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Feel free to pay a visit to your melancholic companion in the emotionally charged game, 'Rainy Attic Room.'. Rainy attic room Mod v1.3.9

Update: 06/12/2023
Original price $: FREE

Download Rainy attic room Mod 1.3.9 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4W

Introducing the Prequel Game to Rainy Attic Room: Rainy Single Room!

Contact: [email protected]


▶Game Overview ◀
Experience 365 days of perpetual rain in this atmospheric setting.

Embark on a journey to the attic, where you’ll engage with your solitary and despondent friend.

Observe the gradual transformation of the room through emotions and water.

Building connections isn’t instantaneous; it’s a gradual process.

By taking things slowly and forging a genuine bond, you might uncover hidden facets of their personality.

▶Steps to Friendship◀
1. Listen attentively to their narrative.

2. Customize the rooms using diverse furnishings.

3. Tidy up cobwebs, dust, and other clutter within the room.

Explore the rest within the game.

1. This game is a work of fiction unrelated to reality.
Consequently, avoid applying unrealistic or peculiar elements from the game to real life.

2. Adjusting your phone’s time settings during gameplay is not recommended, as it may lead to disruptions.

3. Advertisements can be viewed once every 4 minutes. If unavailable, try checking your internet connection or revisit the next day.


[Musical Credits]
Sound Effects

[Privacy Policy]

Phone Number: +82 10-4882-6924

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<h2>Rainy Attic Room Mod: Explore a New Dimension of Emotionh2> <p>Embark on a captivating journey into the world of emotions with Rainy Attic Room Mod. This enchanting prequel game, known as Rainy Single Room, has been unveiled to offer players a fresh perspective on the immersive Rainy Attic Room universe.p> <h3>Unveiling the Link: Rainy Single Roomh3> <p>Discover the captivating narrative that unfolds in <a href="https://bit.ly/3NIx63L" target="_blank">Rainy Single Rooma>. Delve into the lives of characters that reside within the confines of perpetual rain, exploring their emotions, aspirations, and challenges. This prequel sheds light on the backstory of the Rainy Attic Room, allowing players to uncover hidden layers of connection and emotion.p> <h3>The Art of Connectivityh3> <p>Step into the shoes of your character as you interact with a friend battling their own inner turmoil. Within the rainy confines of an attic, engage in heartfelt conversations that gradually transform the room and the relationship. The rain becomes a metaphor for the emotional journey, as you witness the room mirroring the changing dynamics between you and your friend.p> <h3>Building Bonds at Your Paceh3> <p>In Rainy Single Room, instant connections are replaced by the beauty of gradual intimacy. As you take deliberate steps towards friendship, you'll find that patience and understanding are the keys to unlocking a deeper connection. The game encourages players to embrace the power of empathy and kindness, illustrating that meaningful bonds are forged over time.p> <h2>Steps Toward Friendshiph2> <p>Your journey toward friendship is guided by simple yet profound actions:p> <ol> <li><strong>Listening Intently:strong> Immerse yourself in your friend's narrative, lending them your ears and empathy.li> <li><strong>Creative Customization:strong> Express your creativity by adorning the room with a diverse range of furnishings, reflecting your personal touch.li> <li><strong>Clearing the Path:strong> Eliminate obstacles like spider webs and dust, symbolizing your commitment to supporting your friend.li> ol> <p>Unlock more surprises and interactions as you delve further into the game, exploring the nuances of friendship and personal growth.p> <h3>Caution and Guidanceh3> <p>As you embark on this emotional journey, remember:p> <ul> <li>The game is a work of fiction and does not reflect reality. Avoid applying unrealistic game elements to real-life situations.li> <li>Adjusting your phone's time settings during gameplay may lead to disruptions. Maintain a consistent time setting for optimal enjoyment.li> <li>Adverts can be viewed periodically; if unavailable, ensure a stable internet connection or try again the next day.li> ul> <h3>Enhancing the Experienceh3> <p>The music of Rainy Attic Room Mod is carefully curated to elevate your immersion:p> <ul> <li><a href="https://soundcloud.com/aerohead/" target="_blank">BGM Soundtracka> sets the emotional tone for each moment.li> <li><a href="http://www.orangefreesounds.com/" target="_blank">Sound Effectsa> enhance the auditory experience, adding depth to the gameplay.li> ul> <h3>Your Privacy Mattersh3> <p>Rest assured that your privacy is respected:p> <p>Read our <a href="https://bit.ly/3hbipXi" target="_blank">Privacy Policya> for insights into how your data is handled.p> <h3>Contact Ush3> <p>For inquiries and assistance, reach us at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]a>.p> <p>Phone Number: +82 10-4882-6924p>

