Ragnarok Origin Mod

Ragnarok Origin [HACK/MOD]

An epic MMORPG set in a fantasy world! Explore the adventure of Ragnarok!. Ragnarok Origin Mod v4.2.2

Update: 28/05/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Ragnarok Origin Mod 4.2.2 for android apk & iphone ios 6.0 and up

The popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online is now on the phone as Ragnarok Origin!
Become a hero who embarks on an epic adventure in a fantastic open world environment!
Immerse yourself in a vast fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and epic characters. Explore vast landscapes, legendary kingdoms and fabulous dungeons in this open-world role-playing game!

Don’t miss the chance to win Tesla S during the pre-registration period!

Welcome to Ragnarok Origin and bring your fantasy adventure to life!
-In the open world MMORPG of Ragnarok, adventurous life awaits you!
-Cute high-quality anime style graphics
-Customize character growth through unique build combinations
-Join a group of extraordinary heroes and discover the secrets of Rune Midgart!
-Collect, train and evolve powerful mercenaries to fight alongside you in overwhelming monster battles!
-Explore an open world full of various kingdoms, empires, epic castles and cute characters, all of which are full of rich narrative and history!

◈ Endless build customization◈
-Customize and upgrade your weapons, armors, magic, etc. to perfect your game style and defeat your opponents
-By upgrading your abilities to overcome the dark dungeons and powerful MVP monsters you encounter in your adventures, take your character’s power to a new level!

◈ Fantasy RPG story campaign◈
-Discover the adventures, fun and even mysterious secrets hidden in this magical world
-Choose your path and start unique missions, activities and daily tasks
-Collect and breed mysterious and cute pets to help you in your adventures
-Meet unforgettable friends and defeat powerful enemies along the way

◈ Dynamic action combat◈
-Hundreds of weapons with improved animations!
-Sensitive control allows quick response to changing battlefield conditions
-Fight in multiple magical and legendary arenas throughout the kingdom!
-Choose your RPG combat strategy, learn new attack methods, and prepare battle potions!
◈ Single mercenary system ◈
-Hire mercenaries with various talents to join your adventure!

◈ Community social system-let’s play together! ◈
-Form a lasting bond in the community!
Adventure with your friends in real time!
Enjoy unique raids, challenges and stories with your friends!
-Play an important role in your team!
Everyone plays an important role in the party system of Ragnarok.
Which role will you play? Tanks, DPS or support make your team stronger?
-Enjoy special community content with guild members!
Get together to enjoy the guild feast, guild competition and more!
-Have fun!
Dance with your friends and guild members.
Don’t forget to participate in the weekly surprise draw for the weekend feast!

◈ express yourself ◈
-Show off your unique style with hundreds of cute costumes, hats and accessories
-Earn points to improve your fashion game
-Use the wardrobe to change clothes anytime, anywhere!

◈ Explore the beautiful world ◈
-Vivid HD graphics with 2.5D and 3D camera options
-Find an epic adventure in Midgard!
-Each town has unique music to create the atmosphere

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-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokOriginNA/
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/ro_origin
-Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MrGW7Kft7m

[App permissions]
Used to save basic files on your device to run the application
Used to collect any game errors, disconnections, delays, etc.

Free download Ragnarok Origin [HACK/MOD] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 91M) - Version 4.2.2. Released on November 8, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. An epic MMORPG set in a fantasy world! Explore the adventure of Ragnarok!. Developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd.. Operating system requirements 6.0 and up. Teen.

Feature Hack Game Ragnarok Origin MOD

  • - No ADS
  • - Unlock Premium
  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Booster
  • - Unlocked Full Version

Version Game Ragnarok Origin Pay Fees MOD

  • - Free Installation
  • - Unlocked Premium
  • - No Ads
  • - Free ADS
  • - Speed

Brace yourself – the fantastic journey of Ragnarok Origin will finally be available on the 10th of November!.

