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Seven Knights 2 Grand Launch!. Seven Knights 2 Mod v1.28.08

Update: 19/05/2022
Original price $: FREE
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Download Seven Knights 2 Mod 1.28.08 for android apk & iphone ios 7.0 and up

◈Game introduction◈
▶The official sequel to the game Seven Knights played by 60 million players worldwide
The last of the Seven Knights, Rudy’s story continues here!

▶Recruit your favorite hero
The classic heroes in the original work are all present,
And the new hero who first appeared in Seven Knights 2!
Collect them all and build your own unique team!

▶Enjoy the fun of collecting, strengthening and fighting with your hero
Collect various heroes with different characteristics and control up to eight heroes at the same time!
The two genres merge together to bring double the fun!

▶ Fight with esoteric strategies and stunning skill animations
The original seven knights’ gorgeous skills and special effects are newly rotated!
Defeat the boss with powerful ultimate skills and suppression skills!
Experience the completely reworked combat system!

▶Go back to the world of the Seven Knights and continue its story
Enjoy stunning movie cutscenes and explore the limits of mobile games!

-Minimum requirements: AOS 7 or higher, 3GB RAM
-Recommended requirements: AOS 8 or higher, 4GB RAM


*This application provides in-app purchases.
*By downloading this game, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.
-Terms of use:
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Free download Seven Knights 2 (Hack – Mod) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: Varies with device) - Version 1.28.08. Released on November 9, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Seven Knights 2 Grand Launch!. Developed by Netmarble. Operating system requirements 7.0 and up. Teen.

Feature Hack Game Seven Knights 2 MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - No All ADS
  • - Boosters
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlocked Paid

Version Game Seven Knights 2 Pay Fees MOD

  • - Down Free
  • - Unlocked Free
  • - No Charge
  • - No ADS
  • - Speed

November 10, Seven Knights 2 Global Launch.

