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Update: 28/05/2022
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The once glorious Saurland fell under the attack of the undead army.
Darkness and fire follow their slaughter; their reign of terror consumes all hope.
The dead come back to life and the horrific legion expands.
The entire continent is on the brink of destruction.
Humans, elves, dwarves, and all other races put aside their differences and form alliances in order to survive.
However, they await an extraordinary leader to fight the evil army.
Lead them with your capable hands and strategic mind!

A mix of puzzle and strategy gameplay! Defeat powerful enemies with match-3 combos and hero skills!
– Legendary Heroes
Recruit heroes from various myths to help you conquer entire continents!
– Unbounded World
Explore a vast continent full of valuable resources, exquisite treasures and dangerous monsters.
– Alliance Interaction
Embark on a journey of glory and fame with allies from around the world.
– Global Showdown
Challenge players from all over the world and prove your prowess in cross-server competition.

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Puzzles & Conquest is a free mobile game with in-app purchases. According to 37GAMES’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this app is not intended for use by users under the age of 12.
Requires a device with internet access.

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Please feel free to contact us via in-game customer service or email: [email protected]
Privacy Policy:
https://gpassport.37games.com/center/servicePrivicy/ privicy
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If you encounter any problems during the game, you can send us feedback via in-game customer service center.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PnC.37Games
Discord: https://discord.gg/CskY8gCsyC

Free download Puzzles & Conquest [Mod/Hack] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 167M) - Version 5.0.57. Released on January 14, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. . Developed by 37GAMES. Operating system requirements 4.4 and up. Teen.

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1. Added a wintry territory scene.
2. Added 10-star gear.
3. Added Lv.11-12 Blessing of Gear.
4. Added Floor 161-180 to Gear Trial.
5. Added Jumong-exclusive curio: Bow of Sun.
6. You can change the skins of Sarbor and Animus now.

1. Puzzle Duel:
a. Matchmaking period: 1 hr -> 2 hrs
b. You can now receive more Duel Coins and Grade rewards.
c. Time limit per move: 30s -> 20s
2. Demon Incursion: Optimized the time when the 10th and the 20th waves of monsters appear..