New comment

  1. Steven H: I want to like it! What little I was able to play was fun, but the game kicks me every 10 minutes and I have to relog. It also has to reconnect every 5 minutes so making any kind of progress is difficult. I feel like this game would be super enjoyable if this connection issue could be resolved..
  2. kitty: the game is really good, best mobile mmo ive seen and even better than other pc ones ive played. overall great gameplay loop and story. my problem, however, are the limitations on literally everything. want blueprints? spend a week getting enough for just a weapon. want cards? afk grind for 2 hrs everyday for a month (maybe more). the game has perfectly good gameplay, but actively keeps you from playing the good gameplay through all these limitations. this would be so much better without limits.
  3. Hailey Church: I just installed it, I can't wait to play it and I'll give you other feedback after I play it for a little, but it looks amazing so far good job guys.
  4. Alain Koellner: Trash game is trash. Consumable you cannot consume lol! Pet equip stats cant be read cuz guide's conversation wont clear. PvP enemy takes no damage and 2 shot you. Dont waste your time on this game its stupid..
  5. John Zimmerman: "It seems you may have had an item highlighted but not selected" yeah. Lazy devs. Makes no sense. Instead of "yeah its dumb it does that lemme just fix it real quick for u grateful customer." But no. Just little kids "not my problem".
  6. NecrophageonIII: Just another free-to-play, pay-to-win MMO experience. Perhaps from the perspective of whales, there are some things that set this apart from the competition, but as an average Joe, there's nothing to write home about here. 2 out of 5 yawns. Great production value, good controls, but also a rather dull and disinteresting way to spend your time..
  7. Brandon Badger: Stop deleting my reviews.
  8. Wadna Scott: Fun as hell good graphics and so much too do.
  9. Terk Henning: Says I can't connect to server when I have full bars.
  10. Brandon Moua: The ads are kinda cringe ngl.
  11. Johnny Johnny: Unable to connect!.
  12. jake summers: Art is good, sound is decent. Refining system very p2w, and rng is brutal. Costumes are cute but costs way too much, and are locked behind gacha. In-app purchases are ridiculously expensive as well. Farming the necessary cards is pretty much impossible, since its either bought out immediately upon refresh or the drop rate is non-existent..
  13. Jin Funa: Why i can't connect using my mobile data? I have 5G connection. Please make it possible for mobile data to be usable instead of wifi..
  14. Jason Swartz: Wish I could use my unlimited data plan to play this game. Only works on wifi :( Also don't like the daily quests..
  15. Ahmed H.A.A.: Continuities lag most of the time for no reason Note: my internet is fine and i can play any other game normally.
  16. Harmony Johnson: Lol, sorry me again ment skin color not screen color, there is no skin color option(at least non I know of).
  17. sad_electric wolf: This is a great game to play. The only problem is there is a bug that i can see all the events and daily tasks like usual and the limited time offering keeps coming back and its messing my game up. Please fix it.
  18. Jonathan Trudeau: Gave it Time to update more. Attempted again to play but not able at all. Tried during launch but same outcome..
  19. 紫苑紫苑: Want to play this game so bad, but I keep getting disconnecting even though my internet connection is fine. Can't even get past character creation :(.
  20. Devion: Well I would love this game if this game network optimizetion would be good . It's horrible it get get me disconnected and reconnect in every 10 sec sometime it just get send me to login screen . Well I am expecting lag because it's na server and I am from India . I played alot of game in na server but it's my first time ever that I experience this kind of network issue even after I reduced everything at low as possible it's just unbearable ..
  21. Nashawnda Porter: It hasn't actually been loading and it tells me it can't load even tho I watched it not load at all.
  22. Dan Todoroff: Bump up to 5 stars. Game was freezing and crashing...opened a ticket...and with in 12 hours the issue was fixed. Awesome game play...Awesome customer service 👏. I would give more than 5 star if I could for going above and beyond..
  23. Ryan Moss: It's the same game from years ago, they just changed the name and changed up the story. They're also removing 1 star reviews to improve their rating. They were at a 3.8 just yesterday and now a 4.2 lol.
  24. Mary Martin: Can't play it.
  25. Deeyeung830 y: Food nice game.
  26. Jessica Haynes: TAKES 1 HOUR TO INTSALL!!!!.
  27. Chuck Arndt: Major flaw: idiot players chasing you around killing your monsters before you get credit for killing them.
  28. Christopher Catt: I would love to play the game but after fully downloading the updates it just keeps saying "Internet Unavailable." Which is obviously not the case because here I am 😒.
  29. loki los: Rate better if could actually play the game.
  30. gary L: Automatic game.