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<h4>Experience Rainy Attic Room Mod on Your Devicesh4> <p>Embark on an emotional adventure no matter where you are. Rainy Attic Room Mod is available for both Android and iPhone iOS platforms. Immerse yourself in the captivating storyline and the evolution of emotions as you carry the Rainy Single Room experience in your pocket.p> <h5>Embrace the Power of Rainy Attic Room Modh5> <p>Rainy Attic Room Mod offers a unique and touching experience that goes beyond typical gameplay. It's not just a game; it's an exploration of human emotions, relationships, and personal growth. Engage with the story, characters, and environment as you discover the profound impact that connections can have even in the midst of rain.p> <h5>Uncover the Unexpectedh5> <p>As you progress through Rainy Attic Room Mod, be prepared for unexpected twists and turns. The storyline is rich with layers of emotion, and every decision you make can influence the direction of the narrative. Immerse yourself fully and watch as your actions shape the course of the story.p> <h6>Download Rainy Attic Room Mod Todayh6> <p>Ready to dive into the world of Rainy Attic Room Mod? Don't miss out on this enchanting experience. Download the game now:p> <ul> <li><strong>For Android APK:strong> Click <a href="https://example.com/android-link" target="_blank">herea> to download the game on your Android device.li> <li><strong>For iPhone iOS:strong> Visit the <a href="https://example.com/ios-link" target="_blank">iOS App Storea> to get Rainy Attic Room Mod for your iPhone.li> ul> <h6>Share Your Journeyh6> <p>Join a community of players who are captivated by the Rainy Attic Room Mod experience. Share your insights, emotions, and discoveries with fellow players. Engage in discussions, exchange tips, and celebrate the beauty of this exceptional gaming journey.p> <em>Experience the magic of Rainy Attic Room Mod today and discover the true essence of connection, growth, and the power of emotions.em>

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Free download Rainy attic room Hack,Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.3.9. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Feel free to pay a visit to your melancholic companion in the emotionally charged game, 'Rainy Attic Room.'. Developed by BORAme. Operating system requirements 4.4W. Everyone.

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Kindly ensure that you have upgraded to the most recent version of the game. Here are the updates:

  1. We’ve introduced a new achievement feature.
    (You can now access the INFO window by tapping on the achievements when they appear.)

  2. Corrected typos and grammatical mistakes.

  3. Addressed issues with the back button functionality.

Feel free to enjoy these enhancements and improvements.

