Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Mod

Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards [Mod,Hack]

Play Games, Choose Your Gift Card! Amazon, Walmart & More- earn within 48 hours!. Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Mod v8.4.2

Update: 24/06/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Mod 8.4.2 for android apk & iphone ios 8.0 and up

Earn ⭐Free Gift Cards⭐ at your favorite store by playing your favorite popular games! 🎮💵🤑 Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards and more!

Play Free Games from the Comfort of HomeBonus Games is the one-stop app for casual game lovers to play. Play the game, choose your reward and get your gift card within 48 hours! Earning gift cards is that easy. Redeem rewards from branded locations and enjoy.

Use our app every day and play games to earn rewards. Amazon Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, and Best Buy Gift Cards are yours! Bonus games are free to play and can be used anytime, even when you’re stuck at home.

Do you like Solitaire, Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, Yahtzee and other similar games? Play these free bonus games and earn points when you start playing, earn specific levels, watch bonus videos and make in-app purchases. Then choose from Amazon Gift Cards, Best Buy Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards and more!

Download Rewarded Play and start earning rewards today! REWARDS GAME FEATURES:

– Play your favorite games and earn points.
– Play Yahtzee, Solitaire, Wheel of Fortune and more!
– Play every hour to earn more points!

💰 Get Gift Cards 💰
– Earn Gift Cards when redeeming Rewards Points.
– Gift Cards arrive within 48 hours!
– Amazon Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, Best Buy Gift Cards and more!

Play games and earn points for gift cards. This rewards app makes collecting free gift cards more fun than ever! Download Rewarded Play and get rewarded for playing your favorite games!

Rewarded Play is not endorsed, licensed or sponsored by Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy or any other gift card provider.

Free download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards [Mod,Hack] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 75M) - Version 8.4.2. Released on February 1, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Play Games, Choose Your Gift Card! Amazon, Walmart & More- earn within 48 hours!. Developed by Influence Mobile, Inc.. Operating system requirements 8.0 and up. Everyone.

Application Features Hack Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards MOD

  • - Unlocked Pro
  • - No ADS
  • - No All ADS
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - Paid Features

Application Version Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Pay Fees MOD

  • - Boosters
  • - Unlock Full Version
  • - Unlocked Paid
  • - Extra
  • - Paid Features Unlocked

