Pacific Rim: Breach Wars Mod

Pacific Rim: Breach Wars {HACK + MOD}

Swipe and fight online in a PvP Match-3 RPG official Pacific Rim game!. Pacific Rim: Breach Wars Mod v1.8.0

Update: 10/06/2023
Original price $: FREE

Download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars Mod 1.8.0 for android apk & iphone ios 5.1

Pacific Rim: Breach Wars is the official puzzle RPG game based on the epic Pacific Rim universe. As a PPDC marshal, take control of the battlefield and recruit legendary Jaegers to your strike team to fend off the monster menace and undo the apocalypse. Battle other players, form factions and earn exciting rewards as you progress through the game.


在战斗中结合彩色电源核心为您的 Jaeger 提供动力,并执行强大的连击击败怪兽并带领你的突击小队取得胜利! But stay defensive. After moving, it’s your enemy’s turn to fight back.

Collect Legendary Hunters

Recruit over 50 unique Legendary Hunters for your fleet, such as Gypsy Avenger, Striker Eureka, Coyote Tango, Horizon Bold and more! Upgrade your gear by earning rewards through daily missions and completing match 3 PvP levels, and unite the Jaegers into a deadly strike team to defeat other players around the world!

Build Your Strike Team

Equip Jaegers with powerful gears. Upgrade weapons, attack skills and defense skills to increase Jaeger’s power and increase damage on the battlefield. Use your battle strategy wisely and choose the best Jaeger for each mission to ensure victory.

Battle in competitive PVP tournaments

Enter your strongest Jaeger or multiplayer mode in best team battles against other players in PvP. Beat other players to climb the leaderboards and get better rewards!

Multiplayer Battles: Connect troops and create factions

Create or join a faction, play with millions of players worldwide and collect extra rewards! Plan your battle strategy with your faction mates via in-game chat and form unmatched alliances!

Participate in tons of activities and missions

Participate in challenging daily missions and other limited-time tournament events for great value prizes!

Fight your JAEGER against KAIJU and cancel the Apocalypse

By selling fan-favorite Jaegers like Gipsy Danger and taking control of Saber Athena and getting ready for action in Monster Wars​ content.

© Legendary 2022. all rights reserved.

Free download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars {HACK + MOD} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.8.0. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Swipe and fight online in a PvP Match-3 RPG official Pacific Rim game!. Developed by Sandsoft Publishing Company. Operating system requirements 5.1. Teen.

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  • - Acceleration
  • - Unlock Full Version

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Fixed purchase issue..

