
  36. Petitpo: Seems to be a good game but there are already a few things that annoys me. To use skills, you need mana. And your mana doesn't replenish until you drink a mana potion. The drop rate is so low! What's the point of even having skills. Most ads are too long. I don't want to watch 1min worth of ads at the merchant to get 2 potions. 30s (15s*2) is reasonable, but 1 min ?!.
  37. Levi VanDenBerg: Fun game, if you enjoy the genre you'll like this. Have all maxed lvl 15 gear and all dungeons complete. Can't wait for more content. Being able to obtain legendary gear through drops/upgrading would be nice (currently can only buy, and it'll be useless very quickly as gear lvl drops increase)..
  38. İskender Bozoğlu: Fun little time killer. Been amazing so far. Adequate excuse plot, excellent art style, optional ads to give you a slight edge; there's even the element of suspense where you're on your last leg in the middle of a dungeon, praying dear God that the next monster will drop a potion so you won't have to abandon four floors' worth of progress. Character customization would be nice, if the developers ever consider it..
  39. Mulva iMulva: great game.
  40. Anthony Backe: Awesome thanks.
  41. Woot Zors: have fun never being able to stock pile health potions so you have to watch ads and grind, starting at level 4... wow terrible balancing.
  42. Jeffrey LaCortiglia: Fun dungeon crawler.
  43. Bernie Deville: ads for gems rate a little high but can bail you out at crucial moments. gameplay good, skill system tree good, wish there were individual stats..
  44. George Blomgren: Very simple and redundant. No way to get enough healing potions, so you end up repeating lower level dungeon floors over and over..
  45. joe mangold: a fun time killer.
  46. Onyx Fearx_x: Having fun so far, wish I can make my own pots & wish I can sell my gear for gold.
  47. Sivakumaran Kurunathan: Cute, simple and easy to play game. Just not a fan of the micro transaction scams. Eventually had to give up on it..
  48. Jerry Smith: great game good rpg and takes some learning with 3 skill trees to make the game easier its great fun..
  49. Vincent Richer: hi please add an option to remove ads with money.
  50. brandun maggard: pretty decent little dungeon crawler. been pretty easy so far. like the over all presentation of things. looking forward for more gear and tougher enemy's.
  51. chan lucas: nice game.
  52. dexter davis: not bad. this game seems to be a grinding game but might have a story to it..
  53. Fuel4Insanity: Lame concept. And the game doesn't respond very well to touch. Couldn't even get past the tutorial without it glitching. Not well thought out. Avoid like the plague..
  54. Michael Friedman: I like the game, the art work, etc is good. However, I've noticed that when you exit the game, you lose a lot of progress & I made a purchase yet when I came back to the game it had been lost as well. Can someone help me with this?.
  55. dean boyles: Great little game!.
  56. Anton Kononov: Повисает на экране загрузки в начале каждого уровня. Если закрыть игру и открыть снова - оказываешься на нужном уровне. Бесит переоткрывать игру....
  57. bill “timeout” m: Ive been enjoying it. Graphics are good. Like skill tree..
  58. Sabin Claudiu: Fun experience.
  59. Adam Campa: Fun but if you get an off hand weapon and put skill points into it before the off hand skill tutorial, then you get stuck in the tutorial.
  60. chin wing chuan: it's fun and not so difficult to play during leisure time..
  61. Jeremiah Loy (Chamileon): very fun game lots of skills and ways to play. quests are great stories thanks for this.
  62. Ivan Kelava: lovely game, wish I could pay for ad free but okay.
  63. Hahaha Rhythm: Woooooooow.
  64. Trevor Swanson: It's fun, needs a little work, but I think the mechanics a pretty solid.
  65. Michael Lewis: pretty fun. give it a try!.
  66. Kiet Nguyen: It is ok game to give it a try. Lovely to have a idle button to free your hands..
  67. Joshua Acker: legit fun for a free game.
  68. Steven Gosling: Good: Not a Gacha. Bad: Boring gameplay, grind-to-win, not a roguelike. Probably procedurally generated levels, if only because the levels are bad in a way that only random can do. Maybe permadeath. But clear offramps for grinding to infinity to overwhelm the game. No clear avenue to win via skill. Maybe the game gets significantly better past floor 10. But it seemed to be getting worse. I'm out. Not 1/5 simply because Not Gacha..
  69. Thomas Hatfield: Unable to play the game, UI bugs stop me progressing past the quest explaining how to equip items..
  70. Thumper Evans: I spent 5.99 on a bucket of crystals and it refuses to give it to me after charging me for them..
  71. Julian Sanchez: The games pretty fun so far the gems are a bit difficult to get if you don't watch the ads other then that though it's pretty a pretty good game..
  72. Thomas Parker: awesome gameplay loop.
  73. Joshua Foy: very fun game but a different hero would be cool.
  74. Kyle Barkley: Terrible.
