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Make every step count!. Pikmin Bloom Mod v34.2

Update: 12/08/2022
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Download Pikmin Bloom Mod 34.2 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

Plant your Pikmin, let the flowers bloom, and record your precious memories with simple walking movements. Whether you are taking a short walk around the corner or commuting to work, today is the first day of Pikmin’s remaining adventures! Gather your team and embark on a journey of rediscovery, every step is important.


👣Walk to plant more Pikmin. Every step of Pikmin grows from seedlings. Once they are big enough, pull them out and let them follow. The more you walk, the more Pikmin will join your squad!

🌸Walk to let the flowers bloom. Collect petals from your Pikmin’s head and plant them as you walk, leaving traces of beautiful flowers blooming wherever you go.

🏞️Record your memories on foot. At the end of the day, check your steps and the path you have traveled, and revisit the photos you took throughout the day. Don’t forget to send your Pikmin on an expedition to pick up the fruits and seedlings passing by on the way home!

✨ Know a lot of Pikmin. There are seven kinds of Pikmin, each with its own characteristics. For example, some can fly, and some are very strong. When your friendship level reaches a certain threshold, your Pikmin may bring back a gift with items to help them become decorative Pikmin.

🍄Take the challenge with Pikmin. The nearby mushrooms are a great way to get plenty of fruit. When you encounter a mushroom blocking your way, you can send your trusted Pikmin team to charge and give way.


-This app is free and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
-It is recommended to play the game while connected to a network (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE) to obtain accurate location information.
-Supported devices: devices with at least 2 GB RAM running on Android 6.0 or higher
-The compatibility of devices without GPS function or devices connected only to Wi-Fi networks is not guaranteed.
-You need to install Google Fit and enable permissions for Pikmin Bloom to accurately track your steps.
-The compatibility information may be changed at any time.
-The latest information as of October 20, 2021.
-The compatibility of all devices is not guaranteed.
-Continued use of GPS running in the background will significantly reduce battery life.

-Some functions need to support the following services:
ARCore-For best performance, it is recommended that you use a device with at least 2 GB of RAM. If you often experience device crashes or delays when using Pikmin Bloom, please try the troubleshooting steps below.
Close all applications except Pikmin Bloom when playing games.
Use the latest operating system for your device.
If the problem persists, please contact us to provide details.
Note: Many devices without a built-in data network connection do not include GPS sensors. In the case of mobile data network congestion, such devices may not be able to maintain enough GPS signals to play.

Free download Pikmin Bloom {Hack & Mod} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 125M) - Version 34.2. Released on November 16, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Make every step count!. Developed by Niantic, Inc.. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Everyone.

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Thank you for playing Pikmin Bloom!
– further improvements to the OS notification delay issue.