New comment

  1. Vugtis NUbiMe: 3* for extremely sick gacha rate.. i dunno why u give ultra max extreme superior crazy extra LOW rate gacha for a game that newly open? Even for rate up banner, its extremely sick!? Im not suprise that SK2 has under 4* in PS I strongely recomend for everyone that want to play this game and u dont have money to spend, just SKIP it.. its waste ur time and ur phone storage !! Ps: I always amaze how NM ripoff player wallet.. Bravo NM.
  2. Ice 2496: Honestly, having this game as the sequel to the original is just disappointing. The original look and design of your typical 2d kinda rpg rng game was amazing. Trying to be like the newer games and work in a continuation of the original story just ruins it. I'd prefer the expansion of the original Seven Knights game to have the story finished there and actually have an ending vs leaving it on a cliffhanger and then get this...whatever this the continuation..
  3. COYCOY P: best.
  4. Kyociku Gaming: Best gacha game everrr , well you can farm ruby too and the story is a 5 star from me.
  5. isal.: The gacha so worthless :(.
  6. coco nuts: pay to win as hell, boring af, uninstalled.
  7. Teddy Aprianto: DONT BOTHER PLAYING THIS HEAVILY PAY TO WIN GAME! Gacha rate is extremely bad, full auto gameplay, no dodge button, characters movements is very clunky, unrewarding rewards. DONT PLAY THIS GAME AT ANY COST!!!! AVOID!!!.
  8. Johan Surya: Gameplay is good, story is good, but cannot expect to use legendary heroes in long term ( even in story mode ) due to lack of soulstone which is pay to win ( gacha and low rate of course )..
  9. Drix Online: Loading screen is too much, impossible legendary hero & weapons drop rate, heavy pay to win, daily quest is too wasting time. Was playing for week and still hard to enjoy..
  10. Trev Dew: Basic p2w game. After hitting the 'f2p' wall, you will spend a little on this.. and on that, then to beat the next wLl you will need to spend a bit more over here then a little back over there. When you've finally obtained a slightly upgraded team, you attempt again. 3 tries and you win; yay, then BAM you walk face first I to another wall. This time you will need a hefty package just for meager upgrades all while daily stuff gives zip. Gacha rates are so bad, I can't complain enough. -☆☆☆.
  11. Styx the Gallant: Waste of time 😂.
  12. Champ GoodENU: ่น่น.
  13. Kiara Antonio: Worst gacha games out there coming from a greedy company that keeps deleting my reviews 😒.
  14. Omega LuL: Boring.
  15. Efendi: The story is good, graphic is awesome but gacha rate is trash . Uninstall.
  16. Donald Shartzer: Great graphics and decent enough story. Worthy time killer..
  17. Prestige Power Washing: Gatcha meets Dragon Age.
  18. Maggy Moon: Greedy and predatory.
  19. Kevin Randall: The game is not worth downloading. Majority of the time it wont load up, when it does finally login it kicks you straight back out consistently. Gameplay is not fluent and you get kicked out more than you actually play the game. Netmarble if you're gonna launch a game at least make it at least 40% playable so you can get some game time in on it. Gonna give it a few more days then uninstall and tell anyone who asks me about 7 knight's2 not to bother to download as they won't get to play it.
  20. yiear 22: you do have a great graphic than seven knight I, but not with the chance to make a great team. gacha system here is the worst. we dont recommend it for f2p player.
  21. Abang Sky: Best mobile game ever.
  22. Xiangling: Giving 1 because you always s deleted my review... I have the prof lol.
  23. Darwin Evangelista: i have been waiting for this game for so long.. so excited to play this game...
  24. Rocky T: Netmarble, be nice please, give me Legend Hero hahaha. Thanks..
  25. eris tianto: Keep deleting my review.
  26. Johnny Rodriguez: Entering.
  27. Akbar Adhi: nice game, when i need legendary character.
  28. Timothy Smith: Once I start click to start the game it loads up then closes the app everytime can't play the game at all.
  29. Evan Harold Antonio: stupid rate up from reroll.
  30. Eternal Blue: Its a semi mmorpg with autoplay mechanics. Visually stunning but bad gacha drop rate..
  31. Greg Barnes: SO So gameplay. The game is heavily geared toward pay to win and over priced on top of that. Drop rates are absolute trash on gear, pets, and equipment. You can probably plan on summoning until you get to the point you get a guaranteed legendary hero before you see one. If you plan on playing F2P or only spending a little you will reach a point where you can't go any farther without spending. Netmarbles letting that marvel franchise money make them greedy..
  32. Raden Wirahadian: Worst p2p.