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New comment

  1. Donna Rogers: Not to good but I think it would work.
  2. Keri Lyell: Great APP! Payouts are fast!.
  3. Joseph Carter: Great to earn gift cards.
  4. Teresa Balmer: I don't know how to change or delete my 1st review but I changed from 1 star to 5 stars. Thanks for your help Trey. Not sure how I figured it out the first time but not the second two times. Thanks again..
  5. Tyanna Presson: so we received our claim code, we wanted to use for Amazon and code won't work for us.??.
  6. Tommy Murphy: Good fun.
  7. Dawn Patricia Marie: just cashed out my first $25. It is an easy and fun way to make a few bucks..
  8. frankie: ***PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING*** I just let the owners of this app know that this app is currently hacked right now I don't think it is the owner's fault so I'm not going to put the blame on the owners because the hackers were from India he specifically told me that and specifically told me he got my information from this app had to report it to the FCC ECT even called Amazon to confirm. I'd wait to download until owners properly address the matter any questions feel free to reach me.
  9. jodi low: So I got my first code for an Amazon gift card and went to redeem it. Amazon says the code is invalid. Lol. Waste of time.
  10. Tasha Pillans: Love this app! Would recommend to anyone who likes to play games..
  11. Angela Goodwin: Love it so far.
  12. Jacqueline P.: So far I'm enjoying the app. Would like a little more variety in the games. Otherwise, it's great..
  13. CandyLand Crusade: I've been waiting on cards for 4 weeks now, I've contacted the site many times already and I still haven't received my $750 Shein card OR my $750 Amazon card. I've had this app for over a year and haven't gotten any of the cards or credit I earned AT ALL. All I want are the two cards listed above. That's all I want, it's what I got this app for in the first place. Is there any way you could get those to me please?.
  14. Martin Souders: Just long I don't get any Amazon don't replace if card if it's bad ever.
  15. Jessica Evans: fun way to make a little $.
  16. NowUSeeMe NowUDont: I think its broken....
  17. Ivana Flores: Use love this app but now It stops being counted for the time you play even when you haven't played the game for a couple days, still have finish the levels and the time isn't being counted but the one's I completed ( the levels) is being counted.
  18. Sara Decker: They have stopped letting me use my points for gift cards. I already jump through enough hops for 5 dollars and now they add more steps that I'm unable to complete no matter how many times I click on the links..
  19. Brenda Marotta: When I get to a level where I should get bonus points and I don't receive them the support team is always there to help.
  20. Cesar alvarez: Don't feel it.
  21. Anne smith: I have to keep contacting them because they'll reward me for a level 50 but not 20 thru 40 and then they want screenshots of levels. Do these people know how to count and when I make purchases for points I have to contact them. Y'all can do better..
  22. Sherry Kreiter: No optio.
  23. Jenifer Wiseman: I reached the 225,000 points for a gift card now they refused to give it to me..
  24. Nadine Cheatham: My husband sent me a invite & after we completed the requirements for both of us to cash out for both of us to get a $5.00 Wall Mart gift cards each We still have not gotten neither of our gift cards.
  25. Angela Stephens: Fun.
  26. Maria Lopresto: Never received any thing after cashing out.
  27. Kaylena Warford: fun way to earn a gift card. I've had to get in touch with customer support many times, but they always have gotten back with me quickly, either to fix the problem or let me know they will see to the problem asap. They have always been able to solve the problem within 48hrs and most within 24. the games are fun to play. You aren't going to be rich from this, but if you want a fun game to play, rewarded play will most likely have one you will like..
  28. THOMAS MOORE: Do not trust this app. The rules change to fit them. I was playing one of the extended play apps. The app gave points for listening to music and playing games it plainly says so. I didn't get credit for a time period. I sent a message to support and they replied they don't give points for listening to music and to use one of their apps. Day I got it from rewarded play. This app is full of problems. BE CAREFUL..
  29. Steven Pegram: La Cervasas around the table. Bueno las amigas y el amigos. Mi amor. Gracias bebe y Las Familias.
  30. Jessica Denise: I havent got my gift card yet for amazon been weeks and still waiting.
  31. Brian Stibick: Scam.
  32. Stephanie Cyrus: Fun game. I did receive my 1st 5$ gift card. I will keep playing..
  33. Me: It takes forever to earn enough to cash in $25 worth (I feel like $5 is pointless) HOWEVER it DID work and I got $25 towards Amazon and used it!!!! :) It took like 6 months 😂 but it was worth it!!! UPDATE--- even WITH the reply- I stand by my statement that it takes a good while to earn $25--- I WASN'T talking about earning $5 and that is what was responded..
  34. Lillian Freeman: I love playing games on my phone I want to winor become a big money winner to take my church family on a nice trip or get together my pastor is a great woman of GOD she believes in making peoples happy and grateful in their life. Please 🙏 help make this dream come true for the church family 💓.
  35. Donald Perry: Haven't seen anything yet.
  36. E_Sabreen A: Why can't you uninstall a game that isn't working and choose another one? And one game I was on for more than ten minutes, but they didn't give me credit for it. It sucks..
  37. Mary Coyle: Don't change your device because they screw you out. Seriously.