New comment

  1. Bread Bup Official Gaming: I'm so glad that Nintendo is giving Pikmin more recognition now..
  2. OnyxWolf0525: Love the game and play it everyday😄😄just wish there was a custom squad option (customize and save multiple squads) otherwise 10/10 game🔥🔥.
  3. Jack Snider: A fun app that has A TON of UI glitches and issues. It takes 5 minutes to load the app only for it to immediately crash which can be averted by immediately reopening the app (its crashed on me 3 times alone today). The system lag is a major issue and might take a minute to load up certain parts of the game like blowing your whistle or going on expeditions. A major glitch I've also noticed is that upon booting up the game there's a 50/50 chance all the letters will be wildly jumbled..
  4. Holi Brand: Tells me I'm going too fast when I'm put walking..
  5. Michael Beenken: Still Broke. Complete phone breaking application. I love the game and look forward to playing it more, but... all of my notifications for any other app are blocked until i force quit the game and I can't update or install any new apps without deleting pikmin first. How can you release an update and STILL not fix these items. Going to have to uninstall to update more critical apps and leave it uninstalled until they fix it. Phone usage is too important to have broken..
  6. Alan: Because yes.
  7. Rimi Yuki SG: Eat up battery too fast.Need to keep walking if you want to play this game.3 challenges daily is too little, must have at least 10 challenges ,if not its no fun at all,anyway not many player in Mushroom challenge too .500 flowers planting while walking to get only 1 coins,its too stingy. I will play for a few weeks,if no improvement sorry i will uninstall as it might end up similar to Harry Potter unite game after 2 years "THE END ".Sad wasted my 2 yrs effort playing day and night..
  8. Rinkelle Lamorliére: Game is cute and works well enough for me, I do have problems with "low network connectivity" at the most random times, even at home. I dislike that the only way to count steps is through Google fit, that app is hardly accurate in it step count even when I do have my phone on me constantly; while I do like that it encourages me to be active it's vexing that I can't track steps through my more accurate step counter in my phone. I've also yet to earn a single coin despite planting many flowers..
  9. rachel C: I LOVE IS GAME! As me want to walk again and i am dealing with a bad back Don't like at i have to use Google fit for my steps dose not count the step rigth..
  10. Charity Hubbard: So so cute and it makes me want to walk more every day.
  11. The Next Guy: It's a cute game that brings back memories. I know it's mostly a rip off of Pokemon GO but it has some cool potential. The whole thing behind Pikmin 2 was that it featured environments humans would have lived in. This kinda bridges that concept. I would absolutely love it if you guys added some sort of challenges with more Pikmin mechanics. Maybe add mini games to expeditions where you have to knock down a particular hazard with your specific Pikmin. Much like when you enter a cave in Pikmin 2..
  12. Stephanie Thompson: The bug messing up my notifications on Android has made this unusable and required me to uninstall. Which is a shame because I enjoyed it. 1 star until there's a fix and warning everyone I just told about how cool it is. (Note will see if the most recent update fixes the issue and update from there).
  13. Connor K: The only reason it's not 1 star is because of nostalgia. Other than that it's boring. All I can do is feed nectar to pikmin and send them on expeditions once a day using the item radar. Want another radar to do more expeditions? No problem just pay 100 coins for one. What's the issue? It takes about an hour to plant 60-75 flowers and you have to plant 500 for 1 coin. That's 50,000 flowers for 1 radar! Absolutely ridiculous and if you wanna skip all that time you have to pay real money for coins.
  14. Dominique Miles: The game is entertaining and I've enjoyed it a bit so far but, until that notification blocking bug is fixed I can't continue to play..
  15. E V: Cute game, but notification issues still are present. A great companion app for walks and runs, but you have to force close it to start getting normal notifications again..
  16. Ray Black: In a nutshell, this game is about walking and watching pikmins do stuff. I like it.
  17. Josh Haug: The game is fun but, the app causes hi cpu usage, battery drain, and has delayed notifications for hours up to days. This is the most poorly optimized game Niantic has released yet. You released an update and said that it fixed it but it is still going on..
  18. Gerardo Rocha: A game thar makes walking an interactive and fun experience!.
  19. Andrew: Tried to play twice but after growing the first 2 pikmin it said network error and logged me out..
  20. Rocco Santangelo: If you like Pokemon go and Pikmin you will like this game.
  21. Jarred Moyer: my only real complaint is how it absolutely annihilates my battery life, even in sleep mode. is this something that can be tweaked?.
  22. Filipe Naif: Really animated fun pedometer..
