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Revived Witch is a RPG game combines both 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting.. Revived Witch Mod v0.1.7

Update: 28/06/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Revived Witch Mod 0.1.7 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

In a dark forest on this continent, a tall tower reappeared, exuding powerful magic. Legend has it that this tower hides a mysterious power. Countless people entered the tower for it, but no one could survive. The girl living in seclusion in the forest was awakened by a soft call from nowhere. She is a witch who doesn’t remember too much. In order to retrieve her memory and complete her mission, she picked up her staff, put on a pointed hat, and under the guidance of the mysterious voice, pushed open the heavy gate of the tower.

Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game that combines 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting. You play as a young witch who enters a mysterious tower and travels through various worlds to complete her destiny. During the journey, you will meet many companions with different personalities and fight with them against powerful enemies.

●High resolution pixel art and exquisite lighting effects
A combination of dynamic 2D high resolution pixel art and 3D lighting. The wonderful world is waiting for you to explore.

●Character Development/Team Building
Upgrade your character, forge and enchant your equipment to build your team. Fully prepare for the unknown adventure.

●Dynamic characters
The characters are presented using Live 2D technology, and the dubbing is presented by outstanding voice actors such as Ogura Yui, Aoi Yuki, Tomatsu Haruka.

●Real-time combat
Manage the use of order and chaotic energy to defeat your enemies and protect your companions in real time. Reverse any critical situations with your hands.

●Exploration of different worlds
Travel through parallel worlds and enjoy the beauty of magic forests, ice and snow worlds, lava caves and more. Find a lot of fun and fun in the exploration.

●Beautiful background music
Appropriate melodious soundtrack adds more fun to your adventure. Use headphones for a better experience.

The official homepage of the resurrected witch:

Official Facebook account:

Official Twitter account:

Official Discord server:

If you encounter any game-related issues, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected], and our customer support will help you solve it.

Free download Revived Witch {Hack,Mod} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 1.0G) - Version 0.1.7. Released on November 10, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Revived Witch is a RPG game combines both 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting.. Developed by Yostar Limited.. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

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Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game that combines both 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting. You play as a young witch who enters a mysterious tower and travels across various worlds to fulfill her destiny. You’ll meet many companions with different personalities and fight with them against powerful enemies on your journey.

Please contact us via sending email to [email protected] if you meet any game-related issue, Our customer support will help you resolve it.

