Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod

Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG [HACK/MOD]

Engage in legendary clashes and embark on daring dungeon escapades within the realm of this fantasy card game driven by deck-building mechanics!. Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod v2.5.0.5

Update: 06/12/2023
Original price $: FREE

Download Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Welcome to Rogue Adventure – the ultimate RPG card game.

Immerse yourself in the world of Rogue Adventure, where you can combine potent cards, diverse classes, and epic skills to construct an unparalleled deck aimed at vanquishing your foes and seizing victory. Engage in a captivating single-player odyssey or clash with fellow players in weekly card-based warfare showdowns.

Embraced by a global player base of millions

Embark on a journey into an extraordinary amalgamation of turn-based mechanics, deck-building dynamics, card-based battles, RPG elements, and roguelike experiences, all adorned with retro-style pixel graphics.

Venture through distinct realms, each harboring unique adversaries and perils. Overcome all the bosses to ascend as a champion and establish supremacy within the game. Amass a myriad of remarkable cards and formidable skills to forge your magnificent card deck. Unlock fresh classes to experiment with diverse strategies and revel in boundless amusement. Unearth and traverse dungeons as well as exotic worlds in this fantasy-infused strategic card game.

Carve your own path, confront monsters, elites, and bosses, encounter merchants, enhance your skills, and devise the ultimate card deck building and CCG strategy. And then, initiate the cycle anew!

Take your pick from an array of 12 distinctive character classes: warrior, assassin, paladin, wizard, necromancer, shaman, ranger, druid, engineer, barbarian, pirate, or runemaster. Choose among three different modes: Classic, Hell, and Void.


  • Completely FREE, no paywalls
  • Dynamic combat that is quick to grasp and can be enjoyed at any time
  • One of the premier RPG card combat games
  • Engage in card-based duels during weekly tournaments
  • A plethora of cards to orchestrate incredible combinations and fashion your own distinct card deck
  • A plethora of skills to fashion your card game strategy and shape a flawless deck
  • Each class boasts its own exclusive abilities and starting cards!
  • Roam across perilous worlds, each rife with its own distinctive trials. Face off against HUNDREDS of bosses
  • The finest amalgamation of deck-building, roguelike, adventure RPG, and CCG within one of the most unparalleled RPG card games.

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Download Rogue Adventure now. Become part of the millions who have embraced the paramount adventure RPG card game accessible on Android.

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Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod

A New Realm of Adventure and Strategy

In the vast landscape of mobile gaming, Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod emerges as a beacon of innovation and excitement. This game presents a fusion of elements that redefine the RPG and card game genres. With its distinctive blend of roguelike mechanics and traditional RPG elements, players are drawn into an immersive experience that’s both challenging and immensely enjoyable.

Unleash the Power of Cards and Strategy

At the core of Rogue Adventure lies a card-based combat system that stands as a testament to the game’s strategic depth. Players wield a customizable deck of powerful cards, each representing various abilities and attacks. The strategic aspect comes into play as you strategically combine cards to form devastating combos, adapting to different enemies and situations.

Embark on a Perilous Journey

Diving into the adventure, players traverse unique worlds, each brimming with distinct challenges and adversaries. Conquering these worlds requires not only a formidable deck but also wit and cunning. The presence of bosses adds an extra layer of challenge and satisfaction, as you strategize to overcome their unique abilities and unleash your own.

A Class for Every Playstyle

Rogue Adventure boasts an impressive array of 12 character classes, ensuring that players find a playstyle that resonates with them. Whether you prefer the brute force of a warrior, the stealthy maneuvers of an assassin, or the mystical arts of a wizard, there’s a class to suit every preference. Additionally, the game’s different modes, Classic, Hell, and Void, offer varying degrees of challenge to keep the experience fresh and engaging.

Continuous Evolution and Replayability

What sets Rogue Adventure apart is its commitment to continuous evolution and replayability. With regular updates, the game introduces new cards, skills, classes, and challenges, ensuring that players always have something new to explore. The roguelike nature of the game, coupled with the allure of creating the perfect deck, guarantees that no two playthroughs are the same.