  75. Outsanity99 (OutSanity99): So far it's kept my attention for, collectively, almost 3 hours! Simple mechanics and rewarding gameplay.
  76. Curtis James: pretty good and doesn't consist of ads.
  77. David Hogan: interesting so. feels like a good dungeon crawler.
  78. Shannon Parks: The game has been fun and interesting so far, but it is still quite early as I have been only playing for 5 minutes..
  79. Wes Anderson: Your is still in development. This is not the Full app. Why does this not say "EARLY RELEASE"?.
  80. Bryan Asaf: GREAT little crawler. Would like to see a merchant. Maybe in the dungeon or on the surface that buys items. I fell some crafting items take a little to long (personal feeling). All together you guys/gals have made a great start. P.S. Where/How do I use a shovel?.
  81. Jordan Chapman: pretty fun way to kill time so far. just made it to my second checkpoint.
  82. Neal Trevena: this game is fun but could simply be improved by giving 10 gems to sit through adds instead of 5 and 20 instead of 10 from the add chests.
  83. Javier Ramirez: it's a good game to pass the time.
  84. Scott Tillison: love it.
  85. B 96: Hate it being forced to play a generic male character! Give me a female character!.
  86. Gamer God: GG.
  87. Tom Brannigan: very fun.
  88. Thomas Bell: sweet.
  89. christian kellaway: could use an auto play.
  90. David Bulfoni: Not for me.
  91. David Tennant: ok so far.. heavy on the ads tho.. but good drop rates.
  92. T V: Very enjoyable game. Only thing is the movement is not very fluid but then again it is a chill game.
  93. Steve: Wonderful dungeon adventure! Good progression and very fair drops and leveling. Don't miss this one, it's more than fun and not at all frustrating like a lot of games in this category..
  94. Bradley Hobart: this game is good.
  95. Todd Moore: fun experience so far. seems to be a basic dungeon crawler but enjoyable and simple..
  96. Noctis L: it's definitely a challenge , fair with drops in Dungen, u have time and bored of same $#@# I'd check this game out🤔.
  97. Hector Ruelas: I enjoy the different gameplay.
  98. zoe howe: awesome game 9/10 recommend!!.
  99. Debbie Newport Ramsay: Wonderful game!!!!!!!!.
  100. All Unique TV: pretty, wish I could organize what I had in my house bar.
  101. Jeckal 7: Was a fun game to play on my downtime, come back a few weeks later after a few updates and try to play where I left off.. Apparently all of my equipment cannot be upgraded in anyway and I lost 1400 gold and numerous upgrade items(rarity gems) with no way of getting them back while trying to upgrade... hopefully it can be fixed in the future but I am glad I never spent money on this game.. imagine losing your paid for weapons/amour to this glitch.
  102. Troy Dalton: I was having fun, sort of, until I discovered the boon of IAP, speed ups. Any game that uses speed ups gets an automatic 1 star from me. Extortion, plain and simple! It serves no other purpose than to make money..
  103. Felix Crew: Its a nice game..
  104. Curtis O'Dell: Happy Dungeon Life.
  105. Ian Donders: very easy and simply play.have noted quite a few hour of gameplay.
  106. Kyuto Grey Wolf (Kyuto Grey Wolf): please remove the IAPs those break the game for me every thing else is fine.
  107. Michael Stone: It's okay, pay play though. Takes a couple months to save up for a 5 floor quest. 😵 1/12/22 had an update that makes ads intrusive and you cannot exit without closing game! I just lost at the battle on dungeon 50 at main boss because of this. Took an hour to get there 🤬 Uninstalled game!!!.
  108. Romek Debesciak: Gra jest świetna, jednak na poziomie 50-55 idzie już bardzo ciężko. Nadal próbuje ale czarno to widzę. Skończyłem piętro 75 z bosem, rozumiem że więcej pięter nie ma? Czekam na dalsze piętra, zwarty i gotowy :] wróciłem lekko zawiedziony ;( pozdrawiam ! When you going to add new levels? Alright it took you 4months already...put more levels on otherwise there nothing to do.. still making more floors.. come on.
  109. Dark Steal: Meh.
  110. Josh Novak: could use more storage for items but so far so good 👍 😊 👌.
  111. Gary M: This is easily a top dungeon crawler on my list 👌.
  112. Joe “DankDabster” Mopar: Entertaining dungeon crawler..
  113. mike tibulski: another old school masterpiece i love this game i am looking forward to see how i feel after the new wears off.
  114. Jay Powers: descent I'm liking it so far just started though.
  115. Privileguan: Overly simplistic game - barely any choices, builds. Just choose x and lvl y.. the calculations dont make sense and it boils down to "buy stuff to get through an otherwise lame game" Could have been made by a 12 year old in terms of complexity of game choices. Nearly 0 effort put into the game. Just build the base construct and add ads and cash items. On top, bad auto-mode..
  116. Zero sanity: One problem I restored my data from my other phone and it didn't give me back my other slots to keep my stuff, I need them back.
  117. Prime 0ZX72A3G: Not the best roguelike.