  23. Parker Macdonald: Please please please please fix the sms issue that makes msgs delayed or not even send or receive, i love this game do much but it effecting my whole phone makes me unable to even have it on my phone, it makes me so sad because this takes everything i love from pokemon go and leaves it at that, please just fix the issue i really love this game it just makes me so sad when i go to open it to realize i don't have it cause of the problems, so im begging you to fix this..
  24. Ian Scott: It's a nice step counter with a fun cute edge. It doesn't work well in the City of London because it loses your location (probably due to tall buildings) then accuses you of moving too fast and being a passenger. Still, quite entertaining..
  25. Xander stanbrough: I gave this a 4 star because it says unable to connect to server but I have WiFi.
  26. Jacob Carr: Disrupts SMS transmissions.
  27. Karla Gaud: It is great.
  28. justin claggett: Love it brings back the nostalgia of playing pikmin just wish there were bulb battles. It be cool to have the risk of losing your pikmin if you take to long to beat them or something along those lines..
  29. Mecha God!: It's good, it just eats all your data and battery like nothing!.
  30. Jonathan C: It's not pikmin, nothing about the game plays or feels like pikmin. It's pokemon go with a pikmin theme and less features..
  31. Bryan Herr: constantly crashes every few seconds. Love the app, but barely can play it..
  32. kevin glenny: Super fun, gets your A$$ of the couch. EDIT: down to 3 stars from 5 , seems to still have issues , preventing updating other apps on Android. Almost 1 month in and no real updates for issues and new content. Was expecting better.
  33. Cameron Calv: This game is a solidly playable experience. As a person who arduously tries to find the challenge in whatever they do, I found it difficult to find that challenge in Pikmin Bloom! The game is so easy-going and overall very relaxed and casual! The reason for my missing 2 stars is the app itself. I've experienced some oddness with the app and it's interaction with my Pixel 4a. Opening randomly, notifications not working, and touch controls freezing all make this app improveable as it stands now..
  34. Michelle Kish: I like the game but had to uninstall because it was preventing most other notifications on my Pixel 6 phone to come through even when I wasn't playing the game. 😞.
  35. Javier Mejia: I played it didnt like the features on the game, i didnt like the game it started to take control of phone, like some is watching as you play, bad game exp.
  36. Matt Hendrix: I Really like how the game encourages you to walk, but that's where my review hits the biggest snag... Sometimes when I walk my steps are recorded in the game, but 0 steps are recorded on the planted pikmin I'm growing. That's very frustrating when I need to grow 2 more to level up, but none of my steps are registering. If this keeps up I'll just delete the app. It's no fun if it doesn't work all the time..
  37. Layton Jones: I love pikmin. I have all the games, amiibos and plush so safe to say I'm a fan but I bought some coins and when I had finished the purchase It didn't seem to show up. I still have 13 coins which shouldn't be the case..
  38. Shenji Nahara: For the most part, I love this game. It's everything I could have asked for as far as a mobile Pikmin game goes. And it's great for getting me off my butt and doing some basic cardio. But I will say I am grossly dissatisfied with the fact that you cannot spend coins earned in game on upgrades to Pikmin storage or item storage. This needs to be addressed immediately as it locks expanding the core of the game unless you spend money. Should this issue be addressed, I would easily rate 5 stars..
  39. William: They improved the delayed notifications bug by making the OS crash, so you get all the notifications on restart..
  40. Damian Robidoux: Endlessly crashes when opening it..
  41. Darrell Kiely: It's a light exercise tracker. Not a game. If you walk or run, it will count your steps. Those steps will grow Pikmin seeds you planted. You can send Pikmin on missions to pick up more Pikmin seeds. You walk to hatch those seeds, then send those Pikmin to pick up new seeds. When your Pikmin like you, they will get a costume. If they add some gameplay, I'll try it again. But for now, I don't need a step counter..
  42. Tirta: fun but still laggy and has a lot of bugs.
  43. Saleh Ahmed: Nice companion for my walks. The game seems unfinished though. It crashes quite a bit..
  44. Goopy-Sins: Wow! This is quite literally the most boring ar game ever! Its just a game about walking with pikmin! No digging. No Olimar. No space ship. If they decide in the future to perhaps add a bit were the plant a tree for every 100,000 or so flowers I would be into it but it's a glorified walking app. If you want to be active and have fun with an app, go to the Pokemon, Jurassic, or Freddy Fazbear ones. At least you'll get something from it..
  45. Jonny: I enjoyed the simplicity of the game but with I also had messages issues to where I would not receive or get errors with sending text messages out. I am uninstalling until this bug is fixed..
  46. Pulse Fel: Well can't even get passed the tutorial. The first two grew just fine shaking my phone. But after that it demands permissions or reverts to title. If a game does that I uninstall. Even Pokemon go works with the step tracking allowed..
