Pocket Clothier Mod

Pocket Clothier (MOD,HACK)

A clothing shop management sim. Go from quaint corner shop to world-class brand!. Pocket Clothier Mod v2.2.2

Update: 11/08/2022
Original price $: 6.99

Download Pocket Clothier Mod 2.2.2 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4 and up

Ever wanted to run your own clothing store? Now you can!
Let your inner fashionista blossom while growing your quaint corner store into a world-class superbrand!

Locate mannequins, run promotions, and even set up an in-store crepe stand. Come up with other ways to stand out so shoppers can’t leave!

Customers will also rely on your fashion sense to coordinate ensembles for larger occasions. Raising their level of style will open up new career paths for them – which means more income for you!

Are you ready to try trend trading?

Try searching for “Kairosoft” to see all our games, or visit us at https://kairopark.jp. Be sure to check out our free and paid games!

Free download Pocket Clothier (MOD,HACK) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 31M) - Version 2.2.2. Released on October 21, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. A clothing shop management sim. Go from quaint corner shop to world-class brand!. Developed by Kairosoft. Operating system requirements 4.4 and up. Everyone.

Feature Hack Game Pocket Clothier MOD

  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Buy
  • - Unlock Premium
  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Unlocked VIP

Version Game Pocket Clothier Pay Fees MOD

  • - Free
  • - Setup Free
  • - Download Phone Free
  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Paid Unlocked

Now available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean!.