Join the Community

The Rogue Adventure community stands as a testament to the game’s popularity and impact. By joining the Discord community (, players can share strategies, discuss updates, and engage in friendly competition. This collaborative spirit adds another layer of enjoyment to the overall experience.

Download and Conquer

In the realm of mobile gaming, Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod shines as a gem of ingenuity. With its captivating blend of card-based combat, roguelike exploration, and RPG depth, it offers an adventure unlike any other. So, take up arms, assemble your deck, and embark on a journey that promises excitement, strategy, and endless possibilities. Download Rogue Adventure today and become a part of the ever-growing community that revels in this one-of-a-kind RPG card game.

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Experience the Essence of Roguelike RPG

Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod encapsulates the very essence of what makes roguelike RPGs so enthralling. The blend of chance and strategy, the thrill of exploration, and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges are all present in this meticulously crafted game. With each step, you embrace the uncertainty of what lies ahead, making every victory all the more rewarding.

An Ever-Expanding Arsenal of Cards

Central to the heart of the game is its vast array of cards, each brimming with its own unique ability or attack. The constant expansion of this card arsenal ensures that players are always discovering new ways to customize their decks and refine their strategies. Whether you’re a fan of offensive tactics, defensive maneuvers, or tactical manipulation, there’s a card waiting to align with your playstyle.

Unravel the Mystery of Worlds

The allure of exploration is undeniable, and Rogue Adventure thrives on it. As you venture through distinct worlds, you’ll encounter not only adversaries but also enigmatic lore waiting to be uncovered. The game’s retro-style pixel graphics add a nostalgic touch while enhancing the sense of wonder as you traverse diverse landscapes and uncover the secrets they hold.

Your Quest for Mastery

In Rogue Adventure, mastery is a journey, not a destination. With three modes to choose from—Classic, Hell, and Void—you can calibrate your experience to match your skill level and appetite for challenge. Each mode introduces unique obstacles, forcing you to adapt your strategy and approach. This quest for mastery keeps the gameplay fresh and ensures that boredom is never a concern.

For Android APK & iPhone iOS

The accessibility of Rogue Adventure extends to both Android and iPhone users. With versions tailored for these platforms, players can experience the game’s magic regardless of their device preference. Whether you’re on the go, relaxing at home, or seeking a brief escape during your day, Rogue Adventure is your portal to a world of strategy, adventure, and excitement.

The Future of RPG Card Gaming

As the gaming landscape evolves, Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod remains a shining example of innovation and dedication to player satisfaction. Its seamless integration of roguelike and RPG elements has set a new standard for the genre, garnering praise from both players and critics alike. With each update, the game continues to redefine itself, ensuring that its place at the forefront of RPG card gaming is secure.

Conclusion: Embrace the Adventure

In a realm where innovation and creativity reign, Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Mod stands tall as a testament to the possibilities of mobile gaming. Its captivating blend of card-based strategy, roguelike exploration, and RPG depth offers an experience that resonates with both veterans and newcomers. So, don your armor, gather your cards, and step into a world where adventure knows no bounds. Download Rogue Adventure today for Android APK and iPhone iOS, and become part of a journey that promises excitement, strategy, and endless adventure.

Free download Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG [HACK/MOD] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Engage in legendary clashes and embark on daring dungeon escapades within the realm of this fantasy card game driven by deck-building mechanics!. Developed by SharkLab Mobile. Operating system requirements 4.4. Everyone 10+.

Game Hack Features Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG MOD

  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlock Paid
  • - Unlocked Paid
  • - Speed

Game Version Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG Paid MOD

  • - Free of charge
  • - Download Free Phone
  • - Free Unlock
  • - Acceleration
  • - No Ads

Correction of glitches and issues.

