Panzer War : DE Mod

Panzer War : DE [Hack/Mod]

Module-based and HP-based damage in one game. Panzer War : DE Mod v0.9.31.4

Update: 28/05/2023
Original price $: 6.99

Download Panzer War : DE Mod for android apk & iphone ios 5.1

Panzer War: Definitive Edition is a TPS tank shooter. It contains a module-based damage mechanic and a health-based damage mechanic. You can choose different damage mechanics in the game options. The game uses a new rendering pipeline. Module-based damage is similar to War Thunder. It calculates how the shell damages the internal modules and plays an X-ray display. PS-based damage is similar to World of Tanks.

The game does not contain a tech tree. You don’t have to unlock the vehicle. You can play all tanks in the game for free. It includes more than 50 tanks from World War II to modern warfare. More tanks will appear in the latest update. Additionally, the game supports modding. You can download hundreds of mod tanks for free from the mod downloader.

In addition, you can combine different equipment to build your own tank in the tank workshop!

Game modes include 7V7, Skirmish (Rebirth), History Mode and Playground.

Please do not download any pirated version. The development of Panzer War :DE cost me a lot of time and money! ! !

Free download Panzer War : DE [Hack/Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Module-based and HP-based damage in one game. Developed by ShanghaiWindy. Operating system requirements 5.1. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Panzer War : DE MOD

  • - No ADS
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - Free Purchases
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Acceleration

Game Version Panzer War : DE Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Unlock Download
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlocked Paid
  • - Speed

Add new vehicles,tank parts and map parts.
Add new features.
Improve game performance..