New comment

  1. Jaydia Simmons: A delightful game! I only wish that it could go beyond floor 6. ❤.
  2. Amelina Taylor: Not as advertised..
  3. Angelique Violeta: Addicting!.
  4. Michael Northedge: The game is fun for the first two hours but after that the demand becomes so high and your supplies very low because you have to unlock the clothing and the clothing takes too long to unlock..
  5. Abbi Carter: I love this game everything about it, but I just got a new phone and can't restore my progress😭😭😭.
  6. Secret Squirrel: Pocket Clothier is boring. Its sister app, Pocket City, is much more challenging and entertaining..
  7. MoonMyst: Sorry, this game is just too primitive for me. With all the amazing graphics and interfaces we have, I find these blurry pixelated games difficult to look at. They give me a headache quite frankly..
  8. Rob Angus: Garbage. The UI is bad bad bad..
  9. ong xuan chao: Hi Kairosoft, I'm really in love with this game, I recently built level 7 and was wondering will I be able to built level 8, 9 and level 10. Get to bring more merchandise in. Also put up more sale like merchandise sale, brand sale, category sale, etc. Hope to hear from you..
  10. Erin Byrd: So I've been playing this game nonstop for days and it's a great game but I have 2 issues that make it really frustrating. 1. The fact that u can't delete something once it's been placed. It really sucks in later-game bcuz once ur inventory builds ur left with no room unless u build another floor. 2. The cleaning. There should be an option to force workers to clean, like pay 2 clean. Stats only go so far and you never get the item to help until it's trashed. Plz devs fix these issues 🙏.
  11. Ash the Golden Deer: Super fun with colourful pixel art graphics and engaging gameplay that keeps you wanting to play! And that's a lot from me, considering I ALWAYS get bored of most mobile games! 100 and 10% reccomend this game!.
  12. Nada :3: Great game.
  13. Daniel Martz: The framerate of moving character models stutter badly. Not acceptable for a simple 2D game..
  14. Imogen Jackson: It doesn't even let me play it, as it demands more permissions (I've allowed all) and then crash. I really enjoyed this on my old phone, so please fix this so I can play..
  15. princess judy: d best gsme ever plz can u develop hospital game please......
  16. lynn law: where can i get showcase in this game ?.
  17. Martin Diego Muñoz Villarreal: I like the attention the game puts to small details like Placements and combinations. I'm still confused on to know which square is the best placment for specific shelves and carts..
  18. Mark: Good game but needs landscape mode please..
  19. Marqesha Johnson: Love playing this game. Good way to spend the little free time I have. I have one suggestion. Could you put a reset option for your file? After accomplishing everything I like to start over, but there are only two files to save on..
  20. Kesha: refund please not fun at all dream story the best.
  21. Nightmare Jayiscoll: Booo nothing to do in it.
  22. Rachal Chow: I have another bug in my app.. I purchased the stage floor and dialogues of the idols popped up. But i did not have any plans :(.
  23. Juan Naibaho: Please help me ... i use samsung galaxy a8 2018.. and i install the pocket clothier 1st i can play it and i close it... next time i open the pocket clothier .. the game stuck in kairosoft logo.... please fix it....
  24. GrowPlays: Its so fun to play, but sooner or later I started experiencing this bug and it would not let me enter the auto save game or save the game. ._. That part really bums me out cuz its really fun to play..
  25. Courtney-Anne Puga: Love this game! I've owned it on android and iphone for years but it's annoying when I change phones and lose my save data :(.
  26. Janine Foster: £4 to read "I'm SO fat" and then items for missing 😡😡.
  27. Kelly Albert: I love this game but can you kariosoft can you make more of the games free?? <3.
  28. Ruble Waplington: Hi, I bought this game because I really liked the demo but it won't install, it just gets stuck on the downloading bar. Please help!.
  29. lucid_dreams_kitty :3: I love Kairosoft games. The graphics are cute and the game play is amazing. Definitely worth the $4.99..
  30. Danny Coughtry: I LOVE KARISOFT GAMES!!!!!!.
  31. janaiya: Kairosoft your game are the best don't listen to the people who complain about buying the full versions they just want a cheap way of not buying.
  32. Kirstin Christian: It's fun.
  33. Mason Prenatt: Perfect.
  34. Ninja Taco: Can you add a delete option for objects because i want to get rid of some and also a way to delete items in construction because i have some things stuck in construction.
  35. Jamie Bergeron: I love Kairosoft games. They are so cute and addicting, but also well thought out and detailed. Anyone that complains about having to buy the full versions need to gently remove their heads from their butt holes, because I would rather spend 5 dollars for a full game than have to buy in-app purchases every other day. Kudos kairosoft, you never fail me with your wonderful games!.
  36. Isaac Ng: Hey Kairosoft, I'm really in love with this game, I recently built to level 6f and was wondering will I be able to maybe build a 7f ? Bearington construction has never came back to allow me to built a 7f or is 6f the maximum number of floors ? Hope to hear from you soon!.
  37. IzoneFan: Great!!.
  38. Princesz Gonzales: I love Kairosoft's games!.
  39. K X: really cute.
  40. Teagan Prescott: This game unlike other games by this guy don't go by as fast and have many distinguished parts to it.
