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An authentic code-breaking game, completely complimentary, featuring numerous cost-free puzzles.. Real Code Breaker Mod v2.4.2G

Update: 02/12/2023
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Download Real Code Breaker Mod 2.4.2G for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Code Breaker stands as a timeless intellectual game: participants are presented with a concealed code, and the objective is to unravel it through a series of educated guesses while relying on hints furnished within the puzzle.

Real Code Breaker draws its inspiration from the traditional board game recognized as Code Puzzle, as well as its aliases: Bulls & Cows and Numerello.

For a visual guide on how to play, refer to this instructional video: How To Play video.

Here are some distinctive features of the game:

  • BOARDS: Access 480 complimentary puzzles, with all boards being available free of charge.
  • DIFFICULTIES: Choose from 4 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insane. The challenge escalates with the difficulty level, resulting in larger secret codes for added complexity.
  • MODES: On the Medium setting, you’ll encounter recurring colors, while the Hard mode introduces both repeated colors and vacant pins into the mix.
  • MULTIPLAYER: Engage in multiplayer mode, where you can challenge either a friend or a random online opponent. Your objective is to decipher the code before your opponent does.

Indulge in yet another cerebral puzzle crafted by Rottz Games.

Should you wish to get in touch, reach out to us at [email protected].

Above all, enjoy the amusement and mental stimulation!

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Real Code Breaker Mod: A Modern Twist on a Classic Mind Game

Real Code Breaker Mod offers a contemporary take on the evergreen classic mind game. This captivating challenge revolves around deciphering a concealed code by employing your strategic prowess and deductive skills, all while relying on the intriguing hints strategically placed within the intricate puzzle.

Unveiling the Legacy of Code Puzzle Games

The genesis of Real Code Breaker Mod traces back to the roots of the renowned board game genre. It draws inspiration from the venerable Code Puzzle game, recognized by various monikers such as Bulls & Cows and Numerello. With a nod to tradition and a flair for innovation, this game amalgamates the time-tested mechanics with modern gameplay enhancements.

A Visual Guide: How To Play

Embarking on your Code Breaker journey is made simpler with our comprehensive “How To Play” video. This visual guide, accessible at [How To Play video](, equips you with the essential strategies and tactics required to navigate the intricate world of code deciphering.

Unraveling Challenges Across Difficulties

The game presents a spectrum of challenges through its distinct difficulty levels:

  • Easy: A gentle initiation for newcomers, designed to foster a sense of accomplishment early on.
  • Medium: Here, you’ll encounter a heightened complexity with the introduction of repeated colors.
  • Hard: Taking it up a notch, this level adds an extra layer of challenge by introducing both repeated colors and vacant pins.
  • Insane: For the ultimate thrill-seekers, this difficulty level boasts larger secret codes, promising an intense cerebral workout.

Competitive Edge: Multiplayer Mode

Real Code Breaker Mod isn’t just a solitary pursuit. Engage in the exhilarating multiplayer mode, where you can pit your code-cracking skills against a friend or a random online adversary. Your objective is crystal clear: outwit your opponent by deciphering the code before they can.

A Dedication to Cognitive Stimulation

Real Code Breaker Mod is yet another testament to the dedication of Rottz Games to crafting brain-teasing puzzles that captivate and challenge players. Dive into the realm of strategic deduction and mental agility as you immerse yourself in this modern rendition of a timeless classic.

If you wish to connect with us or seek further information, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

But above all, remember to savor the experience and relish the thrill of cracking codes!

Introducing Real Code Breaker Mod for Android APK & iPhone iOS

The excitement of Real Code Breaker Mod extends beyond platforms, making it accessible for both Android and iPhone users through dedicated APK and iOS versions. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that code-breaking aficionados can indulge in the challenge, regardless of their device preference.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

Real Code Breaker Mod isn’t just a game; it’s an immersive experience that sharpens your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. The game mechanics are designed to keep you engaged, ensuring that every guess and deduction brings you closer to unlocking the hidden code.