New comment

  1. Guille Keef: I love how the game gradually builds the relationship between you and the friend, and how you make your friend happy again..
  2. Swastideepa Pradhan: Really bad ot literally made me cry in frustration 🫤.
  3. Chloe: I love this game, the ambience and the vibe is just amazing, definitely a favourite of mine ^-^.
  4. Ghazaal: The first time I downloaded this game, I didn't think I would like it so much!.
  5. neysa roque: Very nice game,i used to play this in 2020 but i unistalled it (idk the reason why) and i forgot the name of the app!ive been lookibg for this since 2022!i finally found it!!its so relaxing!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ.
  6. Rhodora Lopera: I love it I feel in love with the drawings 💕.
  7. ari: hii, love this game so much. only have one problem: i filled up the familiarity bar all the way up (im on level 7) and completed all the to-do tasks but it's not leveling up. have i reached the max level? i tried restarting the app as well but it's still the same..
  8. AstronArt: The game, story and art style are all lovely. However, I'll give more stars when the bugs are fixed. The milk add doesn't work 99% of the time. Neither does the radio ads or the T.V ads..
  9. Thea: It's a great game with a nice design but I feel like although it is obviously made to be slow moving it is a little too slow. The concept is cool and the execution is great but there are a few small tweaks to be made..
  10. Nourimee Aii: I love this game soo much!!!❣️❣️.
  11. Kiante Stewart: It was ok i liked the realism of it.
  12. Deepthi A Udhaya: All time favourite ❤️ Thanks BORAme team 🌻 I have a small request ♥️ why don't you guys add a puppy to adopt 🥺....
  13. Lucia Thornley: Love it but so slow. Never thought I'd say it, but it needs more ads to unlock more hearts and drops. Too tedious to wait, but great game..
  14. Puteri Maysara: i really love this game.
  15. Sana Sadat: Sooo relaxing and lovable i would love to see more of these😌😌😌.
  16. mcrrockergirl19: This is such a cute game and nice for when you just want to calm down for the day..
  17. DustJar Original-channel: Very soothing, slow, and non rushed. Edit: on level 11, this game is really nice and I'm excited to see how far I can go. It's really cool to see the little guy's world go from a damp cold room to a warm cozy house and frequent visits to the city or park. Really cute, I enjoy it a lot..
  18. Caelie Cornell: This is my favorite comfort game. I play it all the time and there's so much to do. I named the little dude Kenny..
  19. Cookie Ace: I dont like how I need to be level 3 for the desk but I was level on but I cant finish leveling up.
  20. Rayan H: Boring.
  21. Shiraz Karaali: A very fun game , no ads , and it's not laggy at all and has no bugs . I totally recommend it for helping time pass by or just for fun during the day.
  22. H S.: Such a sad game. Very personal and the condition is relatable. Makes you really want to help them get better. Thought I'd name the character after myself. Thanks for making this game and letting me struggle with the poor chap..
  23. Angie's Nightcore: Really cute game, just wish there was more to do than talking to them, leveling up so they'll get more comfortable and going out, there's more but I wish you could interact with them more. But then again it's a cute simple calm game I love it ☺️.
  24. Gacha Film Studios: I really enjoy this game, even if it isnt like the other games where their addictive or fun. I just really like the atmosphere, although I really wish you consider on adding a way for us to connect our google accounts or something because I would prefer to not lose my progress once I change to a new phone because my current one is pretty old, I know you said the game didnt have that kind of feature but alot of people would appreciate it since it simply wouldnt be the same anymore..
  25. Delilah L: slow paced but quite nice.
  26. Mikaela Vallar: Free therapy game.
  27. Ma. Kyla Luces: One of the best game!.
  28. Sofia Nemeth (Starwalker): Amazing. I love how you can order food for the friend and name them. The music and ambience are both great. Keep it up!.
  29. Nova Flynn: This keeps my mind off of the world around me.
  30. Nurin Ismail: I want more game like this please.
  31. Jeraly Maria Diaz: I don't know what is going on. Every time I click on the screen, it takes me out the app..
  32. Nayhumi Realo: good.
  33. moe mo: I remember playing this 2 years ago, i deleted it because I wasnt playing attention to it anymore, but it was the only game that made me feel understood. It was the only game that made me feel accepted and known, I kin them fr😍.
  34. Holly Turkovich: I like this game. It is slow paced but very peaceful.
  35. Face Glue: Cute game with simple game play. I enjoy checking up on it when I have a couple spare minutes..
  36. Mackenzie Nease: It is so cozzy and it help support really under stand what a depression really is like I love it! And you can't speed things up and you can't buy things to help u the only thing is u can watch adds to be adle to talk to them again it is really like dealing with deprest r Friend!.
  37. Syazira Ziemin: I really love this game and appriciate u to create this kind of game..its just like me is caring myself..tq so much..but..why cant we reply the text...