New comment

  1. Kat Rowan: Yep.
  2. Mark Chabowski: dam fine.
  3. J T: Great game lots to do on here that keeps you active but would like to see a couple things like a move button so I can move the rss tiles and other buildings to plots where I want too customize my home and second with the cost of things it be nice if there was better rewards to.
  4. Jose Aguirre: Fun BUT Very very very ANNOYING Ad pops up EVERY time you enter the game. If your in a hurry because you have multiple accounts you accidentally hit "buy" and now have to waste time canceling the transaction. Please STOP ! Either random ad less than 50% of the time or No ad or only ONCE when logging in to first kingdom. PLEASE !.
  5. Santosh Sharma: Lagging and hangs badly. Sorry. Uninstall..
  6. Megan Hinchman: Allowing older and larger servers to attack a new server is very frustrating and disheartening. Nothing is done about the toxic players in kingdom chat no matter how many times you report them. You all are creating a toxic, money guzzling environment that has made multiple alliances let alone players quit not even a month after starting. Allowing kingdoms 127-129 into 130s arena and kingdom was foolish..
  7. Amin Sutriawan: Hh.
  8. Jennifer Maher: So much to do, always finding something new I did not know I could do! Keeps me busy and on my toes! Love the puzzle aspect and love having lots to come back too! Well balanced as well!.
  9. Scott Beasley: Every duel match I'm placed against stronger people. I'm losing because the game stacks my enemy with multiple moves and cascade victories.
  10. Mark Pearce: Amazing😎😍.
  11. Jeff Janecyk: So far so 👍.
  12. Melissa Williams: Fun.
  13. Autum Niederquell: A pretty fun game, yes it is kind of a pay to play game. You can get far without paying, but it will take longer. However the graphics very nice in the storyline is fun!.
  14. Joe Neal: Empires and puzzles meets final fantasy and amongst other games all around not too bad.
  15. Richard Kasprzak: I like the game it's nice to play.
  16. Michael Krantz: great game.
  17. Carl Powers: I like this game.
  18. Diamond Ross: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  19. RA De Vinny: Good game I like it.
  20. Thom Painter: Noting like the advertisment..
  21. Blake Line: Very fun game.
  22. Mike Toler: Great game! Just as good, if not better than 'Puzzles and Survival.' Great game would 10/10 recommend..
  23. Oliver Allen: Looks kinda cool. Female fantasy characters are hot. However it keeps telling me what to do everywhere. It's an awful long tutorial. Then, it's weirdly zoomed in and I can't select something it's asking me to. It may just be my device but I either way I'm uninstalling it..
  24. jesse conrad: Left a review yesterday and can't find it today... Must have gotten Erased... Not only is the game P2W/P2P The mini games are garbage. The puzzle duel mini game is a joke. Incredibly bad matchmaking. Their are some good parts to this game but the bad aspects ruin the rest for me....
  25. Rebel Campbel: this is by far the best game out there you don't even have to spend money but if you do you get your money's worth there's tons of events every day where you can get free items so there's no need to spend money you get to meet and play with people all over the world. the graphics are amazing. and don't listen to the people in other reviews that say this is just a puzzle game or match three game cuz that is not what it is . it's got everything you can think of in it..
  26. Allen Malicsi: Empires and puzzles is better.
  27. Tre Heard: Sweet game.
  28. H Mystikall: Fun but weird..
  29. Emad Hamama: So does.
  30. Steph Warrick: Highly addictive and sucks many players into regular purchases which climb rapidly. If you're looking for immersive escapism and pay-to-win doesn't put you off, it is cleverly designed and complex enough to be interesting. Otherwise, steer clear..
  31. ray reich: Early game is fun we shall see for the mid and end.
  32. Walter Crabtree: Ok.
  33. mary chong: Don't know how to play it good yet but I love this app but sometimes it freeze up sometimes.
  34. William Godwin: When you play the puzzle against other players and it randomly selects other players it does not select players based on level so you get way out gunned.
  35. Dave Riffle: Good game.
  36. Melanie Clarke: Fun, great game.
  37. Robert Torrance: Awesome game 🎮.
  38. Dijin Chen: Great game. Best done w alliance members..
  39. Iosip Bogdan: A pay to win game!.
  40. dragoneyes_ct: Just started playing, fun so far.
  41. Peter Walsh: Game won't load, tried installing it twicw.
  42. Louis Hayes: awsome game.
  43. Bam-Bam Smith: Awesome addictive and fun. There is a bit of pay to play to it I just grind to win..
  44. Jason Cain: Nice game I tend to play it about an hour a day.
  45. Julian Sinomati: Well done.
  46. ODIN-SON: No outside ads. Good community. I usually don't play these games, buts this ones actually dope..
  47. Antony Warren: Good variations in tasks and objectives..
  48. John Johnson: Great thanks.
  49. Eyad Hamed: Good.
  50. Lia A: 🤪.
  51. Jen Smith: Game is fun and entertaining. You dont have to keep buying packs to advance so far.
  52. Lynn Morrill: It's a good game.
  53. Alfredo Tellez: Great idea for a game just obviously with price hikes games shouldn't require do many purchases in order to enhance characters. What ever happen to practice make perfect. Allow for a player to enhance by offering more in game rewards w/o purchase but still AWESOME 👍😎..