  31. Howard Creps: Totally disgusted with the frequency that I can't get into the game. Totally disgusted that Im told to submit a ticket to support lol. I know how to push a button! It's your servers that need help apparently..
  32. Dave Singer: amazing game! pay to win isn't so bad..
  33. Hubert Fong: Major connection issues on launch and not much is fixed. Uninstalled and doubtful I'll download again..
  34. Heath Darnell: Open app and nothing happens.
  35. Christine Simbulan: Decent gameplay so far and love the new graphics. Played RO in high school and definitely enjoying this more than Eternal Love. Would appreciate if we had the option to use the Korean VA instead of the English though..
  36. Alexandro Roman: Great game to play.
  37. Michael: I wanted to like this game I really did. But unfortunately every aspect of the game requires you to pay in order to compete. Pets(s tier pets costs about $1000-$1300 USD)/medals/refinement/gear/cosmetics(the only thing that should be on this list)/In game currency/event passes/daily rebates and so much more costs large amounts of money to remain competitive. Not the mention that every chance the game gets it tries to get you to buy MORE with "gift" packs (these gifts cost money). Ragnarok used to be an amazing game, but at some point Gravity went from "What cool things can we put into our game?" to "What can we make players pay for?" type of company. If most of the cash grabbing aspects of the game were removed the mobile game could be real neat to play, but as it stands it's a wallet warrior's dream land. Also the fact that this was meant for "NA" but all the in game event times are made to accommodate only the west cost is a shame, there are 4 servers but none have events at a east cost friendly time. It's a soulless cash grab and it truly hurts me to see what has become of Ragnarok..
  38. Mark Elliott: Tried to load into the game 3 times and it crashed every time. So the title screen was cool I guess?.
  39. Toni: I didn't realize app creators could delete consumer reviews. My original review was both good and bad. 2 or 3 stars, I can't recall which I ended up going with because I was on the fence. I received a notification that a dev had responded to it yesterday. I never saw the devs response because my review has been deleted. Now you get 1 star. You earned it 👏🏼👏🏼.
  40. Slate: The game crashes very often and once it crashes, you will have to restart the game all over again.
  41. Mia Gonzalez: Well pretty good when I downloaded the game didn't wanna load I waited for 30 minutes to get in but everything else was fine and alot of fun I'm giving you guys a 4 for now.
  42. Brianna Anderson: It is awesome you can even get Lamborghini!?!? How is that even possible no game has Lamborghini.
  43. AJ Kassel: Grate game.
  44. theblessed one: This game is out now I've been waiting for hours and hours and boom it's open you can play for free I don't think you can play on a smartphone on iPhone 12.
  45. Gabrielle La Compte: Not currently playable. After downloading the game, it won't download the update patch and keeps saying Response error, try again later. So I did. For days. My Internet is certainly not an issue. Very disappointing..
  46. Sugar Skull Gaming: Forces you to give promises to read and right on your phone to play the game.
  47. Dylan C: Will re-evaluate after the job 2-2 update.
  48. Pinky Skellington: I can't log in I have tried deleting and reinstalling and it just won't let me..
  49. Abigator F: I have been enjoying the game, but I'm giving it a low star rating due to how I played it yesterday morning on initial download, and now it won't even allow me to log in. It closes the app out on character selection.. Update: this is still an issue, even on wifi..
  50. Anthony Kenny: More fun the less you play. The combat is really fun. However, the game is tarnished by the terrible refining/upgrading gear system. Its horrible just like Black Desert Online..
  51. Patrick: Complete and utter p2w. Additionally, expect to treat playing this like it's a job. Not because of old school exp and loot grinding. They limit you to 2 hours a day on that. The real time sink is the over abundance of quests, tasks, etc you have to do every single day, some of which are time restricted. Expect to play this every single night from 5-9pm PST just to cover these time restricted events. Missing any of these quests/events will cost you and your guild valuable exp and items..
  52. domopyon hop: Please input a skin tone option..
  53. Whitney: I'm going to rate this game 1 star because I rated 5 stars 3 times and my reviews got deleted each time.
  54. Elaine Volk: IT KEEPS SAYING MY STORAGE IS LOW AND WONT LET ME IN! According to the other reviews it is not a great game so yeah but it will have sit there and then when I am so close to getting in it says my storage is to low and it is not I keep deleting things cuz I was so excited when it first came out but it just won't let me in..