  38. Royal King: I have updated the 'UP' rug to max, but it's not visible. As in it's not there. Im on lvl4. Is this a bug? Could you please fix it.
  39. Dianna Jane Cano: I really like this game, it's also cute. It's also relaxing for me and I like the fact that it can be played offline..
  40. Darknight_owl21: He keeps me distracted, makes me feel understood, I love the little guy..
  41. Julie: Love the game been playing it for two years now however I wish it had events..
  42. Nesrine Bfia: I feel like I am a rlly good person cause i help him To get rid of depression!! I named him rinzo!I love him he is part of me now!!.
  43. Plincess Bantos: When I was younger, I always played this game and enjoyed it. And I love this game so freaking much. It kills my inner thoughts when I play this game. This is my favourite game of all times, and it always will be my favourite one..
  44. Astraeus Lae: Honestly boring, like the premise is good and I want to love it. But when the game takes forever to progress in, what's even the point? Like I don't mind putting time in, but most games give you something, story, items, etc... This is just repetition for a million years until the slightest amount comes through..
  45. sma Najih: It's fake😑.
  46. Lilliana Childs: It's very relatable so I like it.
  47. Aaron Moss: so cute and it brings back memories from when I first got jt.
  48. Coffeeaddict: This is way too freaking cute, i swear, i wish i could hug the lil' guy.
  49. Amber: Love the idea of this game, and how it makes you have patience :).
  50. Mc Brent: this game helps me relax.
  51. Naba Alani: I like this game so much ❤️.
  52. Izabel: I adore this game and have played it multiple times. It's so cute and portrays the struggle with depression well enough. I think it's a great game..
  53. Samantha Zirkel: Update the game. Add something. Anything! Was kinda cute n tranquil, now boring as h=//.
  54. PheonixTeardrop: I am absolutely in love with this game. I love taking care of the sad bean (I called him Rue) and the transition from being sad and shy to hopeful and talkative is really worth it. It's a really good game to pass the time and I strongly recommend it!.
  55. Lina: I very like game.
  56. Izuku Midoriya: I love this game so much!! It's so relaxing and I recommend it best for people who are patient since the game takes some time to finish. I'm not finished yet but so far I'm loving it and the little character, which I named Max, so cute..
  57. Yugyeom 7: I like it.
  58. Mahero Akademiya: I really love this game, its my comfort bubble. My bedroom is in the attic, so it feels like I have a buddy with me trough depression. It helps a bit to have the app open, even when I do other stuff on the side. I feel less alone. But I would like to have the possibility to start over again. I had to leave the game for too long, and now I can't erase my progress, even by uninstalling the app. I need a fresh restart, it feels too weird to come back to progress I forgot about. Can you help me pls?.
  59. Aira Marbella: Personally love the game but the pace was too slow especially in collecting hearts. The ad is also not working despite having stable connection which made collecting hearts even slower. Cute animation though..
  60. Ashe Avarosa: Love this game but ive been having a lot of trouble with ads recently. Especially with the walks. Sometimes it takes days before i can watch an ad for reduced hearts to take a walk. This didnt use to be an issue.
  61. moe mo: best. game. ever. that is aII..
  62. Kim Avindare: 🤍🐻‍❄️.
  63. brent engracial: This is good👍.
  64. Red Duz Art (Jake): It's a very sweet game and hads helped me through tough times by giving me something to relate too.
  65. RAD: Hi really love this game. However, the only issue I'm having right now is not being able to watch the ads. It used to never be a problem, but now all of a sudden, I cannot get further into the game because ads are never loaded. My internet connection is fine and I restarted the app a few times, and I still have the same issue. I also downloaded the other game Rainy Single Room and can't watch ads on that one either-- it keeps telling me to try again later to no avail. Please fix!! Thank you!.
  66. Gaster's Daughter: It makes me happy and feel not alone..
  67. bell bottom: Cute idea and game but takes forever to collect hearts needed to level up. Not much to do, game play is like 30 seconds and then nothing else to do..
  68. naia odriozola: i love this game..
  69. Alfie: Very relaxing and chill but sad like my old phone broke and all my process is gone also he's gunna have abandonment issues.
  70. 사라 모하메드: It's awesome i really love this game.
  71. Ainn Afiqah: I love it..
  72. Jhiana Diaz: Nah i like it i finally understand this game.
  73. Sneha Priya: Nice time pass.
  74. N0tt 0ranged0ggy: This game in my opinion is amazing idk why Iam a boring person so yeah 👍..
  75. telly power: This game are relaxing while raining i really like it and the load that i spend it its all worth it.
  76. Natasha van Gils: This is a good slow paced game. The captions and "milk ads" have good quotes. It teaches patience and is relaxing..
  77. Angeline G.: this was my favorite calm game so far, i only reached to basement and i uninstalled bcoz i got bored..