New comment

  1. pan3. mizan: ok.
  2. Zhen Chi Boo: Its a fun game smae as it use to be, but everytime i wanna equip gear it always takes a long time to load.
  3. Barathi BTS Army: The gam was network issue slow game playing.
  4. Doddy Arya: Cannot start the game. Already reinstalling several times, keep on saying "error downloading bundle asset" coyotetango_ or horizonbrave_ something like that. Please fix this.
  5. Allan Eduards: Cant equip gears, cant level up, everything takes too long. Loads for every lil thing that i try doing.... Now my jaeger of full health suddenly drop to 0 in battle. Is this game still in early beta?.
  6. Itsme JiJi: Loading server take too long.
  7. Alphatrix101 TX: This game used to be fun when it first came out but now I can't login and get my stuff back or have the name of that account which made me very disappointed with its return.
  8. Putramas Jokopratomo: U did fixed it, tq. But sometimes still glitch but it's ok.
  9. Hayden Harries: Sucks.
  10. Arnav Raj: Like the game but I can't unlock jeagers after getting J-tech it loads and doesn't unlock.
  11. Alva Palacio: Thx for being it back.
  12. Ezuan Eusoff: This game is bad because if I equip some gear and level press anything it just loading like I want to fight kaiju but can't let me fight I have to select jengar to fight but won't let me.
  13. Tyler Shaffer: Game would be better if it was more responsive and less buggy,also the tutorials are annoying,I want them to burn in hell..
  14. Jihoo Paguntalan: I am a fan of the pacific rim franchies but i hate that the fact it was having some problems i hope they fix it Asap and also can you pls put the yeahers from the netflix series and the kaijus cuz i love them.
  15. Luke Fitzpatrick: The game is fine the 3% of the time it actually works. Judging by all the other reviews it's been like this for quite some time. I'd recommend giving it a miss..
  16. burnout7100: Garbage..
  17. Wolf Pack Alpha: Loved the game when it first came out love to see that it's back hate to see that it's back so many bugs and server issues tho.
  18. J Shadow Gamer: I like the design of the game and the mechanics but it's really buggy and keeps having server error making it unplayable.
  19. unknown sorry: I really loved this game but now it's just horrible. terrible internet combined with a aJax bug where the mech doesn't even get max hp even tho I maxed his hp the games greatly slow me having to leave the game and re enter just to get a Free bot on the Second Act of area 1 there's a lot of problems with this game And I hope they get it fixed..
  20. Wonder of u: I can't play the game without it saying server error every single time it's fun but i can't do anything when that screen pops up.
  21. Jeremy Maynard: Poor service, keeps lagging, keeps disconnecting from server, when trying to attach gear it times out. Poor service please fix..
  22. gabriel macks: Need to fix glitchs developers it erased the 2 jaegers you get during the tutorial missions whitch made the game unplayable because you need November Ajax to even start the first non tutorial mission pls for all of us pacific rim fans actually take time for fixing these mistakes in the game.
  23. Larry Kelley: Has potential, freezes constantly. Gearing, gameplay. Keeps freezing. Uninstalling.
  24. MIAMBO SANGO, MSAMA: It's not letting me use my Google or Facebook account to login..
  25. speedyjose187 wolf-tamer: Like the game but I can't sign in to my account from before every time I try it just kicks me out please help.
  26. Cody Greaney: I wanted this game to be good but between poor servers and many MANY errors with gear and upgrades it wasn't worth keeping..
  27. Martino Francois: When are the errors going to be fixed because i am having a issues playing the game.
  28. Stephen Lewis: Oh wow, not working and crashes or freezes everyone you do just about anything. Such a shame as the tutorial was decent. Had a great email from support saying the game is back up and running. But for some reason it's hangs when uodraging or installing gear on the Jeager. Again, the tutorial works fine....also keep getting a server error message from time to time. Still unplayable however..
  29. HEROBINE SIDD: It came back thanks sandsoft plz fix some more issues.
  30. JZHVY: Extremely fun game from 2020 but Extremely buggy as well. I get connection errors a lot on wifi. The game lags soo much and I often have to restart it..
  31. Benjamin Lopez: It's a fun game, but it keeps crashing and freezing up on me..
  32. Dyn Nasharudyn: It is super laggy and my mechs kept disappearing.
  33. Megatronus 2: Ok look, when I played the first time around I loved this game. Now I can't even get into the game itself. Why is it returning if I can't even get to play it?? I really just want this game back to its former glory.
  34. Rudy: I❤ 😎😎😎😁😁.
  35. Wyatt Gonnerman: The only reason I am rating it 3 instead of 5 stars is the lag. Lag, lag, lag. When ever you press a button on the game lag. Please fix it.
  36. kllgamerx Godschild: Game doesn't work fix error-3001 also you're scamming I spend $5 on the Phoenix little supply pack and now it's gone :T.
  37. Andhika Yulistio: I understand it just released but it definitely has alot of glitches so far. Can't log in to Facebook/Google Play. Now i can't even get in the game anymore, it's just stuck on 17% and it says error loading data. After i press the restart button it just stucks at 0%. Just fix it, then maybe 5 stars..
  38. zulhairil Zul: Finally I can play again this game after it disappears on PlayStore 1 years ago....So happy can play the game again:D.