  47. DanIsMyNewName: Cute style. Flat gameplay..
  48. Tristin Garrastegui: Having pikmin journey along with you like pokemon on go is actually pretty cool. I wasn't sure about how well this would do as a game but its pretty relaxing and wholesome. Needs more content but for it being new I think it's great! Hope to see a lot come out of this..
  49. Tyler Baldauf: I love the game, but I wish there was more to do in it. Perhaps something like the ability to fight enemies?.
  51. John Anomnia: It's really bad lol.
  52. Ben Gutwein: Its like a chill laid back Pokemon focused on nature..
  53. Calendar 1: Need more creatures and stuff to do..
  54. Anthony Sampson: Keeps me from getting my messages when I play and then I have to force stop or uninstall in order to get my notifications. The game is cool but it's not safe if there's an emergency if I'm unable to receive and send texts. It happens even with the app closed. It has to be forced stopped in order for my phone to work properly..
  55. Zemos Black: Wow this game is the most addictive game I have ever played makes me want to walk more to get my next seed or get my next Pikmin there are awesome thank you for making such an awesome game and they are so cute Keep up good work..
  56. Andrew Schafer: This game is a very fun take on the pikmin series for mobile devices 5 stars no regrets.
  57. Flowery Dingus: Love it, pikmin content in 2021 I am so happy.
  58. Katherin Brown: Nice game with a fatal flaw that it makes your phone unusable. Please fix this. It's a simple and somewhat enjoyable game but I need my phone to actually work so that gets priority over any game or app. The support email given here on the page is fake and doesn't accept mail by the way. They're dodging the issues. I knew better than to trust Niantic after Pokemon Go and I should've taken the instinct for what it was. This is malware. Update does not fix the issues..
  59. Jon L: Pretty fun game that gives you a cute reason to walk. But as mentioned in a few forums this game messes up your phone. Blocks your notifications, prevents some apps from updating content. Etc. I don't even know how that's possible. Force closing the app everytime I'm done just so I can use my phone normally is annoying..
  60. Jake: Great game, very fun to play with others and encourages you to walk and get outside. The Pikmin are silly, great variety and fun to hang out with. Unfortunately, I have many performance issues. I'm using an S21 Ultra and something as simple as feeding them it struggles greatly. Could use some work, but I will continue to play!.
  61. Chris Deacon: Too many problems and reviews mentioning them get removed. The UI is really confusing and janky and there really isn't anything to do beyond walk and count steps. Doesn't seem to have any point to playing..
  62. DJ Maxx: It's a nice casual "game" where you mostly progress as you walk around. Too bad it crashes often at the most unexpected of times..
  63. Cheryl Barnes: I'm enjoying it. Pikmin are adorable. I hope more gets added Needs -battery saver -fix android issue with blocking app downloads and affecting messages (I have the latest version) -to be able to add friends if you see their pikmin battling a mushroom.
  64. Tanya Dillard: Oh my true love how you doing 😍.
  65. Ádám Varga: While I'm having fun with the game, my friend whom we are going out together for walks is a wheelchair user, and she is unable to play the game, because the game is counting physical steps. She's been a Pokemon Go user since it came out, and she can play with that perfectly, not sure why there isn't an option in Pikmin where you could set the game to count km instead of steps, or even convert kms to steps. It needs accessibility settings, otherwise lots of people will be missing out on this game.
  66. Madison Hubert: I would give this game 0 stars it I could. First time I downloaded I was told I needed Google Fit and the second time I can't even connect to the game because it keeps saying I need gps permissions on that I already gave for approximate location and forces you to try and give exact location when I wouldn't recommend it AT ALL. People have gotten DOXXED because of the postcard feature and the game gives no options to prevent this from happening..
  67. Maruchan: gUd gAM :D.
  68. Fletcher Morrow: bliss.
  69. Chad Smithart: Worked great for 2 days now i cant sign in.
  70. Marisol Jimenez: This game brings me back memories of my childhood. As soon I found out about it, I downloaded immediately and started to play. It's basically just like Pokémon Go but pikmin version. This makes exercising more fun for both adults and kids. You collect pikmins and grow their hearts to get to level 4, they get a sticker as soon the fourth heart is full. It's very important to level them because later on you will be fighting mushrooms within a limited time. The best part you can play with friends!.
  71. Amber Cockrell: I haven't been able to play the game yet but it is taking a long time to load and I want to play it..
  72. Jenna Cannon: I love pikmin and this is such a cute game and a fun way to get people out walking. My main problem is that you need to be online and I walk a lot but in areas where the cellular is very poor. It would be nice if you could at least keep planting pikmin offline..