0.1.7 Version.

New comment

  1. Dave: i love it.
  3. Ekin Capri: nice.
  4. jero castro: Got Ur.
  5. Guiller Sison: There are times at the beginning which has bugs a lot, I got stuck for like 10 mins just standing without any HUD display. Auto-Play is pointless because you literally watch the same mission repeatedly pointless which you can autoplay it by yourself..
  6. Rubby Hartanto Halim: The stamina usage are too much, you can enter materials / story dungeon 2-3 times then just wait another 6 hours to be able to enter the dungeon again. Other than that its great..
  7. Hunter-Lynn Cook: very good, had a lot of trouble getting past the Sunflower in early stages! you might need to lower the diffuclty.
  8. John Vincent: Good game.
  9. Isabell Izzy: Loveee itttt.
  10. Criel Kamiya: YOSTAR.
  11. Gavin Vela: Pretty game dragged down by a foolish reroll system. Rerolling accounts is particularly grating, 600 rerolls, 100 on each of 6 accounts, and could not get the two characters I wanted from the tutorial banner. Why even have a 100 pull limit? There's not a good reason for there to not just be unit selection if you're going to introduce mechanics to encourage rerolling and then do everything you can to punish and restrict people for rerolling. What a waste..
  12. Laura M: This game has a lot of potential, but it's mired with a significant number of small issues. The Good: The art and soundtrack are amazing, especially the pixel art. Gacha rates seem pretty good and exploration is simple but fun. The Bad: 7 days Flora quest forces you to rush story content, no auto-complete for grinding makes building insanely tedious. A lot of sitting and staring blankly. The Okay: The lore is fine and not grating but characters don't have much depth. Translation is iffy..
  13. Trafalgar Law: Great?.
  14. Globe Moderator: Looks good. Beautiful.
  15. Sonya Felicia: I like how the game in pixel, but there's so many bugs. Good OSTs.
  16. ssrge: I tried playing this game, and it is fun! I really like the atmosphere and the music. It gives off such cool vibes!.
  17. delson amar: 4 star for now I'm just starting to play this game but if I like it much then I giving 5 star....
  18. Kezryx Bingham: Something is wrong with the game because when I try to do 2-13 it won't work.
  19. Isnan Latif Hidayat: please add some more features such as guild shop, guild operation, guild war/raid and please also reduce the stamina consumption because the longer the stamina is needed.
  20. John D: Game was fun for the 1st week then feels dry after woulda been a higher rate but the game like to crash.
  21. riley: Didn't expect it to be this good. Love the game <3.
  22. Muhamad Andreano: Tell every player the spec requirement for this games and your other games, just put it in the games description.. because phone with 2 RAM still exist, also 2/16GB phone is still exist.. [PAIN].
  23. syara shavira: I love everything about this game so far. Difficulty spike is a bit high between stages/chapters and farming resources is super grindy, but i'm taking my time with this game and playing really casually. The real problem for me is the game crashes every other time. I thought the issue might be my device, but I read the reviews and it seems to be quite a common problem. I hope they can optimize the game. I'd be sad to drop the game over this..
  24. Palarical: Good enough..
  25. Eden Cerna: Awesome.
  26. Thomas Nagle-Hill: This is the best gacha game I've ever played. Absolutely stunning, with gameplay that actually requires strategy and even overworld puzzles outside of combat. The plot is a bit generic but that is made up for with the amazing art (especially with lighting) and brilliant gameplay. Even the gacha rolls aren't too bad, with a 'first time roll' system that means you are basically guaranteed an Ultra Rare plus Super Super Rares. Gold star in gacha, and pixel and other art, design. Absolutely 10/10..
  27. Christine Haley: Good game if you like adventure esque then this is a good game for you.
  28. mayaar cö: I really really like this game I'd have most definitely given it five stars but my only problem is crashing the game seems to crash during battle or after a certain amount of time.
  29. OtepKoH Victor Titan: I really enjoy the game.. also please add more to the story line...
  30. M02-Lee Stephen Arroco: When i was playing on the event in the middle of the battle i crashed and after i enter the game again the loading screen turns black and i cant play the game anymore please fix.
  31. Cornyet: Yessir.