Visual Splendor and Intuitive Controls

Embracing the latest advancements in design, Real Code Breaker Mod boasts a visually stunning interface that enhances your gaming journey. The intuitive controls streamline the process of selecting colors and placing pins, allowing you to focus on unraveling the mystery without unnecessary complications.

Community and Support

The Real Code Breaker Mod community is a thriving hub of enthusiastic players who share strategies, discuss gameplay nuances, and engage in healthy competition. Our support team is always at your service, addressing queries and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout your code-breaking adventure.

Unleash Your Inner Code Detective

Real Code Breaker Mod isn’t just a pastime; it’s a cognitive workout that challenges your intellect in an entertaining way. Whether you’re a casual gamer seeking mental stimulation or a dedicated enthusiast of code puzzles, this game promises to keep you captivated.

Download Real Code Breaker Mod now and immerse yourself in the world of code-breaking, where strategy meets excitement in the quest to unveil hidden patterns.

If you’re ready to embark on this exhilarating journey, download the game for your Android device via the dedicated APK or from the App Store for your iPhone iOS device. Prepare to unlock a realm of cerebral challenges and strategic thinking!

Free download Real Code Breaker {Mod/Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.4.2G. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. An authentic code-breaking game, completely complimentary, featuring numerous cost-free puzzles.. Developed by Rottz Games. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

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  • - Free Purchases
  • - Free Premium
  • - Unlimited Money

Game Version Real Code Breaker Paid MOD

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Introducing a straightforward MULTIPLAYER mode! Test your skills against a friend or engage with a random adversary.
Prior Update: Included the challenging INSANE level. Introduced fresh complimentary boards for existing difficulty levels.

