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Christmas Update: Discovery Channel Collaboration. Puzzles & Survival Mod v7.0.63

Update: 28/06/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Puzzles & Survival Mod 7.0.63 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4 and up

The Puzzles & Survival Christmas update in partnership with the Discovery Channel is now available!
Puzzles & Survival Christmas Update is now live!
By the Puzzles & Survival team and Discovery Channel will be available worldwide for Christmas!
This Christmas Eve, the gates to the sanctuary will open to endangered species!
Download the game now to protect endangered species and fight off mutant monsters with strategic match-3 action!
Multi-species-themed Discovery Channel co-op events: hunting mutants, nature conservation, helping the homeless.
Puzzle Duel: Real-time match-3 battles with other players.
New Hero Skins: Dancing Tomoyo Girl, Nova’s Fancy Azure and Fashion.

A deadly virus has swept the world. Almost all humans have turned into zombies. Lead your followers to survive the apocalypse: it’s your mission.
Match-3 puzzle meets strategy! Solve the mystery and build an impregnable shelter. The future of humanity is in your hands.
Hint: Use your brain to defend your brain!

——Apocalypse Features——
※ Strategy + MATCH-3 ※
– Solve puzzles to kill zombies
– Arm yourself with strategy and tactics
– Combination of tactical war game and casual puzzle game
– An innovative post-apocalyptic experience

※ Build a Shelter※
– Lead the survivors in the last bastion of humanity
Craft cutting edge equipment to crush your enemies

※ Mighty Heroes※
– Superhuman powers come along with the zombie virus
– Recruit heroes from the infamous Noah’s Tavern
Heroes Improve your military and economic power

※Friend or Enemy※
– No one can survive alone, fight alongside your allies
– Beware of potential threats, be it zombies or humans

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Puzzle & Survival is free to play mobile game with in-app purchases. According to 37GAMES’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this app is not intended for use by users under the age of 12.

Requires a device with internet access.

🌟 Do you need help?
Please feel free to contact us via in-game customer service or email: [email protected]
Privacy Policy:
https://gpassport.37games.com/center/servicePrivicy/ privicy
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Free download Puzzles & Survival HACK_MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 160M) - Version 7.0.63. Released on January 14, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Christmas Update: Discovery Channel Collaboration. Developed by 37GAMES. Operating system requirements 4.4 and up. Teen.

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  • - No All ADS
  • - Free Premium
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  • - Unlimited Money

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What’s New
1. New Avatar: Nova’s attire.
2. New Nanoweapon: Recurve Bow (Nam Hayul exclusive).
3. Puzzle Duel now lasts for 3 days. The daily free attempts have been increased to 8 and the points required for Duel Legend have been lowered to 4,000
4. New hero skins for Fox and Eve..