New comment

  1. Felipe Augusto: it was workin great but after 8 days, the game stopped working and my phone started restarting like crazy, i had to go into safe mode and uninstall it.
  2. Austin Griner: By far the best deck building dungeon crawler in the play store. Plenty of content, lots of progression, endless options..
  3. 2 midgets in an overcoat: Incredible good game.
  4. Will McEachern: An actual good mobile game. Been a while since I've seen one.
  5. rich eleazar: It's really fun and challenging it really is but when you unlock the last class (heck even a little bit before that) the starts to feel lacking in content and repetitive so i guess it just needs more of cards, classes, enemies, worlds, all that jazz and unlocking the extra character skills by finishing the inferno levels doesn't really do that much but i can't say i didn't have fun trying to unlock them and using them though..
  6. Quinn Einspanjer: penguin sword my beloved.
  7. Camilo Fontecilla: Good game, but needs a better way to target enemies with one hand. Move from bottom to top of the screen is not easy to do with one hand.
  8. Connie Jones: Mechanics are varied and fun.
  9. Jimmy Borin: Good card battler with entertaining mechanics. A bit hampered by not playing nicely with resolution settings on the Samsun S5e tablet, causing bad text wrapping and cutoffs..
  10. The_ Rowlet: Wasn't expecting a game simply titled "Rogue Adventure" to be this good, all the different classes and their abilities really makes this different from other card games. My one issue is the gem mine, it is stupid hard for when it's available, with all 3 guards doing double damage almost every turn. Amazing game otherwise!!.
  11. Rick Doute: Fun to play, instructions could be clearer..
  12. J Rob: I don't rate games often, but this game is awesome on the game pass. Just enough thought required!.
  13. Luthfi Farhan: Pretty good card crawler in general. While the UI is not the best looking thing, the game is pretty damn good to offer extensive deckbuild when you know what to do. There are card and item progressions beside heroes unlock, but again there is no UI that really tell you what changes per level. So you kinda need to dig up what's new once you leveled up in the catalogue. But, yeah I thoroughly enjoyed this and you should try it if you love card crawler ala Slay the Spire etc..
  14. Oded Nachshon: Great, fun game. The only reason this is not a 5 star is because of the somewhat clunky UI. Any other aspects of the game are awesome..
  15. Eduardo Juarez: It's 5/5 sucks you in. Very in depth and fun tons of cards and a bunch of classes. Infinite replayability.
  16. Steven Brown: Love this game.
  17. Ahmed Owen: Super amazing Roguelike Deck builder for mobile.
  18. Cooper Staples: This game is VERY challenging, and I like that..
  19. Fikkaf: The game is fun but I bought the remove ads from the store during Aug 2021. I came back to play the game again but it shows that I have to buy the remove ads again even after syncing my data..
  20. Joa Rakotoarison: i give 9/10.
  21. Anh Nguyễn Quốc: When there's an event pops up mid run, please make it so there's a confirmation button asking if player really want to go to the event or skip it. This is the main problem. I sometimes have to tap at twice on an icon in the map to get it to work, and sometimes once. And the event always pops up immediately after it works, meaning that if I got unlucky due to momentarily forgetting this stupid function, I will automatically click on the cancel button of the event, even tho I want to enter it..
  22. Deenia4: This is how a mobile app should be made ! I've put countless hours into the game, managed to unlock every thing and I'm still having fun ! I would like to see some buff to a few of the augments some of the classes recieve, and maybe a DLC but over 10/10 if you want a diverse card game you won't regret this. I would argue this is on the same level of slay the spire, if not better in its own simplistic way.
  23. Thomas Guenther: Awesome!! I love stratey card games and this checks all the boxes: -retro feel with sound and graphics to match. -Tons of combo and build options. -Enough of a challenge that makes you want to keep playing but no need to endlessly grind just to level up enough to proceed through the game. Great game! Can't wait to 100% it!.
  24. Andrew Tinkler: Great fun and not as easy as you think.