  73. Josh Dyer: I love any version of except 3.
  74. howdy dowdy: Very fun to walk and grow some little fellas. 😊.
  75. Darkrath: This is a really fun game so far. But maybe instead of upgrading storage costing real money, it could cost in game coins like pokemon go.
  76. bobbi: Cute game I love my little pikmin dearly but I've never had an app drain so much of my battery so fast, you can hardly play it outside without killing your phone within an hour.
  77. Justin Naff: It's ok just not much to it yet. Will update review when there's more content..
  78. Celo Manzano: A simple relaxing walking game.
  79. Muttey: The 'You're going too fast! Slow down!' notifications are just terrible. I'm not in a car, the game is just catching up; please fix. Just hit 240k steps with this lovely, Pikmin themed, step counter. What a joyous time I've had planting flowers. Game stutters with some actions; like giving nectar to the squad or transitioning modes. Some original Pikmin features are lacking, such as the leaf, bud, flower systems having a purpose in the biology of the Pikmin. In this it just give you flowers..
  80. stank lord84: cute.
  81. David Lopez: Makes your phone not get notifications.
  82. Tori Barlow: I had low expectations because I can never seem to get Niantics apps to work. Well this one can't even work enough to make an account to log on. Completely unusable. I have good connections, my phone was released in the last year so it's current and it is up to date..
  83. Ammo Clip: The game's great other than it's a memory hog it lags so bad the longer you're in it and it lags immediately as you're trying to feed your Pikmin it's almost impossible to feed your Pikmin and play at the same time..
  84. Danni Shackleford: Relaxing and colourful. Helps to encourage me to walk and travel. I have always been a fan of Pikmin. Good little game!.
  85. Jesse Pilon: Unsafe calls delayed sms not showing plus missing bussiness calls witch is my salary no notes of this anywhere also not eaven a post nothing a shame i got to level 16 and enjoyed it alot $$.
  86. Andrew Corter: This is gamefying getting my 10,000 steps in per day. Add a little journal entry at the end of the day and it is just a pleasant experience..
  87. Leonard Trout: Works fine now ☺️.
  88. Aaron McDermott: Boring.
  89. Donoma: I love the idea and want to keep playing, but the amount of issues with it is pretty crazy. Half the play time I'm waiting on the game to stop lagging or rebooting it since it crashed. And it crashed often. Not to mention I have to FORCE STOP the game after closing it or it eats up my phones battery within 2 hours if not less. I don't even have an old phone, this is ridiculous..
  90. matthew hitt: It's okay.
  91. Thomas Barnes: Get me moveing.
  92. lunala 8767: Recently downloaded this and have had a ton of fun just sprouting pikmin, the flower mechanic is also really good too, and this doesn't need your constant attention when you are walking you can just have it on and walk to your hearts content! biggest problems for me though is that sometimes when i open it, it'll show the loading screen and then crash, but typically just trying again works fine, but it seems to lag a bunch on android if open for a while. good app though!.
  93. Grant Mckune: Needs a lot of content added, I'm a huge fan of pikmin but this game is straight up boring at its current state maby instead of gyms like pokemon go add group monster battles with a chance of space ship parts dropping or something along the lines of that..
  94. Dominik Hoen: I enjoy it more than Pokémon Go. It has great potential. The Pikmin games have enough material too improve Bloom. When the development doesn't stop and more and more elements from the games are coming too Bloom, it could be a very decent game on over level with Polemon Go. So don't stop with the current version. I like it..
  95. Kacper spiewakowski: It wont start.
  96. Curtis Avent: Great game to have on the side whole out for a walk.
  97. Kidagakash Nedakh: Reviews keep getting removed. Still waiting for them to update so my system UI doesn't crash anymore..
  98. Nathaniel Grover: Too buggy. Interferes with business operated by mobile..
  99. Sean Sodergard: This game is great for one's health as it encourages getting out of the house and going on walks. However, it is a little bit slow to start and there needs to be more content to keep players engaged. Eg. More rewards and more types of expeditions. Good for people who enjoyed Pokemon GO..
  100. Kyle The Noble: Could you make it so the more pikmin you collect the more the music gets interesting in the menu?.
  101. david Grynda-cutler: Game sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  102. Caitlin Nowak: The app blocks notifications, delays messages, and causes background app issues. This can block the user form receiving important or urgent real world information. This app is unsafe for people who rely on their phones. This is my third or fourth time writing a 1 star review and they have all been removed..
  103. Rachel Orozco: love the game!! but rn it wont let me get past my steps for the day and keeps replaying it so I can do anything.