New comment

  1. Radu Ștefan: It's laggy..
  2. Jomar cortes: Thank u for update.
  4. Teuila AK Fabricius: Just disappointed about the crashing that keeps constantly happening when I've tried to open the game for once. I just bought it today (7/10/22)... so how can I fix this issue? I wanna experience the game for once, but all I get is a bug which keeps kicking me out during the loading screen. No offense, but I've spent $10 for this and it just doesn't work! Please help.
  5. Wan _offisial: Add new tank please.
  6. Junaul Fabricius: Overall, the game is fun just like Panzer War Classic, but instead with the modules like WT is cooler. But, just some problems with the latest update when I installed it, the game acts up and crashes when I keep opening it for like 100 times until I get this "default mode activated." And when I toggled the Tank Workshop / Map Editor it says "No internet connection," even though that I had wifi on or not. But with respect, I've paid $10 for this, and all I get is half of the game not working..
  7. Jerome Keith Garcia: Great game but on standard battle when you are destroyed the battle automatically ends, it would be nice if you can spectate even after you died.
  8. Carson Kiddy: I love this game, it's fun it has realistic physics, and my favorite part is the modules, but there is a glitch with this game that sometimes it says that it can not verify the product, can you fix this?.
  9. The OneDoing: Ok I want to give this 5 stars, but there is a crucial problem. I cannot play it without internet, and there needs to be a way to change the mm thickness of armor on the tanks you make. If this is fixed and added it will get 5 stars..
  10. US MC: I'm confused why is it need internet to load the game even tho it is an offline game? however the game is over all 10/10 but you should change the Ap that is exploding while hitting thw target only HE explodes ,That's just my few issues ,I hope you will change those problems,Thank u.
  11. Isnira Acari: Good game I spent 350PHP FOR THIS BUT ITS LAGGY OVERALL.
  12. 2A6 Leopard (Leopard 2A6): I'd say its a good game but please can you make the leopard 2 witj real modelling please? I don't like the leopard 2a7 ingame now.
  13. Nabil Naim: This game is super great I love the module mode but there's bug that make me cant enter the vehicle creator map,also I can't play multiplayer please fix these developer.
  14. bardotz kie: Please make the license check a one time only...kind of annoying.
  15. A tank: The game will keep crashing on loading screen, do you know a way to fix this?.
  16. Brandon Tedlock: I love this game. I play it regularly. What I despise is that whether I have internet or not, I cannot use the tank/map editor it says "failed to find gamemode". Multiplayer? All rooms say "Version Conflicts". Bro. Really? Paid 8 dollars for a game that over 50% of is not available to me because of some bug. I have tried on 2 devices and 4 different networks+regular cell service. Its broken. Please fix this. It worked just fine before the last update. I want to play the whole game I paid for..
  17. Kahlin Goforth: I really enjoy this game and what crazy build you can make with it it's basically a mobile war thunder just that you can create tanks and graphics are amazing but there is one problem. For the hulls In the tank workshop you can't make them bigger like everything else please add that option but other then that it's a awesome game..
  18. Willian Young: It runs at 3fps even on everything low and it makes my phone freeze and turn off please make it optimized for Android.
  19. 9-Pingguo Dustin: Please add an ingame workshop for both vehicles and maps instead of having import codes so that you can share both maps and vehicles to people more easily..
  20. sirtanksalot: Great game, the mod tanks are fun to play and module mode is fun along with hp from the og. The only problem I have with this game is that when a tank is upside down, they can shoot you even when their gun is underground. That's super unrealistic and it needs a change because I'm tired of being shot straight through terrain. Also, Why do I need internet to play the game when I can play with bots offline? Please change that because it's ridiculous..
  21. Hidra: bazí mod tanlarí oynanmıyo normal panzer warda hepsi oynanıyo onun dışında oyun çok güzel.
  22. Cameron Hardy: Extremely fun game love the module mode makes the game a little like warthunder only thing I wish was added to game would be an actual tech tree we have to get xp for.
  23. Soviet Biscuit: For the most part it's great especially the module combat but there are some bugs like for example, not being able to play some vehicles. Also it needs more hulls and turrets and such for the vehicle creator. And a lot of things are in foreign languages..
  24. 「Arroganz」: I hand it to ya, best tank simulator for mobile devices. But I can't access the workshop because "No Internet Connection". Other than that, this game is fantastic and different from its predecessor 'Panzer War'.
  25. Austin Langlois: I can tell it is a good game without getting past the loading screen. How? It has so much stuff to load that it immediately crashes the game! My junk phone can't handle the awesome ess emminating from the game!.
  26. stephen sanderson: It's really good but tow things add war train and kv6 please and also evrytime I try and go into the tank workshop it won't load.
  27. Novian Alif: Sad you need a internet connection to enter the game, although overall is offline.
  28. Hu Tao: It went well.
