Parchisi STAR Online Mod

Parchisi STAR Online HACK + MOD

Engage in online Parchisi matches with genuine players, conversing, chatting, and exchanging Emojis on the Ludo Board Game.. Parchisi STAR Online Mod v1.191.1

Update: 07/04/2024
Original price $: FREE

Parchisi STAR presents an online multiplayer rendition of the beloved classic board game Parchis, known as Parchis in Spain and under various names worldwide. Belonging to the Cross and Circle family of board games, it draws inspiration from the Indian game Pachisi, also known as Ludo or Parchis Online.

Key Features:

  • Completely FREE to play
  • Play with either 2 or 4 players on the Parchis board
  • Engage in chat and use Emoji while playing
  • Optimized for both Tablet & Phone
  • Daily Magic Chest offering chances to win up to 50K Coins daily
  • Unlock achievements as you enjoy this fantastic game
  • A variety of dice to collect
  • A Spanish board game similar to Ludo

Parchisi involves two dice, four pieces per player, and a board featuring a track around the perimeter, with four corner spaces and four home paths leading to a central end space. The prevalent Parchis boards in America consist of 68 spaces around the edge, with 12 designated as safe spaces. Each corner of the board serves as one player’s nest or starting area.

If you’re seeking leisure time and nostalgic fun, Parchis awaits. Many of us have fond memories of playing this game in our childhood, and now you can relive those moments once again.

Once favored by royalty, Parchis is now enjoyed by people worldwide, serving as their favorite online pastime. Derived from the timeless Indian Classic Game Pachisi, Parchis offers an enriching experience.

Indulge in Parchisi Online, the premier club for fans of Ludo-like Parchis board games.

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