  38. Brycen Davenport: Idk just a lot of weird questions.
  39. Melanie Duckett: Edit: great until I went to cash in my 3rd card, then there was a problem. I gave them the needed info and still can't do it. They need more proof of who I am. Not good! All ready have photo of DL. Maybe identity thieves!.
  40. Dorothy Hogue: Good for my observation skills.
  41. Patricia W: Getting tired of playing these 4 minute games and not getting points for playing. This also includes playing games for reward points. An example would be Evermerge, working on level 11 and have not received my 9,000 points for completing level 9. This is a good paying site, but please pay out points when they are due. Very frustrating, I play for hours, watch all the ads, I would like to earn my points when they are due. Not really sure if I plan on continuing when this upsets me at my age..
  42. Angela B: For one too many dame ads even when you say you dont wanna watch for double rewards you might as well cause they gone throw you one anyways. You have to do too much downloading and it takes weeks to get a funky $5 girt card NOT WORTH THE TIME.
  43. Christina Austin: I don't never win anything.
  44. Mike Chase: I love it it does pay out.
  45. gisela torres: really pays out. Just got my first reward and used it for Amazon.
  46. NikiBills: If you guys rewarded me one gift card that I didn't get a chance to get the digital information and I have a second gift card coming back I have to wait 24 hours to get and then you guys will lock me out of my account and don't give me my rewards that I won wth is up with that.
  47. Marla Steffany Barancik: Just like the video 😁 Do you Love iT!.
  48. Lisa Howard: Love this app if it's really real.
  49. Brittany C: Haven't play yet... But can't wait to....
  50. Debra Warner: No comment.
  51. Mariaivette dejesus: hi mariaidejesus.
  52. Marlo Eastman: it really works, needs more level challenges. and less purchases for us poor folks.
  53. Allison Diggs: This is not working for me.. I downloaded 2 apps and got up to 15,800 pts but when I tried to download the 3rd required app, it didn't register. I downloaded over 6 apps and I did not get points for the app. This is stressing me out. I cannot deal with false advertisement. It is not worth my time. Sorry..
  54. Laura Fisher: Scam. I supposedly earned my $5 gift card, but trying to redeem the code was invalid..
  55. Karrie S: Do not have the app but I have to listen to your commercial when playing a game.... please put the ability to MUTE it when you advertise on games..... you are annoying the hell out of me and I NEVER want to use you..
  56. Lucas Valleroy: It's 100.
  57. Errol Nedeau: Seneca was my grandfather..
  58. King Family: love this app so easy and legit...!.
  59. Lori Gill: love.
  60. Aimee McPoland: This app would be great if it worked properly. I've been playing scrabble for hours and it keeps saying I need to play for 1 minute to get my points/daily use. I contacted support several times. The only response I got was to clear cache and force stop apps and try again. I did those and still nothing. It's registering me leveling up but that's it. All tickets I submitted after I can't access anymore. So far this is feeling like a waste..
  61. Heidi Elizabeth: An app that pays!!.
  62. Crystal Haller: Good.
  63. Carie Johnson: Works. slow, but I have already received 1 giftcard. been playing for 2 days off and on..
  64. Wanda Ball: I really enjoy the games. not a scam. recommend this app.
  65. Rebecca Ledesma: great games great rewards 👏.
  66. Nicole Parnell: Downloading and playing games for hours, I dont see no coins, where is the money im supposed to make?.
  67. death child: passive income!.
  68. Melissa: gift cards are legit! awesome app to play in my spare time.
  69. Amber: Don't rewards you at all.
  70. Tanya Miller: Thank you for fixing my points/gift card issue..
  71. Naydena Smith: Great way to earn a little cash if you enjoy playing game apps during your free time. You can cash out every 45,000 points for a $5, digital gift card. Claiming your gift card is super easy. The points aren't hard to accumulate and the app is user friendly. Decent variety of gift cards to choose from like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Bath & Body. There were restaurants too like Red Robin, Applebee's etc. I'm enjoying it!.
  72. Petrice Henderson: Great.
  73. Lisa Labbe: Awesome.
  74. Sharon Lymon: It's really exciting.
  75. Jody Lewis: There's nothing I enjoy most than receiving free rewards, cash money,or gift cards.(playing games) from Google play.😎❤️❤️.
  76. Harry Bez: it does pay thank you guys.
  77. Gee Skrilla: App takes toooo long to give you anything. If you want to waste your time maybe it for you. $kr1lla.
  78. Angie Pasquale: Not worth it. You do all the surveys etc and just a hassle for the peanuts they want to give you..
  79. Stacey Kent: I don't normally play games but someone suggested it to me. So I gave it a shot. It worked great at first. However my phone got broke and I had to get a new one. I downloaded the app thinking I could just pick it up where I left off. Nope it has been a disaster. I have 2 accounts which is a violation... I wasn't trying to have 2 accounts. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I lost one of my rewards card cause the guy claimed it was the $5 for installing the app... I never got that either time, that was what I earned..
  80. Jenlynn Freyman: It's a legit site,just redeemed my first 25.00 dollar gift card,it's a very easy site to use,and they are geared to help u maximize your points each day,but you don't have to,you can do your pace..have not had a bad experience what's so ever, customer service replied in a timely manner,and we're friendly and helpful..I'm going to continue using this app!!!..thanks for a great legit app!!!.