  41. Tasha Young: Gotta love store management games! This one is a lot of fun!.
  42. G Ryan: Don't believe everyone's review..
  43. Jelena Malkoc: So addicting !!! Love this game.
  44. Leni Rabago: Great game.
  45. jim passantino: No more force closing with this update! Fun game that I haven't played in a long time. Yeah it's clothes but it's Kairosoft!.
  46. A Google user: Make more apps that you can buy coins or money man it hard to get money.
  47. Jon Bunce: How do you add more floors and space.
  48. Tsukiko YAMAMURA: Dunno why but this game goes on and on with playability. Not boring, but I love clothes so much so I guess I have a special interest in this game. Glad I bought it so much..
  49. She Kills Stuff: And all of them have lite (free) versions so you can try before you buy. These games are pricey but there's no in app purchases after the initial purchase and no Internet required (as long as you authorize the app by opening it with Internet first). Can replay all these games hundreds of times, great familiar feel on all of them. It's worth it !.
  50. JdNinja Gamar: The game kind of gets boring after a while. You guys should update the game..
  51. Violet T Brook: I really like this game and its really disappointing that i cant play,please fix..
  52. Russco Abiad: Update? :).
  53. Anthony Dent: I used to enjoy playing this game, but after installing it on my new Galaxy S6, it crashes as soon as I start the game. I think it has to do with the new android version and chamges in storage permissions. Please update the app :(.
  54. HobbitJack: But thats good! I am not fashionable but this game is ADDICTIVE.
  55. Cassidy Barrow: Got pretty boring pretty fast.
  56. Julie D: Game was good but got boring after a while as its very similar to Biz Builder. To me it's the same game..
  57. Chest-High Wall: Not that you could tell from looking at me. As someone who really isn't very big on clothing, and couldn't tell you what matches with what if their life depended on it, I figured this was going to be one of those games like Pocket League where I enjoyed it, but it wasn't one of my favorites. As someone who has now replayed it six times, I can tell you I was completely wrong..
  58. Dena Elerian: Game is so fun! :-).
  59. A Google user: Now to actually try the game....
  60. Deray Jackson: I'm addicted to your games. Wish you had more than six floors though. Still a great game..
  61. Shamira C.: But I had to give 4 stars since you only get 6 floors. Please add more!.
  62. mitty onthelake: Good game.
  63. Roberto Gonzalez: The replayability on this game is probably the beat out of any kairo game. I definitely want more games that carry over as many variables as this..
  64. Wendy Reed: I lost entire hours playing this game you get hooked on improving merchandise to bring in more customers..
  65. Olivia Ang Xiu Huan: Really need more floor. Pls add on more to accommodate more clothes..
  66. Anna Bespoyasny: I like this game and all, but you need to be able to expand floors or be able to build more. Very short, I completed it in 2 days. Please update this..
  67. A Google user: It's not perfect, but it's awesome.
  68. jan barnsley: I liked it but its a very short game, only 6 floors? I have no room to fit any more clothing racks and I keep getting the same achievements and its beginning to be very repetative. Needs work done. Not one of kairosofts best...
  69. Joel Simpson: fun to play but wish there were more options for floor layouts and employee customization.
  70. Matthew Daddino: How would you hate this and say its boring..
  71. Francesca Whiting: If I'd have known I could only have 6 floors I'd have invested more wisely. Endless money coming in and nothing much to spend it on. More staff would be nice too. And why doesn't the tailcoat appear after I've unlocked it?? Edit: I take all of the above back, I've got a 7th floor, loads of staff and unlocked showcase for tailcoats 👍 😸.
  72. Wendy Lim: but ps make it all free la so addicting sia.
  73. Matthew Kwong: .
  74. Lissy Olds: Their other games are good but this one doesnt do much very boring. Little change or progression. Money wasted.
  75. Naz: Great attention to detail! Able to hire staff, level up whoever you like. Constant rewards for good gameplay, really keeps you hooked, focused and growing bigger! 6 floors of clothes, lifts, stage, radio shows and signings! But what then...? Provides hours of AWESOME gameplay, but short lived, becomes repetitive and no longer gives you a sense of achievement as you've seen it all before....
  76. Kinz Wolf: Can't get money back.
  77. Michelle Hagen: Well worth the $5, make sure to play the lite version first!.
  78. Mary Schrock: I love all the games this developer has produced so far. They all run smoothly and are great time killers..
  79. Lóre Stevens: Love Kairosoft games, and this is my favorite! Can't put it down!.
  80. Jco: Nice game. hard to play but thats the best part because we get challenged. Nice app. :)) Keep it up kairosoft..
  81. Bailey Russell: I love your games, but I wonder if you could make a new game soon. You haven't made a new one since July.
  82. Ivan lajoie: This is a great game, though it's a bit buggy when played on a tablet. On the phone I've never had any problems with any Kairosoft game.
  83. Peggy Short: All kairosoft games are the best!.
  84. Bradley Teasdale: Please release more games!!.
  85. Damion Spreitler: Its a great game but how do u delete saved games.