  104. Jacob Mikkelsen: Cute game, but I can't justify keeping it with the battery drain it puts on my phone. It absolutely chews through it; it's like half the battery in half an hour if I'm walking around with the app open. I feel like I have to weigh up when my next chance to charge my phone will be whenever I want to interact with it..
  105. Joe Sparks: The game is excellent, but has been force-opening itself while I use other apps, in addition to the notification delays that are a known issue..
  106. Adrien Lemaire: Low connectivity errors when my connectivity is just fine are making the game unplayable. Battery usage is also unbelievable..
  107. Vanessa L-M: I enjoy the game. I do have a suggestion... can we X out of long distance expeditions? I have a lot from a 3 day areas. It would also be nice to plant flowers, special kind, that last a bit longer than 5 days. Other than that, this game is fun..
  108. Zehra Japan: Tried downloading on all devices I have, none seem to want to boot up.. I really wanted to play this game...
  109. iiAngelAngieii: It's a great experience and I love the game, but it does interfere with my phone text messages. it won't let me install any other apps, and when I send a text message to somebody it sends it twice, I do like the feature that the flower planting gives you a warning if you're driving it asks if you're a passenger, but even if I say I am it still doesn't let me plant..
  110. Jonathan Brookbank: This game causes delays and duplications of notifications on your phone. It also seems to randomly pick & choose when it's going to count steps, as I can go an entire day and show thousands of steps in all of my other apps and only show 25 in this game. Definitely not anywhere near as consistent as Pokémon GO, nor is there as much to do in the game..
  111. Nathaniel Corter: I love this game please don't get rid of it.
  112. Zonefire 15: Alright, could be better. It's been working fine to an extent even though I don't play it regularly. My problem with the game is that it takes way too long to load when starting it up, most of the time not at all; it will get like halfway and then lock up and stop loading. Please fix this Niantic. You've been great with Pokémon Go. Treat this just like you do it. Please..
  113. Faten: Would probably use this more often if the loading screen didn't take 7 years to load. Other than that, it's pretty cute..
  114. N N: Causes my s21 ultra and Pixel 6 Pro to not be able to download apps and updates from the playstore. Stays in pending. As soon as I uninstalled apps downloaded and installed. Please fix. What other problems are caused by this app.
  115. Leo Miller: They got really greedy this time. You can earn premium currency by playing just like in Pokemon GO, but here it takes over a month just to earn 1€ worth of currency. In pokemon go it's more reasonable and and takes you only 4 days to get 2€ worth of currency. On top of that the most critical items in the game are not purchaseable via premium currency - backpack upgrades & other upgrades (4 kinds) each cost 2.29€! This is really just a money grab. This game is fun and all, but this is a shame....
  116. Rebecca Orr: This game has been great up until yesterday. I am now getting a "Can't connect to server" error whenever I try to log in. It's very sad..
  117. Yours Truly: Awesome.
  118. Trenton Moore: I love this game. I wish you could sort Pikmin by sizes, that'd be cool. It'd be also cool if it showed their sizes, but that's a nitpick. I love giving them silly names and playing with my family..
  119. Devin Carse: Pikmin..
  120. Alex Torres: its good can't find out to get coins pretty fun if you like pikmin (Pro tip: you meed lv 15 for mushrooms).
  121. Vexicon Gaming: Low key thought it was gonna be like pokemon go (not a big fan) but this is actually dope i like the little pikmin.
  122. Garry Dean: Love the game but not correctly counting my steps, I did 4000+ and icky counted 800..
  123. Jamie Smith: Network problems are still there after the Nov. 15 update. Not improved at all. Still blocks calling, RCS messaging, app notifications among other issues. It also causes drops when placing calls, including 911. This app should be removed from the store until they address this. It's dangerous for people that rely on their phones for safety or work. I can't believe they moved forward to a broad release knowing this was an issue. Shame on you guys..
  124. José Rosario: Pros: - Cool walking app - Its Pikmin - Haptic feedback when planting flowers feels very satisfying Cons: - App takes forever to load - Menus feel sluggish and choppy - The AR feature needs more polish. - Need more activities other than expeditions - Coins are very hard to get.
  125. Zach Boever: Great game, breaks phone. Makes phone almost unusable. Can't update apps, notifications lag and sometimes come in multiple time. Breaks making phone calls over Bluetooth. Phone is super hot and battery is toast. Please make this main priority.
  126. 箭野弘一: 固まる.
  127. Christian Huble: Completely addicting. Nostalgia bait. Gets me moving, sure, but I'm often too absorbed in the game to be present with where I am walking. Overall, it's adorable and I love it..
  128. Hugo Couturier: Really good make for vetter walks that pokemon go cause you don't have to check screen all the time, it still drain battery a bit too much but i think it will get better, looking forward for next update it iq really promessing. Hope it won't end up like wizard unite..