  29. Jace: I cant get the workshop to load even after 10 minutes Edit: Deleted and got it to work finally.
  30. Munkhtaiga Gansukh: This game is so lag.
  31. Adrian Bencosme: For anyone debating getting this game, I can't recommend enough that you do. Best tank game on mobile if not one of the best mobile games. The creator deserves appreciation for this, and he has been listenting to feedback for a very long time now. I am glad to have been watching this work from the start..
  32. DarkStorm 97: Great game. Workshop needs more parts and please do add the T-90 and T-14 and other modern MBTs.
  33. Teresa Wagner: Sherman calliope tank mod pls.
  34. Hiro Arceleta: It is much fun when u made your own tank..
  35. I've lost my mind please help.: Great work.
  36. Freddybonnie Chikafoxyy: TOTALLY AN AMAZING GAME Worth ur money and i have a suggestion how about you put the decal option like what u did in the previous panzer war.
  37. yuh: would be cool if u add more map like the map Paris from the original panzer war.
  38. DoggoWazHere: Fun.
  39. Kristina Triplat: Nice.
  40. Tuấn Kha Lê: excellent game but the STUG is needed.
  41. El bot:: Works and its very cool but pls make offline.
  42. Michael Rodriguez: Need more vehicles Fix bug Please put it also offline when I have no wifi then I can't play and it sucks 😔 please do it for the game but this game also worth the purchase.
  43. Ayimat: Great game absolutely love it.
  44. Nab Noob: the money you will spent in this game is super worth it, they deserve to get paid in this game, but theres one problem the multiplayer mode is kinda lag but im sure devs will fix it in future,by the way if you want a realistic tank battle in your mobile like w*r th*nder its better for you to buy this game, i love the battle with modules ON which make the game experience more realistic ..more updates and, devs please add more tanks 😁😄.
  45. isaiah: 從B站那裡得知這遊戲。沒想到一個人能開發出那麼優秀的遊戲,真的很值得購買,那些還在猶豫要不要買的人我建議直接買,真的。.
  46. Shylet Barnes: It glitchs and it's the worst.
  47. taikyu: When will the next update be? I really want to use more vehichles in module mode and I also wanna use mods in multiplayer.
  48. Xlotl: The verification thing is kinda annoying since im not really an online player i think this needs to be a 1 time thing because it's irritating for offline players that doesn't have wifi/internet connection i hope you fix it. So good so far nice update was hoping for you to add more low tier tank i know youre a really busy person and i know that making updates are hard but i hope you add more low tier tanks in the future updates..
  49. Kyle Allen Alcantara: I really like the game but sadly i cant enjoy it, my phone is lagging especially my FPS drops to 3 to 4 and my phone stops running. My graphic setting is all set to the lowest option as it is, Still my 2 GB RAM Phone cant keep it to work even it is the only game i have.
  50. JUST GAME: Nice game it's like world of tanks blitz. But I have some request please remove the internet verification thingy and please make all tanks editable because it's kinda boring because I only have few tanks to edit and and you can change the color of your tank cuz some of my tanks I created has wierd colors and please add Lowe tank and VK 72.1 tank..
  51. Crispy Fry: Please bring back the helicopters from the original PZ game, they're satisfying to play and also please remove the internet verification thingy, it's one of the main reason why i loved the series so much; offline! Also, make your own fighters and maybe add an A-10 or SU-25's..
  52. Edil Subrio Channel: pls fix the multiplayer it is soo bugy plss fix it so my brother and i can play better im so mad about this my money is waisted pls fix the multiplayer.
  53. Kieth Xynyrd Rosauro: Just bought the game and it works really well on my Android phone. I'll rate it 10/10.
  54. Jose Abundiz: I actually love it cause of the module mode it's so fun cause I like to set my self up and just shoot the ai and then get wreked by the custom tanks I build but yea best game ever I kvor it so much.
  55. Big Eagle: I love this game. It has every element of a tank game i love and building tanks how ever you want is such an amazing and addictive thing. I do hope for more tank parts as far as Chassis, turret, and gun parts to be added in the future but for what it has so far the possibilities are unending and can definitely keep tank lovers entertained for years i would say. Ive played Panzer war for a long time and this game takes it to a whole new level of awesome. I really love what you have done here.
  56. Vuthy Chhun5: I'm Wondering if you are adding army in this.
  57. Caramel Marx: Yeh, pre good.
  58. belzebub: Very good game, it's deffinitelly worth the price It's really impressive that it's made entirely by only one person.
  59. Administrator: The game's module system is quite buggy and it has less tanks than the free one but amount of effort you have to this game is more than Gaijin, and I salute you for that.
  60. Nasruddin Sulaiman: Add fire control system and Proper object models for the Ammunition like 3bm-22 and m829 APFSDS..
  61. Sturmtruppen: The game is much better than the free one but it's kind of lacking tanks with modules.
  62. Ethan: Please make it available for Android 9, everything is pitch black.
  63. Soviet Memer: Suffers from optimization related problems such as frame drops and low frame rates on lower end devices, otherwise the game is great for the content it offers..