New comment

  1. Max Davitt: Excellent.
  2. Weep-Tes Wilder: Nothing like the adds show it being. This is more of a card game than a puzzle game..
  3. sage lamestay: this game is way fun.
  4. Mike Berkshire: Really fun, once you get the hang of it.
  5. Ronald Lazaro: Worth playing.
  6. Cimarron Boyer: Fun.
  7. Stephen Moore: Great game.
  8. Jordan East: Absolutely trash its just another bad clickbait city building game.
  9. Robruds: Good time consuming game... I've spent hours on this game.....
  10. Dan Mellott: Cool.
  11. A Google user: It's pretty good.
  12. BooDy GamaL: good soo good ihave play now.
  13. Nerd Horne: 2 basic mobile games in one basically Avalon etc type game plus match three game having the two together helps break up monotony so meh it's okay for a time sink.
  14. Hiliary Lamm: Fun.
  15. Chris Basnight: Having a fun time playing this game..
  16. Miguel: The commercials for this game are absolutely FAKE. Nothing in the commercials is like the game. The only thing worth a damn is the other people who got tricked into it. This is a clash of clans, game of war remake..
  17. Judi Roberts: Okay...it took me awhile but now I'm hooked. Great game..
  18. cardsman78: T wa as and will be a good puzzle game.
  19. Karen Woods: Awsome.
  20. Angela Alexander: Still learning how to manuever around a smaller screen, but so far, lots of fun and enjoy learning a new game..
  21. S. M. P: It's alright.
  22. Kris M: Fun.
  23. Ronnie B: Cool so far, only few days in so 4 for now.
  24. Nacho Coloma: Sexualized content, moronic gameplay, this is just stupid.
  25. ali abaszadeh: Terrible.
  26. 狼-san: Good.
  27. Laura Isenhart: y ghgf$/!My eyebrows🐆😀🎙🎺😎😎😎🥔🍑🎇🎆🎃🎆✨🎇🏔⛰🏔🏖.
  28. Edith Phillips: Good games.
  29. Ismaeel Fortuin: This game is awesome with all the events, challenge's, opportunities and most importantly the feature's and the other online people that you can meet with new ideas and maybe can become great friends.
  30. Geziel Cane: Great.
  31. Brian Robertson: Still to early,but i like it so far,will rate more later.
  32. Travis Beerbohm: It's a fun game.
  33. Justino Iannelli: Cool.
  34. joven emilia: Nice game.
  35. Kathleen Cariaga: fun but you have to pay for a quicker upgrade.
  36. Christian Bice: 👍.
  37. Omar Perez: Great game.
  38. kassandra Woodward: Love it.
  39. Johnathan&Martha Marcum: Really fun game..
  40. Michael Lorance: Changed my review to a one. Started out fun, but eventually the puzzle aspect becomes less and less to where your left with only the city building..
  41. I need Money: Fun!.
  42. Doug Vasquez: Fun game good time killer.
  43. Alfredo jr Cajife: Im enjoying this game try now and have fun.
  44. Sca La: Too much going on in between... not that fun. I prefer to shoot most of the time rather let the puzzle do its job.
  45. Steven Maddy: Fun and refreshing.
  46. raphael sta. maria: its good...
  47. Irfan Khan: Vary nic and beautiful game.
  48. Amal K.A: ✨😀✨.
  49. unusually very funny stuff: Don't install. Horrible game it's not what it says it is in ads. City building game..
  50. Gareth Buck: Nothing like the advertising (reply to 37games) maybe make it more like the advertising. The games completely different from the ads..
  51. Brittany Montoya: It's a very social game actually. You can join alliances and there's a campaign. You can build your own sanctuary.
  52. Aaron Southern: Waste of space.
  53. Lex Thunder: Very nice!.
  54. Tamara Rimmer: It is awesome I don't like games like this but I actually like this one.
  55. Lawrence Sidles: Fun.
  56. F.A Moreno: Love this game.
  57. teri jones: What a Game!!.
  58. Ken Smith: This. Is an all around enjoyable strategy type game that run far smoother than most others of this genre. Great game..
  59. Queen Ebony: Intrigued.
  60. Loco Cabo: Nice Nice game.
  61. Mattrice Conley: Love it.
  62. Richard Mcclanahan: Grate so far.
  63. Robert Jones: Good game only complaint is the is not at all what is advertised in the ad.
  64. Shannon Horton: I love this game, it's my favorite rpg game for a phone so far..
  65. Lamda2: It's a fun thinking game everyone..
  66. Jaymie Cabrera: It's fun. I didn't know what I was doing at first but I'm getting the hang of it..
  67. Alejandro Barajas: Fun game.
  68. No Pe: Advertised game is not the actual game provided. No more cookie cutter city builders..
  69. Christian Finneran: A little more relaxing than the typical game of this nature... reminiscent of other zombie games where survivors build headquarters and so forth... but the puzzle aspect is new to me and somewhat satisfying.
  70. Aletha Novak: Great game love it.
  71. Zach Skiles: Love it so much to do so little time.
  72. Debra Batary: Just started to play today, but so far the game is fun. A little challenging to understand,but fun..
  73. Michael Dilbeck: Addictive.
  74. Carlos Rosario: Pretty adictive!.
  75. Nora MacKenzie: Awesome just awesome thane guys.
  76. Maria Victoria Lazaro: Very exciting game.
  77. Aaron Gasser: So far so good..
  78. Andrew B: Good game.
  79. Ronald Cheatham: AWESOME!!!.
  80. In Dang3r: So far so good.
  81. Nicole Jones: I love the game it's fun has puzzle and rpg parts that make it a complete game for everyone it does lag and freeze up slot only down side.
  82. Juan Laracuente: Is and amazing game and interesting,.
  83. Ebony Elice Gray: Usually, I suck at mission games, but this one is so easy to understand, navigate, and advance! This is not my usual type of game, but it is so much fun!.
  84. Engelson Arances: one of the best games for me....
  85. Angela Rogers: I don't understand why this game isn't more transparent.... why is there not a place to go to help you understand how to play. I don't want to download a chat app to ask people about the game cause they dont have a frickin clue either. oh and my goggle app was hacked threw this game.pay to play then get no help....sucks...
  86. Hugh Duncan: Complex but good.
  87. Nate Turner: Pretty good game to pass time.
  88. halloween9719 blue monkeys: False advertisement, stop deleting my review cuz ill keep putting it up. You guys show fake video ads on youtube and facebook thats why im here and it wasnt what you advertised when i was playing....