  81. Daniza Ward: I like it the but.... The gift cards are nice and all. I just don't like the fact I need a physical card then typing in the code.... A simple gift card like for example "Target" they would give me the code and that's it.... I'm confused....
  82. Tanisha L. Powell: It gives you the points when you play but being able to play is kind of hard if you don't have money to buy coins so it'll take you longer to get your points... I recently had enough points to get two $5 dollars gift cards....
  83. Jessie Fish: Great this is the first app i found that really pays. But it could really use some new games it getting old. I fine myself not on it much. Also maybe consider adding paypal choice..
  84. Brandon Crabtree: Great app! It actually works but could take some time depending how much you play. Also, their support team is outstanding!.
  85. VICTORIA Lanza: Love it.
  86. Dawn Myre: I had to get a new phone when my phone died. Re-download app to start earning again. Got my reward, and did not receive verification code. Sent a message to support . Next thing you know my account is disabled. Not sure why..
  87. Aika Rose: It's cool.
  88. Luke Godin: Awesome more Amazon gift cards for me.
  89. Amber Ivy: Play it have fun with the games.
  90. Christopher w Morgan: Very informative.
  91. Michele Perkins: Ilove this game just wish Icould get my rewards heck I cant even download it..
  92. Crystal Parker: love this APP..
  93. Jennifer Galati: Didn't get the points I was supposed to. Their customer service is nonexistent. Uninstalled a long time ago!.
  94. Jenelle Sellars: Wonderful experience..
  95. Angela Rogers: No credit! I play the games and I don't get the credit. Uninstall this app, reinstall and now game just twirls not opening. Don't know if I should keep trying..
  96. Brittany Hed: I love this app.. they give gift cards for playing new games. Customer service has been so helpful when there is ever an issue. I just wish they would give something for games not new but I still play this everyday!.
  97. Apple Beasts: Doesn't qor(look.
  98. Jimmie Rose: love it.
  99. Reese Mack: money.
  100. Ashley Deal: faster rewards.
  101. Ninja Assassin Gamer: This is just temporary but i give this review just because there is no google play giftcards so if u can add them im sure i would give u 5 stars.
  102. Denise C: I was already playing a game when this popped up saying I earned $25, then it said install only to see I had to install more games, please stop with this mess I was enjoying my own game...
  103. Dennis d Carter: Fun to play..
  104. Shermika Washington: I'll rerate once I've played a little more..
  105. Jason Hembree: This app actually works and gives you gift cards from different places when you add up at least 45,000 poits, would give 5 stars but sometimes this takes a while to load up new and different games but other than that the only legit rewards app that I know of and I've been using it for about 6 months now!.
  106. Tim Christians: App dont after down loan them.
  107. KJ Worrell: Didn't get past the Privacy Policy. They say they won't sell your personal data *for money* They don't say they won't sell your personal info for advertising, gift cards, etc. PROTECT your data from scammers and sales lists by always reading Privacy Policies carefully and not giving data to those who would sell it for money or anything else..
  108. robbie raymond: Misleading scamish Never said scam u trying to get me to spend money to make less money come on 101 agenda not to benefit the customers.
  109. Tasha Richard: I really like this app. Super east am fun..
  110. Colleen Morgan: Love to play games!.
  111. Wendy Uplinger: Yes really free money well gift cards same thing! Play games/download games through this app and collect points. Now a few times I wasn't awarded my points and thought I would never see them BUT the support group is AMAZING they get right back with you. I sent a screenshot of where I was in game and they credited my points sometimes same day! 5 star App for real! Yes there are ads but free money it's so worth it! Best App ever!.
  112. Carrie Wagner: Unlike other apps that claim to award cash or gift cards, but don't, this app truly does award gift cards, and I have successfully used over 35 of them. In the beginning I was awarded points when I met certain goals fairly regularly. I had to contact support once in awhile, but not frequently. More recently, I have had to contact support for every large point goal. While support does come through, the app should be handling it. It is a great app in the beginning, less so as time goes on..
  113. Lisa Kowal: Not all bad.
  114. Scott Christy: you can't get rich on this. unless rich is 5 bucks. but it's fun. Thank you for the generic non responsible email. So you stated $20-30 a month is your goal for people to earn to get rich? We do you advertise $100, $1000s of dollars in pay offs. It took a lot of time and effort to o earn 5 buck's. I had to give up personal information to. I could have gotten it quicker if I had PURCHASED on line products in the game. Yes I said purchase! That cost any where form .99 to $50! It would tak.
  115. Marie Harrington: This is app will have u jumping thru hoops for points. Then they don't payout your reward. I played for DAYS and won two $5 Amazon gift cards...which I have yet to receive...and their support says I won't get them...DONT WASTE YOUR TIME...GO TO MISTPLAY....THEY PAY!!!!.
  116. Sascha Underwood: best reward game app available. customer service is prompt and efficient. this app is totally worth it.. love it 10 stars if I could..
  117. John Miller: Help highjacked.
  118. Hood Rabbit: This app is everything.