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  7. Muhammad Saleh: Add option to restart level.
  8. Wuttaya Lorgrailert: Fun and time filling.
  9. thomas lewis: Pity double colours cannot be used while guessing..
  10. Dominick Mancine: Like others said: fit more previous rows on one screen. There's a lot of unnecessary space used for needless graphics. More importantly, allow me to duplicate peg colors even if the code can't have duplicate colors. You claim the puzzles are Easy, but it makes it much much harder to be methodical if I can't duplicate colors in my guesses..
  11. Dave Steinmeier: Great puzzle game!!!.
  12. Allie L: Just like Classic mastermind with more options. Very few ads..
  13. Vikas Lakhotia: Brain Teaser indeed! Mazedaar👍.
  14. Amy Kreider: This game gives my mind a workout.
  15. E Mack: Makes you use you great matter..
  16. Kerry Crisp: They don't have a secure website..
  17. Victoria Eads: Fun and distracting, the varied difficulty levels will keep you engaged..
  18. Lezly Harrison: A fun game that I played as a kid. A pretty good version, although I agree with others it would be nice to hide/unhide rows. Also, a warning that you've already entered that combo would be nice, too, especially as the board gets longer..
  19. Glen Terris: Great game!.
  20. Ahmed Alswesy: very good.
  21. Weez Mitch: Love it! But wish I could put one colored peg as many times as I wish..
  22. Ray Matz: Wakes up an old tired bwain!.
  23. Liz B: I like this game and this particular app is the best I've triec!.
  24. Ed Shallow: Great game, simple, could use the ability to customize..
  25. Billie Shelton: It's fun finding the right pattern.
  26. Chris L: Multi-player scoring is confusing & never losing sucks.
  27. vincent kelly: Enjoying the game. Still at the easy level, though improving. Easy to play and move pieces..
  28. Tricia Riddell: I Still love this game. This one gets really hard after a while. I want to hang in this time and not run away when it's hard. I think I need to be patient while I learn..
  29. يوسف العمري: Wow.
  30. Ayman Samy EGYPT: Viry nice.
  31. Nate M: Awesome.
  32. Amira Adel: Very good.
  33. The Ma5ter Mau5: amazing game!.
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  37. Z.A.K gaming arabic and english: Like this game👍👍👍👍.
  38. Nela: Very fun game💖!!.
  39. Nicole Sweetser: Great game, easy interface.
  40. Jane McClure: Great game!.
  41. Brian L: No ads in 2 rounds. We shall see, but a great offline brain teaser game so far..
  42. Cláudio Branco: Excelent Game it is harder than it looks..
  43. Liam Lee: When I solved each puzzle, I feel more like a "Mastermind".
  44. Knallis Sillan: seems fine but being pestered to review before I've had 10 minutes with the thing kinda makes it hard to tell if i really like it, yknow? But seems fine! What I wanted I think.
  45. Graham Pugh: Love it to bits. Gets my brain working..
  46. Marc Boutin: Unclear instructions and hints. Basics of game interface need rework..
  47. Enrico Arretini: Nice one.
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  52. Tony: Great fun, can be tricky..
  53. Phil Doris: Awesome game..
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  56. A B: Fun game..
  57. Pamela Southworth: Quite hard, but great so far..
  58. Brent Beachem: Easy fun.
  59. Ulf T: Like the real one.
  60. Ronnie Smith: Keeps your brain active, solving the puzzles, and no adverts.
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  63. Karina D'Alessio: Awesome.
  64. bigdve83: Great game.
  65. Dave B: Fun game. Like to play from time to time..
  66. C. R. Sherman: This is very challenging on the higher levels. Even medium is a lot harder than the standard. The only issue is that you can't see all prior guesses without scrolling if you go past 6 or 7 guesses..
  67. ka kamper: Nice game for a brain challenge.
  68. Barnali Paul: Very good game.
  69. Isaac Balto: Great fun.
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  78. Lucas Theroux: Fun and challenging.
  79. Harry McDermott: Clear, intuitive, user-friendly. Great game..
  80. Dee Vander Heiden: I loved this game growing up and it's just like the board game. Beware the app keeps closing when I touch EXIT..
  81. Matt Gorris: Clean implementation of a classic game..
  82. Steve Jaszai: I enjoy playing Mastermind and I enjoy this app. Would like to see a clue for correctly guessing there is an empty peg at the advanced levels..
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  84. A Google user: One of the better mastermind games/ keeps score, variety of levels and difficulties.
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  86. rene maarek: Cool game.
  87. Brodan Peterson: challenging and and engaging extremely fast and fun logical too..
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  90. Melvin Dass: Its so goodz.
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  92. Ashwini Kumar: Bad ui, we can not move balls, juat select or deselect.
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  97. Robert Smith: Ads to many and intrusive.
  98. Sebastian Banach: Very enterining.
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  100. J. A. B.: Great game. Design to place pins in their place could be better....
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  120. Liv-Jewel Contois-Malynyk: the only problem I have with this game was the hint pegs. since they're one on top of another. I couldnt tell which colour was the black hint peg and the white hint peg. and the graphics were a little buggy..
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  124. Ronald Sampson: Only installed the game 10 mins ago, and already asking me to rate 5 stars. So far, I'm enjoying it, though it would be nice to see all the rows without scrolling. If I change my mind, I'll edit this review.
  125. Robb Bossley: Fun to play, and challenging.
  126. Dalton Draper: Good game. Could've been polished a bit more, but a good game nonetheless.
  127. Book Steer: It's a tremendous drawback that a player can't see all of the rows at once, but only a max of seven. Some of the tougher puzzles take many more rows than that. You need to have a split screen option so that all rows can be seen at once..
  128. woshRandall: Old school logic game.. I like it..
  129. Rt Wl: Great interface. Good challenge..
  130. Mandi Tomasello: Challenging and delightful game that is easy to understand but still keeps your attention.
  131. Elise Fast: Fun game, reliable app, I enjoy playing Insane level which requires more layers of deduction. I like Multiplayer function, but I suspect that the "random player" is actually "the computer" because the opponent always inputs very random colors and never learns or wins. I play with a friend by typing in a code. We treat it as a cooperative game where we are racing the clock rather than competing against each other. Wordle (similar but w/ letters) reminded me of Mastermind, which brought me here :).
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  141. Satit Duangnet (NaiKai): Great !.
  142. Patrick A. Crawley: I.Q.s were higher in the 1970s..
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