  89. Queen Ky: While i have fun, i feel misrepresented, yall have just two black female characters, one latina, and several of the other non black women.. I have continuousky asked for more black characters and we only have two females to choose from. Not to mention they are dressed more like tomboys vs the rest of the women. We got all these new characters all dolled up and not one of them are Black/African.
  90. Corey Oleary: Meee.
  91. Chris Wain: Simply great fun..
  92. Mostafa Ayman: Interesting game ^^.
  93. Louie Doctolero: Nice game.
  94. Samantha Yip: Boring like hell. Uninstalled after 5 min..
  95. Carol Moore: Additive.
  96. Simeyeon smith: 😎.
  97. Siddiq Ali: I like this game.
  98. dj kim: Your game commercials are misleading and deceptive. Nothing but money pit.
  99. Michael Haïtse: Great especially with mistplay.
  100. Sameeh Semo: good.
  101. Satoru Asaka: this is not what i saw in AD.
  102. Tea Loving Ferret: I just read a review that I supposedly posted but those were not my words. This game is fun and addictive but you have to spend more money than everyone else in order to get anywhere in the game. If you aren't online 24/7, be prepared to buy lots of shields or you WILL be attacked and lose all your unprotected resources and force relocated. Just remember that spending real money does not get you real rewards, just bragging rights..
  103. Russel Fitzwater: Awesome game.
  104. James Tingle: Great.
  105. Christine Perry: Still not quite sure what the objective of the game is..
  106. N B: oks.
  107. skye Steinke: Its lit fam.
  108. Rubien Reynolds: Time killer.
  109. Chad Raymond: So far its fun. Only at level 5 though.
  110. Paul Gulley: Great game.
  111. Sharon Henderson: Very addictive! And therapeutic killing zombies 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️.
  112. Jamie Osborne: It's cool..
  113. Bob Bobbet: Great.
  114. Lisa Smithson: The game was nothing like it was advertised. Unable to make my own choice. As a game for 12 year olds and above the sexualisation of the female characters was ridiculous..
  115. Aaron Hazard: Really good game.
  116. Fernando Jones: It's okay.
  117. Dan Rabbetts: Addicted.
  118. Mary Wilcox: It's fun still learning.
  119. S B: DO NOT FEED THESE HACKS ANYMORE. The game is overrun by Chinese bot farms and players who suddenly have max everything. The developer does nothing. Items you pay for are useless when you achieve levels and there's no way to redeem them. Every response here is a cut paste response people get in the game. People who have played legitimately are being screwed by hacks and 3rd party sales. The developer keeps their heads in the sand. Do not start playing this ponzi scheme..
  120. Phoeboe pao Quirante: Im so amaze of this game.
  121. Michael Miano: Different from the advertisement..
  122. Vanessa Sevillo: Its awesome!!!.
  123. james sloan: Very fun game.
  124. Peter Koops: Not what the adds show but still fun of you like puzzle quest style stuff i guess.
  125. Fielding Family: Yeah it's good.
  126. Will Hartley: Good game.
  127. Edwin Figueroa: sssooooo addictive!!!.
  128. WILO MON: Liesssssss!!!.
  129. Antonio Burkett: I'm concerned that this is false advertisement. Every time the ad pops up for this in another game, it shows people running from a monster. When I play this game, there are no characters running nor is anyone being chased. I'm confused..
  130. John Chavez: Awesome game.
  131. Barbie Starr: NOTsureyet..
  132. Chevron Etter: Fun game.
  133. Laura Cowling: It's fun and I love it!.
  134. Jon Stokes: Fun.
  135. J. Kwan: It's pretty simple to play, although, resulting action are interesting, I like the easiness so far..
  136. Ken Jan: fun game while I wander.
  137. Paul Urquidez: Cool game.
  138. Nick Turner: Fun game to kill time.
  139. Jennifer Yanik: Liking it so far. Just started.
  140. Daryll John Magpantay: Good app.
  141. Skasa Design & Build: Ok.
  142. Brandon Johnson: They won't let me use my name says they said it was absences (3 difference words) CLOWNDOGGIN but if I put it in like this it's not ClownDoggin dose not make since. I won't be playing it anymore , I download it to play to move the blocks and the zombies chase you n that's not the game I'm tired of the adds that is not the game u want to play you have to do all other **** to play that part n have to watch adds. Also don't pay for stuff it's not worth it , all games are about money n it's a gamble.
  143. Sophia Miller-Young: Great fun.
  144. D T: Sadly this is just another bait-and-switch game. It is advertised and promoted primarily as matching up blocks and defeating zombies. In reality it's another city building game where you collect resources and upgrade buildings. That's fine if that's what you're looking for. But I'm sick and tired of games pretending they're one thing so you can download them and find out their complete copies of trash bag games that already exist period extremely disappointing and deceptive..
  145. Teena Daniels: Game constantly disconnects,,hard to play when it keeps doing it!!!!.
  146. Daniel Moon: interesting game.
  147. Shaun Allison: Rubbish.
  148. Jim Jonson: Its fun at first but there is no skill involved. Like every other game nowadays you will have to pay if you want to progress. That's not a game. Not even entertaining.
  149. Jonathan Langreo: Nice.
  150. Tekan Tekei: Love it.

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- Download Puzzles & Survival mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link puzzles-survival-hack_mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher 37GAMES.

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- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again puzzles-survival-hack_mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Puzzles & Survival on your phone.

Download Puzzles & Survival HACK_MOD Unlimited Resources Apk + iOS 160M

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Version: 7.0.63.
Operating system: 4.4 and up.
Evaluate: 4.0.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 10,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: 37GAMES.
Votes: 176,639.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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