  32. Lars Broberg: So far the game is fun. Graphics and music are good. Sometimes a little laggy for me, but it's not that bad. The only quarrel I have so far is how pointless guilds are in the game. They literally do nothing except let you talk to the members. Game needs some interesting guild content and it will be great..
  33. jung kim: Needs more stamina.
  34. Ryne Niduaza: Stop advertising.
  35. Minihoper: Eh.
  36. Michael Scamp: Cute n fun love it.
  37. Zayden: Love the Game, only downside is the summon rates. If you get a UR (IF LUCKY) It's not the person you wanted. Besides that, everything is great. The art and story is awesome so far, keep up the good work!!!.
  38. Katie Burnham: Good game.
  39. Edward Lee: Awesome.
  40. John Moyo: So far, I'm a fan, story is interesting enough, rewards are decent and the initial summoning thing was a pretty nice touch..
  41. Scott Higdon: So far so good.
  42. Lancer of KüR: Definitely fantastic idea allowing for 100 attempts for rerolling units more gatchas should do that let this be w lesson to many other games.
  43. Kim Adrian: All waifu are lovable.
  44. Dixit Sharma: New into it , so far very good, they are giving top tier character for free , 10 summons with 100 reroll . I love the gatcha.
  45. Akira Leir: Would have become one of my favorite mobile games, but the very limited stamina system turns it into a 5 minute side game, because there's nothing else to do that doesn't heavily rely on stamina after you're done with the (short) story mode..
  46. Peanut Brittle: I just wish I don't have to reposition myself whenever I try to open a chest, or read a paper or pull a lever. Anything that I interact with in an area. Whenever I go try to open a chest, the button disappears and I have to reposition myself. It's kinda annoying. I suggest that when I open the map, I hope it minimizes again whenever I tap anywhere, not only on the back button. And I hope the battles are skippable or can speed up to x4. I love this game but these are just my small issues..
  47. Charles Cuaresma: The game is fun and can be very challenging, the only issue that i find is the energy system. It takes to long to recover and very easy to drain especially at later levels. Overall its Good!.
  48. Onin: This is honestly a good game especially if you're looking for pixelated games, which I know some would really like. Probably even the best pixelated gacha game out there, the 100 trial summons is good. Problem is it can't compare to more modern gacha games, if you're not looking for a pixelated style gacha game, it really has so little to offer. The gameplay is boring since auto is better than playing manual. Story is sub-par. Maybe music is kinda good? A lot of modern gachas are just better imo.
  49. Yahaziel Christian: What a nice game. For gacha game, the rate is decent. U don't need to grind really hard, maybe you just need to AFK for several minutes to get the materials you need. But, the energy cost is quite big for every mission. But overall, this is a good game. Keep up your good work 😃.
  50. Bodies: Beautiful game, made with so much love you can feel it. Great work devs !.
  51. AKA: An awesome game in my experience so far has been my favorite game of the year..
  52. Aether: It's decent, but the game crashes way too often. The difficulty jump in monsters after awhile is pretty crazy too. It gives you a nice impression, then gets real boring after awhile. Don't play if you're planning to stay for a long time. Graphics and the rerolls are okay though..
  53. Faris Fakhri: Good game.
  54. huy do: Good g.
  55. chu2byou: 10pullx100 try for reroll.
  56. i Kenzee: this game makes me happy.
  57. 041 David Vanlalhriata: Starting up now.
  58. Mr Bingly: Good relaxing game.
  59. Daniel Chen: Unfortunately it looks like this game is unplayable. The current version won't let you get past the loading screen. I've tried this on the Samsung Galaxy 10 and 20 and they all have the same issue..
  60. Neeko Chan: Best.
  61. tristan redding: Neat.
  62. Neil Brown: It's a very pretty game, but the controls don't feel good. This would work so much better as turn based.
  63. Johnathan Newman: Great game.
  64. Lorentius Immanuel: unexpected interesting gameplay.
  65. Tuan Ly: Well polished game. Feels like playing console game..
  66. Laila Lopez: Love the game.
  67. william cipto: The user interface is super clunky. I can't even move properly / interact with other things..
  68. Zoey Lapointe: That game is pretty awsome love the graphics, love the stories and lot of thing to do 😀.
  69. Lee Robinson: Generally like the game and how it plays but I feel its a bit lacking in content right now to hold people's interest in the long run. I do hope they add more content soon to flesh the game out as I would love to see it succeed..