  39. AxelBoiii123 _: How do i recover my progress before the game was originally shut down?.
  40. Avatar Aang: Had this game before the game got taken down from thw play store. It was fun really loved it, the only reason I'm giving it a 3 star is because I can't sign in to Google play or facebook so I can't get my old Jaegers back which is sad because I had strong Jaegers but other then that same fun game as before :).
  41. Joshua Smith: First I am glad they brought it back thank you but here's the problem why can you not certain places of gear if you can it takes so long to do that it's sad because the game is good it just feels rushed not like it's a different game but it's just annoying it's tiny things in this version of the game make it in a way fall apart please somebody do a update please..
  42. James Howard: Would be fun but it has a severe lack of loading capabilities takes forever to load into most of the functions.
  43. Alex Garcia: It freezes too much it sucks.
  44. Ahmad Nuaim: Suddenly ingame health only 3 left. Cannot equip some item and increase level. Sometimes also cannot Revive and restore health. Lagging and hanging server. Old version years ago smooth and clear. If can be negative rating will be choose. Can be 5 stars if resolved all the error and bug.
  45. Brian Jarvis: As everyone knows it's very broken but nobody has been talking about how there's no volume, atleast for me.
  46. Muhammad Arsyad Ikram Mohd Fauzul: So good😀😀😀.
  47. Jose Flores: Hey maybe can you add pvp back also gold fa tory voucher and reduce the regular voucher back to 100 for 1.
  48. GOAT: The server keeps disconnecting every few minutes. I am using wifi at work and home and it still behaves the same way..
  49. Bo W: Very glitchy and caused freezing up.
  50. Blake Hendrickson: I remeber this.
  51. V Whiteman: Too long to load.
  52. Rwk Building: It's good but very glitches.
  53. B. E. P.: Man this game Old! I've played it years back. You guys need to fix all the bug before I can compare it to the good old days..
  54. Cumulo Nimbus: Utter Disappointment. Un-playable, buggy, glitch, laggy you name it. Devs don't just throw out games that are unfurnished and not ready. Waste of space ..
  55. Mark: I couldn't even complete the first level it didn't give me the blue one or whatever it's called I only started with 2 Jagers the black and the orange one plus it's super buggy wouldn't let me equip some gear and I had to press claim on the daily quest twice before it actually claimed the quest.
  56. Angelo Gonzalez: Unplayable, every time you equip a gear it loads forever. Every time you get stuck, you need to restart..
  57. Jiacheng Qiu: YES FINALLY THE GAME IS BACK OMG I MIISED THIS GAME SO BAD and it bring back so many memorie.
  58. Gage Flanagagn: I used to play this so much but now I'm able to finish this game and have fun finally thank you so much for bringing it back.
  59. Aaron Masilang: when i try to level up my jaegers the level stays the same but my firmware upgrades is decreasing..
  60. George gamer: My favorite game in my phone this is amazing and nobody change my change my choice.
  61. Derek Santana: Great just great this was such a stress relief I cried when I saw it back thank you for bringing back my favorite game.
  62. Manas Khulnavong: I can't fight kaigu because I have a loading screen that take like 20minute to load.
  63. Barry Watkins: This game keeps freezing all the time.. don't even get to play one round before it freeze.
  64. X TKJ-SUFENDY: Finally the best games got revived!still fun but I have an bugs which I've never encountered before about network so please fix it.
  65. Sebastian Aldama: Oh my god man i used to play this in 2020 :)))) glad to see it back...
  66. Jimmy Wilson: Might just be me but the server response time isnt great, the actual game play is really good and im glad its returned, however this is kinda ruined by how slow it can be and i have to reload the app each time i want to equip gear, which kills the fun pretty quickly..
  67. Ken Nolan Garcia: The game is not working,not loading and saying error downloading asset bundles coyotetango_ and horizonbrave_ is missing.
  68. Steven Frank: LETS GOOOO ITS BACK 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Also there is a surver problem but the game has been re released and it has not even been 24 hours so guys have some patience. In the mean time lwta celebrate the return of a game that carried google play!!.
  69. bhone pyae: My favorite game is back on play store 0 I'm so happy 🤯💥.
  70. eone laa: dont waste your time download this game....
  71. Ramzy Rayhan: Fix your server.
  72. Nick Lopez: I was loving this game because it came back but there to much thing go on with this game they need to fix it but but right now I am going to give 3 stars.
  73. Sudha Kunja: It's Pacific rim not working.
  74. Captain Archer: Always Bad connection.
  75. Brian Montoya: I remember playing this game back in 2020 while having lots of fun. I am super excited that the game has made a return but it has some problems after completing a good amount of the tutorial it said there was a server error and my screen wouldn't register any taps I made. When I closed and logged back in, about 1/8 of my screen on the bottom was black. I kept closing and opening but it wouldn't change. I uninstalled and redownloaded but the same issues kept happening. It needs to be fixed ASAP..
  76. Draconaii: Constant loading issues, wanna put gear on a Jager, 20 second loading, wanna get into a battle even longer loading. Until they fix loading issues I don't think I can play this..