  129. Lachlan Graham: Game is great, but the app is messing with notifications, such that they don't get through and then hours later all send at once. Please fix.
  130. David Schu: Great game to get you out walking.
  131. Wesley Masure: Doesn't even work on Pixel 6. Sad, cuz I actually like this game, regardless of the notification issues..
  132. Ezra Hill: Notifications are being delayed still for me on my Pixel 6 Pro. I'd advise staying away until this is addressed. Great game aside from interfering with my phone's usability.
  133. Henry Roels: Best game ever.
  134. Marcia Barnett: The battery drain on this app is insane..
  135. Ariel Lee: Cute game that has made me walk a lot more. The silly decorations are really delightful to collect, so I hope they add more. It's also a lot more fun that I'm playing with a loved one who also loves Pikmin, so I hope they expand the social features more too. More content in general would be nice since the game is a bit simple right now, but this isn't a huge deal since I'm pretty content using it as a fun pedometer..
  136. Sam Lindsay: Relaxed, cute game.
  137. Jonah Bullock: Epic.
  138. Alex Tserovski: This game is lots of fun, and makes me want to go on walks to get more pikmin. My only issue is the fact that there is a limit to the amount of items, ( Pikmin, Seedlings, etc.) that you can hold. It is way too little! The amount should be infinite, or at least a lot more than 300. Overall a great game, and while you wait for your missions to be complete, you can play other games too..
  139. mckenna hansson: Oh you've been walking for an hour and have thousands of steps. Yeah you planted 0 flowers you needed for a level up. Fix this. Makes it so unplayable to not use a core function.
  140. Remuiu Aykeio: I like orgional.
  141. Tiernan Messmer: Breaks core Android functionality when installed (messaging, notifications, updating apps, etc). Not sure how this even made it past Google's review process..
  142. Arby: This is the best game ever made.
  143. Doug Quinn: Please fix the bugs that break notifications and Google services from properly running omg I spent weeks troubleshooting my phone and was about to buy a new one! shamsies!.
  144. Osimear: I like the premise of it.but it's just very lacking.
  145. Sadé K: The app is currently broken. The step counter worked when the app was first released but like others have said, it no longer counts your steps and I'm surprised it still hasn't been fixed.
  146. Aaron Leighton: I'm enjoying the game but u work to bloom a big flower get only one fruit then nothing for 24hrs should at least be 2 or 3 maybe depending on how much u walk in the timeframe of it blooming. I average 3000 steps a day (except weekends) would enjoy some more incentives or maybe daily goals. Don't live in a big city so don't see many other players..
  147. Zackary Green: I'm enjoying it so far but I have a few issues There is little to no explanation of what the large flowers are for- still unsure of this! There is a bug where if you have less than 3 pikmin walking with you during the "end of day" sequence (that happens at 9pm? Way too early!) The game will fail to complete the sequence and replay it endlessly- there is no way to exit out and the game becomes unplayable until the next day. Very frustrating!!.
  148. James Barbu: Still broken. Do not download..
  149. Ahmed Eltahawy: Places names in Arabic are improperly formatted, making them illegible..
  150. PICK&MIX GAMER: I could not give a good score on this because I installed it twice and twice it did not work it would not load I didn't even get onto the actual game it's a shame because I like games like this that are similar to Pokémon go.

Download Instructions Pikmin Bloom latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Pikmin Bloom mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link pikmin-bloom-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Niantic, Inc..

- Download Pikmin Bloom mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file pikmin-bloom-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Pikmin Bloom original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Pikmin Bloom Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Pikmin Bloom for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Niantic, Inc. provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Pikmin Bloom file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Pikmin Bloom Mod Apk on Android & Pikmin Bloom Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Pikmin Bloom Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=556

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored pikmin-bloom-hack-mod.APK & pikmin-bloom-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again pikmin-bloom-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Pikmin Bloom on your phone.

Download Pikmin Bloom {Hack & Mod} [Unlimited Resources Apk + iOS] 125M

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Version: 34.2.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 3.7.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: Niantic, Inc..
Votes: 11,511.
Interact: Users Interact, Shares Location, In-Game Purchases.
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