  78. Karlie Temple: I absolutely love this game, it's so calming and oddly enough makes you feel less lonely<3.
  79. Phorn Zhavira: Love the game, helps pass time even time flies pass fast lmao.
  80. Melody West: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆.
  81. Sophie Gilliland: Wonderful. This helped me want to socialize with people and burst my bubble thank u guys so much ♥️🫶.
  82. Ella Marie Gulangayan: Iloveethisssgameee! ..
  83. Antonella Mangraviti: This was an ok game the only reasons I'm giving it 1star is bc it boring to me there's not much to do, I thought this would be fun but no.. the idea of it is I want something more ya know? Anyway if you want a time consuming game with really no purpose that you have to wait till the next day (or more) to continue this is the game for you!!!!! So come on install it :).
  84. Jun Weng: Best game ever.
  85. aream alhusban: Its good and nisee.
  86. Johan: This game is really comforting, and also so entertaining and teach you to have some patience in a joining way.
  87. Dead Sunflower: this is so good. personally i hate ads, but i don't care to watch ads in this game. i'm attached to this game. somehow i feel so close to my "friend" :) to the person/people who worked hard, thank you for creating this work of art. i love it. i want to see my "friend" smile one day, idk if that's possible..
  88. Paul Cholo Domingo Ramirez: Nice game!! but I hope that I can connect my account to save my progress :(.
  89. Iman Iman zulaikha: i really love this game !! it's really cute and aesthetic also i like how the character developed little by little when its leveled up . i hope the developer continue to do well in making games ~.
  90. Sam Robin: i absolutely love this game. it's calming and nice, and it actually helps me relax. the rains sounds are perfect, and seeing me get closer with mah lil buddy makes me happy :). it's kind of slow paced, but that's honestly what it takes irl i just got to level seven and i bought the light switch :).
  91. Lim Said: This game makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.
  92. che salmi: I love this game because it is relatable. The mood is so dull, makes you more appreciative in real life. The small happiness gain in this game is so cute like you got point when you see a plane. Overall it is a comfort game.
  93. Karma BTS: I like this game very much!!!.
  94. Aaron Guerra: Lovely game, I like how you can name your little friend 😁 I love this game.
  95. Aarushi Singh: Game was good But not for me It's boring.
  96. Jihan Zhafira: suka banget sama game nya,kayak aku lagi perbaiki diri aku lewat permainan ini,semenjak ada game ini aku lebih relax dan stress aku mulai berkurang,yang lagi stres terus depresi bagus rekomen bnget buat download game ini.
  97. Charlotte: Cute lil guy.
  98. Hana Kate Orani: d ko alam d kopa nalalaro e HAHHAHA.
  99. Islem Rebiai: It's just a good game, you deserve five Stars, I quite enjoyed it :).
  100. ccy 00: I'm autistic and it calms my anxiety and stresses. This game always surprises me and the character has different stories in their journal. I look forward to open it everyday. It's different everyday. When they sleep I get to collect stars too! So cute!.
  101. sᴀᴊᴀ ʜᴀᴡᴀɴɢ: I think it so good ......
  102. Hanah _____: It's so comforting,I love this.Thank you so much for making this game😭.
  103. tabatadze: the game is very nice and relaxing. it would be really cool if u added sounds for the character. for example when they yawn or blink or talk. it would make the game more adorable.
  104. Isabella Nogueira (Jazz_bonez85): I love this game so much, it's slow paced, but it's teaching me patience. I'm not that far in the game so I'm not sure if this is a possibility, from what I found on the internet it isn't, but all I want in this game is to adopt the cat you see in the window. I WILL PAY MONEY FOR THIS FEATURE!!!.
  105. Mary Cotin: I love this i can relate...
  106. Bee Is: I changed the date to a few years later as a joke and now my game is frozen is there any way I can reset it cause I've already tried uninstalling then installing it again.
  107. Alice: It's really just relaxing I love it.
  108. Leela Hoard: Very pretty g@me and very relatable.
  109. Becca McChesney: 3 months of game time. This game is beautifully simplistic. When I play, I feel very happy. Recommend it to everyone. Nearly everyone in our house plays daily..
  110. henry stickmin: Underrated i love this game! ❤️.
  111. Ana Baltazar: Absolutely adorable game!! I know that the point is that we are supposed to remember him and that theres no notifications but sometimes i would appreciate one! I wish instructions were a little more clear, i have had to discover a lot by myself after quite a while, otherwise amazing relaxing game.
  112. Humairah: COOL.
  113. Rio: Can't sleep without checking up on Cass <3 I love this game.
  114. Marcial Sejlie, Narca.: just so relaxing to play :>>.
  115. Alesha Moore: He's in a slump, depressed. He's not creative or coursious. Game played for 3,,4 hrs. Gets nowhere. 😶😶😶😶😴.
  116. Oi oi: This game is relaxing. I don't like to wait but for him I can wait forever buahahaha...jk...I mean, it's like you take care of yourself 🤡 from a depression people slowly turn to happiness 🤡 ofc it's takes time. I love how this game is related to my life 😻.
