Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic Mod

Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic (Mod,Hack)

Engage in imaginative role-play at the medical center: take on the role of a doctor and delve into the wonders of the science lab!. Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic Mod v1.8.4

Update: 06/04/2024
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Embark on a journey through a cutting-edge medical facility and immerse yourself in the roles of doctor, patient, or scientist! Experience a unique gameplay where you’ll learn preventive measures like vaccination, mask-wearing, and hand hygiene in an engaging way.


Step into the future flu clinic, where seven charming robots serve as your medical team. This state-of-the-art center boasts the latest interactive technologies throughout, from a bacteria laboratory to a helicopter ambulance, offering endless opportunities to craft your own narratives.


Building upon the success of Pepi Hospital, this futuristic clinic encourages creativity while offering an array of new experiences. Assume the role of a doctor treating patients with advanced tools, conduct experiments as a scientist in the lab, or experience patient care with the assistance of delightful Pepi robots.


Explore the medical center’s diverse environments, each brimming with interactive elements. Utilize smart screens for patient assessment, conduct experiments with cutting-edge equipment, and enjoy mini-games in the lobby, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience.


Promoting family engagement, the game seamlessly integrates educational content. Guide children as they navigate the clinic, imparting essential medical knowledge about disease transmission, vaccination, and prevention. Encourage storytelling, elucidate the functions of medical equipment, and enrich vocabulary in a fun learning environment.

• Dynamic gameplay simulating virus transmission
• Vibrant graphics depicting the future flu clinic
• Over 30 charming characters, including doctors, patients, and robots
• Seven friendly robot assistants aiding patient care
• Conduct experiments with various bacteria in the lab
• Enjoy three entertaining mini-games
• Explore a plethora of medical equipment and devices
• Helicopter ambulance transport for patients
• Learn about hygiene practices: utilize hand sanitizers and masks for flu prevention.

Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic Mod Features

Immersive Flu Clinic Experience

Experience the immersive world of Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic Mod, where you’ll navigate through a state-of-the-art flu clinic filled with futuristic technology and adorable characters.

New Gameplay Elements

Discover new gameplay elements that enhance your experience in the flu clinic. From treating patients with cutting-edge tools to conducting experiments in the science lab, there’s always something exciting to do.

Interactive Environments

Explore interactive environments within the flu clinic, including smart screens for patient assessment, modern science lab equipment, and engaging mini-games in the lobby. Every corner is filled with opportunities for fun and discovery.

Educational Integration

Benefit from the educational integration within the game, which promotes family play and collaboration. Learn about hygiene practices, disease prevention, and medical terminology while having a blast with your loved ones.

Wide Range of Characters

Interact with over 30 charming characters, including doctors, patients, robots, and visitors. Each character adds depth and personality to the flu clinic experience.

Enhanced Graphics

Enjoy vibrant and engaging graphics that bring the future flu clinic to life. From colorful environments to detailed character animations, every aspect of Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic Mod is visually stunning.

Helicopter Ambulance Transport

Experience the thrill of helicopter ambulance transport as patients are brought to the hospital roof for urgent care. This dynamic feature adds excitement and realism to the gameplay.

Hygiene Awareness

Promote hygiene awareness by utilizing hand sanitizers and masks to prevent the spread of flu within the clinic. Learn about the importance of hygiene in a fun and interactive way.

Continuous Learning

Engage in continuous learning as you explore medical devices, experiment with bacteria, and discover the intricacies of patient care. Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic Mod offers endless opportunities for learning and discovery.

Minor bug corrections have been implemented.

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