  86. TyDy Miler: Very smooth game, though on some of my older phones it didn't run quite as smooth when using 'graphics' option. Had fun replaying to increase my score. Well worth the money..
  87. Sergio Gerard: You shouldn't expect anything less out of them at this point..
  88. Jon Wong: Just lost second batch of saves. First time in any Kairosoft game. WTF?.
  89. MJMS: Of course, Kairosoft made another awesome game! Can't wait for the next ones!.
  90. Cristine Landongan: Wew. Thanks because this worth for me to try my partner credit card. Kinda nervous while purchasing.haha.
  91. Yvette Dolan: My 4th & favourite...options are endless in this game...I'll definately be returning to this one more than the others I!ve purchased..
  92. Betsaida Luque: I didn't like this one like the other..
  93. Esther Hsiu: Not having a delete button drives me crazy. It would help to streamline my play so much more in the end game. That's really the only thing that's keeping me from recommending this game to others. Otherwise, a very enjoyable game..
  94. Brenda Wunderly: Didnt like this game. Instructions and tutorial did not tell how to get gold. I was frustrated by this..
  95. Torque Z: Great game through and through. No lag, tutorials are always in depth and clear, gameplay is smooth, no bugs that I've noticed, love the fact even though the game ends I can keep playing and unlock everything. No issues running the game, nothing wrong with anything. Amazing what a person can achieve by simply reading the tutorials and having common sense. Great game again, kairosoft..
  96. A Google user: Come on guys... what's up with the chick flixs?... Its time for a Sports game again. I have bought all your English games so far and my favorite is 1) Pocket League, 2) Grand Prix and 3) Game Dev. There's couple more decent ones but none that I wanted to play more than once (other than my top 3, I played them through a lot). I think a baseball game would be awesome! Super Awesome! Another Homerun for the Kairo team.. RIGHT?.
  97. sarah edgar: Its a good game but there is to lobg between building up from floor 6. I am still waiting. Other than that great game.
  98. Roberto Sacaza: how can I get more or different clothes on this game.
  99. A Google user: Great game!!.
  100. A Google user: Keeps saying error when starting up disappointment as the other games are good.
  101. A Google user: gud one.
  102. A Google user: It lags..
  103. A Google user: It's a typical addictive game from Kairosoft but it lags awfully after about thirty minutes...on GS3?! I think the culprit is that this game consumes more than 100MB of the ram (compared to other games such as World Cruise Story which only seems to take about 40MB). But then games like Asphalt 7 doesn't lag as much. So maybe with a better ram management I'll raise it to five stars..
  104. A Google user: This company has provided me with countless hours of entertainment with their games. Though this specific game kept force closing and now wont load. Please fix this!.
  105. A Google user: Good fun, but one big problem is the tax for having too much in stock: producers tend to give me a full stock few hours before the deadline of this tax..
  106. A Google user: Just wish i had more options.
  107. A Google user: Love all these games! Wish there was a frequent buyer discount though!!.
  108. A Google user: One of Kairosoft's better games - there's a lot to do and manage. It is a bit easier than some of their other comparable titles such as Mega Mall Story, but once you start building up your empire, things get tougher..
  109. A Google user: Love Kairosoft games, but this one crashes repeatedly. Please fix it!.
  110. A Google user: this game is fun and adicting i always buy the full version first! but on the floors sometimes i find when u want to instsl a shelf u click and u go dowm a floor its soo cool buy it.
  111. A Google user: Not the best these guys have had..
  112. A Google user: Love all these games :D.
  113. A Google user: I'm a hardcore fantasy RPG guy and never expected to enjoy managing a clothing store but Kairosoft has managed to make this one of their best and most addictive games by bringing in some different and new elements..
  114. A Google user: I REALLY LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR GAME. Kairosoft you are doing soooo great. I've playing your games since the game dev ..
  115. A Google user: I have been playing kairosoft games since game Dev story. I loved GDS and I loved mega mall story. Besides those two, I have been routinely underwhelmed. Pocket clothier is so close to greatness, but it falls short of its brethren. The addiction factor is much lower, and the game is far far too easy. Overall though its much better than say Pockett academy..
  116. A Google user: All the games have their own different charm, instant buy never a disappointment.
  118. A Google user: I like kairosoft but this one didn't draw me in like the last ones..
  119. A Google user: Kairosoft games are the best! This one has so many options, very freeform, and I especially love that it doesn't require you to purchase anything to play the game to the fullest extent, other than the game itself, of course. Which, if I may add, is very reasonably priced and definitely worth it. I have had no problems with glitches or unexpected shutdowns. This is probably my fave game from this developer so far. Bravo, kairosoft! Please keep them coming..
  120. A Google user: The first kairosoft game I've ever played was Hot Spring Story and evet since then, I couldnt get enough! This game is non-stop hours of fun. Love it! Awesome job, Kairosoft!.