  64. treavon coffey: The controls are good for phone and the ability to control works well, but the fact you can make tanks and with enough time you can make custom parts, not 2 mention the ability to mod and the fact that it has multiple turrent tanks that function properly makes this a good time killer. The one problem is the fact you can't use mod vehicles to make your own. I recommend this for those who want to kill time or those who want tank experts 2 hate you..
  65. SOHAMM DAS: I like panzer war detective Edition this game had more mods commander mode,skirmish and history battle mode,playfeild mode and build and craft tank mode and everything.
  66. Monodise gamer: Good game but I want more tank platform to built more epic tank.
  67. Danny_GenZ: SUPERB.
  68. No one except me: Great game for its price you get everything you need a tank workshop where you can create tanks gravity mode module mode this is Basically a mobile version of War Thunder all I want is the sturmtiger added you could make some really cursed tanks with it but anyway $7 for this game is not bad at all happy new year.
  69. Marose Jauregui: Yes ta k good tank shoot yes.
  70. foxtrot golf: I kove the game but miss the cartoon feature.
  71. V N S J: Game's great overall it's fantastic! My problem is, it needs full working internet before you enter it. It's ironic because the reason why i bought this game is to play offline! I'm so annoyed by this feature please bring back the full-offline mode, I've been waiting for HOURS for my data to be reloaded so i could buy a mobile data to play an >OFFLINE< game.
  72. Ian Scott: Awesome! This game sets the bar. Very nice. S20 Note Ultra.
  73. Kyle: I really like the game, but i hope the phone specification needed to run the App is more accesible to devices with low processing phones!!. I reallh like it but FPS Drop ruins it, I wish that my $7.00 worth of purchase wouldn't become useless. And i wish you fixed when logging in it bacause i cant enter in the game when im not connected to internet,.
  74. Blitz101: Great game..
  75. GILBRIAN 99: So, Where are the soldiers? i can't find it anywhere.
  76. ArtStorm GameFan Gaming: wow a nice game pls added challenge tank in tank workshop and mod with the tank added P1500 AND KB-6 ADDED IN MOD ADDED NEW MAP I WANT NEW big lsland map and delete the FPS and I want Bradley In TANK workshop and new leopard Tank in workshop tank and all thx. To you.
  77. People's Revolutionary Republic: Everything is amazing but please fix, I cannot play offline anymore.
  78. Rsx_nation_usa: Keep up the good work and please add more tanks to the diy.
  79. 『THEA』, Vジ• (KILLER): I give 5 star but plss fix loading bug.
  80. Germany: This game is just a master piece..
  81. Toar Simbolon: I totally love this game this was like war thunder in android version i think it is worth by the price but like other say fix the bug but overall the game was nice i respect your effort on making this game I know how hard work you've been please update more and more dev I support you always the graphics are outstanding smooth movement even you have a potato phone though you can still play this game Subscribe my channel Blocks N Tanks i advertise you there thx..
  82. Question Everything: As there is still much to develop in terms of mobile platform I'm giving this 4 stars..
  83. FatT0NK: Great game!! Its fun to play and worth your money.
  84. Uncle Johnny No more sins: Nice graphics only one problem you need a net conection in opening the game...pls remove that....
  85. Gab's Channel: Cool game, but I need something to clear up my game it's sometimes laggy, can you fix it?.
  86. Qwerty Boi: Everything loads pitch black..even at high graphics. Pls fix in a update.
  87. Javion Mitchell: Make the game offline too..
  88. • [ミニハード] •MINIAREA: Well That's a Nice Game. here It's Some Bug and Issue Must Be Fixed it Immediate..
  89. Testme625: Shanghai windy, This is a masterpiece, this must have taken so long to make, it was 100% worth it. I will support you till the end, just one thing, crashes, if possible please reduce the crashes, thank you. Testme625.
  90. Adriel Joe A. Martinez: Very good but it lags for my phone but can you add more settings but the game it self is amazing.

Download Instructions Panzer War : DE latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Panzer War : DE mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link panzer-war-de-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher ShanghaiWindy.

- Download Panzer War : DE mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file panzer-war-de-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Panzer War : DE original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Panzer War : DE Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Panzer War : DE for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file ShanghaiWindy provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Panzer War : DE file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Panzer War : DE Mod Apk on Android & Panzer War : DE Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Panzer War : DE Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored panzer-war-de-hack-mod.APK & panzer-war-de-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again panzer-war-de-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Panzer War : DE on your phone.

Download Panzer War : DE [Hack/Mod] Unlock All Apk + iOS

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Operating system: 5.1.
Evaluate: 619.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 1,000+.
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Developers: ShanghaiWindy.
Votes: 4.1.
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