  70. AGeneric_ _Gamer: I like it also rip to everyone who missed out on the free skin lol.
  71. Pork Chop: One of the best sacha systems. I love the 100 rerolls. They give out a lot of summons. I've heard it has a poor late game but I haven't had a chance to even try pvp yet..
  72. Hagane Gin: Other game have different champ for pvp, pve,... etc. And this game clearly have a sht name ella (which you buy with real money in bp) that literally dominates everything, you don't even need to upgrade or build other champ and you guy say this is free-to-play friendly? Not cool, gacha game is supposed to be about waifu. Your game is for brainless people.
  73. Ceny Lim: I like it.. cute.
  74. Ennail Redflaire: Super buggy game.
  75. Luka Lukačev: It only improved since the CBT, deserves nothing but praise from me!.
  76. Maksy Vidal: Very fun game.
  77. Albert Williem: nice.
  78. Lindey Stephaine: Love this game SM!! The witch and fantasy vibes are what I need in my life!! <3 If there's something wrong abt this game, I think it has no problem 👍 It's just it needs time to build things (character lvl, skill, etc.) But it making the game challenging, which mean it's a fun game!! (Not boring).
  79. dung cao: Gg.
  80. Blood Lust: Crashes in levels when going from part 1 to part 2.
  81. Atlas beat maker: I genuinely love this game. It's gameplay, combat, score, and art style are incredible. However, this game kicks me out every chance it gets. I really hope this gets fixed so I can play this game with no interupptions..
  82. munang nangmu: This game are the best I give it 5 star because it's worth playing.
  83. Francis Joel: Not worth the time and money.
  84. Arcanologist: I wish the game is playable on lower device.
  85. Ronnel Entienza: Can you lessen the graphic usage of this game? It makes my phone laggy and hard to play.
  86. esther makath: This is actually a good game for me to play.
  87. umu umu: ffxiv x revived witch when?.
  88. Daniel S Htg: 4 for first..5 late if I satisfied.
  89. Mr. Low Res Man: Friend recommended me this game and I fell in love with it.
  90. CV Nacianceno: Good game but stages cost too much stamina. Not much sources of stamina refill. Refreshing with souls gets too expensive after the first couple. And please remove the exclamation on the shop when there's no new stuff. It's there every time I relog and it's annoying. I was gonna spend but now I'm getting turned off Update: Exclamation mark thing seems to be fixed. Upping score because of fast response and it is a fun gamw.
  91. Watashi Zero: Awesome.
  92. lyndon largo: Thanks for the free summon.
  93. Lacqs: Love the game, it's so addicting.. My obly issue is when using tap movement the range of the use button is inconsistent even when you are very close to the object, also it's hard to tao the exit when it's near the mini map.. Update: pvp is rigged to Ella, can solo any units.. Ella instant win.
  94. Reylx Xiao: Seriously? Idle game, pvp game with nothing to do? I've spent money for monthly ticket and growth packet. The only stuffs i got for the endgame is nothing. Can you make the game more interesting please? Like pixel tower game or something. I spent my money for waifu Ella. After the endgame that's all? Basically an idle game with pixel nostalgia or something?. I hate to say this, i tot this will be big like arknights do. Huft.
  95. Erson Serrano: My account is stuck in loading screen. I already relogin several times and clear cache im still stuck in the loading screen after log in. Pls Fix It. I sent a message to the customer service..
  96. pham anh: P2w.
  97. Nyaaニャ: Overall the game is great but in my opinion all the DPS dolls was to weak in fact even if you form a team of healers it's always a sure win, also maybe you can add some pvp event in the future. Edit:the game always crash or freeze every time i enter battle.
  98. Depressed Potato: Nice 1st summon reroll, works and runs on splitscreen. Haven't really played the game that much but I'll give it 5s for my first impression.
  99. Nathan Collins: Revived Witch promises big and under-delivers. The puzzles aren't engaging, the gameplay is entirely automated (you can manually take control of your units but it's much more risky). The story is really short (maybe 6-8 hours max) with artificial difficulty hurdles that will take weeks of grinding to beat. The first event is entirely text based and has serious translation issues, breaking any immersion. Music and art are nice, but if things don't improve I'm probably dropping the game..