  55. Okageo: You can pay $2000+ to upgrade your weapon to +15 no downgrade while f2p will probably have to wait a yr or 2 since it's very hard to buy ori/elu unless you use real money. Pretty much if ur f2p you be doing dailys until you have enough to buy anything relevant or Pay $20 vs wait 3 weeks to buy weapons recipe. $25 per 10 rolls 1% chance on features items. Nope..
  56. Angel Orellana: Its honestly great I enjoyed it.
  57. Kien Nguyen: Extremely p2w and p2progress. The refinement system was changed from Korean server to make it even less enjoyable to upgrade your gear. The rates are abyssmal. The resources are scarce and you are basically forced to buy things to have any meaningful progress. Avoid like the plague..
  58. Abel Gonzalez: Basically the same game as your other app, but server's stopped working, so I can't play..
  59. X•Kᴜʀᴏᴋɪɪ sᴀɴɴɴ!• X: Perhaps its just my phone, But this app seems to take alot of storage. Even after removing apps and clearing storagr multiple times it would need more, More then i could spare. So unfortunately i cant play. But i had high Expectations for this app and hope its just as fun as it looks..
  60. neko Miku: The game is awesome i love it just wish i had more time to play since i downloaded lmao.
  61. Ashley Williams: im very sorry but when i try it it starts the game its just white and it says ragnarok origin and it just takes me off plz fix it bug.
  62. Kesk: I've had two comments deleted. Didnt even use any vulgarity. This game screwed up my camera app..
  63. Max Abel Alphonse Mendoza: Great game! Only downside is that I must be connected to wifi to play, I have 4G internet on my phone but it does not let me enter the game..
  64. Shawn Dixon: The game is fun but all events are late at night and the game will lag so badly to the point that my phone won't work probably.
  65. Nikone Bounyasouk: Foreal can't even log into the game with LTE+ all it says is try again no network. What a joke isn't this suppose to be a NA release and your telling me to go change my settings why not fix your own game??.
  66. Rivers Total Lawn Care: I like cheese.
  67. Mirimonda: For a mobile MMO, 5 stars. I've been trying out a LOT of MMOs lately, even mobile ones, and this one feels solid while playing. It's not too clunky navigating menus and most everything is laid out very well as you level up. I would like to see full keyboard/mouse support though, since I think it would be a fun addition and give the game a solid mmo feel during late game. I would also like to see this come to PC in the future, but so far, great job guys!.
  68. Kenny Kurniawan: Nostalgic but P2P F2P separation is bad, a very clear separation between people that are p2p and f2p, there's no means to grind for gacha because the currency is not even available for f2p Love RO to death but unable to have ways to compete with people who pays is not worth my time.
  69. Mike P: Fun at the moment. Just discovered it's a wifi only game which is disappointing. On 5g with full bars and have an endless login timeout loop..
  70. Kata Gasm: This is a genuine MMO experience on your mobile device. It captures so much of the original game's essence. I usually hate auto play in mobile mmos, but this actually fits pretty well given how it's implemented. Auto will never truly stand for an actual player and the auto play serves better as a farm facilitator. If I had a complaint, I'm not particularly jazzed about the trading/auction options. I can understand why they couldn't implement player stores, but I miss it nonetheless. Good game..
  71. Kris Aaron: Great game reminds me of the PC version.
  72. Geraldin Dorceus: Bien.
  73. Haru Daru: Super fun, if you ever played Maplestory 2 it's kinda like that but better imo, Guilds are fun to be in!.
  74. Demon King: I love the game and story line though I probably will be grinding every monster that's decently strong until I cant get anymore exp out of them to stay 1 or 2 step stronger than the story intends. I made a review about a problem and I have to say I'm sorry. I'm est time and didnt realize the maintenance today said "-4am pst" 😅 my bad sorry about asking you to fix a problem that wasnt there.
  75. tamarion Rivers: It takes forever to load so 2/5 I didn't even see the server yet.
  76. Angelina Sault: It keeps saying I'm "disconnected" and it just goes in goddamn loop this game is a goddamn scam if I've ever seen one.
  77. soo saelee: I enjoy the nostalgia but its cut short by the fact it has a feature to stop you from the number one thing to do in games like these and that is to hunt for that thing you so desire. I would understand if it just stop giving loot and exp for auto battles but it literally stops you from manually hunting as well. Hoping for a change in the near future..
  78. Sushia: I hope later on we can completely change our class in the future and also get more classes to choose from.
  79. Sol Complex: The game will not open and always giving me a response error. I been trying this for days before I gave this review to be fair. I own a Samsung S20. Please Fix yall game I been waiting since launch to play it and I only got as far as making a character before the bugs happened..
  80. craig ware: Overall very good moblie game. I enjoy this game alot with less game crash. There always some improvements to make the game better..