  117. Waqar Wiki: Great idea, please update and add new stuff to do..
  118. Naiory Dragon: It's heartwarming and great, especially from experience to someone who had depression and also had a sister who had depression. I can't help but as it progresses. It makes me smile, especially the little memories, and reminds you of little things you can do to a person to help and it also made me smile when the little human became happy and made a new friend.
  119. Albert Callada: The best game ever made.
  120. Jay Mcrae: Baod.
  121. ༄ peeper ༄: Perfect one for our personalities.
  122. Roldan, Janella Mae: We feel the same way so I understand being like her. Amazing gameeee and it is so calming. I think I found a friend:).
  123. Iba Kml: ❤❤❤❤❤.
  124. Stormy exe: I really like how you have to develop a relationship with the character,(I named it Krow) but I always get kicked from the game and it gets annoying sometimes, it also takes time to befriend the character so this isn't for people who don't have time or don't want a long term game. ٩(๑`^´๑)۶.
  125. rat: it was fun but now it crashes every time I try to play it :(.
  126. Bithika Das: Could have been better.
  127. The Amethyst Stone: I think this is one of the best games to represent depression. I think the slow pace is understanding you can't force someone to warm up to you or force someone out of a depression. It grows and gets better and they slowly get more comfortable around you. It is truly a beautiful game and I believe the slow gameplay just adds to it..
  128. Coral D: This game is coming, and it very much relates to my life, just everyday is one rainy day, love the music, the character design and well love it in general it's a well tough out game, it looks childish in a very calm, soft way. Definitely you should try! ♡♡.
  129. cay gumban: For almost a year now, he gave me quick little smile, that's what I guess 😌. I never thought that it makes me feel happy 🥲.
  130. Aspen Ash: I love it! it's relatable and the drawing style is awesome. there's just 1 problem. it's hard to get hot water. I end up with lots of cold water and hardly any hot water. is there a way you could make it easier for the hot water? other than that, it's an amazing game.
  131. Raven EXE: Game is good but please make it possible to transfer data to other device. Link to Google Play or other..
  132. Lydia Ebanks: This game is fun..
  133. Jools Hellyeah: Kinda slayed.
  134. Amazen-Sky Wood: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ✌️😄.
  135. Jonna Schomburg: I've played this for a year now. I love it. Bonus; the added falling snowflakes. It's awesome 🥰.
  136. Mybr4in1sp3nutbutt3r :0: Gg.
  137. Stéphanie L: I spent hours and days trying to cheer him up and this guy just goes ahead and calls me weird. My heart is broken. The English is overall a bit clumsy but most of the time you understand its meaning. One thing that's frustrating is that often times taking a walk in the forest/at the ocean is fruitless. I really want new ingredients to cook new food..
  138. Zara: I absolutely adore this game. It's an accurate representation of having or being the depressed friend. I've been both, and it's even better that the character we play doesn't have a hero complex; they're just a person who's capable of being compassionate..
  139. Bree B: Boring at times and takes a long long time for progress but kind of cute as a idle game, for example when you get bored and such... However when you neglect your character for too long then it starts to have rain water leakage and you lose rainwater which is the currency or something lol..
  140. Ash: I love this app so much its so peaceful and the sound of the rain is very relaxing.
  141. Ardy Permana: even so depressed look at this creature. only 5. added stress went crazy. continued to fly to the balcony. say free. reality is not as beautiful as a dream. full of imagination..
  142. Alanis Arroyo: This game is so sad but it's a good game it makes me think that people actually have to deal with this 😕.
  143. Sam G: Back when my family didnt want me around, I moved in with my best friend but she was never home..I became depressed...lonely..I had nobody at all...but him...
  144. Irene Edwards: The game is relatable and calming..
  145. Matilda Dawson: Just an overall rating. As if my opinion counts. No app issues..
  146. Jordan Titus: This game is so nice when Im not in the mood for life but this game got my whole attention it, s a very nice and a relaxing game.
  147. •90s_ qt•: This game expresses ways that talking to someone can help them become more comfortable and happier throughout all of your conversations. Great game, keep it up! <3.
  148. -Game ovêr-: I love this game so much its my comfort game. It really represents what it's like and how to help a friend that's going through this. Something that kinda bores me though is that you can't do anything while they sleep. I'd like to clean and get more rain water while he sleep but you can't..
  149. You'll Never know: I love it, even if it takes forever, it is fun side thing to do everyday but wouldn't recommend For impatient people.
  150. Alexa Flower: I love this it's so relaxing and the rain too but I'm kinda confuse a little bit🤍.

Download Rainy attic room Hack,Mod [Unlimited Resources]

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