  100. 迷い野うさぎ: i just download the game and i'm stuck in bug. the character just flew over the tower. how am i supposed to play ? i tried to reinstall the game and start over. but i'm still stuck in the same bug. i've waiting for 10min watching the character flew over the tower but nothing more going on. kinda dissapointed by this bug..
  101. max trigger: Love it.
  102. darkm0n54,: Im not kidding when i say that just the starting part of the witch waking up and looking at the tower from afar almost made me tear up, the graphics, the lighting, the perfect combination of 3D and pixel art and the story its soo beautifully done! This game is too perfect (as a starting mediocre game dev ive learned a lot! And inspired to keep going! Thank you!).
  103. Ralph Velasco: Great atmosphere, amazing music, beautiful characters, and a generous first summon, definitely one of the best games out there..
  104. rwbystarheart suki/yuki: i love this yall are vethy generous.
  105. Hulubucat: Combat verification failed every times i run the event map. Wasting lots of stamina with auto but only giving back 9 stamina (count as a lost battle) while all the rest of the run din count. This game cost so much stamina just to play 1 run yet this bug happened to me. WHAT A BIG JOKE OF A GAME!!!.
  106. Bully Muguire: They've grieved feces cadaver grafted descent$.
  107. Ash h: I'mma be clear with something. I only write reviews if the game is good. RW is a great game with great graphics. It's really F2P-friendly when it comes to the gacha system since it actually focuses on team composition rather than equipping the strongest dolls in game. You don't have to spend money unless you want to play longer. Yes, the only problem in the game is the stamina consumption. But for me, it's kinda balanced. It's up to the devs if they want players to play longer. 5 stars overall..
  108. Cestzyrus Joshua Taggueg: Great game. Can you guys add controller support?.
  109. Coffee Bean: I like this game.
  110. J M Lau: Hey, Ella is OP af..
  111. epicfailkiller: The game is pretty fun. Combat is a lil confusing but overall is pretty enjoyable. The only downside is when exploring in overworld interacting with chests and stuff can be wonky so sometimes you have to keep repositioning until it works. Thats really my only flaw with the game. Also sometimes the game crashes..
  112. cedric manygoats: I was enjoying the game and then I got the infinite loading screen of death.BTW DON'T SKIP THE DIALOGUE CUT SCENE THAT'S HOW I GOT IN THIS SITUATION.
  113. schwarzer: the best gacha I've ever played.
  114. Choi Cristine: Ella best girl.
  115. Katsura Ardon: Please don't do one of those weird ads.
  116. Ceejhae Perez: Its stuck in attempting to reconnect whenever I'm playing, when the data is turned off it will display attempting to reconnect even though my internet turned on while it turned off recently and I have to restart the game..
  117. Richard Neal: FNtastic rog game with unique mechanics and art style nice story..
  118. Zaulo Martinez: It's a wonderful game thus far. The art and music are very pleasing, and the gameplay is very simple to understand, yet fun and interactive. The devs also probably saw the abundance of those that reroll on new accounts for a guaranteed high rarity character, so they save the players the time by giving them up to one hundred free rerolls until they're satisfied with what they rolled. As an edit, the gacha is great, with a pity system very similar to that of Genshin Impact's, yet tweaked a tad to make it more fair. The first pull is always gonna be 50% off when using Souls, which you'll always be able to earn from the game, either through certain missions, or even just for free, when the game straight up just gives you 60 Souls daily. However, I did remove a star because of difficulty. I'll sometimes be facing bosses with characters that are around forty of fifty levels above the recommended level for the fight, and bosses will still manage ways to one shot those characters and wipe out my party easily. I've heard from a few people here and there online talk about boss patterns, but that's not something I understand. I don't know if there's a way to counter certain bosses and stop them from doing that sort of thing or not, but for a player who's actively trying to grind out their team and over level to be prepared for the upcoming fights, my efforts feel very unrewarded. It feels very unfair, and that honestly ruins the experience for me..
  119. Diana Valdez: good.
  120. John John: Just started playing few days ago and it seems really interesting and simple enough just the crashing of it gets annoying so if could fix that would enjoy it alot more.
  122. Edison: I love pixel games.
  123. Tyurru Wilson: Love the soundtrack, artstyle and gameplay, looking forward to the games future.