  77. Marion July Lopez: SERVERS ARE THE WORST. You cant upgrade or level up your Jaegers because the minute you do, it goes into loading hell and your stuck there slack jawed looking at november ajax of all jaegers. FIX. THIS. NOW..
  78. jose avelino: Game is barely playable between the terrible load times and constant server issues.
  79. Taquarius Lewis: Good game but need more work done.
  80. Yang Setyo: My fav game but glitchy as hell heal will make your jaeger have 0 hp. Equipping gears really glitchy, overall very glitchy game and i suspect old user data is not deleted aince i still have my unique name (usually no one use) used :p.
  81. Mark Hamilton: Decent gameplay, but frequent bugs make equipping gear and upgrading unavailable and the server doesn't load well, no excuse for such a simple game to run so poorly.
  82. RaptorBlue 101: Wow. I mean wow does this app have a lot of bugs, issues, glitches. Can barely play the game. I gave 3 stars due to the fact that I think if all the bugs etc are fixed it has a lot of potential. But if it doesn't get fixed. I'm sorry this thing won't last long..
  83. James II Ravelo: Pacific rim - yay Frequent server lag - boo Frequent server errors - boo Close to uninstalling this..
  84. DrMikkel_yz54: I bought the starter pack but the Jaeger dissapaeared next time when i entered the game. Scam.
  85. Sam Do: I love the game I played it before it deleted and now it back I downloaded it I still love it but the server error is a big turnoff it error to frequently from where I live.
  86. Bala Murali: Need lots updets game to slow and some times server not responding good game but make some good.
  87. Stiaan Du Plessis: Believe me it is a good game but i start lvl 3 then i can't play the game because i don't get November Ajax but usually before the game shuted down i could play the game pls tell me what i can do.
  88. kieran martin: Cannot connect to the servers its unplayable.
  89. Leon: Its always stuck in the loading.
  90. M. Reza Pahlevi: The loading taking too long, error when leveling up Jaeger, error when installing Gears, the network & server error is unbearable.
  91. Adny Amzar: This game is so good! I remember playing it.
  92. Random Owner: My old is lost i can not login in.
  93. Hazrul Arifin: I cant link my old account by fb or goggle.
  94. Aidan: Fix the loading time and everything is perfect.
  95. Adam Lewis: There is a little bit of bugs like I can't put on equipment or level up some of my Jaeger But I am glad the game is back.
  96. Philip Bouchard: Game is to bugged. Can't update parts or level up. Uninstalled until it fixed.
  97. 20-098 Dixon Pekanto: Too much lag and bug atm, will download it again when it's fixed. So whenever I try to use an equipment, it shows the loading process but then it's not equipped. Pretty annoying since I can only fill 2 out of the total 6 equipment box on my jaegers. And I really need those stats.
  98. Danny Lim: Not a stable app. I have to restart the app for many times since the first 15mins of playing. Unable to login to Google account and Facebook account..
  99. Ibollant: I seem can't to load in the game, The game is always stuck at 87 or 0, fix it please..
  100. lawrens Balaguer: I really reallllyy love this game but that i dont like this game is its online whyy I want offline.
  101. rollan Capiz: good game but i just lost my account in 2000 when it shutdown when it came back it keeps saying no internet connection but my internet is fine but i still like the game thank you for bringing it back..
  102. Jashim Baldostamon: Plz fix so many bugs and fix the event too.
  103. Rengoku Kyojuro: Hello I Bought bracer phoenix and paid for him and then it said purchase failed Please help and reply.
  104. Jojo Nuneza: This is cool i got cool jeager.
  105. Gayle Ash: this game is great in 2020 but my proplem is i cant install pacific rim breach wars when i try to install it just keeps on loading thats why i gave it a 3 stars then 5 stars.
  106. Carl Valencia: Overall everything is good, the thing that makes the game boring is that it's hard to get vouchers to get more jaegers ://.
  107. Kram Norel: Good game but some other features are missing , I can't open my loot capsule ,can't get jaegers woks capsule so I'm stuck and my jaegers are not leveling up so pls fix this I will change my review to 5 star if this will be fix.
  108. Marte Minong jr: Its a great game i didn't have the chance to play it but i can i know this game so i played it its not like back in 2020 where its fully released and almost no bugs or error but then you just added it to playstore today there are multiple bugs and when i try to enter a battle it will say an error so please im begging you fix the game and everyone will enjoy it to so i hope you keep updating and will fix the bugs and error's edit: fix the faction cause when i try to creat one i cant.
  109. dorothy cruz: Good game but still a little laggy but overall it's a amazing game I just hope it will get me jeagers events and I hope we can log in out old accounts again I miss gispsy avenger xd.
  110. Maks Sepastian: Cap 🧢🧢🧢 this game is a copy no one download it pls I did and there is a 2star monster THAT I can't defeat. No one download this game it's a copy from original's FAKE 🤬🤬🤬😡.
  111. dwaynebradly rellon: Yeah the game is so fun and i waiting this game yes i finally the is so fun because i miss it ❤️❤️ thank you 😊😊.
  112. Charles Glen Liberato: Its good it works normally.