  81. Eric Gilbreath: Load times are too lengthy..
  82. Harold Rumbaugh: Not so sure about oragin.
  83. Gwydeon: Deleted my review. Now it's personal. This one star stays until you remove the necessity of accessing personal files on my device..
  84. Arithin Jir: Big hit of nostalgia, with some welcome improvements. Having a blast so far..
  85. Tony Stylz: Never got to play. Keep saying Login attempt timed out.
  86. Ggo Pode: it was way too much that I couldn't even play the game.
  87. Slap Disgaem: No skin color customization..
  88. Tristen Slifer: I played IRO beta and onward, played ragnarok for a good 10 years or more. This is a well polished, updated version. The only gripe I have is the auto combat, I spent many weeks grinding and hunting cards with .01 percent drop rates manually, and it feels cheap having the ability to auto attack. That's a small gripe, and honestly as I cannot invest that kind of time into a game anymore, I don't mind it that much. Also being able to track materials for crafting, and the bestiary is amazing. /lv.
  89. Riley Hodges: 🤬.
  90. Cedric Alves: **Update, Game is really fun and the graphics are great. I wish there were more of the original jobs in this game. The static graphical issue persists when loading the app on the galaxy z fold3. There are work-arounds going around for running the game on 5G mobile, so I'm able to play on data now ** **Update, game logs in when on wifi** Well past the launch time. Game doesn't log in. I get a login server timeout message. Galaxy z fold3. There are graphical glitches when loading up as well..
  91. johny Tago: Ad skin color change plz.
  92. Brandon Lang: I am enjoying the game so far but I feel the character creation options are lacking quite a bit. I would like to be able to change my characters skin tone at the least..
  93. SJ What: The game won't even patch after downloading, thus making the game unplayable..
  94. Rebecca Thomas: NO I don't know how much of I can't take it anymore. 🐨🌲🍁🥑.
  95. Just A Gamer: Can't log in.
  96. Marie Horton: So excited to being enjoy making custom fashion n make so real an the review are funamannel. Thanks creator 🤗❗❗💯💯.
  97. WØŁF SŤÂŘ: The game is well made. I enjoyed playing it through but there is a login bug. Authorisation cancelled. This happens whenever I click on Google login. Since I can't play this game I will just let it be until it patched up. Overall friendly community, graphs are cool but didn't like the asgard story line. I wanted something more unique. Anyway still on my way to the see how the storyline goes. Don't have much info about the combat skill yet so I'll leave a [blank] for it..
  98. Felipe Ruiz: So far soo good! Excelent expirence!.
  99. Steven Gelleta: A great remix on an old classic.
  100. DevilPig: Very addictive and i love how you could make choices. The weapon veriation is limited starting off but its still fun..
  101. EpicTv Gamer#33: i like to see this game advance over time. Like i seen every game did. Just keep up the good work..
  102. indomie rasan: 2x times delete my review about freya, well done gravity.
  103. xYume_Zerox: Game tells me I don't have enough space to download the update file. It asks for 72 ish mb but I have over 1 gb free. Not sure if something wrong on my end..
  104. Zoe Pimentel: I don't likey😑😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑🤣.
  105. VirtuouZz Heart: Very awesome! Game is super fun, lots of stories, best mmo even comparable to PC games, and I have over 500 games on Steam- so that's saying something!.
  106. Zinn Triturate: Nostalgia but you are killing it with gacha and stamina cap. The Ragnarok I knew and Love doesnt have gacha and stamina caps..
  107. Tiffany Campbell: Says I need wifi to play and I have wifi on my phone... Please fix this!.
  108. Lilith Rojas: Love the game I only have 1 complaint it takes too much money & time to buy clothing & accessories. To buy you'll have to spend $25 on 940 nyan berries for 1 ITEM. If you don't want to spend money on the game in the monster store you have to kill 500 of the monster who's ES you want which already takes about 2 hours, then they drop 1ES about every 10 minutes you need about 1,400ES for 1 item that's 14,000 minutes. 233 hours of gameplay for 1 item is not worth it. Please fix that..
  109. Bradley Prince: Just like the original Ragnarok Online. You start to get into the game and then you run into problem after problem...server issues, connection issues, etc... I re-download the game to try to see if that would fix the issue and nothing! Find another game...one with less bugs..
  110. Fujji Frame: it was all great at the start until the part where i had to take a picture it kept kicking me off and i tried several times and it always did the same thing and ive been waiting for the game to come out for noting.
  111. Timothy Corey: Great experience so far. Having been an avid follower of RO for almost 20 years I'm enjoying this very much. It is gotcha so come with some p2w aspects.but it's behind a large and expensive paywall if you want to be truly OP. However in there end nothing is cash only that I can see. Everything is obtained in time and dedication as RO should be. This is from a non payer outside of vip subscription to support the love of the game..