  54. little burds: great game.
  55. Daniel Nordyke: To expensive is my only complaint.
  56. Traci Rivera: So far its fun.
  57. Annie Lovins: It's a great game I like the puzzle duels those are fun wonder what they might add next I'll stay tuned to the game.
  58. Christopherroseanne Williams: These card games are fun..
  59. Markesha Gayfield: Lots of fun.
  60. James Ching Chung: Fun game with multiple facets, cooperative within an alliance come join with friends.
  61. Michael Hart: It helps if you are actually able to play the game. My phone and connection aren't old. I don't care for looking at a load screen for even 3 minutes, good luck..
  62. Wahab Khan: He is best games in the world Please enter new herio and new card.
  63. محمد توانا: excellent.
  64. Dalia Cordero: This game is so awesome and so very fun.
  65. BIG Rick: Great game play but alot of incentive to p2p.
  66. mega Zwatcher: not even a game, you have no control. just tap where it says when it says and it does the rest, boring.
  67. Ebrahim Radiraz: Time eater :)).
  68. Christopher Jones: Very entertaining.
  69. Cloud Strifehart: Good game at a steady, yet enjoyable rate of play. Good job devs..
  70. analyn veliush: Good.
  71. Kim Piper: Nice game but large element of pay to win..
  72. Bobenstein Vania: Why the heck was it thought to be a great idea to have freaking lucifer swoop in and be the hero at the opening tutorial of the game? Who then promptly leaves to go back to doing who knows what?.
  73. Courtney Thomas: Game HEAVILY geared towards P2P. You can play for free but it's incredibly slow and it does limit events some. For example daily quests has a 20pt quest to buy a pack. You can only get 180 daily pts by completing that quest which directly effects Lucky Draw, Divination and a few other events that give you the needed currency based off that. The gold resources needed to do things is completely disproportionate to how much you get from gathering and even purchasing resources with money..
  74. Christian Jenkins: Fun.
  75. Jeri Coley-Kuhn: Awesome game! Once you learn how to play, you can play without spending a penny! Also it helps to make friends in your alliance. That's how you learn! Asking questions while playing. Look for a alliance that's willing to teach. Plus join the discord and Facebook sites. All kinds of knowledge, rewards, and help. Try it...
  76. Susan Sybenga: Good game. Could use better instructions..
  77. KT Allen: Picks your heros in arena not the ones you want the ones it wants players half your size getd hit with huge combos no damage now cant log in.
  78. Julia Schultz: Good.
  79. kelvin Clarke: Great game play.
  80. Jame Wat: Good.
  81. Alisa malinowski: I'm hooked!! Totally my kind of game!!.
  82. Arthur Mackey: as soon as i start the app it just shuts down, please fix.
  83. Barry Eppes: Addicting, I can't stop.
  84. Rodney Duchesne: Not a bad game easy to get use to.
  85. Kellie Cordeiro: Fun.
  86. Thomas Huber: 👍.
  87. Victoria Lozade: I play this game every day! It's so much fun and do relaxing.
  88. Tiffany Perkins: It's fun and addicting!.
  89. Artisan X5: Not bad for a free game, finds a good balance between play and upgrades and grind for materials without depending too heavily on transactions..
  90. Roscoe Washington: One of the best, most costly, games that I grown to like on mobile devices..
  91. Trever McFarland: Fun game.
  92. theresa: Fun.
  93. Rob Endres: Fun game.
  94. Jamie Meekis: Interesting start.
  95. Juan Jose Martinez: Very nice game.
  96. redneckbilly82: Walk thru is a little quick but an awesome game once u spend some time learning it.
  97. Conor Edgar: It's a good game could do with an easier amount of upgrading without using too much resources it feels set up to do that so that u spend money and that's immoral but all in all its a good game.
  98. Kayley Baxter: Such a fun game very addictive.
  99. Terry Hammond: Delightful.
  100. P H O S P H E N E C H A N N E L: Game is rigged badly! 100% Pay to win and even if you pay to win you need spend £20k + for when they open server 2 months in a let 50 players with 2k+ stats!!!! And submit a ticket about what how rigged and unbalanced How I spend £250 on a game to have everything taken away, along with everyone on my server Because you can't make fair matching, 400mil player vs a 60 day old sever!??? He alone could zero the server, yet alone the other 50 of them..... Fair??!.
  101. Joseph Coulter: Really challenging and fun game thats easy to navigate although it's really complex..
  102. Eric Schwartz: At first the game was hard to learn and keep up with but once I learned what was going on, it was great and became my favorites!.
  103. Daniel Sullivan: Gem match puzzle game.
  104. Ben Niemi: Fun game.
  105. RENE L.: If you're looking for a war game to suck your wallet dry this is it. Updating review 1-5. While I still play this it's getting harder and harder to log in every day. In PvP unless you've dropped 50,000+ dollars the guys that have will step on you like a bug even if you spend 5-10 thousand. The game mechanics are still pretty broken and instead of fixing anything they just add new dumb wallet draining event's. I see an uninstall in my future and you should avoid this unless your rich..
  106. Patricia Spencer: Slow to do turns.
  107. william brack: Adicting and challenging.
  108. Kit Dennett: Fun, pretty easy to learn..