  121. A Google user: I love all of their games and I really like this one, but there are a couple of dumb things in it. Why does the game order more of a shirt when you have 200 on a shelf? The game should add inventory and shelf goods before deciding if it needs to auto order more. Your charged penalties for anything over 100... There are some stats that I can't see except at certain times. They should always be accessible. Those are the only things keeping me from giving this a perfect score..
  122. A Google user: Every time I re open I get a message that says error occurred!.
  123. A Google user: Really addictive! Play it repeatedly! Can't wait for more though ;-).
  124. A Google user: ...need the stock inventory capacity to be reset at each new game..
  125. A Google user: Keep these games coming guys. Great job..
  126. A Google user: its frustrating that u cant download the game even after u've paid foe the game. please fix it!.
  127. A Google user: I was looking forward to this one since all the others were fantastic, but this one disappointed me. no rotation, TOO easy, and too much like the mall one..
  128. A Google user: I cant put it down :-).
  129. A Google user: Typical top quality but screen rotation gone and you can't move around making it difficult on the larger floors to first place then upgrading shelves, racks or display cabinets Onda 10 inch Tablet.
  130. A Google user: Loved every game, and I know Ill love this one too..
  131. A Google user: I have played this game for more time than most PC and console games I own. For $5, this game has entertained me more than many $100 games..
  132. A Google user: Just a little too easy..
  133. A Google user: This seems to be more complicated, not good. Just make them easy to play, same as your other games. Plus, no screen rotate, this is disappointing for kairosoft.
  134. A Google user: One of theeir best yet, addictive and deep. Almost as good as Dungeon Village..
  135. A Google user: This game is vey fun and it has variaty in game so I love it and play its very day..
  136. A Google user: It force close please fix it but it is a good game.
  137. A Google user: This game is addictive and fun! I didn't know if I would like it but I spent hours playing,trying to build relationships with stores, earning metals and money... a great game!.
  138. A Google user: Woot.
  139. A Google user: Great game like all their others. Well worth the money!.
  140. A Google user: Kairosoft are losing the magic. Didn't even make it through to the end of one play through and their games are really expensive. Probably pass from now on..
  141. A Google user: ...how do u get the showcase????! And are 6 floors the max?.
  142. A Google user: I love this game! I wish it was more easy to get floors though!.
  143. A Google user: What's there to say since Kairo always delivers the best games. I really hope for their next installment they come up with a police story, lacrosse league story, basketball league story, dog shelter story, Television Co story and football league story..
  144. A Google user: Pretty good balance of micro management and mini events.
  145. A Google user: Keep on getting error message then force close after getting 6th trophy refund?....or update....
  146. A Google user: A much more fun and addictive release than their last two games. Looking forward to their next release!.
  147. A Google user: ... and take my money..
  148. A Google user: I love kairosoft and their game style, however, getting tired of these girly games. This game got old very quick. Only kairosoft game I wish I could get a refund on. Best games are grand Prix, pocket league, and game developers.. Do a Basketball game!.
  149. A Google user: I normally give 5* to kairo games but this one doesn't really float my boat..
  150. A Google user: I suggest people play the trial first as this kairosoft game is incredibly buggy on my huawei phone. Please fix it I guys..

Download Instructions Pocket Clothier latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Pocket Clothier mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link pocket-clothier-modhack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Kairosoft.

- Download Pocket Clothier mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file pocket-clothier-modhack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Pocket Clothier original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Pocket Clothier Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Pocket Clothier for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Kairosoft provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Pocket Clothier file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Pocket Clothier Mod Apk on Android & Pocket Clothier Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Pocket Clothier Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=9649

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored pocket-clothier-modhack.APK & pocket-clothier-modhack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again pocket-clothier-modhack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Pocket Clothier on your phone.

Download Pocket Clothier (MOD,HACK) All Unlock Apk + iOS 31M

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Version: 2.2.2.
Operating system: 4.4 and up.
Evaluate: 4.4.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 10,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Kairosoft.
Votes: 1,386.
Interact: .
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