  112. Lupe Ocon: Jesus loves you.
  113. BLU3 F0X: Would be great if I was able to get in instead of getting stuck on the 90% part of the first loading screen.
  114. Minnie Baby: I saw the ad and was so excited but I don't understand how it was mandatory to have access to my photos?.
  115. Taylor Gillespie: My guide books keeps on saying that I have something to collect but when I click on them it says that I didn't do anything but I know that I have done the armors and refinement on adventure but it doesn't let me receive it. Is it a bug?.
  116. Matt: Never played anything like this and you know what it's the best game out there in my opinion. Helps me if I'm low lvl I could just auto battle high lvl monsters and lvl up that way Yes it's a grind but I love it so far!.
  117. Zaire Brown: This game is great, but the fatigue systems makes it feel like an eternity when grinding and wanting to put in hard work to progress but the fatigue is a major problem when trying to catch up. Its very punishing for people who just started picking up this game as time goes on. Otherwise, this game is beautiful and storyline is nice as well as the many builds you can use for every class..
  118. May Collins: I downloaded this app and try to start it up it said it had to download updates so as I pressed update it started to update then in the middle of the update it shut my phone completely down I have a Motorola Android phone please fix because I would love to play this game.
  119. OMG: As with other reviews, there needs to be a huge issue fixed. Namely the one where it says "Login timed out. Please try again." Even when you have full 5G LTE access. Can't leave a positive review when consumers can't get past the login screen. On top of that; the fatigue system is a huge turn away. Everyone who's played RO before grinded mobs more than the allowed 120mins per day. Tis quite unfortunate..
  120. Christopher Clarke: Deleting my review won't change the fact that I spent my money on this game that doesn't work on Android 12. Fix your game and I'll change my review..
  121. Chi Vibes: I would love to leave a 5 star, if I could ever connect to my account again... dont know what happened, can't login at all. so whats the point in leaving a good review if the game is unplayable, right? (if someone get in contact with me and fix this, I'll change my review).
  122. Henry Kruse: I played this game and it was really fun! The problem is you basically need to spend money on everything 😕 I know that many games are like that, but not quite to this extent. There are some other comments I have, but when this is being written, it basically just came out so maybe later down the line things will be better..
  123. Joshua Maurer: This game deserves a higher rating. If you loved RO, you'll love this.A little heavy on menus for all the different rewards though, but this plays just like I remember but with nice 3d graphics..
  124. Markanthony Pina: never got the chance to play game kept crashing on start up.
  125. Lazaro Zamora: Unable to pass the patch screen while always telling me no internet. Poor programing. No thanks.
  126. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ: Trash 🗑.
  127. Chandler Hunter: Hopefully this review doesn't get deleted, since that's been happening to boost your score back up. But I really want to like the game,but it's P2W and the game just feel limited. The terrible fatigue system. makes it almost impossible to get and good gear or card drops, if you not paying money. Very limited ways of gaining exp. Once your 2 hours worth of stamina is up, there's absolutely nothing to do. Then missing rewards and buffs that jp and kr servers get. Stop ignoring your community..
  128. matthew marietta: The game is fun and brings back a lot of memories of the older RO. I would have given a higher rating, but I have 2 issues with the game currently: 1. The fatigue system punishes the ability farm loot which is already at a really low rate (cards, equipment, etc) 2. I am unable to connect to the game at all unless I am on Wifi. I really wish I could play on my cellular data, as I am not always connected to wifi..
  129. ꧁Annie C꧂: I really really love this game BUT PLEASE.. Make the 2 hours timer only for auto battle. Make manual grinding timeless pleaaaase <3 It would make the game peeeerfect. I still give it 5 stars.. Please please haha xD.
  130. Ryan Milway: I remember the old Ragnarok back in 2000's. That was an MMO that rivaled WoW at the time (IMO). This game has the same spirit... but... I dont know. Something I missing. There's a real lack of community, and I think its due to the platform, rather than some sort of development problem..
  131. Matthew Lujan: this game isn't that great on the phone. Only because it kills battery life and makes the phone extremely hot. I suggest allowing it to be played on the computer also. So you don't have to worry about burning your phone up. Its been fun and would love to give 5 stars. Purely a phone game is making it difficult to continue to play it..