  119. Shy F: I just downloaded the app for the first time and it says my account is disabled and never ever set up an account,, terrible way to start out!!.
  120. lisa: I earned in a couples hours.
  121. Michelle Prewitt: Number one legit rewards. The support team is always prompt and polite when I have any issues, always willing to fix and award. Gift cards are easy to obtain and easy to spend. Love this app..
  122. Mary Roberts: Haven't had any yet.
  123. Anthony Mendoza: It's getting better.
  124. Regina Agnew: Slow process impatient nerves.
  125. Dan Ashbaugh: Disabled my account multiple times, always right before getting enough points for an award..
  126. Pamela Stolp: Fun looking forward to my gift cards.
  127. Jean West: Update 2/13/22 it is still not as easy to get gift cards as it used to be, but at least they give the opportunity to earn cards. I can now understand that they had to make it harder to earn or too many people would make them go broke. It takes work but you do get cards! Used to get about one $25 gift card a month, now it may take longer, but I know they will honor it and send me the gift card..
  128. Lynn Lynn: Loving it, fun and I can't stop😩😂😂😂.
  129. Helen Jones: Beautiful weather.
  130. Shena Lindsy: Love it.
  131. Marija Gruban: Hi . I won 2× $25 Amazon gift cards and never got any of it, so that's why only one star..
  132. Jakq Sawyers: FUM.FUN, fun fun fun.
  133. Jay Mahabir: I'm very disappointed AF. Wasted 1 month playing 8 different games to only be told I can't get my $25 rewards card all bc me and my siblings have the same last name and our telephone number almost identical( the last 2 digit is different). For this to be resolved we need to submit both our drivers ID... I don't understand why I need to give my ID for!! DON'T NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON DOING THIS IT'S A WASTE OF TIME ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO ANYTHING OVER $5..
  134. Jeanette Bradley: The game is break.
  135. Ramona Arenas: Can thaygitmonny from my accoutpuin the card.
  136. Michael Turner: App sounds deciving. The ads for this app make it sound like you can earn enough for a reward within minutes. It's not till you download the app and games that you find out that's not true. It also takes 14 days to get your reward claiming they have to wait for payment from sponcer so if they get screwed so do you. Sounds like the typical automated response.
  137. Tiffany Harrison: Scam.
  138. Lisa M: App doesn't recognize games I have already installed that are on their list, and there's no way to add them..
  139. Tawnya Stahl-Sanders: This isn't a scam. I did receive my reward. I will now uninstall. Minimal choices of games. Anyone who has been playing similar apps such as Mistplay, Reward Play... etc. If you have played these games, you will not receive credit. It's for first time only customers. There is a cap on how much you can play/earn per day. The extra ways to earn is that you have to spend real money on that app to get a few points. They make money from the endless ads so I will not spend money for a few pennies!.
  140. Shari Lemieux: They want a copy of my driver's license. No way, too many scams. I would give this a no star rating if I could! Ridiculous!!! Of course I found out when they wouldn't send me the gift cards and I had to reach out to them..
  141. Travis Ash: best site for great games , more points and fast payouts. been playing for years..
  142. Nancy Bennett: To many ads.
  143. Briana Beard: I dont care i hate it.
  144. John a Walton: Nice.
  145. Stephanie James: This is similiar to other apps i have been using to makes extra money but the big diference ive noticed would have to be the help i get from within the app. They have been quick in answering all my questions and wirk with me so i recieve all credit i deserve. Sonetimes i pass levels and should get points abd they app for somereason didnt get notified. I report it to reward play help and they get back to me right away and help to fix any issues ive had. Thank you reward play!.
  146. Rachael Baker: slow to progress after a fast start..
  147. Geneva Loudermilk: Good app.
  148. Dawn Makarewicz: It's really frustrating when you reach out to customer service and they just want to give you the same instructions to the issue you are having. I can not access my past rewards because when I ask to get a code, I never receive it. There is nowhere in the app to actually file a complaint on the service that the agent gave me. I am frustrated beyond. And now that I said something, I will probably be kicked off the site. Great way to do business. It's a $25.00 gift card. Not like it's $1.00.
  149. Carolyn Taylor: Only gets 3 apps..i earn $ 20.00 dont see it.did not happen!!!alot of ads.tired of people trying to control My phone....
  150. weathersbykelly: If this app is a 100% legit it pays out like it says it does I've had no issues with it love this app..

Download Instructions Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link rewarded-play-earn-gift-cards-modhack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Influence Mobile, Inc..

- Download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file rewarded-play-earn-gift-cards-modhack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Influence Mobile, Inc. provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Mod Apk on Android & Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored rewarded-play-earn-gift-cards-modhack.APK & rewarded-play-earn-gift-cards-modhack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again rewarded-play-earn-gift-cards-modhack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards on your phone.

Download Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards [Mod,Hack] [UNLIMITED] 75M

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