  113. Uhmjacked: This game is the best pacific rim game ever made so thats why i gave it a 3 but the reason why i didnt give it a 5 its because im stuck in like stage 2 or 3 i think and when i start the battly it just loads and says network error even tho my network is completly fine. (And also my device is a tab S7 so there is no way its a device problem).
  114. Eimer Tulabut: Dude if i already completed the last mission i dont even get the shards or the vouchers. Comeone fix this or i will not play it anymore. I been waiting for 2 years just for it to comeback..
  115. Blue Jade: After all these years now we can play but how can i log in my Google Play I can save my game progress.
  116. Hendrix Cabaong: Can't get past level 1 because it keeps crashing but like the game is back.
  117. Pao Torres: Its been great playing this game on 2020, But now i got an message saying "Server error" Which it doesn't allow me to me play the game even tho i have good internet, But i hope you fix this, Thank you!.
  118. iggy mac: i remember this game got deleted but it come back im so happy and i hope this game don't get deleted again.
  119. Aaron Rodia: Greatt game I've been waiting for this time to happen, I thoughr you wonyt put it back but now it's finally here my greatest childhood game, love itttt..
  120. Dark Demon: Please fix the server, I have a decent internet connection and it says server error. I love this game..
  121. Jose Miguel Trinidad: Sana naman ayos yun kapag login po sa facebook and google play pls relpy fast this one useing redmi.
  122. Klaus Dimaandal: Plss fix the error.
  123. Tristan De Asis: Keeps lagging please fix it.
  124. Jim Ramos: The game keeps crashing even though i have good wifi.
  125. AXELMARIE DOBREA: This games sucks i have a good internet connection but, they always says " it required to have an internet " even tho. I have a good internet in my house this is so dissapointing.
  126. Markus Bangcaya: I can play the game i enjoyit but somehow it kept errors and crashing when im in a battle and the gane kept freezing.
  128. SAY My name: You pal your game is busted . Fix it.
  129. Rj L moral: I love it it's so cool very cool game.
  130. Gold Red: Its Been a Year Daddy 😩. FINALLY THEY BROUGHT BACK MY FAVORITE GAME. Hopefully they added the New Pilots too though..
  131. FRANCIS MIGUEL MANARPIIS: I loved the game before and now in 2022. Problem is, the servers are always unresponding and telling me to have a good Internet Connection even though I already have a decent one..
  132. Itz_ binpvpvn: Its Good But Its Glitchy And Would Go Error So Fix This Problem But Im Hopefull Its Back.
  133. motion evaluation: best game but I thought it's was deleted but it's was there so cool game make a new game.
  135. Jeffrey Abalus: Server is not responding🤦🤦.
  136. Dhein Pogi: Stupid game.
  137. Jimuel Cruz: I'm disappointed about this "Connection Error" thing even tho im so close at my wifi, Please Fix this.
  138. Juan Carlo panelo: I love how the game is back but please fix the network problems i really wanna get far on the game before i only had 20 hours to play i got hooked then it got shut down please fix the network error.
  139. Bael Banshee: The server keeps crushing then after 1-2 mins or gameplay, I really want to play this game so please fix the issue thank you!.
  141. Benjoe Costales III: Me and my dad love this game(im 8 years old).
  142. Gabyan Valdez: The game is finally back yes I don't care about the bugs and crashes at least it's back and pls don't ever shutdown the game.
  143. Gerald Kent Hui: This game was ok before 2020. Now after redownloading this game, it is disappointing. Game keeps crashing saying service error...etc. I can't even progress properly in the game anymore..
  144. Vuaru: Error no wifi please fix.
  145. Marites Castaneda: This game is cool but i want red robot.
  146. Antonnete Basanal: It's back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  147. Jeme Lucas Mesia: Played this game in 2020, until it was unfortunately taken down for some reason. Im glad I can play it again, cuz I rly like these types of games. Ty for bringing it back!.
  148. Mark Francis Barangan: I love this game this is so cool if someone see this try it and put this a 5 star pls.

Download Instructions Pacific Rim: Breach Wars latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link pacific-rim-breach-wars-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Sandsoft Publishing Company.

- Download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file pacific-rim-breach-wars-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Sandsoft Publishing Company provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Pacific Rim: Breach Wars file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Pacific Rim: Breach Wars Mod Apk on Android & Pacific Rim: Breach Wars Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Pacific Rim: Breach Wars Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored pacific-rim-breach-wars-hack-mod.APK & pacific-rim-breach-wars-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again pacific-rim-breach-wars-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Pacific Rim: Breach Wars on your phone.

Download Pacific Rim: Breach Wars {HACK + MOD} UNLOCKED FULL VERSION

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Version: 1.8.0.
Operating system: 5.1.
Evaluate: 496.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 50,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Sandsoft Publishing Company.
Votes: 3.0.
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