  33. Jason Cenon: Mechanics of the game is very new to me and I like the story, I don't have much legendary just Yeonhee from pity pull but for me having her combining with windigo and two support can wipe a group of enemies in a secs. Hoping to find more stories after Lissadria..
  34. Ray Robinson: I pulled for a featured character in a rate-up banner. After 100 pulls (120 is pity) I pulled a legendary character (a dupe) not featured but my pity still reset back to 1. Now I have to grind out 11k more gems or I have to pay for them if I want any chance of getting the featured character before the banner ends. This is incredibly disheartening and almost makes me want to stop playing entirely since it makes me feel like my efforts for those 100 pulls were all for nothing..
  35. V-45 S-17: Censored.
  36. Ian Xavier: FK YOUR RNG SUMMON RATES!.
  37. Fadel Zaen: Tbh, i've been lucky with the gacha in this game. I've got one legendary+ and 5 legendary. But, i have to be objective, this game is so much p2w it reminds me of Marvel Future Fight in 2020. Good graphics though 👍🏻.
  38. Rh M: Good for this genre.
  39. Grashito Putra: Very very pay to win game 👎.
  40. michael drew: Simply amazing! I enjoy all 7 knights games. This one is the best so far. Keep the content coming please and thank you!.
  41. Summoners Pro42: Rate is scam, but a gameplay pretty 👍.
  42. Eduardo FA: I can't pass from the guardian spirit way too powerful and cant even level up the char.
  43. bryan: This game can cure Insomnia.
  44. Xxx Hotdog: Boring.
  45. Rino Nur Wahanda: Game burik.
  46. Bayu P. Wiyoga: lol this game, the guarantee legendary hero just reset to zero after collect 120, uninstall.
  47. God Emperor: Bad i lost high level account for no reason comming from the game when i try to login i get a lowlevel account with different set of heroes i lost my lvl 29 rudy and level 26 dellons and whats worst non of the support is able to help my concern.
  48. Ethan Cheng: Great gaming experience..
  50. Oseans Aditya WisnuWardana: Is this game open world? Or just monotone stories which is so boring! I suggest you do pulled out this game. Super annoying concept!.
  51. Mido Romance: Amazing story with good graphics and many heros ... It absorbs time quickly.
  52. Nirina djukic: Love the game for now ^^ will see how long it lasts.
  53. Billy Wijaya: The graphic is great, but the gameplay is far different from the 1st Seven Knight that i enjoy..
  54. Sybsidian TSL: Why do my reviews keep getting deleted? Who knows... All I know of that drop rates in this game are trash, it's very aggressive pay to win with light story. The last game was better in so many ways, but this just drops the ball on all of them. STAY AWAY! BAD COMPANY, BAD GAME..
  55. Eil Raunay: Great graphic, poor monetization though..
  56. Mike Oyler: Smokin Sick Style I love this game was a fan of the first Seven Knights game and this one takes it to a whole new level can't wait to see the characters you add to this game keep up the good work.
  57. Blaine Gradwell: 6 gig download , why the hell are your games so big??? 1*.
  58. Naing Min Thant: This is game or movie? i just watching their fight. graphic is good but game play is boring.
  59. ruchipas kovadisai: gacha rate very bad for Whoever is lucky will come out a lot.Whoever is unlucky is guaranteed every round..
  60. Hendrico Sanjaya Nasution: nice game.. but pls hard for gacha.
  61. Thistle S32LeGeNdS: Very interesting and intrigue story line, smooth play , no pay to win game 💪💪👍 top 3 in my storage 🥳🥳🥳.
  62. Mack Bean: Not Bad not Good....
  63. Emon GH: Biggest scam gacha ever in game..28*10 pull in legendary+ (Shane banner) and didn't get her..2 legendary only...never again wasting my Money here..
  64. Yoh DNM ID4: The rate to get char rate up and pet are too low.. its almost imposible to get the pet.
  65. Ahmad Fikri Marzuki: Best game easy for f2p nice story.
  66. Xaybandith Yoursaycome: ພາບໂຄດງາມຂອງເຄົາດີຈິງໆ.
  67. Luis Callanta: I love the story and the animation the grachics are awesome but the main problem is the xp. to lvl up to low rate even easy level its hard to gain power i have been playing like it in 3 days. make the enjoyable this game not being stressful to your player..
  69. Hilman Miracle: The graphic is stunning, the story is good, but sadly the gameplay isn't that good. I'd rather play the old seven knight.
  70. Vee Elementalist: I feel like playing lineage R and dissapointed. Game flow is really slow, hardly to develop a charactor and if you not get the red rank hardly to complete in arena. Or you need to pay lots of money and all package are not worthed, very expensive..
  71. Hook: Game terbaik. Sekarang kasih shane nya.