  109. Ladybird Spotted: Great game.
  110. Ansonia Burdick: Terribly addicting!.
  111. money: Good time killer.
  112. Loulou Carew: What are ya'll talking about this game is bomb. Find a good alliance and you're set. I've been playing a month and I'm hooked.
  113. David Barnett: Has a learning curve,fun.
  114. Ya Lor: Good game to try..
  115. Andre Newby: Its ok.
  116. T Ristow: It's all about the players, mannnnnn.
  117. Joseph Williams: Great game.
  118. Susan Cox: I Think This is a great game. But like others have said, it's a pay to play. For the most part it's a learn as you go. The one thing I wish it had is a way to delete the game and start over. I know that I have a few just taking up territory and that's space that could be used by new players..
  119. TEACH KUNG FU IN HOME: Good game.
  120. Sam Salazar: It's fun I like the ppl on it..
  121. Ray Street: Great game.
  122. Louis Closz: Greatness.
  123. Michael Fowlkes: It a fun game.
  124. Ron Brunet: Game is okay I guess. Not the best in the world but just okay. There is not enough free rewards that amount to anything. If you really want to go far they have set it up so you have to pay all the time to get more advanced. I don't like the structure of the little games that match you up against other heroes and you can fight them to get rewards. It's geared for them to make money not really geared for players to have fun and take advantage of other territories unless you have joined an alliance.
  125. Cherish: So far I find this game is enjoyable. Build your strength and help your alliance with a twist..
  126. JJ: I really do like this game but it is fairly complex. I think that the current seasonal tasks (i.e. clicking Christmas trees) are far too tedious! Too many clicks are required to go into AND out of a kingdom to decorate a tree (or the fireworks before) just to get ribbons. Can it just be a single click of the tree bubble? I guess the seasonal tasks aren't the only issue because going into and out of any part of the game requires many clicks. Can there just be a simple exit (X) out of things?.
  127. Bryan Sargent: An ok game.
  128. Josip Katalinic: Great way of spending your money but enough is enough too expensive for me.
  129. Charles Harris: This combined two different types of games that I liked one for building a base and one that has the gem puzzle/ fighting games. I'm enjoying it so far.
  130. MANNY Samson: Game is nice. No problems encountered yet..
  131. Adam Clohessy: Game play is a standard attack match 3 rpg. But what earns this game 1 star was when in the middle of a battle an ad popped up trying to get me to buy a $5 pack. That takes cash grabbing to a new and annoying level..
  132. Jacqueline Hill: Addictive game and worth it..
  133. Si B: Dont bother downloading if you dont have 3 hours to sit through forced tutorials which is pointless as it's a copy of so many other games the tutorial is irrelevant.
  134. Michael reece: Great game play.
  135. Mark Lee: Fun game play, great characters and graphics, easy to learn, very addictive!.
  136. Emma Gil: Love it.
  137. Mu Ji: good game.
  138. Joshua Kessler: Good.
  139. Katie Patton: Like the game and the graphics could use a better tutorial.
  140. Dannaruth Theriot: Fun game.
  141. Mike Zanes Jr: Good so far.
  142. Sharon Hill: Just started so I'll let u know later....
  143. Matthew Aycock: Enjoying it so far!.
  144. Nora Hultin: Is nothing like the adds for it very disappointing.
  145. brent hallinan: Great game...its a grinder but what game isn't. Does allow nonpayers to keep up pretty well. I may have spent a little when it was laying around...lmao. very alliance interactive. Made many great friends here!!.
  146. John Snellgrove: So far enjoying.
  147. Chris Alner: Awesome.
  148. Jacenta Thomas: Great game alot to do.
  149. Kiana Collins: Pretty good gives a lot of thinking room and strategies to come up with.
  150. BlunterCanvas42: The developers do not honor promotional deals with other games, despite screenshots as evidence. This is a carbon copy game with dozens more like it, and--unlike this game--they won't try to steal your time and money. Very disappointed and shame on the developers for bait and switch tactics..

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- Download Puzzles & Conquest mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link puzzles-conquest-mod-hack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher 37GAMES.

- Download Puzzles & Conquest mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file puzzles-conquest-mod-hack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Puzzles & Conquest Mod Apk on Android & Puzzles & Conquest Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Puzzles & Conquest Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=7554

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored puzzles-conquest-mod-hack.APK & puzzles-conquest-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again puzzles-conquest-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Puzzles & Conquest on your phone.

Download Puzzles & Conquest [Mod/Hack] [Unlock All Apk + iO S] 167M

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Version: 5.0.57.
Operating system: 4.4 and up.
Evaluate: 4.5.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: 37GAMES.
Votes: 51,514.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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