  25. Inna Kier: Nice card game with many different classes..
  26. Eugene Atwood: I thought at first it was just a Slay the Spire reskin,, but it is unique in its own way and so far really enjoyable.
  27. Aiden Ross: 💀.
  28. Kashif Ali Akram: It's good!.
  29. Fluffly Monster: Love the game. Great game play simple yet challenging at times. Only thing I wish is an endless mode with enemies that have increasing health and attack. Other then that would highly recommend.
  30. IronRam: Fun game.
  31. Lee Maiden: Fun game, enough options to keep it getting repetitive anytime soon so great replayability The f2p option has adds behind the rewards but they don't intrude on the game itself (it's less than a £5er to get adds free as a one time payment if u like it enough) Worth playing for free to try for sure.
  32. Bobby Reichold: I love this game. It's simple and easy. Best part is it auto saves your progress..
  33. Lee: Outstanding game! If you like deckbuilders or strategy games in general, I'd give it a shot. Tons of replayability and dept. Also, other developers could learn a few things from the ad model that this game uses. Totally optional ads but a decent reward for watching 30 sec ad. To everyone working on this game, keep up the great work!.
  34. Ethan Hobbs: Really good rogue like card crawler.
  35. Mike Harbron: Screw this game. It honestly plays well, but to have a 2 hour playthrough ruined by completely random RNG. How am I supposed to combat an enemy hitting me for 50 damage every turn? Waste of time. Don't bother..
  36. Ian Coburn: This is really fun.
  37. c d: AWESOME.
  38. Matthew W Price: Fantastic rogue like card game. Super fun once you get the hang of it..
  39. Seraph Grim: A fun and varied ldeck builder in a similar vein to Slay the Spire, though it does its own thing and does it very well. Nice that I don't have to complete a run in a single sitting too..
  40. Joshua Neal: One of the best highly recommend if you like card rpgs.
  41. Prince Denzel D. Ayyang: Nice one lods..
  42. Clarissa Cardoso: Very good game, with a lot different strategies to choose from. The only problem I have is that sometimes the game doesn't give the free item in the beginning of the path..
  43. M. Leenetta: Im not usually into card games but I've been playing this one for the past 4 hours since downloading so it's probably pretty good by those standards ... no annoying ads is a plus.
  44. Damion Galbraith: Very diverse game makes you think.
  45. Justin Rhea: It's easily one of my favorite games now. Easy to pick up, lots of variety, but not too much to make this an overly complicated game. If I could give this 6 stars, I would. The biggest downside is that some skills etc aren't always explained, like knowledge and courage. I think I saw in Discord that more content is coming, and even though after a few days play, I've barely scratched the surface, I'm still looking forward to it.
  46. Rea Julien-Black: I love this, can't get enough.
  47. Brandon_yeah: I thought andor's trail and rogue adv are the same company coz the skill of rogue adv and the andors trail passive items or skill are the same.
  48. Marc Brown: Amazing, been playing for years. I purchased it like last year and now it's making me watch ads again randomly today, so im kinda upset about that. Still 5/5.
  49. Tacody J: I wish it was more to the game I don't know I just wish they would Update the game I love the game though sometimes I spend too much time on it.
  50. Luqe Prisecaru: CRAAAAZY replayability, so many combos to build up to, some cards are unfortunately useless later on, discover by playing.
  51. jacco De Vos: Amazing game, hoping for more classes in the future and maybe some new maps.
  52. Ildar Nasyrov: One word – Imbalance The game is fun and addictive but imbalance of characters ruins all good mood about this game Edit: change rating from 3 to 2 Change my mind.
  53. Mitchell Lefort: i love this game i play it all the time but i would like to add a fetuer where you can chooses a free play mode where you can choses the cards you start with.
  54. Swerving Lemon: MTG meets Spelunky - sort of? The game is reminiscent of so many things, but blended in a way that I really appreciate. The levelling system is pointless, however. Permanent buffs are earned only through grueling challenges and your "level" makes no difference. Gaining a level grants you only a temporary perk for the next run-through and has no permanent effect. Sharklabs has made some bizarre time-waster idle click games as well but this game stands out as a good idea with fair execution..