  132. Wise Ferret: Scrap this game and keep working on Rangarok M, and remove the camera function. Taking pictures is not fun. Autopathing? Really? I remember getting banned for using bots in 2005 and now I'm encouraged to? Absolutely ridiculous..
  133. brian kennemore: Need to address the servers I can't even log into the server my main character is on it just disconnects me right away.
  134. Jason Tolliver: Great Game, very fun with lots to do. Server status atm please lol.
  135. Cody Gaddis: Was fun at firsr but theres really just not enough to do they limit everything bad.
  136. David Polich: Was great I was having fun and playing regularly... that is until now. Constant login errors and when I try to submit a ticket it keeps asking for my character id number. But if I can't log in I can't get that so no help there. But anytime I try to msg on fb I get the same auto response to fill out a ticket..
  137. Raymond Flores: Still could not connect without wifi even with copying everything from access points.
  138. Kai Murphy: I love the game but the deviling and angeling servers r full half of the time so it's hard to find a good time to play. You also can't transition your characters to a different server which is dumb so you basically just have to get lucky :/ Will rate 5 stars when the server cap is increased or when you can switch characters between servers..
  139. AuryLovesGameToons Clements: It took a while to load but it's worth it! I can't stop playing! I love this game!!!! I can't believe it was an add off of a one star game too! I love this game and I think I'm addicted!!.
  140. Nogard Nys: Just got hit with major server lag before an event, cannot log into 2 of my characters now and there seems to be no way to solve this as the Devs are probably just sitting on their asses..
  141. Mike Piper: I thought I would give this game another chance but guess what I can't even play it be I can't download the update it keeps asking me to connect to Wi-Fi. Why can't we use or phone data. If your going to make a game playable on phone you should let us use or mobile data..
  142. r/muffin and doggo: im sure this game could be fun but its still pending its been two days.
  143. Henrick Filger: What an amazing game!!!.
  144. Wenqiao Ma: Previous review got deleted. And since lv10 till now with 70+ AGI, getting 95% hit rate from monsters..
  145. Jacob Reed: Typical mobile MMO tropes with a Ragnarok paint job. It's a shame considering the original was such a simple and straightforward game. Turns out "modernizing" ultimately means making so much incoherent bloat and nonsense that it hardly resembles the game it's based on..
  146. Sir Baltwin: Times out at the start? Not sure why!?.
  147. Saleemah Amir: Hi I played this a month ago and loved it but I had to delete it because it took to much space but I decided to download it again and I know it would be awesome.
  148. Ben Hutton: cant even get past the login keeps saying login timed out or failed to connect to login server i want to try it but not able too 😢.
  149. Akina Mori: It's not the Ragnarok you used to play. Limited 2 hour grind with same .05% drop rates. If you want to get good cards you have to spend money. And most cards in gacha also has .05% chance of getting. This is a P2W mobile game not your classic Ragnarok MMORPG. Recommend getting rid of fatigue and instead just block exp receive and not drops. Add player to player trade system for Card and Equipment selling..
  150. Mario Cruz: You gone learn.

Download Instructions Ragnarok Origin latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Ragnarok Origin mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link ragnarok-origin-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher GRAVITY Co., Ltd..

- Download Ragnarok Origin mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file ragnarok-origin-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Ragnarok Origin original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Ragnarok Origin Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Ragnarok Origin for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file GRAVITY Co., Ltd. provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Ragnarok Origin file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Ragnarok Origin Mod Apk on Android & Ragnarok Origin Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Ragnarok Origin Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=542

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored ragnarok-origin-hack-mod.APK & ragnarok-origin-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again ragnarok-origin-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Ragnarok Origin on your phone.

Download Ragnarok Origin [HACK/MOD] All Unlock 91M

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Version: 4.2.2.
Operating system: 6.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.5.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: GRAVITY Co., Ltd..
Votes: 4,261.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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