  72. scott fleming: Graphics and gameplay are pretty nice, you're able to complete most daily things fairly quickly. You don't have to spend hours just to get everything done for the day. However the gacha rates for the game is atrocious encouraging you to spend 120$ on their random legendary hero packs. The game is fine if you're planning on just doing pve content, but if you plan on pvp then be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars. You'll get destroyed by full legendary teams constantly. Pity banners are nice that they're implemented into the game but they do not carry over to the next banner which is why I rate this so low. If you plan on being f2p or even a budget player then summoning isn't as accessible. As you need 15,400 rubies (480$ if bought directly with a little bit left over) minus whatever tickets you have to reach the pity amount for 140 summons, you will hardly be doing much summoning. Summoning prior to reaching 15,400 rubies is a complete waste as once again, the gacha rates are terrible. (did 15x 10 pulls and have not received a single legendary outside of the guaranteed rate up). I may change my review at a later date as things may possibly change with events or improvements may happen. Update: The events being introduced into the game are decently generous enough to get started working on a team, within your first month playing assuming you don't get any duplicate legendaries. You should be able to get 4-5 legendaries with all the events and pushing content as much as you can before you hit your end of the month login reward bonus. Guild wars have been added which is now another source of rubies to get. As such I've updated from 2 to 3 stars. It still would be nice if the rate up banner carried pity amounts over..
  73. FB KrayZSin: 100 summon event is bs, no indication of where the summons come from or how to claim them..
  74. farandi angestu: there something wrong with the auto rematch on the arena fight... please fix its........
  75. Kok Soon Teo: Love Seven Knights 2 even seven knight 1 I also play.
  76. Reza Travilla: Grafik bagus. Story bagus. Cuma yg paling fatal, gatcha nya ampas. Kesal sudah kumpulkan diamond sampai 3300 dan kumpulkan 2 tiket 10x free gatcha hero masa ga dapet legendary. Di game seperti ini ga bs terlalu pelit..
  77. Our Story: Ga worthed gachanya parah.
  78. Gilliam Frost: Wall.
  79. Caeonic: Pay wall everywhere and even if you do intend to pay, they expect a ridiculous amount of investment before you can see any decent progress. Stay away from this greedy developer..
  80. Nicholes Lim: The rewards for playing seven knight 2 is as same as seven knight 1. Very Generous. But some of the packages is abit expensive or some packages r cheap, but the items given are not worth the purchase. Beautiful graphics, fast load times. and again...always have the best events. Best mobile game from netmarble sames goes to seven knights 1. :D.
  81. Andy Jonathan: This game more than PAY TO WIN...10XSUMMON GIVE LOW CLASS HERO..MOST GAME PAY TO WIN.
  82. Syarif Hidaya: There bug for close after update plz fix....,3star for bug.
  83. Ivan Arboiz: Can't wait on the global launch🔥❤️.
  84. Markus Indarto Adi Nugroho: I like it..
  85. raden hisbullah: Pay to win.. What wrong with this new seven night ? Really bad at gatchaa and story battle, very hard to get strong item, VERY HARD TO BECOME STRONG ! very very dissapointed.
  86. ardika trisniaputra: Haha you just delete my review right?.
  87. M P: The graphics are nice but there isn't much there in terms of gameplay. It's a auto hero collector where you slowly increase the power of your heroS through 10+ systems. It's fun at first then becomes a little repetitive after a while. It's mainly a pay2win game with "buy this pop ups" after you complete milestones. The game is just a cash grab so if that's something you enjoy go for it. End game is clearing the story on harder difficulty and pvp. Gacha is terrible rates..
  88. I.S Dzulfikar: Outrageous.
  89. Will xell: Bad drop rate hero.
  90. Jerry S: I spent 39k ruby summon not a single legendary pet. What a scam.
  91. Ade Pramedi: Best game. Love it. You must try !!!.
  92. Ilham Raihan Syawali: Day 1 Global server player here, haven't spent a cent, yet. The game is great, gameplay and graphics wise (currently playing on PC port); if you're into PvE, the game has it, with an incredible story, but for PvP? Sorry not sorry, this game is unforgiving. The summon rates, the AUTO A.I, and such so are giving advantages to those who pay (or effin spend hundreds of hours rerolling like a zombie) Advice here from me is that, don't spend money in this game if you only play for the PvE content..
  93. Cefri Lupianto: So many bugs, please fix it ASAP netmabok.
  94. Gustav Korompis: Well for this kind of game, gacha all that matters, but as usual, NETMARBLE are money sucking developer, gacha rate like 0,01% for legendary, i have 3 accounts, all of em gacha like 100x summon hero, equipment,pets, just get trash. Even tho you get legendary hero, u wouldn't be able to trancend em often. In arena, u will stuck at crystall rank for sure, you wouldn't be able get to reach higher. For all F2P, you can see your progress like around 1 year later.. NETMARBLE = Blacklist...