  55. Salvatore Cuomo: Great game! Great replayability.
  56. Blooper Hero: Pretty much everything this game does, Card Guardians does better. The ye olde 90's graphics are cool, but there's little to admite in comparison to Card Guardians..
  57. Tim Van Waes: This game has been on my phone the longest and is still a great game.
  58. eric lucas: Sexual.
  59. Aaron Ericsson: So close to slay the spire, great variety of cards.
  60. Bailey Wisenbubbs: It makes you think, really to make the best combos possible. The ads aren't a big hindrance..
  61. Mark Skipper: Awesome game I love it.
  62. Garrett De Los Santos: Great game that can be continued at any time!.
  63. Lashly Games: Is a fun little game.
  64. Wendall Winn: Awesome game.
  65. Elly Johannsen: A few times. Usually it's fine, but sometimes it happens. It happened again yesterday. There is no problem with my internet connection though. I tried playing it again just now. Seems like it has been fixed..
  66. Ezequiel Valenzuela: Great experience.
  67. Jonah Romero: Pretty fun! A lot of playtime to be had, and the rogue-like design is well thought out!.
  68. Jade Symmonds: Genuinely a great game, very clearly inspired by slay the spire, but different enough to stand on its own. Ads were annoying but not intrusive, and the gameplay is solid enough that paying to go ad-free was more than worth it. I've played for a good 10 hours and have yet to encounter any bugs, it's a very good, well polished game. Looking forward to what the developers make next!.
  69. lord cloud: I love this game and want to give it five stars but I think I found a bug with the scorpion claw skill, even though it says "when you block an enemy attack deal that much damage to it" the skill seems to be dealing the damage to me instead. Ruined a very promising run for me *Edit, the bug was fixed very soon after and the skill now works properly.
  70. Addison Litton: Great game. Way better then a lot of the main stream stuff. You can buy an ad block but the only ads I have had where self chosen. Not a single forced add. Great game. Well made. Very happy..
  71. Joe (Jobim): An actual solid deck builder with minimal ads. Very fun for a mobile game..
  72. Will Kessler: Novel and fun game play. I really like that you can unlock all classes by just playing!.
  73. Liam Blignaut: Would be cool if the tournament mode was fleshed out a bit. Why doesn't it give XP or any rewards? There's no incentive to play it at all....
  74. Joshua Sumperl: This is a pretty fun game came back to it after a whe you can defiantly make some cool deck build. Like I just managed a 1200 damage hit from playing a defense deck. I would highly recommend.
  75. Brent: Rad!.
  76. Wayne Babin: Great experience. Awesome mechanics!.
  77. Theresa G: Hi. I like this game ok. But I paid once and not very long ago, to unlock all and somehow my game was lost. Contacted, received an answer, gave gamer I.D. etc. Not going thru that again no matter your reply. No offense! Anyway, I had to start over and wasn't all that happy about it 🤷‍♀️ Game saved to lvl 7 in the cloud but nothing saved my purchase. Otherwise your game is cool.😎.
  78. Ian Vassilaros: There is a level up mechanic after you finish a run, but there is no clear indication as to what leveling up actually does. It's hard to tell if new cards or skills are being unlocked, or if the new ones I'm seeing are just ones that didn't show up in the RNG before. Why get double XP at the end if leveling up doesn't actually do anything? Fun game, but there are a few items like that that are puzzling..
  79. Carlos Alemán: Love it.
  80. Hunter H: This game is super fun, a lot of replay value with different cards and classes. I highly recommend it..
  81. Richard King: One of the best mobile games I played. Ads are not invasive and completely optional. Rewards for watching are great, since high tier chests are rare enough to justify it. Tough to start at first but it gets better as you level up. Excellent variety of play styles and customizability. Highly recommend..
  82. Zurikan Playz: Amazing art and gameplay. Hope to see more!.
  83. Ilija Cvorovic: One of the best offline CCGs with great replayability..