  118. Erica Churchill: bow and arrow would be fun ,so you'll be at a distance ,but you'll have to sacrifice other stuff. I don't know your the experts..
  119. Breana Fisher: Fun little tap and play time waster :).
  120. Paul Brownell: Amazing game, you can play without paying, but still to many micros..
  121. shawn connors: I think it's awesome so far.
  122. Tz Ju: it's nice. a virtual joystick would make it better.
  123. Morfo2: Pretty good. Wasn't expecting this to be fun and easy to play..
  124. Reléntles Hátred: It's a nice game, though I wonder if the passive skills of other weapons when I'm not using that certain weapon..
  125. Shy Megaladon: Good game. I hope there will be a game wiki, or in game descriptions would show numbers. In skills in particular. Cant make a decision if I dont know what I get..
  126. B: Much bugs. Many wow..
  127. Rasmus Vinther: Description says it is an amazing addition to the genre. While i dont agree that it is amazing, i do agree that it IS an addition. Devs deserve a star for delivering 100% on their promise to add to the amount of games already available. The other star is because i think they tried their best..
  128. Jared Gardner: Bad.
  129. Brian Galpin: Nice and straightforward to play Good idle game to pass the time.
  130. Brad Decker: i like how it's a roguelike rpg. There's a couple glitches here and there but it's great for a free game.
  131. Ricardas Brancevicius: Very interesting :).
  132. Jack Mehof: fun time killer.
  133. Chris Cook: great game.
  134. Kemal Serkan Özbala: Best game so far as offline , game is pretty much DEAD after you kill the Level 75 Boss which is BEHOLDER and obtain Crystaline Set Any plans to DEVOLOPE new dungeons , bosses items etc because LEVEL 75 dungeon cap was here for long time and game hasnt been updated story wise , dungeon wise for long time.
  135. Jesse Lawson: Id rate this 5 stars if not for 1 terrible flaw. It freezes constantly. Seriously, about every 9 seconds, it will freeze for about 15 seconds. Should not have been released with such an awful bug. If not for this, game would be awesome. Please fix!!!.
  136. Ivankovic K Onekalit: quite fun, easy enough to level up.
  137. jt24817: The game is great. I just finished my first run through and beat level 75. now I need to know if there is goon to be a way to "reset" progress so I can try different weapon builds from the beginning..
  138. Serg B: Спасибо большое за хорошую игру...
  139. Beth Braddard: Big ZERO unworthy of review.
  140. kev var: I like it a lot so far can't say there is any problem with the game.keep up the good work..
  141. David Shinn: Great game so far. I enjoy the grind and the lack of ads if you don't want them. being able to play offline is a big seller too. I really hate mobile gaming today and finding a fun one that I can stand playing more than a week before I delete is a nice change of pace. great music and art work..
  142. J S (ForsakenZero): Just boring.
  143. Laurie & Michael Clay: so far so good.
  144. George Kuhn: I am really enjoying this game. The ads are short and you can watch a few at any time when you need resources. Of course, you can always pay money, but I have not needed to yet. So nice to see a non greedy game. There are few like this. Much fun!.
  145. Tom McCauley: Fun so far.
  146. chris c: Fun game but would like to see more dungeouns added as I have beat the currently avalible floors.
  147. Gareth Griffin: Good old fashioned dungeon crawling.
  148. James Sandwitch: Comes off as 'view to play.' If you get rid of the ads, you still have to deal with the poor economy by buying "gems." Most the time, you will use $100 to fight for $13..
  149. artiuom plesni (RussianBOI): Fun game over whole, something that just makes it not fun for me is the enemy who leaves lava forever and you unable to do nothing about. In a game where you should back track especially in the 45-50 floors with the crystal quest makes it just a a stupid rng game..
  150. SD Bevers: Great Game !!!!!.

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- Download Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link order-of-fate-roguelike-rpg-mod-hack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Hotger.Games.

- Download Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file order-of-fate-roguelike-rpg-mod-hack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

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How to download & install Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Mod Apk on Android & Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=57847

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored order-of-fate-roguelike-rpg-mod-hack.APK & order-of-fate-roguelike-rpg-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again order-of-fate-roguelike-rpg-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG on your phone.

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Version: 1.27.2.
Operating system: 8.0.
Evaluate: 45035.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Hotger.Games.
Votes: 4.5.
Interact: .
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