  124. Drei Max: Thank you so much for the reroll option.
  125. Lisabeth Dixon: LisabethDixon Save.
  126. James Howard Salisi: So far so good.
  127. Jacob Nelson: So far so good.
  128. Adi Ricky: Nostalgia dgn gameplaynya...keren aku suka type game ini.
  129. Raymo Granti: Not yet into the game but for now I been enjoying it nice retro graphic feels like I've been back to 90s game, good movement keys , it's better if they have English voice act ..
  130. ko lat: I like 2D RPG part play so good music and anime walking I like I get you Five star.
  131. gilberto rivero: Great game with an interesting story just don't like how lag kicks in. Another thing would be the auto farm. Increasing the speed of the farm would greatly help out. Especially if you team is over leveled for the area. Please work on these issues. I feel like it's the only thing holding it back..
  132. Korey: Game seems pretty interesting an nostalgic. Problem is that I cannot unbind my account after wanting to restart. Quite annoying when it says it is but isn't..
  133. Craig Mcclellan: Good so far.
  134. makkuwan: so far so good...i can play without spending money yet..but i doubt ill get there eventually..other than myself..its a good game keep up the good work...
  135. Marrdreg: Dropping to one star until tue connection issues get fixed. Seriously tired of replaying the same mission 10x over and repeatedly getting stuck on what should be results screen..
  136. Dray brown: Horrible game GIANT SPACE USER,,Lagging, and crashed within the first 5 minuets as well as continuous crashing afterwards, please create a more stable server that TAKE LESS SPACE 3.6 GB IS Absurd for a gaming application that's not in real time.
  137. Josh Le: Good game. I addicted to it..
  138. Just A Lemon: I wish you could add a online lobby, were players can interact with eachother in real time and battle each other, you could also add dungeons were u try to clear it with an ally or friend..
  139. Hail: the game is great, the graphics, gameplay, music all of it. The only issue I have is that the app suddenly closes by itself. any way to fix this?.
  140. romadhon rizki: Great seiyuu, graphic and gameplay.
  141. FP indahouse: Not exactly my type of game but has its good points: music is amazing, and the sprites all look great, especially when they are casting in battle. Disappointing how little screen space the sprites get tho, they are always so small.
  142. Mahan Sg: Nicee game.
  143. virgi desu: I got crash then I open game again I got problem after login and I got stuck loading. Pleas help fix it.
  144. timothy hong: Nice :3.
  145. wewolf 0_9: I love this game at first I was like should u download it or no but it was worth it this game is so much fun.
  146. Carl Scott: Still Learning.
  147. Yofan Gokil: Overall, this game was so good, i like it I've complete all main stage, collect all the reward and chest, but i dont understand how to complete the main story "Into the Future" It said, the chaos of snegurochka (or whatever it is idk) has ended, back to chrono tower, a new adventure awaits you So i Return to chrono tower, meet the black cat, dialogue, and then nothing happen... So i explore all of the chrono tower stage, intermission 2 and 3, and still nothing happen.
  148. Vince Acido: 1st time play on my Sam. A11 Bit lag but still enjoy the game. Please smooth out the gameplay thank you..
  149. Broothatsosaad: not good, not terrible.
  150. muh1 hiz: nice game.

Download Instructions Revived Witch latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Revived Witch mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link revived-witch-hackmod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Yostar Limited..

- Download Revived Witch mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file revived-witch-hackmod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Revived Witch original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Revived Witch Mod Apk on Android & Revived Witch Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Revived Witch Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored revived-witch-hackmod.APK & revived-witch-hackmod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again revived-witch-hackmod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Revived Witch on your phone.

Download Revived Witch {Hack,Mod} [ALL UNLOCK APK + IOS] 1.0G

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Version: 0.1.7.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.6.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: Yostar Limited..
Votes: 22,646.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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