  84. Mad Banana Forever: The best.
  85. Timothy Herrick: Great Game! No pay to win. I did end up paying for the ad free version after several years of playing, but only because I wanted to support the developers of such a great game. I stand by my previous 5 star review above, but have dropped a star because I've earned level up rewards but have not been awarded them. The level up rewards are the only things that make higher difficulty levels possible so not getting them when earned is a huge problem, but I've gotten to difficulty level 25. So fun.
  86. Alireza Gohari: Very nice.
  87. Jeffery Ralston: Wow, lots of fun, simple graphics, but the games is solid..
  88. Toxic Gamer: Very fun and addicting sat and played ir for hours.
  89. Martin Kess: Great and fun game. Fairly priced and with a whole bunch of classes and modes, there is a ton of variety..
  90. James Clendenin: Fun game.
  91. David Bass: I really loved the deck building exoskeleton in this game. I would highly recommend it to people looking for some deck building or strategic game play..
  92. human chacha: This is a free to play game that has great replay and rewards you for actually playing as opposed to spending money. No pay wall. There are some ads for extra gold and chests but the devs have to make money somehow! The lack of forced ads is exceptionally appreciated (one after you finish a boss). {update} 2023 - the game is great still but I don't think it's updated anymore. It's a shame because with some new cards and classes this would continue to be the best free to play game I've played..
  93. Huy “JollySage18” Nguyen: Good.
  94. nathan higgs: Great game, enjoying it. Would love a vs mode where you take out ur opponent but still brill.
  95. Phantom Blue: poison+beastman build is nasty but it should have a system that it upgrade the card when level up so the game will not be too hard.
  96. javiermax jayflo: Please added more new content to this game :) also make a upgrade for the old card.
  97. Tommy Colin: I have had a lot of fun building a deck over the course of a game. And unlocking new cards is very fun. The reason I'm giving two stars is how unfair the game feels sometimes. In the very first world, some minibosses can hit you for up to 30 damage or more. With a basic deck, there is no class that can block that much. It is literally impossible. So now I'm down to around half health at the end of the fight, and worse off for the next fight..
  98. Austin Bailey: Simply addictive..
  99. hubert siedlecki: This game is simply great , the only issue I can find is that some starts are simply better than others , sometimes making experimenting just not worth it , as sticking to "beast man only" and "fairy only" is more viable But even with this , this game is extremely good.
  100. Burtton Guster: Great Card Game!.
  101. Dorien: Best game card game ever..
  102. Kaden Sandrock: Love this game.
  103. Reuben Smith: Very challenging and good strategy.
  104. G G: Pretty decent and challenging, never know when RNG is going to trip up your victory streak. Only gripe I have is that in later inferno challenges it feels almost impossible to progress because your starting deck is so weak and most of the cards offered to you never mesh so you end up with a deck that can barely function..
  105. Dudel Rok: Cool rouglike card battler! Neat little mechanics that build on each other well, like creature types/tribes and your "party.".
  106. Loren Gaffney: The monsters need to be nerfed some.
  107. Nathan De borja: To make it simple it's entertaining and creative at the same time....
  108. devan mccarthy: I can play slay the spire on my phone for free. Super fun.
  109. Adam Padgett: Could be better with fewer ads. Much better after the first few completions..
  110. Vitor Gabriel Conte: Its a really nice card game with strategy elements mixed together to make a fun game that doesn't waste your battery as much as other games. Amazing work, devs! 👍👏👏 However, there is a problem. Sometimes, the game will randomly crash, out of nowhere, and it resets fights, making it hard to progress. Also, it would be really neat if when you chose to skip a card after boss fights, the gem reward was higher..
  111. Tubagus Luthfi F.: Boring.
  112. Rocky Salvatore: 5 sec ads don't work so you can't get rewards. Fix it immediately and some ads are too long. Make it 15 sec max..