  95. benneth boukenda: game yang paling sampah yang pernah gue mainin.
  96. Abdul Rahim Abdul Razak: Already download but always force shut down after finish additional data. Please fix it.
  97. Adrian Lasmana: Clearly a rushed game. Too much bug even early access game is more ready than this. EDIT: arena auto rematch still broken even after update. The update just released new hero and very minor bug fix. Just your usual rushed games, what a surprise..
  98. Anbiya SR: Ffffuuucccc this rate is trash, must pay to win lol.
  99. Mitch Cloud: Good game.
  100. Adrian Cristopher Cardino: Story is good. There are a pretty decent amount of free heroes. However. Don't expect to do well with PvP if you are F2P. Just like many of games released already, this is a gacha game so unless you are shelling out real money, you will have a hard time increasing your rank..
  101. Shak Mostwanted: Good graphics, horrible Auto and manual controls. Boss battles on Auto is sure death. On manual, the controls are clunky and slow..
  102. Rose Mukka: Love this game absolutely worth the time awesome characters with a superb story line killer graphics easy to follow and not so much going on that it consumes you I'd recommend it to anyone.
  103. Ujo Bih: I heard that Rudy (my favorite character) will die at chapter 13 story, so I decided to quit this trash game..
  104. Emanuel Ramdani: Change to 3 stars. Everytime I tried to play, the game is forced closed..
  105. Rizky Fauzi: Really..? When I start always notification for update connection servers (20003)..
  106. Bunda Olla: PvP arena is horibel and the gacha sistem for legendary tras. rate up is tras.
  107. Kristovel Lim: sigh. kcw.
  108. Jimmy Purnama: boring game.
  109. FireDrake 89: I really like the game itself and the characters but the game will probably die soon because of lack of resources and ways to get them. 141 summons for 1 copy unless u get super lucky and trigger 1% but then you need like 10 copies + to max the characters lvl and skills out. Game gives u enough for about 2 legendary then its a dead stop crawl after a few days. Ill hope for the best but knowing netmarbles global teams trackrecord idk ive spent 100$ ive pulled 3 legendary heroes..
  110. M.A Maulana: please the pvp arena can be controlled by players, so that victory is not only hope....
  111. Siraphop Onnom: Amazing graphics in the game but the gacha rate is very bad..
  112. Tony Stark: I cant login, notice not enough storage space please reconect or restart. While my space already have about 5 gb.
  113. Christopher Galvin: Amazing story and graphics, Lots of content so we don't get bored easily, and many useful lower rarity heroes. In here there is a lot of complaints for SSR rates as well, pretty sure a selector would solve this complaints..
  114. doveAngelo Lacuesta: Deducting 1 star, hoping for more game play imprvmnt. >Pls balance d heroes, some legndry are so OP cmpared to others: -Karin's dmge skills(not AOE) and ult are useless in PVP even in PVE somtimes, SPIKE is so OP both PVP/PVE (CC+AOE+immortality)? >pls incrse loots for basic craft mats in quest and maps, so hard to get dis without even a main farmng system built in-game. Playrs are now get'n tutorial on how 2 farm from youtube using autoclickers but can u just normalize d farming system?TY:).
  115. Ashley D: It has I very long time trying to even start the game very long I keeled my phone at home and wants to get food came back after an hour and it was only on 42 porcent And this is a new phone..
  116. Brandy Guigar: Packs are too high in price for my wallet. But it's a good gaming experience so far.
  117. m zahid: Why everytime i open this app get notification required connection.
  118. Brian Tjia: Very slow progress.
  119. Katana Implement: i thought was good but aint..
  120. Heroic Expedition: Netmarble being as greedy as usual. A lot of packages available for purchase, can't even farm for 10x gacha after progress on story mode for 1hr. I also checked pet system, and my god it is broken af. A whale pet could just use 1 skill and it is much impactful than a 5 characters' skills. Definitely a big skip for gacha players, a low spender and f2p will not be able to compete with even at the feet level of a whale lmao..
  121. Bryan Burlison: 1 star didn't even get play. Keep losing connection downloading. My wifi rocks too. I even had war with it to reconnect at 100% but won't go. Even Un installed and tried still won't go. Other reviews on hear don't sound good eather. Others even have same problem as me..