  113. Robert Fuller: Fabulous game. I hate ads as always, lol.
  114. Jimmy Woodard: Very enjoyable deck builder. Rewards different strategy. Not huge on micro transactions. Great job!.
  115. Phoenix Song: Definitely a fun game, the worst ADs player I've ever seen 😂. Please fix the ADs so they could be played smoothly without a lag..
  116. James Juan: Slay the spire clone not bad at all.
  117. Darkninja3817: Best free rouge like I have played.
  118. Spoon: Been obsessed for probably nearly a year. Love love love Rouge Adventure..
  119. Curtis R: Great deck builder game..
  120. Erik N: Feeds my addiction to make combos. Party attention to your cards and don't just take everything!.
  121. Braden Proulx: If you like deck building games but are looking for something more casual you should check this game out..
  122. Jay Hag: Keeps crashing my phone and flashing the screen only in this app..
  123. Robert Seitz: This is hands down the best Rogue Like singleplayer card game available on android.
  124. Mark French: Great fun, not P2W.
  125. CB: This game is great. The perfect amount of challenging, without being too difficult..
  126. Yazan Khalil: Very great game of strategy and tactics. Thanks!.
  127. zaien abraham: It's very addictive and a lot simpler than other games in the genre but the visuals and sound design isn't good. While i do think the game needs a better balancing system cause there's some broken op cards at no point did i feel like i was too OP. So overall it's fun just lacks presentation..
  128. karnage chaos: It's fun.
  129. Isaac: Really fun rogue like deck builder game! Seems inspired by slay the spire but definitely manages to stay unique in many ways. Cute art style too!.
  130. Matthew Revell: Increadibly addicting, simple yet complicated, roungelike card game. i can't stop playing this game on the bus, with its many different classes to unlock changing how you view a battle and hundreds of cards to make many different powerful decks full of interesting, unique cards this game seems to be brimming with possibilities for super op card combos.
  131. JPaul Coleman: Lots of playability! Requires strategy thinking. One ad about every 30 min for Big bonus. This really is a great fun game. Resource light and small size, easy to swap devices. 5 stars!.
  132. Ben Learmont: Best card game I've played yet, keep up the good work. Have had to reload a few times and could no get my progress back.
  133. JSinned: I'm having a great time playing this game..
  134. Mustafa Ali: First run is fun then it gets repeatative....
  135. Prixius Necrolance: Great game! If you like deck builders, highly recommend this one..
  136. Charles Genereux: Love it!.
  137. David Smith: Still good but adds with in adds no also adds stop half way through some times.
  138. Pepper Wolf: very enjoyable.
  139. Tammy Finwall: Amazing free to play game. Great rewards. Easy to read and play..
  140. Jonathan Rauscher: Slay the spire reincarnate..
  141. José Anderson: Imagine slay the spire but with more classes better difficulty and more diversity in builds. It's minimalist which makes people like me to look away, but after a few runs you get to fall in love. 10/10..
  142. A Google user: Really good card game. Please keep creating more classes..
  143. A: fun, similar to slay the spire but much easier to begin. all content is available to free players; ads and paid options are not obtrusive. lots of classes and build variety, although TONS of bad cards as well. difficulty balance seems a bit off - runs tend to feel hardest at the start, and drag on near the end. default xp gain feels a bit slow. does not cloud save automatically..
  144. Spacebug: Nice variety of classes, cards, and skills.
  145. XD fAntAsy: I purchased the ad-free service for your game on my old device but i am unable to access it on my new device. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? Thank you for your time and help..
  146. Bhishan Shrestha: Great game concept, different playthrough everytime..
  147. Warpedburn13: Didnt know what to expect but i do really like this game, multiple differt characters to unlock, hella lot of cards. Fun battles and lots of different combos. All in all try it out..
  148. TJ V: It's not too bad. Hit or miss but not too bad..
  149. nafis sefat: Good.
  150. Derek Fisher: Love it.

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