  122. Aditiya Perkasa: grafik oke, gameplay serasa fresh dan beda dari SK1, tp untuk sistem gacha, mungkin semua ulasan yg beredar baik di grup facebook maupun playstore, sangatlah buruk. Rate hero legendary kecil banget, danuntuk hadiah pre regis pun, mengecewakan..
  123. Thomas lawless: Really wanted to play this game but it wouldn't load completely keeps saying network error couldn't connect to server and gives you two options reconnect or restart tell me you can fix this problem..
  124. Dildog Dilan: this game is awesome keep up the good work i love this game so much i played the first version👍👍👍💖.
  125. Mow Jows: Kept on disconnecting during Arena, you will just keep on losing your points. The gacha rates for legendary characters are absolute garbage. PS : devs kept on deleting reviews.
  126. Richy Vegas: After spending all day downloading your massive game the throwing error code after error code at I finally make it to the end and another error code causing it to restart all the patch files. I can't justify the amount of my data wasted & time.
  127. Jaeger T: An idle game that forces you to stay online. Mindless grindfeast. Great graphics though..
  128. jorge ovalles: Actually no bad.
  129. Zach Johnson: Tried to play the game, but after downloading all the data needed I'm stuck in an infinite loading loop, I've uninstalled, reinstalled, and even restarted my phone and nothing has worked. I'll try again at a later date in hopes that this bug gets fixed, and if it changes I'll change my review, but until then.
  130. DarkRiku9103: Abit boring at early game when clearing main quest but got quite alot of ruby from it.. only few days can get 4 red character without topup which is quite easy.. have some bug but this game is new so its normal...
  131. chris Stoughtenger: Fun game I enjoy playing it a lot.
  132. Rengoku Kyoujuro: 👌👍.
  133. Han Long: Summon a legendary heroes so hard, I wasted 12k ruby, suddenly Dev change heroes, all my effort are gone, I want a refund, this is outrage , robbing in daylight,.
  134. AMN AHS: Most game i played the monthly pack is only about $20. This game monthly pack is $89. Too expensive and the reward is not that great. Game and story is good but there is nothing much to do. Hopefully there will be more dungeon and battle in the future..
  135. Hermawan Udayana: True fans of seven knights here.. whatever people said bout this game.. don't even care.. for developer keep the good work and do many update for future...
  136. Aflaha Iskandar: nice design character.
  137. Dhekanegara: The graphic and storyline is amazing, but the gatcha is terrible. Just like Lineage 2 Revolution. In this game I created 2 account : 1 account free player and 1 account top up, guess what ? The free player account get 3 legendary heroes and legendary equipment but the top up account only get 1 legendary hero + only rare equipment. So I stop playing this game for good. Fix the RnG first or else this game will fail..
  138. Art JR: Just another free to play pay win game..
  139. Andre Kusuma: Boring, too repetitive. Art is good, story is good but game design is meh.
  140. David Crow: Normal with the horrendous gotcha rates I would rate 1 star but the game itself is actually really fun and meh characters can semi keep up. But prepared gotcha rates are so bad, spent about 70 and all the extra free gotchas which would be about 350 rolls and not one legendary hero..
  141. Fikri Arif: TRASH GACHA RATE!.
  142. Bayu Kristuaji: P2w much.
  143. Vin Neo: Google stop deleting valid reviews. What i said was : terrible whale bait..
  144. Jon Whayman: Loved it while i could play it but now it wont finish the patch update & comes up with error :(.
  145. Rizky Setiyadi: Thx to remove my 2 star rating, here's 1.
  146. Cinnamon Ayu: it tries so hard to be like genshin, but fails miserably. why? because seven knights didn't get rid of it's mmorpg elements, and the bettle with the enemies are stale and stiff, and lmao auto. If you are a fan of mmorpg go ahead, but if you are looking for a better mmorpg i suggest Black Desert or if you want a sandbox RPG play Genshin. Seven Knights 2 is only for the old Seven Knight fans that want "something new" and not meant for new players. Ah yes the animation is cringy too..
  147. Toolah: Poor gacha rate, need 140 pull to get 1 legend. The original seven knights is better than this..
  148. Lazarious 542: Needs alot of work wrote an honest revolution got deleted so can't be asked.
  149. Angker Kapiran: bocil bocil pada ngak ngotak ngasih bintangnya.
  150. Ryan Poarch: Mmorpg soo good.

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Operating system: 7.0 and up.
Evaluate: 3.6.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $89.99 per item.
Developers: Netmarble.
Votes: 38,992.
Interact: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.
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